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Birthday is one of the most anticipated holidays. And if it is the birthday of a child, then you can be sure that on this day he expects a real miracle, and your power to carry it out. The theme of pirates is one of the most popular topics for a fun holiday, and today we will be happy to share with you some ideas of its implementation.

The spirit of adventure and adventure

No matter what your child enjoys, the cartoon "Treasure Island" or the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean", the general idea and idea of ​​the celebration will be one - adventure. And here it is important to think through every little thing. Let's start, a thousand devils!

Costumes are required. But do not get too carried away, the preparation of a full-fledged pirated image may take too much time, so you can limit yourself to basic things. It can be black bandanas, blindfolds, vests, any clothes with the Jolly Roger, hats, cocked hats, capes, raincoats, vests. And, of course, weapons - knives, pistols, sabers, which can be tucked into wide belts on the belt.

For the hero of the occasion, a walking stick, a smoking pipe, and a faithful companion of the leader on his shoulder — a parrot — would be superfluous.

Girls can be encouraged to wear striped dresses and fishnet tights. Large hoop earrings and massive chains complete the image of a bold pirate.

Room decoration

The "ground" for entertainment, too, should look appropriate. The first thing you can use is balls in black and white. They are advisable to arrange a photo area so that the birthday person or the birthday woman can capture the happy moments of the holiday with the guests. At the entrance you can also put a sign with pointers.

Bottles of alcoholic drinks are suitable for decorating, on which you can attach stickers with the Jolly Roger or draw its image using acrylic paints.

Do not forget about the garland. Make it easy - cut the black triangles and secure them on the tape. They can also glue white letters that make up the inscription “Happy Birthday!”. This will definitely appeal to both the boy and the girl.

Everything connected with the sea is also suitable - shells, starfishes, a compass, binoculars, a telescope, a steering wheel. Well, what are the pirates without treasure? Be sure to find a few chests of different sizes or make them out of cardboard boxes. And to do this without an old card is simply impossible. Divide it into several parts, and hang it around the room so that the child and his friends can then put it together.


Nobody will have to miss the holiday in the pirate style. And the main action, of course, must be the struggle for treasure. It may consist of several stages. For example, solving a puzzle or a crossword puzzle with sea terms, training in tying sea knots, playing Crocodile with words related to pirates.

From the contests can come "sunk treasures", when from a bowl of water without the help of hands you need to get the fruit. Dexterity and imagination can be shown in building a ship for speed from the materials at hand, and intellectual abilities can be displayed in collecting a thematic puzzle.

Well, the final race for the gold coins, hidden in different parts of the room. Whose team will find the greatest number, they get the medals of brave pirates.

It’s impossible to imagine a birthday without a holiday table. But most often active children do not really want to sit behind him for a long time, when there is so much interesting around. Therefore, parents refuse full meals in favor of snacks.

It can be small sandwiches, halves of boiled eggs with slices of cheese or sausages in the form of a sail (the same ships can be made from halves of baked potatoes) attached to a toothpick, rolls of pita. Do not forget about the fish. If the young robbers do not want to eat baked, then you can make canapes with herring.

Kids especially like funny sausages octopus - tasty and satisfying. To do this, you just need to cut each sausage in half and cut one end crosswise and then boil it.

Another option that will help thoroughly nourish young guests - homemade hot dogs.

As a dessert, multi-colored jelly is perfect, as well as fruit, strung on skewers.

"The highlight of the program" should be a cake in the form of a pirate's head, a ship or a treasure map. Complement all the various non-alcoholic cocktails and tomato juice, which will be the "shark's blood."

If you do not have time to come up with interesting options for serving dishes, then themed toppers will come to the rescue, which will easily decorate the cooked food.

Now you know how to organize a fun pirate party for your child. And so for the cause!

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8. Ship of Captain Sparrow

  • Flying Dutchman
  • Black Pearl
  • White pearl
  • Unsinkable

Poem in roles

Three volunteers are invited to read the verse of Edward Ouspensky on the pirate theme in the roles.

The most active participants do not forget to give black marks.

After the end of the competition, participants count the tags.

Mistress of the seas: Thousand devils, how many marks did you score ?! Only real pirates can do that! Interesting, and with the next task you can handle? On the back of some tags there are letters, of which you need to make a word.

Terrible Gary: (after having unraveled the word "TREASURES")

I'm on a distant island
Many years ago
In the dark and deep pit
Priceless treasure buried.
With him the buddies of the dead couple.
Here it is a cross on the old map!
Traditions tell me
To do so, because I am a pirate!

Gary gives the pirates cardwhere the treasure is marked with a cross.

Terrible Gary:And now go ahead in search of treasure!

I made the map using Photoshop program in accordance with the plan of our apartment, veiling the names of the rooms in this way: a corridor - an island of Expectations, a kitchen - an island of Pleasure, a bathroom - an island of Wash, a child's island of Parrots (2 parrots live in a cage) Entertainment Island, and Loggia - Cold Springs (the party was held in January).

She hid the treasures in a souvenir casket for alcohol in the form of a chest, which she was once presented to her husband at work, and hid in a loggia. I put into it: a bag of chocolates in the form of coins in golden foil, two inexpensive games of pirate subjects (a walker and a puzzle), several balloons with pictures of pirates.

Treasure found pretty quickly. The children immediately began to study the "treasures", and we at that time quickly served and laid the table.

Pirate Party Menu

In any theme party, the main thing is to properly call the dishes :).

Here are the dishes we had:

Baked Feral Piglets (actually baked chicken legs)

Salad "Jolly Roger"(Mimosa salad, in which I stuck a small pirate flag printed on a printer and pasted on a wooden skewer. Soon to be published, subscribe to RSS).

Salad "Language talkative pirate" (Cheburashka Salad).

Sperm Whale Liver Sandwiches (with cod liver)

Shark Caviar Sandwiches (with red salmon caviar). I know that viviparous sharks I know, but this name seemed to me funny 🙂

Pirates' Treasures (stuffed pancakes rolled in the form of bags)

There was something else, but, honestly, I don’t remember exactly what.

From alcohol we had a gin. The men drank neatly, while the women drank the bloody merry cocktail (with tomato juice).

Music: a collection of songs from the Soviet cartoon "Treasure Island"

Suits: Since the budget for organizing a holiday was limited, I tried to make only the most necessary purchases, and before buying something I went around a few shops to find the cheapest options. In one children's store I managed to get a pirate cocked hat 2 times cheaper than in other stores. I also bought 2 plastic pistols (something like muskets) and a saber on the cheap. I bought another cocked hat with a small marriage, which was not particularly visible, but thanks to which I was able to bargain well. Stripped vests asked relatives and friends.

Apartment decoration:

In the hall, my husband and I built an improvised ship. For this we needed:

  • 2 chairs
  • several tubes or rails of various lengths: long for the mast (we twisted aluminum tubes from two mops) and two shorter for the ship's bow and for the transverse yards,
  • a large towel or any other cloth - the side of the ship,
  • a small piece of plain fabric (white, black or beige) for the sail,
  • a flag - I found a picture on the Internet and printed it out on an ordinary printer on an A4 sheet, cut it out and pasted it on a soft cardboard to keep the shape,
  • garlands for decoration.

All elements must be well connected so that your structure does not collapse on the heads of guests, especially children.

On all the interior doors that are available in our apartment, I taped A4 sheets with the following inscriptions:
GALLEY - kitchen
GALYUN - restroom
CABIN - bedroom

There were also balls with pirate drawings.

The party was just great. Have fun on the glory. The guests were very pleased and we, too! If you have not organized such a party, hurry to catch up. Do not hesitate, it will be unusual, bright and fun!

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Scenario of the pirate party: 46 comments

Guys! Well, look, look not artistic, but real materials about pirates! If suddenly your family goes on the voyage and, God forbid, they get caught by these "cute and funny" guys! Probably, they will no longer want to play these games, where the pirates -heroes Whom do you propose to play? Who do you make heroes? Soon we will play the “fascists”? THE WORLD COMES WITH THE MIND!

Thank you, Tamara, for the feedback. Your opinion also has the right to life.

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Thank you so much for your script! My son, our whole family and guests had a great pirate party dedicated to the 8th birthday of my son! Had a wonderful time. Thank.

Thank you, Nadezhda, for your kind words 🙂 May your son grow up healthy and happy!

Thank you Olga)))) your ideas help a lot)))))

I am preparing a marine theme party for my 36 year old sister, where there will be both children and adults, and I have found a lot of interesting things for myself. Thank you for such a detailed script, I think it will be fun and unusual.
From myself I will add the decoration of the holiday table - a white-blue tablecloth, blue napkins, seashells, figurines of ships, pearls and a highlight will be small live fish in high glasses.
From the dishes I want to cook stuffed egg with cheese and ham sails

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Thank you very much, Tatyana, for such kind words and wishes! 🙂 I also want to wish you creative success and good luck! May all your dreams come true! 🙂
P.S. I would be glad if you share your ideas and scripts with me and with the readers. 🙂

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Thanks Olga! Me and, I am sure, it would be interesting for other readers to read about your parties. Email me if you want to share your materials - [email protected] 🙂

Thanks Olga! I know what it is to write scripts and organize holidays, so I know with skill that you are a talent, have foreseen everything: the menu, the contests, and the apartment have been transformed! Believe me, your children will remember and appreciate each such holiday, and will learn how to have fun all of their own, and not just stupidly sit at the table and eat enough, as many do! Successes you creative. I hope you will please us with new ideas!

A typo crept into my name - pirate tricks! Thousand devils! I'm Natalia!

:))) Thank you very much, Natalia! Very nice to receive such feedback. This means that the work was done for a reason. 🙂 I also wish you good luck, creative ideas and a great mood.

Great script! I am going to hold a similar party for my family and friends and take advantage of some of your ideas. Thank you in advance. 🙂
I also have the experience of holding such parties, I know how fun it is and how great the work has to be done for everything to succeed.
I can share with you the scenario of an Indian party, if you wish. )))

Natalia, thank you very much for such a nice comment. 🙂 And I, and all readers of the site, I am sure, will be very interested to learn how you can hold an Indian party. Personally, I haven’t had this experience yet 🙂 I am pleased to post your article on the site. All who have something to share, please write to me at the address - [email protected]

Thank you Olga for the script. I am 12 years old.

Thank you, Ildar! Happy Birthday. I hope the holiday was a great success 🙂

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Thank you, Anna. 🙂 Font Name - Mistral

You are a great fellow))))) Autumn was all cool, I’m stealing a couple of ideas from you, I really liked it)))

Thanks Tatyana. Steal on health)))

I express my deep gratitude for the script of the holiday. Many contests were prepared for my party, but it was impossible to “merge” them together. there were no “links” between contests! Your script really helped, thanks again!

How to invite guests?

Pirate party - an informal event, which should be notified in an unusual way. It is better to choose non-standard white envelopes as invitations, but leaflets in the form of a ship or a hat - this is how intrigue guests will have, and they will certainly accept the invitation. Stock up on Jolly Roger stickers that will look spectacular on paper of any color. To the most honored guests, issue an invitation to a pirate party in the form of a corresponding message in a darkened glass bottle. Burn the paper around the edges, remember and straighten - this will give the impression that it is several hundred years old.

Invitation text should be written with an ink pen. Put the letter in the bottle, cork and tie it with a rope. If you want guests to be interested in how the pirate party will be held, prepare the script in advance and inform you that there will be games and costume contests in the entertainment program. You can be sure that your idea will be highly appreciated, and the impressions from the event will remain unforgettable.

Pirate dress code

Clothing for the party will be easy to find on their own. Рваные джинсы, бандана, шляпа, кожаные ремни и майки наверняка присутствуют в гардеробе у каждого. Очень веселой и интересной получится пиратская вечеринка, костюмы для которой вы сделаете своими руками.Donate a vest for a fun evening and stretch it, remember and spill a cup of coffee on it. A school lace blouse will instantly be a great choice if you wear a leather vest or a raincoat over it. Decorate the wide strap with metal clips and chains. The scenario of a pirate party for adults can be designed in such a way that erotic elements are present in the games - skin and lace will be to the beauties to face. A bandana or a hat can act as a headgear.

If guests come to the party without clothes, take the initiative in their own hands and provide them with clothes. First of all, prepare eye patch. Suits can be made from a black tablecloth or oilcloth. Bottoms of clothing can be cut with scissors. Offer the ladies to take off the graceful earrings and replace them with clips in the shape of rings.

The role of accessories in the pirate image

At any party, clothing is given an important, but not the most important role, since the completion of the image is due to additional items. In the pirate image of accessories should be as much as possible - it is a chain with bracelets, leather items, false mustache and a cane. Shoes can be as high boots with laces, and sandals. It is necessary to distinguish between male and female pirate image. For example, girls can wear a white blouse with a black corset, capri pants or a long skirt, and high-heeled shoes and fishnet tights on their legs. If you have a pirate party in retro style, you can choose for ladies lush outfits that will allow guests to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of past centuries.

Leather belts and bracelets - without which the complete image is unthinkable. They can be tied with metal chains or tied with a rope. It will be appropriate to put large rings on your fingers or use gloves to create an image without fingers. Plastic sabers, pistols, binoculars and telescopes can ask your child. Nash on the shoulder of the jacket or vest of a toy parrot, and if this bird lives in your house, set the cage with it on the main plan. Provide all your guests with checkboxes featuring the Jolly Roger. Cut the desired shape out of black paper, attach it to a thin plastic or wooden leg, and glue the skeleton on top. Provide a photo shoot at an event like a pirate party - photos taken at the time of the celebration will be remembered by each guest for a long time.

What should be the lair for pirates?

For a noisy party with lots of people, you should choose a spacious room. If the holiday is held in a close circle of friends and colleagues, the owner of a country house must bear the responsibility for its conduct. In order for all the guests to remember the pirate party for a long time, the script should overlap with the all-time favorite film “Pirates of the Caribbean”. On the street at the entrance, place a decorative wheel, tie a rope ladder. The main decoration of the interior will be balls of black color with pirate symbols, which can be used for thematic competitions. Arrange the skulls and treasure chests. The room should be more black, leather and wood. Hang a card on the wall, on which a place with a treasure is marked with a cross. To make the pirate party for adults fun and positive, the script must assume the presence of a drink. And given the fact that pirates are noisy guys, it should be present not only on the table, but also in the interior. Place the bottles with dark glasses on the cabinets and on the floor. Make sure there are several wooden barrels with drinks at the party.

Since the water element is associated with the activities of pirates, decorate the room with shells and fishing gear, scatter sand on the floor. Put an aquarium with live or artificial fish in a prominent place. Compasses, globes and telescopes are what enhance the holiday experience.

Pirate-style party: compressed script

The correct order of the celebration is half the success, so long before the chosen day you should discuss all the conditions with the organizers. The program of the event includes the greeting of the guests, during which they will be dedicated to the pirates. If the guests arrived at the party without costumes, hand them hats and other accessories at the entrance to match their appearance. It often happens that not all guests are familiar with each other, in which case you should give everyone the right to say a few words - everyone should introduce themselves and tell about themselves.

At the next stage, you can start the entertainment: from the simplest competition to the difficult. Make sure that the music for the pirate party is constantly playing and let the guests dance and sing, and then offer some refreshment. "For dessert" leave the treasure hunt on the map. After that, you can sit on a soft sofa and watch one of the series of the film "Pirates of the Caribbean". Give each guest souvenirs, and send out photos in a few days.

Dedication to the pirates

When all the guests gather, entertain them with the first competition. No pirate party passes without fervent questions: the script for it should consist not only of dances and songs, but also of logical tasks. The participant who gave the greatest number of correct answers can claim to be the leader. Check your knowledge of marine terms with the following questions:

  • What is the name of the pirate whose treasures everyone is looking for? (Flint.)
  • What is another name for a sea vessel? (Ship.)
  • Breed of man-eating fish (Piranha, shark.)
  • What is the name of the front of the ship? (Nose.)
  • Who is the main man on the ship after the captain? (Boatswain.)
  • What is the room for the sailors? (Cockpit.)
  • How many parts in the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean?" (Four.)
  • What does the phrase "raise the Jolly Roger" mean? (Have fun.)
  • What is the largest marine mammal? (Blue whale.)

The winner is awarded a hat with the image of the Jolly Roger, and now he becomes the leader of the gang and has the right to hold other competitions. Music for the pirate party should be included whenever it passes the next test, so that the guests show more excitement.

Contests for adults

A real pirate should certainly take part in the battle, even without a bloody battle. In the next competition, participants can be both men and women. 5 inflated balloons are attached to the belt of every daredevil. The weapon will be plastic spoons or forks. At the “start” command, everyone tries to pierce the opponent's ball - the winner is the one who has the greatest number of whole balls left.

Celebrating a pirate party can not do without alcoholic drinks, fun dancing and beautiful girls. A party in the style of no limits ("without borders") can not do without attracting ladies. Line up several beauties, and bold men tie their eyes and tell them to touch who they are. Viewers do not have the right to suggest, and if after 10 seconds the name is not named, the right to guess is given to the next person.

The next competition requires preliminary preparation. One person leaves the room, another sits on the floor, in the space between the two tables. In the tablecloth is pre-cut hole for the head. The tables are connected, the head is covered with a large cup so that the daredevil does not feel discomfort, and several more cups of the same size are exposed to the surface. The one who enters is supposedly offered to find a treasure under these plates, but as soon as he gets to his head, the daredevil shouts, and the observers laugh happily.

Contests for children

Offer the boys and girls to tie knots on a tight rope - the participant who makes the most of them within a minute is declared the winner. Do not forget to give prizes to children so that they will get excited. Everyone should be involved in the contests, then they will remember the children's pirate party for a long time.

The script does not do without the game "Sea figure, freeze!" - it is the most recognizable for all ages. In addition, this competition may be included in the party program for adults. The host of the event says the words: "The sea is worried - once, the sea is worried - two, the sea is worried - three, the sea figure - stand still," after which each participant must take an interesting pose and stand still until the end.

Of course, a pirate-style party cannot be held without sweets. The next competition is designed for older children: they will have to put some crackers in their mouths and try to whistle them. The task is complicated by the fact that it will be very difficult to do this without prior preparation, so there will likely be few winners.

Menu for hungry pirates

Theme party dishes may be very ordinary, but you have to work on their appearance. Pirates, as you know, spend most of their time at sea, so the menu should be made up mostly of seafood. This is exactly the case when, in addition to fish, it will be appropriate to offer a cocktail of oysters, octopuses and shrimps. Salads can be served in large shells, red caviar put on the table in ice blocks. Stake on snacks or similar dishes that are not cold and can be eaten not at the table: these are sandwiches, canapes, fondue.

In the summer, you can go outside and barbecue, in winter you can bake fish or meat in the oven. So that everyone remembers the pirate party for a long time, take pictures of everything. The table should be full of booze and exotic fruits. Pirates usually do not like sweets, but as a dessert you can offer a huge cake and spread it on the face of the leader - this action will amuse guests.

Holiday menu

Rather, you know what they drink! And this, of course, rum!

If you are not embarrassed by the very thought of having, even if a sham, rum on a children's table, then I tell you how it can be done. We take a bottle, pour into it a dark-colored drink (juice, juice, etc.) that is quite suitable for the kids, and glue the label with the word “ROM” on the bottle. Everything! Done!

A few words about decorating the table. Cloth with ruffles, cups with flowers and plates with ducklings removed away. Today, the rougher the better. Are we pirates, after all, or not?)

Large melted candles are suitable for decorating the table, and it is not necessary to light them at all. Figures carved or made from different vegetables. For example, cannons or towers of cucumbers. We are trying to turn everything into ships and sails.

Pirate table is the most suitable place for seafood in all their manifestations. Turn on your culinary fantasy and work wonders! Only, fantasizing, do not forget that you still cook for children. Yes, and insure does not hurt. Zacharte ordinary, not at all pirate cutlets, in case some of the guests can’t tolerate anything fishy.

It is necessary to provide not only the main dishes, but also snacking. Suddenly, the Big Harry or the Wry Bill will want to eat a little bit between the contests. Excellent in the role of a snack canapes look.

This is when pieces of something are fastened together with the help of skewers, well, or toothpicks. For example, sausage + cucumber + tomato + bread. Or a fruit option, apple + apple + banana + grape. A small black flag with a skull can be attached to the tips of the skewers to make it pirate.

Well, the table is more or less clear. What about interior design? Any ideas? We have so much! Now we will share.

Festive interior

Let's start with the fact that you can buy in the store festive paraphernalia. Look at these balls!

Ideal for our ideas, is not it? Inflate and hang on the rooms. Already what no, and design.

We stick posters with pictures of the sea, uninhabited islands, Jack Sparrow, and treasure maps on the walls.

Do you have parrots in the house? So this is great! And nothing that they are small and wavy! They are on the pirate holiday will be only welcome!

Under the ceiling stretch festive-pirate streamers. On the rope we glue small black flags with Jolly Roger and tie them either around the perimeter of the room, or diagonally.

We throw nets on sofas, chairs, armchairs (if there is, of course), burlap, any coarse fabrics. From the ropes with the able hands of the Pope, a real rope ladder can be woven, it will also perfectly fit into the interior.

From the drawing paper you can cut the wheel and hang it on the wall.

Well, in a place of honor put a treasure chest.

Just let it be closed for now. It needs to be wrapped with chains, which can be easily purchased at hardware stores. And these chains to close on some hinged locks. And the task of the entire competitive program will be to obtain the keys to the locks, in the end to open the chest and find out what kind of treasures are stored there.

Oh, and do not forget about the photo zone! You can set a table in it, and put a bottle of rum, a parrot cage on it, roll up old scrolls, feathers, and a treasure map, of course.

Myself a screenwriter

Getting to the formation of the script!

Pirate party - it's just expanse for fantasy. Here this can be ponapridumyvat. What we, in fact, did. Now tell you what happened.

So, the guests have come and are ready to party. The role of leading traditionally takes on one of the parents. And at the same time he takes a new name, for example, Billy Bones. Suddenly there is a letter from John Silver, which is read aloud at all.

John Silver's Letter

To begin with, we all need to be transformed into pirates. Will require a pirate wardrobe. Suit different vests, bandanas, belts, pistols, blindfolds. All this needs to be prepared in advance, by carefully turning the grandmother's chests so that everyone has enough, well, or you can ask the guests to take care of their pirate outfit.

You can use a face painting to depict mustaches, beards, eyebrows, as well as scars and bruises on faces.

When the team looks the right way, the master reads the pirate code.

Wash off the dust of the earth

This is a kind of rite of initiation into pirates. Playing the game "Wave".

Parents take a large sheet or curtain, or just some kind of cloth and begin to lift and lower it. This is such a wave. And the pirates are invited under this fabric to slip, so as not to cover.

We lower the loot

For the competition will require props. An old hat, if there is no hat, then some bucket and coins, for example, five-ruble ones. Coins are issued to children. A hat (bucket) is placed at a distance from the participants. The task is to get into the hat with coins.

We load the head

Matchboxes will be required, or rather not the boxes themselves, but only their external parts. These boxes are worn on the noses of the participants. The task - without hands, using only mimic muscles, to free your nose from the box.

Friends, do not forget to prepare a camera) Such funny pirate faces, you will hardly ever see) I found a photo that shows exactly how to put the boxes.

For active participation in competitions and bravery shown, small interesting prizes are awarded to pirates. Do not forget to purchase them.

So a little podramlyalis. Now you can sit down at the table, congratulate the birthday boy, eat, and consider gifts.

Well, after "in the arena" a treasure map appears!

Cape Mission

Hosts: “Hey, pirates! We arrived at the Cape of Assignments! At sea, it is very important to listen to the captain and correctly execute all his commands! Let's try? "

Naturally, everyone shouts: "Yeah." "

Children are distributed around the room so as not to interfere with each other. The facilitator says, “Draim the deck!” The children pretend that they are washing the floor.

  • Moderator: “Left steering!” Children run to the left.
  • Moderator: “Right steering!” Everyone is running to the right side.
  • "Karma!" Run back.
  • "Nose!" Run forward.
  • "Stranded!" Everyone sits on the floor.
  • "Admiral on board" Everyone stands at attention.

The leader says the phrase, the pirates perform tasks. Phrases are pronounced quickly and in any order. I warn you, this is a very fun and noisy competition)

At the Mystery Peak, you can guess puzzles on pirate topics. For example, like this.

And then arrange a contest.

Training is required. You need to inflate the balls, but not transparent. In one of the balls, put the key from one lock.

Host: “The peak of the mystery is therefore called that, because here there are solid secrets all around. I don't even know where another treasure chest key is. Because it is a secret! Perhaps he is in one of these balls, find him! ”

Balls are placed on the floor, children with the help of their pop pop balls and are looking for a key)

Sea Spectacles

Moderator: “We entered the sea of ​​spectacles! The key will be given only to those who are well acquainted with the sea. Do you know the sea well? And show me how you know him? ”

Here the good old game “The Sea is Worried” is quite suitable. I hope you remember how to play it. If the memory is already on that, then you can refresh it by reading this article.

Bay of Miracles

Moderator: “Do you know why this bay is called the Bay of Wonders?”

Pirates express their assumptions.

“Hey, no! This bay is so called, because if the ship manages to go through it all, then this is a real miracle! After all, there are solid reefs around! Can you navigate your ship through them? ”

We start the competition "Reefs".

На полу перед участниками раскладываются предметы, это могут быть мягкие игрушки или кубики. Это будут рифы. Потом одному из участников завязываются глаза и ему нужно преодолеть весь путь и не наткнуться на риф. Другие участники ему помогают, подсказывают куда идти фразами:

Пройти сквозь рифы может каждый желающий пират.

И вот мы на финише! И сундук с сокровищами так близок! Но вдруг начинается буря!

Host: “Palundra! Storm! Now we will flood and we will go to feed the fish! Urgently need to pump out the water from the deck! "

We start the competition "Pumps".

All participants are divided into pairs. Players stand close to each other with their backs and interlock with their elbows. In this position, the young sailors descend and sit on the floor stretching their legs - this means that the "pumps" are activated. Without any help, they have to get up, then go down again. The time of pumping water - 1 minute.

And it only seems that the competition is simple. Here, try it yourself)

Pirates get the last cherished key. Locks open! Chest swing open! And there ... Treasures! Various sweets, candies, mini prizes, chocolate coins, chupa chups! In general, everything that makes the life of a real pirate sweeter)

Well, at the end of the party, if the boys and girls, oh, sorry, the pirates and pirates will have the strength to make a real pirate disco!

This is for inspiration to you!

Uffff, like all) If there are additions you are welcome in the section for commentators.

Here you can download the Code of Pirates, John Silver's Letter and flags for stretch marks and decorating festive dishes.

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To start decide whether the design will be cartoon or cinematic. In the first case, almost all the scenery will have to draw, cut, paint. Cartoon attributes for a pirate party are in the shops - garlands, disposable dishes, flags, boats, etc.

This is a more economical option when you just want to have fun with your friends without scrupulous thinking through the decorations. Perfect for a family holiday, which will have many children. Read more here.

When it comes to the party in the style of the pirates of the Caribbean, the design is supposed to be more realistic. This does not mean that you need to completely abandon the bright festive paraphernalia. Simply, the interior as a result should turn out more like a scene from a film than like a kindergarten hall hung with colorful decorations.

The colors of the evening are black, white-red and white-blue stripes, red and blue, and brown. Some attributes can be decorated with "precious" stones. The interior should be silver and gold - paint from a can of glitter.

Uncomplicated ideas for a pirate party:

  • remove everything that obviously does not fit the topic. Close what is difficult to remove. For this print and paste on thick cardboard (or draw) ships, chests, etc. Replace unsuitable pictures of the photo, posters from films, flags "Jolly Roger", sails, fishing nets,

  • the ceiling can be closed with fabric cuts, freely hanging waves - the same imitation nets and / or sails,
  • furniture, it is desirable to choose a rough, wooden or wicker. Instead of chairs, benches, backless stools and even drawers will fit perfectly.,

If the comfort of guests is a priority, drape ordinary chairs. For a party in the pirate style fit chiffon, tulle, sacking, mesh - tulle, painting, mosquito.

  • tie up sea knots from thick ropes, hang on the walls, chair backs, ceiling. On the net here and there hook on sea horses and stars, crabs, fish, algae,

  • place the barrels, coarsely cracked boxes, fake guns. Wrought-iron lanterns, treats in large bowls, deliberately greasy bottles of rum can be put on the boxes-drums,
  • without fail use candles in the design, it is possible imitation on batteries. “Antique” candlesticks are easy to make with your own hands, for example, from aluminum cans (paint with silver / gold). Atmospheric look candles in the "dirty" bowl, glass jars with shells and sand,

  • if you decide to organize a pirate Halloween party, Do not skimp on the gloomy details - skeletons, cobwebs and spiders, bats, terrible sea monsters, gravestones, ghosts (cardboard, figures, silhouettes),
  • make cardboard / plywood anchors, lifebuoys, hang and lay out old maps. It is great if you can find a marine compass, a telescope, a sextant, a barometer, a telescope. If not, print a photo, cut it out and stick it on the cardboard base,

  • use in the compositions sham gems, pearls, silverware, coins and ancient ornaments, symbolizing untold treasures. Arrange the most valuable booty on the chests. A real pirate chest is still an anachronism, so it is better to spend time gluing a paper / cardboard template. Although if you want you can put together a pirate chest from the base-box or plywood, chipboard. Caskets are also suitable - carved wooden, without colorful drawings.

  • although this is an adult pirate party, but without bright festive accents, the decor will be too gloomy. Add colors:
    • garlands of recognizable paraphernalia and pirate accessories - ships, flags, anchors, skeletons, figurines of pirates, weapons, sea monsters,
    • knotted ribbons on a clothesline or sisal rope (imitation of a rope) they will enliven the space (the fabric is better striped, blue or red and white plus flags with skull / bones),
    • buy stylized balloons or draw thematic attributes on red, black, blue balls.

  • If you are having a party in nature, build the "facade" of the pirate ship from scrap materials. Stand behind the stools so that guests can climb onto the deck. Cut in the window portholes.

  • Tantamareska - a brave company of pirates celebrates a successful march, divides the loot, etc. Cardboard base, print on top, windows for faces. Or arrange space - scenery for the selected scene.
  • Boat on a blue background with clouds. In the foreground of the photozone are paper thumbs of the waves. We climb inside, we take pirate accessories - a map, a telescope, a bottle of rum (to whom that).

  • Photo Cinema Pirates BannerEspecially popular are the "Pirates of the Caribbean." You can print on the banner duplicate photos of characters or a movie scene you like.
  • Black Pearl Cabin, Captain's Bridge, etc. More suitable for an indoor party. Although it is possible to organize on the street, only the background will have to be covered with wooden shields or a photo zone should be placed against the wall of the house, shed, in front of the fence.


It's great if invitations to a pirate party reflect the level of preparation for the holiday. If the scenery is simple-cartoony, these should be invitations.

All at the highest level? Aged paper, elegant vintage font, pearls, silver.

  • rolled up message in a corked bottle with shells,
  • pirate paper schooner, matches, wooden modelka. Text on the sail or in the hold,
  • card with burnt frayed edges. Schematically, the road to the venue of the party (mark several major points on the way). Text over card background,
  • Black Mark. Text on the spread of the postcard,
  • miniature paper chests. The text on the letter inside, in the placer of chocolate coins, candy in foil.

Come up with pirate nicknames guests, if this moment does not enter the script. Include in the invitation pirate slang and recognizable momentum, phrases. Write the time, place, dress code and other official information in the corner below or on the card attached to the invitation.

On the sixth day, the company of the most notorious pirates gathers on the deck * Name of the ship, cafe *. And you among them, * Guest name *
There will be something to fill the holds and soak the throat. Shake the bones in the company of young and very generous girls. Sea urchin you in the ass, if you do not come!
P.S: It is rumored that in addition to drinking water to sea devils, old man * The name of the organizer * prepares for us an exciting and profitable little business!

Girls in the image of a lady - dress and hairstyle retro, elegant, with a needle. Or boy-tears, seductive bandit - torn stockings, lace suspenders, short skirt under the retro, a corset with a deep neckline, creative mess on the head, bright makeup.

At the same time for a pirate party costumes in the style of unisex. Forgetting for a moment about the silly bike about women on ships, ladies can turn into the most charming team members. In this case, only the execution of clothing differs from the male pirate costume - more open and not so baggy.


  • stripped vest in blue or red stripes. For girls - with a low cut, lowered on one shoulder, tied with a knot under the breast, etc.
  • Image of a girl pirate It is easy to recreate from a pair of elements of clothing: a short dress with a deep neckline, a full skirt and wide sleeves, over which a fitted leather sleeveless jacket is thrown over or a miniature corset is put on. Complete the image of themed accessories.
  • white or cream shirt. Sleeves loose, better with fluffy cuffs. “Pirate” cuffs and jabots are easy to sew with your own hands or to collect on the elastic band (wear it as a bracelet, fasten with buttons, on the eyelets, etc.),

  • not in the heat in nature is appropriate pirate coat, camisole, vest, leather coat. But indoors / sun they are burdensome. It is better to take a couple of photos and remove the outerwear. Or let this part of the costume be made of light fabric, fake,
  • cropped breeches, like Jack Sparrow. Baggy pants, loose, tucked into boots. Leather trousers, ladies - narrow, close-fitting. Boots with high tops, more comfortable fabric: seam tops sew directly to the pants. Girls fit short boots or high heels. Dense socks and closed shoes in color will go for the boots.

The clothes can be hollowed in several places, disheveled and aged. So the image will be more natural - a camouflage that looked like a kind, an unwashed shirt, trampled boots. Translated tattoos also in the subject.

Enthusiasts who are willing to spend time creating a complex suit have plenty to choose from: William Ternet, Billy Prihlop, Tia Dalma, Elizabeth Swan, Davy Jones, Mr. Cotton. And this is only "Pirates of the Caribbean"!

Accessories for a party in the style of pirates play almost a larger role than costumes. They make the chosen image unambiguous and recognizable:

  • pistols, saber or sword, knife. Shoulder belt, scabbard,
  • compass, telescope, chain clock,
  • a wide band (a scarf will do, it can be deliberately bright, with a fringe),
  • leather belt with a buckle (you can just two, like Jack Sparrow),
  • neck scarf, bandana, blindfold, cocked hat,
  • stylized jewelry (large rings, earrings, rings, skulls, bones),
  • various trifles in hair, on a belt, wrists. Talismans, amulets of skins, bones, fabrics, beads.

Menu, serving

Simple design ideas for a pirate party table:

  • Common buffet table-ship. Close the tablecloth, throw a grid. Decorate the "skirt" tablecloths with handwheels, anchors, ropes. Place the mast with the sails in the center of the table or on the back wall, the background. If there is no space for a mast, you can arrange the “sail” horizontally, in waves, just above the table, under the ceiling.

  • Several country tables with sticks for installing umbrellas from the sun. But instead of umbrellas to build masts, sails. Come up with the name of each table-ship, sew it on the tablecloth from the front side of the "board".
  • Move the large table to the wall, close to the floor with a sacking cloth or thick cloth. Put boxes on top, barrels - several tiers, chaotically. And on them - plates and dishes with snacks, bottles, cans instead of glasses (port entourage or hold).

  • Choose dishes according to the level of preparation and importance of the event. It can be stylized paper plates-glasses, glass and crystal or “silver” - cups, trays, “antique” cutlery.
  • Use for decoration of skewers, tubes, molds for giving pirate flags and other recognizable attributes. Beautifully spread out / put up cards is easier than puzzling over the thematic design of each dish.

  • Several barrels with cranes and globe bar perfectly fit into the topic.
  • Buy one ice molds - skulls, bones, balls, fish, boats, diamonds. You can replace them with molds for chocolate, baking.
  • Do you have a pirate Halloween party? Be sure to use watermelons, melons and pumpkins to decorate the hall and to serve any dishes (bowls of the halves).

  • For a pirate birthday order a cake in recognizable style. Islands full of treasure chests, ships, etc. Unforgettable surprise birthday and all the guests!
  • Lay out sweets in cardboard chests and shipsin decorated transparent cans, vases. Buy a lot of candy in a multi-colored foil (precious stones, loose), chocolate bars (also in the foil - bars). Blind mastic flags, anchors, hand wheels, etc., decorate muffins, cakes, cookies.

For the entourage, include in the pirate menu a large whole baked fish and seafood. And the rest - to your taste. Slicing, vegetables, fruits, any salads. The buffet table is perfect when active fun, games, dances are in the plans. Canapes, miniature sandwiches, snacks in baskets and vases, kebabs themselves are a bright table decoration.

Any drinks, but for the atmosphere you can put on the table a few bottles of rum. Print out “vintage” labels, paste them. You can “age” the bottles themselves - dust them, wrap the necks with string, glue themed decor.

Since this is an adult pirate party, there is no point in messing with each dish for a long time. But Some snacks from the menu can be served in “boats” and raised “sails”. Making a boat with your own hands is very simple. Need a sword (mast), board and sail. Boat - the empty half of cucumber, orange, eggs, bread, lozenge, basket, etc. Inside any stuffing, a sail on a skewer - lettuce, shrimp, a thin slice of cheese, ham, cucumber.

Quiz, drinking games (minutes of rest)

  • to unleash sea knots for speed,
  • guess riddles on the sea and pirate theme,
  • decipher pirate slang (phrases, turnovers, curses),
  • a test of the knowledge of the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" or just pirate life,
  • comic questions and answers. True only one option, the two remaining - absurd. What was the name of the ship. G. Sparrow: Devil's Dozen, Black Pearl or Salty Beluzhina? With the help of the rhyme generator it is easy to come up with any number of such questions / answers.

At the end of the script - “open” and open the chest, divide the treasure (themed gifts, medals "The most notorious pirate"). If the birthday party, solemnly endure the pirate cake - a surprise from the coca. You can arrange an explosion at the powder warehouse (salute) or money rain (paper show).

Dress code of the holiday: pirate party for children costumes do it yourself

What are pirates without stylized costumes? It is special clothing and accessories that distinguish these sea naughty ones among other navigators.

If your baby has been invited to a children's holiday pirates or you yourself are the initiators of this original Sabantui, take care of children's costume and accessories in advance.

For a pirate party to prepare an original costume is not so difficult.

You can take advantage of any imitation of clothes worn by real sea wolves in the form of pirate black bandanas, vests, t-shirts with stripes.

Original look will be a black eye patch, as well as earrings, rings in the ears and wide belts with huge buckles, on which you can attach a dagger, and a sword, and a pistol.

You can use boots, boots, vest, wide hat. For the leader of the sea gang need a smoking pipe and a cane.

Be sure to stock up with an additional set of robes, all of a sudden, some of the kids will come to the feast without a suit.

He, of course, does not want to look like a black sheep among a fun pirate company. To do this, you can simply buy a black film.

Thanks to this material you can quickly turn a guest into a real brave navigator. To do this, cut out a rectangle from the film, make a hole in it for the head, and cut the edges of this peculiar cloak with scissors to make a fringe.

Above we fasten the skull with the bones, overtighten the raincoat with a belt, hand over the child to a bandanna or blindfold, and the newly-made pirate is ready.

The eye patch can be made of black tape, securing a circle of thick cloth or paper in place of the eye. And you can make a skull with crossed bones from plain white landscape paper.

How to dress up a girl for a pirate party? Girls can use a big vest that you need to wear to the release in place of the dress. We complement the costume with a wide belt, fishnet tights and high boots. We'll have to work and hairstyle, creating a creative mess. Gold chains and huge earrings will help to finish the image.

For the pirate holiday for children and prepare additional accessories. For this fit children's binoculars and telescopes. Stock up with sabers, pistols and other children's weapons.

At this holiday it is not forbidden to apply body paints. Thanks to the use of body art techniques, you can create unique images. And the kids will remember such an unusual fun for a long time.

Invitation to the pirate party for children: the text of the invitation

Attract the child to design an unusual party. For children, joint work with their parents has a special meaning and incredibly brings together.

Чтобы позвать друзей на пиратский праздник, мало просто позвонить по телефону и предупредить родителей.

Обязательно приготовьте оригинальное приглашение для друзей на пиратскую вечеринку. Это должны быть не просто открытки или письма, а тематические послания.

Оформить такие послания можно довольно интересно.

Подготовьте старинные свитки. To do this, take plain paper, make it old with strong coffee, and gently burn the edges of such a message from the past.

Apply the text with an ink pen, do not forget to put a couple of blots. Carefully roll up the scroll, and the composition will be completed with a wax seal.

Additionally, you can place the scroll message in a bottle that you close with a cork.

Cut out the original cards in the form of a pirate ship. Such a message can be colored or original applications can be made on it.

On the back of the postcard, write the invitation itself, which will sound something like this:

“Olden ______, the Flying Dutchman schooner team urgently announces a collection aboard. When the flasks break through _______, we go out to sea. After spending the last doubloons, your captain got a piece of the map. And let the sharks eat me if it doesn’t help us find the whole map and treasure. I firmly believe that you honor the code of pirates and have not forgotten our old friendship, and you will definitely take part in our dangerous, but fascinating journey. ”

You can make a black mark, on the front side of which you can place the skull and bones or the Jolly Roger. The notice itself must inform the invitee of a terrible reprisal if he does not take part in the dangerous fun.

You can hand such invitations personally into the hands of a potential victim of a pirate debauchery, or you can leave it in the marine box of a fellow.

Pirate party for children: do-it-yourself room decoration

What do you need for a pirate party for children?

For the original design of the room you will need pirate marine accessories and details. In the rooms, arrange unusual beautiful bottles, which do not forget to change the stickers on the inscription of a pirate character.

You can arrange wooden or metal upholstered caskets and chests that need to be filled with jewels.

The role of jewels will be performed by candies in bright wrappers, candies, multi-colored stones, balls, beads, chocolate medals, various coins.

Under the ceiling hang pirate sails, which can be made from the same black film. To decorate the room, use the garland. We will make it from black paper triangles-flags, on which we will put pirate symbolism with gouache.

Also fit black balls. They will depict pirate flags, so they must be with skulls and bones.

The pirate spirit at a children's party in the style of pirates will help to create various accessories in the form of rope ladders, sea shells, fishing nets and ropes.

In the most prominent position, place the stylized nautical steering wheel.

Curtains are decorated with paper white seagulls. And the walls - with pictures, depicting pirates, old maps. You can hang posters nautical theme.

Suitable props in the form of a compass, binoculars, globes, telescopes.

On the tables, put the kegs with faucets that you can borrow from friends. They are suitable for pirated drinks.

If the holiday does not take place outdoors, mark all the doors and entrances to the premises with signs. It must be necessarily sea names, such as galley, latrine, captain's bridge, mess room.

Such simple and affordable accessories and details help create a pirate atmosphere.

Music and songs for children's pirate parties

Of course, laughter and enthusiastic shouts are the perfect accompaniment for a children's holiday.

Thanks to a well-thought-out scenario, such a party will never get boring. But it will be much more interesting if the holiday will be accompanied by music and songs.

Ideal for such a party are suitable songs from the cartoon "Treasure Island".

You can independently cut the melody or order a complete soundtrack from the DJ, which will consist of:

  • sports songs,
  • songs about the history of the boy Bobby, who was very fond of money,
  • songs about the dangers of drinking,
  • about regatta participants,
  • about the dangers of smoking,
  • about a chance that was not a paycheck not upfront,
  • songs about greed.

It is not necessary to dwell only on these options. Any tunes and songs of the marine theme from famous films and cartoons will do. Choose something suitable for the holiday from the Blue Puppy, the King and the Fool, the Pirate Song. Festive atmosphere will help create a melody from the beloved movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" or the movie "Master of the seas: on the edge of the earth."

You can of course turn on the TV, which will show pirated cartoons. But do not forget to turn off the sound or the attention of the kids will be distracted by the favorite cartoon.

Take care of the location and plot of the photo shoot, as well as the preparation of the competition for the best costume. Active competitions should also be accompanied by fun music.

Even if the holiday takes place in nature or in the forest, there are many opportunities to come up with musical accompaniment. If music is not at all available, do not forget about pirate songs that can be sung around the fire.

Children's menu for a party in the pirate style

You can, of course, take advantage of the usual children's menu for the holidays. But it will be much more interesting if the table for a pirate party for children, all dishes and design will be marine or pirated themes. And there is plenty of space for rampant culinary fantasy in this direction.

Just do not forget that the dishes should not only be beautiful, but also nourishing and tasty. Kids will spend a lot of energy during the search for pirate treasure and will definitely want to eat something substantial, not just sweets and fruit.

Feel free to use all your culinary talents and put on the table corona and unusual dishes.

It is possible to beat the pirate menu by giving original names to all the treats.

So, as a bottle of rum, use the usual children's champagne, just do not forget to change the sticker on it. Compote, fruit drinks and lemonade pour in kegs with faucets.

The “powder keg” will be any dish in a pot.

Put on the table and the sea predator - the shark. It will be a huge stylized fish, with pieces of cheese instead of teeth. You can add the look of a sea predator to a watermelon filled with fruit pieces.

Prepare holiday sandwiches, canapes, tartlets, decorating them with pirate flags.

Marine flags can also be used to decorate fruits, mini cupcakes, desserts.

Originally on the table looks mini bananas decorated with stickers with pirate faces.

Kids love fruit cocktails for which you can come up with exotic names. You can treat kids with salads using any seafood or other seafood. You can organize joint cooking shrimp and crayfish.

If the holiday takes place in the fresh air, be sure to arrange a barbecue. You can fry on the fire not only meat, but also fish, seafood, seasonal vegetables. You can cook pilaf in the general huge cauldron.

In more detail with the pirate ration you can find in our article "How to feed the pirates?"

100 posts

An invitation to a pirate party must be special. This can be an invitation, carved and decorated in the form of a pirate ship. A black mark will be a surefire option - in this case, refusals are not accepted, otherwise the guest will face “terrible consequences”. The black mark can be arranged as a round invitation, covered with black film and with the image of the Jolly Roger on the one hand and information about the party on the other.
You can also “delight” guests with a real pirate message. Take an empty bottle with a cork, twine, paper with pre-annealed edges. Write the text on the paper with an ink pen, put a couple of blots. Roll up the invitation in a straw, put it in a bottle and close it with a cork. Hand in the guest.

At the pirate party dress easy. Black bandana with pasted Jolly Roger, striped T-shirts and vests, eye patches, large rings in the ears, wide belts with metal badges, pistols tucked into the belt, daggers and sabers are the simplest image of a typical pirate. Improvised costumes for guests who did not have time to dress up can also be quickly built from black disposable tablecloths or black oilcloth, which is sold in rolls. Cut out an elongated rectangle from it, make a cut for the head in the center. Scarf unevenly cut the bottom of the garment to make it look like a fringe. When the first pirates descend on a visit, dress them in such black costumes, stick a skull with crossbones to your attire and tie the outfit with a wide ribbon. Do not forget about the bandana and blindfold!
Also complement the pirate image will help:
Binoculars and telescopes,
Plastic sabers, pistols and other weapons,
False mustache and beard,
Vests and high boots,
A toy parrot sewn to the shoulder
Flags, headbands and ribbons with Jolly Roger,
Wide pirate hat and cane for the leader of the pirates.
Eye patches are easy to make from black tape with a thicker fabric sewn on. Flags are made from any paper, painted black, and glue it to the chopsticks for sushi. Girls can also dress up in vests. Size does not matter. The wide vest can be worn as a dress, girdled with a leather belt. In addition, wear large-necked tights, high boots, a gold chain around your neck, and large rings in your ears. On the head there is a creative mess and, of course, a black bandana.
The main pirate and the acting hero (or the party leader) will look good in a pirate hat and with a smoking pipe in his hands. Give your leader the best weapon!

Making a pirate party will require some preparation and search for props. Arrange, where possible, all kinds of bottles of rum, tequila, other bottles with stickers of famous rum brands pasted on them. Find a few kegs with faucets and pour drinks for guests only from there.
From the same black oilcloth you can cut out large black sails and picturesquely fix them under the ceiling. Make triangular flags of black paper, draw a skull with bones with white gouache, fix the flags with a stapler on the string and drag the garland across the room.
Black balloons with pirate symbolism also do not interfere in the interior.

What else will give the room where the party will be held, the spirit of a real pirate ship?
All kinds of rope ladders,
Seashells, ropes and fishing nets, Decorative steering wheel, mounted in a prominent place,
Wooden or metal chests and boxes,
Cut out white paper and attached to the curtains seagulls,
Vintage maps, posters and images of pirates (from the Internet), hung on the walls,
Compasses, globes, telescopes and binoculars.

. Before entering the party or on the door itself, hang a poster with the Jolly Roger. Let everyone who comes in say a password (a children's pirate accountant or a poem about pirates) to gain access to a pirate party.

If you are celebrating in a restaurant, or you have really a lot of guests, you should not set them up at a separate table, but at a separate table. Each table is a separate ship. Give the ships the names: “Sea Wolves”, “Barracuda”, “Filibusters”, etc. Ships-teams will fight among themselves, participating in various pirate contests, and as prizes they will receive golden doubloons from the captain. At the end of the evening, count the won treasures of each team and announce the winning team.

The main leitmotif of the pirate party will be theft of the treasure. The guests are sent to look for them .. In order for this abduction to look spectacular, prepare costumes (vests, bandanas, hats), props (pirate flag, pistols, daggers). The leitmotif and background for the entire episode can be a composition from the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" or songs from the musical "Treasure Island". In this scenario, you need a spectacular appearance of pirates in the hall and the seizure of a chest of gold. This can be either an improvised pirate dance or a mock capture of the ship.

Then the captain of the pirate ship, declares that he is taking the chest to his ship "Ghost Pearl" as a talisman. However, "being an honest pirate," invites guests and his team to decide the fate of the treasure in an open duel. The daredevil gathers a team of like-minded people and "enters into a fight with pirates."
Tasks for saving treasures.

1. "Whistle everyone up!"
Participants are given whistles. Their task is to whistle the melody so that others can guess it. We can suggest the names of the songs on the cards.
2. "On boarding!"
Participants are given inflated balls, inside of which are "piastres". The task of the players is to burst the ball of the opponent and capture his piastres, and at the same time not allow his ball to burst.

3. Secret name
Two are participating. They are pinned on the back pictures of the marine theme (for example, ship, shark, dagger, Jolly Roger, anchor) with numbers under them (for example, 35, 78, 111). On the back of each player - one picture and the number under it. Players stand opposite each other, bend one leg at the knee and hold it behind with one hand. The players' task is to jump on one leg, to try to look at the back of the second pirate and see what the figure and number is depicted there. Who first knows the secret name, then won.

4. The most real pirate contest -
Four volunteers or five for a while drink a mug of a cocktail with rum! You can complicate - drink through a straw and blindfolded.
Who will drink faster, the winner!

5. Sunk treasures
This game can be both a competition and a phantom. For the game, prepare a large basin filled with water. Throw a few oranges, lemons, bananas or apples into your pelvis. The pirate participant kneels in front of a basin of water, clasping his hands in the lock behind his back, and with his teeth tries to grab the fruit and pull it out of the water.

6. Clever pirate
We scatter a lot of balloons, we call several pirates volunteers. The task is this - with fast music you need to lift from the floor and keep as many balloons as possible.

7. Boarding
Divide the pirates into two teams. Install two chairs away from each other. These are ships. At the command “On boarding!” Each team begins to climb into its chair-ship. Fast energetic music sounds. When the music stops, the game stops. The winner is the team with more members on the deck of the attacked ship (i.e., in the chair).

8.Teak in a bottle
Each pirate party is given a bottle with a narrow neck and 15 beads that need to be clamped in one fist. The presenter gives a signal and the players begin to lower the beads into the bottle with the hand in which they are. The second hand is hidden behind the back and has no right to help. If the player has scattered the beads, he reassembles them into a fist (including those already in the bottle) and starts the whole process from the beginning. In the game it is important not to rush and act slowly and carefully.

At the end of the competition, the captain of a pirate ship gives away a treasure chest. Pirates sing a song. (Examples of songs and chants)

1. The dusk was blue,
In the sails of the frigate
Escorted to the robbery
The grandmother of a pirate.
Two brass knuckles laid
And for the gold bag,
And then, of course, soap
And tooth powder.

Our dear breadwinner
Falcon one-eyed,
Look at the boarding
Don't waste your time.
Do not attend unnecessarily
Cereal dens
In vain orphans do not hurt
Take care of your ammo.
Do not drink rum without snack
It is very harmful,
And always go with a bub
If there is no move

Here on this place suddenly
Interrupted the old woman grandson
Listen, grandma, if everything
So familiar to you
You let it go,
I will stay at home.
The wind is blowing blue
In the sails of the frigate
Escorted to the robbery
Grandma pirates.

2. Fifteen people on the dead man's chest
Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!
Drink and the devil will bring you to the end.
Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

They were thirsty, after all,
Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!
They began to think that they were eating the dead.
Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

That they drink their blood and the mosles chew them.
Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!
This is where the devil Davy Jones came up.
Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

He came up with a black big key,
Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!
With the key to the garret on the bottom of the sea.
Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

Goggled like a forest owl,
Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!
And in laughter the head was terribly shaking.
Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

He said: "Now you will come with me,
Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!
I will bury you all in the depths of the sea. ”
Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

And he dragged them into his underwater home,
Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!
And locked the door in it with that black key.
Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

3. Who is not a pirate, is not a sailor.
A black flag flies on the mast
And the disgusting face is bared;
Ready to attack the crew
It's time to go to boarding,
Give us luck in battle, Jolly Roger.

Victory, Struggle and Success
More expensive is divided into all
And the greater the catch, the stricter is divided.
Who are thousands of coins,
Whom sharks for lunch,
I grant good luck to us in battle, Jolly Roger.

Im royal prosecutor
Absentee sentenced
But it cannot be executed
And on the gallery is not casual
Empty vacancies
Give us luck in battle, Jolly Roger.

When the order "Forward!"
No one lags behind in battle
They would only sell their lives would be more expensive.
They would be crazy
All the royal prison
Give us luck in battle, Jolly Roger.

Treasure hunt

Сундук с сокровищами является долгожданным трофеем для каждого из пиратов, поэтому без него немыслимо проведение этой вечеринки. Начертите на ватмане план помещения, условные знаки и крестом обозначьте тайник. Pre-purchased items can be placed in it, but it will be more interesting if each of the guests removes a valuable item from themselves and puts it in a box with a return condition.

Consider safety regulations so that all your household items remain safe and sound during treasure hunt: hide antiques, glass objects, rearrange flowers and leave as much free space in the room as possible.

Pirate party: script, algorithm, contests

At least one person should be responsible for holding the event: the owner of the house or the toast-master. A small script is designed for two leading. When preparing an invitation to a pirate party, indicate to the guests that the holiday will be active, so that they will be ready in advance for the collective assignments.

The girl welcomes guests at the entrance with the words: "Welcome aboard the Black Pearl ship!" The guy misses everyone, hands a hat or other accessory and says that now he is a full member of the team. When everyone gathers, invite them to split into several teams and give them the names - "Sea Wolves", "Sea Lords" or "Flibusters." Teams will participate in competitions, and at the end of the party the winner will be the one that best cope with the task.

The next stage - the election of the leader of the pirates. This can be done by voting or by holding the first contest, the results of which will be headed by a man who perfectly knows the maritime terminology. After this entertainment, offer guests a snack. “Well, gentlemen, pirates, you have been refreshed, and now is the time to have some fun,” says the moderator and invites you to participate in other competitions. One of the organizers in time handed trophies for winning contests.

The scenario of the pirate party for young people suggests the most long-awaited ordeal - the struggle for treasure. “Well, now it's time to start treasure hunting,” announces the second presenter and leads everyone to the map, which shows a cache as a symbol. At this time, the music turns on, and the most interesting part of the event begins. When all the contests are completed, and the treasure is found, the hosts finish the party and offer their free time.

How to hold a pirate party for children?

A pirate party is not only costumes, decorations, food and music.

As you know, pirates are big naughty girls, and the holiday should be held in a fun atmosphere. To do this, you will have to think through the script in advance, prepare contests and quizzes, and also stock up on awards and prizes.

It is desirable that the storyline of the pirate holiday was associated with the search for treasure.

After all, the treasure is the main goal of pirate life.

You can play hoard search in different ways. This may be a search for shreds of the map, on each fragment a hint will be indicated where to find the next missing piece.

You can play pieces of a torn card during contests and quizzes. It will be interesting if several teams take part in this quest. Why all the guys are divided into several teams, they can be seated at different tables, each of which will be their own schooner.

Come up with the names of the ships with the young sea wolves and do not forget about the names of the pirates themselves. Games and contests can be both active and more relaxed.

Kids definitely like contests:

  • pirate quiz with tricky questions,
  • contest "Climb into the bottle" with guessing words,
  • game "Pirate Island", which aims to first take a piece of land,
  • Relay "Rescue operation", which consists of several parts and allows you to participate in the game almost all pirates,
  • Draw a Pirate contest where children can display their creative talents.

Ideas for the scenario of a children's pirate party a huge set. Most of them can be found in the article “We are looking for a pirate treasure: ideas for a scenario of a children's pirate holiday”.

And do not forget about the main award. The culmination of the holiday, that is, the treasure itself, will be a stylized pirate cake or a gift for the hero of the day at a pirate party for children. Of course, it will be much more interesting if each child-pirate gets his little prince from the treasure found.

As a festive souvenir, personalized medals of pirate themes or not very expensive toys can be made.

Such a holiday will be remembered by the kids for a long time, but a memorable photo, video filming will help to enjoy the memories even after many years. Therefore, be sure to take care of a photo shoot or shooting an event.

The role of the home photojournalist can be performed by the baby’s dad, grandfather or elder brother, sister. But it would be better if you invite a professional photographer for a holiday.