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The most fashionable and stylish bags of 2016



Beautiful and Fashion bags - an integral part of any stylish image. They contain all women's secrets and a full arsenal of beauty items. Many psychologists believe that any bag will be able to talk about the nature and lifestyle of their mistress. That is why you should choose this accessory with great care. In the article you will find the most interesting models of women's bags from the collections of autumn-winter and spring-summer: Lanvin, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Dior and many others.

Fashion bags 2016: autumn - winter

Fashion bags 2016 for the winter season - this is a real firework of various materials. Especially, of all the options offered by designers, fur products stand out. At the famous shows, one could see various types of fur bags: from roomy and comfortable backpacks to sophisticated clutches (for example, as in the Balmain collection). The last trend of the season is small handbags, completely covered with natural fur. They look like small round fur balls. They look unusual and flirty. Such handbags will look great with fashionable jackets 2016 also made of fur. For lovers of carnivorous colors, the designers of the fashion house Louis Vuitton have released large bags with leopard print. They have a comfortable handle and a thin strap.

Girls who prefer a sporty style will be delighted with inflated bags, which are perfectly combined with winter down jackets and inflated jackets. The urgency of the inflated bags is confirmed by more than one collection, even Chanel has an interesting bag model in this style. Also in the collection of Chanel are bright Fashion bags with a popular stitch and a company logo. The main advantage of these products is conciseness and modest design. Exaggerated fashion bags 2016 differ large capacity, therefore, another of their advantage is practicality.

Fashion Bags 2016: Chanel Collection

Deserve attention and fashion bags 2016 in patchwork style. They always look original and are able to complement any image. In the fashion collections can be found ethno-style fabric bagsAs well as small models with a restrained design that are perfect for a business lady.

Fashion bags 2016: patchwork and ethno style

If we are talking about fashionable styles of bags, it is hard not to notice that square bags are increasingly appearing on the catwalks, or as they are called bags-boxes. And they were presented in different colors and sizes: from clutches to large bags. Such popular models are obliged to such famous designers as: Mary Katrantzou, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Chanel.

Fashion bags 2016: square shape

Fashion bags 2016 may consist of various decorative elements. For example, bags with fringe - this is a real hit of the season. Fringe brings back memories of old films of the seventies, freedom and romanism. On the fashionable catwalks all sorts of options reign with this element of decor. Small bags with fringe length, roomy bags, bags, backpacks are coming into fashion. And the fringe can be made of a completely different material than the bag itself. Fringe will be relevant for fashion bags 2017.

Fashionable 2016 fringed handbags

Another decor option is bright and stylish stripes. Such Fashion bags with stripes belong more to the style of hand-made. One of the most striking examples is the models with a cat print from the famous fashion designer Laurel Burch. She gave the products a special uniqueness and individual style.

Fashion bags 2016: stylish applications

Fashion bags 2016: fur

Fashion bags 2016: spring - summer

This season, crocodile leather bags are more popular than ever. Noble material gives the product a special charm and aristocracy. Designers offer various options - bags, clutches, bags, small suitcases, etc. Each woman of fashion can easily choose for himself the suitable option.

To create a festive and sophisticated look, clutches with brooches and other décor will become an indispensable accessory. They look great in combination with evening dress. Very often, these accessories are characterized by the presence of straps, chains, miniature handles. One of the most popular styles is the wallet. Luxury option for any socialite.

Fashion 2016 Crocodile Leather Handbags

For relaxed and shocking ladies, designers have released creative bags. They have an unusual shape and texture. They are non-standard in everything, but in this their charm lies. What are they, skatery or shapeless? In fact, neither. They, as a rule, imitate various musical instruments or household appliances. Fashion bags 2016 unusual forms - jeep for auto lady, guitar, iron, alarm clock, rubik cube, apple and much more.

Fashion bags 2016: custom shape

Fashion bags 2016: custom shape

Clutches of bright shades are perfect for any summer outfit. Their trick lies in the simplicity of the style and in the laconic design. Clutches for the tone of clothes look very advantageous. In the upcoming spring-summer season, fashionable dresses are also distinguished by an abundance of bright colors, so the color clutches in this situation will be just the way. Bright neon colors are especially popular among girls.

Fashion bags 2016: bright clutches

Fashion bags 2016: shoulder bags and bag-belts

About the girls who lead an active lifestyle, the designers also did not forget. Today you can find comfortable and stylish bags - belt. They allow you to free your hands from various trifles: a mobile phone, keys, etc.

Colors and prints

The current season pleases with a variety not only in styles, but also in colors, and this can be seen in the photo from fashion shows. It's just a riot of colors! Such fashionable shades as mint and indigo are especially popular.

But it is worth paying attention to shades of green, they were presented with many bags that can be worn in the spring. Summer models can be even brighter, for example, orange, yellow or blue.

Prints also allow you to experiment. Various animalistic patterns, such as a python, leopard, crocodile or zebra strip, are still in vogue. Also relevant geometric patterns, abstract and floral. And on the bag can flaunt a masterpiece in the form of an image of a bird or a wild animal.

Decor is not only appropriate, but sometimes necessary, even if you choose a model for every day.

Especially popular decorative items:

  • Fringe in fashion for several seasons in a row, and well-known designers still can not refuse it, so she fell in love with everyone! But you shouldn't overdo it, otherwise your accessory will look like some kind of mop or disheveled wig. One or two strips of fringe is enough.
  • Children's applications. Yes, yes, if you want to look stylish and, importantly, young, then get a model, for example, with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck or another cartoon character. But it is desirable to combine it with casual wear, and not with strict suits or evening dresses.
  • Stones, with very different sizes from small to very large. They can be colorful, sparkling and assembled into whole compositions. In general, everything is as girls love.
  • Embroidery is also in fashion. Animals, birds, or even portraits or whole landscapes can be embroidered.
  • Metal fittings. If earlier such details were attributed exclusively to coarse styles, today, on the contrary, they are combined with feminine garments, thereby creating interesting and stylish contrasts.

Some useful tips:

  • If in past seasons it was decided to pick up bags for shoes, in the current one, clothing is taken as the main criterion. And you need to achieve almost complete coincidence, and not only in color but also in print. As a result, you can create a perfectly harmonious tandem!
  • In the arsenal of any self-respecting girl there should be several bags for all occasions, so it’s not worth being limited to one model.
  • It is very important to choose the right size. And it will depend not only on capacity, but also on your build. You should not allow strong contrasts, so if you are a miniature girl, then the bag should be small.

Now you can definitely buy a fashionable and stylish bag!

Popular models

Next, we analyze what fashion models of bags are relevant in the 2016-2017 season. The most trendy accessories include the following solutions:

  • Mini bags on a long chain or strap. Neat products for special occasions and for walking. Original prints, applications, patterns will delight sunny day, and dispel sadness in the fall.
  • Tablets, Clutches. Stylish items for office, business negotiations. Few decorated items will be appropriate at a party, celebration, or publication. Successfully emphasized femininity and sophistication of its owner.
  • Backpacks. Sports style is found everywhere in everyday life. Convenient products suitable for urban walks and for travel. All-season solution for women who value practicality.
  • Overseas bags. Along with small accessories, volumetric objects coexist comfortably. Bags, shoppers, totes - all these varieties are relevant this year. Incredibly comfortable accessories for everyday life, leisure, travel.
  • Sacs. Small suitcases came into vogue. Bright, unusual drawings on them are welcome. Of course, it is appropriate to use them when traveling, traveling.
  • Unusual shapes. All that pleases the eye, and goes beyond the usual things is relevant this season. Naturally, objects must be decent and tidy. Triangular bags, trapeze, barrels, cylinders, asymmetry are great ideas for brave girls.

Actual colors

Want to know what color of the bag is fashionable in the summer-spring (and the cold season) in 2016 and in 2017? There are lots of options here. We will only offer the most vivid solutions that are popular with leading designers:

  • Transparent. Yes Yes. Bold ideas conquer their simplicity. Transparent silicone plastic bags will look great on the beach, in the city. However, there is one nuance here: it is important to keep track of the contents of the accessory, avoiding its mess in the inside.
  • White. The classic solution for everyday life and for celebrations. Stylish and appropriate almost everywhere.
  • Dark green. Deep greens give a woman elegance. Rich color is suitable for strict outfits, exquisite clothing.
  • Saturated blue. Calm and measured - such characteristics are inherent in this shade. Accessories in this design are suitable for bright women who appreciate consistency.
  • A color scheme. In the 2016-2017 season, bold combinations are popular. In an informal setting, red-yellow, orange-brown compounds will look great. For more official events, you can pick up white and black variants, combinations of similar shades (pink and red, blue and blue).

Trend Materials

The bag can look stylish from almost any material. This statement is proved by world designers. The main thing - so, it is to choose successfully an accessory under your bow. Among the different variations we select the most successful ideas:

  • Varnish. Favorites of the season items made of genuine patent leather and synthetic materials. Youth and stylish solution. Remember that in a beautiful image two or three lacquer elements are enough (shoes and a bag, or a clutch bag and a belt). Do not overdo it! And interesting photos of fashionable women lacquer bags of the season 2016-2017, see below.
  • Zamsh. Natural or artificial material that looks luxurious. A great solution for cool days, or for important events. It will look good in dark colors.
  • Genuine and artificial leather. Classics of the genre. Black, white, brown - the most restrained and traditional. Suitable for any events.
  • Textile. Convenient and affordable accessories. Suitable for travel, summer days. Bright prints and patterns will add special charm and originality to fabric bags.

Solutions for summer and spring

Next, we consider separately the options for warm and cold seasons. So, the most fashionable trends of bags for the spring-summer of 2016 (photos are presented below) can be divided into the following groups:

  • Bright decisions. Yellow, orange, coral shades will look great on a walk, rest. You can select products with multiple colors at the same time.
  • Original prints. Animal patterns, geometric lines, abstraction - do not limit your imagination! The informal setting allows you to use unusual items.
  • Straw Bags. Interesting and cozy handbags. You can choose a large accessory size, and very compact.
  • Fringe. Boho style is traced in the ornaments. Stylish ruffles, ruffles and pendants will decorate the girl for a walk, as well as when meeting with friends.

Ideas for autumn and winter

Fashionable bags for the fall and winter of 2016-2017 are more seasoned ideas than for a warm period. Among them the most interesting are such solutions:

  • Dark tones. Black, brown, gray colors will look good with any outerwear. For certain outfits it is appropriate to select rich blue, burgundy, green shades.
  • Fur trim. A little trim will decorate the winter handbag. A combination of suede and fur will give a special charm to the accessory.
  • Calm patterns. On cold days, you want comfort and warmth. Therefore, choose a more calm, moderate prints than in summer. Will fit inconspicuous stripes, geometric patterns, cute characters, stripes.
  • Reptile skin. An elegant and luxurious solution that requires appropriate footwear and clothing. Crocodile skin, python will look great in green, brown, beige colors.

The most fashionable bags in the 2016-2017 year are practical and stylish accessories. Items should be comfortable, while combined with the selected image, complementing it.

Comfortable Fashion Bags 2016

Fashion trends in 2016 clearly show us the simplicity and elegance in everything. Do not do without it and fashion bags 2016. Their simple laconic cut, a strict classical look, but at the same time to all live colors, create a special light mood and emphasize your style.

The warm season always pushes us to have several bags for different occasions and often the girls make bags with their own hands for going to the beach or just for city walks. And many fashionable handbags of 2016 remind handbags in “Handmade” style, which adds zest to them.