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Nail design: new 2018 and popular destinations (400 photos)


In connection with the increasing prevalence of fashion trends in natural and natural nail design, fashionable marble manicure or the so-called design in the style of marble stone is not inferior to its position in the 2018-2019 season.

Beautiful marble manicure is an unusual divorce on the nails that imitate the surface and patterns of natural stones.

To create a marble effect on the nails, it will take quite a bit - these are two or more contrasting shades of varnish, a little skill and skill. At first glance it may seem that only pros can perform the marble design on the nails, but this is not at all the case.

Having picked up the favorite and high-quality several shades of lacquers, having studied a bit the technique of creating a “marble stone”, you can even perform an excellent marble manicure at home.

The laconic and discreet manicure of the marble stone looks special, giving a touch of mystery and mystery, ideal for girls who prefer restrained and democratic neyl-art.

This also contributes to the palette of shades, in which the original marble manicure is most often performed: beige, gray, white, black, pale pink.

But if you want to create an intriguing and memorable marble manicure for 2018-2019, you can use colorful and deep tones of green, blue, red colors as the basis for the marble manicure, or to complement it, the photo of which you can view in the gallery below.

Marble nail design can be created on all fingers at the same time or on just one or two - as much as you wish. As an addition to the manicure "marble stone" you can use a rubbing on individual fingers with a mirror shine.

In addition to rub, marble manicure will help to diversify and decorate stripes or threads in gold or silver colors. Also allowed a minimum amount of decor in the form of elegant rivets on one or several fingers.

The advantage of the sophisticated marble manicure of the season 2018-2019 in its versatility - this design is suitable for any events and events, both for business meetings and for festive events.

In addition, fashionable nail design in the style of "marble stone" looks great on any length of nails - from short to long. Especially stylish marble manicure complements the sharp, rounded and nail-coffins, giving them glamor and chic.

What marble manicure you wouldn’t prefer in the season 2018-2019: laconic and calm, or with accent nails in bright color, stripes and rivets - your pens will look stylish and amazing.

We offer you the best ideas of marble nail design 2018-2019 in different shades and on different nails, among the variations of which you will certainly look for yourself exquisite marble art in the style of marble stone.

How to make a marble manicure: ideas and tips

Beautiful marble manicure looks amazing and attractive, causing special interest and admiring glances. The design of the marble stone nails may seem complicated in its execution, but we hasten to assure you that this is not the case.

Armed with everything you need, having familiarized yourself with the possible ways of performing a marble manicure, which are presented in detail in the network in video reviews and descriptions, you can create a delightful marble manicure yourself.

Masters of the manicure case offer us several variations on how to perform a marble manicure and create such a desired effect of the drawings of natural stones on the nails.

A water-based method of creating a marble manicure is popular, an option using a piece of polyethylene and you can still achieve marble nail art using special gel varnishes.

To create a marble manicure, you will need a lacquer base, at least two shades of lacquer in contrasting colors - one base, another for creating stains and, of course, a saucer with water (for the first method) or a piece of polyethylene (for the second version of the marble manicure) .

It is necessary to perform a marble manicure in several stages: first, apply a base, then the desired shade of lacquer, wait for the coating to dry.

Apply a few drops of varnishes of different shades into the prepared water and dip your finger in the water so that the film formed from the varnishes on the surface of the water is on the toe.

Wait until everything is dry, clean your finger of excess varnish and fix the result with a top coating.

For the method of performing marble manicure with polyethylene, you need to create patterns on the nail, using a crumpled plastic piece, soaked in varnish, putting it on the surface of the nail.

Thus, a fashionable and stylish marble manicure of the season 2018-2019, you can perform yourself without too much fuss at home.

Let's get acquainted with the most beautiful ideas of marble nail design 2018-2019, in different styles and for every taste, demonstrated by the best masters of manicure.

Stylish white marble manicure for the season 2018-2019

The design of the nails “marble stone” in white color is the most popular and restrained, demonstrating the beauty of the marble pattern on the nails in full.

To create a white marble manicure, nails are covered with a base in white color and create strips of marble on the fingers with black varnish, it looks very beautiful and fascinating.

Classic white marble manicure will be appropriate for office bows, for study, as well as for stylish and elegant images in almost any style.

Emphasize and diversify white marble manicure will allow gold or silver stripes, rub with different effects and laconic rivets that can be used on several fingers.

Nail design: how it all began

Nail design (Nail Design, Nail Art) can be translated as the art or skill of decorating nails. There is a design of nails in one form or another for a long time, but it became widespread in the XX-XXI centuries. One of the most important stages of its mass popularization was the use of acrylic for decoration and nail extension. The so-called acrylic molding once created a furor. False nails became available to almost every girl. In the past five years, the beauty industry has gone further. Natural beauty has come into fashion, and with it new nail design materials. Now there is a boom of home manicure with the help of light and more natural gel polishes.

Shellac (gel varnish) is a coating for nails based on natural resin, cured with ultraviolet light. Shellac has many advantages over acrylic. It is quickly applied, has a beautiful appearance, is inexpensive and long enough keeps on nails. Home design nails with shellac has become a new trend, replacing thick acrylic nails.


The first and still popular nail design is the French manicure for short nails, which thanks to the gel polish today received many interpretations. The next fashionable type of nail design was a moon manicure (French manicure, on the contrary). "Smile" in it is not at the bottom, and at the base of the nail. Today there are a lot of varieties of nail design, which for convenience can be divided into several groups: depending on the materials used, the technology of applying the coating / pattern and accessories used for decorating nails.

Nail Design: French Manicure

Nail Design: French Manicure

Black french manicure

French manicure 2018

Nail design: water manicure

Nail Design: Varieties

  • 3D nail modeling or aquarium design

Rather difficult technology of design of nails, demanding long and laborious work. The coating consists of several layers of transparent gel. At each stage of the coating used painting or accessories. Due to this multi-layer effect, a 3D effect is created. It is not uncommon that flowers and decorations molded from acrylic are additionally used in aquarium nail designs.

  • Art painting

This is one of the most popular technologies for applying decorative coatings today. For nail design 2018 quick-drying gel polishes are used. Drawings on nails are applied with a needle, brush or sponge (gradient design). To create geometric patterns used special strips on the basis of glue or tape. A special kind of artistic manicure is water design, where the drawing is applied to the surface of the water, and after that is transferred to the nails. Sometimes water manicure is isolated as a separate type of nail design.

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  • Stamping manicure

For drawing the pattern on the nails use special plates. Stemping design 2018 is quite simple, the variety of plates allows you to originally design the nails, and you can save a lot of time. This manicure looks very impressive. Often, stamping design is used to create a lace wedding manicure, as well as French manicure.

  • Photo design (manicure with stickers)

Another type of express nail design, which is very fond of novice masters of nail art. Special stickers decorate one or all nails. Basically they use two types of stickers: the usual ones on a glue base and water ones, which must be moistened before application. Photodesign is very convenient for home use.

  • Nail design with accessories

The beauty industry is developing very rapidly, the design of the manicure does not stand aside. Many boutiques and online stores offer a wide range of accessories for decorating nails. All sorts of bows, butterflies, flowers, rhinestones and sequins are glued to the nails, making the usual nail design on short nails more spectacular.

Skillful masters of nail art making a manicure masterly combine several types of nail polish designs in 2018 at once. The result exceeds all expectations. As a rule, very interesting variants and ideas of manicure are obtained.

Nails with a pattern

Nail design: water manicure

Nail design with accessories

Nail design: new 2018 (photo)

From the variety of options for nail design I want to highlight several new products.

This is still a fresh new nail design. So far, few of the home-masters know how to do it. In fact, there are several ways to create it: using a special gel polish, using foil or colored stencils, as well as using rubbing. See the instructions for performing Oil-design in step-by-step photos.

Step by step photos: Oil manicure, 1 way

Step by step photos: Oil-chrome design, 2 way

Step by step photos: Oil design rubbing, 3 way

This design looks very original and stylish. It can be performed with the help of gel polish, but such a manicure looks more effective in an aquarium version.

Metal crumpled design

  • Marble manicure

Very elegant manicure that wins the hearts of girls who like bold experiments. Nails with a marble effect can also be performed in two ways: with the help of water technology or with the help of a painting of nails with a liner brush on a wet top layer. How to make a similar design, see the article on the marble manicure.

  • Broken glass manicure

This nail design technique is easy to master. Manicure is performed as usual, except for the fact that before applying the finish to the nails pieces of foil are randomly glued. This technique is best suited for geometric patterns.

This manicure can be called a holiday. But it always looks very luxurious and rich. The pebble is usually framed with rhinestones and microbies; often gold leaf or acrylic gold is used in such a design.

Manicure Liquid stones

  • Lucky with interesting effects.

First of all, these are varnishes with unusual effects: a mirror, a cat's eye, sugar or cracking (craquelure). There are also “cosmic”, magnetic varnishes and even glowing in the dark. They are designed for nail design that you can do yourself without special skills.

Nail design: cracking varnish (craquelure)

Nail Design: Cat's Eye Polish

Beautiful gel Polish Cat's eye

Nail design: "space" lacquer

Nail design: glow in the dark

This type of nail design appeared not so long ago, but has already become very popular. Variations of nail decoration microbiester can be very different, the flight of fantasy is not limited. Beads cover all the nails, one nail or lay out the pattern.

Design nails microbies and rhinestones

Glitter itself has long been used in nail design, but unusual mixes of various manicure techniques have become the latest fashion trend. From the latest nail design innovations: a combination of a gradient and transparent glitter or nail covering with a large glitter in the form of a mosaic.

Glitter design

  • Rings on the fingers and nails

The fresh trend of nail design, which is to complement the manicure with stylish miniature rings (they are worn on the upper phalanx of the finger). Also rings are used as imitations of gold or silver nails.

In general, the theme of accessories for nail design is rapidly developing and is gaining increasing popularity. Masters on nail art have few simple patterns on the nails, the texture of the coating becomes important, various volumetric compositions are invented, additional decorative elements are used. Ordinary manicure has become a work of art.

Design with rings

Manicure with rings

  • Manicure with the effect of sugar or acrylic powder

Recently, sprinkle the entire nail or individual drawings using colored acrylic powder has become very fashionable. This diversifies the manicure, making it bulky. Powder sprinkled with monograms, pattern "sweater" and other ornaments. Such a design is made simple: cover the nail with varnish, dry, then apply gel varnish or a thicker gel-paint pattern and, without drying it, powder it with powder, then send it to the lamp. That's the whole secret of powder manicure.

Nail design: sugar lacquer

Monograms and flowers with powder

Nail design: sugar lacquer

Figure "sweater" with powder

  • Nail polish (chrome nails)

Very effective design, which can be used as an evening version, this design is especially popular among the new products of 2018. It looks stylish, often combined with rhinestones and fashionable novelty - marble manicure. This design can be done in five ways: using a special gel polish, using false mirror nails, using metallic effect stickers, foil, or using special rub-in powder. Detailed instructions can be found with the article on the mirror manicure.

Mirror nail design

Chrome effect manicure

  • Translucent manicure "Voil"

An interesting design option, which despite the apparent complexity, is quite simple to implement. To create a “transparent” design, you need to apply a base, translucent beige gel polish, then mix the top with a black or dark brown gel polish in a 5: 1 ratio, apply the resulting composition to the nail, dry it and then black the gel polish to complete the pattern.

The effect of the veil on the nails

Nail design: how to diversify manicure accessories

If you want to do a first-class manicure, then you can not do without fashion accessories for nails. Conventionally, they can be divided into decorative small forms for spraying (crumb, dust, microbeads, etc.), various stickers and applications, three-dimensional jewelery (large rhinestones, pearls, three-dimensional elements), non-standard materials (feathers, fabric) and others. They are mounted on a wet paint or special glue.

With the help of large rhinestones, you can make a gorgeous evening manicure. Smaller stones are used for everyday manicure. Shining in the sun, they will draw attention to your hands. In the daily version of manicure, rhinestones do not cover all the nails, but only place accents.

Not one brilliant manicure is complete without them. The color palette of sparkles is wide enough to harmoniously pick them up to almost any kind of manicure.

Lately large spangles in the form of polygons have become increasingly popular. They are called glitter. It is colored and transparent. Color is usually used for bright and contrasting nail design, transparent glitter creates an unusual relief on the surface of the nail and the play of light.

Glitter is a versatile material for nail decoration that is compatible with any kind of coating used in nail design.

Pearl jewelery is often used for evening or sea manicure.

  • Seashells

This is an ornament to create a mosaic design of nails. Seashells have a pleasant mother-of-pearl outflow and an unusual shape.

Small transparent balls of various colors can be mounted on the nails in the form of a pattern or edging. Often they are used for moon manicure (they spread a smile), sea and "caviar" manicure.

Дизайн ногтей: маникюр со стразами

Декор ногтей стразами

Дизайн ногтей: маникюр с блестками

Золотые блестки на ногтях

Дизайн ногтей: маникюр с жемчугом

Дизайн ногтей: маникюр с ракушками

Дизайн ногтей: маникюр с бульонками или микробисером

  • Украшения из металла и пластика

If you don’t have time to paint on your nails, and you want an original manicure, then 3D volumetric jewelry is definitely your option. Having pasted flowers or bows on the nails, you will instantly transform your manicure. Bulk gold and silver jewelry can rightly be called the trend of nail design. Skilled craftsmen combine these decorative elements with the technology of foiling, as well as painting with gold acrylic paints. Looks like a million design.

The decoration of nails with small figures made of various materials became very popular. These can be stars, rhombuses, polygons and other shapes. They are fastened to the nails very easily, and the design of the manicure is very interesting.

In metal and plastic applications, the idea is similar, only the material, shape and cost are different. Plastic jewelry is much cheaper. Metal, as a rule, is chosen for an evening manicure.

Rubber applications for nail design is a great addition to a spring or summer manicure. They make the manicure brighter and more interesting. Widespread applications in the form of flowers, hearts, butterflies, emoticons, stars, all sorts of berries and fruits. These nail decorations are designed for young girls who want to be stylish and original.

Nail design: manicure with metal decorations

Nail design: manicure with volumetric ornaments (3D)

  • Spraying materials
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Microblasts and dust

These are the smallest particles to create a matte or shiny manicure. In nail design, such deposition is quite common. The sparkling micro-gloss on the tips of the nails or applied in the form of some pattern looks beautiful. Dust is used to make the surface dull. Nail art experts love to use dust or micro-gloss to create an evening, wedding and space manicure.

Nail design: manicure with micro-glitter, matte dust and acrylic sand

Acrylic sand nail powder

Want to create a velvety nail effect? Then for decoration you need to use such material as a flock. In general, velvet nails can be called one of the latest trend of manicure. Depending on the chosen shade, the effect may be different, for example, a burgundy or dark blue flock will be associated with velvet, and a soft pink with a plush toy. To work with this air material for nail design usually use a special device flokayder. A very important point. Flock does not lose its appearance upon contact with water, therefore, besides beauty, practicality is also peculiar to it.

Nail design with flock

This material is not often used for the decoration of nails, because its main purpose is to create a marble effect. The name cobweb is derived from the structure of the material itself, and not the final effect. In fact, the cobweb is a thin thread interlaced among themselves, which are applied to the base coat, and then fixed with a transparent finish lacquer.

Light lace, made of fabric, great for manicure of almost any stylistic orientation. It is very easy to work with him, it is enough to fix it with a transparent varnish and an elegant fashionable manicure is ready.

Nail design: manicure with textile lace

Natural feathers - an unusual version of the accessory for nails, which is rarely used, but the manicure with them is always very interesting and unusual. Feathers of various shades are usually used for nail design in the Oriental style or animal-manicure.

Nail design: manicure with feathers

Another accessory for decorating nails of natural origin. Leaves and dried flowers look perfect in autumn manicure. This natural material is used both when working with gel polish, and to create a volumetric aquarium design.

Nail design: manicure with dry leaves

The finest very beautiful material for the decoration of nails. You need to work with him very carefully, preferably with tweezers. Golden, silver pieces of mica of various shapes are laid out with abstract patterns on the nails resembling the texture of decorative stones and minerals. In addition to gold and silver, you can find mica, painted in almost any shade.

Gorgeous marble manicure 2018-2019: features

Marble manicure, of course, is immediately associated with all natural material, which has a wide range of uses in different areas.

Fashionable marble manicure is similar to a valuable breed of stone through the similarity of the pattern on the stone and a typical ornament on the nails.

Specialists who like to experiment with technicians simply love making a marble manicure, because it combines simplicity and luxury at the same time.

Marble manicure 2018-2019 can be performed in white, black, coffee, beige, green, turquoise, pink, blue shades. This is the most popular palette of manicure with a marble effect.

Other colors of the color spectrum are also permissible for this type of nail art and are used for seasonal variations of design.

Note that the marble manicure is often called water, because it can be performed using the technique of water design.

The principle of this technique is to apply varnish on the nails by creating a pattern on the surface of the water, which can be achieved with the help of a toothpick.

You can try to make such a marble manicure even at home, but, of course, a professional will cope with this task better.

Also, manicure marble can be obtained using the technique with a film. This option is also possible at home.

Most often, the marble design of the nails is performed in one color, and the pattern itself is created with a contrasting shade or gel polish in a similar color.

Marble manicure 2018-2019: great design, unique decor

Stylish marigolds with marble effect 2018-2019 today are pleased with the original design, because marble manicure can be done not only in the classic technique, but also complemented with other elements of the nails.

For example, if you want to get an unusual marble manicure 2018-2019, you can add foil to marigolds, draw holes, stripes or dots on the marble surface.

You can decorate a marble manicure with rhinestones, make a design using this technique with a glitter, combine a marble manicure with eggs, other shades of varnish on a few marigolds, imitating precious stones.

Additional design or pattern can also improve the marble manicure, but remember, the effect of marble extends to minimalism, so do not overdo it with the decor, so that the nail design does not look vulgar.

Beautiful, interesting, fresh! Marble manicure 2018-2019 - photo

For those who want to try the marble manicure 2018-2019, but do not know where to start, we advise you to complement the marble effect with French and moon design, monochrome options, decorate the marble nail art using a gradient technique.
Ready to experiment, then watch and be inspired by our examples ...

Beautiful pink marble manicure 2018-2019 year

Nice and cute pink color is incredibly harmonious in tandem with marble manicure and nail design in this style, giving it a special softness and romanticism.

Pink marble manicure is beautiful, both for short nails and long nails in different shapes, allowing you to make an elegant and elegant “marble stone” design for a special occasion.

The chic notes will give a scattering of sparkles along the line of divorces, as well as the effect of an ombre on several fingers, stripes and bright accent varnishes on individual fingers.

Chic matte marble nail design 2018-2019 year

The matte solution on the nails is always unusual and attractive, and the fashionable marble manicure in this style is no exception.

Manicurers demonstrated stylish marbled nail design, complemented by a matte effect.

So, to achieve an irresistible result, follow two fingers in a marble design, and the rest in gentle peach or gray tones with a matte effect.

If you like, add such marble manicure with laconic decorations in the form of strips, glitter, a scattering of sparkles and you will receive an irresistible marble nail design of the 2018-2019 season.

Fashionable multi-colored marble nail art 2018-2019 year

Do you want a unique, original and at the same time stylish manicure in the season 2018-2019? We have a great solution for you in the form of a marble nail design using several contrasting tones at the same time.

We offer you to perform the most fashionable marble manicure in a spectacular and intriguing black, white, emerald and gray gel polishes. But a more gentle variation - pastel colors in blue, pink, gray.

Marble pattern in such a manicure can be created, both on all and on individual fingers - just as you wish. The most beautiful examples are shown in the photo in the gallery below.

Fashion news: marble manicure gel polish

Fashion trends in 2018 offer to do amazing things with manicure. The magnet particles mysteriously turn the nail cover into a chic cat-eye design. Outwardly, it is impossible to tear your eyes away from the stunning sparkle of a curved central line located diagonally.

When the base is prepared beforehand and added in a slick - it helps to create a magnificent aristocratic monument with a mirror effect, reflecting everything around, from an ordinary nail. If you cut out the pieces with sharp corners from foil and randomly scatter them on the base pigment coating, they achieve the effect of “broken glass”.

And if you apply strange strips to the base, made up with top color, a thin brush, you can achieve an imitation of the manicure “natural stone”.

Already, many fashionistas prefer marble manicure. On the Internet, the number of views of photos and video clips is calculated in the millions.

This manicure is like those ladies who love experiments and new items. What is the appeal of such a nail design? What are some interesting ideas of the manicure on nails that this year presents?

Often used such tandems neyl-art when creating an imitation of natural stone:

  • The snow-white “classic is considered the most optimal method for covering the nail. It is often chosen by fashionistas, because such a design looks calm, elegant, dignified. Restrained, in the aristocratic style. Execution assumes the following: the surface is made white, and black uneven strips of marble are applied on it. A good option for a business lady, or for a student who can only pick up. And this design looks impeccable,
  • Creating a dusty-gray abstraction may first seem like a gloomy design. Only a manicure, when using shades of asphalt, does not look like a boring nail decor. When you can see the abstract grayish painting of ornate lines on the nail, with branches in the figure, it makes you unwittingly look at the nail and admire it,
  • Pink - pale matte glaze is peculiar, simply due to the addition of a ruddy dye to a gray, dark color, to modify a manicure. So, if he looked strict and hardened, then after adding pink he became a neat, romantic nail design,
  • Lunar imitation of marble is a tandem of two equally popular options. Two effects are combined here: charisma and unsurpassed aesthetics. Lunula leave uncovered varnish, natural. Base coating - marble, seemingly non-defiant and stylish. This option is appropriate for owners of short nails, so for those who have long nails, regardless of shape.
  • If we consider the visualized french - this is an unusual combination. When the coating with the effect of marble separates the smile zone french line. This is a shiny ribbon that creates magic. It turns out that the effect of the classic jacket is absent, since there is no distinction between the color of the smile area and the base coat. It is solid. But the dividing line (it can be made “gold” or “silver”) adds a stunning charm to the nail design.

Marble manicure on short nails

2018 dictates the fashion for short nails. In the trend length, when the length of the free edge in the range from 1 to 2 millimeters. It should be noted that this length has been leading for several seasons.

For those women who have short nails, good news - this length is relevant this year, and a manicure with the effect of natural stone is perfect for them! In the use of fashion and light shades and saturated. Permissible to create malachite, onyx, jade images.

A good idea is to make a marble manicure and a french tandem. The result will be interesting.

There is a desire to visually lengthen the nails? Then the surface is made such that imitates natural stone. And from above vertically put an insert. To make it, use the following materials: rubbing, foil, gel polish (shiny or "metallic"), black gloss varnish.

When it is necessary to draw veinlets on the basis of “marble”, it is advisable to apply them vertically, then externally the nails will look elongated and aristocratic.

Marble manicure for long nails

Not all females will want to give up long nails just because the fashion came to short nails. An ideal find for those girls who have such a length is to combine a moon jacket with a marble one.

All over the nail cause stains, and the hole at the base do not touch, or covered with a monochrome varnish. Then the nails will look stylish and neat. Looks great moon service jacket + horizontal stripes. To create them use adhesive tape, or draw them with a thin brush.

If the nails are long - marble manicure will look good in any color. Even boldly mix not 1-2 shades, but much more. Only they, among themselves, should be combined. Only then the result will be successful.

This year, the marble interpretation should be preferred. You can safely create it. It is worth remembering that this year innovations and innovative ideas are welcome. That is why you can implement your ideas.

How to make a marble manicure gel varnish at home

It is not necessary to contact a specialist to create an imitation of natural stone on the nails. If you are at home, you yourself can make a manicure. You will have to take gel polish. Suitable technique when water is used. This method will be discussed further.

  1. First prepare the marigolds. Give them shape. Cut the cuticle. The surface of the nail plate is ground.
  2. Nails degrease. Apply a primer designed for these purposes.
  3. Put the base. Place the marigolds in the lamp.
  4. In a small glass (you can take a plastic) pour warm water. Choose a gel polish tone. His droplet is poured into water.
  5. It depends on what the expected result is, add 2 drops of another tone of varnish.
  6. Using a toothpick, create a divorce (as it will), so that the shades are mixed.
  7. When the result of the work looks like a natural stone, they begin to paint.
  8. The finger is placed in water, parallel to the water surface.
  9. Toothpick move the film to the edges of the cup. Finger pull out.
  10. It is necessary to correct the manicure with a cotton swab dipped in acetone in order to remove the varnish from the skin near the nail. You can use another nail polish remover.
  11. Place the painted nail in the lamp.

Do not be afraid to experiment. You can create different designs. The use of bouillons and rhinestones is permissible. Before you put a nail in the lamp, it makes sense to brush with a brush.

Video: how to make a marble manicure using a toothpick

Marble manicure ordinary varnish

When houses are engaged in the creation of marble manicure, you can make a lot of mistakes. The cost of gel polishes is high. And when using water equipment, their consumption is large. If there is no experience, it is better to practice doing a marble manicure in another way - using cellophane.

  • Nails are prepared for manicure. First get rid of the cuticle. Using nail files, give them the desired shape. Grind the surface.
  • Put the base tool on the plate to manicure was resistant.
  • Top covered with colored varnish. Wait, when the varnish is completely dry.
  • Varnish of a different tone is applied, and without delay, they decorate.
  • Using a piece of dented polyethylene, make stains on the surface of the marigold. At the same time it is necessary to slap or brush (such movements must be). Only experts strongly recommend not to press.
  • As soon as the color lacquer dries completely, a remedy is applied on top.
  • From defects, in the form of lacquer on the skin, get rid of, with the help of sticks (cotton or orange).

You can even be a novice to create a trendy nail design on the nail. If you do step by step manicure with the effect of natural stone, you can achieve an excellent result.

Video: how to make a marble manicure with water usual varnish at home

Marble manicure photo ideas

You can embody all your creative ideas, and innovative ideas! This year “says yes” to such color unions: blue with blue, lilac with white, gold with emerald, etc. If there is a desire that the nails are covered with a malachite tint, you should use a green tint range.

If you want to use a manicure as a complement to the evening look, then prefer fuchsia, Marsala, burgundy tones and other bright shades. Они уместны. Когда предстоит свидание, праздник, веселая дружеская вечеринка.

В текстуре – тоже полет фантазии. Фактуру покрытия можно использовать самую разную. Допустимо применения глянца и матовости, перламутра, голографии, металлика, радужных шеллаков. The compositions will look stylish and original, during the creation of which 3D coatings were used.

Stylish white marble manicure

This design looks aristocratic and concise. He, in 100% volume, shows the attractiveness of the effect of marble.

To make this type of manicure, you first need to cover the nail plate with white lacquer. With the help of black lacquer, apply strips on top. The effect is really impressive beauty and magic!

Such a manicure can be created for different images? This is the image of a business woman, a student. Probably, there is no such style to which this type of manicure would not fit.

To decorate a white manicure with an accent or diversify it, it is permissible to use silver or golden stripes, rubbing with all sorts of effects, restrained rivets. You can do this decor on several fingers at once.

Marble manicure pink

Imitation of natural stone can be performed with a romantic pink shade. As a result, the style is more delicate and refined.

Owners of nails of different lengths can consider this option. Moreover, regardless of the shape of the marigold. Creating a design "marble stone" is appropriate for the holidays.

Highlights of luxury add sparkles. Exquisitely, they look, if their application - a line of divorces. On 3-5 fingers you can make a perfect gradient. And on accent nails, you can make strips, or apply bright varnishes.

Manicure marble red

It is impossible not to notice such a manicure. It attracts attention because it is very bright and showy. Marble manicure, executed in fiery saturated red shades, is an ideal solution for an active, self-confident lady who clearly knows what she wants to achieve in life.

She prefers to be visible to others, and to attract attention to her person. This lady, of course, will not be ignored.

Marble manicure black

Marble in black is peculiar to look rich and elegant. This option will complement everyday outfits well. It is suitable for work in institutions and for entertainment (in cafes, clubs). There are some options for its implementation:

  • The design is performed in gloss and matt version
  • the use of sequins, rhinestones,
  • if you add black to gold, you can get a royal combination,
  • Black marble itself, without additions, looks mysterious and dignified.

Restrained design is popular when all nails look like covered with marble.

Gentle beige marble manicure

Neutral manicure is preferred by young ladies who appreciate all natural. They are, on a daily basis, suitable manicure in beige tones. When light colors are used, the design is gentle and touching.

Bright ideas of marble manicure with sparkles

To create a stylish and chic image, sequins are used as a decor. What are the features of design? They may be:

  • One claw can be completely sequined covered. As a rule, girls like to make ring finger accent. But you can choose some other one. It all depends on your preferences.
  • Now design is becoming more and more popular, when only some one part of the nail is covered with sequins. If the moon manicure - spread the moon, if the French manicure - spread the tip of the nail.
  • When to decorate the nail with vertical or horizontal stripes, use glitter for this.
  • A palette of colors can be used, at your discretion. For daring active women, marble manicure in red colors is suitable, for calm and romantic women - gentle beige tones.

Marble manicure with rhinestones - brilliant ideas 2018 with photos

These decorating elements manage to stay at the peak of popularity for several seasons. The popularity of iridescent stones is quite understandable, because they add luxury to the image, and they look spectacular.

Such decisions of designers, when creating a stylish nail design, are widespread:

· Stones can only be on one finger. Most often, on the nameless. And imitation of marble - on all other fingers,

· Rhinestones lay out vertical or horizontal stripes,

· Pebbles separate one part of the nail plate from the other. Often they do this when doing a French manicure.

If we consider the color palette, it does not have clear limitations. In the Year of the Dogs use different shades, without reservation. Apply pastel colors, stone design in pink shades, mint tones.

The mod uses the deep shades (dark blue tones) and bright juicy (palette from red to yellow shades).

Marble manicure: fashion trends 2018 - 2019

The effect of marbling on the nails is achieved by drawing blurry lines on the nail plate, previously covered with the base color. This design style has received particular popularity in 2017, but does not give up its positions and will be relevant even one year. Masters of nail service from all over the world are constantly improving this trend of design and nails, as a result of which fashion trends appear that are followed by fashionable women of fashion.

Marble nails in 2018 are distinguished by maximum naturalness and proximity to the natural pattern of marble. As a rule, natural color palette is used for decoration. Due to this, such a manicure perfectly emphasizes any image of the hostess, and will be relevant for women of any age.

Before creating the marble effect, it is necessary to form the correct shape of the nail plate. In the season 2018 - 2019 it is almond-shaped or oval, which, due to the lack of sharp transitions, emphasize femininity.

Classic marble manicure involves the use of white, gray and black colors. But in the new season it is allowed to dilute this palette with pastel colors, for example, dusty pink, peach, caramel or lilac.

It is possible and the implementation of this design in bright colors such as emerald, blue, burgundy, olive. Thus, it is easy to achieve the similarity of nails, not only with marble, but with other stones, including turquoise.

Marble execution can decorate all the nails, but it is better to combine it with other interesting ideas, for example, with a monochromatic coating or rubbing when highlighting accents.

The current technique in 2018 - 2019 is to add shine to the design using foil, varnish with chimers or mica. Fine particles of glitter will add festivity and elegance to manicure, and will also imitate layers of mica in natural stone. The best addition for such a manicure will be metallized foil and rhinestones, which only emphasize the originality of the performance.

Making a marble manicure with ordinary varnish

Not every girl has the opportunity to go to beauty salons for nail design. But after all well-groomed handles become the business card of any woman. You should not worry about this, because even with the usual varnish at home you can perform a marble manicure, which will be no worse than the salon.

Important! In the process of self-registration may be difficult, but enough to practice a little and everything will work out.

So, marble nails are created according to the following algorithm, the observance of which is mandatory:

  1. Preparation of the nail plate: shaping, removing the cuticle, grinding.
  2. Coverage base means.
  3. Applying the desired shade of colored varnish.
  4. Applying a contrasting color of lacquer and performing the design before it dries.
  5. Patting and holding crumpled plastic wrap on the surface of the nail. It is important that there is no strong pressure. Otherwise the drawing will fail. After that, you must wait for the second layer of varnish to completely dry.
  6. Covering the nail plate with a design transparent varnish to secure the result.
  7. Removal of traces of varnish from the skin with the help of peeling liquid and an orange stick.

It is not necessary to use the services of professionals to create a stylish manicure. Leisure time and patience will achieve the desired result.

Making gel polish

It is most convenient to make a marble manicure with a gel polish, as it does not dry out and there is an opportunity to create the drawing that is conceived by the master. What attracts is the opportunity to make a marble effect without haste and correct all inaccuracies if necessary.

Technological implementation steps:

  1. Ripping, removal of cuticle and degreasing nails.
  2. The application of the base layer and its drying in the UV lamp.
  3. Coloring the nail plate with the main color and drying in the lamp.
  4. Preparing a container with a clinser for dipping a brush into it and applying the shades chosen for decoration onto the foil.
  5. Drawing on the nail plate lines of the desired shade so as to obtain a semblance of the texture of natural stone. After each element has been completed, the brush is dipped in the clincher and must again be drawn over the pattern in order to obtain a blur effect.
  6. Drying the picture, covering it with a top and drying it in a UV lamp.

Now there is a simpler option to create a marble manicure. For this, manufacturers offer marble gel polish. This novelty is not yet very popular and is presented only in specialized stores.

White marble manicure

A classic option is white marble manicure. This is the most calm and balanced of all color options. It is a blurred dark stripes on a white background.

Black marble manicure

Black marble manicure refers to the evening. He looks great with the same color dress in the evening image. Thus, you can get not just an imitation of marble, but a real cosmic landscape.

Nude Marble Manicure

For those young ladies who appreciate everything natural, an ideal option for every day will be a nude manicure. With the use of light shades of natural range, the most delicate design options are obtained.

Pink marble manicure

Romantic natures and young girls pink marble manicure design goes perfectly well. He will emphasize the immediacy and uniqueness of the young person. In addition, such a manicure will be relevant for any situation. Special tenderness is achieved by adding white and accent on the nails - thinning black.

Golden marble manicure

Golden marble manicure is an elegant design that perfectly complements both evening and casual look. But here it is necessary to adhere to the measure. So, a large amount of gold will give a manicure, suitable only for a nightclub. Beautiful golden looks in combination with blue, turquoise and all pastel tones.

Do not be afraid of experiments on nails. Current trends dictate their own rules. So uniquely look nails with a matte marble effect. Such a manicure looks stylish but discreet, emphasizing the status and taste of its owner. And it is not necessary to make all the nails matte, a combination with glossy also takes place.

Marble effect on the nails - a great way to dilute the daily manicure without any problems. This version of nail art is so versatile that it is relevant for most women, regardless of their age and social status.

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