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Bouquets of sweets: workshops and instructions for beginners


It is difficult to imagine a girl who is indifferent to flowers and sweets. For any holiday in addition to the main gift, candies and flower arrangement are certainly bought. Inventive needlewomen invented how to combine these two components and create a unique, delightful gift with their own hands. How to make a bouquet of sweets is a matter of concern to many people who want to distinguish themselves with an original, memorable gift, combining delicious and beautiful in one. The master classes presented below will help you create an amazing masterpiece with your own hands.

Step by step instructions for creating a bouquet of sweets with photos

Before you start creating a bouquet, you must perform the following steps:

  • To decide on the type of flowers that will make up the composition - these can be roses, tulips, crocuses, snowdrops, it all depends on the skill level of the needlewoman and what the person for whom the bouquet likes is loved.
  • Choose a design option: a basket with flowers, a composition in a box, on a stand or other options, for which the author’s imagination is enough.
  • Choose, buy sweets (addressee's favorite sweets). It is important to remember that for different types of flowers you need to use different forms of candy. For snowdrops, it is worth choosing small ones, for callas - thin and long, for gerberas - round.
  • To pick up decorative elements of decoration: butterflies, ladybugs, satin ribbons, artificial leaves, flowers, organza and so on.
  • Prepare the necessary tools and materials - different compositions can be used for each composition, but it is necessary to use corrugated paper, sweets, scissors, glue (stationery glue, silicone gun or adhesive tape), a frame for a bouquet.

A bouquet of sweets how to make oneself is a question that is of interest to many, but very few people really decide to find the answer to it and try to make a unique masterpiece with their own hands. For those who decided on a flower arrangement with sweets, but do not know where to start, the master classes presented in the article will come to the rescue. Detailed instructions, descriptions of step by step execution, will help to make your first bouquet even to beginners.

A simple way to create a bouquet of "Raffaello" for beginners

For a simple bouquet with delicious candies on the frame you need:

  • sweets "Raffaello"
  • skewers
  • Styrofoam,
  • cardboard,
  • adhesive tape, silicone gun,
  • white corrugated paper,
  • Elements for decoration: beads, semi-beads, ribbons, mesh, organza.

Step by step execution and collection of a bouquet with "Raffaello":

  • We make the frame of the bouquet: cut out the size of the foam, it must be glued over with white corrugated paper, we insert the skewers, after dropping glue on them. To her we paste the cardboard tube so that the skewer is inside it.
  • Cut a circle from a cardboard with a hole in the middle, glue it on or wrap it all around with a decorative cloth, tape that is on hand. Fasten it to the base from the bottom, decorate the handle with corrugated paper and decorative tape.

  • Sweets are wrapped in plastic bags, glued to toothpicks or skewers.
  • We place ready candies on the basis of a bouquet. We decorate with beads, artificial flowers.

  • A simple bouquet with amazingly delicious "Raffaello" is ready!

See another option how to make an original bouquet with “Raffaello”:

Candy flowers in a basket

Simply and quickly it is possible to make a charming composition in a basket, which is suitable for a beautiful present for a holiday. To create it you will need:

  • small basket (depends on wishes),
  • candies,
  • corrugated paper, colored and transparent wrapping paper,
  • Styrofoam,
  • glue, scissors, scotch,
  • organza, floristic mesh,
  • decor elements: sisal, butterflies, ribbons, other.

Instructions on how to make a sweet flower arrangement in a basket:

  • For the base cut the foam of the desired size and glue it to the center of the basket. If you wish, you should wrap it with organza, decorate it with sisal.
  • Selected sweets by means of scotch fasten to skewers or toothpicks. To make the bouquet look beautiful, you need to make "stems" of different lengths.
  • We cut the corrugated paper of a green shade not long strips of average width and we wind the basis where the candy fastens.

  • We cut the wrapping paper in flat squares, about ten by ten centimeters, fold the squares into a cone, and put candy in the middle. With the help of colored paper do frills for such items.

  • The remaining candies are decorated with corrugated paper, as shown in the photo below:

  • We combine all the items in the basket. To make it beautiful - connect the fantasy, place the flowers on the toothpicks in front, and high behind or combine them.
  • Decorate the handle with a ribbon (if the basket has one), for beauty, add decorative elements and artificial flowers or leaves.

Watch the video, where another option is presented, how to make a charming bouquet with sweets:

How to make a rose of corrugated paper for a bouquet of candy

The rose is a favorite flower of many girls, it attracts with grace and majestic beauty, therefore they are often used in unique flower compositions, combining the charm of the plant and the pleasant taste of chocolate candy. From such a gift, the girl will be delighted, having received both aesthetic and taste delight. Roses look beautiful in sweet flower arrangements that can be decorated on a frame, in a basket, often diluted with other flowers.

Having learned to make roses from corrugated paper with candy in the middle, it is possible to create a chic bouquet. For this you will need:

  • candies,
  • corrugated paper of one color for the petals of the bud and green for the sepals,
  • artificial rose leaves,
  • wire,
  • tape tape
  • scissors,
  • glue gun.

Consider how to step by step make a rose with candy inside:

  • Cut a rectangle out of corrugated paper, fold it in half and round off the edges on one side.
  • Wrap this element candy selected to fill the bouquet. To make it beautiful, it is necessary to slightly stretch the paper in the center, then it does not bristle and evenly fits the sweetness. We fasten one edge with an elastic band, cut it so that it is as smooth as possible.

  • For the stem, it is necessary to glue the wire to the base of the flower using a silicone gun. Do everything as carefully as possible.
  • Cut out the petals for a rose, the more there will be - the more magnificent the flower will be. To make the elements as believable and realistic as possible, stretch the center of the petal, and twist the edges with a toothpick in the other direction. It should be approximately as shown in the photo below:

  • Fasten all the petals to the bud with glue, thread or rubber bands.
  • From the green paper cut small leaves, which we glue at the base of the bud. To hide the wire and make the product complete, you must wrap the base and the stem with a green tape, and in the case of its absence, a corrugation.

Other techniques can be used to create roses. You can make a closed bud, tall, with ragged edges of petals or other variations. Here the main thing is to connect a little imagination and everything will definitely work out, no need to be afraid to experiment. Watch a video with another example of a beautiful rose with candy inside:

Bouquet of tulips from candies

Favorite spring flowers - tulips, from now on it is possible to give at any time of the year, complementing the composition with delicious sweets. To create will require:

  • candies,
  • Corrugated paper is green for petals and bright colors for a flower.
  • scissors - ordinary and curly, for the decoration of the edge,
  • foil,
  • skewers for stalks,
  • Scotch,
  • organza, decorative mesh for decoration.

Instructions for creating a sweet bouquet with tulips:

  • Making a flower blank: we cut long strips of color bright corrugated paper. One edge is cut with curly scissors - the other is cut exactly. On one flower will need 3 billet petals and 2 leaves.
  • Candy primatyvaem to skewer with scotch tape or thread.
  • Three elements of the workpiece wrapped around candy, fasten with thread or glue.

  • Raise the lower edges of the petals, stretch the edges slightly and glue the sides to the bottom layer to keep everything well.

  • We wrap the tape with tape, glue the leaves.

  • We collect flowers in a bouquet, wrap gift wrapping or mesh, tie a bow using ribbon.

There is another way to create tulips for a bouquet with candy. The principle is this: one long section of corrugated fabric is folded in half and twisted. So comes one petal for a tulip. We make 3 similar elements and fasten them to the skewer. Glue the leaves and wrapped all the tape. Perhaps someone such a way seems easier. Watch the video with a detailed description of this version of a sweet flower arrangement:

A bouquet of chocolates for beginners

Such a surprise will appeal to anyone, especially girls or women. You can even just come to visit with such beauty. And the one to whom such a thing was intended will only be glad. I propose at the very beginning to make out a craft in the form of a bouquet of flowers in its simplest form.

As it is customary by tradition, most of us love to give roses, but I want to suggest that you first learn how to make snowdrops. They look very cute and gentle, and if suddenly you do not know how to please your loved ones, then here's a little idea. It will fit perfectly if there is spring in the yard and you want heat and the first flowers so much. And it will also be a glorious gift for the day of the Teacher or Tutor, as well as on September 1.

And you can take absolutely any box of chocolates, or a bag of sweets, etc., and put your creation on top. In general, see below and understand everything yourself.

We will need:

  • chocolates, preferably nuts (almonds or hazelnuts) in chocolate
  • box of any sweets, such as raffaello or cookies
  • crepe floral paper: green, light green and white
  • green tape
  • flexible wire
  • strings
  • Scotch
  • scissors
  • yardstick
  • heat gun glue

1. In order to build 5 flowers, you will need strips: from white crepe paper 5 strips, width - 2 cm, length - 50 cm, from light green - 5 rectangles 5cm x 4cm, from green - 2 strips 50 cm long, and 2 cm wide

2. Now load the gun with the rod and wait until it is ready to work. Glue each candy, or rather the tip of the candy wrapper on the wire, as shown in the figure below.

Tip! If there is no glue gun, then you can stick a wrapper on a double-sided tape, but do not touch the candy.

3. From the rectangles that you have done in the amount of 5 pieces, gently shape the hands and make a wavy edge. Squeeze a little, as if doing an accordion.

4. Now you need to do the deepening.

5. The leaves for the flowers will be white, so take the white strips and begin to act. Divide with a ruler into three pieces, that is, through a distance of 16.5 cm. Cut. Now, each obtained strip twist here in such a way, as shown in the photo, around its axis by 360 degrees.

6. After twisting, fold each blank in half to form a petal. Make a small indentation.

7. Thus, we come to the final stage of work. Take the wire with candy and hide it in light green crepe paper. So that the paper does not sleep, fix it with threads. Then apply white petals and also tie a thread.

8. The result should be something like this. Everything worked out? You, well done! Move on.

9. And here is a top view so that you can more clearly understand what this is about.

10. Cut all excess material gently with scissors at 45 degrees.

11. Now we decorate the wire and add leaves. To do this, divide the green strips (you have two) into four pieces each. Out in the end, 8 blanks. Cut each thing so that it reminds you of the leaf. Take a look below and understand how to get the job done. After that, also bend the leaves a little, then you will see for what.

12. Now, to hide all threads and wire, wrap the sepal and stalk with adhesive tape.

13. A little lower after sepal, take a prepared green leaf and fix it. Just below one more.

14. Well, what a delightful outcome you will expect at the exit. You can decorate with beads, and tie a bow. Lay the bouquet on the box, dripping in one place with a glue gun so that the flowers do not fall and give to the one you love so much.

And you can arrange it in another way, add more toys and put such a miracle in a vase or basket.

If you go to a romantic date or a wedding. That can be made more expensive and rich bouquet.

We will need:

  • candy ferrero rocher or other round shape
  • net fabric or other light and airy, for example organza

The entire manufacturing process is outlined below in the pictures.


Beautiful bouquet of sweets and corrugated paper in a basket

To make it more interesting, you can arrange the flowers in a basket and it will turn out to be a real composition, as in those florist shops. From such a gift, the birthday boy will be happy to madness. I suggest not to repeat the following work in the form of a sunflower.

We will need:

  • any candy so that the candy wrappers are black or dark blue, so will act as seeds
  • double sided tape
  • heat gun
  • scissors
  • two color corrugated paper
  • foam base
  • grid green or organza
  • toothpicks


1. Prepare all the necessary materials for the upcoming work.

2. From a yellow-yellow paper, cut a strip 5 cm wide or a little more, depending on your idea and imagination. Determine the length yourself too, depending on the diameter of the base, but it should be enough for three turns around its axis.

The base should be round, the height is also arbitrary, but not less than 5 cm. Glue the top of the base with a glue gun with black or dark green paper.

3. Then wind around the diameter of the yellow corrugation. Also secure it with glue from a pistol.

4. After scissors, make cuts on yellow paper to make petals. And take another green ribbon and also make leaves on it, as shown below:

Glue the green corrugation to the workpiece. And with your fingers, slightly squeeze out a semi-circular shape, as if a recess, so that the craft looked more voluminous.

5. Attach sweets to double sided tape so that you can easily tear them off and eat them later.

6. Now on the edge, make another frame in the form of green petals. To do this, glue on the toothpick patch of green mesh material. Looks like blanks like darts. Organza cut into small squares and then fold each square in half and glue to stick.

On a note! Such amusing products are called funtikami.

7. So, put the fillet on the edge of the work. They will embellish your sunflower. And also add a satin ribbon and make at your discretion any decorations, straziki or souvenirs from puff pastry in the form of a butterfly or a ladybug.

And here you have another wonderful idea, though the author is well done, I really like it!

Master class colors of candy in a box

If you like everything unusual and attractive, then the next option will be just that. You can give such a souvenir to your mummy. By the way, when Mother's Day, such a masterpiece is simply necessary to express all your feelings and say how much you love her in verse.

This is a fairly easy hack, even a child can handle it, so if you are just a novice master, take notes and create for yourself. After all, such a candy box will surprise anyone and even you when you make it.

I think that it is possible to give such a charm to a colleague or to surprise the team at work, when you have a corporate party for example New Year's. Or maybe you celebrate the Christmas holidays. In general, here, too, will be such a gift. Moreover, the candy will alternate with the Chupa Chups. And most importantly, that such a souvenir does not hit your budget.

We will need:

  • any small box
  • wrapping paper
  • polystyrene or floral foam
  • crepe paper in red, gold and silver
  • red cellophane (ask at the floristry shop)
  • decorative ribbon for a bow
  • Scotch
  • Ferrero Rochers Chupa Chups and Round Chocolates


1. Take crepe paper of different colors and cut squares 5 cm x 5 cm out of it, they need as much as you will have treats. Place the blanks on each skewer, piercing them with a needle or a toothpick.

2. After on the tip of the toothpick, put on the stick of the lollipop, wrap tape. But the sweets wrap in red cellophane and it is him tied to a toothpick and secure with scotch tape.

3. Decorate the box on the outside with wrapping paper. Inside tamp foam. Put a sheet of crepe paper on it and start assembly. Carefully in a chaotic manner stick sticks with souvenirs.

4. Also paste the bow on the box to make the craft look even more impressive.

Подарок из рафаэлло в виде букетика

Наверно самыми распространенными сладостями являются белые конфетки в кокосовой стружке. Именно из них и будет следующая композиция. Вы можете прятать рафаэллки в цветочки, а можно пойти другим путем. Купить коробочку таких сладостей и сверху прикрепить яркие соцветия роз и т.п. What is your favorite method? I hope you make your choice soon.

We look at the first option. It will be tulips. You will see all the steps of the work a little lower in this note, and now I’m showing the second super-duper masterpiece in the form of opened roses.

We will need:

  • Raffaello candy box
  • red satin ribbon
  • glue gun
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • decorative berries
  • corrugated paper
  • foil 17 cm x 13 cm
  • artificial flowers
  • artificial leaves


1. From foil hands crumple the ball. Cut a strip of 10.5 cm long and 3 cm wide from green corrugated paper. Then twist it twice.

2. And then fold and make a recess, as it was done in the first master class with snowdrops. Put a petal in the ball.

3. Now shape the bud, crumple. Glue the connection with a gun.

Next, cut out three rectangles from red paper, the size will be 3 cm x 2 cm.

4. Round each blank and also make a recess with your fingers and stretch it.

5. Red petals are glued to the green bud.

6. Now we need nine rectangular billets of 3 cm x 5 cm. Cut an oval from each rectangle. And then make these two cuts, as shown below. Perform a recess again.

7. And glue the cuts with glue overlap from the gun. It should make 9 beautiful petals.

8. Glue all 9 petals across the bud's diameter, each petal should overlap the previous one by half. Cut off the excess green paper.

Now cut out the green rectangles of 3 cm x 5 cm. And use scissors on one side to form a leaf.

9. Next, with your fingers, stretch each piece, and then cut it two or three times. Glue them to the bottom of the bud.

10. And that's what happened. Build such flowers 7-9 pieces. And then stick them on artificial leaves. And then the whole composition on the box of chocolates.

11. But, first for the brightness, tie the box with a satin red ribbon.

12. The result is such a merry charm from paper roses.

Roses from flutes with candies

One masterpiece caught my eye, if in the previous version they took a foil ball as a basis and made a flower out of it, this one would be almost the same, only together there would be a tidy sweety ball. And the buds will not be so open.

Get to work, and these pictures to help you. Nothing difficult, do everything by analogy with previous works. Well, if something is not clear, then I described this master class here in more detail.

3 video stories on how to make a simple bouquet of chocolates

Probably you yourself have guessed that bloggers from the YouTube channel do such work on order and just to share their work with you. Therefore, I specifically selected the coolest works in my opinion and show them here.

To all those to whom something from this note is not clear, then review these plots, and then everything will work out for sure. So, the first masterpiece is a basket of roses from Anna.

If you are going to a wedding or today is February 14 - Valentine's Day, then please take this idea and put it into action.

I could not help but share one more masterpiece in the form of a tree, or as one can now say topiraria. Wow, cool.

Flowers from sweets (step by step instructions)

Well, now another grand souvenir, which is very unusual and not primitive. Take a look? The very charm.

We will need:

  • candy in the form of hats or chupa chups
  • wooden skewers
  • tissue paper
  • green color paper
  • sleeve


1. Papyrus paper (cut a large rectangle and fold it in half). Screw on the sleeve, and then wrinkle on both sides in the form of an accordion.

2. Remove the bushing and twist the ball from the resulting blank. Cut off all the excess.

3. In the middle, in the hole, insert a candy on a stick or chupik. To do this, tie the candy with transparent wrapping paper, and then paste the paper to a wooden skewer.

4. Secure the craft with a scotch tape, and to hide it, glue a piece of green corrugated paper with a glue gun.

5. These are the funny geeks out. Looks awesome and unusual. This you just no one gave.

Candy bouquet "Tulip"

And again, another video, which is well, very detailed, that you definitely can handle. In addition, you will learn how to make a bag for making such crafts.

And for those who do not want to watch or maybe the Internet speed is bad, read this step-by-step instructions and descriptions.

MK sweet bouquet of caramel and chocolate

Honestly, for some reason, such a composition reminds me of a bunch of autumn, probably because it is in different colors of the rainbow. All you need to do is buy caramels or M & M’s (M & E) and arrange them in colors. And then make the bags and fill these sweets.

It is better to take wrapping paper and put tasty balls in it and bandage it, glue it together with scotch tape, and then attach a wand, as we did in the previous descriptions.

You can also use other types of candy, the ones that you like the most.

You can go even more simple way, make a souvenir out of paper, but not like everyone else, but with a twist. You can give separately one flower each, to those who are so dear to you, a great idea for March 8. And as they say, and cheap and angry.

By the way, such an “application” can be done at school or in kindergarten with children, so that they can later be presented to mothers or grandmothers.

We will need:

  • Cardboard template (download below and print)
  • bright candy
  • color cardboard two-sided
  • skewers
  • gouache or acrylic paint


1. So, circle around the pattern (you can also use a mold, as shown below) and cut out blanks from cardboard.

2. After each skew stick to the flower. Paint them green beforehand and dry them.

3. And on the other hand glue the candy, the middle is desirable to take a different color, so that it differs from the petals.

4. Fun and such, well, just a creative gift made in a couple of minutes. Good luck.

5. For completeness, you can glue more leaves of green colored paper or use corrugated.

Another little idea:

Original composition "Poppies" of sweets

On the Internet, I found another such masterpiece, without hesitation at once, decided to share it with you. Perhaps these paper flowers will remind you of irises, but the author claims that they are poppies.

We will need:

  • Candy Truffles
  • sticks
  • corrugated paper
  • scissors
  • tape tape
  • bow
  • organza


Many people asked me to find a job in which candy or sweetness is easily taken out of the bud. Because all the same I do not want to say goodbye so quickly with a gift. And so I searched for a long time and found it all the same, I am happy to share it.

You can also make a pen yourself, or a bag, maybe someone will need:

How to make a bouquet of Chupa Chups and Kinders

Honestly, to make such a gift is also quite simple, even a child can handle it. Because if the handicraft is only from the dead-stones, then only an empty pot and floristic foam will be needed. In which you just need to insert tightly all the sweet blanks.

Here is another idea:

You can arrange it like this.

Determine the color scheme based on this hint.

You can still make a hedgehog, if you are a creative person. Here is a handsome one who was exhibited in Mom's Country.

But if you want to choose a job more difficult, I recommend to turn to this film. The author connected in one bouquet and Kinder and Chupika.

In conclusion, I also want to show a couple of pans, it turns out you can make bouquets of tea bags.

Or combine candy flowers with fruit.

Or with soft toys.

I hope you liked my note very much and you learned how to collect such wonderful and beautiful bouquets of sweets with your own hands. After all, the holidays a whole year a large number. Be unique and impress everyone.

Bye everyone! Have a wonderful day and great mood!

Bunch of sweets do it yourself: appliances for beginners

For a simple bouquet of candy you need:

Manufacturing process:

  1. Cut the corrugation 10 × 10 cm, it will take from 15 to 20 pieces, depending on the size of the pot.
  2. Man the foam in a pot and fix with glue.
  3. If the candy with a tail, then stick it on the tip of a toothpick. And if not, then insert a toothpick into candy.
  4. Pass the prepared square through the other end of the toothpick. Build the remaining inflorescences.
  5. Distribute evenly made flowers over the entire area of ​​the foam in a pot.

Bouquet of sweets and corrugated paper with step by step photos


  1. Cut two flaps into 7 7 × 3 cm buds.
  2. Lay sweetness and wire on top of the strip, fold and fix with glue on the bottom edge.
  3. Wrap a bud with the second flap and tie a ribbon in the middle.
  4. Spread the petals. Make 7 inflorescences.
  5. Wind each stem with green tape.
  6. Connect the stems so that the flowers are at different distances from each other.
  7. Cut the green packing tape into thin strips and twist the coils.
  8. Put decorative paper, put green grass on top, and place inflorescences on it. Beautifully decorate and tie a ribbon.

Frame for a bouquet of candy with their own hands

The bouquet will last longer if it has a firm and durable frame. Flowers from sweets are quite heavy, so the stronger the frame, the stronger the bouquet. The construction of a platform for a popular masterpiece depends on your imagination and the means that you have. There are several options for making a stable platform:

  1. Cardboard - from it you can make a box, a round stand or a cone. The frame must be wrapped with a ribbon or other decorative paper.
  2. Wire - to create a bouquet platform, you can make a cone from a wire, or you can weave a basket.
  3. Styrofoam - enough material used for packing flowers with sweets. It is used both in the sole version and complete with a pot or basket.
  4. Plastic - strong material that allows the bouquet to maintain durability for a long time. Masters use ready-made pots and make them themselves from bottles.
  5. Branches - One of the creative ideas for packaging and design of bouquets. Ready baskets are used, as well as woven from soft branches on their own.

Bouquet from candies Pineapple the hands

Would need:

  • candies,
  • bump green,
  • twine,
  • bottle,
  • glue,
  • scissors,
  • degreasing agent.

The course of action:

  1. Defat the bottle.
  2. Cut corrugated pineapple leaves from the corrugation and paste over the narrow part of the bottle.
  3. Tape the widest part with sweets around the perimeter.
  4. Decorate the pineapple with string, tying a beautiful bow.

Bouquet of candy Chupa chups do it yourself


Create a bouquet:

  1. Cut 5 × 5 cm pieces, fold in half and turn each side against each other by 45 °.
  2. In this position, stick around each candy.
  3. Fix the sticks on the legs of the lollipop with scotch tape.
  4. Collect all the lollipops and lay them on paper. Make a bouquet by tying a beautiful bow.

A bouquet of money and sweets do it yourself

Inflorescences can be made not only from ordinary paper, but also from currency paper, creating a unique bouquet.

Bouquet of sweets and fruits with their own hands

A set can be sweet and helpful if you put fruit in it.

Bouquet of sweets and tea with their own hands

If you are going to stay for tea, you should foresee everything by filling out the set with tea bags.

Bouquet of sweets and toys with their own hands

Young people like soft toys, if you are heading for a young woman, add a set of soft toys.

Bouquet of champagne and sweets do it yourself

Flowers are doubly pleasant to receive on holidays, if they are backed up with candy and a bottle of champagne.

Bouquet of sweets for a wedding with their own hands

Bouquets for the wedding gives the majority of those invited, and if the inflorescences contain delicious filling, the honeymoon of the newlyweds will be even sweeter.

Children's bouquet from candies of Kinder the hands

All children are big sweet teeth, make a pleasant surprise for a crumbs - a set of Kinders.

Bouquet of sweets and fabrics with their own hands

You will need:

Let's start:

  1. Cut the fabric 7 × 7 cm.
  2. Put a sweetness inside the billet or two if one is small.
  3. Wrap the candy in folds like a tulip flower.
  4. Insert the wand inside and secure with tape.
  5. Wrap the entire stem with tape.
  6. Cut the leaves out of felt and wind them to the base of the inflorescence.
  7. Make the rest of the buds.
  8. Put the flowers together and tie a ribbon.

Bouquet of sweets and napkins with their own hands

Would need:

Working process:

  1. Fold a few napkins 2 times and cut the petals.
  2. Glue the sweetness to a wooden stick and glue it with petals.
  3. Fold the green napkin several times and cut the grass, twist the resulting villi.
  4. Collect the inflorescences, and insert grass between them.
  5. Make a jar with napkins and put the bouquet inside.

Bouquets of bears and sweets do it yourself


  • teddy bears,
  • candies,
  • organza
  • tapes
  • glue,
  • sticks
  • double sided tape,
  • scissors.

The course of action:

  1. Cut the organza 10 × 4 cm.
  2. Glue the sweets to the sticks and wrap the organza blanks.
  3. Gather a bouquet and decorate the packaging from the fabric.
  4. Glue the bears on the double-sided tape, placing them evenly over the bouquet.

Creative bouquets of candy do-it-yourself: ideas with photos

Craftswomen do not know the limit to their creativity and imagination. They come up with all the new ideas and translate them into reality. We present you a creative set of sweets.

Bouquet of sweets in a basket with their own hands


Let's get to work:

  1. Make inflorescences, according to the item "Sweet bouquets of chocolates Roses".
  2. Slice 7 × 7 cm of fabric, fold it in half and turn it 45 ° opposite each other.
  3. In this position, lock around the stem of each flower.
  4. Apply PVA glue on a plastic bag and scatter patterns with threads.
  5. Glue to the bottom of the basket and wait until it is completely dry.
  6. Glue the foam in the basket.
  7. Stick inflorescences, decorate with ribbons and beads.

The easiest bouquet of chocolates with their own hands: a master class with photos

Would need:

  • candies,
  • Scotch,
  • sticks
  • corrugation green and color,
  • scissors,
  • tape,
  • foil or baking paper liner.

Step-by-step actions:

  1. Fasten sweets on sticks and stick.
  2. Wind the paper on the sleeve, remove, cut off the excess and fold the steering wheel.
  3. Put the wheel on a skewer, directing to the candy.
  4. Secure with scotch tape.
  5. The stem decorate and glue the leaves.
  6. Gather a bouquet and tie a ribbon.

Bouquets come from fresh flowers that smell fragrant and fill the house with wonderful smells. But the disadvantage of such flowers is that they will not last long. The alternative is paper and candy flowers with various additions. These bouquets are great for tea, for a holiday or anniversary. And for a pleasant aroma, you can drop a little aroma oil on the paper.