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Ways fortune telling at Christmas (Christmas time)


Interesting fortune-telling at Christmas can not only help you have fun, but also, if lucky, find out what awaits you in the near future. Divination is a great alternative to watching boring movies on holiday parties.

According to popular belief, divination for Christmas give the most reliable information. The main thing is to always believe in magic and then a miracle will happen.

Appearance history

Our ancestors began to predict the future many millennia ago. The first to begin to predict the ancient Romans and Greeks. And in Egypt, local shamans enjoyed great popularity and honor. Even the rulers of the country feared them.

People believed that with the help of certain objects and rituals one could get answers from the gods to the most intimate questions. Every nation had its connecting elements with the gods. Some have coffee grounds, others have tarot cards. In Russia, fortune-telling on books was especially honored.

In every century, people found new ways to discover the secrets of the future. Our ancestors took all predictions very seriously, therefore, unlike the current generation, they treated divination ritual, not as a joke.

It has been known for a long time that on certain days fortune telling gives more truthful data. The magical world has not been studied by anyone, so you can only trust the information verified over the years. And she says that guessing is necessary on Christmas night. It is also important to always listen to the Christmas signs.


Christmas divination should be carried out in a good mood. Since Christmas is a bright, kind and positive holiday, you should only believe in a positive result of fortune telling. If you are terribly afraid to see something bad in fortune telling, and if you know that because of this you will be very worried, it is better not to start guessing at all.

If you are afraid to wonder alone, then attract your friends to this exciting activity. In a big company you will feel much more confident.

Count how many people will take part in the predictions and take as many regular cups. In each cup it is necessary to put objects that symbolize some phenomena: a ring will mean a quick wedding, a coin - money, a piece of bread - well-being, candy - a happy life, an onion - tears and sadness, water - no change. The participants of the blindfolded divination should go up and choose "their" cup.

With the help of dogs

Or rather their barking. From the results of this prediction, you can find out information about your future husband. This fortune telling has two interpretations. According to the first, it is necessary on Christmas night to go outside the courtyard, turn to face the door (gate, gate) and ask yourself: “Tell me where should I wait for the betrothed?”. In which side can you hear the barking of a dog, from there and wait for the groom.

The second version of this divination occurs in this way. It is necessary to go outside at night, find a snowdrift and start to prick him with a knife or other sharp object. At the same time it is necessary to say: "What character will the spouse have?". If the barking is loud and bassist, then the husband will have a cool temper, if the dogs bark happily, then the spouse will be agreeable.

Using the book

It is better to take a book with fairy tales, at least there is moral in them. Well, if you want to be super-modern, then read on a fashion magazine. Divination is simple, the book is taken, then mentally ask a question and name the page and line number. Read and find the meaning in the read. Even if you think that the answer is complete nonsense, do not rush to not believe in fortune telling. There is a sense in everything, the main thing is that you have enough sense to understand it.

If you can not wait to find out how they will call your future life partner, you can divine Christmas night. For predictions, you will need a great mood and confidence. All you need is to go out at night and meet the first counterpart of the stronger sex. Ask his name. Here is the answer to your question.

Using the shadow

According to this fortune telling, you can see who your husband will be by profession. In general, you can get an answer to any question. You need to take a large sheet of newspaper and properly bruise it. Then take the usual plate, put a newspaper on it and set it on fire. After that, they put a burning candle in front of a plate of ashes (do not forget to turn off the light in the room) and look at the shadow that the ashes create. Turn on the fantasy and you will see the silhouettes of various objects.

Divination for Christmas with cups

To tell fortunes on cups one should firstly take as many cutlery as people gathered at the table (if one girl guesses, then there should be seven cups).

Secondly, it is necessary to place in the cups one item at a time:

Now the ritual itself begins. Guessing should, closing his eyes and stirring the cups on the table, choose for himself one cutlery, the contents of which will indicate the future. You got bread - it means that you will live in full prosperity, salt speaks of misfortunes that will wait for you next year, onions - female tears, a coin - a rich groom or a prestigious job, a ring - to wait for marriage, sugar - sweet, fun, interesting life, water - the course of life in the same way.

Divination for the future on wax

To conduct such a ceremony, it is necessary to melt the wax and then, saying the following words “Brownie, brownie, waiting for you to drink milk and try the wax”, pour this wax into warm, but not hot, milk poured into a plate. After a similar ritual, the plate is placed on the threshold of the house (apartment) and the fortune-teller watches what is happening.

- If the wax froze in the form of a flower - the girl will soon get married.
- A wax figure of some animal formed in the milk - wait for the appearance of an enemy, an enemy.
- If you saw a cross on milk, it will speak about serious troubles or even death of close people.
- Drawing in the form of a star - to raise the career ladder or good achievements in school.
- Simple stripes will talk about frequent crossings, permanent roads.
- Figurine in the form of a little man - to new acquaintances, friends.

Divination on a gold chain

At midnight exactly, take the gold chain that you wear around your neck or hand, squeeze it between your palms and rub it until the piece of jewelry is warm. All the time while the third is gold, think to yourself (say) one thing: “What awaits me in the future?” Next, shift the product into your right hand and throw it sharply on the table. Some figure should form on the table, and it will tell you what to expect from the coming year.

- If you see a flat lane - this suggests that in all cases luck and luck will accompany.

- If there is a circle or oval on the table - you should wait for the difficulties, perhaps there will be a situation from which it will be very difficult to get out.

- The nodules that appear on the chain talk about financial losses and poor health; the more such nodules, the worse the situation will be.

- The resulting triangle will judge luck and love.

- Cloud - all dreams will come true.

- On the table you looked at the snake from the chain, then wait for the appearance in the life of traitors and detractors, and they may be the closest people.

- Golden bow - to wait for an offer from a betrothed and emergency wedding.

- When a heart is obtained on a table from a chain, it will promise a woman greater pure love and happiness.

How to find out the name of your future husband

On the night before Christmas or Epiphany, cut a piece of paper into the same width and length of the strips, each write one male name. There should be at least 25 pieces of paper. Twist each strip into a roller or simply fold it several times and then put it in a bag and mix. Put it all under your pillow, and when you wake up, take one piece of paper out of the bag. The name that will be indicated on it - this will be the name of your husband.

The image of the future husband, divination with a mirror

Those who wish to see the betrothed in advance should turn off the light in the room at midnight at the Christmas time, light a few candles, but only a couple of them and, sitting between two mirrors, create a corridor from the arches. From the last arch of such a corridor, with a long gazing without blinking, the figure of a betrothed should appear.

Vorozhba with a ring

For such a ceremony, a girl should take a golden ring, it is better if it is her own, and prepare a glass filled with cold water. On Christmas night, you need to throw a ring in your glass with your right hand and carefully watch it, looking at the waving water. After 2-3 minutes in the water should appear an image in which a woman can consider the future groom.

Where to wait for the groom

By such divination, it is possible to determine from which side a woman should wait for matchmakers. What should be done. First, take off your boots (any shoes belonging to the girl), go out at Christmas time at midnight and throw shoes through the fence (through the gate). Next, the lady needs to see in which direction the nose of the fallen shoes will look, it will be her fiance from that side.

Divination to the floor of your child

To help find out the sex of the baby will help a woman engagement or any other belonging to the representative of the beautiful half, ring. At Christmas time, it should be removed and suspended on its own hair, then dial water in any container, for example, a glass or a cup, and hold the ring above this container. If the decoration will make a pendulum movement, then you should wait for the boy, if you observe the movement of the ringlet in a circle - wait for the girl.

According to popular belief, if the ring stopped above the water, it speaks of childlessness.

Divination with an egg

It is necessary to take a fresh egg, with a knife to punch a small hole in it, pour it into a glass or cup (bowl) with water. Next you need to watch the protein. If domes or a church are formed from the water of a squirrel, a wedding will take place. If you see a ring - wait for marriage, a ship or other transport - roads, long business trips, a square (cube) - for burial.

If the egg white is drowned in a glass of water - wait for the fire.

Divination with needles for marriage

A woman, in order to find out whether she will marry or not in the near future, needs to take 2 needles at Christmas, rub them with fresh bacon and put them in a glass of water. If the needles converge in the water - this is for marriage, if they disperse separately - marriage in the near future or not at all.

On a note! When the needles rubbed with lard are drowned, wait for serious trouble, white or disease.

And finally, I would like to say, dear girls, women who want to know their destiny, their future, to see their betrothed, wondering at Christmas time, believe in the good, in the positive, and it will certainly be so. Having a negative result, do not panic, do not be discouraged in advance, do not tune in to the bad, remember, this is just fortune telling and bad prediction, just a warning to you, part of being careful in certain situations.

I wish that in the New Year all your wishes come true, dreams come true, and about divination, remember, all this is interesting and fun, but each of us, and not a fortuneteer, is a blacksmith of his own happiness.

Guessing on the mirror

For this divination, you need two large mirrors of the same size. They need to be installed opposite each other. Then between them two candles are placed so as to get a long lighted corridor in the reflection.

It is desirable that the guessing person be alone or with someone who is interested in divination. The whole ceremony should take place in complete silence. Animals from the room need to withdraw.

Guessing sits in front of one mirror to watch his reflection in the other. At that moment, when in the reflection you can see the image of your betrothed, you need to throw a veil over the mirror. It requires custom.

Divination in the name of the betrothed

For this fortune telling you need to write down all the male names that you know. Then put the papers under the pillow and say before bedtime the phrase: “My bridegroom, come to me in a dream”. Suicide should come to you in a dream.

When you wake up in the morning, the first thing to do is to get a piece of paper from under the pillow and find out the name of the future husband.

These are only the most famous Russian fortune telling. However, in every Russian village you will be told about dozens of similar divinations, thanks to which you can find out your fate.

Divination 1: Shadow of Ash

Light a candle and turn off the light. Then take a piece of paper, doubt it, put it on a saucer and set it on fire. When the sheet burns out, bring the candle to the plate from different sides and on the silhouette of the ash, guess what is waiting for you: a new home or love. It is in your interest that you find something pleasant.

Divination 2: Matches

Take a matchbox. Take out 2 matches from it and insert them into the sides of the matchbox so that they hold well. Guess the person who interests you, and then light two matches. When the matches burn out, explain what their position means. If the burnt match heads are turned to each other, you will be together.

Divination 3: Guests

If after the New Year the first to enter the house is a dark-haired man You will be drowning in money all year, you will marry well and buy many beautiful things. If the first guest is a woman, you will have to suffer from unhappy love in the coming year and watch silly TV shows. You can guess the old New Year.

Divination 9: Hat

There is a simple fortune telling, which can captivate all the guests. It is necessary to collect from all the many small items, put them in a hat and let everyone pull out one by one. You can interpret all together. In the course will go money, keys, key chains, condoms, jewelry, cork from wine, candy. Tablets, pins and candy wrappers in the cap do not put!

Divination 10: Bugging

A simple way to predict your future is to eavesdrop on someone else’s door about what your neighbors are talking about.

From what you heard, you can find out whether you will be the lucky queen of discos in the coming year, or you will have to work like Papa Carlo all year, forgetting about your personal life. You should not lose the fate - choose the door, behind which lively and rich people live and often negotiate on a mobile phone.

Divination 12: Coffee Beans

Take a full handful of coffee beans. You will need a girlfriend - she will pronounce different words and concepts indiscriminately. And you will spread the grains on the table one by one. The word that will sound when you put the last grain on the table will become a prediction for you.

Guessing 13: Dog (cat)

If the house has livestock, then call for help. Put some tasty food and something inedible (spoon, key chain), put a saucer next to it with water and a mirror. If the animal will eat, you will be married to a rich and generous man. If it is to drink - you can get a husband who is not indifferent to alcohol. And if you look in the mirror - the future husband will be a narcissist, an inattentive person to you. Other subjects you can treat yourself.

Divination 14: Ice

Take a pretty deep plate and pour water. Then put freeze in the freezer. When the water freezes, look at what the surface of the ice has turned out: if it is level, then a happy year is waiting for you, if in waves, then the year will be hectic.

Divination 16: Incense

Another version of the old fortune-telling, which will answer any question. Buy some incense at the church shop. Incense looks like a pebble, and if it is set on fire, it smoulders and smells delicious. For fortune telling you need 2 pebbles.

At night, lock the doors, turn off the lights, put two plates on the table, put a piece of incense on each plate and light a candle.

Loosen your hair and read the conspiracy aloud: “They get along in church, they rule the disease at home, they are guessing at Christmas. Frankness, incense, it would be fine to tell you the truth. Find out how true you are, father’s frankincense, pure and holy and honest, ".

At the same time bring to the candle pieces of incense in turn. Then put one of the pieces under the pillow and see the dream with the answer to your question.

Guessing 18: Sex of the unborn child

Take a ring or needle. Put the ring in a glass of water with a needle and pierce a woolen cloth. Then, hanging on a string, a ring or needle is slowly lowered near the hand of the person on whom they are wondering. If the object starts to make circular motions - a girl will be born, if the pendulum is a boy, if the object does not move, there will be no children this year.

Divination 19: What awaits?

Put various objects in a saucer, and then your friends will choose them.

The choice of subject means the future life: ash - a bad life, a glass - a happy life, sugar - a sweet life, a ring - getting married, an onion - to tears, a golden ring - a rich life ...

Divination 22: Telephone and sms

On the night of Christmas, as soon as it strikes 12, open the incoming messages on your phone. Read the seventh in a row. It will symbolize the coming year.

By phone you can find out if your wish will come true. Just make a wish, and then call the dark-haired man and ask: "Yes or no?"

And to find out the name of your future husband, you need to dial a phone number at random on New Year's Eve. Ask the man who takes the phone what his name is. Your husband will also be called.

Divination 23: Disco

At night, at Christmas time you need to dress up and come exactly one hour to the club or to the disco а там заказать черный кофе без сахара.

Отмечай все необычные вещи, которые будут происходить в этом месте. То, что привлечет твое внимание, и будет происходить с тобой в наступающем году. Если с тобой за этот час познакомится приятный мужчина, это означает, что ты выйдешь замуж.

Гадание 25: Гадание по скорлупе ореха

First pour water into the basin. At the edges of the pelvis attach strips of paper with inscriptions, predictions (wedding, child, travel, money, new work, rich groom, love).

Then take half a walnut shell. and secure the candle stub in it. Light the candle put the "ship" in the middle of the pelvis. From there, the shell must swim to one of the notes. But the hidden will come true only if the paper in contact with the "ship" lights up from the flame of a candle. So you can predict the fate of each of the friends.

Divination 26: Broken Hearts

This Christmas fortune telling is more like a game. - it is perfect for friendly Christmas and Christmas gatherings.

Cut out cardboard figures in the form of hearts by the number of them should be 2 times less than the guests. Each of the hearts must be cut into halves in the most intricate way, clearly denoting masculine and feminine. Then the “broken hearts” should be thoroughly mixed and handed to each guest at the entrance with the wish to find his soul mate.

Divination 27: Christmas Knife Divination

For this type of divination, take a round chopping board with a diameter of about 30 cm. At the edges of the circle write the answers to the questions:

“Yes”, “No”, “Have patience”, “Carefully: there is an enemy lurking behind you,” “Good news”, “Love message”, “Good luck in the business”, “Unexpected guest”, “ Love ”,“ Today’s tears will turn into joy tomorrow ”,“ Unexpected news ”,“ New love ”,“ Unexpected meeting ”,“ Journey ”,“ Important letter ”.

In the center of the circle, put an ordinary knife and mentally ask a question. "Twist" a knife around its axis 3 times. One of the three messages, which will show the edge of the knife, and will be the answer to the question. Other answers may be the cause or effect of the question.

Divination 28: Christmas divination over the snow

This is the easiest Christmas fortune telling.

During fortune telling, neither arms nor legs should be crossed. Jewelry, belt, hairpins should be removed. The girl goes out and lies in a snowdrift. Then he gets up and leaves without looking around.

And in the morning you need to look at the trail: hard crust predicts a strong husband, soft and smooth snow - a good husband.

Deep trail marks several marriages, and if it does not even remain, you will not marry soon. A mound of knolls - one wonders to be careful: next year it will be in danger.

Divination 29: Divination with a chain

When everyone is asleep, you need to take a gold chain, rub it between your palms, hold it in your right hand, shake it and throw it on the table. A circle was formed - closed troubles are expected, a band is luck, a knot is difficulties and illnesses, a triangle is love successes, a bow is a wedding, a snake is a betrayal, a heart is love.

Divination 30: On the King

Put under the pillow of four kings from the card deck, specially designed for fortune telling, and say "spell": "Well-dressed, dream about me in a dream!" The fortune-tellers with experience say that the future husband will always dream, and always in the form of a king! With a crown on his head and in a red mantle.

Did you guess at Christmas? Come true?

Divination for Christmas 2019 (types of predictions)

There are quite a number of ways on how to tell fortunes and all such predictions can be divided into types. They are subdivided into Christmas evening divination, in which you can find out about what:

  • predictions about fate, what awaits you in the future,
  • will you marry or marry in the coming year
  • divination for love
  • what the year will be and what it promises
  • which way to look for the betrothed (groom),
  • find out what sex a child will have and how many children there will be,
  • what will be her husband
  • answers to any questions
  • about the health of relatives and friends,
  • what will be married life.

The next subspecies is midnight christmas divination:

  • You can learn about the appearance of the groom (betrothed), the color of his hair, the shape of his face, how old he is,
  • who is the quickest to marry among those present
  • you can find out the name of the betrothed,
  • what year will be for you, poor or rich,
  • will love and harmony be married
  • will you marry (marry)

And finally bedtime predictions:

  • you can call the groom in a dream and look at him
  • learn all about him, what he will be (appearance)
  • find out what his character will be.

Now I will list how, where and on what you can guess (types):

  • under window,
  • with shoe,
  • based on the book,
  • with a dog,
  • on the spikelet
  • with a ring
  • with hens,
  • up the stairs
  • by voice
  • with cat,
  • on yarn
  • in the stable

  • by hair
  • by the knee
  • in the barn,
  • for porridge,
  • by keys
  • with a needle
  • with matches,
  • on wood,
  • over the hole
  • at the church,
  • along the ridge
  • on eggs,
  • on lead,
  • by the windows
  • on a sheet of paper
  • on the coffee grounds,
  • on a nutshell,
  • on wax

How to guess at Christmas for the betrothed at home

Usually such predictions are carried out in the evening on the night of 6th of January 7th and you are all that you need to see in a dream. But, as you can see above, you can guess at other times on other dates.

It is these predictions that are more accurate, the farther from this date, the worse the forecast will come true.

You can guess at love and, accordingly, at your betrothed. So, let's start, I prepared cards for you, on which you will easily read the instructions and carry out the necessary actions.

Guessing under Christmas with a comb under the pillow

The simplest option is to put your comb under your pillow, but do not forget to comb your hair before bed and say these words: “You are my condemned, mumbled, you come to me in a dream and come to my hairs head. Let it be so. Amen. Amen. Amen".

In the morning, try to remember what you dreamed, if nothing, repeat the divination the next day.

The most common is witchcraft - with a mirror. Put it and the comb under the pillow and say: “Come, come. Brush, Brush. Look at me, show yourself. ” And you can do otherwise, comb your hair with a comb right in front of the mirror (hide the comb under the pillow) and say: “I am a married husband, I dress up for you, for you a good one. You come to my dream and start a conversation. Tell me your name, tell me when we meet. I'll wait for you and be us together. With the powers of the omnipotent ones, I implore you: come into my sleep. Amen".

Another way is to take a completely new comb and place it under the pillow after reading the plot: “Suicide my darling, you come to me in a dream, but comb my comb with me. Amen".

If you are the owner of thick and long hair, then you will certainly need to do the following. Braid your braid and take the lock, which is tied to the braid. Say at the same time such words "Suicide is disheveled, come ask me for a key, unlock the lock." In this case, put the key under the pillow.

And there are still such beliefs, you comb your hair with a comb in the evening and put it under your pillow, and in the morning you do a recount, if you see 4 hairs, this is for big trouble, 3 hairs, there is a rival next, 2 hairs - about good news and finally - you will meet with your beloved.

Choosing a betrothed (groom) in a dream

The next type of fortune telling is also quite common and you can easily cope with it. The only thing is not to be upset if you see the wrong thing or something you don’t want. Do not take everything to heart. Do not set yourself up negatively, do not pay attention to it, looking for a positive meaning in everything.

So, before you go to bed, make the following, make a bridge from the twigs and read the mystic sentence:

You can put a cup of water and sentence these words near the head of the head: "My demanded, come and help me to cross the bridge." But at the same time you also build a bridge and put it on the water in the evening.

Or use this method, pull the twigs out of the new broom and tie a bridge out of them, and then say “Who is an aspen bridge, who is a birch bridge, who, according to straw of rye, will lead me to my future? ". Hide the bridge under the pillow, and at night you may see a prophetic dream.

The next option, take the wand from the new broom and whisper in the evening before bed:

And here is another ancient and interesting method, fortune-telling on the twigs of three trees: aspen, birch and poplar. Put these twigs under the pillow and say Balideff, Asalbi, Abumaleff. Anyone who dreams of you will surely become your husband.

Also try this method of fortune telling, put yourself in a shoe from a new deck of cards of any king and plot:

And here is another look that I found:

Another option with playing cards for the groom, this night divination is also done and you need to get four kings from the deck of cards.

In this case, the condition is important, you must go to the bathhouse in advance to steam up, put on a white nightie and go to bed.

Kings lay under the pad, and in the morning read the prediction.

By the way, there are still ceremonies for love and they are made online on tarot cards. Imagine? There are special sites with such layouts.

Divination for the New Year 2019 and Christmas on the Tarot cards

I also want to show you one rather interesting deal, which you can also produce at home. Using the well-known tarot cards. To do this, look at this plot. There will be three types of divination, universal, wheel of the year and golden tarot. Happy viewing.

The most accurate divination at Christmas time

I picked up a video for you on this topic, be sure to check it out and use all the recommendations.

You can ask any question and get an answer to it, that is, check whether your wish will come true or not. In general, look and repeat.

And, by the way, did you do a fortune telling at least once? Did you draw a circle on a piece of paper and hold a needle thread? If not, then look, it is also quite interesting and unusual.

In general, since ancient times, it was believed that it is at Christmas Time that you can find out more precisely what awaits you next year. And guessing from January 8 to January 18. The most accurate predictions then were or can be said “prophetic” days - Vasilyev evening, January 13, and Epiphany Christmas Eve, January 18.

Interesting Christmas divinations for children (simple ways)

The kids also have fun, caroling and, like adults, they hide in their rooms to have fun. I can offer them the following. Learn your future with this YouTube channel.

Well, and personally from me again cards with the necessary sequence of actions:


Friends, I have everything on this, read Christmas and Christmas time and do not forget that you should not seriously approach this if the forecasts are rather unfavorable. Look for only a positive meaning in everything. Approach this work with humor. Happy holiday, my good!

If you like the note, add it to your browser bookmarks or share with friends. Good luck to everyone and goodbye.

To divination succeeded ...

People who have comprehended the secrets of the divination, give a few tips: how to guess at Christmas at home.

  • They read on Christmas Eve (from January 6 to 7) and on Christmas evenings (until January 18).
  • The future will open up if you take the fortune telling seriously. Better alone, in peace and quiet. Guessing in the company is possible if everyone is serious. In any case - close in a separate quiet room.
  • Do not cross your arms and legs - thus overlapping information channels.
  • Girls unravel hair, dissolve hair.
  • Tune in to happy light events. Read all adverse forecasts as a warning. “He who is forewarned is forearmed” - now you will definitely cope with adversity.
  • Upon completion of divination, thank the higher forces for their help.
  • Be sure to wash after divination.

Divination in the company

Girls usually chase, but men can also try to look into the future.

  • 6 identical cups,
  • slice of bread,
  • a spoon of sugar
  • a pinch of salt,
  • coin,
  • ring,
  • water,
  • towel.

One of the above items is put into each cup, and water is poured into one cup. Guessing by turns, approach the table and, without looking, choose a cup. To avoid peeping, cover all cups with a towel.

The result of divination depends on the contents of the selected cup.

  • Water - everything will remain as before, without change.
  • Sugar - “sweet” carefree year.
  • Salt - to tears.
  • Bread - a year promises material well-being, prosperity.
  • Coin - to marriage with a rich man.
  • Ring - for the wedding.

On the bulbs

Simple and truthful divination for Christmas at home, time-tested.

Girls choose their own bulbs and mark their own (you can tie a thread or stick a sticker with the name). Bulbs put in a bowl of water. We'll have to wait until the onions germinate: whose first germinates - the first of the fortune-tellers will get married (they also define the second, third ...). If the bulb does not germinate - the girl should not think about marriage yet.

Guessing the book

Take a book and focus on what you want to know (what the coming year will be, whether you will meet your love, how your career will turn out, etc.). Now guess the page and line number (top or bottom). Open the book and read the hidden line - it will be the answer to the cherished question.

Divination for a relationship

This fortune-telling is for those who have already met their half and wants to know what the relationship will be in the new year. Suitable for single and family people.

They read about a loved one or a few close people (friends, parents, children) to find out who will be next in the future.
It will take so many needles of different sizes: how many close people are surrounded. Pins fit (tailors, with an eyelet-ring). Each needle corresponds to a particular person, one - belongs to the diviner. They can somehow be marked, for example, apply a spot with nail polish or remember them by size. Needles are dipped in a cup with vegetable oil so that they are covered with a fatty film.

Carefully, one by one, lay out the needles in a bowl of water, gently shake the bowl. The result is interpreted by the location of objects.

  • If the needle remains on the surface - in the new year this person will be near. Will go to the bottom - in the next year, the relationship goes wrong, there may be a conflict.
  • The tips are connected - to a strong alliance (including marriage).
  • Connecting along the entire length - to cooperation and friendship.
  • If the needle floated away - the connection with the person will weaken.
  • If the needle of the most fortunate is gone to the bottom, it means that a new stage will begin in his life and a change of habitual environment will occur.
  • If all the needles sink, it means that they are not sufficiently treated with oil. We'll have to repeat the whole procedure again.

On salt, sugar and ash

In a bowl of water at midnight, throw a pinch of salt, sugar and ash. Then separately lower their hair and the hair of a loved one and gently shake the bowl. The result is watched in the morning:

  • the hairs are connected - the union will be strong and long,
  • apart - in the future, the couple is waiting for separation,
  • hair drowned - his owner waiting for adversity.

Divination for the unborn child

On Christmas night, you can tell fortunes to the floor of the unborn child.

In the evening, pour water into a glass and put the ring. At bedtime, they put a container in the house — the water should freeze to the bottom — and watch the surface of the frozen water. Each bump is a son, a fossa is a daughter.

For an unmarried girl, the result is interpreted for the first child.
In the wedding ring thread thread length from the fingers to the elbow. Hold the thread with a ring over the palm: it will soon begin to move. If the movement is circular - a girl is born, the movement is a pendulum - there will be a boy.

On the logs

Fortune-telling is suitable for those at whose disposal the network is a woodpile. You should go to the barn and take the first log. The qualities of the future spouse are judged by the appearance of the tree.

  • Smooth bark with a smooth bark - a fit hard-working spouse.
  • Rough bark - the spouse will differ not in beauty, but diligence.
  • The thicker the log, the richer the future husband, and vice versa.
  • A log with knots promises a friendly and large family.

Divination by snow

At midnight, they go out into the street and fall into a snowdrift (before they let their hair down and pull all the belts and take off the pectoral cross). Then get up and go without looking back. The result is viewed in the morning as deepening in the snow.

  • Soft smooth snow - the husband will be kind and docile.
  • Rugged surface in coarse bands - the husband will be hard, adamant.
  • The trail was very deep - to several marriages.
  • Not a trace was left at the place of the fall - in the near future the girl will be lonely.
  • Snow fell on the place of the fall - caution should be exercised, as trouble and danger are expected next year.

Christmas divination is an interesting pastime, but it should be remembered that the fate of a person is in his hands.

Features and history of divination for Christmas

It was from Christmas Eve that Christmas time began - a time full of entertainment, festivities and fun. But it was also believed that on these days special contact was established with otherworldly forces. Therefore, divination was carried out from 6 to 19 January.

Christmas Eve was considered a special mystic night. On this night, all the mysterious forces descend to Earth, which seek both to help and to harm people. But the most mysterious events associated with fortune telling, as they certainly come true.

The main thing is to mentally isolate yourself from the real world and seek help from otherworldly forces.

But not only this night is intended for fortune telling. You can continue the mysterious ceremony on the continuation of all Christmas.

В это время молодицы пытались узнать своего суженного и всю информацию о нем вплоть до цвета волос, характера, сословия, время свадьбы, успешность брака, замужние и женатые гадали на будущее, на количество детей, на богатство, здоровье.

Существовало еще две особых даты во время Святок для проведения гаданий. Это Васильев или Щедрый вечер, который праздновали как Старый Новый Год. And they also successfully guessed on the Epiphany Eve, that is, on the evening of January 18th.

But in order for people's divination at Christmas to be successful, it is necessary to observe certain conventions. It is necessary to tune in a serious way. Many consider fortune telling to be mere entertainment, with otherworldly forces with them and joke, predicting fables.

For the time of divination, girls and women need to dissolve their hair so that no combs, rubber bands, hairpins hold them. They also get rid of clothing belts and belts. They remove all the decorative and precious jewelry such as chains, bracelets, earrings, beads.

Mentally, it is necessary to isolate oneself from the real world and clearly formulate an exciting question. Any third-party sounds will interfere with divination, so it is better to carry out the rite of divination for the New Year and Christmas at home in silence and twilight.

Also you should not cross your legs or arms during the ceremony, which will interrupt contact with the Universe and will not allow the necessary information to pass in full.

Guessing on Christmas January 7 for the future on wax

Perhaps this is one of the most popular ways of divination for Christmas. For the assembled company you need to prepare water containers according to the number of people present. You will also need wax candles, pieces of wax or candle stubs, as well as spoons where we will heat the wax.

A person who conducts divination lights his candle and heats up the spoon, which contains wax pieces.

When the wax from the heat is completely melted and becomes liquid, it should be poured into cold water. You don't have to do it sharply. The main thing is that the stream of wax while pouring it into the water was continuous. At this time, mentally you need to pronounce the questions that concern you.

In cold water, the wax quickly sets and visually can detect certain figures. It is for these wax figures and predict the future.

  • The house promises a girl marriage, for all the others a rich new household.
  • If the wax is poured out in the form of a pit, this is a terrible prediction, foreshadowing a mortal disease, and even death.
  • About the disease and the cross broadcasts.
  • See the stripes - it is worth preparing for a long journey.
  • Mushroom predicts longevity.
  • A tree sprang up with the branches pointing upwards, to the imminent joy.
  • Ring necessarily broadcast wedding.
  • But damn condemns the girl for a long girlhood.
  • The stars just scream about luck.
  • A dragon on the imminent completion of large projects.
  • The bell rings for alarm.
  • See the flower - wait for love, marriage, and married / married - lovers or lovers.
  • An apple to wisdom and health.
  • The egg is poured to the appearance of new things.
  • If the wax is spilled with drops and sprays, it is worth waiting for wealth.

Spend this fortune telling on New Year and Christmas. It predicts the future.

Guessing for Christmas on the betrothed with a shoe

This is an ancient fortune-telling on Christmas. At midnight, the girls go outside to find out which side to wait for the contender. It is easy today to repeat the old rite.

You need to face your own home and throw a shoe or your own boot over your shoulder. Immediately go to search for shoes, but do not rush to lift it from the ground. Look where the toe of the shoe goes. It is he who will indicate the side where the tapered lives.

And since the boot is turned toe to your own house, this year you should not wait for the marriage of the girl. Interestingly, but precisely these divination for Christmas have rave reviews. Try and believe that the mysterious forces really tell you where to wait for the groom.

Although in large cities to repeat this old ritual will be quite problematic.

Divination for marriage at the ring and grain

The girls gather in one room to read fortunes for marriage. The grain is poured into the bowl in which the ring is placed. Each girl takes a handful of grain from a bowl.

Whoever had a hidden little ring in her palm was the one to wait for marriage in the near future. The rest is worth the wait - fortune telling does not promise to get married this year.

Guessing on Christmas for marriage with a ring in a glass

This divination for Christmas can be spent at home itself. But in the company, of course, the ritual is not so scary and more interesting. The glass is filled with water for 2/3. The girl takes the ring like a wedding, even and without stones. Ring tied to a thread.

In the glass, the girl puts the ring as many times as she is. In this case, the ring should be lowered to the water, not dipping it. After the ritual done, you need to stop the ring so that it remains in the glass.

The decoration will begin to swing on a string. Begin to count. How many times a ring will hit the walls of a glass, in so many years a girl will marry.

Guessing at Christmas time and Christmas for the future on burnt paper

This is a simple, but imaginary, fortune telling. An ordinary sheet of paper is taken which must be crumpled. At this time, think about your concerns. Put the crumpled paper on a flat plate and set it on fire.

When the sheet is completely burned, do not inflate the ashes. Light a candle and place a plate with paper between the flame and the wall so that the shadow of the paper falls on the wall. Try in these highlights to unravel the image. What you will see in the shadows, then waits in the future.

Such divination can be held for Christmas for children. Their irrepressible fantasy will help unravel the most encrypted messages of otherworldly forces.

Divination in the night before Christmas for children

Women and girls are reading about children, that is, their number and gender. To do this, take a needle with thread in it.

Hold the thread in his left hand, and on the right all the fingers spread. A needle on a string is held between the index and thumb of this hand. Needle to spend as many years as a girl years.

After that, place the needle in the middle of the palm. Watching how the needle behaves. If a girl has children, she starts moving. And in a circle, if a girl is born and in a straight line, if there is a boy.

At this fortune telling on children does not end. It is necessary to hold the needle three more times and again place in the center of the palm. So find out whether the second child and his gender. Divination continues until the needle stops moving.

According to reviews, this fortune telling comes true.

Divination for Christmas at the desire

Many people care whether their cherished desire will be fulfilled. You can check this with the help of divination before Christmas. Take any cereal, which is in the house. Mentally think of your cherished desire and at this time you take from the jar the zhumenu of grains.

Pour the cereal on the table and start counting. If the grains turned out to be an even amount, then the wish will come true. And since the ring counted an odd number of grains, the execution of the desired is not worth waiting.

Guessing for children at Christmas comic

Childhood divination at Christmas is often associated with the fulfillment of desires. After all, kids have so many desires, and so it is interesting, whether their cherished dreams will come true or not.

You can take 12 leaves and write one for each. Now each leaf is rolled into a tube. All tubes with desires fold under the pillow. Now you can go to bed.

By the way, a good way to persuade a child to go to bed on a merry Christmas night, when after receiving gifts and a hearty dinner, it is very problematic.

Next morning you need to get three leaves from under the pillow. What desires fall out, they will come true. They say such divination comes true.

Divination for Christmas at home on the love of hair

Girls and women are always worried about the question whether the husband loves her. To dispel doubts, you can hold a special Christmas ceremony.

For fortune telling you will need the hair of your loved one and your own. You will also have to prepare a wide dish, ashes, sugar and salt.

Water is poured into the plate, in which you need to dissolve a spoonful of ash, sugar and salt. Now let the hairs into the water: ours and the constricted. You can go to sleep.

The result of fortune telling is watched in the morning. If the hairs are attracted to each other, intertwined, be a girlfriend. Kohl hairs swim separately, away from each other, then about any feelings out of the question.

Bad prediction when hairs sink. This means that its owner faces a serious illness.

Guessing at Christmas for the future

This is a fairly simple but truthful ritual. The girl on the leaves writes male names. It is not necessary to write the names of only familiar guys. You can make a lot of different cards.

All the leaves with the names put under the pillow and go to bed. In the morning the girl, waking up, pulls out one leaf from under the pillow. What name will be written there, and so will call her future husband.

There are many more different ways to know your future at Christmas. But whether fortune telling will come true, will directly depend on his own belief in miracles.