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Knit swimwear selection


If you have not had time to decide on a swimsuit that is relevant for all times, then knitted, a choice that you should definitely make! Whatever knit was not a swimsuit, in any case, it will be distinguished by convenience and practicality. Gathered to buy a knitted swimsuit and can not decide which one is best for you? Then the review of the most current trends will be the best assistant in solving this issue.

  • Swimsuit suitable for girls and women who prefer to hide their tummy from the eyes of others. Closed net swimsuits are unmatched, the waist can be different floral motif, lace or a variety of patterns, ornaments.
  • Bikini allow you to demonstrate the owner of their seductive forms. Bikini helps to find the tan of your dreams. Panties with ties will emphasize the line of the décolleté and will give a coquettish look to your image, such a choice is for lovers of brevity and miniature!
  • Thong models bare buttocks, but at the same time will allow and show the sports form. There is nothing more appropriate than panties - thongs for beautiful hips.

  • Shorts not inferior to other models. They are relevant everywhere and always, from the public beach, the city pool, ending with the overseas resort. In such shorts it is convenient to master beach volleyball and just engage in active leisure!
  • Trend is considered bikini in which there are no straps and ties. As an ornament, stripes of sequins, beads, beads or fringe are used.
  • Most versatile bra, suitable and shorts - strings, and shorts - tying through the neck.
  • If bikinis are perfect for slender forms, then monokini addressed to the owners of feminine and luxurious figure. Beautifully made knitted plank attracts the eye. Here the mesh and air arcane are appropriate, they will make the waist visually even thinner. Today you can meet extravagant monokini at evening and special occasions.

Color spectrum

  • Geometrical figures, such as a rhombus or a circle, plain stripes - perfectly distribute the accents on a swimsuit and play on the figure in your favor.
  • Vertical and horizontal strip will help to visually lengthen the shape of low women or make it more piquant with excessive thinness. It is draperies and various ruffles in the chest area that will add extra volume, and floral ornaments and patterns will distract attention from the problem areas.

Black or white color is a constant classic, which is suitable for all times and trends of fashion.

White color will play in such a way that the tan of your skin will seem much darker.

Blue, blue or shades of sea water, malachite are also relevant in the current season.

Shades of purple and emerald colors are suitable for girls with still unburned skin. Luxurious tan will enhance the mint, muted pink, pastel colors.

What to wear

Top on the button - a great choice to protect your shoulders from the hot sun. Oversize models complement the knitted swimsuit. Playing on contrasts creates originality and sophistication!

A beautiful set of knitted swimsuit and silk pareo is suitable for discerning and demanding fashionistas. Do not hesitate and hesitate with the acquisition, this purchase will delight you for several seasons in a row!

How to choose

When buying a knitted swimsuit do not worry that it dries for a long time. This property is directly dependent on the quality of the yarn. Of course, they are inferior to ordinary swimsuits in that sense, but its beauty and the enthusiasm of those around them more than compensate for this disadvantage. You will not go unnoticed in a bathing suit, which is connected, because this is a new trend of fashion and a modern approach to the choice of swimming clothes.

If it seems to you that it is hotter in such a swimsuit, then we hasten to dissuade you - a quality cotton swimsuit is much more pleasant to the body and allows your skin to breathe, which is not true of synthetic.

The stones, sewn into the swimsuit, are designed to maintain shape and maximum comfort when worn.

You can buy a swimsuit that imitates lace by ordering it from a professional master. Independently connect a swimsuit in the absence of experience not every woman can do. For creative people, we recommend to make your dreams come true and contact a specialist with a self-designed model. You can buy your favorite yarn and place your order, which in a few days will be completed according to your sketch. Abstract or floral pattern - your imagination can play in any direction!

Knitted swimsuits look great on children. Daughters want to be fashionable like mom, that's why they are puzzling to tie the same swimsuits.

A distinctive feature of a knitted swimsuit is that you will not see the same model anywhere. The presence of identical swimsuits with mom and daughter - the highlight of the season!

Knitted swimsuits are simply made for women in the position. Pick up such a model so that the flowing waves of openwork knit fall down the abdominal line with pleats from the bra. Such a swimsuit is more like a summer maximum open sundress, but this does not detract from its merits.

Care and storage

Reviews of the owners of knitted swimsuits are always enthusiastic! They note practicality, convenience, comfort. Handmade things, and even more knitted, require close attention and special care. Products made from natural fabrics, as a rule, cannot be machine washed. Even a delicate mode can damage the integrity and disrupt the shape of a knitted swimsuit.

Use the following guidelines when washing:

  • Use hand wash in soft water. Water soften by adding a teaspoon of soda.
  • Do not use detergents that contain bleaching particles.

Knitted swimwear trends

This season, knitted swimsuits remain in fashion, as in the past two seasons, but still not every swimsuit will be a trend. Some of our tips in choosing a fashionable swimsuit:

  • striped swimsuits, especially the combination of red and white colors
  • swimsuits with a high line of swimming trunks, they are still relevant
  • swimsuits fused with an open belly, it is difficult to tie such a beautiful, but you can try
  • separate swimsuits, in which the top and bottom are connected by thin strips of fabric or yarn
  • swimsuits whose top is decorated with a strap only on 1 shoulder
  • any swimsuit bed shade, close to the color of your skin. Probably on a tanned body will be very impressive this color. But what do the whites? Choose bright striped swimwear))

So, if all of you have decided to tie your new swimsuit with knitting needles, then look and choose. Any model can be altered in accordance with the trends of this years.

One-piece striped knit swimsuit

The size of the swimsuit: 38-40 / 42-44. Classic black and white combination, what could be better. This swimsuit is always in fashion and looks stylish.

You will need: Bouton d'Or yarn: MANGO (50% cotton, 50% modal, 50 g / 110 m), color Noir (black) 0383: 3/4 of the skein, color Cygne (gray) 0135: 2/2 of the skein, Needles number 3.5.

White swimsuit knitted

White swimsuit with beaded decoration. The swimsuit itself is minimalistic, but beaded jewelry will make it more spectacular.

Swimsuit size: 36.

Materials: p“Blues” dressing (20% silk, 80% acrylic, 190 m / 50 g) - 100 g of white color. Needles number 2. Hook number 2. 3 m hat gum. 100 g of beads, decorative flower made of beads.

Motley swimsuit and pareo skirt

You will need: COCO PRINT yarn (100% mercerized cotton, 240 m / 50 g) -150 g sectionally colored, knitting needles No. 1.5 and No. 3, hook No. 3, clothesline 2 m.

Elastic 1 × 1: alternately - 1 out. p., 1 person. P.

Double gum: 1st row -1 persons. n., 1 out. p. 2 and subsequent rows - persons. knit facial, izn. remove the needle. Facial smoothness: persons. ranks - individuals. n., izn. rows - from. P.

Leaf: dial the needles No. 1,5 250 p. and knit a double elastic band 1 cm high. Then persons. stitch 2 cm. Next, knit 25 p. double rubber band, 200 p. persons. Satin, 25 p. double rubber band. When the height of the double elastic band is 1 cm, close on 25 points on both sides, the remaining loops from the faces. Hand knit as follows: chrome. p. p., 1 p. remove, persons. p., 1 p. remove, 190 p. stitch, 1 n. remove, persons. p., 1 p. remove, persons. n., chrome. P.

Knit the inside of the rows as follows: chrome. n., izn. remove the persons. n., izn. remove the persons. n., 190 izn. p. n., izn. remove the persons. n., izn. Remove, chrome. Then, in each front row, subtract 2 points from each edge after wear. removed loop. Repeat 20 times (= 180 p.). Then knit a double rubber band 1 cm. Close the loop. Tie a rope 5 cm long - type 5 points and knit the persons. satin stitch. Sew the rope into the ring, pass it to the middle of the bodice.

Insert the linen gum into the bottom slip of the double elastic band. Tie a 82 cm long chain - dial 5 points and knit with a face stitch. Insert the rope (strings) into the ring between the cups.

Swimming trunks: dial the needles No. 1.5-271 p. and tie with a double rubber band 1 cm. Then 2 cm faces. Add the satin through a row of 5 p. (total add 15 p. = 286 p.). Tie a 1 cm double rubber band. Then close 30 p., Knit with the front 86 p., Close 65 p., Knit 70 p., Close 35 p. Then knit the back and front of the heats separately. Back: 86 n. On the spoke.

Front row: chrome. p. Clause 1 Clause remove, persons. n., 1 n. remove, 76 n. persons. satin stitch. 1 n. Remove persons. Clause 1 Clause remove, persons. p., 1 p. remove, persons. n., chrome. P.

Wrong range: chrome. n., izn. remove the persons. n., izn. remove the persons. n., 86 ex. p. n., izn. remove the persons. n., izn. Remove, chrome. P.

Then in every 2nd person. in a row, subtract one by one on both sides after and before the removed wear. Repeat 15 times (= 56 p.). Then likewise reduce 3 times, but in each person. row (= 50 p.). Next 4 times in each persons. a row on 2 p. from each party (= 34 p.). Then reduce 4 times in each front row by one loop on each side (= 26 p.). Tie another 3 cm and close the loop.

Front: on the needle 70 p. Knit similarly to the back, but reduce as follows: knit 1 cm without subtracting, 16 times in each person. a row of one item on each side (= 26 point). Knit 6 cm and close the loop. Sew the side and bottom seams. Gore: type 16 p. And knit persons. 10 cm with a satin stitch. Sew a gusset to swimming trunks. Insert the linen gum into the upper and lower drawstring of the double belt elastic.

Type on needles No. 3 52 p. Tie a elastic band 1 × 1 1.5 cm high. Then knit a canvas up to 72.5 cm as follows: front row - chrome. p. Clause 1 Clause remove, persons. p., 1 p. remove, 46 p. front, chrome. n. Wrong row: chrome. n., 46 n. purl, persons. n., izn. remove the persons. n., izn. Remove, chrome. Step. Finish the canvas with 1 × 1 elastic with a height of 1.5 cm. Type along the length of the standard side, where there are edge loops.

Tie a 1 cm double gum. Close the loops. Dial on the remaining sides of the loop and tie the half-wave face stitch. In the first front row before each 12th loop and after it, make a nakid. Tie 5-6 cm in this way, close the loop. Crochet a chain of vozd. n. 130 cm long and insert into the drawstring double gum.

Bag and swimsuit knitting

A bright striped set consists of a swimsuit - a bikini and bag. You can choose the colors of the bands at will.

Swimsuit size: 36/38.
You will need: 50 g of orange, white and grass-green yarn (100% cotton, 161 m / 50 g), knitting needles and hook No. 2.5 each.

Knit bikini swimsuit

The model connected by a front satin stitch and a garter stitch consists of a bra in the form of a strip and melts with lacing on a white strip. Swimsuit size: 44/46.

If you like to knit not only with knitting needles, but also crochet, we suggest you to look at crocheted swimsuits on the website kru4ok.ru by the link.

Video - lessons on knitting swimsuit

How to knit a two-color swimsuit from stretch cotton. A total of 2 skeins of yarn were taken: 1.5 light colors and 0.5 dark. Swimsuit knitted on a teenager, ABOUT 70 cm. The video consists of two parts, in one the author knits the trunks, in the other the bust of the swimsuit.

Practical or not

Knitted swimsuits dry for a very long time, there is such a problem. If you are used to walking on the beach in only one swimsuit, then this option is not for you. But in it you can sunbathe beautifully and attract attention.

Tie a microfiber swimsuit with elastane, synthetic yarn always dries faster than cotton.

Crocheted swimsuit looks unpresentable when it's wet

Such a problem occurs only if the swimsuit is made incorrectly. If you do not “put” a swimsuit on the pad and do not insert a rubber band around the perimeter of the bottoms and bodice, then the wet swimsuit will hang on the body and stretch out. Have you noticed that in factory swimsuits a rubber band is always inserted at the edges of the heats, it is this one that guarantees a tight flow of wet fabric.

The bust should also support the chest. For larger sizes, it is worth buying thick cups and crocheting them. If you stick to our recommendations, then you definitely get a great crochet swimsuit!

Crochet swimsuit

The work of Tatiana Sultanova. White swimsuit size 42-46, bodice 2 crocheted No. 2, mesh crocheted No. 1.3. The insert is knitted from mercerized 100% cotton, yarn "SOSO". The bodice and underpants are knitted from stretch bamboo. Yarn pleasant to wear

Crochet swimsuit, the work of Ira Roh

Many have already tried to tie the famous swimsuit from Cosmo magazine, so I also fantasized about this topic. One hank (100g) of Alize DIVA stretch yarn, 1.5 hook (my favorite) went to the bathing suits. Little tinker with panties, made them higher and

Bright crocheted swimsuit

Work Natalia Krumins Romanovich. A bright smart swimsuit is crocheted, size 48, a bodice is a cup of E. Alize, cotton stretch, cotton Lily peach, green-viscose bobbin, binding of leaves Maxi cotton. Hooks number 1 and 0.8 mm. Cups for

Crochet swimsuit by Natalia Trusova

The first beach swimsuit. Taken from the magazine, knitted completely according to the scheme. Yarn cotton 100%, hook 1.5. It turned out very light air and thin. The figure sits perfectly, which was a surprise to me because I thought that cotton

Schemes and description of a crochet swimsuit from Anastasia

Knitted swimsuit - an individual thing. As you can imagine, it is made by hand and, as a rule, either by the hostess herself, or made to order. It will be in a single copy, is a kind of guarantee of quality. True worth

Body OCEAN Vanessa Montoro. Work Alise Crochet

Body OCEAN Vanessa Montoro. Project date: May 2017 Technique: crochet. Size: 42-44. Materials: yarn for knitting, spandex thread, cups for swimsuit. yarn: ALIZE DİVA STRETCH, Turkey, color: 106 - Red Hemline swimwear cups Bikini style, size / Type: 14-16 / size M Threads "Gamma" "spandex"

Crochet swimsuit "White sand"

White sand swimsuit with lurex (size 44-46). Author Marina. Spring will come soon, and hot summer is just around the corner. We are starting to prepare for this wonderful time of the year now. Sea, sand, chocolate tan ... Swimsuit knitted from Pekhorka yarn

Knitted swimsuit "Cornflower"

Hello! My name is Maria. Swimsuit "Cornflower". Yarn-pehorka stretch. Hook number 2. The scheme is taken from the Internet. The cup fits around in a circle with one double crochet, adding alternately one and two columns in each successive row. Panties

Bikini - crochet swimsuit CIRCULO Verano

New job: Bikini СIRCULO_Verano. Project date: 04/10/2018. Technique: crochet. Size: 42-44. Materials: # yarn, thread, needle. Country: Turkey Color: 376 - Turquoise Composition: 8% PBT Elastic, 92% Microfiber Acryl Source of model description: Circulo. My new job: a wonderful swimsuit CIRCULO. Exactly one year

Crochet blue swimsuit

Blue crochet swimsuit size: 42/44. To knit a swimsuit, you need: 100 g of “Iris” yarn Gamma (100% cotton, 87 m / 10 g) of blue color, hook No. 0.9. KNITTING TECHNIQUE Hook: connecting stanchions (comp. St.), Air loops (st. N.), Dashes

Swimsuit - crochet bikini motif

This knitted swimsuit is the personification of sunny summer and long-awaited vacation at unforgettable resorts. For knitting a bikini you will need: 100 g of yarn (100 cotton, 500 mx 100 g) red, 25 g each

Crochet burgundy swimsuit

Swimsuit size: 42/44. Medium degree of difficulty. To knit a swimsuit, you need: 100 g of “Iris” yarn Gamma (100% cotton, 87 m / 10 g) of burgundy color, hook Gamma No. 0.9, 1 rubber ring, 2 cm in diameter.

Purple crochet swimsuit with descriptions and diagrams

Swimsuit size: 42/44. Medium degree of difficulty. To knit a swimsuit, you will need: a total of 100 g of Gamma “Iris” yarn (100% cotton, 87 m / 10 g), of which: 80 g in purple, 20 g in lilac, hook

Crochet swimsuit - bikini

Size of knitted swimsuit: 36/38. For knitting, you will need: 150 g of white and yellow Micro yarn (100% polyacrylate microfibre, 170 m / 50 g), hook No. 3. Basic pattern: embossed st. s / n at the same time in persons. R. hook in front

How to crochet a swimsuit

Works by Tatyana Videva from Tallinn. Basics of swimsuits - bikinis are connected by the same schemes. But as a result, different models are obtained by finishing. Description of a blue swimsuit. Размер 38. Материалы: 120 гр хлопкрврй пряжи, крючок 1,5 Начать вязание

Купальник крючком в стиле хиппи

Такой пляжный костюм сделает честь любой мастерице и произведет фурор на пляже.
Размер: 36/38.

You will need: yarn (100% cotton, 160 m / 50 g) - 200 g red, 150 g lilac and 100 g each of blue-green, white and blue, hook No. 4, 18 flat red beads with a diameter of 14 mm, 8 transparent turquoise beads with a diameter of 14 mm and 6 transparent light green beads with a diameter of 12 mm (all beads with a large hole). Knit in two threads!

Description and patterns crochet swimsuit

Crochet swimsuit by Andi Bagus

We offer to tie such a wonderful swimsuit based on the work of Andi Bagus.
The master class will be carried out by a wonderful master Irina Erina. For knitting a swimsuit, we need: 2 skeins of yarn Alize Diva stretch, an elastic on a reel of suitable color and a hook # 2. Knit in 2 threads, tie a swimsuit around the perimeter with the addition of gum.

Crochet swimwear: trends 2018

Both closed and open models meet the trend "linen" style. Crochet technique in fashionable swimsuits 2018 reveals its full potential: it allows you to imitate exquisite lace, and volumetric openwork elements like flowers, ruffles flounces elegantly add volume exactly where it is needed.

Such models are created from cotton yarns, so environmental friendliness and hypoallergenicity is another plus of the trend. But there are also some “minuses”, handmade and exclusive design are rightfully expensive. Moreover, choosing such a model, it is best to turn to professionals - a fashionable hand-made look stylish only if it is made flawlessly.

Knitted swimwear in 2018 in the photo:

Models of fashionable knitted swimsuits - 2018

In the trend - a variety of models created as knitting and crocheting. The most valuable is the exclusive handmade work imitating European-style lace. Therefore, deciding to acquire such a model, refer to the sophisticated and professional master. The most dangerous thing in this trend is the so-called “samovyaz”, which will not beautify any image.

There are several styles in the fashion today, but the main ones are bikinis and monokini. An exclusive bikini looks very feminine and flirtatious: miniature panties with ties on the hips and a bra that accentuates the neckline. In this case, the halter is a universal style of the bra - it is tied to the shoulder straps through the neck.

Bikini, current in this season, designed in a simple and democratic manner of execution. In the miniature and laconic models all shades of the fashionable range look great.

Emerald, purple and fuchsia tones will look great on still unburned skin. A fashionable range of pastel shades - golden beige, whitened mint or roses - the shade of a luxurious tan is emphasized better than others.

Fashionable range of knitted swimsuits - 2018 in the photo will decorate any beach wardrobe.

What knitted swimsuits will be in vogue in 2018: monokini

Along with the bikini, in the current trends - elegant monokini. Namely, models in which the bodice and panties elegant shape are connected by an elegant slat.

Openwork patterns of floral themes, and abstract motifs - the most fashionable addition to such styles. And if the bikini is addressed to very slim girls, then the benefits of monokini will be appreciated by the owners of luxurious feminine forms.

What knitted swimsuits will be in fashion in 2018? Only those that perfectly emphasize the dignity of the figure.

Monokini can do it with glitter! The style of the bodice and bustier, and most importantly - their variations can be chosen at their own discretion.

Tanga or thong in combination with a beautiful bustier of “halter” or “gang” styles are perfect options that give the silhouette a seductive and feminine look.

But the main and most winning detail of fashionable knitted swimsuits — the 2018 monokini is a beautifully bound strap. This season are relevant openwork symmetrical strips, the more elegant and thinner their drawing - the better. The mesh, air aran or flower motifs perfectly meet the trend requirements - feminine and provocative. This detail perfectly distinguishes the waist line, making the figure slimmer.

But do not lose sight of another fashion trend - asymmetry - the bars created in this vein look a bit defiant, but always stylish.

Monokini this season has been assigned the role of not only beach, but also evening wear. Therefore, the choice of colors can be very diverse. From snow-white - referring to trendy underwear trends, to black, only in this version it looks organically and elegantly on the beach.

The fashion for knitted swimsuits in 2018 has its limitations. Such models will look great only on very slender figures.

Advantages and disadvantages

Knitted swimsuits have some special features. Start with the benefits:

  • Such a swimsuit will definitely highlight you among the crowd on the beach and attract rapt views.

  • A swimsuit of such material dries for a very long time, so if you go on vacation or on a trip, take a spare one with you.
  • Poor quality yarn can burn out, be deformed and lose its original qualities, spoiling the overall look of a swimsuit.
  • Requires special care. So, you should not wash a knitted swimsuit in a typewriter and hot water. Do not use aggressive detergents.

In what cases would be appropriate?

A beautiful knitted swimsuit is ideal for a beach holiday and sunbathing, as well as for thematic photo shoots on the banks of the river or the sea. Such a product will make you a real goddess and will attract admiring glances. In addition, it can be used for its intended purpose, that is, you can swim in it. But chlorinated water from a pool or salt-rich sea water can damage the filament fibers.

How to make a choice?

How to choose a beautiful and suitable for you knitted swimsuit? There are several important criteria:

  1. Material. Yarn used for knitting swimsuits may be different. But if it is of poor quality, then the product will quickly lose its shape and other initial properties. So it is better to pay attention to the models made of good natural materials such as flax or cotton (mercerized is considered especially high-quality and resistant to any influences), they are almost not subjected to deformation and resistant to various influences. And in order for the swimsuit to be comfortable to wear and keep in shape, a small percentage of elastane may be present in the yarn.
  2. Style. There are lots of different styles, but how to choose the right one? It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of your figure, because all advantages should be emphasized favorably, and disadvantages should be hidden. If you want to mask the extra volume in the abdomen, then you will need a one-piece swimsuit, which will help to somewhat reduce and tighten the waist. If you need to hide only the lower part of the abdomen (for example, stretch marks on it or the seam from the operation), then you can choose a model of a trikini or a monokini representing panties and a bodice that are connected to each other. And if you are not shy of your body and you have something to show, choose an open separate swimsuit. Modest girls or pregnant women are suitable for models of tankini, assuming the presence of panties and a top covering the upper part of the body.
  3. Rate straps. They must be sufficiently strong and wide, since thin will injure the skin and soft tissues, and may also be torn. In addition, such details may be missing altogether. But this is permissible only if you have an elastic and not very large chest (the volume bust needs support).
  4. Consider the panties. If you like modesty and restraint, then choose a closed model, for example, a regular one or shorts. A highlight in the image will make the ties on the sides. And if you are ready to show the figure, then choose the sexy and open thong.
  5. Pay special attention to the cups and the bottom of the swimsuit panties. The yarn is very insidious and can shine through, revealing intimate places. And in order to avoid a confusing situation with you, you should choose a model with linings in such zones, that is, on cups and panties. And they should be, firstly, of high quality, secondly, elastic (it is common for knitted parts to change shape under different circumstances), and thirdly, not translucent.
  6. Technique knitting. Material density and its pattern depend on it. Modest girls fit tight knit knit, and more relaxed will appreciate the openwork.

Proper care

As noted above, for a knitted swimsuit need to properly care. The first rule is a gentle wash. It is possible to wash such a product only with hands and only with a powder intended for delicate fabrics. Water should be warm or cool, as excessively hot will cause the threads to sit down.

The second rule is proper drying. It can only be done in a natural way, that is, trying to accelerate the evaporation of moisture using a battery, hair dryer or heater is not worth it, this will lead to the product "sit down", that is, decrease in size.

The third rule is ironing. It is quite acceptable, especially if the swimsuit was crumpled or changed shape. But, firstly, you need to choose the minimum temperature, and secondly, it is desirable to put either a piece of gauze or a piece of cotton, so as not to accidentally burn through and burn the yarn.


  • Remember that a stylish knitted swimsuit should fit you in size.
  • You can not decide on the model? See photos of different swimsuits.
  • It is not worth much to open the body, it looks vulgar.

If you are still in doubt, be sure to buy a knitted swimsuit!

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