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How fashionable to wear jeans, bananas?


Denim pants at all times enjoyed great popularity. Nowadays, bananas are considered very fashionable, and such pants can be both female and male. Trousers of this style are produced by many clothing manufacturers. Jeans can be made in different versions: classic, sports, free style. If you are interested in fashion, then you will be interested to learn about the most current models of pants to date.

What is banana jeans

So called the model of wide trousers that are extended in the hips and narrowed downwards, can be shortened. May have a classic, high or low landing. There are models of jeans, bananas with zippers and buttons. These pants can be decorated with a variety of elements: scuffs, colored lines, torn holes, embroidery, prints, rivets, etc. They are popular because they are very comfortable to wear, do not cause any discomfort.

To suit

Any clothes can both decorate a person and emphasize his shortcomings. What girls should go bananas:

  1. Owners of slim figure.
  2. Those who are complex about the appearance and length of the legs. Wide pants will mask all the flaws.
  3. Owners of the figure "inverted triangle." Trousers will distract attention from wide shoulders, make the lower part of the body more massive.
  4. Titshishkam who want to achieve wide hips.
  5. Slightly plumper girls, but only with the right proportions. If a woman is overweight concentrated in the abdomen and volume hips, then she is not recommended to wear such models.

What to wear with jeans-bananas

It is very important to be able to properly combine things, otherwise the image will look ridiculous. There is a mass of various things and models of footwear with which jeans-bananas will harmoniously be combined. If you have such, then it will be absolutely not difficult to pick up successful sets. There are a lot of options both in case with female models of trousers, and with man's. Detailed recommendations on the selection of clothes will be given below.

The image in which jeans-bananas are created with a top X-silhouette is great, but this is not the only option. What they are perfect for:

  • high-heeled shoes, stiletto heels, or wedge ankle boots, ballet flats, sandals,
  • sleeveless blouses, both loose and tight, tops,
  • long jacket
  • checkered shirts,
  • bright jackets
  • sweatshirt and sneakers,
  • baggy jackets,
  • loose T-shirts and bright-patterned T-shirts
  • thin straps and wide belts,
  • large accessories and jewelry.

Young people who wear pants, bananas, also need to very carefully select the top and shoes for them. What kind of men’s clothing is best to wear:

  • any sporty shoes,
  • plain T-shirts in bright colors
  • T-shirts
  • hoodies,
  • free-form shirts, denim or plain light,
  • baggy jackets
  • large knit sweaters,
  • sports rough boots made of genuine leather.

Banana jeans models

These pants are now at the peak of popularity, so there are in the collections of almost every modern manufacturer. There are a huge number of options: classic, with tucks, with low, medium and high seating, short, with all kinds of decors. Read the descriptions of some jeans, bananas and you can very easily be able to find the most suitable ones for yourself.

With pocks

Pants of such a plan look very stylish. The following jeans, bananas perfectly complement an informal image, for example, for a walk:

  • model name: MotherLove banana with two pockets,
  • price: 2800 rubles,
  • characteristics: cotton and polyester, wide size range,
  • Pros: high-quality tailoring, pleasant material,
  • Cons: need very careful care.

The following pants are very youthy, trendy, perfect for a sleeveless T-shirt, top. Here is a description:

  • Model name: Twin-Set Jeans JA 523 P,
  • price: 5500 p.,
  • characteristics: blue, cotton trousers with tucks and belt, fastened with a zipper,
  • Pluses: universal, suitable for any clothes and shoes,
  • Cons: hard to find on sale.

High waist

High-rise pants are very practical, they are comfortable to walk. The following pants are perfect for any girl:

  • Model Name: Evans EV 006 EWSQQ 68,
  • price: 4500 p.,
  • characteristics: elastic denim, zipper, belt can be threaded, three pockets in the front, two pockets in the back, floral embroidery, vintage scuffs,
  • pluses: look very feminine,
  • cons: no small size.

The following pants are also high waisted, but they are closer to the classic version. Description:

  • Model name: Litany MIR 3976176,
  • price: 4950 p.,
  • characteristics: indigo color, without pattern, with pockets, trouser tucked,
  • pluses: light, suitable for many,
  • cons: after washing, the color may fade.

Lowered jeans

Pants of this kind look stylish and sexy. Here is a description of one very interesting product:

  • Model name: Le Temps des Cerises 4206230,
  • price: 6700 p.,
  • characteristics: blue, do not stretch, there is an effect of wear,
  • Pros: can be worn in any season, beautiful color,
  • cons: few sizes.

The appearance of jeans, bananas in black, which will be described below, just admire. Their features:

  • Model name: Pepe Jeans London 4247853,
  • price: 11,200 p.,
  • characteristics: black, with a slight shine, without zipper, lace-up, pants with elastic bands,
  • Pros: high-quality tailoring, look spectacular,
  • Cons: expensive cost.

With lightning down

Such models are very convenient in that, if necessary, the leg can be expanded. Description:

  • Model Name: Pezzo RE 2 P 28550 KHM (173),
  • price: 3200 p.,
  • characteristics: blue, front pockets with zippers, pants open at the bottom,
  • pluses: light, stylish,
  • cons: can be worn only in summer.

Light brown jeans look very unusual. Description:

  • Model name: Tamaris 541754263,
  • price: 1799 p.,
  • characteristics: elastic light brown material, zippers on the trouser bottom, which can be used to adjust the length, decorative stitching on the front pockets, classic fit, button closure,
  • Pros: spectacular, suitable even for a business image
  • cons: over time stretched.

Short models

Models of non-standard length look very nice with shoes with high heels, and with sneakers, sneakers, moccasins. Description of cropped jeans:

  • Model name: B. C. Best Connections by heine 130470263,
  • price: 3900 p.,
  • characteristics: sage color, standard fit, scuffs, buttons on buttons, belt loops,
  • pluses: pleasant to the body, light,
  • cons: not under any top fit.

The following jeans are made in a sporty style. They are perfect for creating an image of rebels:

  • Model name: John Baner Jeanswear 93782281,
  • price: 1800 p.,
  • characteristics: soft jersey, 5 pockets, ankle-length, elastic waist with ties,
  • Pluses: very comfortable,
  • Cons: not all fit.

Banana Jeans 90s Style

Fashion is cyclical, or other things become periodically relevant. Now such styles of jeans-bananas, which were worn in the 90s, are very popular, for example, like these:

  • Model name: Whitney 4032912,
  • price: 4100 p.,
  • characteristics: blue, cotton, with wide, slightly shortened trousers,
  • Pros: perfect jeans for a casual look, practical, durable,
  • cons: it is difficult to pick up shoes for them.

There is another model of jeans, bananas, which supposedly survived from the 90s and just waited in the wings:

  • Model name: Pinko 4254785,
  • price: 26250 p.,
  • characteristics: blue jeans, buttoned with embroidery and decorative overlays, average fit,
  • Pros: stylish, neatly sewn,
  • cons: very high cost.

Ripped jeans

Many girls, especially young ones, really like pants with holes. If you are one of them, you can consider this option:

  • Model name: Gaudi 4259578,
  • price: 6700 p.,
  • characteristics: blue, with scuffs and torn holes, no decorative elements, the bottom of the pants narrowed and slightly shortened,
  • pluses: original, combined with many things
  • Cons: only for warm seasons, expensive.

On the pants, which will be presented below, there are even more holes than on the previous ones. They can be ordered in the online store with delivery by mail to Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities:

  • Model name: Whitney 4066956,
  • price: 4100 p.,
  • characteristics: bright blue, without decorative elements with scuffs and a lot of torn holes in the front, sit freely,
  • Pros: high quality, well stitched, straight lines,
  • Cons: not suitable for cold seasons.

How to choose jeans, bananas

Among the variety of models, any woman can find the perfect one for herself. Be sure to analyze your own shape, shape of the legs. A few tips that will simplify the selection process:

  1. Girls who have large volumes are advised to pay attention to jeans with a high waist.
  2. Horizontal folds on the legs visually pull the figure.
  3. Low landing fit only those ladies who have a beautiful belly without a single flaw.
  4. When choosing a fabric, take into account that the rougher it is, the better it hides figure flaws.
  5. The color should match the overall orientation of the wardrobe and the season. For example, light jeans are not very appropriate in winter.
  6. Be sure to check the quality of the seams and fittings, especially if you plan to buy trousers on sales or on discounts. In high-quality jeans, zipper, rivets and buttons should be metal, and the label made of leather.

Who is suitable?

Women love denim bananas for versatility. They can be worn:

  1. Slender girls tall. In this case, there are no restrictions on the models and cut.
  2. Those whom nature has not rewarded with round hips. Well, if appetizing forms are not your strong point, then they can be created visually. Expanded hips at the hips, pants will give the right amount.
  3. Low slender girls. But you should immediately clarify - only with the presence of shoes with heels. Otherwise you will seem even lower. If the heels you do not really complain about, then you can remain faithful to the usual shoes and shoes at a low speed, but then you should choose jeans with an overestimated waistline.
  4. Girls with broad shoulders. Having added volume to hips, it is possible to distract attention from wide shoulders, having made a figure visually more proportional.
  5. Owners of O-and X-shaped legs. Yes, we are not all perfect, so clothes often become our lifeline. She will help this time, hiding defects. But this is possible only in the absence of excess weight.

What's in a pair?

Choosing a different fit, length and decor, you can create a mass of simple and at the same time spectacular bows. What would be best for banana jeans?

  1. Office style will complement perfectly black, dark gray or dark blue jeans with high waist, to which you need to choose a light top. Ideally, a classic shirt or blouse that is tucked inside. Shoes will fit shoes or ankle boots with a low steady heel. Clutch folder will be the final touch. If you need a bit of warming, put your jacket on top.
  2. For romantic dates and walks, you can choose a light bottom and a light (for example, chiffon or kotonovuyu) blouse with a small thick print. An elongated cardigan can be worn over it. This way you get a harmonious image in which jeans will not be too active accent. A thin belt will help emphasize the waist.
  3. Want to be the center of attention at a party? Then feel free to choose animal prints. By themselves, they are quite challenging, but bananas easily “tame” them. A prerequisite - elegant shoes with high heels.
  4. Urban style is not only comfortable, but also beautiful. This bow is suitable for active girls who move a lot and do not tolerate any kind of framework. How to create it? Choose jeans with bananas of blue or light blue hue, and to them a t-shirt or a t-shirt with a bright print, comfortable sneakers fit into the kit.

Romantic bow will give the jacket a pale pink color.

In the cold season, women's socks, cropped parks, coats or fur vests will successfully complement such a bottom.

Jeans bananas - a kind of "greetings from the past", which in modern playful looks fashionable and beautiful. Haven't got such a pair yet? Then, rather on shopping!

Model features

Being a prototype of the fruit of the same name, Jeans-bananas are pants, in which wide sockets are selected from the bottom cuff, strings or a gate. Landing in the classic version of this model is too high, and the fabric is collected on the belt, sometimes with a small number of folds, which, expanding at the hips, create volume on them.

The length of such jeans, as a rule, does not reach the bottom of the foot, usually limited to the level of the ankle or slightly higher. This allows women of fashion to show thin legs, giving the image an even more feminine look.

The top of the banana jeans is not always a standard belt with a single metal button. At the moment, the collections are increasingly found models with a variety of decor - this can be an extravagantly tied belt, a bright pattern on the belt buckle or built-in lacing instead of the standard fly. In any case, the folds below the belt or other the expanding element is always present, being a distinctive feature of the model.

Bananas (jeans): what to wear?

A bright and expressive model is an attribute, first of all, of a sport style, which requires an appropriate addition. However, the image, built on contrasts, is also very relevant, so do not skip baggy jackets and cardigans. Jeans, bananas (male and female) look great in tandem with semi-sports shirts, unusual vests, funny T-shirts and T-shirts with bright prints.

It is quite obvious that shoes should be in harmony with clothes. In this case, almost everything is permissible. This is a sports theme (sneakers, sneakers), sandals, moccasins, ballet flats and even sandals, shoes.

In street style

Whatever jeans (bananas, boyfriends, skinny, etc.) are first and foremost the convenience and comfort of everyday life. It is this image (as in the photo) that stylists offer every day: for exploring the city, meeting friends, shopping and just relaxing. Light blue jeans complement the soft loose jumpers, for example, a powdery shade, as in the photo, and snow-white sneakers, and will complete the image of a shortened leather jacket. Comfortable, stylish and bright. In this case, the bananas are a little tucked up; if you are not tall, it is better to stay at the classic length.

With a cropped top

The proposed model of jeans in its original and original version has a high waist. Therefore, a good addition to them will be the crop top, which this summer is in the wake of popularity. However, keep in mind that not everyone can afford it, since a high waist will accentuate a small tummy, if there is one. What will be the top - you decide. In this case (on the first photo), a strip and white color bring to the image of freshness, and high-heeled shoes - sophistication and femininity. You can easily replace them with sandals. For a cool evening, grab a denim jacket or a knit cardigan.

Such a set, designed in the same style and spirit, always looks harmonious. Stylists in this case, recommend to pick up things from denim of different shades. Under jeans, bananas (photo No. 2 shows them) you can pick up anything from a stylish jacket with metal decorative elements to an interesting top with an open line of shoulders. To emphasize the waistline, use wide leather straps with heavy buckles. Pay attention to the vests and shirts. So, for example, if you choose blue top, then the bottom let it be a rich indigo color. Although in the modern world of fashion, everything is permissible. Pay attention to the photo, the collection looks just amazing. The combination of colors and textures in one thing is done flawlessly, while all in one blue-blue scale.

Classic blouse and jacket

At first glance, things that seem completely incompatible can coexist "peacefully", and this looks interesting and unusual. Built on contrasts, the image always attracts the attention of others, but you should be careful with the combination.

  • First, there is less color variation. It distracts attention and violates harmony, especially in the presence of a bright, characteristic thing. As you can see in the photo, only three colors were used: blue jeans, classic white blouse, black shoes and accessories. In addition, you can take a jacket to match.
  • Secondly, try to do without prints and patterns. Bananas - jeans themselves are unusual and extravagant, therefore, require a calmer addition.
  • Third, shoes. She, too, should be calm, for example, as these shoes are man-style lace-ups.

Banana Jeans: What Is It?

First you need to understand what it is. Jeans, bananas are actually wide trousers that are shaped like a famous fruit. Pants expand in the hips, tapering down, have pleats on the belt. Также для таких моделей характерна завышенная талия.

Такие джинсы привлекают практичностью и удобством, позволяют продемонстрировать любовь к свободному стилю. Initially, the manufacturers of such models were focused only on the representatives of the stronger sex, approximately in the 80s products became available to women. Many remember the banana jeans "Montana", which were very popular in our country at the end of the twentieth century. They were traditionally made of dense raw denim, possessed of metal rivets, decorated with corrugated scuffs. Brand sign served brass label, which was depicted eagle.

Popular models

In stores there are different jeans, bananas. There are both long and shortened models. Now products with a length below the ankle, the bottom of which is assembled at the bottom with an accordion, are very popular.

For many years now torn jeans remain relevant, this also applies to “bananas”. Such models are traditionally decorated with massive free pockets, which makes them even more convenient.

When choosing a color for the fair sex, you can focus on your own taste. Both bright and strict colors are relevant. Special love designers recently feed to light products.

Choosing shoes

Above tells about what clothes to wear women's jeans, bananas. However, we must not forget about the correct choice of shoes. Casual pants have the ability to visually shorten the legs. It is important to keep this in mind, especially if the lady is already unhappy with the length of her legs.

These jeans are perfectly combined with high-heeled shoes, such shoes perfectly fit into almost any image (romantic, business, casual, festive). Wonderful pants look in combination with ankle boots on the wedge. Also, wide trousers can be safely worn with sandals and ballet shoes, especially if a woman is satisfied with her height.

Strong boots are not suitable in this case. It is recommended to abandon shoes with a wide top.

A few words about accessories

What accessories combines women's banana jeans? In this case, voluminous and bright decorations are welcome. If the goal is to create a business image, it is best to limit yourself to medium-sized earrings, brooches and watches.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of the belt. Owners of aspen waist can emphasize this dignity with a wide belt. Welcome products with bright decor.

Men's banana jeans are also once again recognized as fashionable. Many representatives of the stronger sex completely in vain reject such models, considering them insufficiently courageous.

These products fit perfectly into a sporty style. There are lots of things to wear with. Any casual shirts and t-shirts are suitable, voluminous sweaters and sweatshirts are relevant. Men can also combine such pants with baggy jackets.

What shoes can combine men's jeans, bananas? The answer to this question is obvious, given that the model fits best in sports style. Sneakers, sneakers, sports shoes - you can stay on any of these options.