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Floor hangers in the interior - 55 photos of beautiful design ideas


1. Magazine Hanger

You can use this coat hanger to hang magazines or newspapers on it. And the hanger itself, using a hook, can be hung in the kitchen or hallway, for example.

You can use any hanger, not necessarily just a wooden one.

The usual hanger can be used to store glasses, both solar and ordinary. It is quite practical and very simple.

3. Hanger for ribbons and other tools for crafts

If you like to do handicrafts, you can use the hanger to keep tapes, tape, tape, etc. on it. Use an aluminum hanger that you want to cut with nippers in the middle, attach ribbons, tape, etc. and fasten the ends of the hanger with ordinary tape or tape.

4. Hanger storage jewelry

Some jewelry can be stored on a regular hanger and it is quite convenient. You just need to choose a suitable hanger and attach a few hooks to it. After that, the hanger can be hung on the closet, wall or any other place.

DIY crafts for yourself

5. Slipper Hangers

You will need a wire hanger. Cut the lower part of the hanger with nippers and bend the ends with pliers so that you can hang one pair of slippers on them.

Such an idea will save you a precious place in the house. In addition to slippers on a hanger, you can keep sandals or sandals.

6. Bathroom hangers

You can attach ordinary hangers in the bathroom. First you need to rotate the hook of the hanger 90 degrees, find a few bolts and a wooden rod to be attached to the wall.

Turn the hanger upside down (so that the hook is at the bottom) and use the bolts to attach the hanger to the wooden rod.

On the hook you can hang a large towel, and on the hanger itself - a small one.

7. Dish dryer

From several wooden hangers you can make a convenient dryer for dishes.

- 8 wooden hangers

* It is better to use hangers with grooves - it will be easier to fasten all the details, creating a single design.

1. Remove all metal hooks from all hangers.

2. With the 6 hangers, remove the rails and set them aside. It is advisable to trim the ends of the crossbars so that they are even.

3. Use thin screws to connect three pairs of hangers "jack". It is advisable to make small holes in advance with a drill, so that during the use of screws, the hangers do not split.

4. Attach one more coat hanger to each of the two complete hangers with screws, only turned upside down by 180 degrees.

5. Fasten between each two hangers without a crossbar, one of which should be turned 180 degrees.

6. You made 3 pairs of fastened hangers. Use the rails that you previously removed from the hangers to hold the three pairs together — two slats over the hangers and two at the bottom.

7. Prepare the two remaining hangers without a crossbar and attach them to the structure between the pairs.

You can choose the technology for connecting all parts and the order of their connection.

Interesting crafts from clothes hangers

8. Coffee table of hangers

It is advisable to choose durable hangers of the same size. For this design, you will need four hangers, pliers, a drill, bolt shears and a table surface.

1. Remove the metal hooks from the hangers.

* You can also remove the crossbar.

2. Connect all hangers as shown in the image, thereby creating the basis of the table.

2.1. Take two hangers, one turn over, drill a pair of holes in both hangers - they should be on the same level.

2.2. Repeat the same with the other two hangers.

2.3. Insert the bolts through the holes in all hangers and connect all four parts.

9. Decorate hangers

You can use the hangers for their intended purpose, but if they seem boring to you, they can be decorated.

You will need metal hangers, scissors, colored yarn and tape.

* Depending on the thickness of the color hangers, you can choose how many wire hangers you need to combine into one. When you combine several hangers, they can be fixed with adhesive tape.

1. Tie one end of the thread to the hanger and start winding the thread as you like. You can use one multi-colored thread or several threads of different colors.

2. The ends of the threads can be fixed with scotch tape.

10. Hanger for various accessories.

If you add a few clothespins to the hanger, then you can attach gloves, scarves, scarves and other accessories to just one hanger.

Metal coat rack

Standard floor hanger of metal height of 170-185 cm, is in demand among many buyers, because such a hanger is distinguished by the reliability of the design.

Recently, improved versions of this model have appeared, which are equipped with additional elements, so that they can store not only outerwear, but also accessories such as handbags, hats and umbrellas.

The metal coat rack is a handy thing for the home hallway, as in the photo of the floor coat rack in the catalog. However, most often these hangers can be found in offices.

Wooden hanger

Wooden floor coat hangers look elegant and noble, so they are bought both for home interiors, and for restaurants, beauty salons.

A wooden floor hanger has quite significant advantages, first of all it is compact, its dimensions make it convenient to place anywhere, which makes it especially attractive for a small hallway.

At the same time its capacity allows you to replace the bulky closet for an elegant hanger. In addition, its low weight makes it easy to move the hanger. The original design of wooden hangers associated with the texture and uniqueness of the wood pattern makes it the highlight of the interior hallway.

Combined hanger model

Usually, the combined models of floor hangers are made of different materials, for example, metal or plastic hooks are fixed on a stone base, and the supporting structure is made of wood.

Outwardly, this hanger looks fresh, stylish, fashionable and interesting.

Design features

The design of the floor hanger depends on its purpose and on the functionality of the room in which it is planned to install the hanger. Thus, the floor hangers in the interior of the hallway are different from those designed for costume or dressing rooms.

For the hallway, high hangers-racks are more suitable, in the upper part of which there are hooks for outerwear and hats. The lower part is equipped with a stand under the umbrellas.

Such a common hanger has a three-foot base, and sometimes it stands on a monolithic, round support. This model is distinguished by increased capacity and stability.

Recently, the costume hanger from Ikea has become popular, with its help it is convenient to store all the details of a wardrobe in one place.

The design of the floor suit hanger is a trouser bar, a separate sector for ties and hangers designed for a jacket, as well as a mirror with a shelf for small parts. Sometimes costume hangers are supplied with wheels.

Recently appeared, but already managed to like modular floor hangers. They are quite roomy, while taking up little space. But their most important advantage is the ability to change their configuration.

Demanded floor hanger on wheels. Its main advantage is mobility. Most often, these hangers can be found in offices and various institutions.

Floor hanger in the home interior

In the hallway, whose interior is in hi-tech style, you can put a classic metal hanger or an avant-garde version with metal elements, for example, in the form of abstraction. In the classic interior looks good wooden hanger.

Floor hanger - this is the type of furniture that will allow you to easily clean up the house, properly store outerwear and decorate the interior hallway.

At the same time, the floor hanger will not take up much space and will make the room decor brighter, more expressive, making it organic, fashionable and elegant, because when you come into the house, the first thing we see is the entrance hall.

Do I need a coat rack?

Many use hooks for placing outerwear, and some put it in the closet. The last option is rather contradictory, because, firstly, this piece of furniture takes up a lot of space, and secondly, to put dirty things into it and keep them close to clean ones, at least unhygienically. As for the hooks, their use is rational with a small area of ​​the room, but such accessories often do not differ in strength and durability and quickly break.

It is worth buying and using a coat hanger for several reasons. First, it will allow you to place things in an orderly manner and optimize their storage: everything you need will be in one place. Secondly, many hangers are compact and do not take up much space, which will save space. Thirdly, a stylish and creative hanger can become an independent component of the design and refresh or transform the interior.

How to choose?

To make the hanger fit into the interior and look harmonious in the design of the apartment, you need to take a responsible approach to its choice. If you want to find a suitable option, while searching, be guided by the following criteria:

  1. Design features. All hangers can be divided into floor and wall. The last option is a panel that is fixed on the wall and has hooks used to place clothes. Such models are convenient, first of all, because they take up little space. The main disadvantage is the need for installation. And if the fixation is incorrect or unreliable, the wall hanger can fall and even cause injury. Floor models are placed on the floor and are divided into two main types. The first is simpler and is a central vertical base or the so-called tripod, on which hooks and other additional details are located. Such a floor hanger must have a sufficiently wide and reliable base, otherwise it will not be stable, which can lead to falls due to the weight of clothes or awkward movements. The second option is the so-called wardrobe models. The item is a stand with a bar to accommodate the "hangers." Such models are convenient, as they allow you to keep things comfortable, avoiding their collapse. In addition, they are suitable not only for outerwear, but also, for example, for suits, blouses, dresses. But the bulky hanger will take a lot of space and will not exactly fit into a small room.
  2. Dimensions. They depend on the area of ​​the room in which you plan to put the item, as well as on the number of things that are placed or stored on a hanger.
  3. Capacity is an indicator characterizing the maximum amount of clothing that can fit on a hanger. And this criterion is determined not only by the dimensions, but also by the number of hooks, as well as their sizes.
  4. Materials Hangers are made of metal, wood and plastic. All these materials have advantages and disadvantages, so when choosing, consider your preferences and interior design.
  5. Additional details. On sale you can find hangers equipped with additional details, such as shelves, individual rods, hooks or compartments. This allows you to store not only clothes, but also accessories: umbrellas, gloves, scarves, bags. Mobility will provide the wheels, and the function of the height adjustment allows you to select the most comfortable position and make the operation as comfortable as possible.
  6. Design. This criterion is no less important, because the hanger should not just perform its basic functions and be used for its intended purpose, but also fit into the interior and, perhaps, bring a zest to it. The execution of such an object can be almost anything. For example, wall models can have panels of unusual forms and outlines, multi-colored figured hooks and creative decor - all this will fit into modern styles. Laconic and restrained wooden hangers can be attributed to the classical direction. Chrome-plated metal and futuristic outlines are integral features of hi-tech. Luxurious wrought iron hanger will fit in the Rococo, Baroque, English styles. A bright and fashionable plastic model is exactly what pop art will be in the bright direction. In the Scandinavian interior a hanger in the form of horns will take its place, and in eco-style it will take the form of a tree. And if you want something really original, choose a model in the form of a figure or a figurine.

Where to put?

If you have already chosen a suitable model, this is only half the battle, because now you have to choose a place to place this item. The first and most obvious option - the location in the hallway. This decision is logical, because it is here that all the tenants of an apartment or house and their guests are stripped.

If the hallway is very small or practically not provided, then you can place a compact and not occupying a lot of space wall hangers in the hallway. This room is considered secondary, so it can be used to store things, and all tenants will have free access to them.

If you are planning to organize a complete wardrobe, then put a roomy hanger with a bar for “hangers” in the bedroom, removing it from the bed and marking, for example, in the corner, preferably near the window. But it is not recommended to store outerwear in this room. And if you have a pantry, then you can organize a dressing area here.

It is possible to find a place for hangers in the studio apartment. It is best to remove it from the main space and close to the front door. Another accommodation option is in the corner, and it is better to choose the most remote, imperceptible and practically unused.

How to fit into the interior?

If a suitable place is found, think how exactly you place the coat hanger. Of course, you can simply put it or fix it on the wall, but in order to organize a mini dressing area, it is advisable to supplement this item with other interior elements:

  • Set next to a comfortable pouf or a small shop, so that residents and guests feel comfortable to take off their shoes and shoes.
  • Nearby you can put a shoebox so that both clothes and shoes are stored in one place.
  • Be sure to hang a large mirror that will provide an opportunity to evaluate your appearance.
  • Put a compact bedside table next to the coat rack to store accessories.

Making your own hands

The original and exclusive clothes hanger can be done with your own hands if you wish, without any extra effort and practically from scrap materials.

  1. Take a wide board, paint or paint it, decorate it with carved plywood figures. On this homemade panel, fix the hooks. And if you use different, then the items will look even more original.
  2. Place two wooden ladders at a distance of 90-100 cm from each other and connect with thin bars or beams, which will play the role of a hanger for “hangers”.
  3. Old branching tree varnish and fix on the stump, which plays the role of the base. Hooks are branches.

Choose a stylish coat hanger and try to fit it into the interior as organically as possible!

Materials for the manufacture of floor hangers

frame hanger fits perfectly into the bedroom interior

On the production of floor hangers for clothes today are:

High demand for traditional models of metal and wood, on which we dwell.

Metal versions

classic metal floor hanger with a basket under umbrellas

In the standard version, such products have a height of from 170 to 185 centimeters, which satisfies the needs of most consumers. Most often, these are ordinary, rather heavy and unremarkable, besides the gloss of the polished surface, hangers, although today you can already find their multifunctional offers in houses, where besides clothes it is convenient to store hats, bags and umbrellas. Metal hangers are the prerogative of offices and official reception rooms.

Wooden versions

wooden hanger made by connecting two ladders

"The low weight of the floor coat hanger made of wood makes it easy to move."

Outdoor wooden hangers are distinguished by the sophistication of a simple design. This quality allows them to appear in a variety of not only home interiors. They prefer to use in the decor, for example, a cafe. Wooden hangers manage not only to become a functional piece of furniture, but also a decorative element. Such products have many advantages. First of all, they are compact and easily fit in the most secluded corners with their small dimensions. They can be considered a godsend for small spaces. So, a hanger designed for storing suits completely replaces a bulky closet in a small hotel room or in a small apartment. The low weight of the floor coat hanger made of wood makes it easy to move. The object does not cost anything to move to another part of the room or even remove it from it. У деревянных вешалок неповторимый дизайн это гарантирует изделиям фактура древесины, которая отличается разнообразием и уникальностью рисунка.

Комбинированные версии

комбинированная напольная вешалка с тремпелями

In products of this series you can find a real mix of consumables. The basis of such hangers can be a stone, hooks can be used both metal and plastic, and the carrier part can remain wooden. Look at the combined hangers nezbito, fresh and interesting.

The design of the floor hangers for clothes

The design of the floor hanger will be affected by the functionality of the room in which it will be located. It can be classified as:

  1. Hangers in the hallway.
  2. Wardrobe hangers.
  3. Suit hangers.

metal rack-rack for storage of jackets. coats and hats

In the anteroom, high racks are predominantly placed, with hooks topped with jackets, coats and hats topped with a halo at the top. The base of such a floor coat hanger often has the appearance of a tripod, but it can also be a round, so to speak, monolithic support. The model is stable and roomy. Sometimes two rows of different sized hooks are placed at the top. Thus, designers allocate a place of storage of hats in separate level. In the lower third, the design can be supplemented with a single shelf of small width or a stand for umbrellas. These elements add to the basic structure of the functionality and make it as practical as possible.

metal clothes rack in the dressing room

The wardrobe type of hangers differs in solidity. Furniture is designed to store clothes hanging on the hangers. In the design there is certainly a highly located boom on which the heads of the trempels are fixed. Often models have a standard design. The classical rack is equipped with two basic legs and a cross bar. An increase in functionality is possible with the addition of a design with additional mobile bars.

coat rack rack

Suit hangers are the ideal solution for the complete storage of business wardrobe details. The design provides a separate trouser bar, tiered tie, coat hanger for a jacket and vest. The suit version of the floor coat hanger can be supplemented with a movable or permanently fixed mirror and shelves for storing small items like tie clips, cuff links, etc. Often, costume models set on wheels. This makes it easier to move the system around the apartment.

Modular hangers

Modern vision designers hangers spawned such a variation as modular systems. Despite the fact that their task is to save space, they allow you to place all wearable clothes on yourself. The owner can configure the profile of the hanger at his discretion, creating the most unusual structural combinations, adapting the system to suit your needs.

modular floor hangers with plastic drawers for storing things and shoes

For the first time, Martha Schwindling thought about the possibility of creating a transforming hanger. The idea of ​​her pushed the device scaffolding, which are quickly mounted in a solid scheme and also quickly understand, which makes them super mobile. The result of observations and reflections was the emergence of the light floor hangers for clothing, assembled from aluminum tubes of different lengths.. The system was called "9 o", because this was exactly the angle of inclination of the holes for fastening the tubes.

Hangers are indispensable in store interiors. With their help, it is possible to be very creative in the presentation of collection novelties. In a small hallway, another interpretation of the model, consisting of hexagonal mini-blocks, will be more appropriate.

Hangers on wheels

modular hanger with wheels

Models of floor hangers with wheels are needed in offices and other rooms where guests can be met not only in the reception manager, but also in the conference hall or in another room. Small and easily rotating wheels will contribute to its rapid rolling to where there is a need for this type of furniture. The choice of dimensions of the hanger in the office should be carried out on the basis of the average number of visitors.

mobile hanger with wheels

Floor hanger in the interior

“In the high-tech stylistic interiors, the color scheme and the shape of the floor coat hanger intended for clothing should be in harmony with other elements of the decor”

In rooms decorated in the spirit of minimalism or impregnated with ideas of hi-tech, you need to add hangers of classical or avant-garde form, the design of which has a lot of metal parts. Storage systems with unusual, curved in a bizarre shape, base structures and a nonstandard arrangement of hooks, more likely resembling metal branches rather than the usual bends, are good in such decors. From the hooks on the thin stem of the holder, a complete abstraction can be styled, and this too will be perceived perfectly. In such models, designers still have time to play with color, varying its shades at the base and top of the composition.

interior hanger in loft style

If you need to give priority to metal in hi-tech, then you can also use wooden hangers in minimalism. The main thing is that the lines of the configuration should be clear and thin, and the base of the structure should remain a narrow rectangle or have the shape of a laconic circle. In the stylistic interiors of such an orientation, the color scheme and the shape of the floor hanger, intended for clothing, should be in harmony with other elements of the decor.

For classics and retro-premises, wooden products in natural colors remain the priority. They can be only slightly tinted, and even better - just varnished. Traditional forms emphasize massive holders. Beige, brown, sand tones will be the best color solution for the interiors of pompous style. As for the exterior of the hangers, they can remain invisible furniture elements or become a highlight due to the luxury of carved decoration.

wooden hanger stand in the office, made in the classical style

No less beautifully perceived in such styles forged details of the situation. The massiveness and expressive design of such hangers can set the tone for the entire decor of the room.

Non-standard combinations and an equally unexpected design of hangers will be welcomed in the eclectic hallway. Look for models styled as figures, some multi-level systems, complemented by moving beams, costume options in retro-performance. The priority is white, black or a combination of them. By and large, there are no restrictions in this direction, so the floor coat hanger can be put here in red, blue, orange, with decorative plastic or metal inserts.

hanger, as the original element of the decor in the hallway

Subtleties choice floor hangers, or What is important to know

- When choosing a coat hanger, look at the base. In sustainable models, it is always weighty and made of metal or stone disk. They keep the load better, but have a higher cost. Hangers with legs from a pipe are less practical in terms of stability and can easily be turned over when overloaded with things.

- Leave the priority of choice for solid products. A hanger is an object for which the presence of many components with threaded connections is destructive. The latter have a manner of loosening and unwinding, so that fixing their reliability will have to be constantly monitored and in due time tightened up the slacked screws. The inconvenience of operating solid models of hangers include their difficult transportation.

hanger-stairs in the bedroom

- If the design of the floor coat hanger used hooks with decorative ornaments on the ends, the latter should be made of reliable materials. Or rather, not so much from reliable raw materials, as to be attached to the end of the hook with high quality and not to be removed at the slightest movement, falling on you or visitors. Check the reliability of the assembly of these items directly in the store. This will save you from frustration when operating.

- Decorative endings of hooks should not be too voluminous, especially spherical. It will look gorgeous, but it will not allow hanging clothes by the loop.

metal hanger for storing things and shoes

- The presence of additional hooks in the middle tier hangers is welcome if there are children in the house. It will be convenient for them to use low spaced clothing holders. You can hang a handbag or a scarf on such a hook.

- If the floors in the room where the hanger is planned to be installed are not completely level, use products with a tripod support. Four legged models will swing and wobble, threatening to collapse under the weight of things.

- The surface of the hanger must have a moisture-proof treatment, as wet clothes may be hung on it.

decorative wooden floor hanger in the hallway


A clothes hanger is the simplest way to eliminate the mess in the hallway. Single and multi-tiered, round and rozhkovy, transforming and solid, with wheels and legs - today you can easily choose the ideal option for you. The floor hanger does not just help you organize the space and does not clutter it, but will also refresh the environment with its appearance, becoming its stylish addition.

Hanger in the interior of the hallway

Hanger in the hallway is not only useful, but also mandatory in the acquisition. Its need is difficult to overestimate, but what should be focused on is their varieties.

Earlier it was already mentioned that this element is acquired on the basis of an already existing interior.

And the opinions that the hanger is a functional detail and a way to decorate the overall interior are absolutely correct.

Whatever form it is, the function will in any case be the same. Next, we consider the most popular and simple options for common interior solutions.

Material for the manufacture of hangers

In most cases, wall hangers in the hallway are made of a wide variety of materials, and it can be both natural and artificial.

Among them the leading places are occupied by wood and metal. With what it can be connected? First of all, because they are practical and versatile, they can perfectly fit into a wide variety of interior solutions. In this case, it is recommended to determine the style of the product itself.

A wooden hanger in the hallway will be a good solution for a room created with natural materials, which is shown in the photo of the hanger in the hallway, and the designer's idea may have visible differences from simple classical ones to the hangers in the floor hallway.

As for the clothes hangers in the hallway made of metal, they can not just perfectly fit into any style, but also have a huge number of varieties.

The most common options for metal hangers in the hallway are:

  • wall (can have from one to several tiers),
  • floor (with several rows of hooks).

This variety has a wide variety of color solutions that can satisfy even the most extraordinary requirements.

Additional material options include plastic, glass, animal horns, and even tree branches. Forged hangers in the hall deserve special attention.