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Rules for safe haircuts baby


If we can go to the hairdresser at any time, then everything is somewhat more complicated with children. Firstly, the baby is constantly spinning and can interfere, secondly, it can get scared, and thirdly, the risk of injuries is increased. So the child's haircut is quite a responsible and complicated matter. And yet it can be done, even at home.

When to cut?

So, when to cut the crumbs? There is a tradition according to which such a procedure should certainly be carried out annually. Previously, all one-year-old babies were shorn bald, regardless of the sex of the child and hair length. But today, stereotypes and outdated traditions, fortunately, are becoming less popular, and parents are guided by other important points when making decisions. Here is what you should pay attention to:

  • Hair length. It is logical that the hair should be cut as they grow. If they interfere (climb into the eyes and face), then it's time to remove all the excess. But if even a year the baby doesn’t have so much hair, and it’s not long, you shouldn’t bother your child once again.
  • Features of the development of the child. If the crumb still does not know how to sit, then it will be quite problematic to cut it, so it is worth waiting a bit.
  • Character traits. If the baby is afraid of everything and everyone, then a haircut for him can be a frightening and even scary event. In this case, it makes sense to wait a bit, as some fears pass away with age, and the character changes. In addition, the shy child to cut should be prepared in advance.

Decide exactly when to cut the child, can only know him better than all parents. Do not rely solely on the opinion of relatives or friends, and some advice is altogether better to ignore.


For a baby, a haircut can be a frightening event, so first you need to prepare the crumbs. Here is what you can do:

  1. Show your child all the tools that you will use, let him touch them.
  2. Show how all the fixtures work. You can cut a piece of hair from the head of the child or with your own, if the baby is still afraid.
  3. Find the video on which they cut the other baby and show it to the crumbs. And you can go to the hairdresser, so that the child himself saw everything with his own eyes and realized that there was nothing wrong with a haircut.
  4. Tell us how the haircut will take place, and how the baby should behave so that everything goes well.

At the hairdresser or at home?

What to choose: go to the hairdresser or cut the child with your own hands? It all depends on a particular situation. So, if you are confident in yourself and your abilities, as well as that you do not harm the baby, then shear the child at home.

This, by the way, will allow you to save. If you are afraid that you will not cope or do something wrong, then it is best to go with the baby to the hairdresser and trust the professionals.

Choosing a hairdresser

The choice of a hairdressing salon is very important. Here's what you should pay attention to:

  • Distance from home. It is advisable to find a hairdresser nearby, as a long road can tire a kid and he will be capricious.
  • The decor in the barbershop. Since in this place they cut their children, everything must be done for the little ones: bright and comfortable furniture, decor, toys, and so on. The child should like it here.
  • Services. In addition to a variety of haircuts in the barbershop can offer a whole entertainment program for children. And sometimes it is just necessary, because it is very difficult to force a baby to stay in one place and not spin. Yes, a visit to such a hairdresser can be expensive, but sometimes it is necessary and worth it.
  • The hairdresser should be gentle, sociable and attentive. He should be interested in the child, to endear him. Otherwise, the baby may get scared and will not obey.
  • Prices. Overpaying is not worth it, but you don’t need to spare any money either, since the quality and quality of the haircut determines the calmness and appearance of your child.
  • It will be worthwhile to study the reviews.

We prepare everything you need

Prepare everything you need in advance:

  • comb with frequent teeth
  • water spray bottle
  • special scissors for cutting hair (they can be different, choose the right ones) or a machine,
  • towel or diaper (to cover the shoulders of the baby),
  • comfortable chair (the baby should be comfortable in it, but at the same time such a chair should not prevent you from carrying out your plans),
  • interesting cartoon to attract the attention of the child.

Mowing girl

The girl, of course, need to cut with scissors. Here is an approximate algorithm of actions:

  1. First, sit the baby on a chair so that everyone is comfortable. Cover the child’s shoulders with a diaper or towel and secure the edges.
  2. Turn on the cartoon by placing a chair in front of the TV so that the child does not spin.
  3. If you want to cut the bang, then first separate it. Take a comb and part in the right place. Adjust the density of the bangs and adjust the evenness of the parting. Secure the rest of the hair with a rubber band and preferably with a rim so that they do not interfere.
  4. Measure out the desired bang length. Spray hair with water from a spray bottle to cover your princess’s face. Comb the fringe so that it lies exactly and correctly. Ask the girl to close her eyes and start cutting. Shake all hair from face. Fix irregularities.
  5. Now secure the bangs and proceed to trim the remaining hair. Sprinkle them with water, carefully comb them, place them in an even layer (it should not be too thick, in this case you will fail). Measure the desired length and start cutting. Trim the curls.

We cut the boy

Boys most convenient to cut with a typewriter. Here's how to do it:

  1. Select the desired type of attachment, given the desired length of hair.
  2. Seat the child on a chair, cover his shoulders with a diaper, turn on the cartoon.
  3. Turn on the machine so that the boy gets used to its noise and is not scared.
  4. Spray hair with water from a spray bottle.
  5. Begin to cut from the head. Ask the child to tilt the head slightly forward, hold it. Move from the neck to the crown.
  6. If desired, the bangs can be left for this, pre-separate it, and then trim it.
  7. Trim the top of the head, then process the whiskey. Cut off the excess hair, trim them all over the head.

Useful tips

A few helpful tips that will simplify your haircut and make it safer:

  1. Do not make sudden movements! All your manipulations with hair should be confident, but at the same time neat, calm and smooth.
  2. Do not splash your hair with too much water. They should be only slightly wet, it will facilitate the process of cutting and make the curls more obedient.
  3. When choosing the right length, remember that wet hair seems longer than short.
  4. Calm down and properly set up the baby, calm down yourself!

Have a good haircut and beautiful hairstyle for your child!

What are the reasons for cutting hair?

It turns out that in early childhood they are very thin, fragile. To create hairstyles, mothers use hairpins and elastics, which pull and break hair, as a result of which they begin to thin, fall out. Heads can form areas where the hair is completely absent, and there is only fluff. In the future, to restore such zones is very difficult, and sometimes even impossible. Based on this, we can conclude that the hair needs to be cut.

How to cut a small child?

Many babies are scared when they see scissors; hairdressers cause their unfamiliar surroundings and strangers to be incomprehensible and unwilling to stay there. Whims begin, tears and tantrums appear. To defeat this fear, you should turn the trip into this institution into an exciting game: go with the child to the hairdresser when you need to change your hairstyle. Let the baby observe this process, it seems that everything will be carefully considered. The next time he wants to sit himself in the chair and look in the mirror, how to change his hairstyle.

It is very difficult for a baby to sit in a chair all the time while he is being cut.

For the first time it is best to cut the baby's hair at home, where familiar surroundings will not frighten. But not every mother decides to take up the scissors. And in vain, because there is nothing difficult. The baby needs care, tenderness and attention, and hairdresser skills are completely unimportant. To the baby was not scared, ask your father or grandmother to put the child on his lap.

In the process of cutting it is important to distract the baby: while mom cuts her curls, dad can tell a fairy tale or show interesting pictures. If you can not think of anything, look for information on the Internet. Some babies quickly agree to a haircut if a machine is used instead of scissors. How to use it can also be found on the Internet, or ask to tell a familiar barber. After the haircut, it is important to praise the child and say how beautiful he has become. Because of this, with the next haircut, the behavior of the child will be much better.

How to prepare a child psychologically, saving him from fear

When the cute curls of the baby begin to interfere, climb into his eyes, the parents think about haircut. Many are of the opinion that this should be entrusted to professionals, that is, hairdressers. Although experienced parents are completely calm and do it well at home.

The usual atmosphere will calm the baby, and in the hands of mom or dad he will feel safe. Together with the baby, you can visit the hairdresser to make a new hairstyle, thereby demonstrating to him how she can transform a person.

Before the haircut, you can play with the child at the hairdresser, changing the doll’s hair, combing a different toy with a mane, for example, a horse or a lion cub. The process itself is desirable to turn into an interesting game, as participants including favorite toys.

Distracted role can play the included cartoon. Throughout the entire haircut, you need to maintain a friendly tone of communication with the baby, avoid fussiness and nervousness, all mother's or father's movements should be calm and confident.

When you can mow your baby for the first time

It has long been known that for the first time a baby can be cut when it is fulfilled, because hair has its own energy and a haircut produced too early can cause illness and even have a detrimental effect on speech development, and the kid may not start talking for a long time.

In addition, it was believed that the shortest haircut of the child will stimulate the growth of thick hair. Modern science refutes such fears, arguing that hair is by nature a part of the human body.

And their density depends only on the number of hair follicles, and not on the time of cutting. The quality of hair is in direct proportion to the health, nutrition and care for your baby. The fluff on the head of a newborn is updated over time.

True, some of them after birth can boast thick hair. According to experts, the baby can be trimmed for the first time before the year when he is only forty days old, that is, up to a year, and he will be stronger.

Experienced doctors advise to strengthen the child by systematically combing in different directions. This must be done daily. It is desirable to choose a comb from natural materials, from wood, for example, its teeth should be rounded.

As for the length of the first haircut, it should be said that it can not be very short. This can cause irritation to the very delicate skin of the child and cause damage to the hair follicles. Therefore, the first haircut can be limited to shortening the bangs, which is necessary to preserve the vision of the baby.

Specialists do not advise girls to grow long enough hair up to four years, because the barrettes and clips, which are constantly needed at the same time, can damage tender hair that has not yet become stronger.

Choosing a clipper

Did you go on a trip with your son or daughter, and the weather ruined your plans? Are you trying to compensate a child for a scheduled event? But how can a child be taken care of during his stay at home so that he does not get bored and enjoy the day? In today's article we have prepared ten tips so that you can live with a good day, despite the bad weather.

The usual atmosphere will calm the baby, and in the hands of mom or dad he will feel safe. Together with the baby, you can visit the hairdresser to make a new hairstyle, thereby demonstrating to him how she can transform a person.

Games without special equipment and benefits

You can play many games, even if you do not have special equipment. You can think about work, fairy tale, things, etc. One player asks if the other answers his questions only yes or no. Demonstration without words - brag about some kind of activity, animals, etc. what can do what has changed - in the room one player changes something, and the other one guesses that it is different. What is it - the player has a blindfold and gets the object and guesses what it is. The favorite also writes on the back, duels made only with paper balls and straws and the like. Party games are fun for kids and adults.

Stay in indoor sports

It can also be part of a business game. Although this activity cannot be done at home, we still have it because it falls into the category “in case of bad weather”. Another option is to go to indoor sports fields or other areas where you can have fun with your children. You can go to the water park, play mini-golf or bowling, as well as children's playgrounds for children, etc.

What you need to prepare for this:

  • a high and comfortable chair or chair that is already familiar and comfortable for a child,
  • flat comb with the smallest teeth,
  • scissors, they should be preheated, always with blunt tips,
  • warm bottle sprayer
  • machine,
  • favorite towel or blanket, they will be required in order to cover the shoulders of the child,
  • toys, a disk with cartoons to interest and distract the child.

Blood donation saves lives

Their mechanism in the work should not be a source of strong noise. In operation, such devices without cords, that is, designed for batteries, are more convenient.

Before the haircut, first of all, you should not be afraid, calm down, pull yourself together, the child, watching you, with your confident movements, calm down yourself. It is worth thinking that a haircut can turn out far from ideal, the main thing is to trim, remove what hinders. Well, if you can do it smoothly.

With each purchase you support the production of these essential medicines for children and adults. Plasma makes up 55% of the blood volume and contains 92% water. It contains more than 120 different proteins and other ingredients that ensure the vital activity of the body.

To which you can contact from the day of the meeting and the adoption of plasma. Health protection - contact with the child in the form of weekends or public holidays in host families. Organize a small charity day in your company or among your friends. During this day, you can sell our chocolate calendars, which are very popular!

You can bring to the process people close to the child who talk and toys will distract him. The kid is thrown into a high chair or chair, you can let him hold the comb, show the spray box with water. Remind him that he saw it at the hairdresser, where they made mom a beautiful haircut.

How to cut a baby?

We will also be happy to provide promotional materials and help with everything you need! There are about ten Kiwanis clubs in the Czech Republic. They help their children in their region, organize various charity events, but also live in public life. Sewing work - easy-to-use culinary doll - contour cut of fabric in accordance with the cut - cotton. Some needs can only be used in some cities, mainly in Kiwanis Club, but some of them have no local restrictions.

A chair or chair can be placed at the mirror, so a curious child will be able to watch everything that happens. For cut strands on the shoulders put a towel or cape.

Ask the child to sit straight, not spinning. It is better to start a haircut from problem areas, until the child is tired of the new action, he will sit exactly.

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Смоченные пульверизатором волосы нужно тщательно расчесывать. Moistened hair locks should be combed in a downward direction, clamped between the index and middle fingers and carefully cut off under them.

It is necessary to cut quickly and confidently, given the children's restlessness. The main thing in a haircut is to trim the bangs hanging above the eyes and the hairstyle as a whole. Keep in touch with the baby all the time.

Work only with warm scissors, avoiding contact with cold iron. In addition, it is important not to keep scissors constantly in the field of view of the baby, straining it with the importance of what is happening. To keep the baby a little longer in the chair, parents resort to many tricks: they show a popular cartoon, they do not sit on the chair, but on their knees to their grandfather or father.

Some parents practice cutting the baby during sleep, which may scare him or be unsafe in terms of injury.

The boy's haircut is often produced with a machine that has its own characteristics. The most important thing is to carefully study the instructions, because some models are designed for cutting dry hair. Choose a nozzle of the required size, if it is adjustable, it is installed in a certain position.

Scrub first nape, then go to the temples, crown. First, the longest nozzle is installed, making sure that its plane fits tightly to the head. In this case, you can not keep the machine at an angle to the head. When using a machine with metal blades for safety and for convenience, long curls need to lift up comb.

Haircut near the ears should be done with extreme caution, children are very scary when approaching the ears. At this time, you can distract the child, to interest him with something interesting. Temples can be trimmed obliquely or straight.

Try to keep the cropped curls from falling into your mouth, eyes, and collar. Act faster within a limited time frame (about 15 minutes), because it is difficult for a child to sit quietly in one place for a long time.

You can finish the hair trim, just a little pressing the machine to the head of the baby, so as not to injure the delicate skin with sharp blades.

At the end of the boy's haircut, you need to bathe, wash your hair. It is necessary to praise the kid for patience, pay attention to the stylish and successful new hairstyle. It is good if not only you, but also other close people do it. Let them tell you how beautiful your child has become.

If we can go to the hairdresser at any time, then everything is somewhat more complicated with children. Firstly, the baby is constantly spinning and can interfere, secondly, it can get scared, and thirdly, the risk of injuries is increased. So the child's haircut is quite a responsible and complicated matter. And yet it can be done, even at home.

How to cut a child at home

To the haircut was calm and without injury, it is recommended to do it at home. This is especially true of the first haircut. As the statistics show, it is the first unsuccessful experience that can provoke the development of fears, which in the future will affect not only the nerves of the parents and the baby, but also the master.

First of all, parents need to prepare. For a haircut at home you will need:

  • special scissors
  • high chair
  • cape on the shoulders
  • water,
  • hairbrush.

Next, you need to prepare the child. It is necessary to explain to him what will be done with his hair. After this, the baby is recommended to sit on a chair, put a special cape on his shoulders and distract with something so that the child does not spin. For example, you can turn on cartoons.

It is important to wet the hair with water to make it easier to cut. After that, you can proceed to the procedure.

Hairdressers recommend that you first tilt the head of the child and remove excess hair in the neck. To do this, hold the hair between the index and middle finger and cut to the desired length. The same manipulations should be carried out along the entire length of the hair, turning the child around as needed. It is important to pay particular attention to the occiput area. In this case, the hair should be combed back and cut to the desired length.

How to cut a baby with a machine

To cut a child with a machine is not difficult. Even the one who picked up this tool for the first time can cope with it. Where to start?

Of course, from the explanations to the child what a machine is, how it works and what it is intended for. It is possible to show the principle of its work on the tips of the hair.

When the child realizes that everything is not as scary as it seems at first glance, you can begin to prepare. First, you should put the child on a chair, wet his hair, comb them. Next, select the nozzle for the typewriter and start the procedure from the area of ​​the ears and the neck, and finish with a bang. It is in these places is usually the most difficult to cut off the hair, so the child must be asked to sit straight. If there are long hair that the machine could not cut off, then fix it with scissors. Then it remains only to wash the baby's head and thank him with a pleasant surprise for his perseverance.

How to cut a bang for a child

Haircut bangs - an important stage on which depends 50% of hair. It must be remembered that wet hair is easier to cut, but after it dries, the bangs will be much shorter.

So, to make the bang perfect, you first need to divide it into 3 even layers. The upper layer only needs to be shortened slightly, the middle one is a few millimeters smaller than the upper one, and the bottom layer should be made slightly shorter than the previous one. After all the manipulations, you can dry the bang with a hairdryer, slightly aligning it.

If the parents want to make a perfectly smooth bang for the child, just wet the hair a little, ask the child to close his eyes, then separate the bang from the rest of the hair and cut it straight, focusing on eyebrow level. Ideally, the bangs should cover them, because after drying, it will rise and just be on a level with eyebrows.

How to cut a baby: video

If parents want to cut their child, it is recommended to watch the video in advance, learn about all the nuances and rules. As the saying goes: "It is better to see once than hear a hundred times."

Given the number of video lessons, you can safely learn to cut your child using a minimum of tools. Over time, the acquired skills will allow you to experiment and delight your child with new, more complex haircuts.

One of the important stages in the life of a baby is his first haircut. It is exciting and as it marks the child’s entry into adulthood. How to trim kids is a question that all parents think about. After all, not every child is ready to sit without moving for some time.

The time of the first haircut baby

Usually this is the main reason for disputes between the parents of the baby and the older generation. Why - because the answer to the question is purely individual?

There are several signs that the first time to cut a child is necessary at a certain time:

  • One of the beliefs is: if you cut the child too early (for example, up to 1 year), then his whole life will be associated with illness and grief, or with poverty,
  • another variant of the same omen already speaks about the age of 3 or 7 years,
  • The current generation of grandparents is inclined to think that the child should be trimmed for the first time at the age of 1 year, while all infantile weak hairs are removed, and the new ones - thick - grow well.

In fact, this question is still open, and only parents decide when to trim the baby for the first time. The main thing is to remember that many babies have thick and long hair since birth, and they don’t need any haircuts, while others have, on the contrary, weak and thin hair, and they will remain so for life, despite the number of haircuts.

Place for the first haircut baby

Where better to do it? How to cut a baby? At home it will be done or in a professional barber shop - it is up to the parents of the child. Usually, the first haircut is performed in a homely comfortable environment in order to reduce the stress for the child from this procedure. But when the baby gets older, you can turn to experienced craftsmen.

The main thing, as child psychologists say, the child must understand that a haircut is an absolutely painless process that will eventually lead to a beautiful result. Now there are a large number of specialized children's hairdressing salons, where they will take great care of your children, distract them in time, entertain them and eventually give them you with a new beautiful hairstyle.


The main thing is to lure the child and explain the essence of the procedure on which you must work together. You can interest the baby with new or his favorite toys. Also, an excellent means of distracting a child from manipulating his hair are cartoons. Often it is with the help of them that one can make the little fidget sit motionless for some time. It is important to note that the result should be quite comfortable environment, thanks to which your baby will understand that cutting his hair is not at all scary, and even interesting, and it will definitely pass all of this again.

Tools for grooming a child

How to cut babies painlessly for them and without unnecessary nerves for yourself? To do this, just stock up on a small amount of patience and time, and also explore the list of those tools that you can use to create the first hairstyle of your child.

The procedure for the first haircut baby: what should it include?

Usually, the first haircut of a child is attached to some important event in his life. This may be the birthday or the day of the baptism of the child. Then all the relatives and close people who are ready to share this joy with him get together.

And so you decided to cut the baby. Photos from this holiday must be kept for life. After all, then it will be very interesting to examine them. You should definitely keep a strand of the first cut hair for memory in the baby's photo album, because with time the structure and their color can be great.

So, the main thing is to learn a few simple rules in solving the problem of how to cut babies. It is worth playing with the baby before the haircut at the hairdresser with the help of his favorite toys. At the end of the procedure you need to bring it to the mirror and show the result. Be sure to praise, and maybe even reward your child, especially if the process was too exciting for him. It will also be good to set an example on your own hair, taking the child with you to the hairdresser several times.

Hairstyles selection rules

Often, the search for an extraordinary style of yesterday, still obedient and exemplary boys, ends with dramatic changes in the image that shock even advanced parents. Most young people pay increased attention to popular movie stars, sports or other famous personalities. In order for the result of imitation to meet the expectations, you can not do without the help of parents or professional stylists who will help you choose a stylish hairstyle that hides minor imperfections of appearance.

The main direction of the 2017 season is accuracy, which does not accept unwashed and untidy locks. In order to avoid the effect of carelessness and neglect, regular visits to the hairdresser are recommended, as well as basic hygienic and grooming procedures.

Using the asymmetry elements, one can achieve the perfect look, add the missing volume to thin strands, visually change the shape of the face, or hide the ears.

Fashionable haircuts for teens must meet the following requirements:

  • comply with current fashion trends,
  • to be comfortable and easy to follow daily styling,
  • organically combined with features of appearance, hair type, head shape,
  • to fit into the lifestyle of a young man, to conform to the nature of activity and the nature of character in general.

An experienced stylist in the process of selecting hairstyles should take into account the initial thickness of the hair and the state of hair, the presence of dandruff, the rate of contamination of the strands. Holders of wavy hair are not suitable for all types of haircuts, in the presence of straight curls the opportunity to experiment is much wider. For soft hair, variations of "bob" or "square" are ideal.

Useful recommendations

Choosing the permissible length of hair, it is best to take into account the wishes of the young man. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the scope of employment of a teenager, as well as his hobbies. For example, long strands that frame the face, or oblique bangs can cause inconvenience during training or active sports. In this case, an alternative can be shortened bangs, hair, pulled back or to the side, as well as a modern and trendy Mohawk. It is important, before making a final decision, to find out all possible ways of styling the hairstyle you like, as well as the time required for hair care.

menhairdo.com bewithstyle.com

Teen hairstyles for short hair

Such haircuts are relevant for guys who are fond of sports and active pastime. Hair, no longer than 5 cm, perfectly keep their shape throughout the day. In addition, care for such strands just does not take much time and does not require a large arsenal of styling products - a drop of gel or wax applied to clean hair will be quite enough to create a creative image.

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Adjust the shape of the face or hide flaws can be, leaving the bangs of medium length, which can be combed in different ways. Note that for owners of dark-haired hair, a short haircut will add expressiveness to fair-haired and blond hair - it is better to give preference to hairstyles with preservation of average length.

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1. Variations with boxing and halfbox haircuts

Modern stylists have come up with a variety of different hairstyles based on the classic "boxing". Short strands do not require special care, the main rule is timely washing of the head. Laying can be carried out at will. "Poluboks" suggests the presence of bangs, which can be fixed in any position with the help of styling tools. Short hair in the area of ​​the temples and occiput emphasize masculinity and add to the image of impudence.

Halfbox fashion-hairs.net 2016hair.com

Has acquired a special relevance in the season of hairstyles in 2017. Suitable for young people with different shades of hair, and also able to skillfully hide the imperfect shape of the skull. "Cap" involves the creation of a large volume at the top, which gradually turns into short hair in the area at the temples and at the back of the head. Creative masters will add originality to the image, making a sharp transition from long hair at the crown to short in the temporal region. Graduated and asymmetry, as never in the trend. It is the “cap” that can harmoniously combine these, at first glance, incompatible directions in order to hide such a flaw as sparse hair. Hairstyle is easy to care, first of all, you need a regular haircut from an experienced specialist, as well as a little time for styling.


3. "Hedgehog" of different lengths

Trend haircut, which does not give up its leading position for a long time. Disheveled and fixed with styling tools strands, emphasize the originality and individual style of the young man. This hairstyle is very practical, it does not require additional care, and is also ideal for adolescents leading an active lifestyle.
Irregularities of the skull, the presence of scars, unsightly birthmarks or other defects - a reason to pay attention to hairstyles for medium length.

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This styling is suitable for most young men and goes well with different types of appearance. The layering of the haircut can soften an unnecessarily sharp image, while maintaining a moderate proportion of masculinity. Hair looks different, depending on the chosen method of styling. For everyday wear, quite washed and slightly ruffled strands, a festive or solemn version suggests a smooth styling using mousse or wax. "Bob" looks great on straight or slightly curly hair, and graduation will help to visually add volume to not too thick strands.


A bold and spectacular image will suit young men from 13 years. This multi-layered hairstyle looks good on hair from 7 to 15 cm long. It should be noted that the “grunge” requires regular styling with the use of gel or other means depending on the desired effect. Haircut involves a large number of styling options that can emphasize the individuality of any adolescent.

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6. Shortened "square"

Fashionable haircuts for young men in 2017 were replenished with another topical novelty, namely, the cascade “square”, which is suitable for both straight and curly curls. A professional stylist will be able to create smooth transitions or a clear line of cuts, taking into account the features of the face and hair type. This hairstyle does not require a long time for styling - washed hair must be dried and with the fingers to give the desired shape.

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7. Long hair

Extraordinary and creative natures often decide to grow hair. В таком случае первостепенная задача родителей заключается в прививании подростку культуры ухода за длинными волосами, подборе подходящих по типу шевелюры шампуней и кондиционеров. Кроме того, необходимо регулярно посещать опытного парикмахера, который придаст прическе форму, что, в свою очередь, добавит образу завершенности. Отлично смотрятся градуированные стрижки, способные добавить недостающего объема и динамичности укладке.

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