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How to celebrate New Year 2016 with one?


If you can’t refuse to have a homely gathering, at least diversify the table with treats that you have never tasted. Suppose there is no familiar dish and drink on your table. Try the cuisine of another country, ask your friends for delicious recipes and make cocktails yourself - alcoholic or not.

There is still a lot of time before the New Year, so you will have time to create an unusual menu.

By the way, if you decide to cook traditional dishes of other nations, why not meet the holiday in the style of the country whose cuisine you chose?

2. To join the traditions of another country

This is another way to celebrate the New Year with relatives and friends, but to make it unusual and memorable. Decorate the house in the style of another country. For example, Japanese Kadomatsu or Chinese lanterns and pictures with the wishes.

Give each other special gifts, such as homemade candles in Sweden, dogwood sticks in Bulgaria, paired items such as cups or candles in China.

It will be interesting to observe the New Year traditions of another country. For example, there are grapes under the chiming clock, as in Spain, or turn off the light for a few minutes for kisses, as in Bulgaria.

3. Meet the New Year in nature

It should be at least once to meet the New Year in the forest or on the bank of a frozen river. You are provided with an incredible silence, safe launch of fireworks and the absence of any irritants like drunken neighbors and screaming TV.

Until December 31, there is still enough time, so you will have time to find a place in the forest that your car can reach, without getting stuck on the way, buy a winter tent with a stove and thermal underwear, persuade friends and relatives and prepare seriously for the New Year in the wild .

5. Start the year with good deeds

If charity is not alien to you, try to celebrate the New Year by helping those in need. You can arrange New Year performances in hospitals and orphanages, distribute gifts and much more.

Helping other people, you become happier, and good deeds and calm self-righteousness is a great start to the year.

6. Mark New Year actively

There are many options for an active New Year. Skiing in the woods or on a well-groomed track. Go to the rink, where there will be fireworks and music. Go on a winter hike from the tourist center.

So instead of a full belly, headache and hangover, you will get freshness, vigor and wonderful impressions.

7. Give up alcohol

Remember when was the last time you celebrated the New Year without alcohol? If 10–15 years ago, then a non-alcoholic holiday will be a truly new experience.

Of course, you risk not being on the same wavelength with friends and relatives, but only if they do not agree to support you in this endeavor.

What to do? Explore unusual places of your city with tea in a thermos, get a job as a volunteer, skate, ski or snowboard. In the end, you can ...

8. To spend the New Year alone

On New Year's, it is customary to gather in large crowds: with relatives, friends, or even complete strangers. And what if once done the opposite, stay alone and devote this night only to yourself?

So you can, in peace and quiet, take stock of last year, set goals for the next, or just make a wish.

If you have not spent a single New Year in your life alone, you should probably at least try. Well, if you get bored, you can always make a surprise and come to visit someone.

10. Meet the New Year on the plane

As a rule, plane tickets are getting more expensive on the eve of the holidays, as people tend to celebrate the New Year on the spot. And on the dates of the holidays themselves, on the contrary, tickets are much cheaper.

If you take tickets for December 31, kill two birds with one stone: save on the road and get an unusual experience of meeting the New Year a few kilometers above the ground.

The more interesting you spend this day, the more chances you have for a New Year's miracle.

How did you celebrate your most vivid and memorable New Year? Share your experiences in the comments.

Ways to celebrate New Year 2016 with one

The best way to lift the mood in the New Year and return the taste of life is to do good deeds. To do this, you can bake a cake for the grandmother-neighbor, who lives alone, or buy candy and distribute them to the kids-neighbors. When it is possible to help other people without self-interest, self-esteem increases dramatically, and any difficulties and troubles become insignificant.

On New Year's Eve, you should not think that no one else besides you celebrates this holiday alone. There are even forums and chat rooms where you can meet a huge number of people like you. After all, they also have to meet the New Year 2016 in proud loneliness, and the reasons for that are different for everyone.

If there is a desire to have fun on New Year's Eve, but the company is not and will have to celebrate this holiday alone, you can go to the city to the Christmas tree. There may be an opportunity not only to meet with old acquaintances, but also to find new friends, because the New Year holidays involve a huge amount of positive, open-minded people.

Meeting the Year of the Monkey alone

Even if there is no one to meet New Year 2016 and there will be no guests, it will be necessary to clean the apartment or house on this day. We need to clean the floor, wipe the dust, wash the curtains, wipe the windows and mirrors, because in the cleaned room and breathe easily. Even if there is no desire to decorate a huge New Year tree, then it is worth creating a festive atmosphere in the dwelling due to small festive accessories: to hang wreaths of spruce around the room, arrange tangerines on the vases. The classic New Year scent can surely cheer up, and the orange tangerine tinge will affect the psyche of a lonely person as an antidepressant.

On New Year's Eve, if you are alone, then you can do anything. I wanted to - I could watch holiday comedies and concerts on TV, I wanted to - I could turn on my favorite music and dance, closing my eyes, but I wanted to - I could go to bed without waiting for the night.

Who and where to celebrate New Year

It is best to meet 2016 with family and close friends who will dance with you, have fun and fool around. Invite them to your room or go on a visit.

You can go to a restaurant or club, choosing a New Year program for everyone. You do not have to organize a feast and think through the program of entertainment, the restaurant will take it over. And you will have plenty of time to choose the right outfit, and a big charge of vigor and strength to light at a party with friends or together with a loved one.

For some of us, the traditional celebration of the New Year seems boring, then you can plan a trip to another country. For example, in warm countries, where there is a sea and palm trees. It will be wonderful if you find a real monkey there and treat her with a delicious fruit.

We decorate the house

In order to properly decorate your house for the New Year celebration, we must know that the element of 2016 is fire! Therefore we light candles! It is great if they are aromatic: fruit, flower and citrus. Aromas will add a good mood. Hanging garlands, make a fire in the fireplace.

If you can hang a brilliant tinsel in the form of lianas, the mistress of the year will appreciate this! Christmas tree can be decorated with sweets, gingerbread, small fruit and toy monkeys.

If there are children or pets in the house, be sure to take care of safety beforehand, do not leave burning candles in accessible places, shut off the fireplace with special flaps and make sure that the cat or dog does not eat Christmas decorations.

How and where will it be better to celebrate 2016

In fact, you should not attach great importance to the venue of the holiday, but what exactly needs to be considered is the fact that there is not much fun!

You can think of anything and should not be limited to anything, for example, you can meet the new year by arranging a chic costume masquerade ball or a cool youth party, invite as many friends and acquaintances as possible and the main thing to remember to have fun before you drop!

A bold decision would be to go to Brazil, where a huge number of monkeys live, and there to celebrate the new year. But it is important to remember only one thing: the celebration should bring joy, good mood and a sea of ​​smiles.

How to decorate the house

For an extraordinary and original Monkey is not alien to a huge amount of tinsel, garlands and decorations, nothing will be too much, it should be taken into account, preparing your home for the celebration of the new 2016. This year stinginess and modesty will come to nothing, therefore you can and even need to decorate your home generously.

The main colors of the new year can be called red and all its derivatives, cheerful orange, languid purple (as well as lilac and all other similar shades). However, it will be impossible to do in the decoration of the new year without gold. But what colors, like black and blue, should be discarded.

It will not be superfluous to put a large vase of tropical fruits on the table, it can be - big bunches of bananas, pineapples, oranges, all this will delight the rightful mistress of the coming year.

And, of course, we must remember that the elements of the next year are fire. Therefore, everything should shine: the little lights on the beautifully decorated Christmas tree, and the candles in elegant candlesticks.

We wish you a merry meeting of the New 2016! Be always brave, cheerful and happy!

How to plan everything?

If you believe the well-known tradition, then how to meet the New Year, and spend it. And therefore it is important not to forget anything. Planning a celebration includes several important points:

  • A place. It should be chosen in advance, as it may not remain in some places already a couple of months before the holiday. Decide what you want: a quiet family holiday, get-togethers with friends, an incredible and fun party or romance? There are a lot of options: a cafe or a restaurant, an apartment, a sauna, a country house, and so on.
  • Company. Meet the New Year is better with those who want to see next to him. It can be relatives and friends.
  • New Year's program. Sitting, eating and drinking is too trite and boring. Come up with interesting and fun entertainment that will not turn the holiday into a normal feast and provide real fun.
  • Form. Choose outfit, hairstyle, makeup, shoes and accessories. In the New Year, you definitely need to be the most beautiful!
  • Presents. Think that you will give to your loved ones.

Symbols of the year

What animal should be honored and honored in 2016? This New Year will be held under the sign of the Monkey. The symbol is a fire or red Monkey. The main and predominant color is red, and the dominant element is fire. According to the eastern calendar, the year will not come on January 1, but only on February 8, but it is worthwhile to approach the celebration responsibly.

What to expect in the new year?

The Year of the Fire Monkey will be pretty successful for everyone. People born in this year, waiting for success. But still it is necessary to exercise caution. If you get involved in some risky adventure, you can lose everything. All the others can hope for the beginning of new or development of the existing relations.

Many this year will create a family, all unions will be strong and successful. Success in work also expects, as in other matters, in almost all cases. Some will be able to change life for the better. But it is important to always be alert. In addition, you should monitor your health, in the year of the Monkey it may suffer.

Where to celebrate the New Year?

The meeting place does not play an important role, but still it is better to give preference to unknown and interesting places, you will always have time to stay at home. For example, you can go to a country house or a party. But in your own apartment you can arrange something interesting and very fun.

An important role is played by the decor of the room. First of all, the Monkey loves large spaces, so remove all that is superfluous so that guests can dance and move. Secondly, the Chinese calendar says that the element of the year is fire, so decorate the walls and furnishings with burning lights, candles and garlands.

Third, Monkey loves plants and fruits, so use them for decoration. And also use various statuettes and figurines in the form of cute monkeys for decoration.

Who to meet?

Monkeys are sociable animals, so it is absolutely necessary to celebrate New 2016 in a pleasant and cheerful company. Cooperate with friends, relatives and relatives. You can gather several families in one place to make it even more fun. The only condition: among the celebrants there should not be people who are unpleasant to each other or even more openly conflicting with each other.

Otherwise, the holiday can turn into a real scandal with fights and insults (alcohol will do its job). The participants of the event may be strangers to each other and get acquainted just before the holiday, but in this case, the interests, preferences and peculiarities of people should be taken into account, otherwise someone will certainly feel uncomfortable.

If you do not want noise and crowds of people, then you can quite arrange a holiday in a narrow family circle. This will be especially true if you rarely see your relatives. You can simply enjoy socializing and hanging out.

And you can also arrange a romantic evening with your second half. But remember that the element of the year is fire, so give your beloved this night all your passion that has accumulated all year. Enjoy each other, turn off the phones, create a romantic atmosphere.

How to meet?

How to celebrate New Year? A bright and unusual New Year program is a guarantee of fun and good mood of the guests. The monkey is curious and curious, so by all means think up something creative, unexplored and unusual, let all the participants of the event be surprised and discover something new in themselves. Arrange a variety of talent contests, master classes, competitions.

Let the guests try themselves in something previously unknown and incomprehensible. This will give positive emotions and a great mood. In general, experiment, create and do not be afraid! Let the complexes, constraints and fears on New Year's Eve go away. Everyone should be interesting and fun!

If you want something new and unusual, then go on a trip! If you can not go abroad, then at least make a trip to another city. But it is best to go to the New Year holidays in some hot country with palm trees, wild animals and birds. Start the year with a change, Monkey will definitely approve!

New Year's table

You can cook traditional dishes, but by all means decorate them with greens, vegetables, berries and fruits. In addition, it is desirable to give preference to easier, but unusual dishes. And, of course, you can not forget about desserts. As for drinks, various fruit liqueurs and weak liqueurs, cocktails, juices and so on are welcome.

What to meet?

A festive outfit is important, especially for girls. Several rules and important points that will help you think through your image to the smallest detail:

  1. The main color is red, but it goes far from all. You can also pay attention to such tones as green, yellow, blue, white, coral, burgundy, orange, red, brown and gold. You can combine several colors, but not more than three, otherwise the image will turn out to be too motley and ridiculous.
  2. Be sure to wear a gorgeous dress! It can be a stunning evening, and sexy and moderately frank cocktail. But it is important to choose a suitable model that will emphasize all your advantages and hide the disadvantages. In 2016, you can and should open and show arms and shoulders. But in this case you should choose the length of midi or maxi, as the dress should not be too open and vulgar.
  3. Accessories not only can, but should be bright and shiny. It is advisable to give preference to golden shades. But remember that if you choose a complicated dress, then it is better to give up jewelry completely, they will overload the image and make you look like a Christmas tree.
  4. Shoes should also be beautiful and elegant, but also comfortable, because you have to have fun all night.
  5. Choose unusual and bright hairstyles, but not too complicated.
  6. Makeup should be bright and festive. The main focus is best done on the lips.

New Year signs 2016:

  • The monkey loves money, so in order for it to be carried in your house, lay out a few bills on the table. It would be worthwhile to put money in pockets and wallets.
  • At the New Year's table lean on the fruit. Firstly, the Monkey symbol of the coming year loves them very much, secondly, in this way you can avoid heaviness in the stomach and get the opportunity to move more. Thirdly, you will not spoil the shape.
  • Give everyone close figures monkeys, do it wholeheartedly and with best wishes.
  • On New Year's Eve, behave relaxedly and naturally.
  • Под бой курантов непременно загадайте желание. Напишите его на бумаге, сожгите его, пепел растворите в шампанском и выпейте всё до капли.

Что надеть

Пусть будут натуральные ткани, главное, не допускать в одежде небрежности.

Если вы встречаете новогоднюю ночь дома, не оставайтесь в домашней одежде, обязательно смените её на вечерний наряд. If you go to a costume party, then choose a bright, extravagant and eye-catching image. If you plan to go to a restaurant, it is better to opt for a dress and complement it with a beautiful necklace with natural stones, or made of leather and wood. Men are better to choose a light suit and complement it with an extravagant butterfly.

Festive table

Many of the New Year's table this year will not do without the traditional "Olivier" and champagne. Be sure to cook your favorite dishes of your family and friends. And since the monkey loves to be the center of attention, it will appreciate your efforts if you set the table according to its preferences and taste.

In the preparation of New Year's dishes, use nuts and eggs, make a few snacks with greens and vegetables, do not forget about sweet drinks and delicacies, it can be baking, sweets or ice cream with fruit. It will be a good decision to diversify vegetable fruit salads.

For the preparation of main dishes prefer fish and poultry. Decorate the table with candles and a small souvenir monkey. A beautifully laid table and delicious natural food will create the right atmosphere for the New Year.

About gifts

Each of us knows how best to please our loved ones and friends.

A monkey in the form of a figurine, a toy, a key fob, a pendant or a magnet can be presented to almost everyone. When you decide on a gift, pack it in red and gold tones. The most important thing in the New Year greetings, when no one was left without attention.

In the coming year, it is important to be insightful, wise and calculating. You should not make hasty decisions, but it is worth the risk! If you meet the New Year with clear thoughts, a positive attitude and a friendly atmosphere, then it will definitely bring you good luck and recovery. And since the color of the coming year is red, it will be especially favorable for love, weddings and the birth of children!

If you meet New Year 2016 correctly, then your life will certainly turn for the better!

We celebrate New Year at home with family and friends

For many people, the New Year is a home holiday.which is celebrated with family. And this is a very good, warm tradition. The beginning of the next calendar period usually evokes associations with the ability to change your life for the better, leave the bad behind, start everything from scratch. And the presence of close people nearby at this time gives a feeling of confidence and support.

  1. cozy home furnishings
  2. closest people nearby
  3. intimate conversations,


  1. Still, such a holiday can be somewhat ... boring.

New Year in a restaurant

  1. don't have to worry about cooking and woes after leaving the guests,
  2. in almost all places, entertainment is organized.


  1. prices on New Year's Eve "bite",
  2. drunk strangers around can spoil the mood.

Celebrate at the recreation center

A great option for a friendly party or for a romantic holiday together - a trip to the recreation center. A cozy warm house, a fireplace, snow falls quietly outside the window ...

  1. unity with nature. Often such bases are located in picturesque places outside the city. Therefore, the pleasure can be obtained even from a simple walk through the surroundings,
  2. winter activities are organized for active recreation lovers: trips on snowmobiles, on skis, on skateboards, descent from ice slides on cheesecakes and sleigh rides. So the fun is provided for both big and small guests.


  1. again, “biting” prices,
  2. the need to search for vehicles to travel to a place of rest and home,
  3. if dinner is not provided at the base, the need to carry food for the holiday table.

And can be noted in public transport?

Now the original meeting of the coming year in public transport, for example, on an airplane or on a train, is becoming increasingly popular.

  1. definitely originality. Congratulating each other on a holiday at an altitude of several thousand kilometers or to the monotonous sound of the wheels of a train - there will be something to remember in old age,
  2. songs with a guitar with new friends.


  1. lack of a certain comfort and freedom of movement.

Night club as an option!

The 2016 meeting in a nightclub will make the holiday bright, noisy and fun.

  1. music without end
  2. fiery dances,
  3. happy faces of people around,
  4. holiday show program.


  1. from the loud noise you can quickly get tired
  2. high prices for food and drinks.

We eat in Europe to celebrate New Year!

An interesting idea to celebrate the New Year - a trip to another country. You can spend a holiday in a cozy little town in some of the countries of Europe, for example in the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague. This is a beautiful city that has preserved medieval architecture, full of legends and mystics.

  1. the opportunity to see another country
  2. immersion in the atmosphere of Catholic festivals,
  3. visiting Christmas markets and fairs.


  1. the trip will have to be planned on the twentieth of December, since it is at this time that most European countries celebrate Christmas. And by the end of December, all the celebrations are over,
  2. the trip will be expensive. The price of a tour to Prague, for example, for two will cost about 35-60 thousand rubles.

Similar news

The new year 2016 according to the eastern calendar is the year of the Red Fire Monkey. Are you ready for the holiday, fireworks, surprises and incredible gifts of fate? It is necessary to prepare, because in the coming year all this is promised in abundance. Astrologers didn’t refer to a number of quiet years (such is temperamental and unpredictable), and the elements of this year are fire. So the circumstances will be quite interesting, though not at all as you had planned. Entering the new year, you need to be prepared for the fact that everything will turn upside down - but in some incomprehensible way it suddenly turns out that this is even better.

Strictly speaking, the astrological year of the Fire Monkey will come only on February 8, but it is better to celebrate the New Year - 2016 already taking into account the tastes and tastes of its symbol. Moreover, the Monkey loves the holidays and extraordinary events. Moreover, being very particularly vain, she will gladly accept the honors put to her and in gratitude will present you with various amenities in the coming year.

The main pre-Christmas affairs: what is necessary to have time before the New Year? Read here!

Where and how best to celebrate New 2016

Place, perhaps, does not matter. But the fun should beat over the edge! This year it cannot be too much - a masquerade or a real quest on the streets of the city, a show in a restaurant, a large company of friends and even unfamiliar people, a rock concert or a Hawaiian-style party - everything suits. The main thing is to be fun and noisy.

Want to have a picnic anywhere in tropical countries - great! For this comes the best time. You can even go to Brazil, where, as you know, monkeys are abundant. However, the ski resort is perfect for a New Year's party.

It is only important to remember: wherever you celebrate the New Year - 2016, it is necessary to ensure unbridled fun and good mood.

And of course, meeting the fiery year, there is no way to forget about fireworks, firecrackers and Bengal fires. How to choose the right festive pyrotechnics and what safety rules should be followed, read our article.

How to decorate the house for the New Year - 2016

If you miss the bright colors, glitter and tinsel, you have an excellent reason to fix it. For an eccentric Monkey, nothing will be too, it must be borne in mind to perfectly decorate the house for the New 2016. The more decorations - the better! So you should not be stingy and shy this year.

The main colors of this year are red and all its variations, cheerful orange, exquisite purple (as well as lilac and all other similar shades). Do not do in the New Year's decor without a golden sheen. But from the black and blue is better to give up.

Make sure the Monkey feels at home: hang beautiful garlands on the walls and the ceiling - let them wind like lianas in the jungle. A big vase with tropical fruits will not hurt - bananas, pineapples, oranges will suit the mistress of the new 2016.

And, of course, we must not forget that the elements of this year are fire. So everything should shine: from the lights on the Christmas tree to candles in expensive candlesticks.

How and what to decorate the Christmas tree - 2016

Dressing up the Christmas tree to celebrate the New 2016, show your imagination. Who said that only balls, cones and Santa Claus figures can be relevant? This year you can give free rein to creative impulses - and decorate a Christmas tree with literally anything.

Sweet Monkey will enjoy sweets in shiny wrappers and fruit - tangerines are the place to be on the Christmas tree! And still homemade toys will look great: garlands of buttons, "balls" of light bulbs, home-made snowflakes of multi-colored foil and all that is enough for your imagination.

The monkey, according to astrologers, loves money (but who does not love them!), So it will be a great idea to please the mistress of the coming year by hanging money notes tied with red ribbons on the Christmas tree. Then on top of that, you can firmly count on financial success in 2016.

Want to personally have a hand in decorating a New Year tree? Great idea! In addition, this can be done with children, then the joy and pleasure from the process will be much more. What beautiful can you do? For example, balls of thread or stockings for Christmas gifts.

In addition to the big New Year tree, this year you should dress up a few small ones - their role is perfect for bouquets of pine branches or your home plants. And if there is a palm tree or a famous money tree in the house, they just need New Year's decoration!

What should be on the table for the New Year - 2016

Everything! And more! The table should be bursting with treats, and the design should be bright and festive. The most expensive dishes, the most exquisite decorations, the most unusual dishes - everything should be the best. Do not forget the color of the symbol of this year - fiery red. Red and orange must be present not only in the decoration of the table, but also in the treat itself. Oranges, tomatoes, colorful peppers or strawberries - add bright colors to each dish.

Another feature of the menu for the New Year's table - an abundance of exotic dishes. Not only fruit (and they should be abundant), but also any other dishes. Be sure to cook something truly unusual, fine, if you didn't even know yesterday that such food existed. New Year's Eve is an excellent opportunity to try something new!

But you need to remember: despite the culinary abundance, on the New Year's table should be only "light" dishes: Monkey will not like too fat and heavy food. But fruit (and not only!) Salads very much like it. The task of this evening is to have fun, walk and dance, and not spend the whole night eating with delicacies. So no less attention than the decor, along with the table, should be given to New Year's entertainment.

And finally, we offer you some interesting and unusual dishes that can be included in the menu for the New Year - 2016.

New Year at sea!

Let's not forget that the symbol of 2016 is a small animal from solar countries, a thermophilic who loves to climb trees and eat fruits. Therefore, what could be more symbolic than to meet the coming year, for example, in Thailand, Vietnam or, for example, in India?

  1. the sun, warmth and palm trees,
  2. tan in the middle of winter
  3. the opportunity to swim in the sea / ocean.


  1. high prices. Winter is considered a tourist season for many warm countries. A trip, for example, to Thailand, will cost from 80 to 150 thousand rubles for two,
  2. Is this the New Year in our childhood performance? Far from all Russians are ready to trade the snow outside the window, the “Olivier” salad, the Christmas tree and champagne on the beach and palm trees. And perhaps they are absolutely right.

Whatever option ultimately becomes the final choice, I wish you that the upcoming event will bring only joy and pleasure. After all, according to popular belief, how to meet the New Year, so spend it.