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Layfak - what does this popular word mean?


In order to understand what the word "life hack" means, I had to turn to various dictionaries, including modern slang and computer. Searches were successful, and the meaning of the word “life hack” was “deciphered” as a set of various methods and behavioral techniques that can change (blow up) life. In another version, it denotes a small everyday cunning that can make everyday life easier, brighter, more fun. As a rule, life hacking looks like a useful piece of advice that solves a problem.

How did the word appear?

In order to understand what the word lifehack means, you need to refer to the history of its appearance. It owes its birth to IT specialists, who used one part of this English word hack and denoted hacking, and programmers involved in correcting errors found in various computer programs were called hackers. Initially, these people did a noble cause, although they often used effective, but not always welcomed from a legal point of view, techniques in their work. Another part of life (“life”), this word has gained thanks to the British journalist Denny O’Brien. With his light hand, it was launched into a spoken language and very quickly settled there, and those who actively own the techniques of life hacking became known as life hackers.

Why do you need a life hack?

So, a new word life hacking has appeared in our language, and we already understand what this means. However, what is its true purpose, why is it? It is no secret that in recent times there has been a mass of new words, the meaning and meaning of which can be expressed in understandable words that already exist in the language.

Today, in our age of speed, we learn to quickly do everything, including delivering the necessary information. The new word frees us from uttering a long phrase: "I want to give you useful advice." It may be easier: "Here's your life hacking." And then this most useful advice is voiced: sometimes it is serious, sometimes with a bit of irony or humor, but, in any case, what today received the name “life hack” is really useful advice that can, if you don’t blow up familiar ideas about life, but to make it a little happier - that's for sure. Let us cite as an example one of these tips: "Putting a coat in the summer in a closet, put a stool in your pocket - make yourself a gift for the future."

What it is?

What does the term mean? What is a life hack? Today, they are given a set of techniques and methods that involve the maximum simplification of certain processes and the achievement of their goals using tricks, skills, knowledge and useful tips.

In other words, all this can be called “hacking” of the environment and life, which helps to simplify your life as much as possible. Proponents of the direction are looking for any way to speed up the workflow, save time and labor costs.

If we translate such a concept literally, then we can divide it into two English words: “life” (life) and “hack” (hacking). And such a translation just conveys the whole essence of the title.

Proponents of this trend call themselves life hackers, some of them devote literally all their time to finding easy ways out of certain situations and finding non-standard solutions to problems. Among such questions and problems one can come across sometimes difficult or even absurd ones, for example:

  • How not to stand in line?
  • How not to worry before the exam?
  • How to remember the phone number?
  • How to get rid of unnecessary things?

A bit of history

The history of the movement goes back to the 1980s. It was then that programming and IT technologies were born. The then programmers solved the problems of optimizing and simplifying computer processes and tasks.

Initially, the word "hack" appeared, which meant an effective and quick solution of a problem. But then the programmers decided to extend their techniques to everyday life, after which one more word was added to the term - “life”.

The world learned about the name of the movement much later, namely in 2004, when an article was published by the famous journalist Danny O’Brien, who at that time covered programming and computer technologies in the press.

The life hacking movement itself began to emerge in 2005, when information began to appear on social networks. Created numerous blogs and sites where you can find the answer to any question. Today such a direction is very, very popular.

Methods, principles, rules and devices

What are lifehackers using to make their lives as simple as possible?

  1. Memory cards. On them, such people store all the important information. But the desktop computer will be perfectly clean.
  2. Savvy. Yes, it can not do without it.
  3. Time management, planning, organization. All life hackers plan their day and control time.
  4. Security. No supporter of the movement will not commit rash acts and follow untested advice, endangering himself and others.
  5. Available tips. Why reinvent the wheel if it is already invented? Experience and knowledge of others are useful.
  6. Help others. Often lifefakers connect assistants to their activities.

How to reveal a lifaker?

Is it possible to somehow identify lifehacker? Of course, there are no external identification marks. Such people dress and look like everyone else. But if you talk with one of the representatives of the movement and even more so to observe him in the process of working or solving some problem, then it will be quite possible to “expose” him. Here are some of the distinctive signs of life hacker:

  • Unusual view of the problem.
  • The presence in the arsenal of interesting and very useful devices. Some of these devices are invented by the lifefacker itself.
  • The desire to save money and time. Excess lifehaker just do not spend.
  • Smart, logical thinking.
  • The speed of the reaction. Layfhaker seizes everything on the fly and quickly assesses the situation.
  • Supporters of the movement do not keep their advice in secret. On the contrary, they are beneficial to the masses and give useful recommendations to others.
  • Lifehackers are usually pretty successful.
  • Many supporters of the direction are interesting, educated and well-read people.

How to become a life hacker?

Is it possible to become a life hacker? If you have the makings of, such as ingenuity, dexterity, the ability to find non-standard solutions and to consider the situation from different sides, then you may well be able to join this movement. Here are some tips on how to do this:

  1. Read more! Visit interesting sites and get information from them, read encyclopedias and just interesting books. Reading will provide a lot of interesting information, which at any time can be useful.
  2. Always carry with you a few useful and necessary things: a flashlight, pen and notebook, memory card, mobile phone (certainly with useful programs and constant access to the Internet), a penknife.
  3. Learn to soberly assess the situation and consider it from different angles.
  4. You may need the laws of chemistry and physics, so it will be useful to remember the basics of these sciences.
  5. Record or record any useful and interesting information, even if it seems unnecessary at the moment.
  6. Do not be afraid of experiments and improvisation, brilliant can be born by chance.
  7. Communicate more with "avid" and experienced life hackers, visit thematic sites, this will allow you to gain experience and learn some useful habits.

Let life hacking help you through life and let you solve all your problems. Good luck and, of course, patience!

Birth of life hacking

To understand the true meaning of the term life hacking, let's look at history.

The concept of "life hacking" originated in the 1980s, as we now say, in the IT environment. Or rather, it came up with programmers who sought to optimize everything and everyone.

At first only the first part was used - “hack”. The implication was to quickly and effectively solve any computer problem. Then the word "life" was added, and the meaning of the term expanded.

Life hacking was not just a way to solve a computational problem, it turned into a method of simplifying everyday life, routine, programmer. For example, a life hack was to write some kind of utility that synchronizes files.

Perhaps life hacking would have remained a computer term, if not for Danny O’Brien, a British computer technology journalist.

In 2004, O’Brien spoke at the O’Really Emerging Technology conference in San Diego (California, USA). His report was called "Life Hacks - Tech Secrets of Overprolific Alpha Geeks".

A regular user did not know anything about those mini-programs that were created and used geeks. Their development was manifested later, as part of large commercial software. Programmers did not seek to popularize their life hacking.

But I have a theory that life hacking is more than a solution to hardcore computer problems. I conducted a non-scientific survey and saw an interesting pattern: people with the same problem use computers in a similar way. These habits I called life hacking. Danny O’Brien, IT journalist.

The term proposed by O’Brien instantly picked up the blogosphere. In 2005, the word life hacking became the second most popular on the Web, after the word podcast.

In 2011, the term appeared on the online pages of the Oxford Dictionary.

Life hacking is ...

These are strategies and methods adopted in order to more effectively manage your time and everyday tasks.

A similar definition is given by Wikipedia:

Life hacking is a set of techniques and techniques for "hacking" of the surrounding life to simplify the process of achieving your goals with the help of various useful tips and clever tricks.

These definitions reflect the modern understanding of life-hacking, which has stepped over the computer framework.

Today, life hacking is not just a way to solve technological problems, it is a manifestation of ingenuity on a domestic and social level, optimizing life in all its manifestations.

“How to learn a foreign language”, “How to clean up the closet?”, “How to make a website?”, “How to speak in public?”, “How to manage everything?”, “How to become happier?”, Etc.

Life hacking is designed to solve the problems of quite a large number of people, to save their time, effort and money. At the same time, life hacking is not a creation of a new one (not an invention of a wheel), but an original application of an existing one (how to make a garden table out of a wheel?).

In accordance with this can be identified signs of life hacking:

  • original, unusual look at the problem,
  • saving resources (time, money, effort, etc.),
  • simplification of various spheres of life (work, education, relationships, health, self-perfection, etc.),
  • ease of use
  • benefits to a lot of people.

For most people, both geeks and non-geeks, modern life is incredibly complex, the obvious solutions do not work. But we can circumvent these facets. The idea of ​​life hacking is the hope that we can actually make life a little better. Danny O’Brien.

Lifehackers movement

Beginning in 2005, blogs and websites began to appear in the global web like mushrooms after rain, giving all sorts of advice on how to “hack life”.

Lifehack.org - Leon Ho (2005), Lifehacker.com - Gina Trapani (2005), HackCollege - Kelly Sutton and Rosario Driott (2006) and others.

Using livehacking, you can do more in less time, freeing it up for reading livehacking blogs. Gina Trapani, web developer.

The life hacking movement gradually came to Runet. Thousands of people want to comprehend the "science" of life-hacking, and in search of a solution to their life problems, they come to the blog Lifehack.ru

Lifehacking is a special worldview that implies a critical attitude towards yourself, work, career and technology that are used in work and leisure. This implies a complete rejection of default decisions that are imposed by tradition, society, and corporate culture. Life hacker pays special attention to himself - intellectual development, broadening of horizons. All this against the background of caring for your body, as the physical container of all the described techniques and skills. Slava Baransky, editor of Lifhaker.ru.

Etymology of a foreign word

If we delve a little into the history of the term, we will get into 2004. One British journalist, using the IT word hack, which translates hacking and life (life), created a new concept of “lifehack”. That is, life hacking literally translates as "hacking life."

And life hackers often use the expression “life hack”. So what is it? One of the definitions: these are clever tricks that simplify life, work, learning, relationships, etc. In other words, it is ingenuity in action, when, instead of the usual way, a lighter, saving time and effort is used.

Life examples

Lifehacking is found in all areas of activity. It can be used for leisure, work, communication, creativity, etc.
For example:

  • Social: it is faster to establish contact if to repeat posture, gestures and facial expressions interlocutor.
  • Professional:
    • pre-compiled to-do listsaves a lot of time.
    • tedious work broken into pieces for 15 minutes done faster.
    • if some things are put off count to 5 and get to work.
  • Domestic

  • For traveling: When flying, note the baggage marked "fragile", the chance to get the suitcases whole and first of all increase significantly. Or so:

Do you remember how you used to make flower beds from old tires or plant pots from musical records? We called it “a cunning fool”, now it is popular to say “household life-hacking”.

Programmer tricks

As for the life hacking for the computer, they are also sufficient. For example:

  • If the tab of the browser is somehow accidentally closed, then you should press Ctrl + Shift + T
  • Change “Youtube” to “Youtubeskip” to skip ads
  • To download any video from Youtube, type "SS" in the address bar "Youtube.com"

There are many examples. In Russia, this direction quickly turned into a major movement of Lafkhackers, who began to actively exchange useful tips on how to “hack life” and adapt any situation to their own tasks.

Benefit and harm

Real life hackers are distinguished by non-standard thinking, flexibility of reactions, the desire to live as efficiently as possible, education and erudition. As a rule, they are successful and know how to handle money. They have a rich arsenal of ideas and lifehacks for life change, which they willingly share. Some ingenious solutions they come up with and find themselves.

Unfortunately, not all recommendations published on the Internet are effective and properly tested.
As a result, the concept of anti-life hacking arose when the use of advice was deemed harmful. Therefore, before you follow the recommendations, ask yourself why you want to use the notions of the life of the hacker movement.

How to create hack ideas

Some of these notions cause admiration for their originality and ease of solution. But in fact, to create a life hack with your own hands is for everyone. To do this, it is necessary to develop a non-standard thinking, look for new knowledge, apply special techniques:

  • Read different literature, including remind yourself of physical and chemical laws. Thus, you will broaden your horizons and be ready if you need specific knowledge.
    If you are not familiar with such technology as TRIZ - it's time to learn more about it.
  • Practice creativity: make clear sentences from several unrelated words. Or take two different objects and invent ideas how and why they can be put together. Still be sure to solve puzzles and riddles.
  • Do not limit yourself in experiments: try ordinary objects in unusual places and cases. For example, it has been established experimentally that Coca-Cola drink copes with pollution of plumbing and kettle scum.
  • Write down any ideas that will come to mind. You cannot criticize yourself; write even the most stupid thoughts. They can be the impetus for genius. To do this, always carry with you devices for recording and fixing: a telephone, a pen and a notebook.
  • Use mnemotechnics - the method of memorization through the formation of associative links (emotional, visual, spatial, rhyming, etc.).
  • Use time management technology. There are a great many of them and you can spend your whole life studying them. Those who wish to get results are quickly recommended to complete a full-fledged course "RPD Time Management".
  • Another useful thing is a memory card. With the help of a pencil and paper or an appropriate program, you can create a structure of your knowledge when solving any issue, depict ideas and thoughts for further analysis.

The list is not exhaustive. Reflecting on how to come up with life hacking, you will undoubtedly find for yourself other equally promising directions for exerting effort.

As you can see, life hacking is a new name for optimizing living space. In my opinion, not the form is important, but the content. It does not matter what names are thought out, the main thing is that people strive to be successful, transforming their lives and adapting to changes.

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History of the concept

The birth of life hacking began in the eighties of the last century. It was invented by programmers who sought to optimize everything. At first they used only one part of the word - “hack”. This term meant an effective and quick solution to any problem. Somewhat later the word "life" was added. At the same time, the meaning of this term has significantly expanded. It began to mean not just a way to solve the stated computational problem. Life hacking has become a special method to simplify the programmer’s life routine. For example, it was a way to write one of the utilities that allows you to synchronize files.

In 2004, British journalist Danny O'Brien, who wrote articles about computer technology, suggested using this term to solve everyday problems with a computer. In 2011, the word life hacking appeared in the Oxford dictionary on online pages.

Definition of term

What is a life hack? First of all, these are techniques and strategies that should be adopted for more effective management of daily tasks and their time.

The term "life hack" includes methods of "hacking" of the surrounding being. This makes it faster and easier to achieve your goals. It uses clever tricks and useful tips. This definition reflects the modern concept of life hacking, which has long overstepped the computer framework.

What is life hacking today? This is not only one way to solve a technological problem. This includes the manifestation of ingenuity at the social and everyday level. In other words, life optimization.

Life hacking exists to solve the problems of a large number of people. It allows you to save money, time and effort. At the same time life hacking is not something new. This concept means the original use of something already existing.

Signs of life hacking

For many people, modern life is not easy, as often the obvious solutions simply do not work. But all the sharp corners will help to get around life hacking for every day. Of all the main features that are peculiar to them, we can distinguish:

- saving resources (time, effort, money, etc.),
- original vision of the problem,
- simplification of various life spheres (in the field of work, education, self-improvement, etc.),
- ease of use,
- benefit for most people.

Lifehacker movement

In the world wide web, the mass appearance of websites and blogs that give all sorts of life-giving advice began in 2005. Using lifehacker, you can do much more in less time. This movement is a special worldview, implying a critical attitude to career, to yourself, to work, as well as to technologies used during professional activities and at home. From this arose the rejection of the default decisions imposed by tradition.

Layfhaker pays special attention to their intellectual development and expansion of horizons. At the same time, he does not forget to take care of his health, which is necessary for the use of all the described skills and techniques.

Baby lifehacks

For a better understanding of the term "lifehack" it is worth reading the examples given. Useful lifehacks can relate to raising children.


- if in the morning it is very difficult to wake up a child, you need to start asking him questions about your favorite cartoons or computer games,
- if the child refuses to go to kindergarten, then you should ask him for advice about what clothes to choose for him,
- tidying up the apartment and at the same time cheering your child will be helped by riding the child around the rooms on a blanket,
- instead of answering the constant how-tos, try to ask the child how he thinks
- not to feel the nasty taste of the pill will allow kefir.

Solving household problems

Interesting lifehacks are offered to readers for everyday life:

- The list of necessary things made before the trip, it is recommended to take with you. This will not forget anything when packing a suitcase in the opposite way.
- When inviting a person for the first time to yourself, besides explaining how to get to you, send him a photo of the house. Guest will be much easier to navigate.
- To remove small scratches that have arisen on glass products, the surface should be wiped with a cloth on which toothpaste is applied.

- The chewing gum stuck to the hair can be easily removed if it is smeared with peanut paste or vaseline.
- If you want to clean the candlesticks from wax, then they are recommended to be put for twenty minutes in the freezer. The wax will disappear after this.
- The thread is much easier to enter the needle if its tip is sprinkled with hairspray.
- It is recommended to wipe the windows vertically from the inside and horizontally from the outside. If after the end of the work the divorces still remain, then it will be easier to determine which side they are from.
- On leather shoes in the winter, white salt stains often remain. They are removed with a solution of vinegar (1 tbsp. 1 tbsp. Of water).
- To prevent the mirror in the bathroom from misting up, you need to wipe it with a regular shaving cream, which is then removed with a soft cloth.
- The unpleasant smell of sports shoes will help eliminate soda. It should be poured inside and leave for the day.

Useful tips for culinary

There are life hacks for the kitchen. They will help housewives to save time and facilitate homework.

- To eliminate the smell of garlic left on your hands, you need to wipe them on any object made of stainless steel.
- It is good to use frozen grapes for cooling white wine.
- Cabbage stump can not be cut with a knife. Enough to hit her and push inside. After that, it is removed without any extra effort.
- In order for ketchup to flow faster from the bottle, it is necessary to stick a straw in it and remove it immediately.

Meaning of the word

The English word “hack”, which literally translates as “hack,” means “find an effective solution to the problem". And when we add the word “life” to it, we get “lifehack”.

Life hacking, soIn other words, these are helpful tips and tricks that help you cope with everyday tasks. Perhaps you know how to do something simple, quickly and effectively? How to clean the closet so that it never gets lost Your favorite blouse? How to perform in front of a huge hall, without showing anyone your excitement? How to quickly remove from the white cloth stain of coffee? Spectacular and non-standard answers to such questions - this is life hacking.

Here, for example, the answer to the urgent question - what to do so that the headphones do not tangle?

Computer slang was added to the word "life hack" in the 80s, and in 2005 it turned out in second place in the list of the most popular words of the Internet. In 2011, the life hack got into the online version of the Oxford Dictionary. So a purely programmer word expanded the boundaries of its meaning, gaining popularity and even official recognition!

Life hackers

Needless to say - there is even a category of people who call themselves lifehackers! If ordinary hackers "crack" someone's computers or databases, then Life hacker is a person who is able to “crack” life difficulties.. He easily finds the secrets to overcome them in very unexpected ways!

How to put on a sandwich cheese and sausage sothem wayso that all ingredients are evenly distributed?

To become a life hacker, follow a few simple rules:

  • Write down useful tips and interesting facts that may come in handy in the future.
  • don't be afraid to create and experiment
  • train your wits
  • and, of course, learn from the experience of lifehackers,)

The more life hacking will be at your disposal - the more time you will be able to save, more moments to live peacefully and happily. And people who see how originally you solve problems can only exclaim in surprise: “Brilliant!”.