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14 years of marriage: what a wedding, how to celebrate what to give


Well, what to wish on the day of agate wedding?
Of course, patience continues in the family,
So that the children are not particularly upset,
Good luck, love you in destiny.

Today is a significant date
And on the anniversary of all in a hurry to congratulate you.
I won't stand out guys
After all, I want to congratulate you now.

Fourteen years-agate wedding.
I do not know what to wish for,
Let there be a manor in the Maldives
And every weekend you fly there.

I congratulate you on the 14th anniversary of life together, with a wonderful wedding agate. I sincerely wish your family life to be as interesting, multifaceted, unique, unusual, as the mineral agate with a layered structure of layers of joy, fun, miracles and magic. Be happy for many years and at the same time live in peace and prosperity.

With agate wedding
Congratulations to you in a hurry.
Let the holiday be bright,
We wish from the heart.

Let the sun shine brightly
Let the dreams come true!
Let please gifts
Today and flowers.

Let her husband be pleased
And joyful wife.
Live without pain
Today and forever!

On agate wedding
Gathered now
Congratulations in verse read
Glad for you!

And we wish you a long life
In joy, love,
To further you each other
Gently take care!

So loved very much,
Happiness is not hidden
To proudly say:
"Here is my family!"

Marriage is yours today, like agate,
Different experiences are rich,
Drank together, ate together
And tired of each other!

But love does not cool,
In the gray days helps,
In raising children,
Have fun and be wise!

So live long together
Help the bridegroom to the bride!
Eat a patty together,
Get congratulations!

You multiplied by seven by playing
Living in love and joy together.
Agate glistens, glistening in the sun,
Protecting powerfully your cozy home.

Wish you happiness, really, not tired,
By right deserved it.
Let no one spare heavenly manna,
And daily life gives you magic!

And this day has come,
I saw you in veil.
And it was like in a dream
You, like, doe appeared to me.

Fourteen years we are together
We live in this best place.
And how agate you are good
Love you my soul!

Agate wedding! 14 years old
You gave everyone joy and smiles light.
I wish you a lot of happiness
Love mutual sweetness.

Flowers, gifts and attention,
Needs in each other awareness, -
As you have been for many years.
Friends only devotee advice.

Let the prosperity be agate anniversary
Health and success will give a prosperous family
Living together for 14 years together is a huge reason
To congratulate you today doubly!

So many happy days have passed since your wedding day,
Each other firmly loving live life
May all the joyful moments be together
I wish true love to the end to save!

Not bad, not poorly lived, my light,
With you together fourteen years.
It's time to make us a holiday -
Kindle on agate wedding!

Fourteen years is not a serious matter.
In fact, we are still “teenagers” with you,
We have ahead, without a doubt -
A lot of victories and achievements!

Agate wedding: 14 years of marriage

Some spouses here also undeservedly bypass the 14th anniversary of their family. But this is a very interesting date - Agate anniversary. For the first time in all the years, a semiprecious stone is appointed as a wedding symbol. It is explained quite rationally:

  • Marriage has already proved its strength, and agate is quite a hard stone (Mohs hardness of 6.5-7.0 units),
  • Just as marital relations are formed daily, are made up of various events and resemble a layer cake, so the stone has a multi-layered structure that has been formed for decades,
  • For 14 years in marriage, spouses have experienced the whole range of emotions - from passion and quarrels to the peaceful enjoyment of each other's company. Therefore, it is agate that is capable of transmitting the content of such a union in its natural beauty by the variety of its stripes, colors and shades,
  • For almost a decade and a half, the relationship between husband and wife has become truly precious and valuable. So agate is not a cheap glass, but a semi-precious stone,
  • Each family is unique, similarly, as the pattern of agate. Some stones resemble a picturesque landscape, the underwater world, the ruins of an ancient castle, others - a flame or even an eye. There are more than 150 different species.

It is believed that this mineral is able to absorb negative energy. And in the long marital relationship is a very useful feature.

Traditions of Agate anniversary

Since the symbol of the 14th wedding anniversary is endowed with certain magical properties, you can follow the well-known tradition and conduct an interesting experiment. For this, spouses will need agate, two sheets of paper and writing subjects. The essence fortune telling on agate in the following:

The husband and wife carefully examine the mineral and write out the images and symbols they see. It can be hearts, indicating a new round of romantic relationships, or, for example, corals as a hint of a future voyage.

Conducting such a kind of ritual will not only give a positive attitude to the perpetrators of the holiday, but also show how equally they have learned to look at the same things.

For spouses who have not lost youthful enthusiasm, the second fun tradition will be interesting - treasure hunt game:

One of the spouses hides agate or his gift from this jewel-ornamental stone, and the other must find it. The closer will be the desired item, the “hotter”. If the spouse is removed from the gift, the second says "cold." When the treasure is found, the "newlyweds" should give each other a passionate kiss as a sign of undying feelings.

To this kind of entertainment you can attract children who for certain 14 years have already appeared in marriage.

Another symbolic tradition is greeting rituals for a romantic lunch or dinner:

To do this, you must in advance to buy two glasses of agate, beads and cufflinks. Before the celebration, the spouses exchange gifts - the husband puts agate beads on the spouses' neck, and she, in turn, fastens cufflinks on his cuffs. Then the glasses are filled with red wine and dried on brotherhood.

Naturally, such a ritual should also end with a sweet love kiss.

What to give to the Agate Wedding

In addition to the above relevant gifts (beads, cufflinks, glasses) on this special day, spouses can give each other other pleasant surprises:

  • Husband With pleasure he will accept a clip for a tie, a ring seal with black agate, an ashtray and a box for cigars as a gift from his beloved. Also, as a gift you can present chess, a desk clock, inlaid with mineral, and a paperweight,
  • WifeHe will undoubtedly be happy to receive jewelry from his chosen one - a pendant, a ring, stylish earrings or a bracelet with agate. A good gift on this day will be a jewelry box made from this jewelry-ornamental stone.

Relatives and friends can present beautiful agate figurines, candlesticks, photo frame and other similar gifts of wedding theme.

Children their parents can draw a postcard and write a congratulatory poem, for example, is:

Daddy and mommy,

Raced like a bullet

And you are not happy!

I have a festive date for you -

With the wedding of agate,

Congratulations so hurry!

Parents of the “young” can present more expensive gifts for the estate. It can be a romantic trip to Altai or to England - to one of the historical Rodin agate.

How to celebrate the 14th anniversary

Although this date is not “round”, it is not forbidden to mark it. a magnificent celebration. You can invite not only your relatives, but also friends and colleagues to the festive reception. It would be appropriate to order a multi-tiered cake in a candy store, perhaps even multi-layered in the form of an agate placer.

The celebration of the Agate wedding is considered more traditional. in the family circle - only with parents and children. Usually the venue choose their own apartment or cottage. It can be just a festive lunch, a family trip to nature with barbecue or dinner in a cozy cafe. A larger event can be moved to the next anniversary year.

The third option is to spend spouses only alone with each other. You can ask your relatives to sit down with the children, or go to the restaurant for a romantic dinner, or go to the SPA-hotel for the whole weekend.

Original greetings: prose and poems

At the Agate Wedding, it is customary to give each other not only material gifts, but also pleasant wishes and warm words. These may be non-trivial greetings in prose:

Beloved, today is our day! For the past 14 years, you have given me such bright emotions that are similar to the play of multicolored agate! These are tenderness and passion, harmony, peace and a storm of happiness, care and love, confidence in the future and unexpected surprises! Sometimes we can quarrel a little, but this chill is easily dispelled with your kiss and strong arms! With our Agate anniversary, my treasure!

Rhymed lines of congratulatory poems have special magic:

Agate wedding day has come happy!

Let the marriage be forever as beautiful

Just as healthy, just as beautiful!

We love each other, believe me, not in vain.

As if in agate the whole world on the palm:

The house is a full bowl, there are children and a cat,

Parents are near, dear friends!

How happy together in our family world.

Guests and relatives can also devote congratulations, poems, toasts and even songs to spouses on this day. It is possible to focus on the durability and strength of the marriage bond, on non-love feelings. One should wish the health of the spouses, understanding and patience, and show confidence that there will be many joyful anniversaries and wonderful pleasant events for the heroes of the occasion.

Traditions for the 14th wedding anniversary

On this day, the spouses exchange gifts. With four eyes, you can carefully study the patterns of agate stone and try to see the same patterns in it. If a couple sees the same thing, it is identified with their identical view of the world and mutual understanding.

You can celebrate an agate wedding as you please - you can call a myriad of guests and indulge in fun, or you can enjoy the romantic atmosphere, candles and kisses and give this day to each other. The central condition on this day will be the presence of attention, love and care for your soulmate. After celebrating the 14th anniversary of the wedding, the husband and wife can prepare for the next round and significant date - the Crystal or glass wedding.

Anniversary - 14 years

Spouses who have lived together for 14 years, celebrate agate wedding. This mineral, in honor of which the anniversary is named, is known for its magical properties. It expels evil spirits, strengthens the human mind, contributes to the development of internal energy. The ancient Romans defended garden plants with the help of agate balls. Agatha was also endowed with properties to protect against lightning and earthquakes. Agate wedding knowingly got its name in honor of this amazing mineral. The relationship of the spouses by this time reached strength and durability. They are no longer afraid of any "tremors", and the marriage itself has reached such strength that it is almost impossible to destroy it.

The next wedding anniversary after agate is the 15-year-old date of birth of the family, it is called a crystal wedding.

Comparing agate with a family union, the integrity of the husband and wife is emphasized, a deep connection between them, which is not afraid of any misfortune. The whimsical patterns of agate never repeat, they can be studied indefinitely. In the same way, husband and wife, who seemed to have recognized each other well over the years, open up new facets of character in each other. A festive morning on your 14-year-old wedding anniversary can be started by looking at the colored veins intricately intertwined in this semi-precious stone. This action, comparable to fortune telling on the coffee grounds, will charge you with positive energy for the whole day.

What to gift?

Congratulating spouses on the 14th anniversary of marriage, the guests think that they should give them on such a significant day. Naturally, the most thematic gift will be products from agate. An excellent solution would be a bowl decorated with this semi-precious stone. According to the belief, spouses who alternately drank any drink from it would no longer quarrel, all resentment would leave the family, disagreements would disappear. Pictures, with the use of agate, will delight the owners of the house and will decorate the interior. When deciding what to give, you should remember that the wedding has another symbol - ivory. Of course, not everyone can afford products from it, but paintings, panels with an image of an elephant, are perfect as a present. If you really try, you can find an agate statuette of an elephant. This will not only be an excellent solution, but will also serve as an amulet for the spouses.

Agate wedding implies that guests will choose various decorations on this day as a gift. Therefore, the husband can give his wife a box for storing jewelry. It is better if it is made of wood, since this material is most suitable for storing jewelry. What to give to her husband, each wife decides for herself, but still she will need some recommendations.
It is recommended that the wife give an agate wedding to her husband:

  • Cufflinks with agate.
  • A cigar box decorated with this semi-precious stone.
  • Photoframe with a decorative impregnation.
  • Various statuettes, souvenirs, interior items.

Often the husband is faced with the question of what to give to his wife. It seems that its tastes are well known, and preferences. But often the choice is not easy.

Husband can give to his wife:

  • Beads, agate bracelet. After presenting the gift, he personally buttons the decoration.
  • Amulet made of agate. He will protect his spouse from evil forces.
  • Products made of ivory.

The gift does not have to be expensive in financial terms. But when choosing a present, a prerequisite is attention and care.


Congratulations on the agate wedding of the spouses can be both in prose and in poetic form. Original and unusual will look engraved on an agate figure or on the very stone a poem associated with the 14th anniversary of the wedding. You can come up with as many adjectives related to the spouses, how many years they have lived together. The fourteenth epithet should be accompanied by the word "Bitter." Congratulations can be in the form of toast. However, it must be invented independently, be distinguished by sincerity and originality. Toast taken from the World Wide Web will not cause a storm of emotions. Even if one of the guests decides to congratulate the “newlyweds” with a postcard, it is necessary to sign it with a soul. In the congratulations, it is necessary to recall the date of the marriage, the appearance of children and other significant events.

How to mark?

It is not necessary to celebrate the anniversary magnificently, this is not a round date, it does not require close attention. You can gather in a quiet family circle, calling on the event only the closest people. On a holiday it is imperative to invite parents and matured children. They will wholeheartedly rejoice with the “young” happiness and family well-being. On this day, spouses choose festive clothing, complementing it with agate ornaments. On the table should also be products from this mineral. You can choose any dishes, depending on the season and the preferences of the owners of the house. But without fail the wedding cake should be present on the festive table. "Newlyweds" can celebrate this day together. A good solution would then be to travel to some exotic country. Having arranged a “honeymoon” for themselves, the spouses will have a rest from everyday problems, will bring in their relations the necessary share of romance.

Traditions and customs for 14 years of wedding

The agate wedding anniversary has many traditions, rituals, and beliefs associated with the main symbol of this holiday - the semi-precious agate stone, in honor of which the anniversary is named. He looks mysterious, has an unusual structure, which is a color mixture in stripes, ornate patterns, drawings. One of the customs of agate wedding is a kind of check of spouses, which determines how well the partners know each other:

  • Husband and wife should pick up agate and try to discern the presented image in an intricate pattern. It will be good if they write what they saw on a piece of paper. If the vision coincided, then the spouses understand each other well, their characters are ideally combined.

It is also important what the spouses will see in the fortune-telling on agate, the image can become a thing: the path means an interesting journey soon, the flower is good news, the heart, the butterfly is the renewal of the romantic period after the wedding anniversary.

Watch the video, which presents a selection of agate stones:

Agate has become a symbol of this wedding anniversary for good reason. Сам камень считается талисманом, который способен уберечь своего носителя от опасности, а на протяжении всего юбилейного года – охранять семью и совместный быт. Кроме того, агатовый камень имеет другие тайные значения: он помогает смягчить гнев, обиду, злость, делая семейный очаг теплее.The owner of this magical talisman for a long time maintains good health. Agate tends to bring wealth and well-being to the family.

  • At the beginning of an agate wedding, the spouses should conduct such a ceremony: the husband is obliged to put on the necklace with agate on his lover’s neck, and the wife has to clasp her cufflinks with the same stone on her husband’s cuffs or attach the clip to the tie. This will be a wonderful start to the day, which will solemnly open the celebration of the anniversary.

There is another tradition:

  • On the eve of the agate anniversary, the husband and wife need to buy glasses from the material symbolizing the holiday, and when the cherished date comes alone, drink a few sips of wine from them alone. After that, the husband and wife should say the words of congratulations and kiss: this kiss means that the hot fire of love still burns in the hearts of the partners.
  • Recall childhood helps the game with the search for agate, hidden in a room, “Cold and hot”: the closer a player gets to agate, the “hotter”. After the item is found, the spouses should also give each other a kiss.

Agate wedding: how to celebrate the anniversary?

To celebrate the fourteenth anniversary of agate will turn out differently - it all depends on personal preferences of the heroes of the occasion. Spouses can throw a big feast, inviting relatives, friends and acquaintances to go there, will not do without children, and can celebrate together, indulging in memories that agate wedding will arouse: how many years the couple have been together, but the spouses love each other, remain faithful.

Surely a lot of things have accumulated that they want to share in private, because this is rarely possible with household and children. Joint rest will help to forget for a short time about the parental duty, domestic marriage, will give the opportunity to repeat the honeymoon, to plunge into a new depth of relations, to see them from the bright side. How to celebrate an agate wedding should be decided by the jubilees themselves, the main thing is to make it fun, joyful and together. On a holiday, a couple can put medals on each other:

The choice of venue

Agate wedding is held a year before a beautiful date, so it is often not celebrated in full force. Often, the place of celebration becomes a comfortable apartment. However, this type of agate event does not oblige everyone to do the same: the hero of the occasion may call a small circle of guests and visit their favorite cafe or rent a banquet hall of a restaurant with delicious cuisine. A great option to arrange an anniversary - agate fun wedding, in nature, if the date is celebrated in the summer.

What to wear spouses

For an agate wedding to be perfect, the couple should wear festive costumes, and their image should be complemented with ornaments with this semiprecious stone. A woman can use a necklace, earrings or a bracelet with agate as a jewelry, a neat cufflink or a neat tie clip is enough for a man. The choice of outfits entirely depends on the personal preferences of the anniversaries.

Who to invite

The list of guests depends on the scale of the agate holiday - it can only be parents, close relatives, beloved friends, or, if you plan a chic banquet, the options of inviting other couples, good friends are possible. No cost for the holiday and without children's fun, if the spouses decided not to retire. It would be good to invite other couples with children, so that the children would not be bored, and they would allow adults to communicate.

What should be on the table

The standard menu is great when celebrating agate fun wedding. These include snacks, salads, cuts, main meat or fish dish, one or two kinds of side dishes, and bread.

The main decoration of the table should be a delicious cake that the hostess will bake on her own or order in the pastry shop. Well, if it is decorated with a thematic inscription. As for the decor, the table can be decorated with agate candlesticks, figurines, glasses.

Celebration script

The couple has already celebrated fourteen anniversaries, 14 years of marriage have passed: what kind of wedding this time will be depends on their mood, preferences and on the script, without which an important celebration does not do. You can start the morning, following the traditions of the agate wedding, continue the day with a delicious dinner with guests, and in the evening hold original unusual contests that will delight those present. See the script for the agate anniversary below:

What to give to the agate wedding

Gifts on the agate wedding anniversary of 14 years can be varied - beautiful, useful, just enjoyable. Giving gifts to the culprits, do not forget to utter pleasant words of congratulations. A small list of things that would be appropriate to give to the anniversary:

  • One of the best gifts is agate jewelry: beads, rings, cufflinks, earrings.
  • Named glasses, caskets, figurines.
  • Postcards.
  • From children it will be pleasant to spouses to receive colorful drawings.
  • Pictures
  • Body care products: high-quality natural soaps, shampoos.