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How to sell a wedding dress: tips for ex-brides


If you have recently become a wife, then surely you have a wedding dress left. Some girls decide to keep it, especially if it is a dress from a Moscow wedding salon, but others prefer to dispose of a dress differently - to sell it. And this is not as easy as it may seem at first glance. But if you know some nuances and tricks, you can not only speed up the process, but also get the maximum benefit.

Can I sell a wedding dress?

If you believe in signs, then the wedding dress in no case can not be sold, because with it can leave love, prosperity and happiness. But if beliefs are not about you, and you think that family life depends entirely on another, then boldly proceed with the sale.

How to sell?

There are several ways to sell a wedding dress, and each has its own nuances and rules. Below will be discussed the main methods.

Surely in the store where the wedding dress was purchased, you saw relatively inexpensive dresses that were already worn on the occasion. And some salons actually carry out the implementation of second-hand dresses and accessories, that is, already used. Naturally, for this, the owner is charged a certain fee (as a rule, a percentage of the declared value), but the remaining amount after a successful sale goes to him.

Tip: if you decide to use this method, then go around several stores and choose the most advantageous offer for you.


How to quickly sell a wedding dress, without putting much effort? The easiest and way is to submit an ad for sale. You can post it in the newspaper, but it is better to choose a more modern version - a specialized website.

Rules for successful sales using ads:

  • The correct ad text. Try to avoid difficult words, long phrases and epithets, it is better to provide a clear, concise, but detailed and comprehensive description. It includes the size, height, material, cut (style), decor, condition and timing of operation. If the dress is a well-known brand, then you can indicate this.
  • Only truth. You should not write that the dress is completely new, because it is a blatant lie. All data must be reliable, so honestly specify the life and mention the defects, because after a detailed examination they will still be noticed.
  • Leave all your contact information with which you can be contacted. This is a mobile phone number (you can also leave your home if you spend most of your time at home), e-mail, accounts in social networks or messaging programs (“Viber”, “WhatsApp”).
  • For clarity, attach a photo, with quality. This will save time and immediately cut off those who are not interested in such a proposal.
  • You can attach gifts to the dress, for example, accessories: shoes, earrings, clutch. In this case, a slight increase in cost is allowed, subject to the purchase of the entire set.
  • Do not write what you do not consider it necessary to report. So, if the reason for the sale - the cancellation of the wedding, then many superstitious girls can refuse to purchase.

Tip: put information about the dress on several sites of ads, as well as on thematic wedding forums, because they are visited by potential customers.

Distributing information to friends

This method also has the right to exist, and it is used by girls who do not wish to give their outfit into the wrong hands to strangers. If you decide to choose this option, then use the so-called "word of mouth". Spread the sale on friends, friends, colleagues or relatives. Probably among them or their environment there will be one that will like the outfit.

Some have a question about whether it is possible to sell a dress to a friend. In principle, it is quite possible, because she is a close friend to you. But there are some nuances. So, if a girl invites you to her wedding, then both of you can get into a ridiculous position because of the dress. In addition, you may be embarrassed to offer a girlfriend to buy a dress, especially for a rather big amount. Of course, it is profitable for her, but not for you. But if you do not pursue selfish goals, then just make a gift to a loved one and do not take money at all.


Some useful tips to help you successfully and quickly sell a wedding dress:

  1. You should not overstate the price, it should be adequate, otherwise the process will be delayed, or you will not be able to sell the outfit at all. The minimum cost is a third of the original. In this case, there will certainly be customers. The maximum price is half the original. A larger amount will already be inadequate.
  2. Bring the dress to the proper form: dry-clean it, repair it if necessary, repair any defects that occurred during operation. The dress should look if not perfect, then worthy, the only way you will be able to interest and attract buyers.
  3. To speed up the implementation process, you can use several sales methods or even all of them.
  4. Use the trick: slightly increase the price compared to the desired, but provide an opportunity to bargain.

Keeping traditions

If you are a superstitious person, then you will be interested to learn some signs related to the sale of a wedding dress:

  • It is believed that with the dress you can give your energy. To avoid this, leave yourself a part of the outfit, for example, one tier, an element of decoration.
  • It is not recommended to sell the entire outfit. It is especially important to keep for yourself what was on your head, because these accessories are most significant.
  • If the buyer is found, get a broom, and on the day of the week in which you were born. Cover them with a dress, in order to, as it were, sweep away your energy from it, clean it.
  • Within seven days after the sale of the dress, do not take anything out of the house (of course, except for garbage), this will help you to keep your family happiness.
  • After cleaning, sprinkle your wedding attire with three waters: first holy, then clean and non-clean (for example, from a bottle that was just opened), then dialed on Thursday. To dry the dress should in the sun.
  • When the outfit is in the hands of the customer, and she leaves, then cross her back three times and cross yourself. In this case, you can say the prayer "Our Father."
  • It is believed that you should sell the dress only at the price that was originally set or which you wanted to receive. If you greatly reduce the cost, you may lose something important.

One can only wish to sell the dress and make happy one of the brides.

When should you not do this?

You can not put on the outfit at the auction, if you are by nature a meticulous and superstitious person, because a person usually gets what radiates. Are you afraid to “sell” your family happiness and love to a stranger? Then pack something more reliable, and then allocate her a place on the mezzanine, where she will never bother you.

Additional advantages of such an act are that it will be possible to admire the outfit at any time, and at the right moment to pass it on to your daughter or daughter-in-law, give it to an alteration in the studio, or just make it a nice family heirloom.

When can I get rid of unnecessary things?

If you believe that your personal happiness and well-being does not depend on a few meters of fabric and the sale of a dress, feel free to release your wardrobe from it.

Please note that an outfit dressed even for a couple of hours loses much of its value, and it will be possible to sell it for only a third of the original cost. Get ready to bargain sensibly and wait for your buyer, do not pursue profit and wish the woman who bought the clothes, love and strong family ties.

What to do with a wedding dress?

Church ministers insist that after the wedding, no one needs to resell or give away the attire that passed the wedding ceremony, although the church does not have a written ban on it. The best option is to keep the thing at home, and not to show it to anyone, to use as a charm, a shield from envious people and those who want to jinx your happiness.

If you have already conceived to sell a wedding dress, be sure to indicate that it is used, and the wedding ceremony has passed. Consider that the latter fact will scare away a larger number of potential buyers, but in this case there is no place for secrets and omissions.

It is much better and calmer for the conscience to wait for the bride, not suffering from prejudice.

Where to put the veil?

In the case of this accessory, there are tougher signs than those why it is impossible to sell a worn wedding dress. It is believed that there is nothing wrong with the resale of handbags, solemn shoes, jewelry and attire itself, but the veil should be left at home and not even allowed to measure to anyone. Let the most diligent hostesses be pleased with the fact that with this section of airy fabric she will rescue a minimum amount of funds unworthy of unrest and hassle.

Implementation points

If you had a completely new dress on your hands, left after buying another one, transferring or canceling a celebration, you can try to take it along with a check to the salon that sold you the outfit.

Please note that the right to return an unused item is 14 days, and if you are denied for unknown reasons, feel free to contact the society that protects the rights of consumers.

Again, if the owner of the salon refused to accept the goods by check, or all the deadlines are long gone, do not go to screaming or threats.

Try to sell the unused wedding dress in the salon as a used, at a slightly reduced cost. Most likely, that the authorities will not give up the obvious benefits.

Do you think that with the current selection of new clothes you will not find out where to sell your wedding dress?

Deeply mistaken, because not every bride who dreams of white robes can buy it from scratch. And everyone has their own ideas about fashion for such things, and what has long been considered retro, will be an icon of style and beauty for someone.

Before you sell a wedding dress, think about which organizations in your city sell such products and used clothing in general. We are now talking about komissionkakh, which at the moment divorced a great many. Do not be ashamed to learn the terms of cooperation with each of them, and choose the most profitable option. By the way, take a picture of your outfit in advance and put it on virtual trading platforms, which will speed up the appearance of a client at times.

Do not forget that many bridal accessories stores will be happy to redeem your clothes, despite the fact that she has obvious signs of socks. Why? Everything is simple: for a completely adequate price, they will get a thing that they will later hand over to dry cleaning, bring them to perfect condition, sell them or rent them.

Where else can you go?

Please: women's forums, mommies' websites, print publications of your city and region, online auctions and others like them - all this is a real chance to quickly and profitably get rid of wedding paraphernalia. Do not miss their attention, since you decided to replenish the family budget in a similar way.

Criteria for high sales of wedding dresses

Next, we list the aspects that will positively affect the number of sales:

  • regular advertising campaign (a variety of channels should be used - the Internet, print media, TV, etc.),
  • modern range of dresses,
  • availability of a wide range of accessories,
  • fully equipped room for fitting.

It is important that potential customers of the wedding dress, its purchase associated with your salon. This can be achieved only in the only way - active advertising.

Unfortunately, the advertising campaign will regularly have to spend most of the income. However, without advertising, sales become random, single. The ruin of a wedding salon with such a strategy is a matter of time.

Of course, an entrepreneur who forms an assortment of his own wedding salon should always keep his hand on the pulse. Note that the turnover of fashion trends in wedding fashion has a lower pace, unlike other clothes. Nevertheless, compliance with trends is the key to success.

Accessories and fitting

A wedding dress is only a part of a full-fledged wedding look. It is important that the bride could collect her own image without leaving your salon. This means that the assortment should also be present: jewelry, perfume, shoes, accessories, etc.

Those who are just going to organize their first bridal salon, do not even know how well a well-equipped room for fitting increases the number of sales.

It must be effectively illuminated. Mirrors are arranged so that the bride can appreciate the image from any angle. And some entrepreneurs even go to the trick - they set slightly curved mirrors that visually slim the bride.

The video shows one of the working days of the wedding consultant, who directly communicates with customers: