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Rules of etiquette in the restaurant: the basics


Life is changing, visiting a restaurant or cafe has become accessible and familiar in many families. Very often, it is in the restaurant that family holidays are celebrated, the reception of guests is organized, even many people prefer to conduct business negotiations at a table. And it is very important to know certain rules of etiquette in order to feel free, calm and confident.

Good manners, instilled since childhood - this is the magic wand that saves from awkwardness, even if you don’t know exactly what to do, and act intuitively. And, if a trip to a cafe does not require special knowledge of etiquette, then a trip to an expensive luxury restaurant and the reception of important guests presupposes knowledge and compliance with some of the rules, which are described in this article.

So, are you planning to celebrate a family party in a restaurant? Choosing a restaurant, specify whether there is any dress code in it, payment in cash is accepted or you can pay with a credit card.

Having stopped on any institution, make a table order. The table in the restaurant is always ordered by one last name. When ordering, you must tell how many people will gather for lunch or dinner, as well as the time at which you intend to start the celebration. When ordering, you can immediately specify the location of the table. If suddenly, due to some circumstances, the time of visiting the restaurant has changed, or the event cannot take place at all, it is required to inform the administration of the establishment and cancel the order.

The restaurant should arrive at the specified time. Outerwear, hats, umbrellas men leave in the wardrobe. Women, as a rule, do the same, but if they are afraid of getting cold, they can go to the dining room without undressing, and they can hang a coat or fur coat on the back of their chair. When entering a restaurant, a man must take off his hat, and a woman can remain wearing a hat.

You need to put your handbag or briefcase on your lap, hang it on the back of a chair, or put it on the floor, but in no case place it on the table. If you have a business date at dinner, you can take a folder with you or a briefcase with documents or papers, however, umbrellas, packages should be left in the cloakroom.

If guests are going to a restaurant separately, then the first to arrive is better to wait for their companions in the lobby than to sit alone at a table. An exception to this rule is the situation when the visitor sees that the restaurant is quickly filling up and there will not be free places soon, and the table is not booked in advance.

When two people come from the invited company, they ask the head waiter to find a suitable table for them (if they did not book it in advance) and explain that soon their acquaintances will join them, who should be taken to the table occupied by them. However, in some restaurants customers are not taken to sit at the table until the entire group meets. Then you can wait in the bar, ordering an aperitif.

If you have reserved a table in a restaurant in advance, having come to the institution, you need to contact the owner or the master, introduce yourself and inform about the order made. If there was no pre-order, you must tell how many people will be dining with you. When separating smoking and non-smoking rooms in the restaurant, specify where you would like to sit.

When the table is set, the waiter or maitre brings customers to it. If a man and a woman came for lunch, the lady goes in front - immediately behind the waiter, and her companion follows them. In the "mixed company" the first to the table are women. When the couple is having dinner, the waiter, sitting down the lady, moves back and pulls the chair. In the absence of the waiter, the lady helps her companion to sit at the table.

If you are having a dinner at a restaurant, you must make sure that the table is set in advance, and the places for all guests are prepared not to make their guests wait. If several people have lunch, all negotiations with the waiter are conducted by one person, although this does not mean at all that he will pay. But, if these are your guests, then negotiations and the subsequent payment of the bill are your responsibility.

If for some reason you did not like the table for which you were seated, you can always ask to be transplanted. In the event that for some reason it is impossible, agree to what you have been offered. If the table does not suit you at all, and there are no replacement options, then you can refuse the order and choose another institution.

When one couple invites another to dinner, the host and the hostess of the feast sit opposite each other. If everyone pays for itself, vis-à-vis relies on seating women. In a large group, the guest of honor is placed on the right hand of the host or hostess, and the other guests are seated, alternating between men and women. Husbands sit apart with their wives. If the restaurant is divided into booths, women go first and sit facing each other by the wall, and then the men take places closest to the aisle or exit from the booth.


Since visiting a restaurant does not happen often, you need to have at least a general idea of ​​how they behave in it, what can be done and what cannot.

This is especially important if you are expected to go to an expensive institution with a name and invite you not with friendship, but with serious intentions. It is very important to cope with yourself and prepare in advance for an important event.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the style of clothes you choose to go to an expensive establishment. Highly it is important to be able to dress beautifully, stylishly, but at the same time rather restrained.

For situations where you are invited to a restaurant for a date or a secular evening, it is best to choose a beautiful evening dress. It is important that it decorates you, emphasizes the dignity of the figure, but it was not too provocative, because it repels restaurant guests, and can make an unpleasant impression on your companion.

It is important to remember that the man who invited you to such an institution must come in advance in order to take a table and meet his guest. Opening the door, he must quickly pass by himself and miss the lady in order to be able to protect her if necessary.

Experienced restaurant staff on such a gesture can understand who is the guest and who is the organizer of the meeting, who will pay for the meal. If you need to visit the wardrobe, a man must remove the outerwear from the ladies and give it away on his own, while leaving himself a number. When approaching the table, the woman must again feel the attention of her companion, who will move the chair for her and invite her to sit down.

In preparation for ordering and having dinner together, you need to take a napkin from the table, straighten it, put it on your knees and not clean it until the end of the evening. The waiter also needs to make an order correctly, using all the necessary etiquette rules for this in a restaurant.

You must be able to show your knowledge in the field of cooking, drinks, desserts and not focus on prices, even if they are very high.

Basic principles

There are certain principles of behavior that are the same for everyone and only by observing them, you can feel comfortable among the visitors of the restaurant. The rules that you will need to remember, only help to show maximum respect for everyone who is in the restaurant, because you should not oppose their study.

If you are in a restaurant with a company, then wait until everyone brings food, and only then begin to eat. If a man and a woman are at the table, the lady will be served first and the food will also be served to her first, however, you can eat it only when your boyfriend gets his meal.

A bad tone is considered a low tilt over the plate, to sit, in general, it is recommended to be straight, not stooping and not leaning on the back of the chair.

If complex dishes such as fish or meat are coming, then you need to know that bones can be removed only from the mouth and with the help of a fork; all other options will be inappropriate. If you do not possess such skills, then you should order something more simple to consume.

There are rules that people very often do not fulfill or violate, because of their ignorance thoroughly:

  • Rules and norms of communication. You can not use swearing and obscene words, communicate loudly. Such rules should be common to all public institutions, and not just expensive ones.
  • Sitting at the table, it is recommended not to slouch, but at the same time keep yourself relaxed. Often, by the manner of behavior and posture of a person, the others make up an opinion about him.
  • If you need to take salt, pepper, bread or pour wine, and there is a waiter nearby, you need to ask him to help you, not your companion.
  • A categorical failure to observe etiquette will be an attempt to cool dishes by blowing on them. If the temperature of the food is higher than what you want, you just need to wait, at this time you have a great opportunity to talk with your interlocutor.

  • If you accidentally dropped cutlery or dishes, you do not need to get up and pick them up, for this the restaurant has a special staff.
  • Instead of spoiled dishes, you should ask for a new one.
  • If you have something stuck in your teeth, you should not calmly pick your mouth, trying to help yourself, you need to close your mouth with a napkin and carefully try to remove food from your teeth.
  • If you received a call at a restaurant during a meal, you need to take time off from your companion and go outside the hall to answer the call.
  • If you have finished eating, you need to ask for a check, and not to ask the amount.
  • If you plan to pay every man for himself, you need to notify the waiter initially, so that everyone will pay for their order.

If you find it difficult to remember all these rules, select the 8 most important ones and study them well, so that visiting an expensive restaurant brings you only positive emotions, and not a spoiled evening and shame for many years.

General recommendations for behavior

If you are going to go to a restaurant, then you need to know the simplest standards of behavior for visitors so that your visit will be successful and enjoyable. Among such recommendations are the most basic:

  1. The gentleman always cares for his lady, showing that she is most important to him, this is manifested in behavior, gestures, conversation, the menu that was offered to her.
  2. Being at the table, it is important to follow the rules of using appliances and eat food so that it does not interfere with others.
  3. Conversations at the table can only be conducted in a quiet and calm voice, so that other visitors do not listen to what you are talking about.
  4. Attitude to the staff should be friendly and calm, then in your direction will be response.
  5. If you need to use the telephone, it is important for this to leave the main hall and communicate outside.

These are the simplest and most basic norms that everyone should know and follow not even in a chic restaurant, because the basis of all principles is mutual respect and taking care of everyone around you, which is important and correct.

How to behave the girls?

If you decide to gather with friends and go to a restaurant or a man has invited you, it is important to know how to behave there, observing all the rules of etiquette:

  • So, if you go to a similar institution with a company and come before others, then you need to wait outside, and only then go by the whole company. If you did not have time to prepare for visiting the restaurant and do not know what to do in some matters, then you should not be nervous, it will be enough just to notice what other visitors are doing and repeat after them.
  • Coming to a restaurant with a companion or friends, it is important not just to eat in silence, but to be able to keep up the small talk. There are certain topics that can not be communicated in such places, they relate to death, disease, intimate life, politics and religion.

  • With regards to handbags, not everyone knows what to do with it in a restaurant. If its dimensions are very small, then it will be best to place it on the table, in the case of large sizes you can put the bag on the floor or a special chair for such purposes, you can also place it on the back of the chair where the woman is sitting. If you need to tint the lips, check the makeup, this can not be done in the general hall, you need to ask permission to retire to the ladies' room, and do all the necessary manipulations.
  • Coming to a restaurant with a gentleman, the lady should say hello if her companion meets a friend. Being educated and correct behavior will be useful for you in any situation, and ignorance of such rules and regulations can lead to unpleasant consequences.

Norms for men

The first thing a man should remember when he comes to a restaurant is the rules of gallantry. Move the chair away for the woman, see if she needs to fill the glass, bring the order of the companion to the waiter and resolve any issues that may arise during the evening. A man should take care that his woman eats well and tasty, because he can offer her some dishes from the menu. While in the restaurant, the man monitors the conversation that occurs at the table, directs it in the right direction and controls.

Coming to the restaurant with the girl, the man should sit at the table only after his companion settled down. Being in the women's society is very important to keep track of your vocabulary and topics that are raised.

It is important not to abuse the topics that are of interest to men. The task of a true gentleman is to create an atmosphere in which everyone will be comfortable and interested.

If a man smokes, then do it in the presence of the lady or other guests is not necessary, for this is provided a special room. If your companion does not smoke, then it is worth choosing a restaurant, where no one will disturb her with a cigarette or cigar.

How to hold a business breakfast?

For a successful business breakfast, you need to choose the institution that is located closest to the partner's office. Meeting with partners should be held in a place where no one will disturb you, and you can calmly discuss all business matters. An invitation to a business breakfast is usually transmitted verbally or via a telephone call.

Monday and Friday are considered undesirable days for such events.

You should not choose a too elaborate restaurant, then all the attention will go to etiquette, and negotiations will not succeed. If you plan to solve important issues, you need to warn the head waiter and the waiter so that they do not interfere. When choosing a restaurant you should pay attention to the menu and drinks that are available. Non-alcoholic drinks are used exclusively, and in case of a positive outcome of your meeting, you can order a glass of wine and note successful cooperation.

Choosing a place for negotiations, you need to focus on prices and on people who visit this place, the social level should be close to yours, so that it does not hurt the eyes and ears during a meeting.

About cutlery

Proper use of equipment in a restaurant is a whole science and it is unlikely to succeed in mastering it in just a couple of days. That is why it is important to remember for yourself the most important rules in order to know How to use a fork and knife:

  • While eating food, it is not allowed to place the devices on the tablecloth, they are placed crosswise on the plate. In the case of completion of the meal, you need to put a knife with a fork in parallel, the knife is located on the right side.
  • All devices that are located to the right of the plate are taken using the right hand, those on the left - left. Desserts are eaten only with the help of special dessert spoons. While eating, devices should be brought straight to your mouth and in no case should you bend over food to your plate. For a set of salads, a special tool is provided, which after use is put in place.

These are the most important principles for handling cutlery that you need to know when visiting cafes, restaurants, and eating in a public place.

How to act after a meal?

If after eating you want to leave the restaurant, you need to give a sign to the waiter, and he will bring the bill. If a man pays for your couple, then no additional instructions should be given, the checkbook will be with him. Often it is brought either to a man or to someone who made an order. If a woman plans to pay for food, it is worthwhile to stipulate this in advance so that the service personnel will know whom to contact.

The next important issue will be a tip. Not everyone knows how to tip, and how much should be given to the waiter for good work. It is important to say that if you are not satisfied with the work of the waiter, you can leave it without a tip. When everything was done quickly and professionally, you did not interfere with enjoying the meal and everything was cleaned and brought in on time, then it would be correct to leave ten percent of the amount that will be indicated on the check.

Conditional gestures in a cafe

If you want to call the waiter, you only need to lift your index finger up and make eye contact. Профессионалы сразу заметят вашу просьбу и незамедлительно поспешат к вам.

Если вы хотите попросить счет, нужно в воздухе сделать взмах, похожий на подпись документов, тогда официант оформит вам чек и поднесет для оплаты. Если вас долго не замечают, можно подойти к барной стойке или окликнуть официанта по имени, если вы его знаете.

Самое главное, вести себя культурно и вежливо, тогда все ваши жесты будут восприняты правильно, и за ними последует незамедлительная реакция.

What you need to know about the culture of staff?

In order for your visit to the restaurant to be pleasant in all aspects, a large team works for you, who must also abide by the norms of restaurant etiquette. For employees is unacceptable:

  • Persistent attempts to offer a particular dish.
  • Smoking and meals in common with the visitors hall.
  • Loud communication with the rest of the staff.
  • Use a handkerchief with you or combing hair near your table.
  • Sitting at the tables with visitors.
  • Delay with checkbook and attempt to influence tip size.
  • Refusal to help visitors choose food or drinks, indifferent attitude to their requests and questions.

Ladies room

On the way to the table a woman performs a mandatory ritual - visiting the ladies' room. It is here that we correct clothes, hairstyle and remove excess gloss from the lips or lipstick pigment so as not to leave marks on the glass. The next trip to the ladies' room will not be soon, because when the main dishes are served, especially at ceremonial events (wedding, dinner, anniversary), the woman does not leave the table.

The elegance of manners in the restaurant has a special meaning. We take our place without fussing, with a straight back and 2/3 of the chair. The restaurant has a rule: the man is located to the left of the woman, or you can sit face to face if you are offered a small table. By the way, at events of the husband and the wife never sit down beside, and the most honorable places - on the right and left hand from the owner and the hostess of a celebration. We remove the phone, it has no place at the table, as well as the wallet, car keys and other accessories.

Talk at a party

There are at least three topics that we do not touch on the table: politics, religion, and money. The rule for choosing a topic for a conversation is very simple: it should be clear and interesting to your interlocutors. For example, a discussion of film premieres, exhibitions and performances, good news. If you do not know what to talk about, talk about food - perhaps the most universal topic.

Acquaintance takes place before the invitation to the table or before the start of the meal. Remember, you should pay attention to the person who is sitting on your left (according to the rules of seating and alternation, this will be a man, and he will be your partner for this evening, even if you did not know each other before), and on the right.

Table setting

This, of course, is a whole story; an article with photos can be devoted to this. But if I were asked how to understand the serving, when you have the first time with this case, I would answer that, first, behave confidently and calmly. Even if you make a mistake, do not focus your own attention on this, and even more so do not say it out loud. Secondly, if you are at a reception or an event, look at how the hostess / owner or organizer behaves - you don’t know something, do as they do (although the correctness of their actions can also be questioned). Third, the rule “fork in the left hand, the knife in the right,” has not been canceled, and we don’t put our elbows on the table and we’re not far from the body.

What to wear in a restaurant

It is very important to choose the right outfit for the upcoming event. If you have to go to any holiday or gala dinner in an expensive fashionable place, the evening dress or costume would be the best option. This is a great chance to demonstrate your wardrobe in a restaurant, but remember that the outfit must fit the place. You should not wear a vulgar or fancy dress for going to a restaurant. Also, etiquette prohibits wearing casual clothes for dinner in a restaurant, in particular jeans.

For a business meeting it is best to choose a classic suit or strict office clothes.

Make-up should also be appropriate, you should not do evening makeup and hair, if the event is planned during the day. In the evening, too bright "war paint" will also be superfluous, it is best to do a discreet make-up with an emphasis on either the eyes or the lips.

How to behave in a restaurant

The trip to the restaurant is planned in advance, and it is advisable to call there in a few hours and book a table. If you decide to go to dinner spontaneously, at the entrance to the restaurant should contact the administrator to find out if there are free tables. As a rule, the workplace of the administrator is located near the entrance. Even if it is not in place at the moment, you need to wait a bit, but you should not immediately go into the hall and sit at the first free table, it can be booked by someone.

When you come to any event, you should meet its organizer. He arrives at the restaurant before the guests, late arrivals are allowed only for a very good reason. If you came earlier invited, the rules of conduct in the restaurant allow to sit at any table and wait for him, after drinking a cup of tea or coffee.

On a date, couples usually come together after meeting in advance. Large companies can also meet in advance, or come one by one. In any case, being late is extremely undesirable, it will be a sign of disrespect for the rest of the company. The company, as a rule, must wait for the late for 15 minutes, and then etiquette allows you to sit at the table and start the meal. The latecomer, in turn, must apologize, without interrupting someone's speech or toast, and take his place.

Etiquette in the lobby

Observe etiquette immediately, crossing the threshold of the institution.

  • At the entrance to the restaurant, a man should hold the door and let the girl go ahead. For men, the first rule is to remove the headgear at the entrance, and wear it only after the exit. In the lobby, the satellite helps the lady to take off her outerwear, and then undresses herself and hands over the clothes to the wardrobe.
  • For a girl, it is only permissible to fix her hair in front of a mirror in the lobby. If she needs to correct makeup or perform other manipulations, then you should move to the ladies' room.
  • If a man arrives at a restaurant before his companion, he can take a table reserved by him and warn the administrator that he is waiting for a girl. When she arrives, the administrator must take her to the table waiting satellite.
  • If a meeting of a large company or an event is scheduled, the banquet organizer or the inviter will be the first to go to the table. However, on a date, the opposite is true - a man misses a lady ahead. He must also move the chair back so that his companion sat down. After that, he takes a place opposite the girl or to her left.

Behavior at the table in the restaurant

  • At the table you need to keep confident and at ease. Do not lean on the chair and put your elbows on the table. The back should be straight, but not tense.
  • Many do not know where to put bagaccording to etiquette. It should be placed on the floor or next to your chair, put it on the table or keep it on your lap is unacceptable. If the chairs allow, it is permissible to hang the bag on the back.
  • Restaurant etiquette rules allow girls to stay in a hatbut gloves should be removed and left in the wardrobe or placed next to them on the edge of the table.
  • Do not put phone on the table, he should stay in her purse.
  • Napkin From the table you need to put on his knees, and at the end of dinner - on the table, to the right of the plate.
  • Usually, menu served each separately. Otherwise, the choice of the first belongs to the lady. Many girls, because of their modesty, prefer to order the cheapest dishes. This is not worth doing, because in this way the lady shows doubts about the solvency of her companion. However, to give preference to the most expensive dishes are also not worth it. It is best to choose dishes of the average price category. You should not say a man such phrases as "order at your discretion." In the event that a girl doubts her choice, she can ask her companion what he would advise her to order. When the choice is made, the order is announced by the man to the waiter.
  • If a company of guests has gathered at the event, the waiter accepts the order from the organizer of the banquet or the person who ordered the table. You should not call the waiter, he will do when he sees that the guests are ready to make an order. If some dishes on the menu raise questions, do not hesitate to clarify them with the waiter. Also, do not be afraid to ask questions about the price of any dish. The waiter can help in the selection of drinks or advise any specialty dish.
  • If a man saw friends in a restaurant, he should not get up and greet everyone by the hand, it is enough to greet them with a nod and a smile.
    Start the meal should be only when all the guests served dishes. On a date, the first girl begins to eat.
  • When the dish is too hot, you must wait until it cools down, but etiquette forbids blowing on food. Sometimes a dish is served one at all, for example, sliced, then you need to take a piece and put on your plate.
  • Restaurant etiquette recommends eating without haste, and, naturally, during meals you should not talk, slurp, or gesture with cutlery.

Etiquette cutlery in the restaurant

Many are lost at the sight of a variety of cutlery. It is not necessary to remember by heart what devices are designed for a particular dish. The main thing is to remember the sequence in which dishes are usually served - first the salad, then the first and second courses.

Start the meal should be with cutlery, which lie farthest from the plate, and finish those who are closer to her.

Restaurant etiquette prescribes to hold the fork in your left hand and the knife in the right. However, for left-handers, the opposite is true.

At the end of the meal you should put the cutlery on the plate parallel to each other, for the waiter this will be a signal that the plate can be removed. You can read more about how to put appliances after a meal here.

What is forbidden to do in the institution

What not to do in a restaurant, so as not to lose face:

  • it is not allowed to ask a table mate to file something if there is a waiter nearby,
  • bend down over the plate of his companion - bad form,
  • if the cutlery has fallen on the floor, do not raise them. The waiter should then bring new
  • too loud conversation or laughter can interfere with other visitors to the restaurant,
  • you should not call the waiter loudly
  • if any dish did not have to taste, you need to bring a paper napkin to his mouth and spit it out imperceptibly. It is not allowed to discuss with other guests or express to the attendants complaints about the tasteless dish,
  • distracted by phone calls at the table - a sign of poor education,
  • restaurant etiquette prohibits tilting a bowl of soup both towards you and away from you.

Bill payment in a restaurant

When the banquet or meeting is over, the man or the organizer of the banquet asks the waiter to bring the bill. As a rule, the bill is paid by the one who invited guests. If it was a meeting of friends, it is necessary to agree in advance how the bill will be paid, to discuss this in the presence of a waiter, etiquette forbids. On a date the man pays the bill, however, if there is an agreement, you can divide the payment in half.

According to the rules of restaurant etiquette, you must leave a tip to the waiter. As a rule, it is 10% of the total bill.

Before leaving, it will be good to thank the waiter for the service and say goodbye. The man opens the door for the lady, and also helps her to put on outerwear.

Business meeting in a restaurant

Many business issues are solved in a restaurant, it helps to establish friendly relations with partners and colleagues. In this case there are also several rules that must be followed.

  • Table for a business meeting book in advance.
  • The main purpose of such a meeting is not eating, so it is not advisable to come to the business lunch hungry.
  • During a business meeting, only working questions are discussed, without going over to extraneous topics.
  • All contracts and other working papers are signed only after the waiter clears all the dishes from the table.

Knowing the simple rules of etiquette, you will feel confident in any restaurant and in any company.

Menu and food order

The restaurant menu is of two types: a custom (a la carte), when a wide choice is offered to the visitor, and a complex menu, when a choice of 2-3 options for a set of dishes is offered (this is most often found in Chinese and Japanese restaurants). In good restaurants there is always a customized menu.

The initiator of the invitation can order at one or another dish at all, warning that he invites, for example, to a shish kebab.

The waiter in the restaurant must offer a menu to all those present. If there is only one menu card on the table, it is first offered to the woman. If the restaurant is a business lunch for men, then the first order guest.

In case you do not know what is hidden behind one name or another in the menu, it is quite appropriate to ask the waiter with a question. You can also ask him to recommend this or that dish, wine.

In a number of expensive restaurants, the prices of dishes may not be indicated at all, in others prices are indicated only for special specialties.

Being invited to a restaurant, avoid two extremes: order a large number of the most expensive dishes and show excessive modesty, limiting your choice to a minimum.

Sometimes to the ordered dishes additionally served sauce or salads, which put in the middle of the table. In this case, you yourself put part of the proposed dish on your plate.

All good Russian restaurants are obliged to have in the menu the names of dishes not only in the language of the country whose cuisine they represent, but also in Russian. Thus, the visitor will not have a question about what a particular dish is. If the menu is written in an unknown language, then invite a waiter to the table and ask him a series of questions on the topic of your future lunch.

How to use cutlery

According to the rules, do not tilt your head to the plate, but bring your hand with a spoon or fork to your mouth. When eating, never leave a knife and fork on the tablecloth. They are put on a plate crosswise. Having finished, they should be placed on a plate parallel to each other (the knife to the right of the fork).

If salads, appetizers and side dishes are served on a common dish, they are put on their plate only with a device specially designed for this, after which they should be put in place. In no case can not be taken from a common dish with their own devices. One should not forget that it is better to take one or another dish for yourself twice than to fill the plate to the brim.

There are right and wrong ways to hold knives and forks: your index finger should be pointing away from you, along the device. It is not easy to visualize yourself, so if you are not sure, it is best to quietly watch someone who knows how to behave properly at the table and take an example from him. You need to hold the fork so that its curved back (convex, which usually lies on the table) was directed to you. This means that food is usually punctured on the teeth, or it lies on the back of the fork, however, according to the rules, you should not turn it over and use it as a spoon or spatula. However, the rules of behavior at the table have now become much softer, and hardly anyone will seriously reproach you, if you, for example, in the American manner, begin to eat, holding the fork in your right hand. When finished, you should put the knife and fork on the plate across - position 6:00.

For other dishes, the rules are not so specific. If, for example, soup or pudding is served on a plate, you can leave the appliances on a plate or in a soup bowl. Proceed from common sense. If the cup is too light and unstable and can tip over, then place the spoon on the plate. Just make sure that everything looks neat, and if you used two items, they lie together.

Rules of courtesy for food

You should not start eating until you have served everyone sitting at the table, or until the host has begun to eat. In a restaurant, if everyone served at the same time, you should wait until all the waiters walk away from the table. However, if, as is often the case, first courses or pudding are served fairly unevenly, then you will behave politely, saying: “I will start if no one objects”, especially if the dish is hot and you need to eat it immediately, or if starts to melt.

When you finish eating the soup, you tilt the cup away from you, and also do not squish while finishing it.

According to the rules, elbows should not lie on the table - at least at the beginning of dinner, now it is not considered a serious misconduct and in a friendly company is quite acceptable. Older people may frown about this, but as the lunch progresses, everyone gradually relaxes, and between meals and during coffee, the elbows on the table will look natural.

Never speak with your mouth full, it is very uncivilized and, moreover, it looks very unattractive. Of course, you may be asked a question at the moment when you chew, but even in this case it is better to mutter “Sorry” with your mouth closed and doze it, than try to answer and eat at the same time.

During the meal, do not chomp, grimace, quickly and eagerly swallow. Есть нужно с закрытым ртом, совершенно беззвучно, кладя в рот небольшие кусочки и прожевывая их тщательно и спокойно. Кости, косточки от фруктов и вообще все остатки от еды не разрешается класть на скатерть. Их оставляют с краю на той тарелке, на которой ели.

Если мужчина обедает с дамой, правильно, чтобы дама начала есть первой, и закончила последней. Это дает возможность сопровождающему ее мужчине спокойно поесть. You never need to persistently force a co-worker to eat what he clearly does not like, or what he refuses, because he is already full. It is necessary to limit yourself to only one polite sentence.

Visiting a restaurant, do not overly disturb other visitors. Loud laughter, loud conversations, intensified gesticulation produce a very unpleasant impression. In the restaurant, as in other public places, you can not arrange scenes, quarrel with friends and strangers, or allow yourself to be too intimate.