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Simple and effective manipulations how to recolor black hair


It is very difficult to find at least one woman who has never dyed her hair in her life. Almost any woman had time to try different colors until she found the most suitable. However, sometimes there comes a time when the color scheme, with which you have been walking for more than a year, simply becomes boring. And the question arises about how to return your natural hair color. Not every girl has enough patience to grow hair in a natural way. There are several simple ways how to repaint from black to light brown.

1 way. There are special preparations based on blonddoran, which allow you to wash the color from the hair. With the help of just such means you can gradually return the natural color scheme. Sometimes it will take more than one procedure to the color from the hair completely gone. However, it should be remembered that the wash is a rather unhealthy procedure for hair. After it, you should regularly use the structure restoring the curls of masks and balms, so that they look healthy and alive.

2 way. It is suitable for those who are wondering how to change their color from dark hair to light. In this case, you need to again wash the remover with a special dekolorant, and then make highlighting. Thus, you will get a very beautiful light color, but your hair will still require treatment. So do not forget about the use of restorative balms and masks.

3 way. Another option is how to repaint from black to light brown - use shampoo that deeply cleans the hair. This is a special tool, acting on the principle of washing of the previous methods. It acts gradually, after several washing procedures, the color will noticeably fade, after which you can apply paint as close as possible to the natural color. This shampoo can be used before you wash in a barber shop or on your own.

4 way. There is an opinion that it is possible to wash off the paint from the hair with the help of laundry soap. And all this without the use of various artificial drugs. However, this folk remedy is not suitable for every type of skin and hair. So before you dye your hair out of black in such an unusual way, you should test your scalp for allergy free.

If you do a wash yourself, you must follow some rules. The wash is applied starting from the ends of the hair, not from the roots, as is usually done when dyeing.

Since it is almost impossible to immediately get a light brown one from a dark color, before you change from black to light brown, it is better to switch to red in the beginning. Usually, after washing any dark color, the hair itself acquires a copper tint.

In order for the hair in the transition from black to blond did not become an undesirable green hue, after washing it is better to make highlights. And after clarification can be repainted in the necessary natural shade.

Lightening. Sequencing

So, how to dye black to brown hair? First you need to seek help from the clarifier, which will help to change the tone of your curls into three shades. Only then can you use brown paint.

With a little effort, you can make your hair brown

Note. Guaranteed, efficiently and effectively perform the entire procedure in a beauty salon. There you will find the necessary shade, will do everything possible to protect the curls from the negative effects of coloring compositions and other chemical mixtures.

Before starting the procedure, be sure to check if you have any allergic reactions to the selected brightener or paint.

  • Apply a little on the wrist or the inside of the elbow,
  • Watch your skin react,
  • if after forty minutes the skin does not change, it does not turn red, itching or other negative manifestations do not appear, then the remedy is completely safe for you.

Further, the sequence of actions is as follows:

  • cover your shoulders with a towel or old scarf,
  • wear gloves that come with the tool
  • prepare the clarifier.

Note. For dilution of the clarifier and paint can not use metal utensils. As the chemicals react with the metal and the result will be unpredictable. For example, your curls will turn blue or green.

Clarifiers must be thoroughly flushed.

When the solution is ready:

  • take a brush and gently apply the mixture to the strands,
  • shift the already treated hair to the side,
  • keep the clarifiers exactly as indicated on the package with the mixture,
  • after it has been done, rinse the hair well in order to rinse out the clarifier.

Make sure that the water from your head does not get into your eyes, and if this could not be avoided, then immediately wash them with plenty of cool running water.

After you have washed your hair, treat the hair with balsam, which will allow you to immediately restore the curls and saturate them with useful substances, trace elements and vitamin. Hold the balm is recommended for at least seven minutes, and then dry your head.

Note. After lightening, the hair will have an uneven shade - it will be darker at the roots and lighter at the tips. But do not panic - it will all be corrected after applying the paint.

Coloring. Sequencing

Coloring is easy to do on your own.

Now consider in more detail how to dye your hair brown after lightening.

The sequence of actions in this case will be as follows:

  • dilute the paint, strictly following the instructions in the box,
  • start applying it - first apply to lighter areas,
  • after ten minutes have passed, apply the mixture to other areas,
  • take a wooden comb with sparse teeth and comb the hair to ensure that the mixture is distributed over all the hair,
  • wait twenty to thirty minutes - depending on the thickness of your hair,
  • wash off the paint with plenty of water
  • apply a balm to restore the hair structure,
  • after seven minutes, rinse off the balm and dry your head.

If you did everything right, you should have a nice brown shade, the one you were aiming for.

How to get other shades

Now consider how to repaint hair from black to bright or in other shades. In principle, the sequence of actions will be about the same.

Although with some nuances concerning the straightening of the strands. That is why we will consider all actions in detail.

With the right approach, you can get any other black.

Choosing a clarifier

So, if you want to repaint the hair in a chocolate color or another similar shade, you cannot do without a brightener.

For example, you can take:

  • hydrogen peroxide,
  • or colorless henna.

However, after the first clarification with these tools, your hair may acquire unexpected shades:

This is due to the special interaction of pigments in the hair with the existing compositions of clarifiers. By the way, do not forget to use a balm that will restore the structure of curls.

Long but safe

There is a better and safer way to dye your hair from black to chocolate without using brighteners. Its only drawback is that you have to wait too much.

The essence of the method is as follows:

  • use the selected paint as the roots of the hair grow,
  • each time you need to choose a lighter tone,
  • you will end up with an interesting, unusual gradient effect,
  • but you can get the tone you need no sooner than six to seven months, or even a year later.

Natural washes

Surely, it's not a secret for you for a long time that all chemical clarifiers and other compounds damage the curls.

As a result, even after applying balms, they can become:

For the full restoration of their health, you end up spending a lot of time, effort and finances.

However, instead of chemical compounds, you can use natural, natural brighteners.

For example, these are:

  • home-made kefir,
  • natural honey
  • light quality beer.

An example of the "work" of natural washes

Naturally, the result will have to wait too long, but you will be sure that your hair will maintain its health and beauty. In addition, natural brighteners infuse them with natural strength, vitamins and useful microelements of various types.

And what, in fact, the complexity?

The light brown shade is especially whimsical. When it needs to be achieved artificially, all the most subtle tricks of color are used. Otherwise, wanting to become a fair-haired nymph, a woman risks acquiring an ugly green tint on her curls. It is almost impossible to repaint from brunette to blonde on your own.

Such experiments at home are fraught with complete collapse, and even significant damage to the curls themselves. Wanting to acquire a certain hair color, some women simply “burn” them with aggressive industrial paints, putting their continued existence at risk.

It is not uncommon that after such staining the curls just disappear. So how can black be repainted in light brown, and is it possible at all? Is it really necessary to grow the native color long and painfully in order to at least get closer to the blond and acquire it with minimal losses?

This is not quite true. But it is extremely important to choose a competent and experienced specialist who can help you in your quest for radical change.

Ways of reincarnation

Any modern hairdresser will offer you several options for dyeing from black to blond. A good master knows exactly how to help you recolor from black. But the trouble is that really talented hairdressers are now very few, and not everyone wants to evaluate individual problems before starting work. The result is an action on a pattern and fiasco as a result.

The fact is that the structure of our locks is unique, and in order to minimize its vulnerability, it is important to diagnose the initial state of the hair. Even the notorious remover may not be suitable for every woman, what to speak of aggressive chemical bleaching.

In addition, a good master must necessarily clarify with you how long you dyed your curls in dark colors and what specific products you used to do so. The colorist will immediately identify all the risks that await you on the road to success, and select in advance a decent restorative care that can help you to revive the hair after the actions performed.

Let's take a look at the three easiest ways to get repainted from black to blonde and detail what risks and nuances each of them is fraught with.

It is important to carry out the wash only when the client is looking for the answer to the question - how to change color to brown from black. Naturally, from one, and even two washes, you will not become a fair-haired beauty. What is a wash? This application to the hair of a certain composition, washing out of the cortex artificial pigment. As a result, you are guaranteed to get a red tone, and its intensity depends on the causticity of the pigment and the duration of dyeing in dark colors.

This is due to the fact that the paint is washed away, but there is enough red pigment in the hair.

The wash is always the first step on the path to clarification, but cannot replace it. If you want to become a bright brown hair, you may need only her.

If you are looking for cleaner and lighter tones, subsequent discoloration as a final etch of dark pigment will be necessary.

Contrary to common misconceptions, washing does not spoil and does not destroy the hair, but it can dry the ends noticeably. Anyway, the main blow to them does not apply at all, but the subsequent clarification.


Some hairdressers, when answering the question about how to change colors from black to chocolate, recommend the so-called “gradual toning”.

Literally - you regularly go to the salon and paint in a certain color over yours. The wash may not be carried out at the same time, but it is better to apply at least one procedure.

Overlaying a new color is not lightening, but adding additional pigment. Therefore, if you are offered staining without clarification, know that the maximum that you will achieve is a rich coffee, chocolate or chestnut tone.

Lightening paint may slightly (in a few tones) discolor unless the native light brown color. And that is insignificant.

But if the paint is non-ammonia at the same time, you can really take advantage of such a proposal and get out of the black gradually, but without losing the quality of the curls.


This solution is the only true of all three. Bleaching implies the complete etching of the natural and artificial pigment from cortex. However, together with its effectiveness, this procedure is also quite aggressive. It is traditionally and universally held after washing, and often immediately.

If the hairdresser diagnosed the condition of your hair as unsatisfactory, he will recommend you to avoid washing and to prepare the hair in advance for the subsequent chemical effect. Discoloration is also relevant when you are looking for the answer to the question - how to recolor from black to red.

In this case, you will have no problems at all - it will be enough to apply neutral powder once with low-concentrated oxidizer, and then toned the hair into any selected shade so that it becomes uniform.

If you persistently strive for light shades, you will have to perform 2-3 procedures with a certain time interval. And you should prepare yourself in advance for the fact that for several months you will have to flaunt in public with completely unsightly hair color. As a rule, to exit a brunette in a blond, it takes two or three bleaching in a row to completely eliminate the pigment from the hair.

Only when your hair becomes a clean pale fabric without any yellowness and redness, you can begin to tint in the desired color. But even if everything worked out perfectly, colorists add a special proofreader to the paint - a micestone, which “quenches” unnecessary shades. For example, for those whose hair gives red, use purple mikston. And for those who want to become ashy blond, having a slightly rusty yellowness, a blue corrector is added to the paint.

The appearance of a green hue is almost everywhere for those who decide to dye their hair reddish to blond. To "pay off" greengrass, cherry or scarlet may be added to the tinting paint. In this case, the final shade becomes truly unique and immaculately beautiful.

What color to repaint?

First, decide what color you want to get in the end. There are several options:

  • Repainting the chocolate - the most common and easily doable option. This color does not require numerous and aggressive procedures, as it is enough to lighten black by 2-3 tones. A yellowish shade, which many fear so much, on chocolate is quite appropriate, so no additional manipulations will be needed to bring it out. In addition, the tone goes to almost everyone, regardless of the type of appearance.
  • Redhead If black is your natural color, then becoming a red-haired one is a dream to be fulfilled, as there are reddish hues in the natural pigments, and this is only for you. The color can vary from copper to bright red, and if you want to get an interesting and rich tone, you will have to try and contact a specialist.
  • Graphite - the original color, which is worth being careful. It resembles wet asphalt or slate pencil, can be quite light or approaching black. But, firstly, with an improperly chosen shade, there is a risk of adding a few years to the real age and looking old-fashioned. Secondly, to get really beautiful graphite is not easy.
  • Blonde As a rule, organic-looking light brown is a natural color, and its feature is the almost complete absence of yellow pigments. But dark-haired girls go into such a tone is extremely difficult, and sometimes simply unrealistic. Even if you manage to make your hair brighter, they will show a redhead. You can remove it by toning, but its effect does not last long.
  • Blond is a radical change, but courageous representatives of the fair sex are decided on them too, although stylists and hairdressers strongly do not recommend it, and there are several reasons. The first is a very aggressive effect on curls. Их придётся осветлять на 7-9 тонов, и это может сильно повредить структуру волос. Вторая причина: не всегда удаётся добиться желаемого тона, часто он получается жёлтым. Платиновый или пепельный – практически несбыточная мечта. Третья причина: девушка, которая всю жизнь была брюнеткой, в образе блондинки может чувствовать себя некомфортно.

So, how can you dye your hair from black to lighter? It should be noted right away that it will not be possible to quickly obtain the desired result, especially if the dark shade is not natural, obtained after dyeing with pigmented black dyes.

Hair will lighten anyway, and how much depends on the desired tone. So, to get chocolate or chestnut, black changes by 1-3 tones, for red - by 3-4, for light brown - by 5-6, and for blond - by 6-9. The following are the main ways of repainting.

Washing or decoupling is a relatively gentle method of bleaching, which makes it possible to slightly open the flakes of hair shafts and partially neutralize pigments due to a not very concentrated oxidizer with a small percentage of acid. But natural pigment substances are not completely removed: the structure becomes more sparse and susceptible to staining, which contributes to the change in tone and its retention.

The wash is preferable for non-natural black color. It is desirable that the procedure was carried out by an experienced master, although kits and tools for home dumping are on sale. Usually a wash consists of several stages:

  1. Washing with a specialized cleansing shampoo that removes dirt and opens up keratin scales.
  2. Drying hair. But they remain slightly wet.
  3. The connection of the reducing agent and catalyst in the right proportions (prescribed in the instructions).
  4. Drawing structure and keeping within the time specified in the instruction.
  5. Washing the head with water.

Folk remedies

Dark folk remedies safely lighten up, but the color will change by no more than 1-2 tones. But the curls will remain healthy and, possibly, will get an interesting shade.

  • Kefir. You can mix it with sea salt and apply on curls for half an hour twice a day to obtain the desired shade.
  • Lemon juice. It is aged on the hair for an hour, is used for rinsing after washing the head. Procedures are carried out daily.
  • Soda. In a glass of warm water, dissolve 10 tablespoons of powder, apply the mixture to your hair, wait an hour and wash your hair.

Coloring and toning

Toning or dyeing is the final stage, that is, first, the hair will have to be discolored in any case, as the paint will not take them or will lie down differently than we would like.

When the base is prepared, proceed to the selection of the coloring agent. The least aggressive shades give tinting tools - shampoos or tonics. But the effect of their application lasts not for long and disappears after 3-5 procedures of washing the head.

The paints are more resistant, but it is advisable to choose sparing and non-ammonia, as your hair must be in a not-so-good condition after training. And one more important point - the right color. It is better to choose a tool for 1-2 tones lighter, since the pigments in the discolored or washed hair penetrate deeper, and the final shade usually turns out to be richer and darker.

The main question is how much time should pass after preparation in the form of washing or bleaching? Curls need to be given time to recover, so that the scales stuck together, the structure returned to its normal state. The minimum period before staining is five or seven days.

Get rid of the black color gradually and correctly so that the hair remains attractive and healthy!

Quick results

However, not always the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity have time to slowly get rid of the annoying black.

If you need to remove a non-likened tone as quickly as possible, use the special washes designed for this purpose. They are sold in stores and salons for professional hairdressers.

Using mixtures, remember that they:

  • extremely adversely affect the health of curls,
  • one application is often not enough for full clarification.

The photo is a good example of how the factory wash works.

Therefore, be sure to weigh the pros and cons, deciding whether you are willing to risk the health of your curls. And if you still decide on the use of such a wash, carefully read the instructions and strictly follow it.

In conclusion

Now you know what color you can repaint black hair quickly and easily, even at home, without asking for help at the beauty salon, because the price of the wizard’s services is sometimes unreasonably high. Additional video in this article will help to better understand and understand the principle of all the actions described above.

Stages of preparation for washing or bleaching

Even if the master for some reason did not give you a detailed guide to actions, we will help you to carefully prepare for the subsequent procedure of transition from black to light brown.

During the week, wash your hair with shampoo for deep cleaning. It removes not only dust, sebum and remnants of styling products, but also well washes away the pigment, thereby neutralizing the subsequent aggressive effect. If you do not have the opportunity to purchase a professional tool, use regular anti-dandruff shampoo - it also copes well with this task.

How to help hair and maintain their strength and health?

  • Be sure to oil your locks and make firming masks. Your hair must have natural protective resources before the upcoming "attack" on them,
  • Ask a hairdresser to use non-concentrated dyes. Products with a small percentage discolor slowly, but almost do not harm the hair,
  • Ideally, the powder and oxidizer will not contain ammonia and other destructive elements,
  • Make sure that the paint was professional, and run at full speed from those "colorists" who offer you toning the usual household product. Not only will it dry up your hair mercilessly, it will also give dubious results,
  • Consult with the master in advance for further care. You will definitely need professional restoring masks and elixirs, heat-protective creams or oils (if you fit), special shampoos and balms to maintain color.

Are you ready for the X hour? Then go to the salon, and let your reincarnation take place in the best possible way! Take care of your hair and support it in such "difficult" moments.

What color to dye out of black - the choice of color

If black hair was the result of previous dyeing, there are no special problems with the choice of color. Every girl knows her own light type, so she knows which shades suit her best. Natural brunettes need to be more careful with the choice of a new hair color, while taking into account the skin tone and eye color. You can repaint and black eyebrows, but the remaining natural data can not be changed.

Brunettes can choose the following shades:

  1. Graphite - this shade is very beautiful, interesting and original, while it never goes out of fashion. However, this color is very insidious and not suitable for all girls. The fact is that he makes the girl older, differs from the black color by just one tone. But gives the hair lightness, and the image becomes softer. Not the best idea is to repaint yourself in this shade. In most cases, it turns dirty gray, so it's best to trust an experienced master.
  2. Brown and its various shades - This is the best option. Coloring for brunettes will be safe and will not cause serious harm to the health of the hair. Difference from black color can be one, three or four tones. Owners of black, gray or blue eyes and light skin, it is better to opt for mocha, dark brown or coffee. Brown-eyed and green-eyed girls are ideally suited to various shades with a slight redhead - for example, cinnamon, chestnut, milk chocolate.
  3. Redhead the color is very easy to obtain as a result of the brightening of natural black hair. The amount of natural pigment and its composition depends on the shade - from yellowish to saturated red. Brunettes with blue, brown and green eyes, this color fits just perfect. In addition, it looks very interesting in modern styles of coloring - shatuzh, balayazh or ombre. But in this case, the base black shade needs to be pre-lightened so as not to create a very sharp contrast.
  4. Blonde Natural brunettes simply can not achieve its cold shades, which is explained by the feature of the hair. Even under the condition of a strong discoloration, there is not the most attractive yellow shade. Using a tonic will help to neutralize it, but only for a while. After about 3-4 shampoos, it will completely wash off and a yellow tone reappears. To disguise ugly yellowness, it is best to stop the choice on wheat, caramel or golden hue.
  5. Blond is an extreme option for brunettes. Skilled craftsmen do not advise to resort to such cardinal changes. First of all, there is a risk to remain completely without hair, because it is necessary to lighten strands by 7–8 tones. In addition, after a while brunettes begin to feel very insecure with blond hair and again painted in dark. But spoiled hair to return the former health simply will not work, while the paint will not last too long.

How to recoloured from black - ways of repainting from the brunette

It is necessary to prepare for the fact that quickly get the desired result simply does not work, especially if the dark hair color is not natural and was obtained as a result of dyeing. In this case, the need to lighten hair, the degree of which is determined by taking into account the desired shade. To achieve chestnut or chocolate color, black is lightened by 2–3 tones, to get red - by 4–5 tones, for light brown - by 6–7 tones, and for blond - by 8–9 tones. Only a professional hairdresser should choose the repainting method.

Decoupling or washing is considered one of the most gentle methods of lightening hair. In this case, a slightly concentrated oxidizer with a minimum percentage of acid is used. As a result, hair flake scales are opened, the pigment is partially neutralized. If the pigment is natural, it cannot be completely neutralized - the structure of the hair becomes very sparse and too susceptible to coloring, therefore, the hair tone changes.

The washing method is recommended to use if the black hair color is not natural. To carry out this procedure should only an experienced master, despite the fact that the sale can be found funds for home decapitating.

The washing procedure is carried out in several stages:

  • hair is cleaned with a special shampoo, which not only removes contaminants, but also opens up keratin scales,
  • strands are dried slightly so that they are not wet but remain wet,
  • the reducing agent and the catalyst are mixed in the right proportions,
  • the composition is applied to the strands and left for the time specified in the instructions,
  • at the end of the procedure, the hair is thoroughly washed with water.

Who is the black hair color?

The classic black color of the curls goes to few women: just look at the photo "before and after dyeing" to see for yourself.

Many when choosing paints are guided only by the tone of the face, which is fundamentally wrong. Moderately dark and fair skin is equally well combined with all shades of hair. Specifically, black is a contrast, so it emphasizes any rashes, wrinkles, pronounced blood vessels, and also makes the skin whiter by 1.5-2 tone.

Black hair is absolutely not suitable for a pale face with a bluish undertone.

Natural brunettes are, as a rule, brown-eyed women with olive skin. Eyebrows are of great importance: they should not be faded and rare.

Black curls do not fit natural platinum blondes, as well as girls with a problematic face.

The palette of dark tones is extremely saturated, so every woman will be able to choose something for herself. It is not necessary to immediately turn into a hot black, because getting rid of such a bright pigment is difficult.

Dark shades make the face look thinner, and hair - visually more luxuriant and thick.

At the same time, black has a clear drawback: it is not suitable for women with light eyes and soft, “pretty” facial features. This contrasting shade is able to spoil the originally pretty face, make it pale and expressionless.

Black shades overview

Basic shades:

  1. Crow's wing Natural monochrome tone. If a woman has dark skin and black eyes, then this shade is perfect for her.
  2. Dark chocolate (bitter chocolate). Rich dark color with brownish tints. Suitable for girls with dark skin and brown, hazel-green eyes.
  3. Plum (black tulip). Multifaceted tone, can go in eggplant or red. Changes depending on the lighting. Plum hair goes well with light skin and light brown eyes.
  4. Dark blue (blue black). Goes well with blue or blue eyes. Dark blue paint can dramatically change the image of a girl. You can get a bluish tint or the effect of blue hair with certain lighting.
  5. Ash black. It is difficult to foretell with an ashy tinge, as it is rather cold and calm. It will suit almost all women, but it would be best to look at the blue-eyed "snow white" and dark-skinned women.

Light black color can go brown (warm) or gray (cold). Cold shades are perfect for light-eyed blue-eyed girls, and warm ones for green-eyed and brown-eyed dark-skinned girls.

The previously popular “crow wing” shade is losing ground due to its monotony and dullness. Therefore, natural brunettes recommended diversify hair. Dark hair colors go well with blue tips. You can also make highlighting (lighten some strands) or ombra (transition from dark to light color).

Dye your hair black

How to paint curls at home? Proper staining is done in 3 steps:

  1. On dirty hair need to apply paint. Black has a bright and overlapping pigment, so no pre-clarification is required. The paint must first be applied to the roots (for 5-10 minutes), and then spread over the entire length of the hair.
  2. Keep the dye on the curls need no more than 30-40 minutes (depending on the initial shade of the curls and the quality of paint). Rinse with warm water.
  3. The final stage: washing the hair and applying conditioner. Dark paint can significantly dry the ends of the hair, so it is strongly recommended to apply a nourishing mask for 15-20 minutes.

To make staining more comfortable, you need to get a brush, gloves (they do not always come with dye) and a suitable container for dilution of oxide and paint.

Best Hair Dye

The palette of any paint includes dark shades, as they are basic and popular. But not all dyes have decent quality and high resistance. For women with weakened locks, it is better to purchase products without ammonia.

Interesting dark shades (purple, obsidian) are in the L’Oreal Prodigy color palette. Specifically, this paint can slightly dry the tips and spoil the overall condition of the hair.

Which paint is the best? You can safely advise such means as:

  1. Estel Professional. The most suitable line: ESSEX. In the set there are no gloves and balm. Professional paint, shades can be mixed together. Resistance is average (from 3 to 5 weeks). Price funds: about 200 rubles per pack.
  2. L'Oreal. The Preference line includes stunning dark shades: from hot to ashy. The paint is quite expensive (from 300 to 500 rubles), but resistant. The set has everything you need to paint, except for the brush.
  3. Kapous. This brand produces excellent professional dyes and hair care products. In the lineup Kapous Professional presents a few dark shades. The cost of one package: from 250 rubles.
  4. Syoss. The paints from this company, as a rule, have a small palette, but a very decent quality. The only bad ruler: Oleo Intense (low durability and poor covering power). All other funds you can safely buy. The cost varies from 220 to 500 rubles.

To block the red or red color, you need to buy paint with a bluish subtone.

How to display black hair?

It is quite easy to paint in dark color, but it is much more difficult to wash it off. Often, black shades are displayed in several stages, since the pigment is strongly eaten into the hair (especially if the dyeing was performed several times). Painted curls can not be repainted in a lighter tone, even with professional paint. Do not waste money on the wind and ruin your hair with unnecessary procedures.

Get out of black in 3 ways:

  1. Lightening. Cons: badly spoils the curls, dries up the tips, the final color has a yellowish tone. After home lightening curls often become spotty, so this procedure should be carried out in the cabin.
  2. Removal of pigment. Cons: The resulting shade may be yellow. Различные средства (пудры, крема, смывка) от компаний Estel и Kapous помогут вывести тёмный пигмент из локонов. Сделать это можно в домашних условиях. Использовать средства нужно по инструкции. Для каждого продукта она своя.
  3. Замена оттенка. Не обязательно прибегать к радикальным методам и осветлять локоны. You can make another shade of black, for example, change the classic color to bluish.

For the care of dyed curls necessarily need air conditioning. It is advisable to buy a tool for dyed curls. 1-2 times a week a woman will have to do nourishing masks. It is recommended to use paint and care products from one manufacturer.

Black hair color is old or not?

Classic black is old, but do not forget that this color is different and multifaceted. Warm shades, leaving a chestnut, do not add age. Older women are best painted in warm colors, but a young girl can afford cold tones. Most of all ages gray undertones and rich monochrome color.

If the hair is originally gray, then dark paint should be kept no more than 20 minutes. During this time, the tool completely overrides gray hair and will not give too artsy effect.

Also non-natural brunettes need to regularly tint the roots. Without tint hair will look awkward and ugly. Do not forget.