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Facial Mask ChocoLatte Alginate Super Moisturizing


Alginate masks appeared on the shelves of cosmetic supermarkets and in the salons quite recently, regarding other cosmetics and personal care products, but aroused unprecedented interest in themselves. They are credited with miraculous properties - and that is why many women treat alginate masks with skepticism and disbelief.

Alginate acid, which is the main component of alginate masks, is extremely similar in its effect on hyaluronic acid - it also moisturizes and smoothes fine facial wrinkles. In addition, alginates help slightly desaturation of post acne and pigmentation, which can occur due to various reasons. Also alginate masks are extremely good in giving skin tone and it is they who can help you to achieve that “natural radiance from the inside”. And you should not treat these words with distrust - all this is due to the chemical properties of alginate masks, which, again, came to us from the chemical industry and firmly won their place in the hearts of cosmetologists and their patients.

What are alginates? Returning to the course of chemistry

Alginates are polysaccharides. What are polysaccharides? In fact, these are biopolymers designed from variously linked monosaccharides. What are monosaccharides? Fortunately, they are well known to you - glucose, fructose and other compounds. Monosaccharides dissolve easily in water and have a sweetish aftertaste. Polysaccharides like cellulose, hyaluronic acid, carrageenan, agar, the previously mentioned alginate and alginic acid are extremely cheap and easy to obtain. They do not smell, which is also an undoubted advantage in using them in cosmetics.

Alginate (alginic acid) is harvested from brown algae. Unfortunately, the algae used to produce alginates cannot be grown in captivity, since a considerable time must pass — change several generations so that the algae can be used to produce alginates. The only type of algae that is artificially grown is Japanese kelp, which, in addition to the extremely popular product in China, is also used to produce alginates. Slightly different types of alginates are extracted from different types of algae, some may result in extremely thick, transparent alginate gel as a result of processing, some will have a white or cream color. In cosmetics, alginate is mainly used, extracted from kelp. Alginic acid, produced by the bacteria Azotobacter, is used mainly in medicine to create casts. Initially, a “raw” product is extracted from algae - an alginate salt, sodium alginate, from which alginate acid is already released.

Alginic acid is not soluble in water, unlike the monosaccharides of which it consists, but is extremely gyroscopic due to its structure and molecular weight, which is quite large. Due to this, it “attracts” a huge amount of water to the place of its application and “binds” it, which results in an extremely large amount of moisturizing for your skin.

How to apply them?

Alginate masks are available in two forms - gel and powder. Gel alginates resemble ordinary masks, except that they have a structure that looks more like jelly than a cream mask. They need to be kept on the face for 15-20 minutes. Gel alginate masks do not freeze, and they should be washed off the face with plain water.

Powder alginate masks, in turn, have a more complex application process. They are supplied, as you might have guessed, in the form of a powder that needs to be mixed with water. This should be done extremely quickly - after about five minutes the mixture will harden and turn into a mass resembling rubber. A frozen alginate mask cannot be reused, so be extremely careful. It can be applied as you like, but the easiest way to do this is with a wooden spatula. If the composition does not contain a large amount of essential oils or other ingredients that can damage the lips and the area under the eyes, it can be applied to them. The mask should be held on the face for 15-30 minutes until it hardens and plasticizes completely - turning the mass into a dense captivity. It is removed very easily - it hooks and easily comes off one layer from your skin. When asked how often it is necessary to use alginate masks, the answer is simple - you can do one or two a week, or you can choose an everyday course for 14-15 days. It all depends on the product, and on what ingredients besides alginates are contained in the mask.

So what are the effects of alginate masks on the skin?

Due to its gyroscopic properties, alginates moisturize the skin extremely well. Due to the lifting effect, which causes the alginate mask to freeze on the face in the form of a film (this applies only to the powder versions of alginate masks), the skin appears more taut. In addition to smoothing small facial wrinkles due to lifting, this is also due to moisture. Alginic acid helps to get rid of pigmentation and post - acne. Also, any serum will be much more effective to penetrate the skin if you apply it 5-7 minutes before applying the alginate mask on your face.

Do alginate masks have any contraindications?

Not. Alginic acid in no way worsens the condition of your skin, no matter what it is. The only contraindication is individual intolerance to any ingredient that you should know in advance.

Summing up, it is worth saying the following: alginate masks are not something to be afraid of. Although they may seem and feel strange and unusual, their effectiveness is worth a try. The main thing - carefully read the composition and apply them in accordance with the instructions.

All I wanted to know about alginate masks before, but didn’t know who to ask: Do wrinkles remove? Is there a SUPPLEMENTED? Do the course or one time? Are serums needed? . And much more / + Photo BEFORE AND AFTER the course of masks

About a year ago, I already wrote a review about alginate masks, and at that time I thought I knew about them, well, everything was straightforward.
Time has shown that I was wrong. As these masks were used, a lot of questions arose, I learned from the reviews new things, new information appeared on the Internet about the capabilities of the masks. In general, I tried, checked and finally want to share my observations.
Perhaps, I will save someone from excessive hopes and gestures :)) and someone will learn something new (or maybe not).

The heroine of this review, I chose my favorite from all the alcolina masks from chocolatte (I tried them all) - SUPERAUTHEATING WITH ALOE

Where took:
IM Garden Cosmetics (direct link to the product)
Price: 270 rubles

It's not expensive. I looked at my old reviews, and it turned out that in 2013 I bought these masks for 280-290 rubles, and considered the cost quite justified.

How long is one pack?I need exactly 6 procedures.

☑️First a little bit.
Previously, these masks were produced in jars, and for me it was very convenient. Now the manufacturer, apparently, in order to reduce the cost of products (both for themselves and for us), began to produce masks in bags. And this made the process of breeding the mask is not particularly easy. I have a lot of dust scatters when I try to get the powder out of the bag.
I dream that the packaging has found its former appearance.

☑️ Promises of the manufacturer, composition and method of application:

☑️ Divorce very well (for some reason, different types of masks are divorced differently. Some may even form lumps. This one is not like this :)

☑️ I dilute it with water at room temperature in a ratio of 1: 3, i.e. 1 tablespoon of Alginate - 3 spoons of water. As written in the instructions.

I like the layer to be hollow, so I take almost 2 tablespoons of Alginate for one procedure.
* Previously took less, gradually moved to a large dosage)))

☑️ Then I put the whole mass on the face, including the lips, but excluding the eyes (not for some specific reasons, but simply because I cannot imagine how this can be done on my own :), and go to meditate on 20-30 minutes.

☑️ The thicker the layer is, the longer it will take to lie. If the layer is too thin, then it may dry up prematurely, and you will have to go to remove the mask before the scheduled time.

These were the main points that are known, probably to everyone who dealt with alginate masks.

☑️ What is the difference between a SUPER-MOVED mask and others?
Especially according to my feelings, it is the best of the line (in second place I have a rejuvenating mask with cocoa). The rest is also nothing, but this favorite. My skin after it feels the best, and moisturizes, indeed, stronger than the rest.

Let me now turn to the particulars: here I will talk about the questions that have ever arisen to me. And the answers that I received empirically. Checked on yourself :)))

✔️WHAT TO APPLY? Brush, spatula, fingers?

I tried all the ways. AND putty knife rejected at the very beginning of the use of alginate masks. I could not adapt - terribly uncomfortable.
Began to put fingers. It seems nothing, but problems arise if I have at the time of application long nails. The mask is sometimes clogged under them, and freezes. Scratching Alginate from under the nails after the end of the procedure is also a “joy”. But with short nails problems never occurred :)

But then I got tassel, and I decided to apply a mask with it.

Well what can I say? There are pitfalls here too. A brush can very easily fuck up once and for all. Although I always soaked it in water after application (so as not to withered), the process of rubbing the brush from the frozen alginate always took almost more time than the procedure itself. Also a dubious pleasure.

☑️ My ideal application is with my fingers, subject to short nails. Although, judging by the tactile sensations - brush more pleasant.


I asked this question when I saw the sale of special concentrates for breeding masks. So far, not decided on the purchase, as the compositions there with preservatives and questionable ingredients, along with usefulness. But I want to try, so I look in their direction and monitor the compositions)))

What am I doing now:

- I love to breed in chamomile infusion (well, this is when there is a mood)
- When there is a mood, but laziness interferes, then most often just buy water evian (there the composition is the same as in thermal water, I compared the packages), and I spread the mask with its help. I don’t see any fundamental difference with ordinary water, but it’s psychologically more pleasant))
- My most favorite way is to breed in a herbal infusion "Elecasol", he is my love forever. I love this collection very much, and in the testimony he has skin problems))) but I also need to prepare in advance.
- I tried to add essential oils - did not go. It hurts the eyes, even at the lowest dose.
- You can try and hydrolates. But I also did not like it: a big expense with an efficiency equal to herbal infusions. But sometimes I still do. Without enthusiasm, really.

✔ ️WHAT TO DRAW UNDER A MASK? Nothing? Concentrate? Butter?

The fact that under the alginate mask it is necessary to apply something, I decided exactly. I tried without anything, but with additional funds, the result is much better.

I used to use only special concentrates.

But then read that someone uses and oils. I decided to try. And you know, absolutely not like it. I do not exclude that this is an individual reaction of my skin.
For several years, from time to time I tried different ones and not one came up. Why?
- It seems to me that the layer of oil creates a barrier between the skin and the mask, and there is no instant effect that I see after the sera in the case of oils :(
- In addition, after such a “mask with oil”, the contents in the pores blacken right before my eyes. This is already a problem, and when the oil intervenes, the process is accelerated at times. I do not need this at all)))
Most likely, this is due to oxidation. So far, I have not found any oil that does not do this.

I will try to show byaku visually. Sea buckthorn oil was used this time. Photo immediately after the mask with this oil.

As a result, I chose for myself the best option - alternating ampoules with hyaluronic acid. So I see a good result :)
Now I use these:

If there is inflammation on the face, then I still use tea tree essential oil. But point. I put a cotton swab on the problem areas. I cannot cope with the already occurring reddenings and do not dissolve them, but it is remarkably retarding the development

✔️ And what's with the breasts?

All those concentrates that I showed above, I do not use on my lips. Do not risk.

But putting a mask on my bare lips does not do me any good. It seems that from the mask they go even drier than they were before. Therefore, I decided to use the power of oils.

Experimentally, I found out that pennies are the best (50 pennies, not pennies) vitamin AEVIT.

I already wrote about how well they helped me (review here) when applied externally.

Since that time, nothing has changed. It helps just as well :)

This time, I’ll show you how they coped with their lips, weathered in the cold.

* Applied oil abundantly on the lips, on top of the alginate mask on the entire face, except the eyes, after removing the mask, left the oil on the lips, went to bed.
In the morning, the shells were gone :))

☑️ now I never forget lips when I make alginate masks. Aevitki is a miracle :)


The manufacturer says that you need to conduct a course of several masks for a visible effect.

Various articles on the Internet claim that the course of procedures will help get rid of facial wrinkles.

I decided to check, and once, taking a will into a fist, I did it after all: 7 procedures in a row every other day. With Teana ampoules and a tea tree point on the inflamed areas.

- problematic, with frequent rashes
- combined

I'll tell you what I noticed:

- Inflammations are gone, no new ones appeared (uraaaa)
- the complexion became fresher, the tone and relief of the face more evenly.
- The mask had no effect on mimic wrinkles.

I noticed again: after the mask, the skin is pretty well stewed, and comedoes are pliable. I don’t presume to press something after the mask, I use an ultrasound device.

Pretty good cleans, even when I'm not zealous)


In order to find out if there is a difference in hydration of the skin, I again turned to my favorite assistant (feedback on him).

I measured it for a very long time, there are just a million records, so I’m not going to organize a club of young mathematicians here and torture you with numbers, I’ll just tell you briefly about the results:


- There was no accumulative effect in terms of moisture.
- The results are the same after one procedure, that after a course of application every other day.
- I even tried to do every day (4 procedures in a row), and the figures are the same: the level of moisture is very increased immediately after, in the morning this level is higher than usual for my skin, but not by much. In the evening, everything returns to normal.

However, purely visually, the course of masks is better than a one-time action)))

Fuuuuh, I think it all said.
I hope that at least something useful.

Undoubtedly, I recommend the mask and put 5 :)

Thank you all for your attention))


✔️Vitamins AEVIT and many ways to use them with photo results ✔️ From pharmacy enterosorbent POLYSORB also makes acne masks! My results use ✔️Hyaluronic cream librederm moistening test ✔️ Face Cream AEVITcheck in harsh conditions failed

What are alginates?

To deal with the fact that such an alginate mask, you need to understand the definition of "alginate". Alginate is a plastic rubber-like substance that is harvested from brown algae. That it serves as the basis of similar masks.

Alginate masks - a professional cosmetic product that shows good results. Under any skin type and for any problem you can find a unique composition. Well, due to the fact that all alginate masks have a bright tightening effect, women over 30 just need to use them.

In the salon, applying an alginate mask can cost 1-2 thousand rubles, and if you carry out the procedure at home, then one portion of a wonderful product will cost only 200-300 rubles.

Classic (basic) alginate mask

It is the most popular and widely used by girls with any skin problems, ranging from enlarged pores and ending with high fat skin. For its application it is necessary to mix two components: alginate with a special serum, and sometimes with regular mineral water. This mask will moisturize, tighten, give the skin elasticity and youth.

Differences between alginate and non-alginate masks

Are alginate masks critically different from any others or is it just a marketing ploy?

Если говорить о самых обычных масках, выпускаемых косметическими концернами, то они унифицированы. Разработали — протестировали — в продажу. This means that they will be bought by everyone, they are inexpensive, they are easy to use, and help or not is a matter of chance, although at the testing stage they showed some results with regard to the existing problem.

Alginate masks are not much different from the most common, except that they need to be prepared from the proposed ingredients, and the process of applying and removing more difficult. That is why alginate masks are considered professional cosmetics and in salons they are applied according to the rules, so that there is a really tangible result. These masks work best for systemic application mainly due to the properties of alginates, which provide a rejuvenating effect.

Therefore, if you plan to buy an alginate mask and use it at home, the price-quality ratio is quite reasonable, and you will be satisfied with the results more than if you bought the simplest face mask for the same money.

Features of alginate masks

1. The smaller the powder is a dry mask, the higher its quality. If the powder looks more like sand, then such a mask will fall badly on the skin and form lumps.

2. The gel alginate mask does not dry up like a powder mask, and is washed off with the most usual warm water. It is convenient to take it on the road or use it in cases when it is impossible to dilute the powder one.

3. There is almost no allergy to alginate masks. They have one single allergen - iodine, extracted from algae. Therefore, if you are allergic, but you do not have allergies to iodine, feel free to use alginate masks - everything will be fine.

How to use alginate masks correctly

If you have a bag with gel content, then you have bought an alginate mask that is ready for use. It has a shorter shelf life and must be applied immediately after opening the bag, otherwise in 5–7 minutes it will become more like rubber and will not be applied. Pay attention to the fact that the package was sealed tightly, because if it gets air, then such a mask does not live.

Apply an alginate mask can be no more than twice a week, and for best results it is recommended to hold a full course. Depending on the manufacturer and the individual characteristics of the skin, it can be from 7 to 20 masks.

Do not try to remove the mask removed from the face or body into the toilet or sink. It should be thrown away only in the bin, otherwise you are guaranteed a blockage.

If you decide not to go to the salon, but to make a mask at home, then buy a special bowl with a cosmetic spatula to mix the contents.

Before you dilute the alginate mask, prepare your face in advance so that the mass does not have time to dry out.

Clean face

Here you can use makeup remover milk, micellar water or any other tool you use. Treat eyebrows and eyelashes with petroleum jelly or the fattest cream you have in your arsenal. In order for the alginate mask to penetrate deep into the skin, you can steam up your face and apply emulsion.

Apply the mask itself

It is recommended to do this only after the emulsion has been absorbed. At this stage, take alginate powder and whey (if there is no whey in the kit and simple mineral water is needed to dilute the mask - take it in equal proportions) and mix. Apply the composition, taking a horizontal position, the muscles of your face and neck should not be tense. Do it better with a spatula, ideally - taking into account the massage points. Do not attempt to apply the mask with your hands.

Alginate masks have a strong plasticizing effect, therefore they harden on the face for 5–10 minutes.

You will feel a sense of tightness in the places of application, it may seem to you that there is rubber on the face, but this is completely normal.

For half an hour, stay in the starting position, after which the mask can be removed.

How to make alginate mask at home

If you really want to try something like an alginate mask, but you have not yet decided to buy it, then try to make a similar mask at home.

  • powder cosmetic clay (sold in any pharmacy),
  • chamomile flowers (just do not use chamomile tea bags),
  • egg,
  • fine sea salt.

Separate the white from the yolk. In protein, mix 1 teaspoon of cosmetic clay and mix well. Let the chamomile flowers brew in hot water for 20 minutes and add 3 teaspoons of the infusion to the clay. Pour ½ teaspoon of sea salt there. Mix well. For best effect, it can be heated in a water bath to a comfortable warm temperature.

Then apply the mixture to the skin of the face, avoiding the areas around the eyes and lips. Within half an hour the mask will harden, and after you will not be difficult to wash it off with plain water. During rinsing try to massage your face to activate the massage points.

Of course, such a mask from the first time will not show everything that it is capable of, but if you apply it several times a week for 2-3 weeks, the results will amaze you.

You have read: Is it worth trying alginate masks and in what cases.

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What is an alginate mask and why is it

These natural cosmetics are based on algae. The sodium alginate contained in them contributes to the rapid hardening of the mask, making it plastic. The substance activates the protective properties of the skin, improves its tone, well retains moisture. Due to these properties, alginate masks help to get rid of such problems as:

  • skin aging, signs of aging,
  • dryness, imbalance,
  • dark spots,
  • vascular mesh,
  • inflammation and flaking on the face,
  • post acne, scars.

These masks are universal and suitable for almost everyone. With their efficiency and safety, they have gained wide popularity among cosmetologists. The result will be noticeable after the first application. Regular use of these products can significantly rejuvenate the skin, improve its appearance.

The composition of the masks

This cosmetic procedure has truly unique properties. It doesn't matter if you make it at home or in the salon, the result will please you. Let's see what the secret of this effect.

It's all about the composition. The basis of the tool - alginic acid and its salts. These components stimulate collagen production, rejuvenate and nourish the deep layers of the epidermis.

Another basic element of the mask is diatomite. It is a rock consisting of residues of various algae. It is known for its unique adsorbing properties. The substance is actively used in cosmetology to improve the condition of hair, nails and skin.

The composition of the finished masks usually includes other useful elements:

  • Chitosan. Helps dry skin retain moisture longer. It has anti-inflammatory action, contributes to better nutrition of the epidermis.
  • Collagen. Responsible for the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, stimulates their renewal. Facilitates wrinkle smoothing and facial contour correction. Smooths the surface of the dermis, eliminates scarring and post-acne.
  • Extract from ginger root. Perfectly tones and refreshes the face. Returns the skin a healthy color, eliminates age spots.
  • Hyaluronic acid. Perfect natural moisturizer. It improves skin elasticity, improves its protective properties. Effectively fights age-related changes, smoothes wrinkles.
  • Vitamin C. Helps to get rid of postacne, strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Ascorbic acid stimulates cell regeneration, tones and whitens the skin.

Additionally, herbal supplements are used to better cleanse the skin and restore the dermis: chamomile, green tea, aloe and others. The main producers of alginate are the countries of Europe, the USA, India, Japan, and China.

Action on the skin

The great advantage of these masks is that they suit any type of skin. The remedies are especially useful for the fading and problem dermis. If you correctly combine them with other cosmetic products, you will forget about skin problems forever.

Due to the rich vitamin and mineral composition, alginate masks have a wide spectrum of action:

  • increase skin firmness and elasticity,
  • smooth wrinkles, prevent the emergence of new ones,
  • enrich the dermis with useful elements
  • promote moisture retention
  • strengthen the blood vessels in the face
  • relieve inflammation
  • clean and tighten pores
  • activate metabolic processes in the epidermis,
  • provide a lifting effect
  • contribute to the breakdown of excess fat,
  • detoxify
  • prevent allergic reactions of the dermis,
  • improve the complexion.

After applying the mask turns into a thick elastic mass. In fact, it is a soft sorbent. Together with it, harmful substances, toxins, excess sebum are removed from the skin. This procedure provides cell regeneration, nourishes them with oxygen, makes the skin healthy and beautiful.

The mask contributes to the removal of excess fluid from the extracellular space. Provides restoration of lymph flow and blood circulation. This allows you to effectively use alginate in aesthetic correction of the facial contours, as well as anti-cellulite programs.

Types of alginate masks

To increase the effectiveness of the procedure, other components are added to the composition of these cosmetics. With the help of additional elements, products are created to solve various skin problems. There are several types of alginate masks.

Classic or basic. Provides deep hydration, tightens the skin of the face, brings it to tone. Most often such products consist of sodium alginate and mineral water or whey. Even such a simple composition brings tangible benefits to your dermis.

Rejuvenating. It consists of collagen, which makes the skin more elastic and resilient. The mask of this type allows you to deal with signs of aging and fading. If you want to give the aging skin a comprehensive care, use the anti-aging collagen mask with hyaluronic acid from Velinia.

Moisturizing. Auxiliary element in it is chlorophyll. This is a real salvation for dehydrated skin prone to flaking. The tool nourishes the epidermis with moisture, improves the complexion and evens the contour. Alginate mask from Velinia with chlorophyll nourishes the dry dermis, giving it a radiant and healthy look. The tool well tones, moisturizes and accelerates metabolic processes in the epidermis.

Regulating the secretion of the sebaceous glands. This mask is designed for oily and problem dermis. Its main task is to reduce sebum production, narrow pores and prevent inflammation. A good seboregulating mask is a brand Liberdurm. It is perfect for oily skin. Soothes her, reduces inflammatory elements, eliminates excess shine.

Corrective. Used to correct various aesthetic deficiencies. Such means include masks from age spots, acne, scars, etc. For example, this Korean alginate mask for problem skin will help to get rid of several problems at once. It effectively affects inflammation, reduces wrinkles, protects from the harmful effects of the environment.

The choice of cosmetics of any of these types is large enough. To achieve the desired result, I advise you to use what suits your type. All alginates give a good result, if you choose them correctly. Which is better to manifest itself specifically on your face immediately difficult to say.

How to apply a mask yourself

Make this procedure at home can every girl. You need to know a few important nuances and use this tool correctly.

Applying an alginate mask can be divided into several stages:

  1. First, a small amount of alginate is poured into the container. I advise you to use a bowl and spatula for this purpose.
  2. The powder is poured with clean water at a comfortable room temperature. Usually one part of alginate is taken into three parts of a liquid. A few minutes to mix the mask well until smooth. Do not forget to wear a shower cap so that the mixture does not get on your hair.
  3. The product is applied with quick movements all over the face. Some masks are also designed for the neck and décolleté zone. Ideally, only the nostrils should be open. The layer must be dense and not too thin. Remember, last but not least, alginate is applied to the second eye. Judging by the reviews, this method of application often causes discomfort. Leave your eyes and mouth open if you feel unwell. When the mask dries out a little, apply any cream around the edges. This will make it easier to remove.
  4. Action time on average 20-25 minutes. Prepare for the procedure in advance. Turn on the relaxing music, set the timer and plunge into the realm of relaxation
  5. Removing the product from the face is very simple. You need to gently pick up the edges of the mask along the contour. Then remove it in the direction from the chin to the forehead. Leftovers can be removed with tonic.
  6. Completes the procedure for any face cream for your skin type. After such a mask, you can apply makeup almost immediately.

If you do the procedure at home, remember that the frozen alginate is a heavy substance. Therefore, it is better to take a horizontal position for 20 minutes and relax your face.

Some tips for using

First, prepare the face for application. To do this, use a cleansing gel for the face, foam or milk. Home peeling will help rid the skin of dead cells and level the relief. The next stage is a tonic. After it, cosmetologists advise to apply serum or other emulsions. Alginate mask will increase the effect of these tools. It will contribute to their deep penetration into the layers of the dermis.

One of the most frequently asked questions: how to save eyelashes and eyebrows from alginate? In most cases, a quality product is well removed. If in doubt, apply a little greasy cream on your eyelashes and eyebrows. This will help prevent them from sticking to the alginate and facilitate removal of the mask.

The procedure is best carried out courses up to 10 times or on the recommendation of a cosmetologist. Usually 1-2 masks per week is enough for the desired result.

I advise you to use alginate masks based on the general condition of the dermis and the tasks. These cosmetics effectively cope with many skin problems. They are well tolerated even by sensitive skin. However, there are some contraindications to their use. People with allergies to algae and seafood should use this product with caution.

In case of exacerbation of chronic diseases, it is better to refuse procedures for a while. Open wounds and skin lesions are also contraindications.

Reviews on the use of alginate masks

The merits of these cosmetics are indisputable. However, I wanted to learn about their effectiveness from the first mouth. Here are the responses I managed to find on the Internet.

Lucia: I really liked the action. I ordered from the online store, took anti-aging with a lifting effect. The result is noticeable after the first application. Minus 5 years from the face of at least)))

Galya: I am 50 years old. Beautician advised to use the serum directly under the alginate. The result is tangible - the skin tightens, wrinkles disappear, face shines. I am very pleased to continue to do the course.

Roma: I bought a mask in the form of a powder and made it myself. She didn’t use the spatula, just put her fingers on the massage lines. My combination skin is very suitable. refreshes the face, evens the tone and tightens the pores

Lika: Recently, I was presented with a Faberlic compression alginate mask. Honestly speaking, she was skeptical. But I was wrong - the tool is really worthwhile. True packaging is enough for one time. but the tool is inexpensive. She perfectly refreshed her face, evened her tone, calmed down minor inflammations.

Tanya: I did not immediately appreciate their miraculous properties. Tangible result was after the 4th application. Now I am very pleased with the effect. I continue the course of procedures)

Kiki: Мне уже есть, чем похвастаться. Благодаря этим маскам и сыворотке у меня разгладились морщинки. Даже носогубные складки стали менее заметными. Советую всем!

Если вам интересно мнение профессионала, то отзывы косметолога можно посмотреть в этом видео

My verdict is: an alginate mask is the best way to maintain youth and beauty of the skin, even at home. Try to do this procedure and see for yourself. If the article was useful to you, please share it with friends in social networks. Do not forget to subscribe to my newsletter. Waiting for your comments. Particularly bold can show photos before and after the procedure 🙂 Until we meet again!

Alginate face mask - what is it?

In 1981, one English chemist, in the course of his experiments, obtained a very interesting substance — sodium alginate. Continuing to study it, he found that when combined with water, it turns into a gel containing a large number of useful substances. It is due to this property of the new substance that a mask based on it has become widely used for cosmetic purposes.

Currently, it is specially mined from seaweed, and you can buy a ready-made mask or powder for its preparation in almost any store. Although a couple of years ago, such a procedure was available only in beauty salons.

Possible effect when using

Of course, before applying any means for the skin, it is necessary to study its composition and effect. Understand whether it is right for you and what effect it has. In addition, there are several types of alginate masks ranging from a simple version to more complex compounds. For example, a mask with collagen, which also helps to rejuvenate the skin.

What can be achieved using an alginate mask:

  • narrow pores, make skin cleaner,
  • get rid of fine wrinkles, give skin to the face elasticity and firmness,
  • remove swelling and inflammation
  • get a noticeable lifting effect
  • get rid of pigmentation, rosacea,
  • restore the protective function of the skin, if it was impaired,
  • remove toxins, normalize the balance of nutrients
  • get rid of redness and irritation due to vasoconstriction,
  • slightly tighten the oval face and, perhaps, even remove the second chin due to the fact that the components break down fat.

But in the stores most often offered powder for self-dilution and preparation of the gel, which is not very convenient for some reason:

  • it is difficult to completely dissolve the powder or it takes a very long time - the mixture begins to harden and becomes unsuitable for use,
  • it is desirable that the mask was applied by someone else, since this should be done in a supine position (otherwise the mass will simply “peel off” from the face),
  • in the package there is a lot of powder for the breeding of the mask, which with the head is enough not only for the face, but also for the neck with the neckline, and it’s not advisable to keep an open bag for a long time.

All this leads to the fact that you need to carefully approach the choice of means. It should not only have a good composition without harmful additives (after all, they will all be absorbed by the skin), but should also be comfortable to use.

One of the worthy options is the Anskin mask. It has a pronounced rejuvenating effect, smoothes the skin's relief, improves its overall appearance and preserves beauty for a long time. The composition also has hyaluronic acid, which nourishes the skin and removes dryness.

It is advisable to use a mask course in combination with other means.for example with essence. The choice will depend on what problems you have and what exactly you want to get rid of.

Mask recipe at home

Alginate mask at home was only recently unreal, but now self-preparation will not cause any problems. This is a good option if you doubt the quality of what is being sold or the product is simply nowhere to buy.

For the base mask you will need:

  • diatomite 70-75% (you can replace it with clay),
  • plasticizer calcium sulfate or calcium chloride - 1-2%,
  • plain water
  • alginate - 25-30% of the total mass.

Depending on what goal you are pursuing and what result you want to get, you can add other components to the mask: oils, vitamins, algae.

Before you use the recipe, you need to know how to behave with components.

  1. To begin with, mix alginate with warm water and leave for some time until the mass becomes similar to the gel.
  2. In another container, the remaining ingredients are mixed with a small amount of water and then combined with the alginate.

The mask must be very quickly applied to the face, hold until it hardens, and then removed.

How to apply?

To carry out this procedure alone will be quite difficult, so it is better to include a girlfriend. The process is complicated by the fact that the mass quickly hardens, and in a vertical position it slips from the face.

  1. Before use, be sure to clean the skin well, and even better - blow it away.
  2. Problem parts, that is, wounds and redness, need to be smeared with a special serum and wait for complete drying.
  3. Be sure to apply fat cream on eyebrows and eyelashes.
  4. Using a special spatula, cover the skin with a thick layer of the mask, starting from the bottom and moving upwards.
  5. Hold the product for about 30 minutes - this will be enough to harden the mixture.

How often can you do?

Alginate masks are quite effective and therefore it is not recommended to use them every day. It is enough only 1-2 times a week, but with a course of at least six procedures. And you can use as a specific composition for your problem, and different complexes, depending on what is currently required by your skin.


Another undoubted advantage of these masks is that they are practically hypoallergenic and therefore can be used by everyone and at any age.

Of course, if you are allergic to seafood or algae, then it is worth conducting a reaction test on a small area of ​​skin.

In addition, there are several contraindications.

  • You should not resort to procedures for people with cancer.
  • And also to those who have at this point in time exacerbated various chronic diseases. It is better to wait out this period and carry out the procedure when the state of health improves.
  • Just pay attention to the condition of their skin. If you have open wounds or other injuries, it is better to temporarily abandon the alginate mask.

Otherwise, these tools do not carry any threat, are recommended for various skin problems and even for cellulite. In addition, they are suitable for all skin types. Oily they dry and shrink pores, and dry, on the contrary, moisturize.