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A hybrid of skateboard and pram: creative solutions for energetic parents


An invention that will allow you to stay on the longboard even after the birth of children

Looking at this invention, you involuntarily calm down, realizing that not only you are surrounded by newly-made mothers and fathers who will no longer go to the bar with you and, moreover, will refuse to ride the board all day. For a year, Quinny, a company specializing in the manufacture of baby carriages, has been finalizing and improving its Longboardstroller wonder-gadget, the world's first longboard carriage.

Fish evolution

Four unusual inventions for the longboard, the purchase of which you can think about now

Before yelling that it’s the devil who knows what, and not the longboard, imagine for a second the happiness of those mothers and fathers who were forced to dismount after giving birth to a child. There is no doubt that invention has many more advantages than disadvantages. On the one hand, Longboardstroller allows you not to part with your beloved long, and on the other, it will help those who have never stood on the board to stand on the board, because now there is an emphasis in the form of a pen. About the happiness that children will experience when placed in a pram can only be guessed.

Of course, for such an unusual project, engineers who knew a lot about boards were invited, who not only chose the optimum deck shape for skating and safety, but also gave it brakes. Developers are in continuous dialogue with readers and take into account all their wishes. As a wheelbase, a classical deck model with a lowered center of gravity was used. The folding design of the stroller is mounted in such a way that, in the event of the disappearance of the pilot, the unit does not lose stability and does not tip over.

The invention has not yet arrived on the market, the developers are fighting with all sorts of "but": you know, high-speed wheelchair is not the easiest thing. But if, without waiting for the sale, you decide to design something like this yourself, seat the sandbag in the passenger seat beforehand.


Which one FRESH idea! Less than five years! Sometimes you just wonder at the rampant talent of some "Leonardodavinch."

Once, in a distant Chukotka, there was one accident. A local resident got under paravoz. By chance. Fortunately, he didn’t move at all, and so - it hurt a little. In general, with bruises and fractures sent him to the hospital. After some time, having recovered, he returned to his home camp. Well, who was there came to visit him - to ask what and how - the news is not so much in the tundra something. And then the hero of the occasion got caught up - everyone is waiting, but he is not and is not. They walked around the yaranga and saw: an enraged Chukchi was threshing the shafts at the boiled teapot and viciously saying:


You will say: “Well, what is all this for?”
Yes. This story is not about the Chukchi, but about such teapots, as the author of this self-propelled product. This product must be forced to use the parents of such "geniuses". So that they do not multiply.

So, what is it - a longboard stroller?

The design of this stroller is a longboard to which a child’s seat is attached using special fastenings.

A longboard is a long skateboard that is very similar to a skateboard. It is very stable and has good running characteristics. You will not be able to perform various tricks on such a board, but you will definitely succeed in a ride with the wind at high speed.

Of course, a fast ride with a small child can backfire, but the developers made sure that this stroller meets all safety requirements. To create a longboard stroller, they used only the highest quality and high-strength materials. The seat for the baby is very firmly attached to the board. It has a special pen that helps parents stay on the longboard.

In order for the child not to fall out of the stroller right while riding, several seat belts are provided on the seat - for the legs and torso. It is also recommended to wear a helmet to the child in order to avoid injury if a fall does occur. But you do not need to worry about this. If you follow the normal speed limit and closely monitor the road in order to notice an obstacle in time, your baby is not in danger.

This stroller is designed to move exclusively around the city with smooth roads, as it does not have shock-absorbing properties, and your child will feel all the holes and bumps that you will encounter on your way.

The longboard stroller weighs only 11 kg. It folds easily and takes up very little space. So with it, you can easily ride in public transport and move around any institution.

In such a wheelchair it is allowed to transport children from 1 year old and weighing up to 15 kg. In addition, the longboard itself can withstand an adult, whose weight should not exceed 100 kg.

Unfortunately, in our country you cannot buy a longboard wheelchair, since it is allowed for sale only in the EU countries. But if you suddenly have the opportunity to visit one of these countries, then you can get this stroller for 599 euros. However, you'd better hurry, because the developers have released this new product in limited quantities - only 1000 pieces.

A longboard stroller is an excellent means of transportation, both for your child and for you. With its help, you can easily get to any place you need without the need for public transport. Your baby will be just delighted with the trip with the breeze in such a wheelchair, and you will get a lot of pleasure from joint walks with him.

For young parents

The Dutch surprised the whole world with their invention. Especially pleased the young mothers and fathers, who do not represent their lives without the right boards and Raid. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Madrid longboard catalog in our online store. The inventors presented a longboard stroller, where you can put a child of a younger age category and with a cheerful smile of a young parent go to conquer new tracks. Such a board is already diverging in Europe. It will be useful to pay attention to its strengths:

  • convenient system of additional support - this board can also be used by inexperienced riders just to speed up movement during the summer,
  • clearly calculated seating angle, providing sufficient freedom of movement - based on the reviews and videos presented on social networks, the child does not interfere with maneuver, on the contrary, even often makes this process easier,
  • the ability to fold a longboard wheelchair compactly - the transportability of the invention is at a high level,
  • the small weight of the whole structure allows the board to accelerate to decent speeds, one should only remember that the braking with the sidecar will undergo small changes.

It cannot be said that the invention came as a complete surprise. In fact, the masters have been working on the design for the past two years, and some photos of the model variations have fallen into the network. At first, no one took this innovation seriously. Now she has occupied a new segment on the Landyachtz longboard market.

Is it safe

The invention is really useful and fascinating lovers of longboards. After the first “wow effect” was over and the products really began to diverge, the child’s safety issue became acute. Dutch inventors have once again confirmed their good name - this stroller is made according to all advanced European standards and is allowed for widespread use in the territory of EU countries. Of course, for greater confidence it is recommended to use a children's helmet.