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Bonbonnieres for guests


A wedding is a special event, not only for the newlyweds themselves, but also for their guests, because each of them witnesses the birth of a new family, in their eyes is a love affair based on sincerity, emotions and feelings.

Of course, the most important actors on such a day are the bride and groom, whom everyone congratulates, presents with gifts and simply rejoices for their happiness. Most of them helped you cope with wedding troubles, someone morally, and someone physically supported you at a difficult moment, because all the brides have already understood, wedding is a rather troublesome event.

So why not give your loved ones and friends a small token that will inform them of your appreciation and feelings of gratitude?

Bonbonnieres were invented with just such a purpose, a peculiar and, you see, quite original way that allows you to once again make your wedding a memorable and beautiful event.

For those who still do not know what a bonbonniere is - a small gift in the form of a small box or pouch that is filled with sweets or any other nice surprises.

By the way, what is interesting, like most other wedding traditions, for example, throwing a bridal bouquet or decorating a cake with figures of a bride and groom, bonbonnieres also came to us from Europe, and, more precisely, from beautiful France.

It happened approximately in the XVI century, in rich and aristocratic families began to present sweet gifts to their guests, which was considered inconceivable luxury, because at that time various sweets were mainly brought from the far East.

The boxes themselves, in which sweets were put, were made of gold and silver, decorated with semiprecious and precious stones, and the more expensive and smarter was the bonbonniere, the home owners were considered richer and more prosperous.

In today's world, family welfare does not resonate with such small presents; on the contrary, they are increasingly trying to make wedding bonbonnieres with their own hands, because, as you know, the main thing is attention. With the help of such a small, but nice element, you can not only please and surprise your guests, but also once again decorate your celebration, especially if they are made according to the overall design with the rest of the wedding decor.

How to please your guests?

The main question that always arises here is what to put inside a bonbonniere, because the box is usually small, it is very difficult to imagine something as small, but useful and memorable. If you follow the European traditions, you can go on a classic way and put sweets inside: sweets, chocolate, almonds in sugar, the main thing is that all this should be decorated in a wedding style.

For this, you may have to cooperate with pastry chefs, who will be able to make symbolic sweets on your order. By the way, if you continue to follow the traditions, then you need to put in the box only an odd number of sweets or other sweets.

Three pieces - symbolize the image of your young family and the soon-to-be future child, and five pieces express in a special form the wishes of all benefits (family, happiness, health, wealth, long years of life).

Of course, it is not necessary to adhere to the classics, you can easily turn on all your imagination and invent any, even more weighty, gift. If the wedding is decorated in a certain style, it is quite important not to ignore the design of bonbonnieres, for example, on Christmas Eve or New Year, the boxes are often designed as small Christmas trees or Christmas tree decorations, inside which you can put a symbol of the coming year.

At the autumn wedding, a bonbonniere can be replaced with small green apples or pears, a ribbon is tied to each tail with wishes or with a personalized inscription. Thus, a gift for guests will not only be useful and thematic, but also replace the seed cards.

In the winter, gifts for guests can be arranged in the form of small and cute jars with delicious jam or honey, do not forget to add ribbons or cards with your wishes to guests.

In the summertime, bonbonnieres are often replaced with small translucent sacks that can be made independently of beautiful fabric squares: lace, tulle, chiffon and others. Inside you can put a few beautiful seashells, for example, if you are celebrating a wedding by the sea, or handmade soap, which you can do on your own is not difficult at all.

For these purposes, special kits for soap making are sold, you can choose one common flavor, or you can choose your own individual one for each guest.

An interesting spring decision: to present men with boutonnieres on jackets, and to girls - floral bracelets, which can be decorated in a general wedding style. It is best to issue such gifts at the entrance to the restaurant or before check-in so that all guests look the same.

How to arrange wedding bonbonniere?

Options and types of modern bonbonniere there is a huge variety. They can be presented in the form of small boxes of various forms: standard, cylindrical, spherical, in the form of figures, for example, the image of the bride and the image of the groom, in the form of a typewriter, a baby carriage, a bottle of champagne or a piece of cake.

Sometimes standard boxes are replaced by miniature chests, tubes, bags or baskets, any of these options will help make a great impression on your guests. Bonbonnieres can be bought in specialized decor studios that are engaged in the creation of a wedding decor, or order on the Internet.

Prices for such products vary, if hand made is not about you, it is better not to save and order ready-made bonbonnieres, since such a gesture on the part of the newlyweds should look perfect.

If you nevertheless took up the self-made creation of gifts, then pick up on the Internet the most appropriate and understandable lesson in their creation, which at the moment already exists a great many.

Do not forget to take care of the decoration of your bonbonniere, it can be paper flowers, natural flowers, lace fabric, beads, beads or bright ribbons. If the box is made of cardboard or paper, then it is possible to print your names, wedding date or a few words of wishes on it.

When to hand?

The easiest option, which is used at most weddings, is to place your gift boxes near each place in the restaurant, the bonbonniere can be put right on the plate or near it. The guest, sitting down in his place, will be pleasantly surprised by such a nice gesture on your part.

Another option: to give gifts to guests when they begin to disperse, so to speak, goodbye and long memory. There is another, more original way to present your gift in response to the congratulations of guests and their gifts.

Your invited guests will surely be very surprised, because rarely you can get your own, although small, gift for a wedding gift, but still a gift too.

What is bonbonniere

Bonbonniere is a small bag, bag, box, handbag with sweets or small presents that are given to each invited to the wedding. The tradition of making such gifts originated in France: there, in boxes, five candies or almonds in chocolate were put, wishing guests fertility, health, wealth, longevity, happiness. Bonbonnieres create a special wedding mood, with their help you can successfully complement a single wedding style.

What is accepted to give in a bonbonniere

The design and content of wedding gifts can be different, it all depends on the imagination and financial possibilities of the newlyweds. In order not to offend any of the invited guests, try to prepare all the same bonbonniere, children should make other gifts. If you have not yet figured out what to present to guests at your wedding, use the ideas below, which you can beat on your own.

In the spring it is accepted to give guests:

Flowers Small pot of room violets or any other flowers will be pleasant to each guest.
Seeds. For example, gladiolus bulbs, tulips or daffodils will be a good spring present.

In the fall, you can offer guests as gifts:

Jam, jam, honey. On cold evenings, guests can warm up with hot tea with sweet, filled with vitamins, jam or honey.
Fruits. Pears or apples are not only tasty, but also a useful surprise.

In winter will be appropriate:

Tea. For young people, choose the floral and fruit types of drink, for the older generation - the highest grade, and for the elderly - fees on herbs.
Christmas and Christmas themes. Christmas balls engraved date of the wedding or decorations on the Christmas tree, made with your own hands. For example, wadded angels.
Citrus. Fragrant tangerines, decorated with beautiful ribbons, will provide guests with a great mood.

For a summer wedding fit:

Strawberries, cherries, peaches. These vitamin delicacies are packaged in corrugated paper or small baskets.
Sunglasses. Guests will not have to blink at wedding photos from the bright sun.

Options bonbonniere, regardless of the time of year, a huge amount:

Small notebooks and notebooks of unusual shape, design - a useful and creative gift.
Cups with funny inscriptions or photos about your wedding. Such gifts are always useful to guests.
Towels with embroidery wedding date.
Slates for dancing. Such a bonbonniere will delight girls who have been wearing heels all day long.
The photo frame is simple and cute.
Bonbonnieres for themed wedding ceremonies. For example, at a wedding in the French style, give guests a figurine copy of the Eiffel Tower. For the celebration in the Russian style fit small dolls. If the theme of the wedding - travel, pick up each guest baggage tags.
Candies. To be original, attach pieces of paper with wishes to each candy.
Cakes, donuts. Your guests with such a surprise will not have to think about breakfast.
Biscuit. Bonbonnieres with pastries accompanied by good or humorous predictions look unusual and interesting.
Tea strainer. Each guest will long remember your wedding, brewing tea for yourself.
The drinks. Small bottles with strong drinks and cool wrappers depicting the bride and groom are a good option for bonbonniere for men.
Water bottles. Guests will be able to take such a surprise on a hike, on a jog, or a bike ride.
Whole bean coffee. Fans of this drink will like this gift.
Decorative soap. Such handmade products with “delicious” smells will be an excellent gift. For each guest pick a special flavor.
Fridge magnets. Many people collect such souvenirs. Magnets will take their place on the door of the fridge of each guest, and will long be reminded of a merry wedding party.
Keychain in the form of a wedding date will be a good souvenir and a reminder for the guest of the fun time at your wedding celebration.
A small desktop calendar. A beautifully designed calendar will remind guests for a whole year about your unique wedding, and will not let you forget significant dates.
Candles. Small wax figures of the bride and groom or aromatic hearts, what could be nicer and more romantic?
Porcelain or crystal figurines. This is a good idea for a bonbonniere in the form of lovers or a couple of pigeons.
A custom-made opener in a wedding style with an engraving will always remind guests of the wedding they attended.
Bath salt. Relaxing sea salt in the evening will help relieve tension and fatigue after multiple competitions and dances at the banquet.

How to sign wedding bonbonnieres

On gifts for guests, it is customary to use inscriptions with the date of the wedding, good jokes, words of gratitude for the fact that the invitees shared the joy of the wedding day with the newlyweds. Here are a few memorable phrases for bonbonnieres:

Thank you for being with us on this day.
For luck.
Dear guest.
From the family ...
With love from …
We are happy to share with you this important event of our life.
Take me with you, I am your gift.
Be our guest.
Charged with love.

When to hand bonbonniere guests at the wedding

There are no specific rules for presenting gifts. If there are many guests, then one bonbonniere is given to each married couple. For children, prepare a separate souvenir. The time and form of presenting gifts may be different:

At the beginning of the wedding celebration, placing them around or on the plate of each guest at the holiday table.
In the middle of the holiday. Put them on a large tray or in a basket, and each guest can take a bonbonniere during the celebration.
Give each guest a present at the end of the festive evening, when they begin to disperse.

How to make a bonbonniere with your own hands

There are a lot of options and types of trendy wedding bonbonnieres. They are bought in specialized studios that are engaged in the decoration of weddings, salons with products for the wedding or ordered in online stores. But more often, the newlyweds prefer to do them with their own hands (if there are few invited guests). Yes, and guests will be happier to get a bonbonniere, created jointly by the newlyweds. Try to make them yourself!

Necessary materials

For the manufacture will need:

colored cardboard or heavy scrapbooking paper,
A4 sheet,
bonbonniere scheme
stationery scissors,
stencil knife
ruler or screen board,
ribbons, flowers or other decorative elements,
label with the inscription.

Scheme and stages of creation

Increase the scheme to the desired value and print it on plain thin paper or using a pencil and ruler to draw the pattern yourself.
The resulting print put on a piece of cardboard, outlined with a simple pencil edge of the pattern. Scissors cut the workpiece, and with a stationery knife create slots for fasteners.
Along the dotted lines we make bends, denoting a square shape, and add the resulting "petals".
Cut a tag with an inscription with a figured hole punch or scissors made of thick paper.
With the help of glue we fix the finished leaflet with the text on one of the “petals” of the box.
We decorate a bonbonniere with ribbons, hearts, flowers.

Photos of bonbonnieres for wedding guests

Take surprises especially nice when you do not expect. The wedding bonbonniere, regardless of the filling, design and delivery method, allows invited guests to carry away from the holiday not only good cheerful mood and vivid impressions, but also a material part of the celebration, which will remind them of the wonderful day of two loving hearts.

Why do you need an accessory

The word "bonbonniere", like the tradition itself, originated in France in the 16th century, literally it means "a box of sweets." Since sugar was previously imported from India, it was expensive in Europe and not everyone could afford sweets. The same can be said about the box itself, since traditionally it was made of gold or silver. Only aristocrats could hand such a gift to each guest at the wedding.

Today, bonbonnieres do not overlap such a framework, this accessory can be found on both rich and modest weddings. Everything will depend on the materials for making the box or pouch and the selected filling.

You can make accessories from ordinary colored paper, but guests will still be pleased to receive such a symbolic gift if it is made with soul.

Such an accessory is being made in order to express my gratitude to friends and relatives for the desire to share their first common holiday with the newlyweds. Boxes are a kind of compliment to the guests in response to their warm wishes to the bride and groom.

What can you put inside?

Traditionally, five candies were put in the bonbonniere, because it symbolized the wish of the guests for good luck, happiness and family well-being. You can follow this tradition or come up with your own original solution.

The choice of filling for bonbonniere is not limited to anything, but It is recommended to combine memorabilia with the overall style of the wedding.

Edible Gifts

If you think that they are putting in bonbonnieres for a wedding and are considering edible options, then you can dwell on the following solutions:

  • Candies. You can use chocolate, caramel, dragee or beloved by many Raffaello, which have become an unspoken symbol of love. You can add a few M & M’s dragees or Skittles to candy, if bright multi-colored dragees are combined with a general wedding decoration,
  • Chocolate. The bride and groom can give each guest a regular bar of chocolate, wrapping it in an individual wedding box or paper with a joint photo and words of gratitude. Not sure what to put in bonbonnieres? A few small nominal chocolates or gold medals. В жаркую погоду потребуется держать такие коробочки в холодильнике во время всего банкета, чтобы сладость не растаяла,
  • Пряники или печенье. Можно купить уже готовые сладости или испечь их самостоятельно, украсив в соответствии со свадебной тематикой. На имбирном печенье можно нарисовать любой узор глазурью или шоколадом,
  • Macaroon cakes. This popular dessert can be packed in a transparent plastic box or in a tight bag. To buy or bake macaroons need a few days before the wedding, because they quickly deteriorate,
  • Buns. The bride may surprise guests with homemade pastries. It can be buns with poppy seeds, cinnamon or chocolate, mini-rolls, croissants or muffins,
  • Honey or jam. Homemade sweets in beautifully decorated jars will look unusual at a wedding and will be useful to all guests,
  • Candied or nuts. They can be put in a basket or packed in a transparent bag, and then put in a box,
  • Berries. They will harmoniously look at a summer or spring wedding. They can be put in a basket, bag or paper bag,
  • Natural tea or coffee. You can buy the product by weight and evenly distribute the transparent bags.

Inedible gifts

It is not necessary to follow the tradition and put edible gifts in bonbonnieres, the bride and groom can please their guests with pleasant trinkets that will take their place on the shelf for souvenirs or will be useful in the household.

Future newlyweds who think that they are putting in bonbonnieres for guests can choose the content from the following options:

  • fridge magnets. You can choose for each guest an individual magnet that is associated with him, or order the manufacture of magnets with a joint photo of the newlyweds and the date of the wedding,
  • decorative candles. It can be both figured and scented candles, and you can also choose a small candlestick,
  • Handmade soap. Home-made soap-making has become popular, so guests can be given a decorative copy with herbs,
  • fragrant herbs. If you sew dried plants into a bag and drop it with essential oil, you will get homemade sachets,
  • key rings Custom charms with the date of the wedding will be an excellent memento,
  • bells. Another nice bauble, where you can specify the date of the wedding,
  • flowers The female half of the guests will like it if they are presented with a seasonal flower, for example, a tulip or a snowdrop, and in summer you can collect mini bouquets from field plants.

It is not necessary to put objects associated with the wedding, you can use any pleasant little things that are useful to guests. In the fall, for example, you can give everyone beautifully packed umbrellas, in the summer - sunglasses. If you do not know what to put in a bonbonniere for a winter wedding, then fill the bag with Christmas decorations or sweets. Such gifts are sure to please guests.

Interesting! As a package, first consider the bags and boxes. These are the most popular options.

Lip balm

This undoubtedly useful thing will be useful to everyone, especially in the cold season. And seductive fruit aromas will make balm an excellent gift.

Fresh, coated donuts will be the best start of the day for your guests. And no need to think than to have breakfast.

A jar of jam or honey

Jam and honey was loved not only by Carlson, there are many sweets among both children and adults. A jar of delicacy will appeal to all guests. And for the most impatient, you can attach a spoon to the jar.


This gift is perfect for a summer wedding - guests will not have to squint in the photo from the bright sun. And then on vacation come in handy.

And this option is good for a winter wedding. If one of the guests suddenly forgot to warm their hands, they will be very grateful to you.

Coffee beans

Coffee lovers will like this gift - what could be better than a fragrant invigorating drink in the morning after a fun wedding party.

Succulents in a pot

A potted plant will delight your guests by decorating their apartment or garden plot. And we advise succulents, because they are unpretentious and do not require frequent watering.

Commemorative magnet

Fridge magnets are collected by many, so even among souvenirs from different cities and countries there will be a magnet with your initials or a photograph - as a reminder of the wedding day.


Such a useful thing as a diary is always needed in the household. Attach a pen or a funny pencil to a notebook - they will make an excellent pair.

Fragrant Soap

Continuing the theme of the bath, you can choose as a gift handmade soap with "delicious" smells.

Baggage tag

If the theme of your wedding is travel, then the tags that can be hung on a suitcase will fit into the concept as well as possible so as not to confuse the luggage at the airport.

Homemade Cookies

It is very easy to combine a sweet table and gifts for guests. Cook at home or order cookies in the pastry shop and take care of containers in which guests can carry anything they like from the sweet table.

Slates for dancing

This gift will appreciate the ladies who spent the whole day in heels. To dance till you drop is better in slippers on a flat sole. And then they can be used as beach shoes.

Mint Dragee

Everyone loves peppermints. And that's it.

Be attentive to the guests at your wedding!

Additional tips

Filling for bonbonnieres is desirable to do the same for all guests, so that no one feels uncomfortable. One can only make a division into men, women, and children, in order to present them the corresponding trifles. For example, men will not be too happy with sachets or flowers, and women will not be happy with tie clips or cigars.

It is not recommended to put too expensive souvenirs in the bonbonniere, this may cause inconvenience to some guests. By itself, such a gift will already be pleasant, since it is not present at all weddings.

When filling bonbonnieres, it is advisable to choose tender and lovely gifts, since the tradition itself provides for a mood of romance.

Expert advice: It is not recommended to use bright, flashy details, unless the style of the wedding does not require it (for example, the theme of styling). The exception may be a youth wedding, it can be presented to friends and family trivia with humor.

In addition to the choice of packaging and filling, you need to decide on the method of presenting the bonbonniere.

There are the following options:

  • lay out on the plates before the banquet,
  • instruct the waiters to spread out next to the plates during a general dance,
  • put on a separate table so that guests can disassemble gifts when it is convenient,
  • give the guests during the farewell
  • hand in response to congratulations.

The bride and groom can come up with original options for bonbonniere, based on already proven ideas and taking into account the character and mood of their guests. No matter what the future newlyweds will put in a bag or bag, the main thing is that it was done from the heart, then the guests will appreciate the efforts.

What is bonbonniere?

Bonbonnieres for wedding guests - small bags or boxes, inside which are sweets or something else. Their main task is to surprise the gathered guests. It is a kind of original souvenir, where you can write the names of the newlyweds, the date of painting and much more. Such a gift is durable, it will not let you forget about the most important event in the life of lovers.

Wedding salons offer a lot of interesting options for bonbonnieres. But it is still better to experiment and make a box with your own hands. Thereby you will bring in it notes of individuality. This is truly an exciting lesson that does not require a lot of effort and cost.

Look into history

The tradition to present bonbonnieres to guests came to us from France. The box itself was made of gold or silver and inlaid with precious stones. Inside surely put 5 candies. As a rule, it was almonds, covered with chocolate or sugar. The number was not chosen by chance. It was believed that each candy symbolizes a specific wish (happiness, wealth, health, childbirth, life expectancy). With the help of such a gift, the newlyweds thanked the guests for visiting their celebration.

Such a luxury could afford only the rich and noble person, because it was worth the pleasure rather expensive. Custom-made candies were delivered from India.

In our time, it is not customary to give too pompous, expensive gifts, but it is always pleasant for guests to receive even a small souvenir.

Wedding bonbonnieres: patterns, interesting design ideas

If you want to make an original bonbonniere, you can try it yourself. For this you will need:

decor material

First you need to decide on the shape of the gift, it can be varied. In our case, the bonbonniere will be in the form of a heart. Then draw a pattern. To do this, on a sheet of cardboard to hold parallel to two vertical lines. The distance between them should be no more than 1 cm. Also perform horizontal lines.

On one and the other side of the vertical stripes depict the heart (make sure that the halves are the same size). In the upper part, leave space for the holes so that the ropes or the tape can be fastened.

Cut the resulting pattern, glue. Decorate with all sorts of accessories, flowers, rhinestones.

You can try to make a lighter version of the bonbonniere for the wedding - a bag of cloth. To do this, you need to choose the right fabric, thread, needle, satin ribbon and elements for decoration. It is quite simple to make a bag: it is necessary to cut two squares of the required size from a fabric, sew them from three sides, fasten the ribbon - and the bonbonniere is ready. Now it remains the case: it is interesting to decorate it. It is possible with the help of rhinestones to put the capital letters of the names of the newlyweds, their date of celebration, to add everything with feathers, flowers, lace.

Bonbonniere Ideas

What will be bonbonnieres at a wedding depends on the overall style of the event. Below are the most popular ideas that can be easily implemented:

Multicolored cookies in transparent packaging. It looks bright, appetizing, interesting. Like both adults and children.

Miniature candy buckets - a rather original look of bonbonniere.

For men fit mini-bottles of elite alcoholic beverages. They can be decorated with ribbons, personalized stickers.

If the wedding is designed in the style of rustic, the original idea would be to give guests a jar of honey or jam. Such unusual bonbonnieres perfectly fit into the theme of the celebration.

If the wedding is designed in European style, take caramelized apples as a gift for guests. The idea is popular in the west. Such a surprise looks very interesting, you can pack it in a usual transparent film.

Original wedding bonbonnieres, the photos of which are presented below, will be an excellent gift for guests.

What is better to put inside?

Many people are interested in what to put in a bonbonniere for a wedding, so that guests would like a gift? Nowadays it can be anything, from candy to precious jewelery. It all depends on the budget and idea of ​​the wedding. The main rule, the number of items inside, must be odd.

An interesting idea was to put Chinese cookies with wishes in a bonbonniere. You can cook it yourself or order from confectioners. Guests will not only be pleased to receive such a gift, but also interested in knowing their future.

Many couples stop at souvenirs, for example, put a joint photo in a beautiful frame. Such a gift will long remind of your significant day.

The most popular fillings are still: nuts, candy, chocolate, toys, mini-cupcakes, marmalade, calendars, magnets, and more.

As you can see, there are a lot of gift options and it is up to you to decide what to put in a bonbonniere for a wedding in order to surprise and please the invited guests.

What to look for

When thinking of presenting guests with bonbonniere, it is necessary to consider the following details:

If the celebration takes place in the summer, in hot weather, you should not put chocolate or sweets inside the gift, they can simply melt. It is better to put a small souvenir that will remain for a long memory.

Make wedding bonbonnieres separately for women and men.

Do not forget the children. Kids love toys, keep this in mind when designing the box and choosing a gift.

If there are too many guests, and the budget is strictly limited, you can prepare one bonbonniere per family. As a surprise inside can be a photo of the newlyweds.

Choosing bonbonnieres for a wedding, you need, first of all, to select them in accordance with the idea and style of the celebration, to start from the budget and the number of guests.