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Stop monthly once and for all


Painful menstruation in medical practice is called algomenorrhea and is a frequent occurrence. Pain arises due to the action of the hormone prostaglandin, synthesized by the tissues of the uterus and provoking the contraction of an organ. Contractive activity is necessary to remove the lining layer of the endometrium, which fulfilled its functions and was torn away from the cavity. But if prostaglandin levels are elevated, contractions can be painful.

There are two types of algomenorrhea: primary and secondary. Primary develops due to increased levels of prostaglandin of unknown nature. Monthly painful almost from the very beginning, but there are no other symptoms. This species is diagnosed in girls aged 15-25 years. Secondary algomenorrhea is caused by pathologies of the structure of the female genital organs or inflammatory diseases.

Causes of painful menstruation may be as follows:

  • hormonal disruptions
  • inflammatory diseases of the reproductive sphere: endometritis, adnexitis,
  • pathology of the structure of the uterus,
  • the presence of an intrauterine device,
  • transferred operations
  • genetic predisposition
  • polyps in the uterus,
  • myoma,
  • avitaminosis, especially calcium or magnesium deficiency in the female body,
  • increased excitability of the central nervous system,
  • low pain threshold
  • endometriosis.


Algomenorrhea manifests itself in the form of painful sensations localized in the lower abdomen and sometimes spreading to the lower back. The pain can be aching, but usually is cramping. Some women clearly feel contractions, during which menstrual flow is more abundant.

Severe pain may be accompanied by nausea, in severe cases, turning into vomiting. Due to the proximity of the uterus and intestines, dyspeptic disorders occur: abdominal distension, flatulence, diarrhea. Sometimes a pronounced pain syndrome reduces performance, worsens general well-being and condition. Often there is depression, apathy, tearfulness.

How to eliminate pain?

How to get rid of pain during menstruation? First of all, you need to find out and eliminate the causes of algomenorrhea. Visit the gynecologist and tell about your problem. The doctor will examine, prescribe tests: smear, blood tests for hormones. To identify violations of the functioning of the reproductive system is assigned an ultrasound. Endoscopic diagnostics allows not only to detect pathologies, but also to identify them and make an accurate diagnosis.

When hormonal disruptions are determined by the level of hormones, after which appropriate therapy is prescribed, including the use of drugs based on progesterone, estrogen. Sometimes it is enough to take modern contraceptives, but in some cases serious medications with a high concentration of active substances are recommended.

When tumors are localized in the uterus, their removal is shown by surgery. If the cause of painful periods are inflammatory diseases, you need to eliminate their causes and symptoms. In case of bacterial infections, antibiotics are indicated, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are prescribed for the relief of inflammation. As part of complex therapy, physiotherapeutic procedures are used, for example, mud cure, iontophoresis, and UHF therapy.

Emergency measures

What to do to alleviate your condition? Such emergency measures will help:

  • With severe pain, you can take an anesthetic drug. Spasmolytics, such as “No-Shpa”, “Drotaverin”, “Spazmolgon”, and “Papaverine” allow to achieve a quick effect. Also used NSAIDs: "Nurofen", "Paracetamol", "Mig."
  • Heat. You can attach a warm heating pad to a stomach, a towel heated on a battery or heater, or a bottle filled with warm water. Heat will eliminate spasm and relax muscles, relieving pain. But any chosen item should not be hot!
  • Relaxing warm shower. Direct a weak stream of warm water over your stomach: a light massage and warmth will help to stop the pain syndrome. But hot water and strong pressure can aggravate the situation by increasing the intensity of discharge and provoking a spasm.
  • Comfortable position. If you find it, you can relax and unwind. Embryo posture is most appropriate: lie on your side, bring your knees bent to your chest and curl up.
  • Light massage. Carefully and gently stroke the stomach, moving the palm clockwise. But do not move quickly and do not exert strong pressure, so as not to provoke blood flow to the genitals and not to increase muscle tone.
  • As an additional measure, you can take a mild sedative that will relieve nervous tension. This may be a tincture of valerian or motherwort, a combined sedative, "Glycine."
  • Aromatherapy is useful. Oil of rosemary, lavender, mint, coriander, lavender, patchouli will help to forget about the pain.

How to forget about pain forever?

In order not to experience pain during the menstrual cycle, follow a few rules:

  1. Compliance with the regime of the day, the balance of rest and wakefulness. In order for the body to work smoothly and without failures, lie down and get up at one time, sleep at least 7-8 hours a day, do not overwork and do not overwork.
  2. Avoid stress. Emotional stress has a stimulating effect on the central nervous system, causing muscle spasms. Treat everything easier, less nervous.
  3. Physical activity. Regular exercise will improve muscle function and prevent spasms that cause pain. Useful exercises for the abdominals: the rise of the body and legs from a prone position, bending and turning the body. Good yoga, Pilates, aerobics, swimming. Some exercises can be performed during menstruation. Lie on the floor, lean on the support with your legs bent at the knees. Raise your pelvis, stay in this position and breathe deeply for 30 seconds. Also effective is the knee-elbow posture, in which you need to swing your hips in different directions.
  4. Positive attitude. Do not wait for the next period as something terrible and unpleasant. Treat them more calmly, think about the good, get distracted and lead a habitual way of life.
  5. Proper nutrition. Include in the ration of digestion fermented milk products, fiber-rich vegetables and fruits, as well as products containing calcium, magnesium, vitamins E, groups B, C. Bananas, apricots, hard cheese, red fish, green vegetables and greens, citrus are good. But the food that causes fermentation in the intestine, exclude. This category includes grapes, legumes, watermelons, flour and sweets. Forget about spicy dishes, do not abuse chocolate, cocoa, coffee.
  6. Regularly visit the gynecologist. The doctor will identify the beginning of the disease and help quickly solve the problems.
  7. A few days before menstruation, begin to take decoctions of herbs, for example, tansy, lemon balm, elecampane, mint, chamomile, horsetail, angelica. But it is advisable to use such means after consulting a specialist, since they all have contraindications.

It remains to wish all the fair sex health and painless menstruation.

How to get rid?

For some time, you can eliminate the appearance of natural secretions. Immediately it should be said that during the period of feeding the child, and when the girl is in position, the problem disappears by itself naturally. Then the cycle is restored, and critical days disappear completely only after the onset of menopause.

However, there are some moments in life when it is important that the monthly does not appear. This may be a vacation or wedding, that is, situations where it is necessary to make menstruation delayed. So it is not surprising that in some cases women are wondering how to get rid of menstruation, which came at the wrong time. There are ways to help do this.

Medical methods

The optimal way would be to contact the gynecologist with this question, since only a specialist knows how to act correctly. The doctor will prescribe contraceptives that will help delay the onset of critical days. He will tell you how to use drugs. At the end of the pill cycle will recover.

What medical products are indicated for use:

  • Calcium chloride and Vikasol, which are added to milk, are used. This composition accelerates the occurrence of menstruation.
  • Duphaston is shown for use during menstruation. This is a hormonal drug that is not a contraceptive. It reduces the severity of discomfort from menstruation, if you use tablets every day, starting in the middle of the cycle. The action of the agent is based on the suppression of the regeneration of endometrial cells of the uterus. There may be adverse reactions from the effects of the drug: allergies in the form of a red rash, headache, breast sensitivity, discomfort in the liver.
  • The drug Ditsinon thickens blood and makes the walls of blood vessels more robust. It is recommended to use to control the amount of menstruation. Drink pills for 5 days before the start of the cycle. As a result, the discharge will be much less than usual. Side effects from the reception: rash on the skin, numbness in the legs, pain in the stomach.
  • Hormonal pills Norkolut help delay the menstrual cycle for 2-7 days. They are used a week before the start of menstruation. As a result, the amount of blood discharge will decrease, they will become thick. Contraindications to the use of funds - obesity, puberty, asthma and diabetes.
  • Hemostatic drug Tranexam has a hemostatic effect. His reception shortens the duration of critical days. Take the tool literally from the beginning of the onset of the cycle. It is wise to use it for those who have kidney problems. Use the drug can be only 3 cycles, then it becomes addictive.
  • Etamzilat increases blood viscosity. Its use makes the critical days shorter and almost painless. Of the side effects worth noting the appearance of headache, heaviness in the stomach, heartburn.

Preparations for delaying the onset of critical days should be recommended by a physician. Some cause dire consequences.

Another way to delay the monthly is to install a hormonal coil. It will prevent conception and make the discharge short and minimal.

How does the body affect the foreign body:

  • In some cases, when installing the tool delay monthly can be very long.
  • In a woman's body, the spiral can be without harm to health up to 5 years. Then it is removed, and the cycle is restored.

If during the renewal of the body, the most unpleasant is not blood excretion, but pain, you can simply purchase special painkillers. They are in the range are sold in a pharmacy. If the pain becomes unbearable, it is worth visiting a gynecologist. He will prescribe oral hormones.

Folk remedies

To reduce the days of menstruation and shift the time can help folk remedies. There are several ways worthy of attention. The simplest of them is to consume a large amount of liquid from the first day of discharge. Another method is to drink a glass of lemon juice from the 3rd day. But in order not to harm the stomach, it is necessary to dilute the juice with water in the ratio of 1 to 7.

What else can you do:

  • To delay the selection for a couple of days will help injections with vitamin C. You can also just eat a large amount of lemons or other citrus fruits.
  • To provoke the emergence of menstruation ahead of time it will turn out, using a decoction of nettle or tincture of water pepper. They are consumed in 1 tbsp. l inside before eating. The use of the presented means will increase blood clotting, and the monthly will last less.
  • To accelerate the onset of discharge will help the use of a decoction of a shepherd's bag.
  • The use of tampons with good absorbency can reduce the number of menstruation days. But this should be done only in recent days, since the endometrium still takes some time to move. It is important and wisely choose the size of hygiene products - too large tampons will damage the walls of the vagina.
  • Monthly leave and in the event that a woman starts to lose weight quickly. But the method presented is hazardous to health. In view of this, it is not recommended to use it.

The duration of menstruation will reduce sex during it. It will also facilitate the general well-being of women. But to achieve the effect, it is necessary not to use a condom, since it is necessary for the sperm to fall into the vagina. It contains the hormone prostaglandin, which helps the body quickly release the endometrium.

If the smell of discharge has become unpleasant, sour, you should immediately visit a doctor. Perhaps it is caused by a disease.

Herbs and berries remedies

You can try decoction of the burnet. To do this, take 2 tbsp. l rhizomes of the plant and poured 200 ml of hot water. Then they are kept in a water bath for half an hour. After the broth has cooled, filter it, add clean water to the volume was equal to 200 ml. Take the drug 5 times a day for 1 tbsp. l after meal.

Also recommended for use barberry. The substances contained in it, being absorbed into the blood vessels, constrict them. As a result, the critical days stop. The same effect gives the use of tea from the leaves of strawberries and viburnum berries.

Physical Education

Relieve and reduce the severity of menstruation can and regular exercise. Thanks to them, you will get rid of the following symptoms:

  • Irritability.
  • Bloating.
  • Chronic fatigue.

Not many people know that gymnasts have almost no periods.

This is due to the fact that they regularly experience tremendous physical exertion. The presented method can also be used by you.

There are a number of products that reduce muscle soreness from cramps. They also contain a large amount of minerals and vitamins that shorten the duration of menstruation. This is about:

Among other things, should be excluded from the diet of red meat, dairy products, coffee. They can provoke indigestion and increase pain from cramps. Also presented products have a bad effect on a person’s emotional state.

If it is difficult to give up caffeine, try replacing it with tea. It has beneficial effects on the body. In addition, its reception prevents the occurrence of cancer, diabetes, reduces cholesterol, activates mental activity.

Other recommendations

Changing the lifestyle to the correct one will also help get rid of the pain. It is recommended to engage in physical training, start to visit the pool. In the diet should enter foods that are rich in vitamins, plant foods, fish.

As for the unpleasant smell, you can remove it, observing hygiene. For this purpose it is better to use tampons, and not pads. Also, do not forget to change hygiene products every 3 hours, and every day, wash 2 times and take a shower once.

It will help relax the muscles of the pelvis and increase blood flow, accelerating menstruation, heat. Taking moderately warm baths or applying a heating pad to the abdominal area can relieve pain.

Acupuncture is also an effective method of managing the cycle of menstruation. Its essence is to perform pressure on certain points. At the expense of what it turns out to eliminate pain, ease mood swings, improve emotional background. In some cases, the application of the method may stop the monthly for a long time, but before the procedure should consult a doctor.

Forever elimination

How to get rid of the monthly so that they never appear again? If you have already become a mother and in the future you do not intend to have more children, contact gynecologists for surgery. They will cut the pipes, then the discharge will disappear, but you will lose the childbearing function forever.

It is important to understand that there are a large number of contraindications for this kind of intervention.

Side effects

The delay in menstruation artificially provokes undesirable phenomena. The women have noted:

  1. Mood swings.
  2. Nausea.
  3. Chest swelling.
  4. Increased appetite.
  5. Migraine.

If the symptoms appear after taking hormonal drugs, it is worth replacing them with others. You will need to visit a doctor who will recommend suitable drugs.

As for weight gain, taking hormone pills does not affect it. As part of the tool there are no components that provoke the rapid formation of a layer of fat. If you eat right, the weight will remain normal.

Use tips to eliminate monthly regularly. They can only be used as an emergency measure. Если менструация длится долго и является болезненной, лучше обратиться за помощью к гинекологу, который назначит продуктивное лечение.

Отказ от менструации: наше будущее или опасный тренд?

Ты можешь легко строить карьеру и сдавать ежемесячные отчеты , но справиться с ежемесячным недомоганием бывает не под силу. Почему контролировать собственное тело порой сложнее , чем бизнес , и опасны ли методы , которые позволяют сделать это , выяснила Анна Васильева.

The latest research has revealed that 72% of women in developed countries experience discomfort on critical days. 40% would prefer not to have monthly periods in their life, provided that it is absolutely harmless to the body. But if we examine the modern data about menstruation, it becomes clear that they are complaining in vain. Progress has gone far ahead, even compared with the recent past, and now it’s not so difficult to live comfortably these days. Moreover, not experiencing the slightest discomfort during menstruation is natural. Specialists from the University of Pennsylvania explain that the sickness on such days is not the norm and not “women's fate”, but a problem that can be dealt with. For example, scientists from the University of California are working on the use of acupuncture in the treatment of PMS. They concluded that timely injection of vitamin K1 to the SP6 point on the lower leg helps relieve menstrual pain - dysmenorrhea - in 77% of subjects who suffered from it.

Another fashionable trend is the use of a medicine from a peony and a root of a Chinese angelica called Toki-shakuyaku-san, which appeared in Taiwan and Japan. The drug quickly conquers Europe and the United States as a cure for dysmenorrhea without side effects. Almost every year there are new synthetic drugs and antidepressants that allow you to control the state during menstruation. Most of them treat the symptoms, allow you to cope with pain and irritability, but not so long ago there was a radical way to remove all unpleasant sensations.

Take and cancel

In the United States created a special medical approach - menstrual suppression, which means "suppression of menstruation." It is suitable for brave women who want to fundamentally solve problems with the cycle. The bottom line is to reduce the number of menstruation under the supervision of a physician from twelve to three or four times a year. Proponents of the method claim that before the XX century, women underwent no more than 30–40 menstruation in their entire life — the rest of the time they were pregnant or breastfed. For our contemporaries, having 20 children is no longer the norm, which is why we endure about 400 monthly cycles, which increases the risk of anemia, ovarian cysts, hyperplastic processes and uterine fibroids. According to supporters of such a medical decision, critical days are actually a failure due to a failed pregnancy, to which the female body is not adapted, and it is necessary to be “treated” with hormonal drugs. Menstruation pills are similar in action to oral contraceptives and contain a combination of levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol. They not only inhibit the cycle, but also hinder pregnancy. The difference from OK is that instead of 21 drugs they take 84 days in a row, after which they take a week-long break. At the same time, the dose of hormones is lower than that of OK, therefore during the first year of administration, while the body becomes accustomed, there may be slight bleeding every month. As well as OK, the new tool does not allow the egg to mature and leave the ovary, in addition, makes the secret in the cervix more dense, preventing the promotion of sperm. You can take them indefinitely, until there is a desire to get pregnant.

In Japan and the United States celebrate the arrival of the first menstruation. Girls are given gaskets, special underwear and brochures about the women's cycle.

According to the same study by the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals in the United States, 37% of women believe that taking hormones is safe and taking a pill a day is a low price for a carefree life. And if a woman normally uses hormonal contraceptives, then the combined drugs for suppressing will endure well. However, not only supporters, but also critics of the method abound. Dr. David Cohen, director of the Department of Reproductive and Infertility at the University of Chicago, only smiles when he hears about this “breakthrough” because he sees nothing new in him. According to Cohen, the suppression of menstruation is a long-known female cunning. For example, if a bride who is taking OK understands that her honeymoon is at the beginning of her period, she simply continues to take the pills, delaying the bleeding for the required number of days. It turns out that women have long mastered the method of suppression, even without waiting for the end of clinical studies.

Fashion sentence

Despite the obvious advantages of American design, the topic is causing new controversy. The opinion that menstruation is harmful is disputed by many professionals. “Menstruation is a natural physiological process in the body of a non-pregnant woman, therefore, it is absolutely incorrect to argue that it is harmful to a woman’s health,” explains Elena Zorina, an obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest category, head of the All-Russian Children's and Perinatal Medical Center. “But a woman can really regulate the time of onset and the number of menses per year after the gynecologist concludes that hormonal drugs can be taken.

In the US, experts do not get tired to find out whether it is possible to reduce menstruation or not. It comes to conflicts: some claim that suppression reduces the risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer, others that increase the risk of developing cervical cancer. Susan Rako, a Bosnia-based psychiatrist, the author of the book on refusing menstruation, “Will there be no more menstruation?”, Urges women to come to their senses: “Tablets affect the body’s ability to fight human papillomavirus, which can cause cancer, and also increases the risk osteoporosis even in young women. ” Opponent Susan, Dr. Fran Popper, a gynecologist from the Mill Medical Center of Illinois, argues that it is possible to pick up the papilloma virus only by randomly changing partners, to which menstruation is irrelevant. Moreover, according to the latest trends in medical education, published in the United States, due to a decrease in immunity and changes in the environment of the vagina from acid to neutral during menstruation, the chance to get an STD is seven times higher.

During menstruation, no operations and blood tests are prescribed, teeth are not removed, cosmetic procedures are avoided.

Despite the views of Western colleagues, Russian doctors are in no hurry to recommend the suppression of menstruation. “Let's look at the history,” suggests the gynecologist-endocrinologist, professor, MD. Irina Kuznetsova. - In the middle of the last century in an enlightened Europe, doctors decided that the appendix is ​​a dangerous atavism, which is best removed without waiting for appendicitis. They began to operate massively, and after a decade, the incidence of cancer has increased dramatically. It turned out that the “unnecessary” process is an organ of the immune system that helps protect against cancer. I would not advise to pursue fashion in matters of health, naively believing that we are smarter than nature, ostensibly unable to save a woman from menstrual bleeding. ” In addition, according to some scientists, the suppression of this physiological process can lead not only to problems with the body, but also with the psyche. Menstruation is one of the factors of gender identity, and, abandoning them, we clearly run the risk of simply ceasing to understand whether we are women or men.

Love is evil

Can you remember at least one program or an article that menstruation is great (stress on any syllable)? Basically, the media talk about the problems and difficulties associated with the menstrual cycle, as if this is a shameful, harmful and painful process. Not surprisingly, we are thinking about abandoning it. But, as it turned out, the loss of the ability to menstruate can lead not only to metamorphosis in the body, but also to personality changes. The fact is that the beginning of critical days is the initiation of a girl into a girl, something that distinguishes a woman from a man. If you "take away" her period, who will she be? In Russia, in the First Moscow State Medical University named after I. M. Sechenov, a study is conducted on the causes of menstrual disorders in women aged 18–35 years. One hypothesis is that the structure of identity and the monthly cycle are interrelated. For example, a young woman can behave and dress like a man, an elderly lady, or a teenager — that is, those who have no menstruation, and her inner state can lead to the termination of the cycle. In this case, experts recommend a combination therapy that combines medical and psychological methods.

But even with those who are firmly convinced of their femininity, the suppression of menstruation can play a cruel joke. An article was published in the journal of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA that women using hormonal drugs not only experience a decrease in libido, but also choose less attractive partners under the influence of estrogen. Scientists have found that if girls met men while taking drugs to suppress menstruation, after their cancellation they were surprised to find themselves in front of much less attractive types. Susan Rako also draws attention to this annoying "side effect." Who would have thought that this happens! On the other hand, maybe this is not so bad? And without obeying the whims of the cycle, we choose men not by the color of the eyes and the buttocks strength, but by the ability to make decisions and be near in a difficult moment? Time will tell ... Well, or British scientists will conduct the appropriate research.

Pressing issues

Every girl wants to know what exactly happens to her body on critical days. Let's try to figure it out!

  • Is it a coincidence that a bad cold often begins with menstruation? Indeed, the risk of getting sick these days is increasing. Obstetrician-gynecologist of the Mother and Child Perinatal Medical Center, Ph.D. Ekaterina Pershina said that, according to studies, a week before and during the menstruation, there is a decrease in general and local immunity, against the background of which a cold can occur. It is all about the stress due to changes in the hormonal status of the woman’s body.
  • Is it possible to have sex during menstruation? Many gynecologists believe: it is safe and useful for a healthy woman. Orgasms relieve pain in the lower abdomen caused by spasm, as well as increase the amount of endorphins in the blood, a woman's mood improves, which makes it easier to suffer a headache and indisposition. But Ekaterina Pershina recommends refraining from contacts: “The probability of a retrograde current of menstrual blood is high — throwing it through the fallopian tubes into the abdominal cavity, as a result, increases the risk of developing genital endometriosis.” Serious argument. And yet, despite caution, we cannot deny ourselves the pleasure. According to a study by scientists from the human development department of the US Virginia Polytechnic Institute, 40% of women have sex during menstruation.
  • Why these days are the hair somehow wrong? This is the cause of adrenal hormones, whose action is clinically manifested by increased greasiness of the skin of the face and scalp. In addition, during menstruation, a woman is more sensitive, self-critical and irritable, and therefore cold symptoms seem unbearably heavy, and her hairstyle is bad and sloppy. It is enough to take this into account, to take care of health these days and not to torment yourself with cavils.
  • Why during this period you can not take aspirin? Acetylsalicylic acid thins the blood, and so liquid during menstruation, so a double effect is obtained that is detrimental to health. The best painkillers these days are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory with other active ingredients, for example, ibuprofen.

Causes of pain during menstruation

Minor pains during critical days are normal.. They appear due to frequent contractions of the uterus, pushing out the exfoliated mucosa.

A large number of prostaglandins - hormone-like substances, increase the contraction of the uterus, resulting in pain. The more prostaglandins, the stronger the pain.

But most often the causes of strong spasms are problems in the female body:

  • inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs,
  • Uterus bend,
  • cyst on the ovary,
  • endometriosis - the proliferation of endometrial cells (the inner layer of the uterine wall) beyond its limits,
  • adhesions in the pelvis,
  • uterine polyps, fibroadenomas,
  • lack of hormone progesterone or calcium in the blood,
  • miscarriage,
  • stresses, strong experiences, etc.

Primary and secondary dysmenorrhea

Severe pain during menstruation after it is called dysmenorrhea. There are 2 types of pathology:

  1. Primary dysmenorrhea - observed in adolescents, as well as women under 35 years old. The reason for this phenomenon is a change in hormonal levels. Primary dysmenorrhea can develop due to stress, anxiety. This pathological condition usually goes away with age or after childbirth. Symptoms of primary dysmenorrhea are: headaches, diarrhea, pulling pain in the lower abdomen and lumbar region, nausea, vomiting, syncope.
  2. Secondary dysmenorrhea - observed in women after 35 years. The cause of the appearance of painful periods during this period is the inflammatory process, pathologies in the pelvic organs. An intrauterine device can also cause severe pain. There are other causes of dysmenorrhea in women after 35 years: problems in the thyroid gland, hormonal imbalances, the effects of abortion or childbirth, hereditary predisposition, decreased libido, problems in the nervous system.

Ways to relieve painful menstruation

Many girls, women, do not know how to reduce pain during menstruation without the use of painkillers, antispasmodic tablets. Of course, you can not suffer, drink a pill and forget about pain in time.

But if pain occurs regularly, then you should not abuse the pills. Firstly, they disrupt the liver, and, secondly, some drugs are addictive.

Safe ways to relieve painful periods without tablets are:

  1. Physical exercise.
  2. Massage the abdomen.
  3. Heat.
  4. Diet.
  5. Means of traditional medicine.
  6. Other methods.

Physical exercise

Not sure how to quickly reduce abdominal pain during menstruation? This can help simple exercise. They should be performed in comfortable clothes that do not squeeze the body:

  1. Starting position - supine. Bend the legs at the knees, take a deep breath, tear the pelvis from the floor, lift the hips up. Feet should be as pressed to the floor. On the exhale, relax and return to the starting position. Perform the exercise 5 times.
  2. Lying on your back under the wall, lift your legs up, put your feet on the wall. Start to carry out the pressing movement on the wall. Relax, repeat the exercise several times.
  3. In a position on all fours, bend and arch the back. During the exercise, breathing should be even. It also helps to relax and forget about the pain of a simple rotation of the head in the same position.
  4. Lying on your stomach, squeeze your hands in the lock on the back of your head. When inhaling, you need to bend your back, lifting your head, lift your legs, try to touch them to the waist. On the exhale, take the initial position.

Each girl can do these simple exercises at home. Also yoga, Pilates, callanetics can help to cope with dysmenorrhea.

Regular abdominal pain during critical days is a sign of some kind of illness.

Belly massage

Massage can help cope with dysmenorrhea. To achieve a positive effect from the massage, it is necessary to properly conduct it:

  • lie on your side, bend your knees (the so-called fetal position),
  • gently start massaging your belly with a clockwise palm,
  • You need to start with light strokes, then you can go to the pressing movements. It is necessary to finish the massage with strokes.

Many girls are sure that a hot bath or a hot water bottle will help relieve pain during the menstrual cycle. This is true, but with this method of anesthesia, you need to be extremely careful.

If you do not know the cause of the spasms and pains, then it is better not to resort to thermal treatment.. After all, if the discomfort associated with an inflammatory disease of the uterus and appendages, the effect of heat will only aggravate the course of the disease.

Also, you can not resort to this method, if a woman has heavy bleeding. Otherwise, the volume of discharge will increase.

Instead of a hot-water bottle and a hot bath, it’s best to have a foot bath. It will definitely help to relieve discomfort.

Different ways to deal with pain during menstruation will not eliminate the problem. In order to permanently get rid of spasms, painful sensations, it is necessary to go for a visit to a gynecologist.

Only a specialist will help determine the cause of the unpleasant symptoms of menstruation.

If the painful sensations are observed in a girl, a woman, each time before critical days, then you need to take care of proper nutrition.

Before the cycle, you should abandon such foods and drinks as chocolate, coffee, tea, as well as from fatty and spicy foods. Such food adversely affects the general state of health, often causes nausea and vomiting during menstruation.

Категорически запрещено во время менструации употреблять копчености, маринады, консервацию, соленья. Такие блюда вызывают задержку жидкости, усугубляют ситуацию во время критических дней.

Правильное питание в критические дни должно включать продукты, богатые на углеводы. They have a positive effect on female sex hormones (progesterone, estrogen), which are responsible for the normal flow of menstruation.

It is useful during monthly periods to drink and eat dairy products: milk, cottage cheese, hard cheese. Potassium, which is a part of them, prevents the appearance of pain in the abdomen, and aches in the back.

Reception of sea fish, eggs, lentils, nuts, fresh vegetables and fruits also has a positive effect on overall health.

Do not confuse pain during menstruation with premenstrual syndrome (PMS), disappearing with the beginning of the regulation or menorrhagia - pathological uterine bleeding caused by the appearance of fibroids in the uterus.

Traditional medicine

Instead of pain pills, it is best to resort to the help of decoctions prepared at home. They do not cause side effects, have a positive effect on the work of the whole organism, and also have a pleasant taste:

  1. Brew herb oregano (1 tsp. Per 200 ml of boiling water). Drink warmly in small sips throughout the day.
  2. Pour 2 tsp. fresh or dried raspberry leaves with a glass of boiling water. Let it brew for 15 minutes, then strain the broth. Take up to 5 times a day in small portions.
  3. Mix in equal proportions pharmacy chamomile, valerian root, mint leaves. Mix everything, take 1 tbsp. l mixture, pour boiling water (200 ml), let stand for half an hour. Take the drug in the filtered form of 2 tbsp. l up to 4 times a day.
  4. Mix in equal proportions of lemon balm and chamomile. Pour 1 tbsp. l collecting boiling water. Drink warm during the day.

Other ways to relieve pain during menstruation

Many women relieve pain with aromatherapy. Having poured a little aromatic oil into warm water, having lit candles, having plunged into a bathroom, it is possible to relax completely.

This spa procedure has a positive effect on general health, on the flow of menstruation as well. When the body is relaxed, the pain will gradually cease.

Also some girls try to ease the pain by having sex. During love joys, a woman relaxes, her tension disappears, she forgets about pain. But this method is not for all girls.

In addition, having sex during menstruation is not in the bed, but in the bathroom, which for many seems not very convenient.

Swimming helps to cope with pain. However, it is undesirable to engage them in the first days after the onset of menstruation. It is also not recommended to swim for women who have abundant periods.

Prohibited tricks

Some women struggle with cramps and severe pain during critical days to resort to illegal methods, such as:

  1. Applying ice to the belly. This can not be done, because you can chill the genitals, which will cause the appearance of inflammatory processes.
  2. Drinking alcohol. Alcohol will not help relieve pain during menstruation. Drinking spirits can cause heavy bleeding. And even if it seems that the menstruation has stopped, then in time it will appear with a vengeance. The same goes for pain.
  3. Abuse of pain pills. Many girls in order to quickly remove the attacks of pain and cramps in the stomach, drink pills like "No-spa" or "Tempalgin" in double dosage. It is impossible to increase the dosage of any antispasmodic, because it can lead to side effects.

When you can not postpone the campaign to the doctor?

Every girl, woman should know under what circumstances it is impossible to rely on home methods of eliminating pain and cramps in the abdomen, but as soon as possible go for a visit to a gynecologist:

  1. If the pain does not stop within 2 days after the start of the critical days.
  2. If the pill with anesthetic and antispasmodic effect does not help.
  3. If there is severe bleeding with discharge of blood clots.
  4. If a woman has a broken menstrual cycle, her body weight has decreased.
  5. If a woman has nausea or vomiting, diarrhea during menstruation.

Such symptoms may indicate serious pathologies: myoma, fibroma, polyp, and even uterine cancer, inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs.

Other types of pain on critical days

In addition to discomfort in the abdomen, some women experience chest pain before and during menstruation.. It appears due to the fact that during increased production of female hormones increases the amount of glandular tissue.

The chest becomes dense, it increases in size. The movement of blood becomes difficult, there is swelling of the tissues, which leads to pain.

If you know how to relieve chest pain before menstruation, you can improve your condition:

  • a douche with a douche helps to remove pain in the chest,
  • massage in a circular motion well helps to relax, get rid of pain,
  • Be sure to wear a bra during menstruation. It supports the chest, does not weigh it. It is necessary to choose a bra without a push-up, so that nothing presses anywhere, the skin does not soar.

Low back pain is also common, as are pain in the chest.. It may be associated with inflammatory processes in the organs of the urogenital system, hormonal changes, overstrain in the pelvic region, impaired water-salt balance, uterine contractions, etc.

To get rid of back pain during critical days, you need to take a comfortable horizontal position, if necessary, drink antispasmodic medication, provide your back with warmth and comfort.

Preventive measures against painful menstruation

If you want to permanently get rid of unpleasant feelings during critical days, do not worry about the flow of menstruation, then you must clearly follow the following recommendations:

  1. Lead a healthy lifestyle - Do not smoke, do not drink, play sports, get enough sleep.
  2. Avoid stressful situations, learn to abstract from them.. If necessary, drink sedatives, such as tea from lemon balm or valerian.
  3. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. By the way, it helps to cope with chest pain, which is often observed before and during menstruation.
  4. Do not use tampons, be sure to change the pads every 4 hours.. Also, do not use the panty liners - they create a greenhouse effect, causing pathogen flora in the vagina.
  5. Eat right - limit the consumption of fatty, spicy, spicy foods, as well as coffee.
  6. Have a regular sex life (at least 3 times a week).

If you think that tolerating pain during critical days is normal, then this is a delusion. No need to suffer and endure cramps and severe pain.

Getting rid of dysmenorrhea is necessary, but first it is worth finding out the cause of this phenomenon. A timely visit to the doctor, a comprehensive examination, the passage of the prescribed treatment will benefit.

Symptoms of painful menstruation

In medicine, menstrual pains are considered the most common disorders of the female reproductive system. In women from 13 to 46 years, almost every month there is discomfort and pain at the beginning of the cycle. And only 8% of women suffer unbearable cramps and other symptoms: diarrhea, vomiting, pain in the head, dizziness, and even fainting.

Severe abdominal pain can occur either 12 hours before discharge, or throughout the first day of the cycle. On day 3, the pain often disappears. The nature of the unpleasant sensations is whining, stitching, jerking, to give in the rectum, lower back and bladder. Because of all these problems, women lose their mood, depression, anxiety, weakness, and constantly want to sleep. In this situation, the girl can not live a normal life and is constantly afraid of the beginning of the next period.

There are several types of dysmenorrhea:

  1. The mild degree at which the pain is barely noticeable does not prevent the woman from working or relaxing. Here you can tolerate and not take pills. But this does not mean that you should not treat these symptoms, you should understand why they occur, because it can get worse.
  2. The average degree, when in addition to abdominal pain, there is a general weakness in the body, nausea, chills and frequent urination. In addition, depressed mood, negative perception of smells and sounds, and refusal to work may appear. Such phenomena must always be discussed with the gynecologist.
  3. Severe, accompanied by unbearable pain in the abdomen, head, fever, pain in the heart, diarrhea, vomiting, or tachycardia. Often, these symptoms appear in the presence of any inflammatory processes or pathology of the female reproductive system.

What are the causes of pain during menstruation in adolescent girls?

Primary dysmenorrhea occurs when the very first discharge in girls appears. But it can develop over several years. Very often this phenomenon is observed in too emotional girls and is divided into several types:

  1. Adrenergic. Here there is an increase in hormones, such as dopamine, adrenaline, norepinephrine, leading to hormone disruptions. Girls may experience constipation, headache, fever, tachycardia, insomnia, and pallor of the face.
  2. Parasympathetic - characterized by an increase in serotonin in the blood. The fair sex slows the heartbeat, vomiting, low temperature, diarrhea, allergies and edema of various kinds.
  3. Congenital connective tissue problems. According to statistics, more than 50% of girls with primary dysmenorrhea can observe connective tissue dysplasia. This disease is manifested by scoliosis, flat-footedness, myopia, problems with veins in the legs, indigestion. Similar symptoms cannot be ignored, as it is quite serious. Girls with long limbs, too mobile joints are most susceptible to this disease. Here you can talk about the lack of magnesium, which is easily determined using a special blood test.
  4. Mental disorders. Girls who have lowered the threshold of pain, there are frequent mood swings, psychosis or neurosis, experience very acute pain.
  5. The bend of the uterus. Here there is an anomalous development of the genital organ, in connection with which, the blood during menstruation with difficulty. This phenomenon leads to unnecessary contractions of the uterus and severe pain.

Why dysmenorrhea appears in adult women

The nature of the menstrual pain depends on many indicators: the general condition of the lady, her age and other existing diseases. If the clients have high blood sugar or thyroid problems, then the pain in the heart and the autonomic system. And with the approach of menopause in women can be observed depression and instability of emotions.

In women for 30 years, the power of pain also depends on the use of means of protection from pregnancy, postponed abortions, surgery on the uterus, difficult labor, regular stress and poor sleep.

How to reduce the power of pain during critical days

  1. Pool. Classes on the water provoke the release of endorphin - a natural painkiller. In addition, it will divert attention from pain.
  2. Muscle relaxation. If the pain reaches the point that it is absolutely impossible to endure, try to relax your muscles as much as possible and not strain yourself.
  3. Performing a set of exercises: sit on your back, bend your legs and lean on the bed. Hands should be along the body. Gradually bend the abdomen up and down for a couple of minutes. Control breaths: there should be no more than 10 breaths per exercise session.
  4. Rest more often. Take a heavy book, put it on your stomach. Breathe nose, trying to slightly raise the book. Then a little podnapryagite belly and stay in this position, counting up to 6. Perform such actions for no longer than 2 minutes.
  5. Apply something warm to your belly. It is heat that copes well with pain. This may be a heating pad or a regular plastic bottle filled with water. Such actions help to increase blood flow in the uterus and reduce the effects of natural substances that cause spasm. But do not do it too long and often. The warming massage with the use of oils and creams helps very well. Also try eating hot soup or broth.
  6. Freeze the pain. An alternative to the previous option is to freeze the pain. Many women say that it is cold that relieves pain in the lower abdomen. Apply ice to the problem area and hold it there for about 20 minutes. At this time, the vessels will constrict, which slightly reduces the pain.
  7. Eat enough calcium. It is recommended to drink more sour - dairy products, eat cottage cheese and yogurt.
  8. Be active. Do not ignore the usual affairs of home and work. You need to be distracted from pain and not dwell on it. Constant excitement increases sensation by 40%. Therefore, after you have worked nicely, allow yourself a cup of tea and a chocolate bar.
  9. Full sex can completely relieve you from pain. Contractions and cramps carry a feeling of heaviness in the pelvic region. This is due to stagnation in the blood vessels. Very often an orgasm comes to the rescue, reducing the uterus and narrowing the vessels. Do not forget to use condoms, because the uterus is susceptible to ingestion of foreign microorganisms.

What medicines can you drink during the painful sensations?

Ibuprofen Despite the fact that prostaglandins take part in the natural menstrual cycle, most women are very sensitive to their effects. That is why ibuprofen is considered one of the best medicines that suppresses the appearance of prostaglandins.

In the case when the pain is caused by a low content of progesterone in the body, experts advise the use of analogues of this hormone. For example, Duphaston. This drug is based on yams and soy - natural raw materials. It is almost identical with progesterone, but somewhat more effective. In addition, the drug has no androgenic effect, which guarantees that women will not have problems with the skin, unwanted hair and the appearance of excess weight. The most important confirmation of the complete safety of Duphaston - the appointment of his pregnant.

But remember that any drug can be taken only after consulting a doctor and a full examination of the body.

Causes of painful menstruation

During menstruation, the tissues of the uterus produce prostaglandin, which provokes its reduction.

The severity of painful sensations depends on the level of this hormone. Doctors identify two groups of causes of monthly pain.

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Primary dysmenorrhea

Inherent in women under 35 years old and adolescents. At primary algomenorrhea, hormonal changes are associated with an increase in the amount of prostaglandin.

In simple words, the causes of cramping pain and vasospasm in hormonal disorders and anxiety, stress. At the same time, it is observed that adolescent girls experience particularly severe pain.

Symptoms of primary dysmenorrhea:

  • Headache.
  • Upset stool.
  • Soreness of the same intensity throughout the cycle.

In addition to pulling pain in the lower abdomen and in the lumbar area, such reactions as nausea, vomiting, and fainting may occur. In the absence of serious problems, the discomfort disappears with age and after childbirth.

Secondary dysmenorrhea

Affected women over 35 years old.

Secondary algomenorrhea - a sign of inflammatory diseases, pathologies of the pelvic organs.

It may be associated with the development of fibromatous nodes, pelvic neuritis, endometriosis, fibroids, polyps in the uterus, as well as the effects of gynecological and abdominal operations (abdominal adhesions).

Severe pain during menstruation and can cause an intrauterine device. Bleeding and pain in this case appear more intense. A visit to a gynecologist is the first thing to do in such situations, which will already tell you how to remove abdominal pain during menstruation.

Causes of painful periods, not related to the problems of the reproductive system:

  • Imbalance of the female genital organs, excessive activity of the thyroid gland.
  • Intrauterine device.
  • High threshold of sensitivity to changes in the body.
  • The instability of the nervous system.
  • Pain due to abortion or childbirth.
  • Incorrect positioning of the uterus.
  • Hereditary predisposition
  • Magnesium deficiency, calcium.
  • Unbalanced nutrition.

Women suffering from secondary dysmenorrhea, have reduced libido, they feel dissatisfaction with sexual life, a tendency to depression, depressed state, sometimes even psychological abnormalities can be observed.

At the same time, the cure of diseases associated with algomenorrhea contributes to the almost complete cessation of pain during critical days. But with younger and healthier women, things are more complicated.

In this case, you must pass all recommended examinations. Если гинекологические проблемы не выявлены, а боли не прекращаются, то это уже повод для более серьезного подхода к выяснению их этимологии.

If you increase the discomfort, heavy bleeding, nausea, migraine, you should immediately contact the experts, pass the recommended tests, undergo an ultrasound examination, which will help to figure out how to relieve pain during painful periods.

Pain management methods

There are many ways to get rid of pain during menstruation, giving a tangible effect.

They can also be used at home (taking into account the available contraindications).

Let us consider in more detail each of the categories that give the answer, how to reduce or alleviate pain during menstruation without pills and at home.


This method is suitable for those who are committed to traditional medical technologies in the treatment of deciding the question - how to relieve pain during menstruation, if the lower abdomen hurts.

  • OTC Medicines. In this category - NSAIDs, that is, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, as an example, ibuprofen.
  • Antispasmodics. These include "No-shpa", "Ketonal", "Spazmalgon", "Analgin".
  • Soothing. Pain, the cause of which is stress, overexcitement of the nervous system can be handled by an ordinary sedative (for example, valerian).

Before using drugs to relieve pain in the abdomen, you should consult a doctor or independently study all its aspects according to the instructions. Another category of drug treatment is oral contraceptives (birth control pills).

In this case, the medication is strictly for the purpose of the specialist. Contraceptives have hormones that restore hormonal levels in a woman’s body and thus alleviate menstrual cramps.

Birth control pills are used for daily use. They are affordable and sold in almost all pharmacies.

Contraceptive methods of pain relief in the lower abdomen also include contraceptive patches, contraceptive vaginal ring, hormonal injections, intrauterine device. Before using these funds to eliminate pain, you should consult with your doctor.

  • Raspberry leaves - 3 tsp of leaves pour 1 cup boiling water, 15 minutes to insist, take sips during the day.
  • Root devyasila- 1 teaspoon pour a glass of boiling water, insist 1 hour, take 1 tablespoon of 3 p / day.
  • Horsetail - for the preparation of infusion, 1 tbsp. spoon pour 300 ml of boiling water, insist one hour, use 50 mg every hour, increase the intake interval as the pain subsides.


An option for those who are interested in home treatment.

Alternative ways to relieve menstrual pain without pills include:

  • Heat. In some cases, ordinary heat has an even greater effect than drugs. A heating pad or a thermoplaster applied to the lower abdomen (for no more than 10-15 minutes) will help to relax the muscles and eliminate unpleasant symptoms.
    Adhesive patches are very comfortable, they keep warm for a long time. An alternative option can also be a warm bath, shower, and swimming in the pool.
    Water will soothe the pain. After water procedures it is recommended to wear warm clothes and lie down for a couple of hours.
  • Behavioral or imaginative intervention. Relaxation, positive attitude, breathing exercises have a positive effect on the emotional state. These techniques help to distract from pain.
    This also includes doing your favorite things: chatting on the Internet with friends, computer games, reading books, magazines, watching an interesting movie.
  • Massage. Light stroking of the abdomen (clockwise) to reduce discomfort, relieve cramps. In this case, lie down and place an object under your feet so that they are in an elevated position.
    Press on the stomach and lower back is not very strong, it will relax the muscles and eliminate pain.
  • Herbs. Hot tea from melissa leaves, raspberries, chamomile, cherry, nettle, as well as other warm infusions will help with painful periods.
    In the absence of allergy, you can optionally add honey to the broths. To improve well-being, it is recommended to use as much liquid as possible during critical days.
  • Other techniques. In this group, the methods of removing monthly pain are available at home. Accepting the correct position will help reduce discomfort.
    To do this, lie on your side and curl up, that is, to take the pose of the embryo. This condition will allow to relieve a little pain and get rid of the discomfort that occurs during blood flow to the genitals.
    Another way to relieve pain is abdominal breathing. The procedure should be done in the following sequence: put a book on the stomach, take a slow breath, lifting the book with the lower abdomen.
    Raising it to a certain height, to pause in this state. Exercise repeat for 2-5 minutes.

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Pain during critical days is often caused by a woman’s poor diet. There are a few rules, subject to which, you can significantly reduce the possibility of discomfort:

  • Restriction in the diet of the amount of dairy, flour, meat products. It is recommended before menstruation and throughout the cycle.
  • More vegetable juices. Green vegetables and berries contain antioxidants that fight various inflammations.
  • Reception in the recommended amount of vitamin and mineral complexes. They must contain vitamins A, E, vitamins of group B, magnesium, calcium, iron. These drugs are prescribed after passing the appropriate tests.
  • Restriction of the use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages. Alcohol-containing beverages can cause fluid retention and bloating. Nicotine leads to a narrowing of blood vessels, it can reduce the intensity of blood flow into the uterus and increase painful spasms.
  • The day before the month to make a fasting day.

Preventing the occurrence of pain

A healthy lifestyle is the best way to prevent various diseases, including lower abdominal pain during menstruation.

A few simple recommendations will help to ease the pain, and in the future to get rid of all unpleasant symptoms:

  • The rejection of harmful, aggravating condition habits, such as smoking, alcohol, drugs.
  • Limiting the use of spicy and spicy foods, coffee.
  • Regular sex life. On average, up to 3-4 times a week.
  • Positive emotions, avoidance of stress and hypothermia.
  • Regular physical activity (dancing, running, yoga, pool).

For persistent, persistent pain during menstruation should consult a doctor.

You can find more information on this topic in the Health section.

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