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Can mummies come to life? In the movies - yes. And the events of some of the pictures will definitely interest all film fans!

Top 10 best movies about mummies:

  1. "The Mummy: Prince of Egypt". Amenhotep, who was once a great pharaoh, made a mistake: he gave his daughter for Talas, who arrived from distant lands. The foreigner became the new prince of Egypt and turned out to be a cruel and bloodthirsty evil-doer with black magic. Amenhotep understood this and ordered to kill Talas, after which a terrible curse was imposed on his tomb. Now he is forever imprisoned in the world of the dead. But return is still possible. To do this, in the parade of the planets, someone must open the Talas tomb. Much time has passed, the 20th century has come. In Egypt, excavations began, and a damned sarcophagus was found and brought to the British Museum. Very soon the day will come, in which the planets line up in a single line. The mummy comes to life and start killing people. But the reincarnation of Talas can be avoided, and only detective Riley and the archaeologist Samantha can do it.
  2. "Tutankhamen: the curse of the tomb" - this is almost a historical film, but some events are naturally fictional. A few thousand years ago, Egypt was ruled by a young Pharaoh Tutankhamen. Almost nothing is known about his life. But even more mysterious, strange and even mystical was his death. In 1992, an important discovery was made. Scientists are finding the tomb of Pharaoh, and the whole world is in grave danger. But two archaeologists are pleased with such an important event, however, their goals are completely different. Danny Framont wants to understand how to use the power for the benefit of people, but the cunning Morgan Sinclair dreams of power and will do everything to find it, unless, of course, no one stops him.
  3. The film "Pyramid", which came out recently, is also worth seeing. American archaeologists using modern technology to find the Egyptian pyramid, which until recently no one knew. Of course, the scientists decided to investigate the unique structure by all means and first sent it inside the robot. But when he disappeared, the researchers had to go to the pyramid themselves. If they knew how all this could turn around, they probably would have suppressed curiosity and would not stir up the ancient past. But what has been done is done, and now the archaeologists will have to face a lot of dangers and see the real revived mummy.
  4. "The Legend of the Mummy". The famous scientist Abel Trelawney is found in a very strange state. He is not dead, but it is difficult to call him alive. And the hand of a man is partially torn to pieces and covered with mysterious scars. The daughter of Egyptologist Margaret decides to sort things out and finds his father's notes, which state that his body cannot be taken out of the house. And yet it must be protected, and around the clock. But why is all this necessary? Such strange events foreshadowed nothing, because Abel simply examined the coffin with mummy and some ancient documents. As a result, the mummy came to life, and now all are in grave danger. Margaret and her assistants must find out what happened in the room of the scientist and figure out how to make everything as it was.
  5. "The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele" - Another quite interesting film about mummies, and the most different. The main character Adel Blanc-Sek is a young, active, ambitious and courageous journalist who is ready for anything to achieve her goals. And her journey to Egypt does not frighten her at all, although, of course, she still does not know what she will have to face there. At this time in Paris, panic begins, because in the museum, which stores the ancient eggs of pterodactyls (their age is more than 130 million years), a real dinosaur hatch, which due to inexperience and because of fear begins to terrorize the city and its inhabitants. But Adele does not scare all these adventures. She will face mummies of various sizes and shapes, and even try to revive one of them with the help of Professor Esperandye (by the way, he gave a new life to pterodactyl). But the animated creature is not at all the ancient Egyptian doctor, who should be cured paralyzed sister Adele.
  6. "Mummy". In ancient Egypt, there were many mysterious and intriguing events. Once upon a time a very influential priest Imhotep fell in love with Pharaoh's wife and got in touch with her. The ruler was killed, and then his wife committed suicide and asked her lover to resurrect her. But Imhotep did not have time to do this since he was executed. And now, after many years in the 20s of the last century, a simple girl librarian from Cairo, Evelyn Carnahan, finds in the box donated by his brother a strange map on which the road to Hamunaptra, the ancient Egyptian city, is laid. Evelyn finds the former owner of the card and asks him to go camping with her. A small detachment is assembled, but the path will be very long and difficult.
  7. "Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor". This film is also included in the list, and for good reason. The plot long ago, a cruel dragon emperor, who once ruled China, was immersed in eternal oblivion by a powerful sorceress. And his numerous army turned into terracotta warriors. And everything would have remained in its place, if once Alex O’Connell, who always dreamed of real adventures, didn’t accidentally wake the ruler. But Alex realized that he was not ready for such events, and therefore he was forced to seek help from his parent, because only they know how to stop a dangerous ancient ruler. Meanwhile, the dragon emperor, having gained strength over a thousand years, is ready to do anything to return power and might. And only the O’Connell family can stop it.
  8. "Belphegor - the ghost of the Louvre". At the beginning of the last century, the French expedition brought to the Louvre objects found in ancient tombs, as well as one of its inhabitants - a mummy, whose age is about 3 thousand years. On the way home, most of the members of this expedition mysteriously committed suicide. But these are not all the troubles that the disturbed mummy will bring. One hundred years later, she will spawn a demon that everyone will call Belphegor. This creature will begin to wander through the corridors of the museum and to cause panic on its employees. And this is not all the strange events that will have to face the heroes of the film and the audience.
  9. "Mummy: doomed". Sarah knew almost nothing about her father. But when dying, her mother reported that the girl had stepbrothers and sister. And the heroine finally found out who her father really was. Now Sarah will do everything to find new relatives and solve riddles related to her origin. But getting ready to go, the girl could not even assume that the secrets of her kind would turn out to be so strange and mystical. Sometimes returning to the past is simply dangerous, because it can be frightening. And the solution will endanger the life of Sarah. And now she will only want one thing - to survive and return home.
  10. "The Mummy Returns". Tombs are fraught with terrible secrets, so you should not open them. Rick O’Connell is married to the beautiful Evelyn, brings up his son Alex and is happy in family life. Nothing foreshadowed trouble, the couple quietly engaged in excavations, but the next artifact turned out to be dangerous. Young Alex, who, like his parents, loves adventure, put on an Anubis bracelet that once belonged to the Scorpion King. And the beloved ruler's life comes to life, and she steals the son of Rick and Evelyn, as it turned out that in the past life they were associated with the King. The kidnappers take the boy away from his parents. But he leaves secret signs by which he can be found.

Mummy (2017)

American fantasy action movie director Alex Kurtzman, a remake of films about the mummy. The main character of the film "Mummy" (The mummy) - Member of the US Navy Tyler Colt.

Assholes against mummy

American comedy “The All New Adventures of Laurel & Hardy in“ For Love or Mummy ” from directors John R. Cherry and Larry Hermon. Starring starred Bronson Pinsho.

Tutankhamen: Curse of the Tomb

American Adventure Horror Movie "Tutankhamen: The Curse of the Tomb" (The Curse of King Tut's Tomb) 2006 release. The director of the film was Russell Mulkeyworked on the script.

Mummy's hand

American black and white horror adventure film The Mummy's Hand from the director Christy Cabanna. The action of the film unfolds in Egypt, where a group of archeologists and researchers are looking for a leg.

Mummy's shroud

British horror film 1967 release "The Mummy Shroud" (The Mummy's Shroud) from the director and screenwriter John jilling. The plot is based on the traditional story of a disturbed spirit from ancient f.

Mummy Day

American Adventure Horror Movie “Day of the Mummy” was released in October 2014. The film director worked Johnny Taborwrote the script G.

Mummy is alive

American Adventure Horror Movie "The Mummy Is Alive" (The Mummy Lives) 1993 release from the director Jerry O'Hara. The leading role in the film was performed by a famous American actor of Hungarian origin.

Adventure movie Stephen Sommers, continuing the traditions established by American cinema in the early twentieth century. In fact, the picture is a remake of the horror film of the same name.

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele

New fantastic adventure action Luc Besson with Louise bourgoin in the role of the fearless young journalist Adel blanc sec.

In France, as well as throughout Europe at the beginning of the 20th century, there lived a great multitude.

Seven Mummies

American horror movie "Seven Mummies" (Seven Mummies) was shot by the director By Nick Quested in 2006 year. The film was shot: Matt Schulze, Serina Vincent, Billy Worth, Billy Drago.

Mummy legend

Horror "The Legend of the Mummy" (LegendoftheMummy) filmed by the director Jeffrey obrou based on the novel The Treasure of Seven Stars writer Bram stoker, the author of the legendary "Dracula", the most famous film adaptation.

Movie List:

original name: Day of the Mummy

Actors: Danny Glover, William McNamara, Anthony Fanelli, Philip Marlatt, Nimi, Brandon Despain, Andrea Monier, Michael Cortes

Description: Jack Well is a gambling adventurer. The young man is obsessed with love for archeology - one of the most mysterious world sciences. When Well is assigned to go with an expedition to a distant Egypt, the hero immediately gives his consent. Jack is collecting.

original name: Les aventures extraordinaires d

Release date in the Russian Federation: 22.07.2010

Actors: Louise Bourgoin, Mathieu Amalric, Gilles Lellouche, Jean-Paul Ruve, Jacques Nersesyan, Philippe Naon, Nicolas Giraud, Laure de Clermont-Tonner

Description: 1912 In Egypt, a young, determined and purposeful journalist Adel Blanc-Sec penetrates the ancient tomb. She is not afraid of blasphemy, she does not need treasures, but only knowledge that will help to heal a sick sister. To do this, just something.

original name: The Mummy

Release date in the Russian Federation: 08.06.2017

Actors: Sophia Boutella, Tom Cruise, Annabelle Wallis, Russell Crowe, Jake Johnson, Honor Ballesteros, Courtney B. Vance, Javier Bohet

Description: Nick Norton, along with a group of young archaeologists, goes to Egypt in one of his endless deserts. The hero hopes that there they will be able to find the ancient burial of the pharaohs and replenish the historical heritage with new artifacts. Really for.

original name: Frankenstein vs. The mummy

Actors: Max Reeser, Ashton Lee, Boomer Tibbs, Brandon Despain, Constantin Tripes, Robert McNoton, Michael Hop, Malika Franklin

Description: Dr. Victor Frankenstein lives in modern America, teaches at a medical university during the day, and at night puts mysterious experiments in his laboratory. Over and over again he is trying by experience to revive a person. But with every new corpse.

Comments: 10

original name: The Mummy Resurrected

Actors: Lauren Bronlioui, Elizabeth Friedman, Bailey Geddis, Iyad Hajjaj, Fuad Haji, Marc Naji, Pablo Time Nunez, Jesse Paddock

Description: Maggie is a member of a female scientific expedition engaged in excavating ancient tombs. One day the girl received the good news. Soon her father, who she had almost never seen, should arrive at the place of research. Over 20 years of life.

Comments: 4

original name: Dummie de Mummie

Actors: Ryland Fernhut, Yahya Geyer, Ton Kas, Jennifer Hoffman, Julian Ras, Mike Wirts, Ian Bok, Sophie Cohen

Description: A boy named Dammy lives in a small provincial town and feels very lonely, because he has no friends at all, and his peers do not want to communicate with him. Once a real mummy from Egypt is brought to the museum of the town. At night right in this.

original name: Prisoners of the Sun

Actors: John Rees-Davies, David Cherwell, Carmen Chaplin, Emily Holmes, Nick Moran, Joss Ackland, Michael Higgs, Gulshan Grover

Description: Many years ago, the gods descended on the land of Egypt. They gave people unprecedented gifts that humanity could not even dream of. It was not gold and not jewels, but something much more important and significant - astronomy, architecture and culture. But.

original name: Le mystère des momies coptes d

Description: In the period between the era of the pharaohs and the advent of Islam, Egypt was a Christian country. The first to adopt this religion were the ancient Copts, who played a special role in the history of the state. For hundreds of years, no one remembered the non-Arab indigenous people.

original name: The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Release date in the Russian Federation: 31.07.2008

Actors: Brendan Fraser, Jet Li, Maria Bello, John Hannah, Michelle Yeoh, Luke Ford, Isabella Leung, Anthony Wong Chau Sang

Description: The son of a tireless archaeologist and adventurer Rick O'Connell - Alex - discovered something incredible. With the help of his comrades-in-arms, he found the tomb of the Dragon Emperor of China, but fell to the life of the ancient ruler and his ten thousand strong army by falling victim to deception.

original name: Seven Mummies

Actors: Matt Schulze, Serina Vincent, Billy Worth, Billy Drago, Andrew Brynyarski, Danny Trejo, Martin Cove, James Intveld

Description: In a deserted area near the Mexican border, a bus crashed with prisoners who were taken to prison. The criminals killed one of the guards, and the second - a young woman - was taken hostage. Bandits decide to leave the next string, where they are.

Watch the best mummy movies for free in the list of mummy movies.

Rumors, speeches and assumptions - that's all there is about mummies. But this is quite enough for the filmmakers to pay so much attention to this topic. Movies about mummies do not do without the fantastic effects that allow them to revive. The main characters will certainly face the challenges, they expect the adventures and secrets of each mummy, which will fall to them along the way. They play the role of archaeologists, scientists and treasure hunters. True, they have to ignore the rules of caution, when they go to the excavations of the next tomb, searching for artifacts in local galleries, the dead may appear on their way, they may face painful death. It is always so interesting to find out who the person in life was, what his deeds and the main thing that he amassed, this is what the main characters are looking for. Therefore, blood-chilling events happen to them regularly, and I want to watch such stories again and again online for free. The boundaries of fantasy does not exist, heroes can travel to the past and future, the story can begin in any century. Friendship and love can be woven into adventure stories and this just can’t end badly. Everyone will make their conclusions at the end of the film.

The mummy is associated with ancient Egypt, because this culture and the tradition of embalming went from there. The body, treated with chemical compounds, slows down the process of decomposition, so it can be stored for centuries in tombs. Sometimes such stories are very informative, documentary films shed light on many moments. Films are presented in different years - from good old classics to new products that are not inferior to the favorite works of famous cinematographers.

If you are disturbed by the riddles of the pyramids, the pharaoh and other nuances of ancient Egyptian history, you should watch a selection of films about mummies that are represented in various genres. It’s fantastic when mummies come to life or travel through time, although in this case the creator’s imagination isn’t at all limited. Not without drama, where the characters lose each other, love and are separated. Anyone can pick up a movie according to his mood, a variety of films of such subjects will be able to satisfy even the most demanding viewer. Viewing can be organized in the company of family or friends, then to discuss the most naughty moments of the film. Such stories allow you to relax and have fun, so you should devote your time to them.