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Medicinal properties and cosmetic effect of oak bark: 17 methods of application and cognac recipe


In many European countries and on the lands of modern Russian territory, oak has long been considered a sacred tree. Only persons dedicated to the mysteries of mystical knowledge could allow outsiders to use parts of this plant for healing purposes. Today, the nutrients of the tree became available to everyone. So, oak bark, whose medicinal properties have been valued for a long time, has become widely used as a healing tool in the fight against many ailments. Not without its use in cosmetology, health medicine and even cooking.

The personification of longevity

As already mentioned, oak is not just a tree. It is often compared with great power and eternity. This is evidenced even by such a common phrase as “centenary oak”. Many are surprised at this tree by its average length of growth - 400 years. Oak and the healing properties of oak bark have always attracted keen interest. After all, the tree also has a special aura. It should be noted that the oak begins to bloom only after 20-40 years of its existence. Upward growth occurs up to 150 years, but an increase in thickness goes throughout life.

Medical treatment through oak bark

Given the importance of this tree in the past century, it is not difficult to guess how respected it was with our ancestors. Often oak bark and its healing properties were used for medical purposes. However, over time, this part of the plant has not lost its popularity. Today, oak bark is widely used in traditional medicine. Medicinal properties are used in pharmacology. For example, it is added to many drugs, while folk healers recommend using the described product in infusions, decoctions and ointments.

Oak bark is the most effective tool in the fight against various diseases of the mucous membrane, skin, larynx and oral cavity. It has a healing effect for burns, eliminates sweating syndrome, fights diarrhea, saves from frostbite and even cures certain female diseases. Let's try to figure out in more detail how such a tool copes with ailments. To do this, you need to study the composition of the bark of the tree.

The composition of oak bark

It is able to actively suppress various inflammatory reactions and the work of microorganisms. Tannin, which is present in the composition of the bark (as well as found in tannic substances), easily copes with irritation of the oral mucosa. The above enzyme is able to relieve pain and inflammation. Sugar, pentonases, flavonoids, pectins, gallic and ellagic acids, carotene and starch are contained in sufficient quantities in the oak bark. Oak bark abounds with a whole spectrum of components with antibacterial action. The beneficial properties of tanning substances that are in the specified wood material, perfectly interact with protein fibers. They form a protective layer that saves the skin from irritation.

Basic properties

Truly great in such remedies as oak bark, healing properties. Application (contraindications will be described below) this substance found in many branches of medicine. We analyze the main.

  • The tool helps to significantly improve the condition of loose teeth, strengthening them in the gum pockets.
  • Reduces sweating feet.
  • Protects the gums from bleeding.
  • Helps to fight the chronic manifestation of diarrhea, gastric bleeding, hemorrhoids, gastritis, gastric ulcer, with stomatitis, gingivitis, sore throat and so on.
  • Kills unpleasant smell in the mouth.
  • Oak bark has a destructive effect on bacteria, improves the condition of the sore throat. In order to achieve this effect, you should prepare the infusion yourself according to the following recipe: mix the ground oak bark (1 tablespoon) with 400 ml of regular vodka. The solution must be infused for 7 days. Before rinsing tincture is required to dilute with water at room temperature.

Medicinal properties

Due to its healing effect, oak bark is actively used to combat a multitude of ailments. Medicinal properties are used in the following cases:

  • In diseases of the digestive tract, dysentery, hemorrhoidal bleeding. Apply orally. The action is based on the astringent qualities of this plant element.
  • Oak bark is used to treat the mucous membrane of the throat and oral cavity in the event of gingivitis, stomatitis, tonsillitis, to improve the condition of the gums. Method of application - rinsing.
  • Actively used as a remedy for wounds, burns, inflammatory processes of the skin. The bark is effective in the form of lotions.
  • This part of the oak is used in gynecology for the prevention of vaginitis, colpitis and erosion of the uterine cervix.
  • Used as a restorative medicine for hair, helps to get rid of seborrhea.

Where to get oak bark?

In order to acquire such a drug, no special skills are required. The easiest way is to buy oak bark at the pharmacy kiosk. In this case, the drug is ready for use (crushed and dried). Typically, the manufacturer places on the packaging and some tips on the preparation of the specified funds. The cost of funds is rather low. Despite the unique (it should be noted that the pharmacy bark of oak has high healing properties) medicinal properties, the price of such a preparation is 41 rubles.

In the event that the desire to collect such a plant ingredient with his own hands is great, you can go to the forest. However, before it is worth remembering a few elementary rules. So, the bark of young trees is more useful. It should be collected before the leaves appear on the stems of the plant (the optimal time of year for this is early spring). The tool should be placed in a canvas bag for storage.

Diarrhea treatment

As noted above, people have long noticed the healing properties of tree bark. Not surprisingly, this component is not included in one folk remedy. Oak bark was widely used by healers in the fight against many illnesses.

Recipe number 1. Infusion

Pour boiling water (1 cup) tablespoon of dried oak bark. Insist liquid for an hour, strain out. The resulting drug must be applied throughout the day to 2 tablespoons.

Recipe number 2. Oak bark tincture with alcohol

First you need to grind a teaspoon of bark and pour 400 ml of regular vodka. It is recommended to prepare the described means in advance (one week prior to use). Tincture is taken orally 2 times a day (morning and evening), 20 drops.

Gum, throat treatment

Note that in the treatment of gingivitis is best to apply a decoction of oak bark. And here is the recipe itself: 3 tablespoons of dried bark is placed in an enamel container and pour a glass of boiling water. On the water bath, we heat the resulting broth for 25 minutes. Strain the prepared remedy (squeezing thick from the bark) and add hot water, bringing the volume of the composition to 300 ml. This medicine should be stored in a shaded, cool place. The term for which the broth should be taken - 2 days. Mouth rinse the resulting liquid should be every 3 hours.

An infusion of specified wood material is effective for sore throat and stomatitis. It should be said that many consumers have noted effective means such as oak bark. Medicinal properties (reviews of which are simply enthusiastic) quickly help to cope with ailments. People emphasize that the tool has become an excellent alternative to pills. After all, rinsing procedures help to reduce pain.

Hair Care: Dyeing and Restoration

To date, there are a lot of tools that help to improve the tone of hair and give it vitality. Most of them are based on oak bark extract.

The most convenient and simple method is the usual systematic rinsing of the hair with a decoction of bark. This procedure is effective after washing the hair. This method allows you to make them stronger and give more volume. Besides the fact that the color becomes richer, there is also the prevention of dandruff. Together with some other healthy ingredients for hair (burdock or linseed oil, mint leaves, honey and plantain), oak bark can have a more pronounced effect. For example, hair dyeing with this tool will give the best result when natural freshly brewed coffee is added to the decoction. To lighten blond hair, you can use broths from the bark of oak and chamomile.

Treatment of sweating

In medicine, it has long been known that oak bark helps to effectively deal with many ailments of the human body. Including with excessive sweating. The most effective means is considered a decoction, which is lubricated in the morning of the foot, armpit or hands.

The recipe for decoction of sweating

Pour 5 teaspoons of oak bark into a small saucepan and pour one liter of water. Bring to a boil over the fire, reduce the power of the flame and boil for another 30 minutes. Remove the pot from the heat and let it brew for two hours, wrapping the container in a warm towel. Broth should be filtered and placed in the refrigerator. It is in this form that it is recommended for use.

In addition to wiping the feet, hands or underarms, you can apply lotion from gauze, putting them on problem areas for half an hour. To consolidate the effect achieved, it is recommended to repeat the procedure for 30 days.

The use of oak bark in pediatric therapy

Drugs made from oak bark (tinctures and decoctions) are not recommended for use in children under two years of age. The use of such funds in subsequent years should occur only with the permission of the attending physician. In case of coordination of this type of prophylaxis, oak bark should be used in the form of decoction, which the child will gargle with sore throat for sore throat.

For the treatment of problem skin in children, washing the child with an infusion takes a special place, the main ingredient of which is oak bark. Medicinal properties of such funds help get rid of signs of hemorrhage. But it is applied only with the permission of a specialist.

Negative impact

However, one should not forget that no matter how good a drug such as oak bark, healing properties, contraindications to the use are sufficiently significant. Let's sort them out:

  • Apply inside tincture and decoction is not recommended in the presence of intestinal diseases and hemorrhoids.
  • Abuse of this tool often causes emetic urge.
  • Uncontrolled prolonged use of decoctions of oak bark also leads to some negative consequences - diarrhea, bleeding in the intestine and stomach.
  • Systematic rinsing of the mouth provokes a weakening of the sense of smell.
  • Medicines made on the basis of the bark are not recommended for women during pregnancy.
  • The negative effect of oak bark has on young children.


Nature has generously endowed people with a great variety of different healing trees and herbs. Among them is the forest giant described above - oak. Such a tree is not only a decoration of the landscape. Now we know that the bark of oak saves from a multitude of ailments, the healing properties of which from ancient times are used by healers in their healing recipes.

Oak bark: on the healing properties of raw materials and contraindications

Oak bark provides a multifaceted effect on the body. It consists of unique components that favorably affect a person. Plant material contains the following components:

  • tannins - they bind proteins, disrupting the nutrition of pathogenic bacteria, thereby inhibiting their development and reproduction,
  • catechins - impart antimicrobial properties to the bark,
  • pentosans - provide anti-inflammatory effect
  • pectins - normalize the functioning of the digestive tract.

The benefits of the vegetable component

Physicians often recommend healing raw materials for external use. It is used for rinsing, lotions or compresses. But the healing properties of oak bark are not limited to local effects. The product is in demand in the treatment of many pathologies. However, before using the unique gift of nature, it is necessary to coordinate such treatment with a doctor.

Traditional medicine recognizes the many beneficial properties of oak raw materials. Plant bark:

  • strengthens teeth
  • kills germs,
  • reduces puffiness
  • stops vomiting
  • eliminates inflammation
  • eliminates sweating,
  • has a diuretic effect,
  • helps in the fight against worms,
  • accelerates the healing of wounds, burns,
  • prevents gums from bleeding,
  • helps to stop bleeding,
  • eliminates diarrhea (even infectious),
  • eliminates bad breath,
  • strengthens the walls of the digestive tract,
  • helps to improve the liver, kidneys,
  • relieves itching and burning after insect bites,
  • reduces the severity of skin allergies,
  • eliminates infectious and inflammatory female diseases,
  • reduces the absorption of toxic substances and reduces intoxication.

Reviews of the use of oak bark indicate that under the onslaught of a powerful tree, diseases of the digestive system and oral pathology recede. Healers successfully use the healing bark for the treatment of skin problems. A cosmetology found her application in medical lotions and masks, allowing you to strengthen your hair.

The main indications for the use of oak bark are the following pathologies:

  • diseases of the digestive system - diarrhea, gastritis, colitis, ulcers, enterocolitis, bleeding,
  • skin diseases - diathesis, eczema, acne, fungus, acne, bedsores,
  • dental problems - stomatitis, gingivitis, bleeding gums, periodontal disease,
  • gynecological diseases - erosion, colpitis, thrush, vulvovaginitis, prolapse of the uterus, bleeding,
  • men's diseases - prostatitis, infections of the reproductive system, premature ejaculation, impotence,
  • vascular diseases - varicose veins,
  • pathologies of ENT organs - sore throats, laryngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis,
  • diseases of the urinary system - cystitis, infections of the ureters and kidneys,
  • problems with hair - fat, seborrhea, alopecia, weak bulbs.

When not to apply

This vegetable raw material is considered to be quite safe and is used at home even for treating children. But such an effective drug has some limitations.

Internal administration of medicines from oak bark is contraindicated in people who have:

  • severe liver disease,
  • severe kidney disease,
  • tendency to constipation, hemorrhoids,
  • individual sensitivity.

Healing recipes

The Swiss doctor and alchemist Paracelsus argued that all means are poison, and only a properly selected dosage can turn them into medicine. This statement can be safely attributed to the treatment of oak raw materials. The treatment will benefit only if the instructions for use of oak bark and recipes for preparation will be strictly followed. Any deviation from the dosage or duration of therapy is fraught with the development of unpleasant symptoms.

From sore throats, dental ailments and bleeding gums

  • oak bark - three tablespoons,
  • boiling water - one glass,
  • boiled water - as needed.

  1. Vegetable raw materials pour boiling water.
  2. The mixture is boiled in a water bath for 20-25 minutes.
  3. Broth oak bark filtered.
  4. The resulting liquid is diluted with water to obtain a total volume of 300 ml.
  5. The medicine is used to rinse the nasopharynx, mouth.
  6. Store the tool can be within two days, but always in the refrigerator. Before rinsing, the solution is slightly warmed up.


  • oak raw material - one teaspoon,
  • water - one glass.

  1. Before making the oak bark, the raw material is poured with boiling water,
  2. Cook in a water bath for ten minutes
  3. A drink intended for men, filtered and drunk three times a day, a third of a glass. Use the drug before meals.

For potency

  • chamomile flowers - four teaspoons,
  • oak bark - three teaspoons,
  • flaxseed - five teaspoons,
  • water - one liter.

  1. All vegetable components are well ground and mixed.
  2. Take a tablespoon of the resulting collection.
  3. Raw materials are poured in a liter of boiling water.
  4. The medicine insist 12 hours.
  5. Be sure to filter.
  6. To increase the potency, infusion of oak bark is taken before meals for half a glass.

From thrush and erosion

  • bark - two tablespoons,
  • water - one glass.

  1. Raw materials pour boiling water and mash means in a water bath for 20 minutes.
  2. Filter and add boiled water, if the mixture boiled away, to a full glass.
  3. Douching up to four times per day.

From uterine polyps and erosion

  • white acacia flowers - half a tablespoon,
  • oak bark - half a tablespoon,
  • celandine - half a tablespoon,
  • Calendula flowers - half a tablespoon,
  • water - one liter.

  1. All herbal ingredients are mixed.
  2. The mixture is poured boiling water.
  3. Настаивают кору до тех пор, пока температура средства не достигнет отметки 30 °С.
  4. Смесь перед применением процеживают.
  5. Спринцевания повторяют десять дней. Затем прерывают лечение на одну неделю. After this, repeat the course of therapy.

From sweating and foot fungus

  • oak bark - 100 g,
  • boiling water - two liters.

  1. Vegetable raw materials combined with boiling water.
  2. Insist one hour.
  3. Filter out.
  4. Infusion is poured into the pelvis.
  5. In a warm solution feet soar for 20 minutes.
  6. To get rid of sweating, it is recommended to carry out ten procedures, and to cure a fungus, it is necessary to conduct 20 daily sessions. Then make a break for a week and, if necessary, repeat the course.

When sweating hands or armpits

  • milk - one glass,
  • oak raw materials - one tablespoon,
  • warm water - half a liter.

  1. Crushed oak raw material is boiled in milk in a water bath for five minutes.
  2. Broth insist 20 minutes and filtered.
  3. Dilute with warm water.
  4. This tool is recommended to wipe the armpits. When sweating palms in the solution for 20 minutes lower hands. Repeat the procedure recommended eight to ten times.

Ointment for skin diseases and purulent wounds

  • oak bark - two tablespoons,
  • black poplar buds - one tablespoon,
  • butter (can be replaced with petroleum jelly or lanolin) - seven tablespoons.

  1. Bark crush in a mortar to a state of powder.
  2. Grind the buds of poplar.
  3. Cooked raw mix.
  4. Add softened butter to it.
  5. Means to leave in a warm place for 12 hours.
  6. Then boil the preparation for half an hour in a water bath at very low heat.
  7. In the heat of the strain.
  8. When the ointment has cooled, it is applied to damaged areas.
  9. The procedure is repeated two to four times a day.


  • raw oak - two tablespoons,
  • boiling water - half a liter.

  1. Oak bark is crushed.
  2. Boiling water is poured into the raw material, and in a closed container the agent is infused for one hour.
  3. The solution is filtered.
  4. Use such a remedy for enemas or sitting baths.

From stomatitis

  • chamomile - one teaspoon,
  • oak bark - two teaspoons,
  • water - three glasses.

  1. The components are mixed.
  2. Filled with water.
  3. The mixture is boiled for ten minutes.
  4. Filter the solution.
  5. The resulting decoction must be rinsed mouth every hour.
  6. Stomach ulcers in children can be treated with a cotton pad dipped in medicinal broth.

From children's dermatitis

  • oak bark - half a tablespoon,
  • water - half a liter.

  1. Raw materials are crushed and poured boiling water.
  2. On low heat boil means for about five minutes.
  3. Broth insist one hour. Filter out.
  4. Poured into the tub for the child.

Acne and inflammations

  • raw oak - three tablespoons,
  • water - half a liter,
  • medical alcohol - one tablespoon,
  • lemon juice - one tablespoon.

  1. Add vegetable raw materials to water.
  2. The mixture is boiled for about five minutes.
  3. Then filter.
  4. Alcohol is poured into the cooled broth and lemon juice is added.
  5. The resulting lotion is recommended to daily wipe the face three times a day until the complete disappearance of acne or inflammation.

  • bark - two tablespoons,
  • high-quality vodka - 500 ml.

  1. Oak bark pounded in a mortar.
  2. Powder poured vodka. Alcohol should be of high quality.
  3. Insist means on vodka for six to seven days.
  4. Every day it is well shaken.
  5. Then the tincture is filtered.
  6. To eliminate diarrhea, it is recommended to use 20 drops of the drug twice a day. Enough two days to completely get rid of the disorder of the digestive tract.

From rhinitis, sinusitis and adenoids

  • bark - one tablespoon,
  • water - half a liter.

  1. Water is poured into the selected container. Oak bark is poured into it.
  2. The tool is brought to a boil and cook on low heat for one hour.
  3. The pot with the broth is closed and wrapped with a woolen scarf.
  4. So means insist two hours.
  5. Broth filter.
  6. Before use, it is diluted with water in a ratio of one to one.

Balsam for hair density and dandruff

  • honey - one tablespoon,
  • oak bark - 20 g,
  • olive oil - one tablespoon,
  • chicken yolk - from one egg,
  • water - two glasses.

  1. Raw oak crushed.
  2. It is put in a thermos and poured boiling water.
  3. Means insist one hour.
  4. Filter out.
  5. Honey melt.
  6. In oak infusion injected honey, butter and add the yolk.
  7. Balsam thoroughly whisk.
  8. Head pre wash.
  9. Apply the prepared preparation on wet roots and carefully rub it into the skin.
  10. Leave the balm for 15 minutes.
  11. Hair wash well with shampoo.

For coloring strands

  • oak bark - one tablespoon,
  • onion peel - a handful,
  • water is a glass.

  1. All components are put in a pan and boil for about one hour.
  2. Onion peel is added to give the paint a warmer tone.
  3. When dyeing hair cooled means applied over the entire length of the strands.
  4. A cap is put on the head.
  5. After an hour and a half, everyone is washed off

Home Cognac

  • moonshine - three liters,
  • oak bark - three tablespoons,
  • honey - one tablespoon,
  • St. John's Wort - one tablespoon,
  • oregano - one tablespoon,
  • carnation - five pieces,
  • allspice - ten peas,
  • Coriander - a third of a teaspoon,
  • vanilla - a third of a teaspoon.

  1. Bark, herbs and spices are placed in a glass container.
  2. Raw materials are poured with moonshine and honey is added.
  3. Insist means 14-15 days, periodically shaking the container well.
  4. Then drink filter.
  5. To achieve high clarity of homemade brandy, the liquid on moonshine is filtered two or three times.

Those who decide to prepare their own healing raw materials need to know when and how to collect it. The beneficial properties of oak bark are enhanced in the spring. Therefore, it is necessary to collect raw materials at this time. Cut the bark with a sharp knife from young branches or thin trunks. For medical purposes, a bark that has a smooth surface and does not contain wood is in demand.

Reviews: “Once and for all got rid of cystitis”

I like coffee and eat occasional fast food. But still the pancreas suffers more from coffee. It is for this reason that my iron rebelled. And I had a heaviness in the right hypochondrium. At one time I drank medicine. They helped, but not much. Therefore, I decided to find a more effective means. Shoveling the entire Internet, noticed that oak bark has choleretic properties. I brewed bark instead of tea. I drank once in the evening (the broth was not very strong). But she didn’t notice much effect. But the next morning the result was very noticeable. I did not have time to wake up, I realized that my gastrointestinal tract rebelled and I apologize, it is about to be sick. Naturally, I ran to the bath, where all the accumulated bile came out of me. After that, the heaviness in the right side disappeared.

Somehow, under the arms, terrible irritation, itching, redness began, bruises appeared. It became very uncomfortable to use deodorant, then I learned about the healing oak. The dermatologist advised to use a decoction of oak bark so as not to spoil the skin completely. I decided to try it, there was nothing to lose. And cheers! It helped! The skin under the arms began to heal, acquired a healthy appearance, became soft and velvety. In addition, perspiration has decreased markedly. Yes, and the aroma is pleasant, delicate, fresh, delicate, not like some deodorants. Jumped from happiness.

I also suffer from bleeding gums all my life. Rinsing 4-6 times a day with grass helps a lot. And change the grass every 5 days. Chamomile will do (I take rotokan for work - you add it very conveniently to warm water and rinse it), nettle, oak bark (very effectively), sage.

I somehow brewed oak bark into my pelvis, just by eye, and sat. My cystitis was 18 years old. There was nothing else in the house. It helped me. Once and for all got rid of cystitis.

So I decided to share with you how I began to care for my hair. For this, I purchased oak bark in a pharmacy. I poured it into a jar and with a spoon I put bark into a mug, two spoons per 250 ml of boiling water. I insist on it for 2 hours, and then filter through gauze. My head as usual, and after rinsing them with infusion of oak bark. With its help, the hair became more durable, the scalp became better, dandruff passed and the fat content of the hair decreased. As well as hair over time acquire a brownish tint, if you constantly use this rinsing.
I really liked it.

What diseases are used for?

The bark has found application in various branches of medicine. It is applied both internally and externally.

  1. As a medicine for oral administration, the bark is taken in case of an upset stomach. As an adjuvant, it can be used even in infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, for example, with gastric (intestinal) flu. Due to its astringent and anti-inflammatory properties, the bark is used for gastritis, but not in the acute phase.
  2. Outwardly, decoction and infusion of the bark is used to accelerate the healing of wounds and burns. The bactericidal action of the agent in this case helps to avoid wound infection.

  • Infusions and decoctions can be used to rinse the throat with tonsillitis, thanks to antiseptic and astringent properties.
  • Oak bark with diarrhea should be used with caution. Long-term ingestion can lead to a decrease in gastric acidity. With constipation, infusions and decoctions of the bark is prohibited.

    Oak bark: instructions for use

    Using the tool is quite simple, the main thing is to correctly prepare the medicine. It is easier to buy raw materials at the pharmacy, as it is very problematic to harvest it yourself. For the treatment of used:

    • infusion or decoction,
    • alcohol tincture (extract),
    • ointment from dried bark.

    Infusion and decoctions are used for ingestion, mouthwash, douching and hair care. Alcohol tincture is a remedy for diarrhea and intestinal effects.

    Many advise the use of alcoholic tincture to combat acne on the face, but it should be applied point. Otherwise, you can "burn" the skin with alcohol.

    Ointment from the bark is used to restore the skin with wounds and burns. It accelerates regeneration, helps prevent scar formation.

    Infusion and decoction

    The easiest way to prepare a medicine is an infusion. Boil it unnecessary. To make it necessary to fill the raw material with boiling water, cover and wrap with a towel. Infuse medication should be two hours. The easiest way to prepare the infusion in a thermos. The recommended proportions are 2 parts of raw materials for 5 parts of water. Instructions for use inside universal - for a tablespoon of infusion 4 times a day. This regimen is practiced for diarrhea and other disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

    Broth is more concentrated means. It is recommended to use for rinsing the mouth and throat with sore throat. To prepare, take 1 part of raw materials to 10 parts of water and boil over low heat for 15-20 minutes. At the same time it is important not to allow constant boiling of the drug. After 20 minutes, the product is covered with a lid and left to cool completely.

    For diarrhea and diarrhea, one teaspoon is drunk up to 6 times a day. Rinse the mouth or throat twice a day. Oak bark for gums can also be used as applications. To do this, moisten a cotton swab in broth and apply it to the inflamed areas for 5 minutes.

    When hyperhidrosis use lotions or compresses. To do this, moisten gauze or a bandage in broth and attach it to an area with excessive sweating for 10 minutes. When sweating feet and foot fungus used baths. In 4 liters of hot water I dissolve a glass of broth, and put feet for 20 minutes.

    Alcohol tincture or oak bark extract

    The exact proportions for making tinctures each have their own. There are two recipes - more concentrated (40 g of raw materials per 100 ml of alcohol), and gentle (two tablespoons per 200 ml of vodka). Ingredients must be mixed in an opaque glass container, sealed with a lid and left for two weeks in a dark room. The tank needs to be shaken daily.

    The concentrated composition is called extract. For diarrhea, take 10 drops twice a day. If the tincture was prepared on vodka, the dosage is doubled - 20 drops in the morning and evening.

    Bark ointment

    To prepare the ointment, it is necessary to pre-crush the crust into a powder in a blender or a coffee grinder. There are several recipes for its preparation.

      For burns and superficial wounds, an agent based on butter is used. To do this, it is necessary to slightly warm the oil and pour 10 g of crushed bark powder into it. Then the mixture should be cooked in a water bath for half an hour. Ointment is poured into a convenient jar and stored in the refrigerator. Use - as needed, since when applied externally, the risk of side effects is minimal.

    Oak bark is not used for psoriasis and allergic eczema, as it can provoke an exacerbation of the disease.

    Application for face and hair

    Lotion can be used to care for problem skin. To do this, you need to prepare an alcoholic tincture according to the above recipe and mix it with water in the ratio of 1:10. The tool is recommended for teenage skin.

    In older age, tincture can be used dotted when inflammations appear on the face. In this case, the medicine is mixed in half with water, and then applied with a cotton swab strictly on the pimple.

    For hair use decoction or infusion. They simply rinse the hair every time after washing.

    Oak bark is more suitable for brown-haired women and brunettes, as it has a light toning effect. Moreover, daily rinsing with a concentrated decoction (50 g of bark for 2 liters of boiling water) will give the hair a lasting chestnut tint.

    In case of hair loss, the product is applied to the scalp for two hours and then washed off with water. An excellent remedy for hair loss is a mixture of heated burdock oil with a decoction of oak bark, taken in equal proportions. This mask should be kept for 2-3 hours.

    Benefits and harms during pregnancy

    The tool can be used for douching the vagina with thrush and dysbiosis (bacterial vaginosis), including pregnant women. For this purpose, use the infusion, douching is carried out from two to four times a day.

    Before using this method, you should consult with your doctor.

    Pregnancy is an absolute contraindication for the internal intake of tincture, decoction or infusion of oak bark. This is due to the fact that any herbal remedies are potentially dangerous risk of improving the tone of the uterus.

    Despite the large number of medicinal properties and undeniable health benefits, oak bark should be used carefully. Among the contraindications:

    • continuous reception for more than two weeks
    • individual intolerance,
    • age up to three years
    • pregnancy,
    • constipation
    • hemorrhoids,
    • ulcer or erosive gastritis in the period of exacerbation.

    It is important to remember that not a single folk remedy can replace an adequate therapy prescribed by a qualified specialist. Before self-medicating, you should consult with your doctor.

    Use in the treatment

    Means for treatment, made from oak bark, are used both externally and inward.

    • Broths and infusions drink with diarrhea, dysentery, hemorrhoidal bleeding, colpitis, vaginitis.
    • In the form of rinses, oak bark is used for stomatitis, gingivitis, sore throat, for strengthening gums, and bad breath.
    • As lotions oak bark is used for inflammation of the skin, burns.
    • Broth means used for baths with increased sweating of the feet.
    • Infusions and decoctions means have proven themselves as a means to restore the strength of hair, in the treatment of dandruff.

    How to brew oak bark for the treatment of various diseases

    Infusion: a tablespoon of dry chopped bark pour 250 g. boiling water. After an hour, strain, drink during the day on a tablespoon. The healing properties of this infusion of oak bark gently and rather quickly stop diarrhea, the main thing is not to stop taking it until you get a lasting result.

    Broth oak bark: dry bark (3 tablespoons) pour boiling water (glass), heated in a water bath for half an hour. Strain the broth, squeeze the thick, add boiled water to a volume of 300ml. The resulting liquid should be stored in a cool place, the shelf life of two days. Rinsing the mouth is recommended to do up to eight times a day.

    The same decoction can be used for stomatitis, tonsillitis.

    • Infusion for gargling and cleansing the tonsils

    With angina and SARS, flu, you can use the rinse from the bark of oak.

    - 20 grams (2 tablespoons) of raw materials to steam up with a glass of boiling water, after half an hour strain. The resulting infusion gargle. Also, the healing properties of this plant's infusion are used to cleanse the germs and plaque from the tonsil mucosa.

    • Oak bark baths for the treatment of hemorrhoids

    10 grams of raw materials (tablespoon) pour a glass of boiling water, insist hour. Broth to add to water for sedentary trays. This procedure will help reduce pain and, due to the anti-inflammatory effect, reduce the size of hemorrhoids.

    • Drink to expel helminths

    To expel parasites from the body will help such a drink: in equal proportions to mix oak bark, buckthorn bark, tansy, wormwood. One teaspoon of the mixture poured 250g. Boiling (daily portion), insist 10 minutes, drain. On the day, take half a cup in the morning and evening. The course is 6 days. On the seventh day on an empty stomach to eat 300g. pumpkin seeds, drink a decoction of oak bark and buckthorn (half a teaspoon for half a glass of water).

    Half a teaspoon of licorice root, oak bark + a teaspoon of fennel + a teaspoon of the rootstocks of Potentilla pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, leave for five hours, drain. Drink two meals during the day.

    • Настои при гинекологических заболеваниях

    Anti-inflammatory and hemostatic healing properties of oak bark allow its use in the treatment of candidiasis, colpitis, cervical erosion. Infusion helps rapid healing of wounds and erosions, reduces pain, relieves swelling and burning.

    To relieve inflammation, douching or sessile baths are recommended. It is also possible to use tampons soaked in infusion.

    - Infusion: 20 grams of bark pour a glass of boiling water, insist half an hour, filter.

    For douching it is necessary to dilute the resulting infusion with warm water to one liter.

    • Broth for the treatment of burns

    The decoction forms a film on the wound surface, due to which epidermis cells are restored.

    3 tablespoons rhizomes Potentilla white, 3 tablespoons of oak bark mix. Two tablespoons of the mixture pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, simmer for 15 minutes in a water bath, and insist 10 minutes. Use broth as lotions on the affected areas. Duration of the procedure is 1 hour. Repeat twice a day.

    Chopped oak bark (5 tablespoons), a liter of boiling water. Insist half an hour. If the infusion is cold - a little warm, but do not boil! Pour the infusion into a small bowl, lower the legs there, hold for 20 minutes. The course of treatment is ten days.

    Recipe alcohol tincture of oak bark

    Preparing a vodka tincture is not difficult: pour two teaspoons of oak bark in a lockable glass dish with two glasses of vodka or good moonshine. Leave to infuse for 2 weeks at room temperature daily shaking. Then strain.

    This tincture is taken internally for the treatment of diseases in adults, 20-30 drops in a glass of water, after consulting with your doctor. Tincture can not drink with lesions of the gastric mucosa and chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

    How to make an ointment from oak bark

    In folk medicine, a simple ointment recipe is usually used to treat skin diseases and burns: grind dried bark into a powder in a coffee grinder, 2 parts of powder take 7 parts of natural country butter or lard, mix and leave overnight at room temperature. In the morning put the mixture in a water bath and incubated for half an hour. The resulting thick liquid is carefully filtered and poured into a convenient for later use glass jar. For treatment, smear problem areas with a thin layer several times a day. A jar of oak bark ointment can be stored in the refrigerator for a long time, since it does not lose its healing properties.

    For the treatment of bedsores, the ointment is made differently: 3 tablespoons of oak bark are poured with a glass of hot water, put on the fire and boiled over low heat until the liquid is doubled. Remove from heat, filter and mix with 120 grams of pharmacy zinc ointment. Store in a tight-fitting glass jar in the refrigerator. For treatment, sterile wipes are impregnated with the resulting ointment and applied to the bedsores no more than 5 times a day.

    How to apply for hair

    Tanning substances contained in oak bark and natural resins have a strengthening effect on the hair structure and help to get rid of dandruff.

    Using broth when washing your head will provide:

    • restoration of weak, splitting hair,
    • dandruff removal
    • inhibition of baldness,
    • accelerating hair growth
    • volume and shine of hair.

    Broth for hair

    To strengthen the hair, giving it pomp and beautiful dark shade, get rid of dandruff, use a decoction of oak bark.

    Before washing the head, prepare a decoction of 40 grams (4 tablespoons) of dry crushed bark and a liter of water. Boil broth for 5 minutes, let it brew for one and a half hours, strain. After washing your hair, rinse your hair with a prepared broth. In addition to all the benefits of using the medicinal properties of oak bark for hair, it is important for blondes to remember that this broth colors the hair color a little in darker colors.

    20g dry bark, 10 grams of lime-colored boil for 5 minutes in a liter of water, insist one and a half hours. Rinse after washing the head.

    10g dry bark, 20 grams of lime blossom, 10 grams of nettle boil for 5 minutes, leave for an hour.

    It is necessary to remember about the coloring properties of oak bark. Therefore, with dark hair, the amount of bark in broths can be increased; with light hair, to keep proportions in smaller quantities.

    To give a beautiful dark shade to your hair, brew 50 grams of dry bark with a liter of boiling water. Insist a half hour, strain. Washed, lightly dried hair should be plentifully moistened with broth, put on a shower cap, warm with a towel. Hold for 2 hours. For a darker shade hold the broth on the hair up to five hours. Wash off the composition, apply conditioner to soften hair.

    You can vary the composition of the broth. To give more saturated colors add onion peel, ground coffee to the broth.

    Harvesting and storage of bark

    Finding oak bark today is not difficult. Pharmacies sell dried and crushed oak bark.

    If you wish, you can prepare it yourself, but you need to remember that the most healing properties are found in the bark of a young tree. You should also observe the timing of bark harvesting. It is harvested in early spring, when the first leaves had not yet appeared.

    Store the collected and dried raw materials in canvas bags.


    As with any medicinal raw materials, oak bark has contraindications. True, not very much:

    • the course of treatment should not exceed two weeks,
    • overdose may cause vomiting
    • prolonged rinsing decoction or infusion can lead to a deterioration in smell,
    • people prone to allergies should ensure that there is no response to the raw materials.

    Instructions for use of oak bark

    The use of oak bark in medical practice due to the high content of tannins. Due to the rich composition of the drug has a strong anti-inflammatory and astringent effect.

    It is prescribed for chronic and acute enterocolitis, accompanied by diarrhea, various bleeding, as well as in many other cases.

    Impact of oak bark on the body

    Tannins, tannin and some others, interacting with proteins, precipitate them. The result is a protein film that performs a protective function. It protects tissues from external irritants, which helps to reduce inflammation and start the healing process.

    Tannin, getting into the extracellular fluid, precipitates not only proteins, but also mediators of nerve endings. This weakens the sensory nerve perception power, interferes with the transmission of nerve impulses and acts like local anesthetics.

    Due to the interaction of plant binders with proteins, they are used as anti-inflammatory agents for the healing of external wounds, mucous membranes, ulcers. In addition, it is used internally for intestinal inflammation, as well as for rendering antimicrobial, anti-fermenting and anti-rotting therapy.


    Broth oak bark in some cases will help reduce toothache. To do this, two tablespoons of raw materials grind in a coffee grinder. Then pour all a cup of water and boil for about a quarter of an hour. Pour the same amount of sage into the broth. Insist, then strain. Instead of sage, you can add alum.

    Rinse a sick tooth as often as possible, at least 5-6 times a day. Soon the pain will be less. You should contact your doctor as soon as you get the chance.

    With angina

    Sore throat is a rather dangerous disease caused by a bacterial infection. Therefore, it must be treated with the participation of a doctor. Broth bark will help alleviate the course of the disease. It is used to rinse sore throat. As mentioned earlier, the drug has strong anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Prepare a decoction of oak bark (see above) and rinse every two hours.

    With colds

    For colds, it is better to use alcohol extract of oak bark (see recipe above). The frequency of admission is two to three times a day.

    The tincture prepared in this way can be stored for more than a year. Therefore, it can be harvested for future use.

    With a runny nose, bark infusion can be used. This treatment is also suitable for children. Infusion of the cortex washed nasal passages before you enter the main drug.

    Cooking is easy. Teaspoon bark brew a glass of water. Give a little brew. Strain, cool, and only then proceed to the treatment of rhinitis.

    From sweating feet and armpits

    Traditional medicine for excessive sweating offers this method of treatment. Take a little oak bark and grind it almost into powder. Pour into socks and dress them up. And so repeat every day, until the result appears. Socks should be changed daily and always be freshly washed, ironed from the inside, and only cotton.

    Mix oak bark with rhizomes of the coil and measure two teaspoons of the mixture. Pour half a liter of boiling water and boil for five minutes. Cool to a tolerable temperature and make foot baths out of the decoction. This is another way to combat acrohydrosis.

    To reduce armpit sweating, you can use this recipe. Brew a teaspoon of raw material with a cup of water and insist. Add in filtered infusion juice of one lemon. Wipe sweaty places up to five times a day. An extra bonus is the pleasant lemon scent emanating from the body.

    You may be interested in an article about the treatment of lymphostasis of the lower extremities at home.

    There is also a cognitive article on the treatment of gum disease with folk remedies.

    Here you will learn all about the treatment of chronic pharyngitis.

    For skin diseases in adults and children

    Treatment of trophic ulcers. Dig horseradish with the leaves, rinse. Add oak bark. Pour water and boil for half an hour. Insist and half cool. In the warm broth soar your wounds. Fluid can be used more than once.

    Recipe for fungus on the legs. This tool in the pharmacy can not buy. You need to go to the forest yourself, scrape together green scurf from oak bark. Dry it, grind to powder. Then wash the aching feet in a solution of salt and water (1: 1), wipe dry. Put green powder between your fingers and put on your socks.

    To save young children from diathesis, baths made from oak bark decoction are most effective. Per liter of boiling water add 100 grams of raw material, boil for about twenty minutes, strain and pour into a bath with warm water. Sit there your child and ensure that the water does not cool too much. Repeat the procedure for seven days and everything will pass.

    For men

    For the treatment of prostate adenoma, it is useful to apply the sedentary baths made from chamomile and oak bark. Both ingredients need to be taken in equal quantities, mixed. 50 grams of the mixture brew 3 liters of boiling water, insist. Pour into the bath and sit in it at a temperature of at least 38 degrees twenty minutes. Repeat every other day for a month.

    To enhance the potency in men, you need to brew 20 grams of bark with a liter of boiling water. Insist on a water bath for about forty minutes, then strain the precipitate. Drink two glasses a day, morning and evening.

    For women

    The easiest way to treat thrush is to moisten a cotton (gauze) tampon in the infusion of the cortex and lubricate the affected areas with it. For douching, boil the raw materials (2 tablespoons) in one liter of water for at least a quarter of an hour, cool and inject them in small portions. The main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to harm the beneficial microflora.

    When cervical erosion also conduct douching, the frequency of which reaches up to four times a day. The course lasts no more than two weeks. The procedure can not be performed during menstruation. Treatment is best done with the consent of the doctor. Oak bark gives the following effect:

    • fights germs, fungi,
    • restores damaged mucous,
    • prevents the infection from spreading
    • creates an anesthetic effect
    • accelerates healing.

    For syringing with uterine polyps, you can use the following recipe. Take in equal parts sage, rosemary and yarrow (2 tables. L.), As well as oak bark. All mix and boil for half an hour on a quiet fire in three liters of water. Strain from sediment and conduct douching.

    Diarrhea oak bark

    Preparations based on oak bark are very often used for intestinal disorders accompanied by diarrhea.

    The drug contributes to the death of pathogenic microflora, soothes irritated mucous membranes of the digestive tract, has anti-inflammatory effect.

    Sugars, mucus and fatty oils contained in broth bark relieve tissue irritation. Pectins and proteins bind and remove the pathogenic microflora and toxins produced by it, that is, they act as enterosorbents. Tannins prevent the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. Pentosans neutralize the liquid medium in the intestine.

    To prepare the infusion for the treatment of diarrhea, it is necessary to use the bark harvested from young oak branches. Grind it into powder. A teaspoon of raw materials all night long insist in 400 ml of cooled boiled water. Drink four times a day for 3 tablespoons.

    Hair benefits

    There is not one recipe for beauty and health, in which the bark of the oak is the main component. The simplest application of this tool is to use a decoction to rinse the hair every time after washing the head.

    This simple way can not only strengthen the hair follicles, but also give pomp to the hair, at the same time giving it a pleasant dark shade. At the same time and eliminate dandruff. Hair coloring will be more successful if, in addition to the main ingredient, ground coffee beans are added to the broth.

    It is possible to eliminate various problems in the oral cavity without going to the dentist. Broth oak bark helps rid the gums of bleeding, strengthen them. To do this, you can apply the following treatment option.

    You need to buy in a pharmacy or independently prepare two ingredients for the preparation of medicines:

    • oak bark - 2 tbsp. l.,
    • linden color - 1 tbsp. l

    All this mix. From the mixture, separate one tablespoon of herbs, pour a cup of boiling water over it and boil for a few minutes. Strain the solution still hot, then cool. Broth rinse your mouth all day every two hours.

    Reception during pregnancy

    In the period of carrying a child to take inside preparations made on the basis of the cortex, it is highly undesirable. If such a need arises, it is necessary to consult the attending physician on this matter. And only with his approval to start using this tool.

    Broth bark is used for douching for thrush. This disease is a very frequent guest in pregnant women. The doctor may well appoint a decoction of bark for external use in pregnant women, including oral diseases, such as periodontal disease and others. A decoction is also used in the treatment of hemorrhoids, which also frequently visits women during the period of gestation.

    In the “interesting” position, women do not cease to monitor their appearance. A decoction of bark will be much safer to dye your hair than industrial chemical dye.

    We offer you a video with a description of the healing properties of oak bark and recipe for this infusion:

    Oak bark: medicinal properties and contraindications

    Traditional medicine knows many secrets of health, beauty and youth. One of the simplest and most effective drugs "from a hundred diseases" is oak bark, whose healing properties and contraindications should be known to everyone who cares about their own health. The ability to properly use this simple tool will help strengthen the entire body as a whole and get rid of a number of diseases.

    Useful properties and contraindications for the treatment of oak bark

    The useful composition of this raw material determines its healing properties. The cortex contains:

    • Tannins (they have an astringent effect)
    • Pentosans (have anti-inflammatory effect)

    In addition, there are other useful substances in the composition:

    Due to its rich composition, oak bark has a positive effect on:

    1. Burns
    2. Hemorrhoids
    3. Bedsores
    4. Bleeding gums
    5. Inflammatory diseases of the mouth and throat
    6. Foot sweats
    Oak bark has healing properties

    Despite the fact that the oak bark has almost no significant contraindications, should be treated carefully:

    1. With personal intolerance to the cortex (allergy)
    2. With constipation (if we are talking about broths for ingestion)
    3. During pregnancy
    4. Children under 2 years old

    Important: One of the important limitations in the treatment of oak bark - the duration of the course. The course of treatment should not last more than two weeks. Otherwise there is a risk of deterioration of the smell.

    Is it possible to oak bark for children?

    • Cannot be taken orally for children under 2 years old.
    • Older children can make infusions for gargling with sore throat, as well as mouth rinsing for stomatitis, with little bleeding gums
    • If a baby has a sling, you can bathe it in a weak infusion of water with bark

    How can oak bark be used?

    To obtain medicinal raw materials, it is not necessary to go to the forest in search of perennial oaks. You can buy bark in pharmacies in powder form.

    However, if you decide to prepare the bark with your own hands, you should consider certain rules:

    1. Заготавливать ее необходимо весной до появления листвы. В этот период в ней содержится наибольшая концентрация полезных веществ
    2. Лучше заготавливать кору молодых дубов
    3. Собранное сырье следует тщательно высушить, измельчить, хранить в сухом тканевом мешочке
    Oak bark is sold in pharmacies

    The bark for therapeutic purposes is used in the form of infusions, decoctions, lotions inside and out.

    The difference from the decoction of infusion:

    • When insisting bark poured boiling water, this mixture is maintained for some time
    • To make a decoction, the bark filled with boiling water must be boiled for about half an hour

    It is possible to use oak bark both for medical purposes and for cosmetology.

    AT cosmetology Oak bark serves:

    • To restore weakened hair by washing or rinsing with a decoction
    • With alopecia (hair loss)
    • To give a natural dark shade to hair
    • Made on the basis of oak bark lotions care for oily skin prone to inflammation and acne
    Oak bark is used to care for hair and oily skin

    Oak bark in gynecology

    Due to its antiseptic, healing, anti-inflammatory properties, oak bark is used during the treatment of gynecological diseases. It:

    1. Colpit
    2. Thrush
    3. Cervical erosion

    To restore the vaginal microflora, it is necessary to douche with infusions.


    • 2 tbsp. bark powder pour 200 ml boiling water
    • Then leave to insist
    • Strain, cool the infusion, then proceed to douching

    Important: While filtering the infusion, make sure that not a single speck gets into the douching solution.

    With the help of oak bark, it is possible to normalize the vaginal microflora

    Oak bark for throat

    Oak bark is a good remedy for treating sore throat. Broth should gargle 3-4 times a day.

    Broth oak bark for angina:

    • 1 tsp bark pour 200 ml boiling water
    • Boil the mixture for 30 minutes.
    • Wait for the decoction to cool.
    • Strain through several layers of gauze.

    Important: When angina can not self-medicate. First of all, medication should be prescribed by a doctor. Rinsing the bark with broth serves as an effective local therapy.

    Oak bark from a cold

    The ENT doctors affirm the positive influence of the oak bark. Infusion can rinse your nose with antritis.

    Do not make a cool infusion, tanning properties contribute to the dryness of the nasal mucosa.

    After rinsing the nose with infusion, drip 1 drop of vegetable oil into each nostril. You can simply wipe the inside of the nostrils with a cotton swab dipped in vegetable oil.

    Oak bark for sweating

    When hyperhidrosis of the feet (or simply when sweating the feet) is recommended to make foot baths. By the way, such baths help not only with sweating feet, but also with sweating hands.

    Foot and hand bath for sweating:

    1. Bark pour boiling water
    2. Insist for an hour
    3. Hold feet or hands in a warm infusion for about 20 minutes.

    The positive effect will be noticeable through several procedures.

    Oak bark baths help reduce foot sweating

    Oak bark for hemorrhoids

    For the treatment of such a delicate and unpleasant disease, such as hemorrhoids, oak bark is used in the form of ointments, baths, fees for oral administration.

    Important: Refrain from taking bark oaks inside, if hemorrhoids are accompanied by constipation. Use better ointments, lotions or sit trays.

    To prepare the ointment will need:

    • Powder bark
    • Water pepper
    • Flax flowers
    • Fat

    • Melt the lard, mix with the rest of the ingredients.
    • The mixture should be pasty.
    • Insist the ointment day, occasionally stirring
    • Make a candle - on the bandage, apply ointment, insert it overnight in the anus
    • Keep the ointment in the fridge.

    Infusion for oral administration:

    • Mix oak bark, dry chamomile, flax seeds in a ratio of 1: 2: 3 respectively
    • Fill with 1 cup boiling water 1 table. spoon of this mixture
    • Let it brew for 10 hours.
    • Take half an hour before meals 0.5 cups a day for no longer than 2 weeks
    • Pre-check with doctor

    Important: Flax seeds can not be taken by everyone.


    1. With stones in the gall bladder
    2. For prostate cancer in men
    Infusion of oak bark

    Oak bark for intestines

    This raw material helps with various gastrointestinal diseases. For example:

    1. Diarrhea
    2. Duodenal ulcer and stomach
    3. Chronic colitis

    If you have loose stools, pour 1 tbsp. chopped bark 200 ml boiling water, wait until cool, strain, and then take 1 tsp. 2 times a day. After a short time, it will be possible to note a positive effect.

    Sometimes traditional medicine is many times more effective than traditional. However, do not treat the means of traditional medicine as a panacea for all diseases. Do not forget to coordinate your actions with the doctors.