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Magnetic False Eyelashes - Pros and Cons How to Use


Not all women have luxurious and outstanding eyelashes from nature. Usually mascara and branded cosmetics are used to get this effect. But often the expected result does not come with it. To make your eyes attractive, you can use Magnet Lashes magnetic eyelashes, reviews of which confirm getting a great effect.


Magnet Lashes - synthetic synthetic false eyelashes, which are fixed to the natural with small embedded magnetic strips near the base of the lining. To attach one pad, you need to bring the top of your eyelashes, the other - from the bottom.

With the pull of the strips, a special sandwich appears. Bundles are reusable, they are attached and removed at any time. They are delivered in a set of 2 pairs: a short and a long set. A miniature box is placed in a woman's handbag, so you can use devices from it if necessary.

The length and density of the fibers are different, which is why they not only emphasize the look, but also make it natural. Magnet Lashes Magnetic False Eyelashes are ideal for daily use with short, damaged, light natural hairs, as well as for creating festive makeup. This novelty is liked by many women, as evidenced by numerous reviews.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of magnetic cilia a lot. It is easy to use them, they are considered reusable. With them it will turn out to make eyelashes thick and chic. They allow to eliminate a complex of relatively weak and rare cilia.

Acquisition of magnetic cilia will be more profitable compared to the capacity. And they look natural. Eyes will have a well-groomed look. Another advantage is the ease and ease of use. But eyelashes have a disadvantage: over time, the magnetic base is worse fixed. There is a minus due to frequent withdrawals.


How to use Magnet Lashes magnetic eyelashes? It's very simple, everything becomes clear immediately after removing the contents of the box:

  1. It is advisable to start fixation from the bottom, you need to attach a gentle beam close to the edge of the eyelid. The second pad is applied on top and slightly pressed by hand.
  2. To remove the overlays, rub them with your fingers and pull them in different directions.

If you often use, then for 3 months enough magnetic eyelashes Magnet Lashes. Customer reviews indicate the receipt of the original look, if you follow the instructions. To extend the life of a set, follow simple tips:

  1. Store the kit in your box.
  2. Remove lining before washing and bedtime.
  3. Remnants of mascara, eye shadow, remove with a damp cloth.

Mascara applied to their eyelashes, and then attach the magnetic. On the fibers to apply the coloring composition should not be. Reviews show that Magnet Lashes magnetic eyelashes are used regularly by many women. With them the look is expressive.

How to make eyelashes fluffy and long?

There are several ways to improve the appearance of cilia:

  1. Use curler (tweezers). The device has pressure on the hairs, and they become curved, twisted. This method requires skills. If there is no work experience, there is a risk of lash separation. The effect persists for a short time, and sometimes disappears immediately.
  2. Glue artificial lining on their own. The process of work is painstaking, besides there is the likelihood of edema, rash, redness of the eyelids due to the ingress of glue on the skin and mucous membranes. Lining is allowed to tint with a special mascara, because in the usual there are oils and wax, destroying the adhesive base.
  3. Run the build-up in the cabin. Such a procedure will be expensive, and over time, correction is required. If you do everything yourself, then gluing and violation of the natural growth of your hairs can occur. After a fallout, ugly gaps appear.

As seen from the reviews, Magnet Lashes magnetic eyelashes do not have these disadvantages. They have no effect on natural hairs, they do not require additional funds for fixation. They can choose those who are allergic to mascara and cosmetics. Magnetic eyelashes are suitable when wearing contact lenses.

The result of the procedure

If you follow the instructions, Magnet Lashes magnetic eyelashes will be fixed perfectly. The following results are obtained:

  1. There are no gluing and lumps, hairs are autonomous.
  2. Eyelashes are smooth, they merge with natural ones and therefore everything looks natural.
  3. Feelings will be comfortable due to low weight - a set of 1 eye weighs only 2.5 g.
  4. High-quality fixation allows you to play sports and lead an active lifestyle.
  5. False eyelashes are safe and hypoallergenic, there is no tearing, redness and itching. They do not harm natural hairs.
  6. If necessary, the length can be shortened.
  7. Perhaps the use of mascara.

Ensure the effect of the procedure allows not only a review of the magnetic eyelashes Magnet Lashes, but also numerous reviews. They can be used by women of different ages. Because of the unique design, they are suitable for different shape of the eyes.

As can be seen from the reviews, magnetic eyelashes have become popular due to the duration of the effect and ease of application. If you follow the rules of their socks, then no difficulties will arise.

Wear tips

With the proper donning of magnetic tapes, it will last all day. To avoid disengagement, no need to rub the eyelids. There are no special sensations when wearing, just like with ordinary false eyelashes. Eyes get used to the severity of the extraneous product.

Do not use makeup on top of the cilia. Because of this, the hair hitch strength is deteriorating. Makeup is applied a few minutes before the magnetic hairs are fixed. Then the result will be excellent. It is important to wait for the cosmetics to dry and not leave marks. To remove the required violation of the magnetic field. Bundles need to rub against each other to lining dispersed. In this natural cilia will not be affected.

Counterfeit Protection

Where to buy Magnet Lashes magnetic eyelashes? In order not to purchase a fake, you should refer to the official website of the goods. On this resource, you need to fill out a short form, designate the name and phone number. The operator will contact to clarify detailed information regarding the delivery.

Prepayment is not necessary. All cost is paid at the time of receipt in the mail. Goods are delivered to Moscow and St. Petersburg within 2 days, and to other regions - within 2-10 days. If ordered in other stores, there is a risk of acquiring a fake, which will not have the same properties as the original.

Thus, magnetic eyelashes will be a great help for the transformation of the eye. It is enough to perform the whole procedure on the basis of the instructions in order to get a great effect.

Ways to increase eyelashes

Yesterday, in such cases, the girl chose one of two ways - she acquired the usual false eyelashes, and glued them on her own, or went to a beauty salon, where she had eyelashes extended.

Extension is an expensive procedure, which, moreover, requires multiple repetitions to correct cilia that are lost during washing. Many ladies consider the procedure of building expensive and time consuming, and therefore prefer false eyelashes. However, it does not do without “pitfalls”.

False eyelashes, which have already become familiar, superbly emphasize the eyes, only the process of their fixation is incredibly tedious, and besides, such cilia are held by glue, which can cause allergies and eye irritation.

Ideally, I would like to have inexpensive, but high-quality cilia, which you can install without any problems on your own, without worrying about any possible allergic reaction. And today, such a novelty appeared on sale! This is Magnet Lashes, and more simply, magnetic eyelashes. Let's take a closer look at them.

What you need to know about eyelashes with magnets

Those who have tried to glue false eyelashes at least once know how tedious this process is. It is important that the cilia emphasize the shape of the eye so that glue does not spread and does not get into the eyes. After thinking about it, the specialists developed false eyelashes on magnets, i.e. eyelashes made of synthetic fibers, which are fixed with miniature magnetic strips.

But how does this work if there are no ferromagnetic substances in our body? Everything is very simple! It uses the principle of a sandwich, in which one magnetic strip with cilia is placed on top of its own eyelashes - and the other below. This approach allows you to get lush cilia reusable, which are easily fixed and firmly held without the use of glue.

A set of cilia is sold in the form of two pairs - two long upper cilia and two short lower ones. All cilia fit in a small box that is easily placed in a woman's handbag, which means you can always keep them in a cosmetic bag, applying as needed.

2. Ease of use

Magnetic cilia practically do not differ from the usual overhead, but unlike them they are fastened much faster, easier and more convenient. After a minute, the eyes become so accustomed to the magnetic bindings that you stop feeling them. Such devices are fixed extremely tightly and do not come unstuck even during active sports or during noisy parties. However, in order to avoid peeling off the cilia, it is better not to touch your eyes once more. They are removed as simply as they are attached, which means they are not damaged or pulled out.

3. Quick installation

It was necessary to potter with false cilia, spending on their installation 20 minutes and more. With magnetic cilia everything is different. Even the first installation will take you no more than 5 minutes, and when you get the hang of it, you can spend it just a minute! Agree, it is much more pleasant than to suffer with false eyelashes and spend time visiting the beauty salon.

5. Security

One of the main advantages of magnetic eyelashes is their absolute safety for health. Unlike false cilia, for fixing which glue is used, these eyelashes do not harm the eyes, and therefore do not cause tearing and redness of the eyes, and also do not provoke allergic reactions with itching and redness of the eyelid skin.

6. Practicality

The great advantage of magnetic eyelashes is the possibility of their repeated use. You can wear and remove such devices many times, because tests have shown that their lifespan varies within 3-4 months. And if you use these devices no more than 1-2 times a week, they will last up to six months.

There is no need to even talk about the drawbacks of the eyelashes in question, because they simply do not exist. Even numerous manufacturers of beauty products have recognized this new product as the most successful solution in the beauty industry over the past five years.

How to use eyelashes with a magnet

According to users, the only difficulty arises when you first attach the magnetic eyelashes, when the girl is “not full of hands”. Once you have mastered this procedure, you can do it in literally 1-2 minutes.

The principle of fastening is based on the force of attraction between the strips of a magnet, fixed on the lower and upper strip of cilia. First you take the bottom strip of the cilia and apply it to the base of your own eyelashes from below. After that, take the second strip and attach it to the base of your own cilia from above, so that the lower plate is attached to the top one. That's all! And if you need to remove the magnetic eyelashes, just pull them off with two fingers, putting a minimum of effort, and they will come off immediately. After that, it remains only to put them in a box.

By the way, the advantages of the use of these cosmetic devices can be attributed to the fact that their use does not completely suffer their own cilia, but all because of the lack of contact with glue. And, importantly, such devices are suitable for any type of eyelashes.

Moreover, if the installed cilia do not fit you in the shape of the eyes, you can easily correct them by cutting the false cilia as you need.

And further. Many women are interested in, can I use mascara with magnetic eyelashes? Let's just say, mascara can be applied to your own eyelashes, but you need to do this beforehand, letting it dry so that it does not stain eyelashes. And if you want to enhance the effect, you can slightly tint the cilia after their installation.

Where to buy eyelashes on magnets

Today on the Internet you can find hundreds of online stores that offer to buy Magnet Lashes, and at completely different prices. Particularly surprised by the Chinese stores, which offer to buy eyelashes with magnets for a ridiculous cost. We immediately say that you should not consider such proposals, because in the end you will spend money on a cheap copy that does not meet your expectations.

Buy magnetic eyelashes only on the manufacturer's website. In this case, you will have to pay from 1,200 to 1,500 rubles per set, but for this money you will receive a quality product that you will not be disappointed with during the entire 4-6 months of use.

Reviews of professional makeup artists and ordinary users in the overwhelming majority of cases suggest that magnetic eyelashes are really useful, safe and necessary novelty, which in the coming years will take its rightful place in female cosmetics.
I wish you health and beauty!

Instructions for use magnetic eyelashes

As mentioned earlier, these cilia are fixed with magnetic strips. The very process of fixation is a bit like a sandwich, as the false eyelashes actually cover the native hairs above and below. In contrast to the glue "competitors", you can not be afraid that the magnetic accessory will inadvertently fall off and makeup will be irretrievably damaged.

The transformation procedure is simple and will not cause difficulties even for a beginner in fashion. And so that you can be convinced of this, we suggest that you read the small instructions for use:

  • Choose a pair of eyelashes and gently attach them to the bottom and top of the native cilia. To preserve the effect of naturalness, it is necessary to apply an artificial accessory as close as possible to the base of growth of native hairs. As a result of this manipulation, the natural vegetation will be sandwiched between two magnetic “linings”,
  • Similarly, fix the second pair of eyelashes on the second eye,
  • To remove the “overlays”, it is necessary to gently rub the magnetic stripes and remove them by pulling them in opposite directions.

What is magnetic eyelashes?

Magnetic eyelashes - beauty device, which will push each of the thought: "Why did not I think of this before?". These are reusable, stable and safe eyelashes on magnets, which eliminate the danger of an allergic reaction and greatly simplify the makeup process.

Magnetic eyelashes were first presented (and created) in 2016 by the brand of One Two Lash. However, this, at first glance, the ideal beauty device has several drawbacks: first, they are much more expensive than regular false eyelashes. Secondly, they can only be purchased online by pre-ordering.

The benefits of magnetic eyelashes

The obvious and main advantage of this device is its ease of use, the absence of the need to use glue in make-up and the minimization of the risks of “miss.” Everything looks as follows: quickly pasted magnetic eyelashes, did not miss, and you do not need to wash off the remains of glue for eyelashes with a cotton swab.

Disadvantages of magnetic eyelashes

As we have said, they can only be purchased online and by prior arrangement. And this means that it is simply impossible to buy them an hour before the photo shoot. Have to prepare or use the usual false eyelashes.

In addition, the main and huge drawback of this device was the magnet itself. This problem existed in the period from 2016 to 2017 and, as manufacturers say, was eliminated. The thing was that the magnet was placed in the center of the tape, which did not allow the eyelashes to repeat the curve of the eye.

It is this flaw raised a huge amount of negative feedback from bloggers and "ruined" this product. However, he again enters the market updated.

New / old magnetic eyelashes

An updated version of this product appeared in early 2018, when Ardell, a giant company in the field of false eyelashes, released its magnetic eyelashes. The brand perfected this idea by simply removing the central magnet on the ribbon with the eyelashes, making it invisible and thin.

New magnetic eyelashes do not differ in appearance from ordinary ones: the only difference is that minima are located in the place of bonding of ciliary bundles, and not glue. Такое маленькое улучшение и позволило правильно "уложить" ресницы по изгибу глаза, что и спасло такую гениальную бьюти-идею.

Как использовать магнитные ресницы

Цеплять накладные ресницы для многих сущий ад, а для других — рутина. The mechanism of action using overhead and magnetic eyelashes is the same, you just need to practice.

In magnetic eyelashes do not need to use glue, tweezers and other complex devices for false eyelashes. You simply attach a tape of false eyelashes as close as possible to the growth line of your natural ones. Then you apply to the mucous of the upper eyelid: under the eyelashes and they will be on your eyes. Or on the eyelashes.

Meet the new product

The eyelashes on the magnets appeared relatively recently, but they made a worthy competition to the existing methods of extension and gluing. They are more comfortable, attractive and durable. Magnetic hairs, which are popular today, owe their appearance to an entrepreneur from Miami (USA), who is eager to help herself and other women, whom nature has cheated on with luxurious frames of her eyes.

As a result of her efforts, women all over the world were able to quickly and harmlessly improve their appearance. For the first time release of a new development was made by the company from America One Two Lash.

The set price from the manufacturer starts from 59 USD. and includes four pairs of eyelashes. The leading position is occupied by the model Magnet Lashes. Cheaper analogues offer Chinese stores on the Internet. Production can be divided into three types:

  • short are purchased to give naturalness,
  • long need to create a spectacular image
  • volumetric models are also used for cosmetic purposes.

Why do women prefer to use magnetic eyelashes? The product from a quality manufacturer, in comparison with the invoices and stackable options, compares favorably:

  • safety of regular use
  • high quality materials,
  • long service life.

There are no external differences, but there is a quick application, cleanliness of the eyelid and hairs without glue, durability in all situations - with active movements, touching the eyes, gusts of wind.

Merits and demerits

It is worth noting here that the advantages of using a magnetic product far exceed the disadvantages. Judge for yourself:

  1. The mounting procedure is very simple and convenient, does not require much time, and the result is no less successful.
  2. The product can be used by allergies, which are now very much.
  3. Unlike glue, the magnetic base does not cause body reactions in the form of redness and tearing, itching and eye irritation.
  4. The term of use of one pair of eyelashes is four months.
  5. Wearing the product is compatible with an active lifestyle, thanks to the secure fit.
  6. A small weight of two and a half grams does not make the eyelid heavier.
  7. Reusable goods.
  8. The possibility of daily removal facilitates sleep. No need to think about how it is more convenient to lie down so as not to spoil the appearance of artificial cilia.
  9. You can adjust the shape of the eyes, enough to cut with scissors.
  10. There are no restrictions on the use of decorative cosmetics, which is applied before attaching eyelashes.
  11. The “magnetic look” is universal. Whatever your natural hairs - light or dark, short or long, thick or sparse, the use of eyelashes on magnets will definitely improve the appearance.

The only disadvantage of innovation can be considered the high cost of original products in comparison with the overhead option. Well, it is necessary to "fill the hand" for the speed of attachment of know-how. By the way, for lovers of building, it is quite a profitable replacement for a similar price.

Recommendations for action

The process is simple and takes little time. The main thing - the skill, which is produced in a short time. To attach the product to the eyelid you need:

  • grab the tape
  • on the upper eyelid attach the appropriate part of the product on the upper edge of the growth of natural cilia,
  • Apply to the lower eyelid under natural hairs,
  • align the two halves with respect to each other and bring the magnets closer for gluing,
  • manipulations are the same for both eyes.

If the first time you failed, then try again. Ideally, both parts of the product should be dressed exactly. To remove it, you have to rub the parts together, breaking the magnetic field.

With proper fastening of magnetic tapes, cilia do not cause problems all day. Eyes get used to a foreign object quickly. To avoid losing parts, do not squeeze the eyelids. Make-up can not be applied over magnets - it will spoil their action.

Applied makeup should dry well before attaching the cilia. How to choose a natural product that does not disappoint when applied? On the manufacturer's website. Only he guarantees the safe and long use of magnetic eyelashes.

If you want to have gorgeous eyelashes without problems - then the “miracle on magnets” is for you! With such cilia your look will become mysterious, irresistible and magnetism.

How do magnetic eyelashes work?

Buying a treasured box with cilia, on the label you can read these statements:

  • easily fixed, securely held,
  • absolutely not palpable for centuries when wearing.

But how does this happen? If these are “magnetic” eyelashes, then why are they magnetised? Here it is worth remembering physics. As you know, plus and minus attracts. It is this principle that is laid down in fastening artificial cilia to its natural ones.

Buying such a fashionable gadget for the beauty of the peephole, in the package they meet a set of 4 parts for two eyes. That is, one pair goes to “decorate” one eye.

This pair consists of two rows with eyelashes. One part is fixed under the natural ciliary row, and the second - above it. At the same time their cilia are between two artificial parts.

On the bottom strip, as on the top, there are special small magnets that are interconnected. A platform for fastening and act their eyelashes.

There are a variety of magnetic eyelashes:

  • on 1 magnet. As a rule, these are small patch bunches that are located at the outer corners of the eyes. Such small stripes make the look more expressive and as natural as possible.
  • on 2 magnets. This number of magnets is necessary on the ciliary rows, which are located on the entire eye. One magnet is present at the beginning of the strip, and the second is at the end.
  • on 3 magnets. Three magnets more reliably hold an artificial strip with eyelashes. Fashionistas say that just this amount allows you not to worry about the quality of makeup. It is also necessary when very thick eyelashes are selected a la "Hollywood look." The weight of such strips is a little more and it is necessary to fix them additionally.

There are also 4 magnets, but they are still very difficult to find on sale. Using such a device for make-up several times, the time for attaching and removing eyelashes will be less and less.

Eyelash attachment process

Step-by-step instructions and recommendations on how to dress and take off.

Lush eyelashes may be needed for different occasions. There is not always a need to build. Graduation, wedding, party - this is only a part of those reasons for creating beauty.

Fake cilia on the basis of magnets can be mounted on the already painted ones (paint with ink several minutes before use so that the applied mascara can dry completely), also on natural ones, without makeup.

Artificial cilia can be cut, thereby adapting them to their length and shape of the eyes. This can be done with eyelashes not all manufacturers. High-quality products have a natural gradation of the thickness of the hair from the base to the tips.

To fix the magnetic eyelashes, you need to follow this sequence of actions:

  1. Attach one piece of magnetic top of your eyelashes along the very edge of growth. You can hold them with forceps,
  2. Attach the second part of the bottom of your eyelashes so that the magnets on the top and bottom clearly coincide with each other,
  3. The strips will begin to attract, so it will turn out to attach magnetic eyelashes to your own.
  4. Repeat the attachment procedure on the second eye.

To remove the cilia, do not need to use any forceps or additional devices. It is necessary to perform the following actions:

  1. To rub a little overlays or bundles so that the mounts can destroy the magnetic field,
  2. Carefully detach the parts from each other, pulling the strips in different directions.

After removing eyelashes, magnets can be wiped with a cotton swab dipped in a face tonic or micellar water. This is necessary in order to remove residual sebum from them and to ensure a good coupling on the next use. The more thorough the care of the accessory, the greater the chances for long-term use.

From the first time, the result may not please - in some places, the bases between the magnets bristle up, the cilia lie crooked. Here you need to exercise until you get the expected effect.

If there is any irritation when wearing overhead magnetic devices, you should immediately remove your eyelashes. It may have been acquired outright fake using lower quality materials.

How to choose: a review of popular brands

Since the advent of magnetic devices for the beauty of the eyes, a huge number of manufacturers have appeared who are ready to carry aesthetics “to the masses”. But not all of them are available in appropriate quality. It got to the point that several more fakes appeared on the fake of a famous brand. But if we consider the original products, the leaders in the beauty industry are:

  1. "MAGNET LASHES". Produces cilia for every taste. Women note that the base for cilia is soft, does not bristle, obediently repeats the curves of the eye. The material is absolutely not allergenic, so itchy eyes will not. The cost is quite high, but it justifies the quality obtained. Can be purchased

Also high-quality fastenings are noted, which will last more than one month, even with daily use. It is important not to buy a fake of this brand, as poor-quality replicas not only spoil the makeup, but also can cause allergies.

  1. "Magnetic Eyelashes" from the manufacturer Angel’s Secret. Popular manufacturer of cilia of different size and type. Look very natural, perfect for everyday wear. You can choose a convenient length among the developed product line. The cilia themselves are very soft, in structure resemble the real ones. The main thread (the basis of the strip with the eyelashes) is plastic, easily repeats the curves of the eye. Allergy does not cause.
  2. "Lady Victory". Very progressive manufacturer of both standard eyelashes and magnetic. The product line is constantly growing. Price category of goods is quite low, but affordable. The base is slightly harsh, with the inability to properly fasten, can peel off from the eyelid and cause inconvenience to it. Allergies will not cause, quality materials.
  3. "Huda Beauty". Although this option eyelashes budget, but it is noted one of the best solutions in the categories of "price-quality". Magnets tightly hold the base, the eyelashes look natural, narrowed to the tips.
  4. "Starlet Professional". Cilia from the category of available and quite good in quality. But they will have to adapt themselves. To fix them on your eyelashes, the base should be well leveled and slightly stretched between the magnets. Otherwise sagging is possible. Magnets are not particularly long. Approximately 1.5-2 months. Mostly produced versions on two magnets.

Photo examples of girls with magnetic eyelashes

Cilia on magnets are different in form and length. Sold in small bunches or solid tapes, which, from the inner corner of the eye to the outer, completely fill the natural ciliary row. Depending on the option chosen, you can expect a different effect.

    "Puchkovye" cilia are often used to make "chanterelle look." They thicken a part of the ciliary row at the outer corner of the eye in the upper eyelid.

To make the eyelashes look spectacular and make the look more open and expressive, you should choose proven brands that produce magnetic eyelashes. Otherwise, the quality of the “decoration” of the eye will suffer.