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Birds on arms (tattoo) and their meaning


Birds at all times were associated with freedom and endless sky, distant dreams and spiritual strength, divine will and unattainable joy. Of course, this applies only to flying birds.

In tattoo culture, the image of flying birds is very popular. With it, you can transfer a lot of different meanings and ideas, but among other things birds always symbolize and embody beauty, vitality and the desire for something more.

The value of the bird tattoo is necessarily connected with the element of air. In many cultures around the world, including Christianity, the birds rising into the sky depicted the souls of dead people. They believed that they are intermediaries between heaven and earth, and transmit messages between gods and people.

But still the value of a bird tattoo always depends on what kind of bird is shown in the figure. Each bird embodies a number of its qualities and symbolic associations. So swan means loyalty, love and inexhaustible tenderness, and the eagle indicates pride, foresight and independence. In some bird cultures, they are also considered harbingers of disease — most often, vultures or black crows. But, in general, the image of a bird is always a favorable sign. In Christianity, the well-known white dove, as a symbol of the Holy Spirit.

Such an attitude towards these animals can be explained by light envy and the constant desire of a person to comprehend their ability to fly. Then it became a symbol and spiritual striving for the highest and perfect.

Values: love, freedom, luck, youth, hope

To understand the meaning of a swallow tattoo, one can only know its original origin and active symbolic roles in the cultures of many countries of the world.

The origin of the tattoo with the image of a swallow takes its roots in the past. The first tattoos of the swallow were like.

Bird - a symbol of freedom

Even in ancient times, people wanted to take to the air on their own wings. For thousands of years, birds have interested musicians, artists and poets. Birds on hands (tattoo) depicted people set up accordingly. The symbol of the bird has always been given a special meaning for man. After all, how much power and grace in these soaring creatures. Therefore, birds usually caused associations of something unattainable. But at the same time they signified heaven, freedom, spiritual strength, and also divine will. Those birds that can not fly, never caused admiration in humans. Rather, even become the subject of contempt.

Birds on the hands (tattoo) - this is often a beautiful image. Mostly it is chosen by girls. Bird as a tattoo means swiftness, beauty, and also desire for more. This image also symbolizes life force.

Birds have always been related to the air element, regardless of whether the image is associated with dark or light forces. In Christian symbolism they believed that birds are the souls of people. In addition, it was believed that birds connect people with gods, they are their heralds.

The meaning of the symbol in different nations

He is the God of wisdom and justice from ancient Egypt. He was personified by a sacred ibis. The value of this bird was identical to that carried by the representatives of the cat family. Birds on the arms (tattoos) with the image of an ibis mean that a person wants to get similar qualities.

And in Byzantium and Russia of the Middle Ages, there was an image of an Alkonost, a human bird, which brings happiness. This is where the legend of the blue bird originated. Feathered was given significant importance in the culture of any nation.

It is appropriate to recall that the blue bird is the fulfillment of desires, the existence of huge and even unrealistic dreams and happiness. But Jung believed that birds meant angels and spirits, as well as supernatural and human-helping powers. People with a developed intuition and good imagination can also use the image of a bird on their hands (tattoo).

Eagle and falcon

These are images mostly chosen by men. In order to properly understand the meaning of the tattoo, which made, for example, a friend, you should pay attention to the type of bird.

The eagle is an image for a proud, independent and far-sighted person with a harsh character. Falcons are chosen by people who are similar in their liking to those who wear an eagle. Also eager for fame, wealth, achievement of goals and recognition. For the actions of those who prefer a falcon, characteristic swiftness.

What do the sparrow, the raven and the stork mean?

The image of a crow from ancient times was often perceived negatively. In Western Europe, Egypt, and also in the Orthodox religion, the image of a crow was endowed with mystical meaning.

The image of the sparrow is one of the oldest tattoos. Previously, it was made by sailors, who thus wanted to call for luck. It was interesting to believe that if a warrior dies, the sparrow will take his soul to heaven. The bird symbolizes freedom, love of wandering and enthusiasm. It can also mean eternal and pure love.

What does a bird tattoo on a hand mean if a stork is depicted? This representative of birds symbolized happiness, longevity and well-being in the legends of the ancient Slavs. You can still hear that the stork brings the parents of newborns. The bird symbolizes spring, the element of water, the continuation of the species.

More tender images

Also interesting are the interpretations of the values ​​of such species of birds:

- Love is the meaning of proud swans. And white pigeons represent the world in the universal understanding of this word. The pigeon has always been a purely positive symbol. It can also be interpreted somewhat contradictory, because it means chastity and sexuality. A pair of pigeons symbolizes lovers. In addition, this bird - amulet, tenderness, peacefulness.

- But hummingbirds are applied exclusively by ladies. This bird indicates openness, as well as the exoticness of its owner. Tattoo means love of life and freedom. For it often used bright, contrasting combinations of colors.

- Swallow is a good message or a talisman. If the bird is depicted above the nest, then this indicates attachment to its family. If a swallow of a plant is depicted in the beak of a swallow, this foreshadows an increase in strength.

- Pink flamingo is a symbol of romance and tenderness. Also, this bird is chosen by people inside who feel fragile and unsuitable for harsh life situations.

This is not all meanings. Also, a person can choose a symbol in the hope that he will gradually begin to possess the necessary qualities.

What should think about when applying a tattoo?

When applying the body image, it should be reported whether its combination with the personality is harmonious. Preferences may change over the years, so you need to choose the one that will display the internal state. If it changes frequently, then we must focus on our own immutable values. Beautifully look tattoo birds on hand. Photos show different interesting images.

Now symbolism does not have a very deep meaning. A person can be guided solely by individual reasons for choosing a particular pattern. On the generally accepted interpretations, of course, you can inquire in tattoo parlors. But do not forget about personal prerequisites too.

Most often, the tattoo can be found on the bodies of young girls. It is an image of a flock of birds flying into the distance. Tattoo "flying birds" on the hand indicates the desire for a dream, faith in a good future.

Tattoo design

The drawing of a bird can be made in various colors. It is a lot of various options of execution: from classical to animated. The style of the image is also chosen depending on personal views.

Also need to pay attention to the background. If it is more forcing or light, the nature of the image should be taken in this vein. Tattoo "flock of birds on the arm" on the background of the autumn tree can bear a somewhat depressive tone. Although it is likely that it is human nature to think about life with a somewhat depressive shade.

In addition, a tattoo in the form of a neat flock of birds flying alternately can serve as decoration. Tattoo of birds on the arm for girls is performed neatly and quite harmoniously. May indicate the sophistication of nature. This image requires very little space.

Also a flock of birds can symbolize life itself, indicate its course. Such a tattoo speaks of alternating events, which are the aspiring flow. In this case, the indicated movement is powerful. It is an action that occurs independently of obstacles and obstacles in its path.

Who is suitable?

The tattoo with the image of a bird will look equally bright and harmonious in both the girl and the guy. But if the representatives of the weaker sex should pay attention to the elegant, small and cute birds such as swallows, titmouse and hummingbirds, then men better choose more courageous and even fearsome birds, such as eagles, pheasants, ravens.

General meaning

So what do all the birds mean in general? Long since they were associated with the elements of air, as well as personified freedom, as the only ones in the world could fly. And even earlier, many believed that birds help move the souls of the dead from the earthly world to the heavenly.

If we turn to mythology, then these creatures have always been considered to be faithful assistants to the heroes, real scouts, who were the first to recognize both good and bad news. Thus, in the Christian religion, it was the white dove that brought the news of the birth of the Savior. And in ancient Egypt, birds were considered the guardians of souls in the other world, so they were often depicted on tombs.

Archaeologists have repeatedly found images of people with the heads of birds. Most likely, it symbolized the hope of the freedom of the soul and immortality. And in some countries, birds are still considered the rulers of the elements and the creators of the world.

Today, birds symbolize independence, spiritual strength, freedom of soul, dreams. But the exact meaning will depend on what kind of bird is depicted.

What do the images of different birds mean?

So, what do the different birds symbolize?

  • The value of the tattoo with the image of a swallow was associated with the sea and the sailors, who considered such a bird a herald of approaching land. And that is why she is often associated with hope. In the modern world, the swallow is often personified with devotion to home and family, loyalty, and constancy.
  • A whole flock of flying birds symbolizes life, its continuous flow, changes, the desire for something higher and greater, overcoming obstacles, as well as the possibility of choosing the right path. In addition, birds in flight can personify freedom of thought and soul.
  • The pigeon is one of the most positive birds, which has always been associated with loyalty, devotion and freedom. It is also considered a symbol of peace and reconciliation, good news and positive thoughts. In addition, the dove can symbolize hope, especially if it carries a twig in its beak.
  • The robin has always been associated with the beginning of spring, the revival and revival of nature, the arrival of heat, renewal. Such a tattoo can mean change or the attainment of happiness after a struggle and overcoming difficulties.
  • Crane - a symbol of longevity, happy and carefree life.
  • The mystical phoenix is ​​a symbol of rebirth or even resurrection, the immortality of the soul. In addition, this tattoo will help its owner to cope with difficulties, will give strength and bring good luck. Such an image can be considered an independent and very strong amulet.
  • The firebird, which is a kind of phoenix, brings good luck, wealth and happiness. And some believe that such an image can prolong a person’s life.
  • The eagle at all times was considered the real king of the sky, so that a tattoo depicting this bird is associated with power, power, greatness. And the eagle with claws and spread wings can be used to protect and say that the owner of the tattoo should not try to offend.
  • The seagull is a symbol of the sea. For many, it is associated with freedom, wandering, traveling, dreams, new emotions, the fulfillment of desires.
  • Everyone knows how true and loyal to the second halves of the swans. This bird is considered a symbol of high and sincere feelings, loyalty, generosity and sincerity.
  • Owl and eagle owl are the smartest birds, so they are associated with wisdom, dexterity, intellectuality. Owls used to be endowed with magical powers, so they can bring good luck and help overcome difficulties. And even the owl will help to avoid mistakes or correct them.
  • Falcon and hawk symbolize courage, bravery, masculinity, power, strength of body and spirit.
  • Flamingo is associated with fragility, tenderness, elegance, femininity, romance and some nice naivety.
  • In many cultures, raven is considered an ominous and mystical bird, the herald of death and the personification of loss and loss. But if you put a different meaning into a tattoo, it can bring longevity, wisdom and strength.
  • Peacock in many nations is considered a symbol of the sun and beauty. Such a bird can be associated with royalty, grace, romance, happiness, greatness, glory and versatility of the person. And even the peacock can mean longevity or immortality, because the sun has been shining for a long time and is not going to go out. The image of the peacock feather has approximately the same interpretation.
  • The hummingbird not only looks bright and stylish, but also symbolizes intuition, freedom, beauty, and changes for the better.
  • The Sparrow of some nations was considered the guardian of the soul, so that it can be used as a guardian.

Where to place the tattoo?

  • A man will look harmoniously on his shoulder.
  • Both a girl and a guy can get a tattoo on his back, for example, on the shoulder blade or between the shoulder blades. A female tattoo will be quite appropriate and on the lower back.
  • A little bird can "settle" on the girl's wrist.
  • A guy can get a tattoo on his arm (many choose a shoulder).
  • Universal place is the inner side of the forearm.
  • A man can place the image on the shin or on the calf.
  • Girls often do tattoos on their feet.

Choose your happy bird! And if you just can not decide, then study the photo and do not forget to make your meaning in the tattoo.

What does bird tattoo mean

Tattoo birds performed in pairs carry the value of success in business. Old school style swallows represent luck and happiness. Feathered tattoo on the arm has the meaning of loyalty to the idea or person. In all styles, the drawing symbolizes freedom, is considered a symbol of striving for its goal.

It was this tattoo that became the icon of the old school style. She is one of the oldest, virtually unchanged since the time of the first tattoos of sailors. Putting the bird on the body becomes a characteristic sign, which means a willingness to change and a better life.

Images in men

Over time, birds have a variety of meanings. So for example, a guy owl on the shoulder means wisdom, willingness to defend his ideals using reason and logic. Jay on the forearm shows that the young man is tenacious and will not miss the chance given by life. Kingfisher personifies a deep mind and intuition.

Jay tattoo

For peoples with animalistic beliefs, the birds painted on their bodies indicated that the carriers adopt the qualities of their patrons. So many goal-oriented individuals are still beating on the forearm or shoulder of an eagle, condor or golden eagle.

Tattoo in women

Girls prefer peacocks, swallows and tits. Birds of this type have a light character. The image of birds for girls is the value of finding love and their family happiness. The tattoo of a flying bird has many meanings from searching for a home to a bright sign. The symbolism of the flight and desire for light remains unchanged.

Even if the picture is turned down, the symbol value is positive. This means that the carrier clearly understands its original data. Such a girl builds a relationship with the world on facts and logic. While remaining airy and easy as the wings of a bird.

Popular Places

The most popular places on the parts of the body:

  • bird on the chest - protection of the line of the heart,
  • on the back - the freedom to find solutions to problems,
  • birds on the wrist - a quick date with a happy fate,
  • little birds on the clavicle - a light disposition and a bright view of the world,
  • bird on the belly - strong personality, passionate character,
  • on the shoulder - favorite of Fortune,
  • on the neck of the tattoo - passionate and ardent,
  • on the forearm - an easy search for the road in life,
  • foot and leg - finding the right path,
  • tattoo on the shoulder - the protection of the line of soul and spirit.

Beautifully feathered on the wrist. The birds have an oval contour structure, they are easy to fit into the body. The shoulder is the most successful place on the arm for girls. It is easily hidden under the clothes, while you can always focus on the tattoo.

Popular Plots

К популярным сюжетам относятся летящая птица с расправленными крыльями. При этом может быть изображен грач (значение азарт) или стайка улетающих птиц (значение стремление к свободе). Небольшая тату где маленькие птички улетают очень популярна у романтичных натур.

На цветном изображении образ птиц могут дополнять цветы. В сочетании это значит нежность и любовь к жизни.

The image of the birds is decorated with shoulder blades and decollete. Here are the images of different birds: swallow, flamingo, swan, phoenix or raven. Open wings mean rebirth, take-off - striving for a goal, folded wings - waiting.

Among the popular breeds of birds, a special place is occupied by the image of a peacock, the symbol is suitable only for lovers of chic and glitter. It denotes the pursuit of material goods and attention. It is stuffed on the side with the transition of the tail in the thigh. With it, emphasize the transition of the waist to the thigh.

Sketching tips

Sketch of tattoo birds depends on the style and direction. For realism fit ordinary photos. They are good for 3D tattoo. The rules change completely if decorative styles are chosen: old school, tribal, ethnic, chicano, polynesia, thrash polka.

In this case, schematic images are selected for the tattoo. Manners of drawings and sketches resemble folk art. Which direction to give preference depends only on the carrier.

To fit a new image into the body, you should consult with your master. He will tell you whether the selected plot is combined with your image.

Bird tattoo photo

Bird tattoo history

Naturally, the bird is closely connected with the element of air. Therefore, in many countries, birds symbolize the souls of dead people, aspiring to heaven. Also in ancient times it was believed that birds carry souls to heaven. In ancient mythology, birds acted as assistants to heroes, were their peculiar scouts: from the height of their flight, they looked out for enemies, evil creatures and warned of imminent danger. Most likely, the proverb came from here: “The bird on the tail brought it”. In ancient Egypt, birds were depicted on the walls of tombs, considering them to be the guards of a deceased person. Often people were depicted here with the heads of birds, which symbolized the hope of immortality and the spiritual side of the human person. In some countries, vultures and ravens were considered harbingers of various diseases. In the countries of North and South America, birds were endowed with such abilities as the management of various elements, participation in the creation of the world. In ancient Rome, birds were singing and flight guessing, considering that higher knowledge is available to birds. In Celtic culture they worshiped birds like divine beings. In Christianity, the white Dove of the Annunciation brought wonderful news that a Savior would be born.

The photo is an example of a female tattoo with birds and the inscription.

What does bird tattoo mean

Popular bird tattoos are raven, eagle, peacock, pigeon, swallow, falcon, phoenix, owl, swan, flamingo. Let's take a closer look at what the tattoos of these birds mean.

  • The image of a pigeon always carries a positive meaning: it protects against evil forces, from bad deeds. In addition, the dove symbolizes freedom, loyalty, loyalty. A white dove is a symbol of peace.
  • Swans are associated with nobility, loyalty, love.
  • The eagle is a symbol of greatness, power, courage, pride, perseverance, foresight.
  • Hawk and falcon symbolize bravery, nobility, courage.
  • Swallow is a good luck charm. Since the swallow brings spring, it symbolizes hope, happiness, warmth.
  • Owl - a symbol of wisdom, intelligence, power.
  • Pink flamingo means tenderness, fragility, romance of nature, inability to live in a harsh world.
  • A raven can have many conflicting meanings. On the one hand, it is longevity and wisdom, and on the other, dark forces, bad news, setbacks.
  • Peacock in many nations is considered a symbol of the sun. Therefore, this graceful bird can mean happiness, romance, grandeur, glory, beauty, royalty.
  • The image of the magical firebird is a symbol of good luck, wisdom, kindness and wealth.
  • Another fantastic bird - the phoenix, has a deep symbolism of rebirth, the human spirit, immortality, the struggle against obstacles and various difficulties.

The tattoo is made of the wrist in a pattern which has many birds.

We considered only the most popular tattoos with the image of birds. When choosing a composition with birds, rely on your inner feelings, they will help you to subconsciously choose exactly what you need at this moment. Tattoos of birds can be both black and white, and color. The symbolic meaning of each tattoo in the form of a bird depends on the state of the human soul, its aspirations and desires.

The value of the tattoo "Swallow"

Like the others, the meaning of a tattoo is a swallow on the neck: belief in success, hope and preserving. The image of the bird on the sketch of the tattoo reflects the connection with the element of air. Many cultures with the help of a flying bird depicted the soul of a deceased person. When applying tattoos with the symbol of the bird, it should be noted that, depending on which bird is depicted, the meaning of the tattoo may be very different.

The value of a tattoo swallow: a connection with history and a modern interpretation

Although the general image of the bird, for the most part, symbolizes the victory of good over evil and bears positive energy. To search for this bird, a person must make a lot of effort, sometimes he spends his whole life on it. It is believed that the tattoo with the image of the firebird prolongs the life of its owner.

Tattoo swallow for girls and men

Often, tattoo lovers are attracted by the color image of the feather of the firebird. Often such a tattoo is chosen by the girl, as it is the personification of lightness, beauty, but at the same time mysterious and mysterious. Sometimes tattoo lovers put not one bird, but a whole flock. Such a tattoo of a flock of birds personifies life and its course, the desire to achieve the goal and dreams, despite any obstacles.

Below are photos of tattoos depicting birds from different masters. The tradition of depicting various birds on one’s body has always been relevant for both men and women.

Other meaning of tattoo

The meaning of a bird tattoo has a rather deep meaning. The phoenix bird is a tattoo for strong personalities striving for continuous self-improvement and achievement of new heights.

Crow has different meanings: it can be wisdom and strength on the one hand, and eternal loneliness on the other. The bird tattoo on the arm is the most common image. The bird tattoo on the foot is a little less common. Men cover the thigh with drawings, since on it the tattoo is larger and more voluminous.

What does swallow tattoo mean?

We offer you to learn more about the value of the most popular tattoos with birds. Its value is quite extensive and mainly depends on the part of the body where it is located. Together with a selection of photos and sketches, we will tell you how not to lose and bring to life what you dream about. The Celts believed that the swallows tattoo would bring misfortune and save the life of the owner. In Christianity, the symbol of the spring bird is associated with the immortality of the soul and resurrection.

In ancient Egypt, the bird was an assistant to the winged goddess Isis. Women asked her to protect children from misfortune and trouble. In Greece, the bird was associated with Aphrodite. For girls tattoo swallow in the nest means home comfort, warm atmosphere, if the bird hovers over it - the desire to gain independence. Agility, speed and strength. Japanese warriors stuffed swallows tattoo on his arms and legs to move briskly in battle and return home alive and healthy.

Vocalists and artists fill the fast-winged bird in order to quickly become popular and popular love. Since then, the bird has become associated with ingenuity, dexterity, experience and skill. It is believed that a person with such a headdress can be trusted and without fear to go swimming with him. Some individuals make a tattoo of a bird in honor of the memory of a loved one. Girls often put a picture on the chest, lower back and shoulder. Beautifully look two symmetrical tattoo swallows on the clavicle or lower abdomen, when they are in multi-colored feathers directed to each other.

Tattoo Swallow has a rich history and is a symbol throughout the world. For centuries, this bird personified health, wealth, loyalty to lovers in a long separation.

Tattoo swallows or sailors legend

Swallows, like sparrows, have always had a symbolic meaning for sailors, as these birds were the first sign that the earth was already close (before the advent of modern navigation equipment). Swallow tattoo for sailors meant hope to return home safe and sound. There is another interesting fact about swallows.

The history of the tattoo in the form of a swallow began a long time ago and is connected with the ship "Swallow". In some cultures, the swallow is associated with the arrival of spring and the revival of hope for financial well-being.

The image of the swallow was applied for many millennia, and the symbol of the bird for each nation had its own meaning. Today, a swallow's tattoo means the end of a difficult stage in life, and a bird with an anchor on the waves - opposition to troubles and winds.

Total bird tattoo

Freedom, endless spaces, unfathomable joy of flight, the spontaneity of air currents, distant dreams, spirituality and strength - this is what the master of tattoo salons associates with the flying birds. According to the statement, such tattoos are quite popular, but the associations vary and depend on the image of the bird chosen for the tattoo. For example, in Christianity, the symbol of the Holy Spirit is considered the white dove.

The value of the bird symbol in different nations

According to sources, bird tattoo images are different for girls, depending on the country and religion.

For example:

  • in European countries, the image of an owl is associated with wisdom, in Egypt and China - with evil,
  • Heron - with curiosity, in Greece - with betrayal, blind passion,
  • thrush - with a harbinger of rain, longevity, in Christianity with a bird of paradise carrying good news,
  • Swallow - with loyalty, happiness, fertility, in Greece it is considered a symbol of the gift of clairvoyance,
  • a crow - a herald of evil, death, in the northern countries - a hero who gives strength for survival,
  • dove - with love, peace, happiness,
  • parrot - with the ability to adapt in all conditions,
  • crane - in the countries of the East, with wisdom, conjugal fidelity, in Hinduism - with deceit,
  • peacock - with pride, good nature, in Japan - with longevity,
  • eagle - with the courage that is inherent in the soldiers,
  • stork - with the awakening, the harbinger of a new life,
  • the rooster is the herald of light, the Persians are the symbol of heavenly fire, in ancient Greece with the gods of the underworld,
  • In ancient Egypt, the Heavenly God was depicted with the head of a falcon,
  • In ancient China: the god Shan-Dee has the appearance of a sacred bird,
  • Hindus attribute to birds a symbol of reason, of thinking,
  • In Slavic culture, the bird is symbolized with the awakening from the cold, the onset of spring, heat.

Where is better to fill the bird

Salon masters say that the owners of bird tattoos are lucky, purposeful, have vital energy.

Depending on the size of the bird images, a place for tattooing girls can be:

  • wrist,
  • back,
  • arm,
  • collarbone,
  • place behind the ear or foot.

It is worth considering that the full figure is not an outfit, it will be impossible to change it, it will become a part of the soul, a kind of amulet.

Bird tattoo on wrist

Tattoos on the wrist are popular among young girls, as in this place it is convenient to apply bevy of small birds in a black or color image or swallows sitting on a branch. You can not get a tattoo very close to the palm, as over time it can float. The packing is performed in the absence of folds on the skin.

Tattoo bird on hand

The hand is the most mobile part of the body, has a large number of lines, but belongs to the smallest painful area. Images of birds are stuffed on the whole arm, on the half: from the wrist to the elbow or from the elbow to the shoulder, at the top of the arm. The size of the applied drawing depends on it.

Beautifully colored drawings depicting birds in flowers, against the backdrop of the mountains, in the rays of the setting sun. The tattoo on the forearm looks perfect with open clothes.

Bird tattoo on foot

Having decided to fill the image of the bird on the foot, it is necessary to take into account that on the ankle look great flocks of small birds arranged in the form of a bracelet. They emphasize femininity, refinement of the owner. But tattoo in this place can quickly fade under the influence of various influencestherefore, masters attribute the ankle, back of the hand and fingers to impractical areas.

Inspired pattern on the calf in an elongated shape visually lengthens the leg, gives slimness. The foot is suitable for stuffing small and voluminous tattoos.

Bird tattoo on the body

Under tattoos, parts of the body that are not always convenient for this are chosen, for example: the abdomen, chest, buttocks, and inner thighs, which can stretch and change with age.

A tattoo located on the lower abdomen helps to hide such defects as a scar, and the printed image of a flock of flying birds with a dandelion looks beautiful on the back of the back. The back is considered to be an ideal place for stuffing images of large volumetric birds.

Tattoos flocks of birds

If we consider the value of tattoos, the flock of birds symbolizes purposefulness, freedom, indicates a light character, the refined taste of their owners. According to masters of salons, such tattoos look great on any part of the body.

Caught on the clavicle, neck flock of birds in harmony with any way. Popular is the dandelion pattern on the back with seeds flying to the side, which turn into birds.

Hummingbird tattoo

It is known that the bird hummingbird differs colorful plumage, miniature size. She is very beautiful, gentle, tremulous, attracts the attention of others. Often for tattoo masters use watercolor. The brightness of the images emphasize careless drips, random splashes.

Pictures look harmoniously on the wrist, neck, back, forearm, in full hand.

It can be a single hummingbird or fluttering near flowers, against the backdrop of landscapes, sitting on a flowering branch.

Phoenix Tattoo

The mystical phoenix includes immortality, victory over oneself, rebirth from the fire. According to the masters, the phoenix is ​​stuffed with girls who really liked the beautiful sketch.

For large images, the back, abdomen, side are suitable, for small ones - arms, neck, legs. Tattoo surround flowers, green branches, fiery flames.

Feather tattoo with birds

In the salons, the black graphite-style images of the master suggest decorating with a bright red feather, especially when it comes to the phoenix.

Feathers with different meanings are considered popular:

  • peacock - beauty, wisdom,
  • phoenix - the desire for immortality,
  • firebirds - romance, tenderness.

Tattoo birds with a feather indicate the dedication of the owner, independence from men. These images are versatile, suitable for all girls, have a special meaning, look gracefully on the neck, shoulder, legs, and look great on the back in large sizes. They are performed in different styles and colors.

Swallow Tattoo

In ancient times, a tattoo with a swallow on the body of a sailor gave him hope for a speedy return to his native shores.. And the meeting with them at sea was a harbinger of the fact that the ship was approaching land. Today, the swallow is associated with spring, freedom, youth, luck.

Tattoo masters say that the touching image is very popular among young girls, as it is considered to be a good luck charm. Pictures with a swallow are distinguished by their grace, they look touching on the wrist, neck, coquettishly on the lower back.

Flamingo Tattoo

In fact, it is very rare to find a tattoo with a flamingo, especially among girls.

Their images are stuffed with romantic and tender natures. Flamingos look beautiful on the back, in the full hand, legs.

Stork tattoo

Salon masters consider the stork pattern to be a feminine tattoo, symbolizing the beginning of a new life., renovation, spring, happiness, well-being, is considered a guarding amulet.

The picture looks beautiful at the top of the hand, on the back, forearm.

Peacock tattoo

The image of a peacock is suitable for girls who like to stand out, appreciate elegance, beauty. It is associated with immortality, glory, love, nobility. For wearable pictures with the image of a peacock fits the back, abdomen, zone from the chest to the thigh.

The whole body is suitable for the location of the tattoo of a peacock feather, but the forearm is popular with girls.

Owl tattoo

As you know, the image of an owl is associated with wisdom, experience, freedom, independence. Quite often, it is depicted next to the clock, with a key, with a sprig in its paws, in various styles.

For stuffing a flying owl, a good place is considered up the back, a tattoo looks beautiful on the arm, leg, forearm, chest.

Swan Tattoo

The swan bird tattoo for girls has such a light meaning as love, it is associated with humility, mercy, purity. Swan is tied together with the Christian, ancient Greek, Celtic cultures. The drawing of two birds is associated with mutual love, strong marriage, and the sad image next to the name tells of sadness for lost love.

Often, girls stuffed a tattoo with a white swan, no less popular and color images. The drawings are made on the entire back, on the arms, legs.

Dove tattoo

Популярным для девушек считается тату летящей птицы голубя, значение которого подразумевает мир, любовь, целомудрие. Также часто делают татуировки целующихся голубей, сидящих на одной ветке, с именем любимого.

Мастера советуют набивать их на плече, груди, бедре, предплечье в черно-белом либо цветном изображении.

Тату с жар-птицей

The image of the firebird symbolizes the update after the completion of the next life cycle, luck, happiness.

It looks beautiful on any part of the body, but in most cases girls stuff a tattoo on their legs, shoulders, and back.

Raven tattoo

Tattoos with raven are associated with wisdom, knowledge of secret knowledge. They are very popular in black and white colors.

Selecting a bird tattoo for girls, you must consider its value.

A good place for tattooing is back, chest, arm.

Tattoo with eagle and falcon

Wearable pictures of an eagle are symbolized with fire, power, strength, immortality, and a falcon with courage, victory over evil, overcoming any obstacles, inner freedom.

For girls, the masters advise you to stuff more refined stylized images on the back, arm, leg.

Sparrow Tattoo

In the modern world, the image of the sparrow is associated with energy, endurance, unquestioned optimism, so it is very popular among young girls.

It is easy to apply to any part of the body in a variety of sizes and styles.

Tattoo with a robin and bluish

The drawings of blues and robins symbolize spring, personify rebirth, renewal, therefore they are suitable for cheerful, energetic girls.

They are distinguished by colorful plumage, depicted with wings wide open, sitting on branches, with feathers, in colors, ideal for stuffing on the arm, shoulder, forearm, in prominent places.

Birds not recommended for tattoo girls

Tattoo salon experts recommend caution with such images:

  • Eagle, since it is believed that he is best suited for strong men, emphasizes the belligerent nature,
  • Hawkpersonifying an aggressive and predatory bird, therefore he will be able to approach only representatives who are not afraid to reach their goal in any way,
  • Falconthat is most suitable for courageous and strong men,
  • Owl, because this symbol is popular in prisons due to the fact that the bird leads nightlife, is confident in the dark, can quickly overtake the victim, has those qualities that are highly valued in prisons,
  • In salons do not recommend stuffing phoenix girls who have bouts of bad mood, depression,
  • Crow, as the drawings with this bird differ in two ways. It can symbolize darkness, death, loneliness, so you should be careful about stuffing such a tattoo,
  • Owlswhich symbolizes wisdom, life experience. Therefore, it is most suitable for adult women. In some countries, such a tattoo indicates that a woman prefers to be nocturnal.

Recommendations of specialists

Tattoo masters do not recommend birds of prey for stuffing girls (especially on the shoulders), as it has the meaning that best suits the male image. But if the choice is on them, then it is better to fill the picture on the back.

Choosing a realistic tattoo, you need to apply only to talented masters.

Beautifully look scale 3-D images on the back, leg, along the length of the arm. Color images look impressive, but they fade when exposed to the sun and water. Durable are considered drawings of black and white birds.

It is necessary to approach the choice of the image weighed and carefully, after all this drawing will accompany throughout all life. And over the years, views on life can change, new passions appear, new feelings open up. Therefore, the masters advise the girls for the first tattoo to choose small images of birds.

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