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What to see in the cinema in November 2018?


Winter is close, which means it's time to forget about long walks and warmth for at least another five months. But you will not be bored - in November several high-profile film premieres are expected. IMC has prepared a selection of seven films that will be released soon. This is a biopic about Freddie Mercury, the last picture of Vera Glagoleva, a sequel to “Fantastic Beasts” with Jude Law in the role of the young Albus Dumbledore and much more.

"Bohemian Rhapsody"

Perhaps this is one of the most anticipated and controversial films of the late fall. But Queen fans can hardly be afraid that Freddie Mercury will appear on the screen as a repulsive type with zero charisma: after all, it was played by Rami Malek, who plays the main role in the psychological series “Mr. Robot”. At least it will be curious to look at him in the role of Freddie. In addition, the director of the film, Brian Singer, became famous for his work on the X-Men and Superman films, so he clearly knows a lot about the stories about true heroes.

Premiere: November 1

"Cinema Park" will begin to show the film the day before the premiere - October 31.

"The girl who was stuck in the web"

It seems hard to imagine a more modern story than the “Girl who is stuck in a cobweb,” directed by Frederico Alvarez: there are hackers, journalists, spies, cybercriminals, and officials bogged down in corruption. We will meet again with Lisbeth Salander, the infernal heroine from the Swedish writer Stieg Larsson’s trilogy and the very “girl with the dragon tattoo”, as well as her eternal vis-à-vis, the charismatic detective Michael Bloomkvist. Only this time Lisbet will play the most gentle and feminine Claire Foy, and Blomkvist - the melancholic Icelander Sverrir Gudnason. Perhaps we are waiting for a very unusual interpretation of the history of Lisbeth and Blomkvist.

Premiere: November 8

"Fantastic beasts: crimes of Green de Wald"

Everything is beautiful here: the cast (Eddie Redmain alone with Johnny Depp is worth something), the magical atmosphere of the Harry Potter saga and the long-awaited appearance of the young Albus Dumbledore performed by the demonic Jude Law. If the first part of “Fantastic Beasts” seemed crumpled to many, the second promises to be more dynamic and verified: the plot in the film is built around a real hunt for Green de Wald, who escaped from arrest. In addition, the action of the picture takes place in Paris 30s. This is a new location for the world of Harry Potter. It can be assumed that director David Yates and JK Rowling will give us an excursion into the world of French wizards, and at the same time show even more unusual “fantastic creatures”.

Premiere: November 15

This is the last picture of the director Vera Glagoleva, in the center of the plot of which is a confused family drama in the scenery of the Russian hinterland, frozen in the ruin of the 90s. Two sisters fall in love with one man - a tense love triangle turns out to be only the top of the iceberg of their mutual claims to each other. Interestingly, the film was shot based on the famous play by Olga Pogodina-Kuzmina “The Clay Pit”, which Alexei Balabanov also dreamed of filming, and therefore the atmosphere in the film is expected to be similar to the Balaban films. It is difficult to say how complete the picture turned out: it was finished after the unexpected death of Vera last year.

Premiere: November 15

This is a classic story about revenge for the death of a beloved woman, packed in the gloomy scenery of the world of the future: the main character Gray is desperately afraid of technology, but after losing his wife, he decides to implant an experimental implant that repeatedly enhances the brain’s abilities and gives the person superhuman abilities. Apparently, Gray has to decide for himself: how to preserve humanity and the ability to feel, if you are physically more likely a robot than a person? By the way, the main character was played by Logan Marshall-Green, familiar to us from the movie “Prometheus”, and directed by the director “Saws” and the master of horrors Lee Wannel. Most likely we will see an extremely realistic picture of the future, in which nothing good awaits us.

Premiere: November 22

Sidoni-Gabriel Colette - perhaps the most important rebel of French literature of the 20th century. At first, a modest girl from the province married the frivolous writer and journalist Henri Gautier-Villar, turned into his literary black man for many years and made him a fashionable author, and then suddenly repulsed her husband and said that she would look for her own way in literature. The picture “Colette” is about this stage in the life of the writer, about the extinction of her love for her spouse, shamelessly using a talented girl, and more broadly about the place of a woman in the family and in the society of the last century. A nice bonus: Colette played Keira Knightley. And her husband Collet - Dominic West, one of the actors of the legendary TV series "The Wire". High-quality acting game we are exactly provided.

Premiere: November 29

"Robin Hood: The Beginning"

At first glance, this is a mix of two stories: the noble robber Robin Hood and the avenger Zorro. In the story, young Robin, with the help of a mentor, the commander-moor, decides to enter the world of rich and corrupt royal officials to avenge them for plundering England during the Crusades. Like Zorro, he leads a double game: in the circle of the privileged, he depicts a near and charming nobleman, and at the same time in the image of a mysterious avenger steals stolen gold and distributes it to the poor. Please note that Robin was played by Teron Edgerton, who was familiar to us from Kingsman. The role of mentor-Moor went to the star “Django Liberated”, charismatic and laconic Jamie Foxx. The appearance of a black actor in the film version of the traditional English legend suggests that the film’s director, the author of the first episode of “The Black Mirror” Otto Bathurst, found a new unusual shade in the history of social inequality.

The Nutcracker and the Four Kingdoms

Known to many since childhood, the tale of the Nutcracker and Mouse King has turned into a full-fledged fantasy film. The action of the picture will unfold around the cute girl Clara. She, in order to open the heart-dear casket inherited from her mother, will have to go on an exciting, but at the same time dangerous journey through the Four Kingdoms. She will have to become a witness, and sometimes a participant in the eternal struggle between good and evil.

The world premiere is scheduled for November 2, and from the famous actors on the screen you can see Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman.

Destination: Wedding

You know, there are guests who feel outcasts at the celebration? This is about Lindsay and Frank. They both go to the wedding. Lindsay - to the former boyfriend, with the intention of finally forgetting everything that once was between them. And Frank - to the half-brother, whom he can not stand.

But fate seems to be constantly confronting them, and soon this couple begins to feel sympathy for each other.

This picture is worth seeing also because the main roles in it will be played by Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder. It will appear on the big screens from November 8th.

This picture loudly declared itself at the Cannes Film Festival. She was shot by French-Argentine director Gaspard Noe. The film combines elements of drama, detective and even horror talk about the team of dancers. Before the tour they gather in the old school to rehearse the last dance and throw a farewell party. And she, probably, would be an excellent occasion for communication and pleasant pastime if someone had not added LSD to alcohol.

Bad guys 3

Comedy thriller, the two previous parts of which were to the liking of those who love Will Smith. This time a couple of policemen will appear on the screens after a 30-year professional break. There will be gunfights, and problems with drugs, and a whole arsenal of killer jokes. Definitely worth a look.

Fantastic beasts: the crimes of Grindelwald

JK Rowling can write exciting pieces. First, those who reviewed all parts of Harry Potter were convinced of this. And now the book “Fantastic Beasts and Where They Live” turned into a film.

The first part appeared on screens in 2016, and its continuation will appear in November of the current year.

Dangerous wizard Gelert Grindelwald escaped from imprisonment, and is going to do his dark deeds. Only Albus Dumledor, played by Jude Law, can stop him. If he succeeds in doing this, it will be possible to find out by going to the cinema.

The basis for this picture was the show of the same name. They say that husband and wife are Satan alone. Just in this and we can be sure. When attempting to rob, four criminals die, and their widows, not being absolutely adapted to life, decide on a cardinal step - to finish what their husbands started.

Start from the beginning

Many believe that having a college diploma is the key to getting a prestigious job. But the main character, who will play Jennifer Lopez, will have a chance to start all over again. She will be able to prove that even a simple hypermarket employee can reach career heights without having education in a prestigious establishment.

Ralph the Destroyer 2: Interdebri

The main character Ralph is a game character in a slot machine. Once his mission was to destroy all the buildings that the players made. For this he was not loved by the neighbors in the games. But Ralph forced himself to respect, and, lo and behold, once his machine is connected to the Internet. And he gladly goes looking for adventures on the web.

Bohemian Rhapsody

The Queen group, despite the cessation of its existence, is still of great interest. As well as her frontman - Freddie Mercury. The film tells about the path to success, about an incredible breakthrough due to cult songs and falling to the bottom of the music Olympus, which provoked the promiscuous life of the vocalist. And then there was a grand reunion, the finale of which was a concert, remembered forever.

Do not miss the novelties and you will be able to see with your own eyes the works about which they talk so much. Enjoy watching!

Thor: Ragnarok

  • Premiere: November 2.
  • Action, fiction, comics.
  • United States, 2017.

This is the new Thor. And the new film studio Marvel. I do not know what other accompanying words are needed in order to encourage you to go to the cinema. But still a little about the plot. In the new part, the thunder god and the owner of the hammer Mjölnir returns to Asgard and learns that because of his brother Loki, Ragnarok is nearing, which will mark the end of all existence. The main character will cope with this problem by collecting a whole gang of actors of the first magnitude.

  • Premiere: November 2.
  • Drama, thriller.
  • Australia, Colombia, 2017.

Imagine that Harry Potter finished studying at Hogwarts, and he decided to embark on a journey looking for something new. Having gathered his friends, he goes to Bolivia to walk through the jungle and does not even suspect that without a guide, wandering through the impassable South American forests becomes not so fun.

Daniel Radcliffe still in the film "The Man - Swiss Knife" showed that it looks very organically in the realities of the pristine flora. We very much hope that this picture will also appeal to lovers of the extraordinary.

Murder on the Orient Express

  • Premiere: November 9th.
  • Drama, crime, detective.
  • Malta, United States, 2017.

Good old detective. And also the screen version of the book of Agatha Christie. The context is canonical: the closed space of the train in which the murder takes place. Each of the passengers is a possible killer, and therefore everything is under suspicion. And along with Hercule Poirot, the viewer will puzzle over this riddle throughout the film show. And at the same time admire the game Daisy Ridley, Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Penelope Cruz, Willem Dafoe and, of course, Kenneth Branagh, who also serves as the director of the film. Are looking forward to.

Justice League

  • Premiere: November 16th.
  • Fantasy, action, comics.
  • United States, 2017.

65 thousand - so many people are waiting for the release of the film on the portal KinoPoisk. Thus, this is the most awaited film at the moment. Everyone wants to know if Superman is alive after the final fight in the movie “Batman vs. Superman.” Everyone wants to know what unknown misfortunes will fall upon the Earth and what the Justice League will oppose. And finally, everyone wants to know if this time Zack Snyder was able to make not only a beautiful, but also an interesting movie. Check it out!

Jeepers Creepers 3

  • Premiere: November 16th.
  • Horror
  • United States, 2017.

The long-awaited return after 15 years. True, it is not very clear why the authors could not wait another 8 years to make the series renewal more cult. After all, it is once in 23 years that Jeepers Creepers returns for 23 days for new victims. In the meantime, people will wonder what it is, where it came from and how to cope with it, it will kill again.

The action of the new part of the plot continues the previous one, because the main character will be Darry Jenner, the nephew of the eponymous hero who died at the hands of a terrible monster.


  • Premiere: November 16th.
  • Thriller, drama, crime.
  • United States, 2017.

George Clooney is a film director. The Coen Brothers are scriptwriters. Matt Damon, Oscar Isaac and Julianne Moore are starring. Perhaps, this information would already be enough to mark the release date of the motion picture in my calendar. But a couple of words about this crime movie only complement the impression. The story unfolds in the utopian city of the American dream - Suburbicone, where behind a neat and pleasant face lies a dirty wrong side, thanks to which external well-being is maintained. Have we seen this? Yes. Is there any reason to refuse to view the "Suburbicon"? Not.

  • Premiere: November 16th.
  • Comedy.
  • Russia, 2017.

After a not very successful film “Life Ahead”, we hope for the success of the film “Myths”. True, it will be less domestic, but more pressing. In his directorial debut, 25-year-old Alexander Molochnikov offers to laugh not at specific actors, politicians and showmen, but at modern cultural and political trends in general. And the colorful actors - Bondarchuk, Wernik, Bezrukov, Urgant, Bikovich, Sukhanov, Andreeva and others - will only help us in this. We really hope and wait.

  • Premiere: November 23.
  • Horror, detective.
  • United Kingdom, 2017.

The winter is coming. The first snowfall is just around the corner. And this means that married women will disappear again from the streets of the city. Then they, of course, will be discovered, but not at all safe and sound.

Together with the famous detective story (Michael Fassbender) we will have an unprecedented opportunity to run through the pages of the Norwegian writer Yu Nesbyo’s best-selling eponymous book in two hours and finally figure out why people disappear, why it’s the snowmobile and whether the main character is related to these disappearances.

Mystery Coco

  • Premiere: November 23.
  • Cartoon
  • United States, 2017.

New cartoon studio Pixar. This time, outstanding multipliers will take us to the world of Mexican tales and legends. Although, perhaps, such a story could unfold anywhere. The 12-year-old boy dreams of becoming a great musician, but his family imposes taboos on any music lessons. And turning to spiritual idling for his idol, singer Ernesto de la Cruz, the hero gets into the Land of the Dead altogether, from which he has yet to return home. Well, the moral: be yourself, follow the dream.


  • Premiere: November 30th.
  • Action, drama.
  • United Kingdom, 2017.

Jackie Chan is already 63 years old, in the new film “The Alien” he is already called an old man without any sentiments, but he continues to cheerfully jump over the rooftops and deal with groups of enemies. And all this is because, in the story, his daughter dies due to a terrorist explosion and he wants to deal with his own hands with those who have taken away the most precious treasure of his life. Mysterious in this story is his confrontation with a representative of the authorities (Pierce Brosnan), who either knows the names of the terrorists or not.

(Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald)

Genre: fantasy, adventure, drama.
Starring Eddie Redmain, Johnny Depp, Dan Vogler, Jude Law, Katherine Waterston, Alison Sudol and others.

The matchless world created by Rowling fascinated millions of fantasy fans. There is nothing surprising in the fact that Rowling did not stop at the Potterians and continues to work on amazing spin-offs. In November, we will be able to enjoy the second part of “Fantastic Beasts”, learning more not only about the charming magician (Salamander), but also about the great Green de Wald, whose evil genius terrified the magical community long before the Volan de Morta In this part, Gellert manages to escape from MAKUSA and now he is gathering hordes of his supporters to stir up a war against the Muggles. Salamander will have to use the talents of his pets to stop the villain, and good sisters-wizards Goldstein and the glorious muggle named Jacob Kowalski will help him.

(Bohemian Rhapsody)

Genre: biographical drama.
Cast: Rami Malek, Adam Rauf, Lucy Boynton, Gwilim Lee, Aidan Gillen and others.

Как правило, биографические фильмы не пользуются огромным успехом, если речь идет не о криминальных блокбастерах, полных экшена. Однако «Богемская рапсодия» попала в списки самых ожидаемых премьер осени 2018 года. Кинолента повествует о культовом рокере, чей талант, голос и невероятной силы обаяние даже после его смерти привлекают все новых и новых поклонников. We learn about the colorful life of Farukh Balsara, better known under the pseudonym Freddie Mercury. The thorny path to glory led an eccentric lad to the world stage, and although Freddie’s life was tragically cut short, for many he remained the embodiment of brilliant success. Of course, the viewer will show other members of the legendary British group Queen. The most delightful part of the biographical drama will be the songs of great rock musicians.

(Robin Hood)

Genre: adventure, romance.
Cast: Theron Edgerton, Ben Mendelsohn, Jamie Fox, Tim Minchin, Yves Hewson, Jamie Dornan.

At the end of November there will be a premiere of an unusual story about Robin Hood - a cult character of literature, described by the cinema hundreds of times. The creators of the tape were able to bring a fresh look, showing us Robin from a somewhat unexpected side. It turns out that our noble thief is capable of much more treachery than we used to think. The film tells about the formation of his character and dangerous mission, directed against the hardened foundations of feudal society. Robin understands that it is not enough just to gut the pockets of the rich people who are snickering, handing out their goods to the poor, we must also infiltrate the enemy’s camp in order to deliver a sudden blow from the inside. Of course, the plot is not without a love line. The combination of fights and romance make the film a good choice for couples in love. Both boys and girls will be satisfied with the viewing.

(The Girl in the Spider`s Web)

Genre: psychological drama, crime.
Cast: Claire Foy, Sylvia Hooks, Sverrir Goodnason, Vicky Crips, Klas Bang and others.

The screen version of the novel of the same name by David Lagerkranz (who brought world fame to his author) will be a re-launch of the cult film "Girl with a Dragon Tattoo". Fans of Rooney Mara were extremely upset that the role of Lisbeth Salander was not their favorite, who transferred the incomparable character of her heroine, revealing to us all her stubbornness, intelligence and incredible willpower. It remains to hope that Claire Foy has applied all her acting talent and will not lose face, portraying a desperate rebel. The creators have been stingy with the details of the plot, although they are useless, because we already know what the film is about. This is a detective story about a hacker and a talented journalist who are in the epicenter of a cybercriminal conspiracy, behind which are corrupt politicians.

Genre: crime, drama, thriller.
Cast: Viola Davis, Michelle Rodriguez, Liam Neeson, Colin Farrell, Elizabeth Debika, Cynthia Arivo and others.

Veronica, Linda, Belle and Alice practically unite nothing - each of them has its own interests, its own views on life. However, they have a common trait. All of them were widowed on one terrible night, when their husbands (who were in a gang of robbers) died while trying to turn things around. Having lost their lovers, women are horrified to learn that their pious women owed a large sum to a dangerous thug. Realizing that they will be able to escape, only by paying off the debt, the brave heroines decide on a bold robbery. That's just they do not have equipment, weapons and the necessary skills.

6. Overlord

Genre: military thriller, horror, fantasy.
Cast: Jacob Anderson, John Magaro, Jovan Adelo, Buck Woodbine, Saw Asbek and others.

According to the original plans, the premiere was to be held on the eve of Halloween, but it had to be postponed to November. This tape first attracts fans of military films, but rather quickly puts them in a stupor, because the plot is weakly connected with historical facts and all attention is focused on mysticism. However, the prerequisites for creating such a story are quite logical. As you know, many supporters of Hitler's ideas were passionate about the occult, and the Nazi scientists conducted experiments on people. The writers decided to fantasize about what would happen if the Nazis were successful in their anti-human research. The main characters are soldiers sent for military operations. The plane crashes, and the survivors of the fall are cut off from the forces of the allies. They get into the thick of it, where they are surrounded not only by enemies, but also by real monsters.

7. “Revenge of Lizzy Borden”

Genre: detective, crime, biographical drama.
Cast: Chloe Sevigny, Kristen Stewart, Kim Dickens, Jay Hagali, Jeff Perry, Fiona Shaw, Jamie Sheridan and others.

The upcoming part biographical drama will tell the version of the life of one of the most scandalous women in forensic science. The ill fame of Lizzy Borden brought the mysterious murder of her rich father and stepmother, whose ax-cut bodies were found in the house when Lizzy herself was there. By a happy coincidence (despite the huge amount of evidence confirming the girl’s guilt), the jury found her innocent. Justified Borden inherited the impressive state of her parent. The case has remained unsolved and to this day, many argue about whether the gentle lady really turned out to be a bloodthirsty and mercantile murderer, or whether they tried to substitute her. The creators of the drama will present us their vision of events, relegating a considerable role to the Borden maid. She will be played by the Twilight star Kristen Stewart.

(Unga Astrid)

Genre: biographical drama.
Cast: Alba August, Maria Bonnevie, Magnus Krepper, Trine Durholm, Henrik Rafaelsen and others.

In November in the CIS there will be a premiere of the tape describing the difficulties that befell Astrid Lindgren - the creators of children's works recognized by the world classics. Her work is most famous for the adventures of Peppy, as well as Tiny and Carlson, but Astrid has published many more books. It is regrettable that many of them have not been translated into Russian. The film is a somewhat free interpretation of her life, which not everyone will like. Astrid's relatives are not depicted in a flattering light, although the writer herself in her memoirs told of a happy childhood, noting that the relations between parents and children in their family were unusually tender and warm. However, the tape can be perceived simply as a sad and at the same time motivating story about the formation of a successful woman in too harsh frameworks created by a hardened and excessively religious society.

(Second Act)

Genre: comedy, melodrama.
Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Vanessa Hudgens, Larry Miller, John James and others.

The upcoming romantic comedy with Jennifer Lopez in the lead role will be a balm for the soul for women suffering from a midlife crisis. Not everyone is destined to be born in a rich, powerful family and at a certain stage it seems as if life has been lived in vain: the past and the present are not marked by great accomplishments, and the future is seen as dull and bleak. Do you know such thoughts? Then hurry to the cinema for a dose of humor and motivation! The main character of the film is a woman named Maya, who is stuck in a hateful job in a supermarket with a minimum salary. Mai has no outstanding talents, but there is a thirst for change. When a friend fakes her resume (by adding education at a prestigious university and proficiency in foreign languages), Maya opens the door to the world of successful financiers. Here are just photoshopped pictures and false recommendations do not save on important events. And here to help May come true friends.

(Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph-2)

Genre: Adventure, fiction.

The trailer of the cartoon “Ralph vs. the Internet” literally blew up the world wide web, causing enormous interest not only among kids, but also among adults. Script writers have simply put together jokes for all ages together, making a trip to the cinema unforgettable for the whole family. However, some critics believe that certain scenes are too cruel for innocent children's minds. What are the frames with a cute Cinderella, smashing a crystal shoe to make it ... "Rosette"! However, in general, the tape came out almost flawless. In this part we will learn about the new adventures of Ralph and his girlfriend. At this time, the heroes of arcade games are sent to conquer the Internet, where they are waiting for an amazing and boundless world, full of not only fun entertainment, but also dangers.

May the last autumn month give you a wonderful mood. Enjoy watching!