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How to seal a hole in an inflatable mattress: at home and in marching conditions, with a patch and without


Inflate the mattress, remove all sources of noise and listen carefully. Damage in the mattress can give a slight whistling sound. For fidelity, the noisy part can be immersed in water: small bubbles will indicate the location of the puncture.

If the previous method did not help, it's time to feel like a real barber. In a bowl, beat the water with detergent and a brush and apply thick lather to the surface of the mattress. In places puncture foam starts to bubble.

After you have found the damage, circle it with a pen or crayon, so as not to lose it.

How to prepare the surface

Before starting the repair, release all air from the mattress. Clean the area around the puncture from dust and dirt, degrease the surface with gasoline or alcohol. If you need to seal the mattress with a coating of velor or flock, before applying the patch it is important to remove the villi with acetone or fine-grained emery paper.

How to prepare a patch

Sometimes complete with a mattress are special kits for repair. If there is none, take pieces of thin rubber from the kit for repairing automotive cameras or cut a children's rubber toy. The patch should match the size of the puncture with indentations of 2–3 cm and be oval or round. Before use, degrease its surface with gasoline or alcohol.

How to glue an air mattress

How to glue a hole in the mattress? Suitable glue for PVC, universal "Moment" or polyurethane shoe glue.

How to do it? We already have a mattress ready for repair and a non-fat patch cut to size. Now apply an even layer of glue to the mattress and the patch, wait 5 minutes for the glue to grip a little, and align them. For greater effect on the place of gluing you can put the load on the day.

What to do if you need to seal the mattress along the seam

If the mattress is torn on the seam, the patch applied to the outside may not help. In this case, it makes sense to seal the mattress from the inside. To do this, use a hand or ruler to pull the damaged area through the valve opening. Then glue the patch (according to the instructions from the previous paragraph) to the inside of the mattress. Unscrew the mattress and use it as usual you can in a day after the glue has completely dried.

How to avoid new damage

To repaired air mattress pleased you as long as possible, follow the following simple rules.

  • Before you put the mattress on the floor, grass or sand, inspect the surface for the presence of piercing objects.
  • Do not play on the mattress with pets: they can pierce it with claws or teeth.
  • Do not pull the mattress on the floor if there are people lying on it: the seams may break up.

How to search for a tear

First you need to find a hole in the inflatable mattress. It is difficult to make it with the naked eye. Especially when he is in a deflated state. Inflate the “before the ringing” product and check the most frequent places of damage.

  • Bottom. Here any solid object on the surface, where we put the mattress, can punch a hole: stone, dry grass, nail head on the floor.
  • Upper side. Here we can pierce the mattress with accessories on clothes, hairpin or earring. Pet claws are also a common cause.
  • Stitches. The mattresses are torn along the seam because they have been inflated too much, from sharp landings or children's games with jumps.
  • Valve. Dust, hair and other debris can get into the mechanism. The tightness is broken, and the valve begins to pass air.
  • Joints with partitions. The reason why they break is the increase in pressure inside the mattress and the uneven load on the surface. And this happens again when the product is strongly inflated or plummeted with all its weight. Especially often this "sore" is found in models with partitions-holders.
  • Folds When the mattress is stored for a long time in the folded state, it is precisely at the bend that the material loses its elasticity and a hole may subsequently appear.

Carefully inspect every inch of the surface. If there is a relatively large damage, then you will easily find them. And to find minor punctures, there are the following ways.

  1. Tighten the mattress tightly.
  2. Create silence as possible.
  3. Bring your ear close to the surface and listen. A slight hiss will produce a puncture site.
  4. Explore the whole mattress in this way.
  5. Listen to the valve separately, it can also “poison” the air.

Shaving foam

  1. Tighten the mattress tightly.
  2. Fill the shaving foam under the flap.
  3. Bubbles will be released in places of damage.
  1. Tighten the mattress tightly.
  2. Sprinkle the surface with starch. In the place of the puncture appear "cloud".
  3. Treat the entire area in this way.
  4. Vacuum the mattress.

What is needed

It is good if you have a “native” repair kit, which comes in a set with a mattress. Not? We'll have to use the means at hand. In order to qualitatively repair a sleeping air mattress, you need to choose the right glue and patch material.

It is better to use one of polyurethane adhesives, they are specifically designed for PVC surfaces:

  • "Moment Crystal",
  • "Uranus" for rubber boats,
  • glue for shoes, for example, "Desmokol",
  • any glue for rubber,
  • glue from Intex (a company that produces inflatable pools, boats, mattresses and furniture).

If you use an inflatable mattress for swimming, then it is better to glue it with “native” glue or a compound for rubber boats.

How to prepare the surface

Before starting work, you need to blow off and dry the product thoroughly, if you used water when searching for punctures. Then you need to properly prepare the site of damage and the patch. Here the type of surface is important.

To seal the air mattress on the smooth side, you need to degrease the rubber surface and the patch with acetone, gasoline, white spirit or alcohol. Suitable and nail polish remover. Then you need to clean the parts with fine-grained sandpaper, preferably zero. This is done to make the clutch as strong as possible.

Ways to seal the air mattress with repair kit ...

Usually mattresses are completed with a repair kit from the manufacturer. Special glue, vinyl for latok and the short instruction for application enters it. On average, the material is enough for two or three holes. If the patch is over, and the glue remains, do not throw it away, because it can be stored for about two years and will probably come in handy.

And the instructions for use involves four steps.

  1. On the pre-prepared surface of the mattress and patches need to apply a thin layer of glue.
  2. Combine the details.
  3. Press firmly. Enough 20-30 seconds.
  4. Keep under pressure for at least four to five hours.

... and by other means

And you can do without repair kit. After you have found a hole, you have found a suitable glue and patch, you have prepared the surfaces, you can proceed to repair.

On the tube of any glue it is written how to use it correctly. If you do not have the opportunity to read the instructions, for example, the tube is very crumpled or the paint has worn out in some places, then the following table will help you understand.

Table - Instructions for the use of various types of glue

If the seam is loose

Features The patch placed at the junction of the upper part of the mattress and the bottom may be unreliable even if all the rules of gluing are observed. There will have to trick and pull the puncture site through the valve.

  1. Unscrew the valve.
  2. Drag the damaged area into the valve bore with, for example, a thick marker or a plastic ruler.
  3. Degrease and clean both surfaces.
  4. Then proceed according to the instructions for use of the adhesive.

Method without glue

Features If you do not have the right materials at hand, there is a way
fix the mattress without glue and patch at all.

  • iron,
  • paper,
  • flat wooden surface.

  1. Pull out the damaged area through the valve opening.
  2. Clean from dirt and dust.
  3. Combine the edges of the gap and lay on a wooden backing.
  4. Cover the spikes with paper.
  5. To iron a heated iron.
  6. Wait until the paper is cool and place gluing.
  7. Carefully peel off the paper.
  8. To fasten the valve.

Superglue method

Features This method - the easiest and fastest of the proposed. But you need to understand that superglue results in a fragile compound like thin glass. This composition is non-resistant and non-elastic. That is, it can burst at any time. But as an emergency measure, for example, in a hike, it is quite suitable.

  1. Inflate the mattress.
  2. To dry
  3. Clean and degrease the damaged surface.
  4. Apply a small amount of superglue.
  5. Attach a patch of tape of the right size.
  6. Quickly polish the edges and squeeze the patch with force.
  7. Let the glue dry.
  8. The product is ready for operation.

Method with "Liquid Latka"

Features There is another method, how to simply and quickly fix an air mattress without a patch. For him to need a composition called "Liquid Latka." Clay has a lot of colors, there is even a shade called Intex. That is, designed specifically for inflatable products of this manufacturer. Holes up to 3 cm do not need additional methods of bonding. And cuts over this size will need to be sewn with a regular thread.

  1. Spread the damaged area on a flat surface.
  2. Clean from dust and dirt.
  3. Thoroughly degrease with alcohol or thinner.
  4. Vigorously shake the tube of glue.
  5. Apply to damage, protruding beyond the edges by 2-3 cm.
  6. Hold for seven to ten minutes.
  7. Apply a second layer of "Liquid Latka".
  8. The product can be inflated after a day.

If the valve “passes”

Features Not always the culprit of the "leak" is a rubber sheet or a torn seam. Pressure may drop due to leaking valve. But this trouble can be eliminated with your own hands.

  1. Unscrew the valve.
  2. Clean the grooves from dust and debris.
  3. Remove the rubber gasket.
  4. Clean the end face of the valve and gasket with emery paper.
  5. Lubricate the valve.
  6. Screw the construction into place.
  7. Inflate the mattress.
  8. Apply a soap solution to the valve.
  9. If the bubbles do not appear - the mattress is ready for use.

Feedback and experience experienced

A simple repair, he himself repeatedly did, to seal the hole from the inside ... the repair kit comes with the mattress, just lead the hole to the inflatable hole and glue, and the mattress is like new.

  1. Quickly blow off the mattress can be a vacuum cleaner.
  2. Blowing off jumping and running on the mattress is almost hopeless, but the chances of damaging the mattress are even higher, so just let the mattress deflate under its own weight, you can put a wadded mattress on top of the whole area, for example, this will speed up the process a bit.
  3. For INTEX mattresses with a fleecy surface, it is best to remove the nap before gluing it with acetone, it is cleaned normally with a cotton swab or disc, and only then work with such a surface.
  4. In INTEX mattresses, the sore spot is a valve, so air is not always the result of a puncture, the valve is also checked with soap and water, but do not check the valve of the built-in pump or dry it thoroughly before switching on.

The mattress struck in nature, the kit was very helpful. In the evening they put a patch, in the morning they pumped up, no questions. I tried to tear the patch off the edge (try to keep it up) - I couldn't tear it off. Holds a class.

Should I repair my mattress myself?

Such a convenient home attribute can be torn or punctured at any time, it can be facilitated by frisky pets, branches or rubbish on the street, but you shouldn’t throw it away. The mattress can be repaired by yourself using patches and glue, if you follow the instructions below, you will get it no worse than the specialists.

Gluing a rubber product is an uncomplicated process, it is much harder to figure out how to find a hole in an inflatable mattress. Most often, it is so small that it is not possible to find it in a cursory examination, and it is not possible to determine by sound. First of all, you should make sure that the matter is not in the valve, often because of its loose screwed cap air leaks occur.

1st stage. Search for damage

A visual inspection of a rubber item sometimes does not give any results. If the damage site becomes immediately noticeable, then by attaching the back of the hand to it, you can feel the flow of cold air coming from inside the mattress.

You can feel the movement of the air with your hands wetted in water, you just need to perform a study of the mattress systematically, studying each centimeter, not forgetting to constantly wet your brushes.

Using soap suds

Previously inflated mattress must be treated with soapy water, for this purpose, use a foam sponge or a piece of this material. A soap substance prepared from liquid or ordinary soap is poured into a convenient container - a cup, and all surfaces are methodically treated with it. With this method of identifying holes, even the smallest of them can be identified by air bubbles.

People with good hearing will be able to identify punctures by ear. Only to check the mattress you need to choose a quiet room, inflate the mattress in it and carefully listen to the characteristic hissing sound, it is formed by the air at the exit.

How to find a hole

To start, inspect the valves of the blown-down mattress. It is likely that there are no holes, and the whole thing in the malfunction of its parts. Inflate the mattress, place it on the floor and lie down on top. Hold the palm of the valve and listen. If air comes out of it, it means that for some reason its tightness has been broken, and your task is to restore it. To do this, remove the valve from the mattress, wash it well under warm running water, wipe dry and put it back. This method will work if the valve is damaged due to particles of debris accumulated in it. If this did not help, then there are probably cracks in the valve. This problem can be solved only one way - to buy and install a new part.

If everything is good with the valve and it does not let the air through, it means that holes have appeared somewhere on the mattress. By the way, the holes may appear not only because someone intentionally or accidentally pierced the mattress with a sharp object (pen, toothpick, fork, etc.). Holes arise by themselves during operation. Most often they appear on the seams of the product and on the adhesions of the outer fabric of the mattress with internal elements, less often on the fabric itself.

Use soapy water to detect holes. Prepare a solution from dishwashing detergent or bath foam, pour it into the spray bottle. Inflate the mattress. Spray it with soapy water and carefully inspect it. Where the mattress is breathable, small bubbles will appear. Having found the hole, mark it with a pen, felt-tip pen or colored tape, so as not to lose. After all, to seal the air mattress, it will need to be blown off.

How to repair an air mattress with your own hands?

After that, degrease the stripping area with acetone, solvent, medical alcohol, or refined gasoline. Prepare a patch - it should be included with the mattress. If it is lost, make a patch yourself from any rubberized material. Parts from repair kits for boats from polyvinyl chloride and bicycle chambers are very well suited for this purpose.

Apply polyurethane elastic rubber glue around the hole. Be very careful, the glue should not get inside the mattress. Attach the patch and press it firmly against the mattress. Place the mattress under a heavy press for 24 hours.

If the mattress began to deflate the air, when you do not have glue, sandpaper, or degreaser, use electrical tape as a temporary option. Simply cover the damaged area with it. Keep in mind that the electrical tape poorly rests on the velor. You may have to change the tape every few hours before coming home.

You can also try to make a patch of vinyl adhesive tape that is used for outdoor advertising. When inflating a mattress, the film will stretch along with it, which is undoubtedly very convenient.

To seal the air mattress is easy if you know how to do it correctly and have some simple tools on hand. The main thing is to detect the leak in time and carry out the procedure to restore the integrity of the web as quickly and accurately as possible. But if for some reason, independent repair of the mattress did not bring the desired result, contact the professionals for help.

DIY inflatable mattress repair

What and how to seal the air mattress at home? Today, PVC inflatable items are in great demand. Such a mattress is a very profitable purchase. It can be used on vacation. It is convenient to sunbathe, sleep, swim in the reservoirs. Home is another bed for unexpected guests. The mattress is convenient for storage and transportation. Easy to assemble, takes up little space. The shelf life of such a product depends on the quality and operation. Over time, cracks and punctures may appear on the mattress. You can fix the necessary thing in the household at home with your own hands. Before you begin to repair, you need to find a puncture site or crack. How to do it?

With so many advantages, this product has a big minus. It can quickly tear.

  • The first punctures and cracks most quickly appear on the partitions and the seams of the mattress. This happens when inflating.
  • Клапан активно задействован в надувании и сдувании. Быстро выходит из строя и начинает самопроизвольно выпускать воздух.
  • Если не обращать внимания, где раскладываем матрас, на какой поверхности. Нижняя часть матраса, так же часто подвергается проколам
  • Pets for one run on the mattress can catch him and break his claws.

Detect leak

In order to locate the leak, a thorough, visual inspection of the product must be carried out.

  • Before, we exclude valve malfunction. Bring your hand to the valve, if you feel or hear how the air comes out, then it’s about.
  • Inflate the mattress and immerse in water. For this you need a pool or some kind of reservoir. In the bathroom you can not do it.
  • Apply a soap solution to the alleged damage. At the puncture site, the foam will begin to blister. This place should be circled with a marker or felt-tip pen in a contrasting color.
  • Let the air out of the mattress, pour five liters of water into it with any detergent. Then inflate the mattress.

How to stick an air mattress?

From the damaged areas the water will begin to flow with a small whistle.

  • And the last. Inflate the product. Apply water to the surface with a spray. On the wetted area glue tape adhesive film. Gently smooth. We wait. An air bubble will inflate at the puncture site.
  • Once you have found the cause, you can proceed to repair. If it is a valve, you should try to clean it from dust and dirt. It is possible that the valve should be lubricated with silicone grease. This method will help if the valve is not damaged. In case of serious damage, you need to replace it, or seek the help of professionals.

    If you purchased your mattress in a special store, the administration can go to meet you and repair the product at home. It is necessary to contact the masters, if the cracks are more than 5 cm., As well as the internal partitions are torn. Here you can not cope.

    We seal the holes, cracks, cuts

    Before you begin, make sure the mattress is dry. Prepare the necessary material for sticking. How to glue?

    • Rubber glue from natural rubber "Diskamol".
    • Moment Rubber super glue - for all types of rubber products.
    • Glue "Uranus".
    • Means for elastic rubber 88-SA-B.
    • Recruitment company "Intex". It includes glue and patch material.
    • Scissors.
    • Solvent or acetone.
    • Brush for glue.

    On the package with glue there must be an inscription: moisture-proof rubber glue. Glue should be at room temperature. Stir well before use. Some beginning masters think that the more glue, the better. But this is not the case. Glue is applied with a thin layer.

    You can also purchase a special kit with patches for rubber products. If you have not purchased such a set, you can cut yourself from a piece of elastic rubber.

    In order that the appearance of the product does not deteriorate, you can glue the patch inside. The defective part is pulled out through the valve hole. Clay need not much. Put on the patch and pressed to the surface. Allow to dry for about 12 hours.

    Another possibility of reconstruction. The site of damage and patching process with sandpaper and alcohol. After we select the size of the patch. Latka must be larger than the damage itself. Lubricate with glue, wait 10 minutes, and after we dock the patch and mattress. Strongly squeeze. It is advisable to put something heavy on the surface of the patch and leave it for 24 hours. You can turn on the dryer for drying, but the air should be cool or warm.

    When several holes need to glue in stages. Wait until the previous hole is glued together and only then take up the next one.

    Since the glue is toxic, all work is best done in the yard or in a non-residential area. During operation, try not to inhale the vapors of glue. It is best to wear a construction mask - respirator. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap after using the glue.

    Glue the hole on the mattress of velor

    If you find a hole on the velor surface, first of all, you need to remove all the villi from the surface. Then degrease with thinner, nail polish remover, alcohol. Get a small bald spot, which must be once again treated with a solvent. Thoroughly clean off the pile with a knife. Give dry.

    Next, carefully, apply a thin layer of glue to the surface of the hole and a patch prepared in advance. Give the glue to dry. After 10-15 minutes, repeat the procedure. Again, pause for 5 minutes. After starting gluing. Now press the glued surfaces and hold them a little. Leave for about a day, until complete drying.

    After a day, we inflate and check the quality of work. If the air is still in place of the hole, repeat the procedure. New patches are doing more in size. Glue on top of the previous patch.

    How to store and use an air mattress

    In order for an inflatable product, you have served for a long time, you need to follow some rules of operation.

    • When spreading the mattress, make sure that the surface is smooth and there are no sharp objects on it.
    • Do not place the product near heaters.
    • Do not use at low temperatures.
    • If you brought the product into the house from the cold, for at least an hour do not fold it.
    • Inflate the mattress at 80-90% percent.
    • Such a thing is a bad place for pets.
    • No need to jump on the mattress - this is not a trampoline.
    • For washing use detergent, without chemicals and abrasives.
    • Dry thoroughly after washing.
    • Keep the mattress in places where rodents are not found.
    • Store the item should be in a flat form.
    • If your mattress is designed to sleep, do not use it for swimming.

    You should know that there are different quality inflatable mattresses. Their tasks are also different. The right choice and competent application will help you significantly extend the life. Many buyers, buying a mattress for sleeping, use it for a hike or a swim. With this treatment, the shelf life of the product is reduced.

    Noticing that your mattress is breathable, but are not sure that you can fix it, do not rush to throw it away. Contact an inflatable product repair shop. With the help of special diagnostic equipment, professionals will find punctures and cuts. Make a quality repair quickly and inexpensively. This mattress will last you for many years.

    How to identify the location of the defect (puncture, cut)?

    Often, the injury site is not immediately noticeable, since even a small puncture can cause the mattress to deflate. If the surface defect is not visible from the outside, you can try the following methods to identify the problem area:

    • Place the inflated mattress in a natural or artificial pond. Such an action can not be done at home, the test will turn out in nature, or in large-sized premises (for example, industrial complexes),
    • Damage detection using soap solution. To do this, mix the soap concentrate with water in a one-to-one ratio and apply this solution to the surface to be tested. Where there is a defect, foam will begin to form bubbles,
    • Identify the error inside the mattress. This method is considered more complex than the previous ones.

    The second life of an air mattress: how to seal the hole?

    That is why the first two methods are prioritized. In case of failure - use the third option to identify the problem area. First, blow off the product if it is inflated, then fill it with soap solution in a volume of 5 liters and supplement it with air. We turn the product over and see where the water flows from the soap bubbles, which are formed due to the composition of the solution and the pressure on it. After finding a flaw, mark this place with a color mark (marker or pen). The disadvantage of this method is as follows: after determining the damage, it is necessary to remove the remains of the soap solution and dry the air mattress, and only then begin the repair.

    Varieties of defects and their causes

    Air mattresses can suffer for a variety of reasons:

    • Inaccuracy of children
    • Because of pets,
    • Accidental exposure of objects or plants with sharp parts that are located near the mattress,
    • Excessive filling with air volume of the product.

    How to glue the hole in the inflatable mattress with your own hands at home?

    If your purchase is carried out in a large furniture company, then it is likely that the kit with the mattress will include special tools for the repair. Most often, similar repair kits contain: patches of various sizes and reliable adhesive composition (designed for PVC products). This stock just will not become redundant in the process of long-term operation.

    On a note! In the absence of such funds, you can seal the air mattress with the help of other analogues. Use glue (for example, “Moment”), soapy water, pieces of rubber for patches, acetone (or gasoline). Before you begin, identify the location of the flaw.

    How to properly seal the mattress?

    It is better to start the correction of defects on the product by degreasing the mattress surface itself and the applied patch. Then you need to apply glue to the surface of the product and wait for five minutes before connecting to the patch element. Then we press the patch with glue to the place of damage and for better fixation we leave a load of one day on it. Most often, repair is easy enough. After 24 hours, when the glue is dry, we complete the process, treating the surface of the product with soap suds. This action will allow us to understand and evaluate the result of the repair, to make sure that the puncture has been eliminated. If the air still continues to stand out on the surface in the form of bubbles, then you need to remove the patch and glue it again.

    Be careful while repairing.

    First of all, it concerns the observance of comfortable conditions in the room where the process of elimination of the defect occurs. Glue contains in its composition toxic harmful substances. High concentrations of toxic fumes from glue can cause chemical poisoning in humans. It is better to carry out repairs in the fresh air, or to ensure that the room is regularly ventilated.

    If glue gets on your skin, you must remove it completely. If the adhesive composition gets on the mucous membranes, immediately contact a specialist for help.

    Also, do not forget about the safety of children and our smaller brothers - keep the glue in a safe place.

    How to detect damage?

    The damage site is not always immediately determined, sometimes a puncture is almost imperceptible and it is necessary to carefully approach the detection of air leaks.

    • Conduct a thorough inspection of the mattress.
    • The back side of the palm to attach to the intended place of damage - feel the flow of cold air.
    • Partial immersion of the product into the water will also indicate the place of air leakage - by the appearance of bubbles it is immediately clear where it is damaged.
    • Well manifested damage when handling soapy water. Sponge or just a piece of foam should lather the entire mattress, pre-inflate it. Even the smallest punctures manifest themselves in air bubbles.
    • Identify damaged areas mark with chalk, a piece of soap. Blow off the mattress, clean it from dirt, dry it well (not at the battery!).

    When a person tries to repair the mattress independently, there are often advisers who recommend pouring water into the mattress to find the puncture site. It will be quite effective, but you can hardly use the thing in the future: not only are ugly whitish stains being formed, the fabric itself will also remain moist. Surely on a similar mattress will not want to sleep.

    If the damage is slight, on a flat surface.

    In the case of a small damage, cut a piece of approximately 1.5 x1.5 cm from the material of the repair kit. Swab dipped in alcohol, wipe the patch and the damaged area. You can simply wipe it dry with a clean cloth: the place to be glued should be dry. Apply the glue to the patch in a sufficiently dense layer, then immediately apply it to the place designated for repair, smooth and press tightly until the glue dries out (one or two minutes). After a half-hour mattress can be used.

    If bonding is carried out by dismacol, then it should be applied, thinly spreading over the surface of the patch, let it dry for about 10 minutes, apply a layer of glue again. Now it should be dried to the state of adhesive tape, stick and smooth well. For drying, you can use a hair dryer, but do not turn it on to hot air.

    If the damage on a flat surface is large enough

    In case of significant damage, the best way out will be to contact a workshop where repairs are carried out by specialists using special tools and adhesives.

    In the absence of such a possibility, you can do everything at home. And then you should act in the same manner as with a puncture. But at the same time cut the patch so that it protrudes by a centimeter on all sides of the gap.

    How to use the product after repair?

    The elimination of punctures, small cuts in no way affect the process of use in the future. Despite the size and material of which the mattress is made, the product will last for a long time.

    If necessary, repair of air mattresses can be done more than once. Even if there were significant damage on the flat surface of the mattress, but the repair work was carried out in compliance with all the recommendations, the consumer properties of the product will remain for a long time.

    If the seam edge is slightly damaged

    In case of slight damage along the seam edge, it is enough to inflate the mattress by half to detect it. Having found a leak, it is necessary to fill the damaged place with glue and let it dry, then repeat the operation until the air bubbles disappear. After a couple of hours, you can use the mattress, but there are misfires, when it is not immediately possible to fix the damage.

    But, if there is damage more than one centimeter, you need to contact a specialized workshop.

    If a small puncture or mini-seam

    For repair you will need a tube of polyurethane glue, a piece of leather or PVC.

    Cut a patch about 2 cm in diameter. It is good to clean and dry the damaged place and the patch without removing the nap from the surface of the mattress, because if you try to remove it, you can damage the item being repaired. Apply glue to the surface of the patch and the damaged area, dry for 10-15 minutes, apply another thin layer of glue and dry so that the glue adheres slightly.

    Now you should attach a patch to the surface of the mattress, press and hold a little, smoothing the edges. To speed up the process, you should not use lighters, burning matches, irons, etc. - you can only spoil everything. You can use the hairdryer with caution, not including the maximum mode. After all, leave the mattress for an hour. Then to check inflate. There should be no trace of the punctures, although in the place of the break the leak will most likely not be completely eliminated.

    If the mattress continues to deflate, you need to be patient and do it all over again, from the beginning (search for damage) to the end. If even then the desired result is not obtained, repeat until the mattress stops to deflate.

    Can a valve cause air leakage?

    Often sin on the valves when the mattress begins to deflate. This is easily verified. You need to prepare a soap solution and a brush or sponge. Inflate the mattress and close the valve, then thickly apply soap suds around the valve. If air bubbles do not manifest, then the valve should not be blamed - the reason is different. If bubbles have gone, then you need to contact the master. And do not try sandpaper trim the surface of the valve - it will not work.

    The repair done correctly will make it possible to use your favorite mattress for a long time. Eliminated damage in no way affect the functionality of the product and certainly does not add the risk of new damage. Of course, in normal use for its intended purpose.

    If you do not want to engage in self-repair:

    • look for damage
    • mess with soaping and drying
    • etc.

    Then you should immediately contact specialized workshops, where knowledgeable specialists have the equipment necessary for checking leaks, special glue and experience.

    Liquid filling

    Sometimes it is advised to fill the rubber product with water, and the streams that will flow out of it, you can determine where there is a hole. But the complexity of this technique is that the product after such a filling will be difficult to dry, and in the future some will simply refuse to use it. But if the situation is still in summer, then the mattress is easy to dry in the air, only whitish stains can remain.

    If they are not confused, the order of determination of holes is as follows:

    • completely expel all air from the rubber product,
    • prepare the liquid with soapy water,
    • pour the prepared 3 liter soap solution into the mattress and inflate it,
    • slowly turn the mattress on all sides in order to determine the puncture site using characteristic hissing sounds,
    • mark the damaged sites with a marker.

    2nd stage. Surface preparation for application patches

    After identifying all places that allow air from the mattress, mark them with a marker, chalk, or a soap piece. The rubber thing is carefully cleaned of dirt, if necessary, washed, waiting for it to dry naturally. In no case should not hang it on the battery or near other heating devices.

    Место для заплатки нужно обезжирить, используя ацетон, бензин, который применяется для зажигалок, чистый спирт или жидкость для устранения лака с ногтей. После такой обработки не должно оставаться никаких следов.

    3-й этап. Подготовка необходимых инструментов и материалов

    Возникает вполне логичный вопрос, чем заклеить надувной матрас, чтобы он мог еще прослужить много лет. It is best to buy a ready-made repair kit from Intex, which has:

    • transparent vinyl film
    • flock patch,
    • glue.

    With the kit is an instruction that makes it easy to figure out how to properly stick a patch. Such a kit can be purchased in advance with a mattress in order to avoid searching for the right materials in the future. It does not take up much space, but if necessary it can be used even on the road.

    If there is nowhere to buy such a kit, then you can prepare all the necessary materials for repair from improvised means:

    • Any old inflatable toy for children is suitable for patches, from which you can cut a piece of the right size, it can be a ball, a sleeves, a pool, a circle and much more,
    • instead of a special glue, you can buy its equivalent for rubber, but you can not use super glue, otherwise you can harm the mattress.

    Scissors, sandpaper, glue brush and marking marker are used as tools.

    PU for shoes

    This polyurethane adhesive is also known as Desmokol. It is mainly used for bonding leather products, but has also been successfully used for the repair of rubber mattresses.

    It is also known as Liquid Latka. It is waterproof and can be of different colors, which is very convenient, since you can restore the product of any color without losing its attractive appearance.

    5th stage. Patch cut

    If the damage is minor, then you should not overload the product with large patches; it will be enough to cut a piece of 1.5 × 1.5 cm from a suitable material. Before gluing the patch itself and the puncture site, it is necessary to treat it with alcohol, and then wait for them to dry. Bonding should be carried out when the rubber is dry.

    If on the mattress there are several local puncture sites, but they are located next to each other, then they can be combined under one piece of material. At the same time, it is necessary that the edges of the patch completely overlap the damage area, for this it is necessary to provide a reserve of at least 1 cm on each side.

    6th stage. Surface glueing

    The amount of glue depends on its type. In case of using “Moment” it is applied with a thick layer, and if the repair is carried out by Dismacol, it is spread over the patch thinly and evenly. After applying the adhesive, the patch and the area of ​​damage should be dried, preferably wait for 10 minutes. But if there is not so much time, then you can use a hairdryer, only from it there should be warm, not hot air.

    7th stage. Stitching

    In the case of small areas, the damage to the seam is simply poured with glue and does not touch the product until it is completely dry, but if the situation has not been fixed the first time, then the repair should be repeated.

    There is another way to glue stitches, it is more laborious, but reliable. His conduct is as follows:

    • after identifying the leakage area, the mattress needs to be pulled out through the valve to the outside;
    • the place of damage is wiped with alcohol or other means for degreasing the surface,
    • after processing, the product should dry out, during this time the necessary patch is cut out of the prepared rubberized fabric, glue is applied on its inner side,
    • The patch is applied to the seam and clings tightly to it.

    After this repair option, the mattress does not need to be touched for at least 12 hours, after the glue has completely dried, the mattress is turned back and inflated.

    Useful Repair Tips

    If it was not possible to repair the leakage at one time, you need to repeat the whole process of gluing the patch again, just do not need to fix the old one. It is necessary to cut a piece larger than the previous one and fix it over the old one, it will be more reliable, but at the same time it is necessary to ensure that the edges are well lubricated with glue.

    Some people worry that the edges of the patch will eventually begin to bully and it will disappear because of this. To avoid this, it is necessary to slightly treat them with sandpaper after the patch is glued, and then apply a small strip of glue on top.

    How to prevent new confirmations?

    Every time after using the mattress on vacation, it is necessary to blow it off even on the beach, and then transport it in this form. If you constantly do not want to inflate it, then you should carry it on your hands, while trying not to touch sharp and piercing objects (tree branches, roofs, etc.). At home it is better to install it against the wall, in the corner so that the doors, pets and children could not hook it. It is stored only in a dry form.

    How can I fix an air mattress?

    A hole in the mattress is definitely not a reason to throw it away. You can fix it at home as well as with the help of professionals.

    You can repair the damage by sealing the hole with a patch or a sticker. The patch and the puncture site must first be degreased and cleaned with sandpaper, smeared with glue and pressed tightly against each other. On drying will take about a day.

    How to detect a hole or puncture?

    The place of puncture of the product is not always obvious, i.e. the air comes out, but where exactly you don’t understand. There are several effective methods to detect even the smallest damage:

    • Immersion in water. The inflated mattress is immersed in water and see where the bubbles will appear. This method, though effective, is not very feasible at home.
    • By sound. In silence, try to press on the product and listen for any whistles. Hold up your hand, if the air really lets down, you will feel it.
    • With the help of detergents. Inside the soapy water is poured, which when pressed will come out with a characteristic whistle.
    • With the help of foam. Take the usual shaving foam and apply it to each surface area, if the foam starts to bubble, it means in this place and passes air.
    • With the help of starch or powder. It is necessary to sprinkle the surface with starch, a cloud of dust will appear in the damaged area. In fact, you can use any fine powder.

    There are many options, so you can choose the most suitable way for yourself to reveal a puncture. Note that sometimes there are several punctures, so immediately check the entire surface of the product carefully.

    How to prepare for repair?

    Repairing an air mattress requires advance preparation. We have prepared for you a checklist on which you can navigate:

    1. The product must be blown off.
    2. Dry the surface and the inside thoroughly.
    3. Remove debris.
    4. Plastic elements to degrease (for example, acetone or alcohol).
    5. Place the cut to wipe the sandpaper.

    If the conditions are met, you can start the repair.

    What can be sealed?

    You can seal the air mattress with any glue for rubber and PVC products. It can be Moment glue, Super Moment, Democol from rubber, glue for rubber boats, ordinary PVC glue. In general, there are lots of options, so what kind of glue to glue up your bed should be chosen by you.

    However, it is best to pay attention to intex glue. Someone, no matter how the manufacturer, knows which glue will work best. This adhesive is part of the repair kit for inflatable products company Intex.

    Set for the repair of air mattress (Repair Kit Intex 59632)

    Many mattress manufacturers (for example, intex) offer in addition to their products special repair kits. They include a special glue and several patches of different sizes. Sometimes repair kit for air mattresses is included in the basic package, and sometimes it needs to be purchased separately.

    Using materials from the manufacturer is extremely convenient, because you will get an exact hit in color and material, and you will not doubt whether the glue can cope with the task.

    If the repair kit is not sold in the kit, buy it immediately, so you do not have to run around looking for it. Sooner or later you will need it anyway.

    Convenient and compact repair kits are offered by the manufacturer Intex (art. 59632). They include glue, patches of flock and transparent vinyl film, as well as detailed instructions.

    What make patch?

    If you did not have a repair kit, you can make a patch for the rubber bed by yourself. Any piece of thin rubber will fit (a piece of an old toy, a patch for a car camera, etc.). Cotton fabric will also fit if you pre-lubricate it with rubber glue.

    What to do if the valve passes?

    When checking for damage, do not forget to check the tightness of the valve, perhaps it also releases air. In most cases, this problem can also be solved at home, but for serious injuries, you will have to contact a repair shop for help.

    For self-repair you will need to unscrew the valve, clean it from dirt and dust. Then it is necessary to clean the end part and the gasket with fine-grained sandpaper and treat this place with lubricant. After you put everything back in place, inflate the mattress and check it for serviceability. If the valve continues to pass air, repair in the workshop is almost inevitable.

    Should I contact the workshop?

    In case of serious damage: wide cuts, loose seams, problems with internal partitions, as well as a faulty valve - it is better to seek the help of specialists. Repair of air mattresses offer both large workshops and private craftsmen. A good specialist will be able to repair all damages in a short time, and your pet will serve you faithfully.

    If the holes in the mattress are small, then you can handle the repair yourself.


    In conclusion, we want to note that the holes and damages in the air mattress are not fatal, and most of them you can glue at home. When buying a mattress, pay attention to whether the repair kit is included in the kit, if not, purchase it immediately, in order to seal your inflatable bed with a suitable material if necessary.

    In addition, do not ignore the instruction manual, careful care and proper use will help extend the life of your mattress.

    We also recommend watching a video on this topic:

    Where to buy repair kit for pasting mattresses and beds Intex

    The first place where I saw it on sale is the Sportmaster store. For only 199 rubles you can buy a repair kit, consisting of a tube and a transparent patch. Well, that never bought. After all, Auchan’s shop is exactly the same kit that costs only 54 rubles:

    How many I did not try to make out the differences in these products, I did not find. Kits are identical. Probably, Sportmaster buys kits in Auchan and sells in four way roads.

    After returning home, I pulled out the long-suffering inflatable bed from the mezzanine, laid it on the floor and decided to start repair immediately. First, tore off all previous patches. It is embarrassing to even confess, but earlier, trying to solve the problem with holes, I sealed them with tape. You understand that there was not very much sense from this. Moreover, a sticky, sticky adhesive remained on the surface of the bed, which was very difficult to remove.

    But what was to be done? It was winter in the yard, repair kits are not for sale in winter. This is a seasonal product. Therefore, if you become the proud owner of an inflatable beds or mattress Intexbuy one or two at once repair kit. Who knows when your product will leak, in a year or tomorrow.

    Finding old holes in the old beds, I cleaned them slightly with alcohol. If there is no alcohol, vodka will do.

    After unpacking the repair kit and reading the instructions, I became thoughtful. At some point, there was even a desire to abandon this whole undertaking, since it was fraught with the most "rosy" consequences if something goes wrong. Here, read what is written about the glue:

    Imagine? Breathe in randomly glue fumes and that's it! Death. Maybe, well, her, this bed. Then try the usual rubber glue?

    However, curiosity and desire to solve the problem right now prevailed. As the saying goes, fly so fly!

    How I Pasted the Intex Air Bed

    To begin with, we will give "praise" to the manufacturer for the fact that he has so tightly wound the patch material into the tube.

    For how long I did not try to straighten the material, each time it regularly rolled into the same compact roll. Here, you bastards! Just bastards! No, to put two or three bookmarks in the straightened state. After all, the size of the package allows you to do this. In a word, I was angry at the manufacturer and for the second time I wanted to give up on my plans.

    Then, when the surging rage subsided somewhat, I nevertheless cut out a patch of the right size and got ready for the worst: it's time to open the tube with the killer glue.

    Do not even doubt! The glue in the tube was naturally under pressure. It cost to pierce the protective membrane, and part of the "magic fluid" immediately turned out to be partially on the fingers, partly on the floor. But, as the old joke says, “the Chukchi is not a fool”! They wore rubber gloves on their hands, and the floor was covered with an old newspaper. If it were not for the gloves, it is still unknown what could have happened. Perhaps you would not read this article now and would not be warned about the treachery of vinyl glue :)

    Then the fun began. It was necessary to somehow manage to smear the patch with dangerous glue, which still strove to roll into a roll. I tried on for a long time, but every time I realized that now she, already plastered, would curl up again and stick together. At this game will be over. And no pleasure, except inhaling the vapors of vinyl glue! How can you not be angry with the manufacturer!

    Then came the saving thought. What if you smear with glue not a patch, but the very surface of an inflatable bed? Let's try, anyway, otherwise it will not work:

    Is it clear. No explosion or other chain reactions followed. Now quickly put a patch on top!

    Aha In some places already "grabbed"! Briskly grease the rest of the area and press:

    Here began the incomprehensible. The corners of the patch suddenly began to curl in the opposite direction - from the surface of the bed. I had to take action - grease the edges and press them into place.

    Not once or twice in that time I wanted to drop everything again and return to the good old rubber glue. The patch turned ugly ugly. I did not like. Moreover, somehow I could not believe that she would hold on and not fall off during the first pumping up of the bed.

    In a similar way, I glued a couple more patches to the holes I knew in the inflatable bed. Then, according to the instructions, it was necessary to leave the product for 12 hours to fully set.

    12 hours have passed (even a little more)

    The look of taped patches caused discouragement. Painfully primitive looked. Most likely, all this is an empty idea. But when I tried to pick the edge of one of them - it turned out, it stuck tight.

    Having pumped up the air bed, I first left her alone and took up other things. What was my surprise when, after about a couple of hours, I came to the room where the experiment was carried out, and found that the Intex product did not even think to "lower". It looked exactly the same as immediately after pumping.

    Having decided to conduct a more courageous experiment (it was just time for an afternoon rest), I lay down on the bed. Waking up about an hour later, I noticed that the bed had lost its elasticity a little.

    One of two things - either some patch has "moved away" or there are one or two more "unaccounted" holes.

    How to look for holes in an inflatable bed or Intex mattress

    This is the longest part of the work, but at the same time, the most creative. Find a hole the size of a needle from a sewing needle in a huge double inflatable bed - this is a ritual. I’m not afraid to say that this is an exciting quest for real adventurers!

    At first it is worthwhile to pump up the product tightly enough and listen to whether a suspicious hiss is heard from any part of it. Before that, it is necessary to close all windows, doors, turn off all home appliances that sound and remove headphones from the player from the ears.

    Try to listen to the mattress alone. Otherwise, your focused appearance, which is an example of embodied attention, will certainly cause an unhealthy reaction of those present. With their laughter and biting, they can jeopardize the failure of your mission.

    Sometimes a simple listening is enough to find a puncture. However, very small holes do not detect.

    Another way: slowly drive a wet hand over the surface of an inflatable product in the hope of catching a weak stream of air escaping through the hole. Here you just need to be in the room alone. Indeed, it may seem from the outside that you are trying to treat the mattress with your suddenly awakened psychic abilities. Here you can not avoid jokes. Especially if you carelessly tell someone that this way you are trying to repair the mattress or bed.

    Alas, sometimes neither the ear nor the magical hand passes over the surface of the product help to identify the problem area. Then you have to go to the plan "Bi".

    Perhaps you remember how in childhood you were looking for a puncture in a swimming circle or a bicycle chamber? Right. They were simply lowered into the water and watched where the bulbs would come from. But try to lower even the simplest single air mattress into the water, not to mention the huge bed.

    Помогает мыльный раствор. Вооружившись кисточкой в первую очередь стоит "пройтись" раствором по всем углам, ребрам и швам. Внимательно смотрите, не начали ли надуваться пузыри в том месте, где только что мазнули. In this case, try to do without witnesses, because in your work you will resemble an outstanding artist who is concentrating on the next greatest canvas of our time.

    If you went through all the problem areas, but you didn’t see any bubbles, we begin a total check of the entire surface. Need a brush wider. For example, painting. This work is quite painstaking and wet, but it is guaranteed to lead to a result. The main thing is not to hurry.

    There is still the potential for air to pass through the pump valve. There's nothing you can do. From fate, as you know, you cannot get far.

    The internal partition in the inflatable bed burst

    There is another "ambush" that can trap the owner of an inflatable bed. This is a broken internal partition.

    One day in the middle of the night I suddenly woke up from a strange and rather loud sound. First thought: the cat is tearing its air bed with its claws. Is very similar. However, turning on the light, I realized that the beast had absolutely nothing to do with it. Just by the bed burst the innermost partition.

    As a result, a slight elevation appeared on one side. It didn’t deliver much inconvenience. Quite the contrary - now there was no fear of falling out of bed during sleep.

    About a month later, another one burst - the next one from the same edge. The double inflatable bed has turned into some kind of fancy single sofa:

    What to do in such cases? I'm afraid to upset you, but the answer is the decadent word "nothing." Of course, you can act as befits a real optimist: carefully cut the outer shell, neatly glue the inner bulkhead together with five, and then just as gently seal the outer cut. But at home, only a very determined person can venture on such experiences.

    Therefore, it remains only to sadly observe how the partitions fail one after another. When the last of them orders to live long, the air bed will stop in some strange object, resembling a huge hamburger in shape. I think I have all the prerequisites to follow this process to the end and show you all the stages.