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How to pump up the pectoral muscles at home


How to quickly pump up the chest? This question is asked by all newcomers to the gym, because the developed pectoral muscles are the first thing that catches the eye, even in clothes. Everyone wants to achieve a visible result as quickly as possible, and typical exercises do not give the desired effect. The reason is that the standard approach to training muscles is long obsolete. There are many new and effective exercises that will help to quickly pump up the chest for both men and women.

Muscle location

Quickly pump up the chest, as a rule, is easy, the main thing is to understand a little the structure of the muscles. This will help stretch the necessary parts of the muscle during exercise, and will also help establish the brain-muscle connection. After all, sighting work on the chest is possible only with maximum concentration on the technique of exercise. Pectoral muscles occupy a vast area of ​​the anterior part of the body: from the clavicle to the lower ribs, and also include three segments:

  • upper,
  • average,
  • lower.

The main function of this muscle group is bending the arms and bringing them to the body. That is why all the exercises on this anatomical group are either bench or breeding.

Normal press - a classic or a relic of the past?

Had the question: "How to pump up the chest quickly?" - sounded 50 years ago, the answer would be one. The classic bench press is the best exercise for the pectoral muscles. But is it? Unfortunately, this exercise has long been outdated. Studies show that the classic bench includes only the lower segments of the pectoral muscles, leaving the middle and upper parts without proper attention. And they occupy about 70% of the total mass of muscle fibers.

But do not rush to exclude this exercise from your training program. As you know, this is one of the most effective basic exercises, which means that newcomers cannot do without it. After all, in order to pump muscles precisely, it is necessary to bring power indicators at least to an average level.

Do not forget about the antagonist muscles

Very quickly pump up the chest, like other muscles of the body, is almost impossible. Especially those who do not sit on the farm and dopping. However, this process can be even more protracted if one of the most important rules of bodybuilding is not followed: it is necessary to harmoniously develop both the front and the back of the body.

If we are talking about the chest, the antagonist muscles will be the muscles of the back, in particular the broadest. Both new and experienced athletes can face this challenge. At first, the pectoral muscles are very actively involved in the work and respond well to training. But after a while they just stop growing. Neither the progression of the load, nor the modification of the exercises bring the desired result, which means that the muscles have reached their physiological limit.

To start a new round of muscle growth, it is necessary to work well on the muscles of the back, and even better to swing both anatomical groups in equal volume. Then the build-up of muscle mass and the formation of relief will be the most harmonious.

And now we will consider the best, and most importantly, effective exercises for the growth of the development of pectoral muscles.

Inclined bench: dumbbell bench press

How to quickly pump up the breast girl, if the barbell exercises are too heavy? There is always a great alternative - dumbbells. If to carry out a press on an inclined bench, then the upper segment of a breast actively joins in work. The reasons for the high efficiency of this exercise:

  • Maximum amplitude. If we make the bench incline at 30-45 degrees, then at the lowest point we will get the maximum possible stretching of the muscles for a given trajectory of movement. The greater the stretching of the muscle fiber, the stronger the stimulus to weight gain.
  • Peak reduction. It is in this version of the pumping of the breast can linger at the point of maximum load. In the classic version of the press, this is impossible, since the arms are fully extended and the load goes to the joints. Here, the hands go along an arcuate path and close in the center, this allows you to feel an unprecedented muscle tension and lock into this state.
  • The possibility of variable approach. There are many options for bench press using different tilt angles and arm positions. Each of them is effective in its own way.

Let's return to the question: "How quickly to pump up a man's chest?" The tutorials of foreign coaches will surprise you with one very unusual exercise with a rather awesome title - “Guillotine”. The technique follows the usual bench press a little, but it has a number of features:

  • The barbell is not lowered to the chest line, but much higher - in the neck. So the exercise got its terrible name. This chip very much stretches the muscle fibers in length, and the load falls exclusively on the upper chest.
  • Exercise performed wide grip. This removes the load from the triceps and significantly stretches the chest muscles in width.
  • If you pull your legs off the floor and pull them to the stomach, you can complicate the technique a bit. Such a posture will eliminate the appearance of a deflection in the lower back, which means that the lifting of the barbell will be carried out only by the pectoral muscles, without the participation of stabilizers.

Bench press from the floor

An old, but very effective exercise that allows you to quickly pump up the chest, both at home and in the gym. This type of training not only works out all segments of the pectoral muscles, but also allows you to increase the total volume of muscle fibers, and also significantly raises the bar for working weights. The exercise received particular effectiveness for the following number of features:

  • Due to the large area of ​​support for the back there is an opportunity to work with the highest possible weights.
  • The short trajectory of the movement also has a beneficial effect on the growth of the working weight. A nice bonus would be to reduce the load on the tendons and shoulder joints.
  • The legs are excluded from the exercise, as in the Guillotine, which means that all efforts will occur only through the contraction of the pectoral muscles.

Bleeding chest in crossover

It is quite difficult to quickly build up the chest muscles, as well as significantly improve their shape. However, there is a stunning simulator for the detailed study of each segment of the pectoral muscles. It's about the crossover. The reduction of the upper blocks is excellent for the lower segments of the thoracic, while the lower blocks perfectly pump the upper and middle muscular lobes.

However, the effectiveness of the simulator does not end there. If you install the crossover rollers in the center, somewhere at the level of the chin, you can get a one-time load on the entire anatomical group. It’s not a fact that this exercise will give you an unprecedented mass increase, but you should definitely try it. At least in order to make the pectoral muscles work in a new way.

Exercises on an incline bench

We have already considered one type of chest pumping on an inclined bench - dumbbell bench press. However, this exercise machine is not limited to one exercise. In general, the use of different angles in training allows you to quickly pump up the chest, both at home and in the gym. Moreover, this method is valid for all anatomical groups. The angle of inclination of the bench changes the motion vector of the joints relative to the body, which means that we get a fundamentally different kind of load. Plus, the slope significantly increases the amplitude of movement, and the muscles will stretch more strongly. All this will be very beneficial effect on the working groups of muscles, and they will answer us with unprecedented growth and increase in power indicators. There are two other excellent exercises for working out the pectoral muscles:

The technique is quite simple and beaten, but this does not mean that the exercises are ineffective. Add them to the training program and be sure: the result will exceed all your expectations.

The best programs for pumping the pectoral muscles

Having examined all the anatomical and theoretical features of training the pectoral muscles, you can proceed to the compilation of the program. After all, it is not enough just to perform all the exercises in a row, it is important to evenly distribute the load and select the exercises according to your priorities. Someone needs to work out the entire breast at once, and another needs to focus on a separate muscle segment.

Program with an emphasis on the upper segments of the pectoral muscles:

Home workout

The modern life rhythm of many people in our time is such that it is often very difficult to make time for regular visits to the gym. The training process at home can be considered as an adequate replacement for the gym. In the first place should be the desire of the student to achieve the goal.

First of all, you need to decide on the number of classes per week. Many beginners mistakenly believe that daily classes can lead to the desired result for the minimum amount of time. But the peculiarities of the pectoral muscles are such that during active work, the muscles get multiple microtraumas and after each session it takes time for them to fully recover. Therefore, at the initial stage, the number of trainings should not exceed two lessons per week.

You should also follow a certain dosage in the number of approaches for exercises on the development of the muscles of the chest. Depending on the individual physical training, their number should be from four to eight approaches per workout. For those who are just starting to engage in the best option will be one - two exercises for two three approaches. And remember, excessive overload of the pectoral muscles does not give good results. To achieve the desired result, make a program of classes and try to stick to it on a regular basis.

Exercises for training

The simplest and most versatile exercise available for anyone starting to develop their body is simple pushups. If we look more closely at the mechanism of the push-ups, we will see that this is a peculiar variation of the bench press. In addition, push-up exercise is an optimal general developmental exercise. When push-ups are involved and the muscles of the hands, which ensures uniform development of the muscles of the upper body. In addition, there is an active effect on the muscles of the press, which has a beneficial effect on the whole organism. The muscles of the legs are less involved, but they also receive a small proportion of the load.

Like many physical exercises with push-ups, there are various variations, using which you will load different groups of pectoral muscles.


The simplest and most universal exercise available to anyone who begins to engage in the process of developing their body is simple pushups. If we look more closely at the mechanism of the push-ups, we will see that this is a peculiar variation of the bench press. In addition, push-up exercise is an optimal general developmental exercise that affects a huge amount of muscles. When push-ups are involved the muscles of the hands, which ensures uniform development of the muscles of the upper body. In addition, there is an active effect on the muscles of the press, which has a beneficial effect on the whole organism. The muscles of the legs are less involved, but they also receive a small proportion of the load.

Like many physical exercises with push-ups, there are various variations, using which you will load different groups of pectoral muscles.

Narrow push ups

One of these options are narrow pushups. The difference between narrow pushups and ordinary ones is in the width of the arms. In the case of narrow push-ups, the hands are placed so that the fingers of both hands are turned inward and touch each other. When lowering, you need to touch the hands with the chest and maintain a second pause in this position. When performing this exercise, special attention should be paid to the straight position of the back. Push-up movements are smooth without jerking, breathing is even, without delays.

Push ups on stools

The next option is push-ups is push-ups on stools. Two stools are placed shoulder-width apart; a sofa or chair is used as a stand under your feet. Starting position as in the usual push-ups. The main difference is that in this variation of push-ups, the depth of lowering the body increases. Also in this exercise, it is possible to work with a burden, for example, a backpack with books can be used as an additional load.

Forward tilting

The meaning of this exercise lies in the fact that the legs were located above the level of the head. You need to put your feet on any elevation and perform the usual push-ups. This exercise will involve the upper chest, as well as the main muscle groups of the hands. When performing this exercise should pay attention to the correct formulation of the elbows. If possible, try to separate them to the sides in order to provide the maximum load to the chest muscles.

Dumbbell bench press lying on the floor

The presence of ordinary dumbbells will allow you to significantly diversify the program of training sessions. The most universal exercise is the following: taking a starting position while lying on your back, bend your legs at the knees, stretch your arms with dumbbells upwards. Then, while inhaling, slowly lower your arms until elbows touch the floor. Try not to rush, perform this exercise in a smooth, uniform pace. The usual folding athletic bench, which you can buy at any sports store, can significantly diversify such exercises with dumbbells.

Remember that nothing is impossible. With a certain amount of desire, even at home, you can achieve excellent results. Find an additional incentive for regular classes, set aside free time, and the results will pleasantly please you.

How to pump up the chest girl: what is important to know

An important physiological feature is that the female breast consists of fat and mammary glands. There are no muscles in the chest, so it is impossible to “pump up” the girl’s chest with the help of exercises. The pectoral muscles are located under mammary glands, separating them from the ribs. In this regard, the volume of the breast depends on the amount of fatty tissue and breast tissue, and not on the volume of muscle tissue. That is why it is impossible with the help of training to increase breast size and change its shape. The pectoral muscles in girls have practically no effect on the shape and size of the breasts.

As you see in the image, significant breast volume is fat. Accordingly, the higher the percentage of body fat, the bigger your chest. When you start to lose weight, the fat melts throughout the whole body (local weight loss is not possible) , therefore he leaves not only on problem areas (abdomen, arms and legs) , but also in the chest area. Therefore, workouts that promote weight loss, only accelerate the process of breast reduction. The algorithm is as follows:

  • When you increase the amount of body fat, your chest grows.
  • When you decrease the amount of body fat, your chest decreases.

This process cannot be changed! No training, ointments, wraps and other magic tools you can not force the body to keep fat in the chest while losing weight . Of course, there are times when even extra weight does not contribute to breast growth. Or on the contrary, the girl loses weight, but at the same time breast volume is preserved. This is influenced by the ratio of glandular and adipose tissue, which depends on individual genetic characteristics.

Then why do girls need breast exercises at all, you ask? Despite the fact that breast exercises will not help girls increase their breast size, they are still necessary. It is the pectoral muscles that are responsible for the degree of sagging or lifting of the breast. More developed pectoral muscles create a great framethat will help raise the chest, visually improve the shape of the breast glands, slow down sagging breasts and the appearance of sagging. Therefore, it is possible to pump up the breast at home, if by this we mean the pectoral muscles, and not the female breast itself.

As a result, we emphasize once again that with the help of training impossible to increase size and fundamentally change the shape of the female breast, but you can improve its appearance and protect against early flabbiness and sagging. Therefore, if you care about the beauty of your bust, then exercises for the chest must be regular. But even regardless of the workout, the shape and size of the breasts of different girls is very different. What does it depend on?

What affects the size and shape of the breast?

1. The percentage of body fat. The higher the percentage of body fat, the larger the breasts. Of course, there are exceptional cases, but most often, it is the total amount of body fat that affects breast size. Therefore, with weight loss and, accordingly, with a decrease in the percentage of body fat, the chest “goes away”.

2. Heredity and anatomical features . This is the most important factor influencing the size and shape of the breast. Всерьез изменить упражнениями то, что дано нам природой, практически невозможно.

3. Pregnancy . Изменение гормонального фона и подготовка организма к лактации влияют на увеличение молочных желез и соответственно на размер груди. Поэтому во время беременности и в период грудного вскармливания женский бюст обычно особенно привлекателен.

4. Age . With age, the skin loses its elasticity, the connective tissue that supports the breast loses its strength. These factors affect the shape of the breast, its sagging. This process begins, as a rule, after 40 years.

5. Plastic surgery . Implant implantation will significantly change your bust and help shape the desired breast shape. True, the surgical option to improve the breast is not for everyone.

Eat more

To pump up the pectoral muscles, you must have enough body weight, which means there is more.

Your body weight should be significantly higher than the minimum weight for your height. You need to eat every three hours, eating nutritious foods.

Get plenty of rest.

You have to make sure you are paying. plenty of time for rest and recovery.

When building a mass, rest is extremely important. After training, you must fully recover in order to make progress in training. This ensures steady muscle growth.

How to pump up the pectoralis major muscles in 28 days

Use these 2 workout programs to pump massive thoracic in just one month.

The beach season is just around the corner, and so stop aimlessly doing repetition after repetition. If you want to pump a big chest, then you need a scientific approach to training. Alternate the following lab-tested workout programs to build muscle faster than ever. Very soon you'll be wearing larger t-shirts!

Do you always liked the guys?

For centuries, developed musculature was not considered something really beautiful:

  • Well-developed muscles indicated that the person had to work regularly.
  • The aristocracy, the blue-blooded person, was not hard to face.
  • The higher a person’s position in society, the less he worked and the better he lived.
  • Gentlemen were not shy about the extra "fat" on the sides and sometimes were even proud of it.
  • The beauty of the ladies was also measured by the fullness of the figure.

But these times are irrevocably gone. To be considered attractive, today it is necessary to meet completely different standards. Of course, everyone has different tastes, but the relief of the muscles on the body will most likely be regarded as something attractive.

Even fans of "thin" would not have refused a small relief on the body of a guy.

The right approach to the formation of the figure

To get the desired result, you can approach at once from two sides:

Thanks to the online information, the diet can be made independently.

It is necessary to alternate training with rest periods.

Food should be regular and healthy, this is a basic requirement.

Loads must comply with the current level of training.

Calorie foods should correspond to physical exertion.

You should constantly increase their "ceiling" for progression.

Sometimes before the start of a course of training should be given a couple of weeks to your lifestyle:

  1. Give up alcohol.
  2. Quit smoking.
  3. Make the right diet and gain some weight.
  4. Start with elementary morning runs.

Such an approach is permissible when there is an unlimited amount of time in stock and, most importantly, not a quick result, but quality and health. But when completely different goals are set and there is no time, you can immediately go to exercise. This is not an ideal approach, but it also gives results. And with a normal metabolism, some other results.

How to pump up the pectoral muscles?

To achieve an optimal result and get a beautiful chest, you need to push for:

  • Constantly and as much as possible. There is nothing difficult in this exercise, you can do it even in the most “Spartan” conditions.
  • Start with a few reps. In this exercise, it is not difficult to increase the quantity, the main experience and constancy.
  • Keep your hands as close as possible if you want to work exactly on the chest. Best of all, with such approaches, the upper third is pumped through.
  • Give the muscles at least a short break. So that they have time to recover and restructure themselves to the new conditions.

It is best to use weighting. The body performs an increased load, thereby accelerating the process of increasing muscle mass.

It is possible to push out and on the uneven bars, with each approach an athlete develops not only the shoulders and arms, but also the muscle tissue of the chest. With dumbbells it is best to work from a horizontal position - push and flattening of hands are two effective exercises that affect, including the chest.

The angle of the bench will depend on which bundle of muscles you want to pump more.

How to inflate the lower part of the pectoral muscles?

For quick effect when working on the lower chest there is only two public exercises:

  • Bench press with a backward slope of the bench. In this position, the athlete's head is below body level, which contributes to a rush of blood to the brain. During heavy physical exertion, such an unnatural position can cause a sharp increase in systolic blood pressure. On the other hand, the result is worth it. So it is better to assess the vascular tone in advance.
  • Push-ups on bars with torso forward. During this exercise, the load is evenly distributed between the muscles of the limbs and the lower chest beam. At a time it should be limited to 20 repetitions, a greater number of repetitions of the desired result will not give. During one exercise, it is desirable to perform no more than 3 such approaches.

In some rooms there is a hammer, not a car, but a special simulator for the chest. In Spartan conditions, not everyone has access to such equipment, but if it is still there - 2-3 sets of 10 repetitions will be quite enough to speed up the effect.

In this video, well-known bodybuilder Denis Semenikhin will hold a short video lesson in which he will tell you how to effectively pump the bottom of the pectoral muscles:

How to pump up the pectoral muscles?

The upper third of the chest may not be easier to pump, but the exercises for this muscle bundle already exist a little more:

  1. Push ups. For greater effect, they should be performed from a stool or any other elevation. With such a position of the body, the main load during the lifting of the body falls on the upper third of the chest.
  2. The reduction and dilution of hands. Of course, in the hands should be dumbbells, the initial position - horizontal, that is, lying down. Hands should be reduced behind the head, 15-20 times, depending on the degree of training. And again, 3 approaches, not forgetting to rest between exercises.
  3. Dumbbell push. We start to perform, as in the previous paragraph, but now we lift the dumbbells up, above the level of the body. Both hands should move synchronously, jerked. Again 15-20 executions and breaks between 3 approaches.

Swing your chest fast

To quickly pump up and show off the results all summer:

  • Give up bad habits, including the use of alcohol and tobacco.
  • Make a complete diet, both in terms of calories and in terms of vitamins.
  • Use protein, creatine, BCAA and other special sports nutrition.
  • Start push-ups, including with weighting.
  • Gradually go to the push-ups on the uneven bars.
  • Work out with dumbbells, lowering your hands behind your head and jerking up the dumbbells above your body. From a recumbent position, naturally.
  • Try your hand with a barbell. Do not overestimate your strength at the first approach, be sure to ask someone to secure you.

If you follow all these recommendations and do not miss training, the results will not take long to wait. Of course, much depends on body type. Someone to achieve the result is easier, someone more difficult. But in any case, really pump up, the only question is the number of applied

Sometimes it is more important to take care of your health than to learn how to pump up the pectoral muscles quickly. For an untrained person, sudden loads can backfire.

Main conclusions

Let us once again note the main aspects of how to pump a girl’s breasts at home:

  • The female breast is mainly composed of fat, so when you lose weight, it almost always decreases.
  • The body loses weight entirely, not locally, so losing weight in certain places (thighs, abdomen) without touching the chest is impossible.
  • The shape and size of the breast is largely determined by genetic factors, which seriously affect without surgical intervention is very difficult.
  • Exercises for the pectoral muscles will not help you to increase the breast and significantly change its shape.
  • But exercises for the pectoral muscles will help lift the chest, slow down sagging breasts and the appearance of sagging.
  • Breast tightness also depends on the age, elasticity and elasticity of the skin.
  • It is possible to pump up a breast in house conditions if it means chest muscles.

Exercises on the chest for girls at home

We offer you a selection the most effective exercises for the chest at home . Try not to perform them mechanically, your movements should be qualitative and meaningful. Do not rush, each repetition should give a maximum load to your muscles. If you want to pump your breasts at home, your goal should always be quality, not repetition.

1. Pushups

Push-ups - this is one of the most effective exercises for the chest, which must necessarily be included in your fitness plan, if you want to pump your chest at home. This exercise does not require any special simulators or burdens, but it is great for strengthening the pectoral muscles, and for the entire upper part as a whole.

Many girls avoid push-ups because they are difficult to perform without preparation. If you are a beginner, you can push out from your knees: this option is much easier to implement. Start with 4-5 repetitions, gradually increasing their number:

If it is impossible even to wring out the knees, then try to wring out from the knees with a support not on the floor, but on the bench. We also recommend reading the article on how to learn push-ups. There you will find various options for push-ups, if you want to complicate your workout and pump your chest at home.

2. Dumbbell bench press

Lie on a bench, step platform or floor. Take the dumbbells in your hands, raise your hands in front of you so that your palms are looking to the sides. Bend your elbows, shoulder and forearm should form a right angle. Then while breathing in, lift the dumbbells up, lower on the exhale. Please note that dumbbells need to be raised twice as fast as lowering. Do not make sudden movements, so as not to damage the shoulder rotators.

Option dumbbell bench press from the chest on the floor, if you do not have a bench:

3. Breeding dumbbells for the chest

This is another key exercise that will help you pump your breasts at home. Staying on the bench, raise your arms with the dumbbells straight up, palms look at each other. While inhaling, lower your arms through the sides, stretching the chest. On the exhale, raise your hands up again. If you have a sports bench at home, you can do this exercise by changing the angle of inclination.

The option of breeding dumbbells for chest on the floor, if you do not have a bench:

4. Pullover

This exercise for the chest will not work on the floor, but you can use a bed or other furniture as a support. Take a dumbbell or a dumbbell in both hands and place them above your head, slightly bending them in your elbows. While inhaling, lower the dumbbell back and behind the head until you feel the stretching of the broadest back muscles. On the exhale, return the arms with the dumbbell to the starting position.

Thank youtube channel for gifs: Linda wooldridge.

What to do, if no dumbbells? It's okay if you do not have dumbbells for home exercises for the chest. You can use ordinary plastic bottles filled with water or sand. Or make dumbbells yourself:

If you do not have a bench or a step platform, you can perform dumbbell presses for chest on the floor, fitball, or, for example, connect several stools to each other.

Do not think that girls with exercises on the chest at home can seriously shake their muscles. It is practically is impossible due to lack of the hormone testosterone. In addition, if you eat with a calorie deficit, then there can be no muscle growth. Therefore, you can safely increase the weights of the dumbbells, without fear of swinging your body.

Breast Exercise Plan for Girls

First, let's define how many repetitions perform to pump chest at home:

  • 8-12 reps if you want to work on muscle growth
  • 14-18 reps if you want to work on fat burning and muscle tone.

Perform each exercise in a 3-4 approach. (push-ups are allowed to perform in 1-2 sets). Choose the weight of dumbbells based on their capabilities so that the last repetitions are performed at maximum effort. Gradually increase the weight of dumbbells. In the case of pushups - increase the number of repetitions and the complexity of modifications.

Recommended weight for dumbbells for beginners:

  • If 8-12 repetitions, the weight of dumbbells 3-5 kg.
  • If 14-18 reps, the weight of dumbbells 2-3 kg.

You can also choose a training plan based on the availability of equipment in your home. If you only have light dumbbells, then choose a lesson plan with a large number of repetitions. If you have heavy dumbbells and there is a reserve for their increase, then choose training for 8-12 repetitions. For the development of muscles of the pectoral muscles it will be more effective.