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Where to look for a dream man?


  • How to find the man of your dreams
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This is only a legend, but in fact people are looking for and very rarely find the person of their dreams with whom they would like to live their whole life.

Dream man - what is he

Before looking for the man of your dreams, you should decide on the image of this dream. Some ladies want to see next to a strong and domineering man who will fulfill all their whims and desires. But this does not happen. The person is either overbearing or not. If your ideal man will fulfill all your whims, then about never become a leader in the relationship. Get ready to deal with all the important family issues you have yourself - from what to cook for lunch, to such issues, which apartment to buy. If the man of your dreams will be the leader in the relationship, then get ready for the fact that he will decide everything in the family. The maximum that you leave - choose the color of the wallpaper in the living room.

But if you have a completely acceptable list of the qualities that a man of your dreams should possess, then your desire is quite doable. At the same time, pink glasses should be removed from the eyes and it’s realistic to look at life - it is impossible to find someone who is kind, loyal, economic, strong, understanding and another 100 such epithets. It is necessary to determine for yourself some of the main qualities and focus on them.

Where to find your soul mate

To find the man of your dreams, you should identify with the main qualities that he will possess. In general, all men can be divided into two types - family men and bachelors.

This does not mean that the family man is long and firmly married. Such men may never marry at all. They just lead a quiet and peaceful lifestyle. They do not seek a large gathering of people. Such men prefer quiet evenings with close friends. You can find them in a cafe near work, where they have lunch, perhaps at an exhibition or in a museum, occasionally in the evening in a pub or restaurant. But most often these men are registered on a dating site.

Bachelors lead a cheerful and carefree lifestyle. Such men are rarely alone, as a rule, they are accompanied by a lady. Create a pair with such a man is difficult. All that, in most cases, you can hope for - a stormy, but fleeting affair. But to get acquainted with such a man is much easier than with a family man. Bachelors are easier to contact, and for dating there will be enough a couple of looks and smiles.

How to find the man of your dreams

Quite often, especially at a young age, girls reject fans only because they do not match in eye color or height did not come out. But some of the rejected guys are quite consistent in character with the image of a dream. It is not necessary so immediately reject all fans. For starters, you can simply make acquaintance. Indeed, at first glance it is not possible to determine whether this is the person The nature of the person give his views on life. Of course, there is a high probability that, even when communicating with a person for many years, you do not recognize him, but there's nothing you can do - there are such secretive copies.

In general, sometimes you have to spend most of your life on finding the man of your dreams. Women who seek and do not find their ideal remain alone. So it is not necessary to select men for too tough criteria. Sometimes it happens that at first and even at second glance you do not understand that it is your love, and it passes by.

What to do to meet him?

First, say goodbye to vanilla illusions. Do not look for the perfect - look for the present. Then it's time to take yourself. Because the "dream man" is looking for a "dream woman". No other way.

Take responsibility for everything that happens in your life at 100%. Including in relationships with men. Look around - and you will understand that there are only those people whom you, as they say, deserve.

Where to begin? With myself. More precisely, their attitude. Do you want a king next to you? Become a queen. The main secret is your self-sufficiency.

It is this mood that gives opportunities. Look attractive. To smile. Be friendly, relaxed, calm, confident. Walking slowly, like a queen - she is in no hurry. And it all comes from the state.

For a man it is very important to feel important, strong and necessary. In general, a man. What is your background? What will he feel next to you?

Think how much you can be grateful, loyal, compliment a man and influence his heart, not his mind or other organs (yes, the same ones).

Do not be afraid to meet first. A soft female relationship initiative is always appreciated. If you like a man, give him a sign.

Looking, smiling, touching, asking for help. If after a date does not call - do not get excited. Do not rush to remind yourself. When a woman really likes a man does not slow down.

Wait a bit, then you can write a short neutral message in the style of “have a nice day”. And that's all. Respect someone else's choice and do not dwell.

And trust your own life. All that passes through you leaves an indispensable experience. And remember: any situation is your lesson.

Like at school. Learn - you get the top five. No - have to repeat.

Where to find him?

Yes, anywhere! In my office, at trainings, courses (foreign language, driving, anything), at business lunches, on a plane, on a journey, in a mall, supermarket, in a parking lot, at a concert, yes you can right on the street!

The most important thing is not where, but how!

So, 5 stepsto find the man of your dreams:

Step 1. Let go of the past and deal with incomprehensible relationships.

Past relationships are like chewing gum you forgot to spit out. Breathing is no longer refreshing, even bitter, and you are chewing and chewing.

Learn to let go of situations and people. Stop thinking in categories “if ...” and experience everything again.

Special practices, communication with an expert, changing the situation, general cleaning - choose any. I have already listed four possible options. You have to choose.

Incomprehensible relations - those that seem to be there, but in fact it would not have been better. In such women usually feels "not quite free." And in this case simply does not allow a decent man at least appear on the horizon.

What to say about harmonious relationships ...

The status of a mistress, a relationship with the underdivided, a relationship at a distance, “young sex” is an incomprehensible relationship.

They need to understand and dot the I.

Most often, the study requires not only relationships with former men, but also parental scenarios that we all carry with us from childhood.

Step 2. Pimp yourself like a woman

Work on yourself. Both physically and spiritually. If you do not play sports - take care. In addition to the benefits to the figure, this is an excellent opportunity to sublimate any kind of emotion.

Update your wardrobe, pick up stylish and feminine clothes. The question is not only in manicure or heels.

Take a look at yourself. Not critical, but simply detached. Do you see yourself as a happy woman?

Get enough sleep - this is half the success. Proper healthy eating and a reasonable work / rest regimen are things to take care of.

You can't beat a man with the eyes of a panda. You do not want to meet a dream man with circles under his eyes and a sour look.

Take care also of your self-esteem and inner state. It should be calm, confident, fluid. Positive. Do you love yourself? Are you interested in yourself?

Imagine what kind of woman might be interested in your dream man. Just do not need to look in each counter grandpa for future grandchildren. Enjoy chatting with interesting men here and now.

Enjoy flirting and dating. This will create an appropriate field around you - believe me, you will become much more visible for the male half.

Step 3. Form a query

To find what you are looking for, you need to know what to look for. Google does not give the result, if you do not register a search query.

You can take a piece of paper and write a list of the qualities you want to see in it. What should he have? What will it look like?

Someone wants an introvert IT specialist, others want a company president. Athletic, thin, tall, bald, bearded, to cook like Jamie Oliver ... These are all the specific qualities that can be found in one man.

While you do not know yourself who you need is useless to search.

Just like shopping. You can go for a dress that you like and buy it. And you can buy any nonsense and complain that there is too much rubbish in the closet and nothing to wear.

The more clearly we formulate desire, the more precisely the universe responds to the request.

One more! Immediately decide for yourself who you definitely do not want to be: rogue, among which there are generally handsome beauties - Alfonso, sissies and other specimens.

Step 4. Forget about 4 walls

Understandably, if you sit at home on four walls 24/7 or run as a “work-home” shuttle bus. Your prince will not knock on your door himself.

Go through dating sites, go to good restaurants for business lunches instead of dining in the company of the laptop in the workplace.

Sign up for a foreign language course, business seminar, driving school, sports club or swimming pool. Walk to exhibitions, presentations, concerts, city tours, alumni meetings and old friends.

Find a job where there are a lot of men.

Do anything, just do not sit on the pope! Believe me, there are a lot of men around and there is definitely one among them that you need. Be open and be active.

Be light, playful, airy, inspiring, interesting! You yourself will like this condition if you catch it.

Do not focus on the search, but act in a given direction. Set a goal to go on 2-3-5 dates a week (how much you can digest) so that there is a choice.

Analyze the results

If you have done all the previous steps, and you have not met anyone along the way, analyze the situation.

Ask yourself the question: “What is stopping you?” And try to answer it honestly.

Believe in yourself and your happiness. Enjoy your life. If you shine from the inside like the sun - the right man cannot help you!

I believe in your luck
Yaroslav Samoilov.

How to find the guy of your dreams. Where to begin?

Before you start searching for your betrothed, you need to answer some questions. What is he, your boyfriend? Is he a reliable friend? Strong and strong-willed man or creative, but vulnerable and romantic nature? Each of these polls will answer itself and make up his portrait in his head.

After that, you can start the search. This can be done in certain places, depending on what you have it. Naturally, it is clear that it will be ridiculous to look for an athlete-boxer in the library. But where is it to look for it?

Where to look for your prince?

  1. You can search for specialized courses. The option is not bad, but quite well-known, therefore, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity quite often resort to this method. With statistics you can not argue. But here you can find a way out. For example, enrolling in courses to deepen knowledge of mechanics or driving enthusiasts - you will agree, not all girls are interested, and, therefore, there will be much less competitors
  2. Public transport at rush hour can also bring sweet fruit. Someone is nervous and glances at his watch, wanting to get to the destination as soon as possible. The other one smiles, and with someone you can go to work or study together if you are on the way. The result may surprise you,
  3. Workplace. Surely your team is not purely feminine, maybe there is someone who fits the description of a dream guy? Is it a colleague, an employee of a nearby office or a chef? In the end, who does not risk ... However, we all know that office romances "will not bring to the good," but you can try. The main thing is not to seek benefits and not to do this for selfish purposes. And then even a meeting with the boss will turn into a life-long love affair for you,
  4. You can go to the store not only to buy greens for dinner. For example, there you can get acquainted with a charming partner of the opposite sex. True, the store should choose construction or economic - there a man will be able to help choose a product so fragile and weak girl like you. Isn't it a good option?
  5. We can not forget about a good and fairly modern version of the Internet. It has a large selection of candidates. And regardless of the location of the guys - a man can be anywhere in the world. This method is ideal for girls who are dissatisfied with their appearance or do not have time to date. This is due to the fact that the networks do not require make-up, hairstyle and a detailed selection of the dress.

Recommendations to find a wealthy guy

  1. First, determine your material dreams and plans. For example, dinner at a popular restaurant or visit a fashion show (of course, apart from the desire to marry an oligarch),
  2. Immediately proceed to the implementation of item number one,
  3. Rate your appearance. But do it objectively, with the understanding that there are no ideal people. If something does not suit you, it’s not bad, but try to fix it. Try to love yourself and know that you're better now than a year or five years ago,
  4. Your weight is not a great catastrophe, and you shouldn’t make a big deal out of it. Remember, guys, your weight worries much less than you. Do not dwell on your extra pounds, especially in such an important period as the search for the guy of your dreams. As said earlier, love yourself,

    By the way, it is also useful to read:

    The above recommendations are commented by a psychologist: “The Soviets, of course, are controversial, and cannot serve as a strict set of rules, which must be enforced. But it is necessary to agree with the fact that there are many true statements in them that can help a girl to achieve perfection in her personal life. ”

    Release the past

    The model of the relationship between a man and a woman is laid in the girl’s family, and if you’ve seen the not quite good example of your parents before your eyes, the chance to model the same painful situation over and over again, but already in your relationship, rises sharply. Try to let go of the past and forget about the old grievances. Every man is a certain experience that, maybe, did not make you happier, but certainly added wisdom to you.

    Articulate your desires

    Decide on a set of qualities that the ideal man should possess. For some, it will be a sense of humor, generosity and the ability to meet you in conflict situations. And someone loves athletic men and dreams that he knew how to cook better than Jamie Oliver. Try to present your future partner as thoroughly as possible. If you like a certain type of appearance, then it’s not shameful to put your favorite actor or performer on the screen saver in your phone. Visualize your dreams, more often imagine how you would like to start caring for you or where your perfect first date could go. The more clearly you define your desires, the sooner the universe will respond to your request.

    Love yourself

    Before you utter the phrase “I love you”, learn to say the word “I” - this approach to life really works, because people who do not respect their own individuality and consider themselves mediocre are unlikely to attract the attention of a decent man capable of building healthy relationships . Learn to accept yourself as you are. And if, even because of a couple of extra kilos, you still cannot do it, try to at least start to struggle with your complexes and shortcomings. The flaws that you see in yourself, most likely, are such only in your subjective opinion. Do not forget: for every product there is a buyer. Many men, by the way, consider feminine forms to be much more attractive than athletic body shapes.

    Work on yourself

    Imagine what kind of woman might be interested in the man of your dreams, and just become her. If you want your future husband to be the top manager of an oil company, while there is not a single dress in your wardrobe, not to mention high-heeled shoes, then expect that a potential prince on a white horse sees you on the street , she will hardly have to look after the girl in the sports sweatshirt and the hair in the tail of her hair. Be objective: if you want to meet the perfect man, make sure that he could not pass by you.

    Start changing the space around you.

    Stop living "hermit crab", get things that suggest the presence of a man in your life. For example, buy a pair of men's slippers and put them in the corridor - just in case. Or replace the narrow sofa with a full double bed. All this will help create the right energy around you. Let yourself think that very soon there will be a person in your life who will need all these things.

    Release the situation

    Существует одна интересная закономерность — как только вы отпускаете ту или иную ситуацию в своей жизни, то она решается сама собой. И любовь не исключение. Поэтому перестаньте искать в каждом симпатичном представителе противоположного пола того самого, с кем вы сможете провести всю жизнь. Научитесь получать удовольствие от флирта и от ухаживаний, и как только вы это сделаете, поверьте, мужчина вашей мечты сразу же замаячит на горизонте.

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