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How to celebrate New Year 2012, the year of the Dragon


The dragon, the coming of the year of which many are eagerly awaiting, is called a mythical creature, but they are seriously interested in how to properly celebrate the New Year, in order to earn its location from the very beginning, not anger.

Perhaps the Year of the Dragon is therefore considered special, because we deeply want to believe in a fairy tale, as in childhood, but throughout the year, working and trying to improve our lives, we only think about real things, and in vain: we always get only that which we sincerely believe in - be it gray days, one after another, or continuous bright holidays. So, if you finally allow yourself to believe that miracles are real, and do it on the eve of the year of the Dragon - a miracle will surely happen.

All changes in 2012 will be positive and positive.: someone will be able to get amazingly interesting and profitable work, which he only dreamed of, someone will finally buy himself a beautiful and cozy house, someone will leave to live where he wanted to go from childhood.

In the Year of the Dragon, many people are lucky in choosing a life partner - they will meet the person they have been looking for but they could not find; all marriages will be happy and fruitful - of course, you should not forget about the basic values ​​of marriage - love and respect for each other. Financial prosperity also expects many, but here we need to learn what we were not clearly taught in school: to be both brave and wise, decisive and prudent, fast, but not reckless - this is a difficult task.

The dragon is energetic and wise - that is why we also need to learn to combine the qualities that may seem incompatible - and then everything will turn out the way we want.

Some people say that the Dragon should be wary, because it is contradictory: its element is water, but it breathes fire, therefore it can be just as contradictory throughout the whole year - you never know what to expect from it. However, it is better to remember that we most often get from life exactly what we expect (although not everyone agrees with this), therefore it depends only on us how the Dragon will treat us - it will rub off into powder, scorch with its breath or help us climb to the top of success.

If we want to observe the signs and rituals associated with the Dragon - great, but let it all look like a fun and friendly game, and we should not forget that the Dragon is worthy of respect and a serious attitude - it's about trying to please him. In fact, it is not so difficult to please the Dragon: you just have to give up your fears and offenses of yesterday, and start treating yourself and others differently, showing love and generosity.

Playing this year is worth a lot - in any area of ​​life, but the game must be fair - otherwise it will be safer to just sit out in the corner.

As for the actual take and rituals, you can buy figures and images of whelps, and carry them with you - for example, in the form of trinkets, or buy a large soft dragon, and put it in the living room - if you want.

You can even make dragons with your own hands: from wood, clay, natural materials and even paper - by the way, such figures can be hung on a Christmas tree - this year homemade toys are welcome.

Where to celebrate the New Year of the Dragon 2012

Where to celebrate the Year of the Dragon - in the family circle, or where there is a New Year's show, a carnival and other festive events? It is believed that the New Year is a family holiday, and the Year of the Dragon as well, but the Dragon is said to love open spaces and movement, therefore the best choice is to go somewhere with the whole family. If you celebrate New Year at home or away, let there be more movement and fun: do not sit at the table and do not overeat - dance, play, have fun contests, go outside to play snowballs, in general, prepare a holiday scenario in advance - make it unusual, but leave room for bright improvisations.

A great idea is to arrange a costume ball, and costumes can be made from any materials: it is not the cost of the costume that is important and not its “chic”, but the freshness and novelty - Dragon will really like it.

How to celebrate New Year 2012, the year of the Dragon, so that it stays in the memory for a long time and brings us good luck - we learn how to celebrate New Year's Eve 2012 astrologers.

New Year 2012, the year of the Black Water Dragon, is getting closer. This creature is very complicated, capricious, and in order for it to help us in the coming year, we need to meet the new year 2012 according to special traditions. What are they like ...

1. To celebrate the New Year should be fun.

To celebrate New Year 2012 you need bright, joyful, fun - so wants the Dragon. It is not by chance that this image is very often used at various carnivals. The dragon is having fun, as they say, “till you drop,” and you too must comply with it. Do not sit all holiday in place, be sure to dance, play, compete, the dragon loves movement. Little of, meeting the new year 2012, should not be limited to a feast at home, the Dragon prefers open spacesso feel free to go out into the courtyard, let the fireworks go, dance around the pre-dressed Christmas tree and, of course, have fun. Use carnival masks - and fun, and like a dragon. If you have a kite, be sure to take it with you and launch it into the night sky.

2. Meeting the new year 2012, you need to look bright and spectacular.

Let us recall the ancient myths - there, in order to pay off the Dragon, the inhabitants of the city gave him the most beautiful girl. Now you do not need to pay off, but to show yourself from the best side is simply necessary. Down with all gray and non-marking - To meet the New Year 2012 should be a bright, seductive beauty, in a chic dress, expensive jewelry, a spectacular make-up, well-groomed and seductive. For men - a good haircut, a bright shirt, or at least a tie. therefore the question "how to celebrate New Year 2012" is inseparable from the question of how to prepare for the New Year, to meet the expectations of the Dragon - only then he will take you under his protection and care.

See the special material in what to celebrate the new year 2012

3. How to celebrate New Year 2012 - more fire.

Getting ready to celebrate New Year 2012, remember that the Dragon is a fire-searching creature, and the fire is part of its being. Naturally, he will be happy to see as many of his native elements as possible on New Year's Eve. Feel free to add to sparklers and candle fireworks - and if you remember that the Dragon in 2012 is water mone, a multitude of candles floating in water will be the perfect solution. If the house has a fireplace, ignite it. And on the Christmas tree, hang more shiny toys and rain - they will reflect the fire and multiply its strength.
And about the fire, but not in space, but in the body. Remember to be energetic in New Year 2012? So this is not enough - add spiciness to the dishes. To celebrate New Year 2012 properly, be sure to put spicy seasonings on pepper, garlic, wasabi on the table - let it be a little, but they should be, and be sure to try it so that your exhalation is as hot and burning as that of a Dragon.

4. Meet New Year 2012 Dragon advises ... with fish.

Despite the fact that the main food of dragons is meat in such a way, the water branch is still closer to fish, moreover, it is expensive, tasty and large. therefore during the meeting of the new year 2012 on a plate everyone should have a piece of trout, salmon, salmon or something similar, which he should eat for the glory and for the health of the patron of 2012.

That's all - now you know how to celebrate New Year 2012, the year of the Dragon, so that it leaves only joy and happiness in your life.

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How to celebrate New Year 2018. Meet the year in a warm family circle

How to make your very first date with the New Year, and the original, and fun, and in the spirit of tradition, and at the same time home-style soul?

Women's online magazine Finestar.Ru proposes to focus on the classics and meet the New Year 2012 in the family circle.

January holidays are turning into a global winter vacation break in Russia. Live communication of family members with near and far relatives, no worse than the effect of live sound during the performance of your favorite artist.
Chiming clock.

Accompaniment im sparkling champagne. Crystal chime glasses. Execution of treasured desires.

A coniferous extravaganza ... In no way known to anyone, this music of happiness, descends on New Year from heaven to Earth, to bring joy and love to every home.

Top 5 tips on how to celebrate the new year 2012 in the family circle

1. Be sure to do a general cleaning in the apartment (house), and at the same time clear your home from you unnecessary things. Trust numerology. The year 2012 consists of numbers that will have to be added in a simple way and reduced to the same number 2 + 0 + 1 + 2 = 5.

So, to clear the space for a new life, you need to get rid of just 5 things (objects).
It could be: clothes, furniture, dishes, household appliances, office and business papers - everything that fulfilled its mission long ago. Curb the Dragon, get rid of them.

Just not by throwing it into a landfill, but give it to people in need.

2. Decorate your home in an original way. Be sure to dress the forest beauty fir. Prepare gifts for everyone and make sure that “no one has guessed anything” ahead of time. Keep the intrigue.

It is important not only for children, but also for adults. Do not forget to please your guests.

Any trifle, at first glance, a real "bauble", but how does it charge with a positive ?! And a pleasant echo for a long time is given in the very depths of the soul.

3. Pre-outline a small script of your family holiday. Let it be simple crackers and contests, of course, with surprises and prizes. They quickly blur the boundaries between children and adults. And you need all the participants to be on the same fabulous wave.

Suddenly, the Blue Light program will not be hit. Perhaps you just decide to review it in the replay, and on New Year's Eve you want to give all your attention to communication with family members and guests. What then? In this case, it is just right to implement the idea of ​​a costume show.

Dress up all honest company in whose society you celebrate New Year 2012 in pre-made carnival costumes. Solemnly distribute the roles between the guests. And most importantly, in a joking manner, take an oath from everyone all night long to have fun with the venerable public. We guarantee! It will be fun and cute when everyone starts to joke and have fun.

4. Be sure to plan and arrange a New Year's night walk. Fabulous atmosphere hovers in the air.

All familiar and strangers strolling in small companies cheerfully greet and congratulate each other on the New Year and on New Happiness.
Around everything literally sparkles with positive energies.

They will turn your family holiday into a wonderful sight. You will more than once want to come back with pleasure in your memories to him.

5. Well, and, of course, pay due attention to the preparation of New Year's dishes. One of them should be the main one. Meat. A fish. It is up to you to decide what is specific. You can, and the one and the other.

The New Year in Russian is, first of all, a rich feast, a well-served table and many goodies, each of which individually is capable of organizing a “feast of the stomach”, and together they are a real feast by the mountain.

The omnivorous nature of the Black Dragon does not restrain your culinary imagination, but, on the contrary, can make you recall the most specific dishes generously flavored with spicy seasonings. Fine.

All on the table toss, in order to appease and appease, draconian character and appetite. And do not forget about drinks in the assortment, some unusual cosmic dessert of energy components, and exotic fruits.

Among them, traditionally should be - the "sea" of fragrant tangerines.

How to celebrate New Year 2012. On the "poshok"

Be in the enchanting New Year's Eve original and irresistible. Try to surprise and impress yourself. Do not be bored and not be sad, but sing, dance and have fun.

Then you, and please the heavenly patron of the year, and will be under the safe protection of the black water dragon.

And therefore it will settle in your heart, let it be draconian, but still happiness! At the very least, women's online magazine Finestar.Ru sincerely wishes you this.

What dishes to cook?

When deciding on what to cook for the New Year, also take into account the tastes of the dragon. The peculiarity lies in the fact that it is omnivorous, which means that the New Year's dishes in 2012 should be as diverse as possible. Also include in the menu bright dishes with colorful products and multi-layered dishes.

Try to use as many varied spices as possible, especially hot spices. The fire-breathing creature will definitely like it. An integral attribute of the holiday table for the new 2012 is a pumpkin.

If you and your guests are not lovers of this product, you can simply use it to decorate certain dishes present on the table. It is believed that the dragon is very fond of fish, as it feeds on it, living in water. And this means that for the festive New Year's table you certainly need to cook fish dishes.

Since the dragon is a fire-breathing creature, prepare for it a little fire on the New Year's table. You can treat your guests with "fiery" cocktails. To do this, prepare any cocktails to your taste, pour a small amount of brandy on top and set it on fire when you bring it into the room.

In the same way you can set fire to ice cream or even coffee. Such a fire show will favorably dispose the patron of the next year in relation to your home.

Salad “Fire-breathing dragon”

COMPOSITION. Carrots - 2 pcs. (or 150 g of finished Korean carrots), light-salted herring - 1 pc., beets (large) - 1 pc., green peas - 1 can, eggs (hard-boiled) - 3 pcs., potatoes (boiled) - 3 pcs., lettuce, soy sauce, garlic and mayonnaise.

Carrots, if you have not taken Korean, grate with a special grater, season with vinegar (you can use lemon juice), salt and pepper and leave to infuse for 2 hours. Similarly, we must do with beets. After that, the vegetables just 5 minutes put in a hot oven, so that they become soft, but not fried.

Salted herring must be separated from the bones, cut into small cubes and pour 1 tsp. soy sauce. Boiled eggs and potatoes grate. Dish lay out lettuce leaves, lay on them all the ingredients, giving each shape dragon - should be slightly curved body, muzzle, tail and legs.

Each layer should be smeared with mayonnaise (preferably homemade), mixing it with garlic passed through the press. First put carrots, then grated eggs, herring, potatoes, beets, peas.

A cut red pepper is inserted into the dragon's mouth - the tongue, and the whiskers are made from potato “ribbons”, all layers are thoroughly compacted, covered with food film and put in the fridge to fix the shape.

Before serving, the salad is decorated: make mayonnaise or pieces of egg white make teeth, and to decorate the back take thinly sliced ​​fresh cucumber - you can make a “ridge” from it.

Cocktail “Dragon in Love”

COMPOSITION. For 2-3 servings: champagne - 70 ml, pineapple juice - 30 ml, sugar syrup - 160 ml, pineapple (canned slices can be used) - 70 g, mint to taste.

Pineapples spread out in glasses and pour sugar syrup. Pineapple juice mixed with champagne and pour into glasses. Decorate the New Year cocktail with mint leaves and pineapple slices.

Fish fillet in pots

COMPOSITION. For 4 pots: fillet of any marine fish - 0.5 kg, potatoes - 8 pcs., Large onion - 1 pc., Butter - 50 g, cheese - 100 g, sour cream - 4 tbsp. l., salt, pepper.

Cut the prepared fish fillets into small pieces. In each pot put a teaspoon of softened butter. Next, in each pot to put the pieces of fish fillets. Peel the potatoes and cut into small strips. Lay the chopped potatoes in each pot on top of the pieces of fish fillet. Onion cut into half rings.

Put chopped onion in each pot on top of the potatoes. In each pot add salt and pepper to taste, one tablespoon of sour cream. Cheese grate on a fine grater. Add grated cheese to each pot. Cover the pots with lids and put in the oven. Oven should not be hot. During cooking, it warms up to 250 degrees.

Fish fillet is cooked for about one hour.

Fortune cookies

COMPOSITION. Egg white - 2 pcs., Sugar or icing sugar - 1/3 tbsp., Butter - 4 tbsp. l., flour - 1/2 tbsp., pinch of salt, vanillin - 1 tsp, a few drops of lemon juice.

Whip the egg whites well. Add sugar or powdered sugar, continue to beat until a strong white “peak” is formed. Add melted and chilled butter, flour with salt, vanilla and a couple of drops of lemon juice. Mix well until a uniform dough is formed. Разогреть духовку до 160 градусов.

Раскатать тесто пластом толщиной 3–4 мм, вырезать круглой формой кругляши. Бумажную полоску с предсказанием положить в центр. Сложить кругляш пополам так, чтобы внутри оказалась бумажка.

Сложить по прямой линии полученного полукруга ещё раз пополам. Carefully place the cookies on a greased baking sheet. Bake a few minutes until light brown.

Serve fully cooled.

Tip: The inscription on paper is best to print, because if you write with a pen, then baking ink can float and the inscription will not be read.

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How to celebrate the new 2012 year of the Dragon?

2012 is already very close and the time for preparation is less and less, so you need to hurry in order to have time to meet the year of the Dragon according to all the rules. Our today's article will be just very interesting and useful for those who are waiting and preparing for this event. For a start, I suggest reading some statistical facts about the coming year.

So, what do astrologers know about 2012:

  • 2012 is the year of the Dragon, named Lun,
  • in China, this Dragon is considered a symbol of good luck,
  • Zodiac sign occupies the fifth position in the Chinese horoscope,
  • dates of the year of the Dragon: from January 23, 2012, to February 9, 2013,
  • Mascot: Black Water Dragon,
  • leap year
  • This year is especially successful for people who were born in the following years: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988 and 2000,
  • The dragon is the only mythological animal in the Eastern horoscope.

In general, the next 366 days will bring unexpected changes to everyone, not all of them will be desired, but the life of most of us will change, so the year must be greeted with fun, noisy and active, then the Black Dragon will be condescending to you.

How to hold a party of the coming year?

Preparation for the event must begin in advance, as you will have to really work on organizing such a holiday, because old scripts, outfits and jokes will definitely not roll here. The coming year of the Dragon is, first of all, a year of decisive changes, which means that you should in no case seem boring and monotonous at the celebration.

Try to organize a New Year's holiday so that for all your relatives, relatives and friends, it will be remembered for all the remaining 12 months: active games, gambling contests and loud music - that's what 2012 wants from you!

Anyone who is born in the year of the Water Dragon will be sure to succeed (since luck will always be with you), he will have the friendliness, ease of communication, which will surely bribe his opponents.

Crowds can follow him, since a person born this year will be an excellent speaker. However, concentration is not his hobby; frequent changes of occupation will make it difficult to focus on one important goal.

Astrologers believe 2012 is a karmic year. This year will begin to occur strange, unusual events that can hardly be logically explained. Therefore, it is necessary to meet him in a special way:

“When the chimes begin the countdown of the outgoing year, try to remember in those seconds as many positive and happy moments that occurred in your life for this year as possible, thank the outgoing year for all that he brought this year. And when the clock shows the first seconds of the New Year, the year of the Dragon, be sure to start thinking positively and appeal to the supreme forces for help. ”

All events of the coming year, will return like a boomerang, the more you do good deeds, the more good and happiness you will receive in return. Do not turn away from helping the family and friends, their gratitude will return to you twice. If everyone follows these tips, according to astrologers, our world will become stronger, richer and happier.

The rhythm of the year of the Black Dragon will be really mad, so the celebration should be held with dancing to the loud modern music. And the movements can be various: from fast, to slowed down - representing robots.

The ideal place for the event will be open areas: the central squares of the city, summer cottages, yards and even forest thicket, as the Dragon is a strong-willed and freedom-loving creature.

The organizers of the New Year celebrations will not be sweet, because they will have to give everything 100% - old, broken scripts, songs and repertoires will have to be thrown out and write new ones (the original script of the New Year of the Dragon), even if you doubt their quality - good mood the artist and the emotional charge of the viewer will hide any shortcomings in the organization of the holiday and in the script.

So let's summarize a small summary. Celebrate this year should:

  • actively,
  • noisy
  • in the circle of loved ones and loved ones
  • new ideas appease the Black Dragon,
  • during the battle of the chimes to think positively
  • throughout the year to give people good and love, as it will twice return to you.

What is the new year 2012

Despite the fact that the Dragon is black, you need to dress the other way around: bright, colorful, use rich colors, and black is enough to have as a supplement. Black elements in the festive decoration can be: shoes, hairpin, belt, belt, tie, handbag, eyeglasses, headgear, etc. Clothes should be festive and even a little fantastic.

Bright outfit perfectly complement the jewelry and a variety of jewelry, it's not for nothing that in all legends the Dragon guarded the treasury.

Moreover, this jewel does not necessarily have to touch something tangible, the essence of the jewel lies in the sparkling: it can be sparkling humor, and maybe a diamond ring, it can be awesome zest for life, and it can be a necklace of precious stones. It doesn’t matter, the main thing is to sparkle and catch luck by the tail, not letting it go throughout the coming year!

For the mods and fashionistas, astrologers, depending on the sign of the zodiac, determined their color talisman, which is most suitable for the meeting of the coming year, they proceeded from the energy power of the signs, their location in relation to the Black Dragon and naturally the stars in the sky.

Zodiac signs and colors that best suit them in 2012:

  • Aries: orange color is his element. This color improves mood, which means that from Aries this year expect a lot of joy and summer sunny mood.
  • Taurus: New Year's outfit should contain a maximum of blue and black. Red is absolutely contraindicated.
  • Twin: bright and juicy shades of green and yellow will help to meet the New Year even better. The main thing about the blue color forget!
  • Crayfish: The dragon will appreciate the rational Cancers that will wear clothes of a deep purple hue (blue inserts are possible).
  • A lion: for people of this zodiac sign is suitable gold color. King of beasts, he is very to face.
  • Virgo: Astrologers for this sign picked up several colors at once, the main ones highlight red, however purple, blue and green will not be superfluous in the wardrobe either. The main thing is to give up yellow!
  • Libra: As the most unstable sign of the zodiac, astrologers suggest choosing their own color, since on New Year's Eve everything will be in your face.
  • Scorpio: scorpions know that they only face dark shades, but not this time. Dress up for a celebration better in bright colors, white clothes - the best option, and indeed white in 2012 - the color of luck!
  • Sagittarius: Blue shades are the color of your element. You will find harmony with the outside world, dressed in blue.
  • Capricorn: Try to surround yourself with green color, not only in the wardrobe, but also in decorating the house.
  • Aquarius: Astrologers advise you to dress in yellow - as a symbol of the sun, energy and vital warmth. This year will bring you a lot of sunny and joyful days!
  • Fish: They will achieve a lot this year if they meet it in red and yellow shades, and they will spend the year in white and black colors.

Girls on this festive night will suit the most outspoken outfits, but leave at least a shred of black fabric. A deep cleavage will be a great addition to your style. In addition, the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity can not forget about the bright make-up and the original manicure. In general, modesty in clothing for the holiday well, does not fit.

Men are advised in their outfit to focus on black fabric and gold jewelry, so that the Black Dragon will convey to them the maximum of the power that has been saving for the last 12 years.

Try this New Year's Eve (and throughout the year) to lose nothing, I now speak not only about jewels and things, but also about a good, cheerful, festive mood. You make jokes often, laugh more and give warmth to your near and dear ones.

So let's summarize:

  1. in bright colors
  2. with inserts of something shiny,
  3. women's outfit should be as frank as possible
  4. each of us should have on ourselves at least a thread of black color, since 2012 is the year of the Black Dragon,
  5. exact shades, you will learn from the list above.

What to cook on New Year's Eve and how to decorate the table

Dragons are not picky about food, which means you can cook anything that only your heart desires and does not hit hard on finances. It is advisable to season the dishes well with spicy powder and directly from the oven (with heat, heat) to serve.

Those who wish to surprise guests, we can advise you to cook meat right in front of everyone, as they do in modern Chinese restaurants. In addition, meat can be poured with alcohol and set on fire, depicting a fire-breathing dragon.

Also, do not forget to read our article on what can be cooked on a festive table.

If you want to properly decorate the table for the New Year, then place candles on it, as a symbol of the dragon's flame, scatter decorative Chinese coins of happiness (such as a square hole in the middle) and silver confetti on the table.

Flapper and Bengal lights will not be superfluous either. However, exercise due security, namely: be careful with candles, sparklers, firecrackers, firecrackers, and even champagne plugs that hit very hard.

Dragon doesn’t really like semi-finished products, but it respects fish (it’s a watery Black Dragon), especially such varieties as trout, bester and sterlet.

Do not forget decorate the apartment (or house) for the holiday:

  • Dragon 2012 water, and therefore the decoration will be sea: shells, starfish and fish. Drap a blue tablecloth like waves.
  • Dragon figurines are also required, only the material must be ceramic, wood or crystal. The metal dragon is a bad sign.

What to give in the year of the Dragon?

If you want to know which gifts to give, then you need to remember that according to many beliefs, the Dragon is a symbol of good luck and happiness, so all gifts must contain an image of this sign:

  • T-shirts
  • mugs,
  • key chains,
  • usb flash drives
  • magnets,
  • pictures,
  • linens,
  • figurines,
  • wallets
  • bracelets
  • rings,
  • chains with a medallion.

The dragon personifies wisdom, courage, victory, dedication, will and unlimited energy, so a gift with this symbol will be ideal for a businessman and leader.

A beautiful feminine golden dragon pendant can be presented to a woman, a purse with a dragon logo can be presented to a man, and a toy dragon (soft toy) will be a great gift for children.

Particularly eager for good luck, they can even get a relative of the Dragon at home: a domesticated lizard in a terrarium will be a great embodiment of a pet. However, we strongly advise to discuss this item with the household, perhaps not everyone will be happy about such a new apartment dweller.

Our Internet magazine “Happy Family Man” with great pleasure, wants to congratulate you and your family on the coming 2012! And sincerely wish this year family happiness, good health and success! Especially curious we recommend reading the article how the New Year arose, and for travel lovers - where to go for a holiday on the New Year? Good luck!

Rabbit, goodbye!

So how to celebrate 2012? In the first place - fun, being in a good mood, not avoiding physical activity, games and even excitement. Astrologers assign a special role to the 2012 Black Dragon, considering it to be karmic. And now read how to meet 2014 year of the horse according to all the rules.

As soon as the chimes strike twelve times, put all your thoughts on something positiveSincerely wish goodness and happiness to all those present at the holiday (as well as possible to all people on Earth!).

New Year's menu 2012: we will treat the Dragon tasty and satisfying

These days you can forget all the diets that are recommended by our site minuskg.ru. You can safely put on the table any dishesthat you can afford. From ordinary salads and chicken legs to exotic oriental dishes - in fact Dragon, as a rule, does not complain of appetite!

A variety of dishes will certainly please the Black Water Dragon. Just be sure to pay attention to seasoning. This may be allspice, cardamom, basil, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, as well as cloves or chili pepper. The meat dish, filled with burning alcohol, will appeal to the fire-breathing owner of the new year. If you have a skill, try to do the same with ice cream or fruit dessert - a delicacy will look very unusual.

Choosing New Year's dishes for the 2012 meeting, avoid semi-finished products, the Black Water Dragon likes natural food, which does not have to be subjected to long heat treatment (and objectively - such food is much healthier). Raw food lovers will certainly rejoice at this turn of events.

And, of course, how to celebrate 2012 without a fish?

This representative of the water element must be on your table on New Year's Eve, and it is advisable to choose the most delicious varieties — sterlet, trout, and chum salmon for a treat. In order to bring the fish dish as close as possible to naturalness, live fish should be cleaned and put into a deep dish covered with vodka. After 30 minutes, the fish meat is ready to eat.

The dragon is omnivorous, so when preparing the festive menu of 2012, turn on your culinary imagination, but there is one condition - all products must be selective and extremely fresh, otherwise not only your guests will be angry, but also the Black Dragon. It will be great if you can cook something directly in front of the guests - on a mobile brazier, as in the best oriental restaurants. For example, a steak with blood, and serve another steaming dish to the table - not only your guests, but also the spirit of the Dragon will be delighted. In any case, remember - 2012 should be celebrated without stale products! About year-old canned food, various stews and “rusty” fish can be forgotten for a long time.

Spirit of the Dragon will surely respond and bring good luck, if on the New Year's table in 2012 there will be dishes from ... pumpkins!

Pumpkin can be used as table decoration, or Slices of this melon pour lemon juice and honey - such a simple dish is distinguished by delicacy, usefulness and will surely attract the patron of the coming 2012 to the patron's house.

Serving New Year's table, be sure to put lighted candles on it, because fire - the main attribute of the Dragon. In addition, the table with decorative candles looks elegant and perfectly creates a festive atmosphere. However, since there will be an open source of fire on the table, be sure to remember about fire safety (a fire on New Year's Eve, this is perhaps the worst thing that can happen along with an explosion of low-quality firecrackers, with whom you should also be extremely careful).

Since, in the midst of the holiday, all those present will feel themselves "dragons", the owners must not lose their vigilance in order to have time to defuse the situation.

And although the New Year's table promises to literally break from all sorts of delicacies, remember that Wise men have always urged us to observe measure in everything, including this concerns the festive meal and alcohol consumption.

We will decorate the house with the "radiance of the soul"

Water is the element of the new 2012, therefore, preparing to meet 2012 and decorating the house, be sure to pay attention to the symbols of water. It can be placed here and there. beautiful shells, starfish, images of fish and the underwater world.

Of course, the main symbol of the year - the Dragon, must also be present in the decor of your apartment. Do not forget to give your loved ones this fire-breathing New Year symbol and tell (if they do not know yet) how to celebrate 2012so he brought good luck. Dragon statuettes can be made of ceramic, crystal or wood. And be sure to leave one or two figures for yourself - put or hang them in a prominent place to please the coming year. It is not recommended to buy Black Dragons made of various metals or alloys.

And finally, completing the story of how to celebrate 2012, we will give the last and most important advice from our site minuskg.ru: then the good mood and courage with which you entered the New Year, try to keep as long as possible, preferably for the whole year. The “shining of the soul” is stronger than the brilliance of jewels, it promotes good luck and attracts good events and pleasant people into your life.