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Llama fur coat: a variety of color options


Products from the fur of the high-mountain llama have appeared recently; we have more familiar yarn from its wool, soft alpaca. A cute animal from the camelid family, domesticated by the Andes Indians, has a warm, very fluffy pile, with some healing properties. Experts say that it has a beneficial effect on the nervous system of the wearer, calms, even stabilizes the pressure. At the same time, the hypoallergenic fur allows wearing it to the most sensitive ladies.

The weather in the Andes is capricious, snowy winters with a piercing wind. In such conditions, clothing made from the skins of local lamas is ideal. Like the sheep we are used to, these large mammals provide their owners with milk, meat, wool, and warm skins.

Warm and elegant, weather resistant

Fur coats, short coats made of llama are not just winter women's clothing - this is the embodiment of a dream of luxury that is available and real. Warm or not, the second question. You can wear such beauty from the beginning of cold weather to the first truly warm spring days. Llama's long hair will protect you from frost, especially good for today's unstable winters. Designers increase the frost resistance of exotic long-haired skins with a thin quilted lining - and frost below 20 degrees is not a hindrance. The absence of a short dense undercoat does not reduce the thermal qualities, however, it is unlikely to be able to provide reliable protection during very cold winters, when the frosts steadily reach 300 ° C.

Combined models of llama fur coats look attractive and interesting - combined with the skin, fur of other animals, and dense fabric. Chic collar, cuffs, details of the bodice make the usual winter coat or a smooth, unremarkable sheepskin coat elegant, exclusive.

Models for every taste

The beauty and originality of the llama skins, the length of the pile turned out to be a real challenge for designers. However, several interesting models still appeared on the catwalks. The volume of fur offered a peculiar dependence of the length of the product and the age of the owner.

Luxurious, voluminous fur coats of straight cut in length to the floor are made for ladies of respectable, not the youngest. However, it should be borne in mind that long models from such fur look somewhat cumbersome, therefore, they are not recommended for large, full ladies.

Short fur coats of llama, rather coats, beautiful on the shoulders of young girls, students. Business women, creative intellectuals, office workers, young mothers and other young women choose the midi length. Regardless of age, a lama fur coat creates an image of a romantic, slightly mysterious, while it fulfills its intended purpose - it warms during the cold season.

Photos of short models, sewn entirely from the skin of a llama, allow you to choose the right fit for the wardrobe of a young fashionista and a middle-aged lady. Designers offer fur coats for any shape that can highlight its strengths and weaknesses. Not long products of straight or fitted cut, such as jackets, jackets, will gladly put on a slender graceful girl.

Fashion models of llama fur coats 2018-2019

The style is dictated by the feature of the fur, and since the fur is rather voluminous, best looking models are straight cut without a hood with a three-quarter sleeve. This image is most often copied by designers, as it is universal and will look good on any figure.

Shortened models of fur with a focus on the collar are very popular. Their length does not exceed 65 cm. But fur coats about 80 cm long are often performed with a classic turn-down collar, which allows you to draw attention to the chest area.

Fur coats in the floor usually do not sew from this fur because of excessive volume. But sometimes it is clipped, which creates a velvety smooth surface, or it is diluted with strips of leather, suede or smoother natural fur.

Often used for combining rabbit fur or goat. It is in this performance that a long fur coat looks neat and becomes a choice for lovers of luxurious things.

Sometimes a fur coat of any length is supplemented with a hood of the same fur. Outwardly, it creates a more cute image, and even with a hood, a fur coat becomes more practical.

How to choose a llama fur coat?

Based on the preferences in color and style, there will probably be several models of suitable coats from different manufacturers. You can choose just your favorite fur coat, but, of course, after fitting.

In any case, it is worth considering that high-quality llama fur should be soft to the touch and thick, suede should not be visible through it. If the model is painted, check the color quality for even color. Note that the more stitches, the longer the fur can be poured out of them at first. Therefore, all seams should be of good quality.

What to wear with a llama fur coat?

  • In the world of style, there are rules of emphasis, according to which harmony in the image is achievable with a combination of expressive and neutral.
  • For a rather expressive top in the form of a fur coat, it is better to select a discreet bottom, for example, skinny pants, jeans and leather jack boots.
  • For a more sophisticated silhouette, you can add a wide belt to the fur coat. This coat is as if created to complement evening dresses and accompany all kinds of celebrations.

How to care for a llama fur coat?

Fortunately, llama fur is difficult to damage - it is not afraid of pollution, moisture, or, conversely, dryness. It is very strong and durable, so care is needed minimal. In the owner’s arsenal, llama coats should be:

  • Brush,
  • Spray Bottle
  • Means for home dry cleaning.

It is possible to store a product from a llama in the general case, at the same time, without having forgotten to protect it from a moth. To do this, there are special tools in large tablets that need to be placed in the cabinet. It is also convenient to use anti-salt individual covers specifically for fur and wool products.

If you wear a llama fur coat during the entire cold season, occasionally putting it in order, but not bothering too much, you can not change it for about 7 years. This is not required, since the original view will not be lost.

Reviews of the owners

Fur coat of llama. Anna's review: “I always dreamed about a fur coat, and now I finally decided. My first fur coat was a fur coat from llama fur - I like such unusual things, and the price is completely arranged. It turned out to be very warm and comfortable! Fasteners hooks are not visible and sewn very securely, you can fasten at the very gate and do without a scarf. In my model, an inner pocket is provided very appropriately, since there are no external ones. Thanks for the fast delivery and polite managers! Everything is exactly as I imagined. I am pleased with the purchase. ”

Fur coat of llama. Elena's review: “I ordered a cob from a short-haired llama for spring, but I started wearing it now — I am not on the street for long and I have never frozen. Delivered a fur coat within two weeks. Quality class! Stitched well, the lining is tight. And really, a very interesting fur, like cotton wool or something) Soft and warm. Now I want a vest made of llama fur, but not ordinary, but normal. ”

Popular styles of lam fur coats 2018 photo

Lama - fur surround, and this feature imposes some restrictions on the model range. Very often, the llama is combined with leather, suede, or other non-volume fur (rabbit, goat, muton), which allows you to create a beautiful thing with a clear fur structure.

But let out also the fur coats executed entirely from the llama. These are usually short, knee-length, straight-cut products. The volume in them is accentuated on the upper part: chest or collar. The models of fur coats with a three-quarter sleeve look very nice.

Here you will get acquainted with stylish outfit 2018 photo fashion trends.

Fur coats made of sheared llama - another way out of the framework of long-haired fur. This fur is sheared, as well as any other, and on an exit receive a velvety gentle surface reminding a muton. The thermal insulation qualities of such a fur coat, of course, will be slightly lower than usual.

Fashionable colors of lam fur coats 2018 new photos

The natural range of colors from a lama is huge. These are many shades and colors, but, of course, natural shades, so be aware that if you meet a red or blue llama (the most popular bright colors), then the fur is dyed.

Natural colors range from black to white, of any intensity, including all shades of gray. A variety of beige, brown and even golden shades, and "marble" color options that look like black or brown spots on a white background.

Despite this natural wealth of the palette, llama fur is actively painted in the most incredible shades. If the coloring is done correctly, it does not harm the fur and does not reduce its qualities. If you meet a pink, blue or red llama (popular bright colors), then know that the fur is dyed.

What can I wear with a lama fur coat; 2018 photo options

A llama hooded fur coat of unusual and bright colors will be a great decoration for your warm wardrobe. The fur coat from a llama of delicate pink or saturated burgundy color will help to add a zest to the image and raise your mood. A short fur coat made of llama will help to bring playfulness and femininity into the image of a woman, she will warm during bad weather and bring great joy to her mistress.

This coat can be combined with long gloves and a stylish leather belt, which adds irresistibility. Tandem leather jackets and llama fur coats will also be trendy this season. You can and should experiment with Lama coats to always stay on the crest of modern trends and trends!

A llama fur coat is a huge field for experimenting with your style. One has only not to blindly follow the trends and advice, but be sure to try everything on and evaluate how it looks on you and whether it fits your image. And then you will definitely look stylish.

Stylish images with a lama fur coat. 2018 photo

The most top-notch images of the last season remains the "combination of incompatible." And the llama fur coat fits this style perfectly, if you combine it with tight pants and sneakers, or with a voluminous long skirt and boots in the grunge style. Fur coats made of powdery shades look very impressive. You can wear it with the same narrow pants, rocker boots and a hat.

The fur of this animal has many advantages - it is warm, durable, but at the same time unusually light due to the peculiarities of the chemical composition. This wool does not fall down and does not shrink when washing. Perhaps, thanks to all the practical bonuses, a llama fur coat has become an integral part of winter fashion collections.

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Not to say, however, that designers treat this wool especially boldly - except that they paint in electric shades and add leather details, leaving the silhouette of a coat and fur coats quite simple. Which greatly facilitates the selection of accessories and other things in the image. If you choose a white fur coat, combine it with snow-white ankle boots on the platform, jeans and a sweatshirt of any contrasting color.

Pastel coats will look good with turtlenecks, cashmere dresses and wool trousers in a harmonious soft gamut. A coat of bright colored fur will look spectacular in a rhyme with the same vibrant shades - look for dresses or sweaters with color blocks, but leave the accessories in a neutral spectrum.

White llama fur coat 2018 photo fashion trends

Self-llama fur is rarely used when sewing fur clothing, designers often combine it with other materials. Lama perfectly complements the model of another material as a fur trim. Fur coats from this exotic fur are wearable and completely unprincipled in care. Having such a product in your wardrobe, there is no need to take it to dry cleaning or to store it in a special refrigerator for summer storage.

Llama fur is very warm, in addition, it has healing properties. It has been scientifically proven that this material favorably affects the psychosomatic state of the mistress of the fur coat and is able to normalize blood pressure. In addition, this natural material is hypoallergenic, so these products are bought by women who have long refused to wear fur because of an allergy to animal fur.

Despite the exotic origin of this type of fur, such coats are inexpensive, so they can afford most women. With intensive wear of outerwear, it will last at least 6-7 seasons. If we talk about the frost resistance of the material, it is significantly inferior to other popular furs. It is more suitable for early spring and late autumn or warm winter, but at temperatures below -20 it can be cold.

Bright llama fur coats 2018 photo stylish images

The color of llama's fur can be of various shades, from natural colors to the most fashionable and vibrant colors - green, coral, blue and so on. There are several ways to dye fur. Method "Snow Top" or "white top". The combination of staining with bleaching, this method gives the effect of staining the base and tips of the hair. This method is often used for mink, polar fox, llama and rabbit. For painting take white fur, and the base is painted in a different color.

There is a frost effect coloring method, this is when the tips retain the natural color on any color of the fur. The only drawback of llama fur is its lack of frost resistance. You can wear this coat only in the fall and spring. But for that there are a lot of advantages - this is its healing properties and wear, as the fur is very unpretentious and well kept.

Llama fur looks very beautiful in combination with other materials such as muton, astrakhan, mink, knitwear and leather. As for the yarn, from the undercoat of a llama weave a very soft and at the same time durable yarn. On knitted products from this yarn practically there are no pellets, they are warm and comfortable for the body. Fantasy designers inexhaustible! You choose the style and color yourself!

Blue lama fur coat 2018 new photos

Despite such a diverse wealth of palette, today llama fur is actively painted in the most incredible shades. In most cases, it is orange, red and blue. If the fur is painted correctly, then its qualities are not reduced.

That is why when making an acquisition, it is recommended to pay attention to the material of the fur coat, because it will primarily affect the durability of the service and the storage conditions of the update. The natural range of colors of llama fur is huge. In most cases, this set of natural shades.

If you meet a pink, blue or red llama (popular bright colors), then know that the fur is dyed. Natural colors can range from white to black. They can be of any intensity, including all shades of gray. A variety of brown, beige, "marble" and golden shades can look like brown or black spots on a white background.

Here you will get acquainted with the basic wardrobe 2018 photo trends.

Pink lama fur coat 2018 photo trends

A llama hooded fur coat of unusual and bright colors will be a great decoration for your warm wardrobe. The fur coat from a llama of delicate pink or saturated burgundy color will help to add a zest to the image and raise your mood. A short fur coat made of llama will help to bring playfulness and femininity into the image of a woman, she will warm during bad weather and bring great joy to her mistress.

This coat can be combined with long gloves and a stylish leather belt, which adds irresistibility. Tandem leather jackets and llama fur coats will also be trendy this season. You can and should experiment with Lama coats to always stay on the crest of modern trends and trends!

The main thing here - do not overdo it: the fur of bright colors should be combined with simple monochrome outfits. For example, wear a pink or blue fur coat with a burgundy or blue dress and boats. Of course, putting on a colored fur top or a boa, you risk to look too elegant, so it’s better to match the basic things with them.

Features and benefits

The llama fur coat is very similar in appearance to the sheepskin fur coat, but its fur is much thicker and softer, and the villi are longer. Not every girl dares to buy such outerwear because unfortunately, in our country, a lama fur coat is still considered an exotic item. But if you are thinking about buying just such a fur coat, then it will be useful to read about some of its features:

  1. The most important advantage of llama fur is its practicality. You carry such a fur coat for 6 or even 7 seasons, without worrying about caring for it. With a neat attitude to the product you don’t have to do anything at all! All that is needed for such a fur coat is a brush, a spray bottle and a dry-cleaner, as a last resort. For comparison: a mink coat requires constant care in the form of a special storage condition, ventilation, protection from moths, etc.
  2. The product made of llama wool is not afraid of moisture! On the contrary, the villi of the fur coat is twisted into cute spirals, which gives the fur coat an even more interesting look. You can walk in the rain and play snowballs with children, and your fur coat will have absolutely nothing. Can you imagine such a fur coat from the same mink?
  3. Мех ламы считается довольно теплым и приятным на ощупь. Кроме того, ученые доказали, что он влияет на психосоматическое состояние владелицы, уменьшает артериальное давление и улучшает настроение! Также такой мех считается гипоаллергенным, поэтому его часто покупают модницы, отказавшиеся от других меховых изделий из-за аллергии.
  4. Лам у нас в стране не выращивают, но, несмотря на это шубы из такого меха стоят недорого и по карману каждой россиянке.
  5. Such a fur coat, although considered warm, is not suitable for severe frosts. Here it is inferior to the same sheepskin or mink. But at the same time it will be quite comfortable in the temperature down to -10.

Despite the fact that fur coats made of llama wool are rather voluminous, designers still contrive to create new styles of such fur coats. Although unusual in such a product, so enough. But still, there are certain and most popular models of llama fur coats:

  1. The classic model. These products are straight cut, short (mostly to the knees) and with a large volume accent on the chest or shoulders. Also this option looks beautiful with a three-quarter sleeve.
  2. Fur coat vest. Such a model, as a rule, has the same straight cut and a length slightly above the knee, but a strongly shortened sleeve. Of course, for wearing in winter, such a model will not fit perfectly, but in the autumn period it will add to your look unusual and warm.
  3. Combined model. Since llama wool is rather voluminous and not the warmest, designers prefer to combine it with other types of natural products. For example, with the loose fur of a muton and a rabbit, as well as with a suede or rabbit. With this approach, the product is obtained with a beautiful structure of fur. Also, besides fur coats, llama wool is often used in the finishing of sheepskin coats, jackets or belts.
  4. With a hood. Such variants of llama fur coats are rare, but are present. And due to the practicality of this product. Llama wool does not deteriorate from moisture, so you can easily use the hood instead of an umbrella in an emergency. Or simply protect your head from the cold and wind.

There are two types of fur for the manufacture of fur coats. This is a classic version (with long villus of Tibetan lama fur) and sheared. On the second dwell in more detail.

Many fashionistas wonder how designers make such neat products made of llama wool? It's simple: the material is cut. After processing, the llama's coat becomes smooth, tidy and velvety. Many people like such neatness of the product, but you need to remember that after this procedure, the fur coat loses its heat. And now you can only wear it in warm or cool weather for special occasions.

In the color palette Lama fur coats have no equal. Even if you remove all sorts of options for painting and leave only natural colors, the range of colors will remain huge. The natural color of wool is the whole palette from white to black. Including brown and various shades of gray. They can be of any saturation and texture. Sometimes there are plain villi, and sometimes spotted with a golden hue.

But despite the huge number of colors in the natural palette of llama wool, women of fashion choose colored models of such fur coats, season after season. And it is justified. Llama wool tolerates toning and can be absolutely any color. From pink to blue. And also beautiful on this coat looks so trendy gradient this season. Exquisite play of colors from light to dark and vice versa - all this can be found on various models of llama fur coats.

How to choose?

So, the first thing you need to decide when buying, will you wear a fur coat every day or will it be an outfit. It is better to leave a fur coat made of sheared llama until an interesting date, but a wool product without processing is perfect for everyday wear, but not in bitter cold.

Products made of artificial llama wool cost just a penny, but you will hold out no longer than the season. If you decide to buy a high-quality and natural fur coat made of llama, then you need to know the rules so as not to accidentally buy a fake or low-quality product.

  1. Buying a fur product from your hands threatens with unreasonable expenses, so it’s better to contact a specialized store with a good reputation. There you can ask for certificates of quality and conformity of the goods.
  2. You should inspect the labels on the fur product. On the fur coat there should be the following data series: article number, name, type of fur and color indication, size of fur coat, cost.
  3. Any fur product has a subcutaneous part of the skin. According to her condition, a lot can be said, primarily about the quality of the fur coat. For a product made of llama two criteria will suffice - elasticity and thickness. If the subcutaneous part of the skin is stretched, then the coat will not warm as needed. The same applies to thickness. If the reverse side of the coat is very thin, then in the winter you will freeze 100%.
  4. When choosing a coat of llama wool, be sure to pay attention to the distance between the pile. The larger it is, the less quality the product is made of and the colder it will be in bad weather.

In principle, these rules should be enough to choose a good coat of llama wool. But there is one more thing - and it already concerns more than your appearance. Despite the fact that such fur products are now at the peak of popularity and are much cheaper, be sure to try on a fur coat to suit your style and body type. Not everyone will suit such a voluminous thing.

How much is?

This article has repeatedly mentioned that a lama fur coat is not the most expensive fur product. But I want to say that it all depends on the store where you want to buy your clothes.

The cheapest options will be on the market or in stores that represent mass brands, but you have to understand that such coats hardly have something in common with a lama. A product in such a store can cost up to 10,000 rubles.

If you decide to purchase a llama fur coat from “haute couture” or “ready-to-wear de luxe” designers (Chanel, Dior, Gucci), then you should also understand that even if the llama's wool is used most ordinary, you are at an exaggerated price pay for the brand and design. A lama fur coat from famous designers will cost you 300-400 thousand on average.

The most acceptable option for buying fur coats will be from factory stores, where the price at least approximately corresponds to the quality of the goods offered. On average, such a fur coat will cost you in the amount of 20 thousand rubles and above.

On the Internet you can find a variety of reviews about the coat of llama fur. But you should understand that each of these girls bought this product in different stores, so it’s pointless to talk about quality, according to reviews on the Internet.

Advantages and differences of llama fur from other materials

At first glance, a lama coat is very similar to sheepskin. However, after looking, you can
notice a number of differences. First, llama fur is longer and thicker, more attractive in appearance. There are a number of other benefits:

  • Availability. Despite the fact that the llama is an exotic animal and is delivered from other countries, the fur coat from it is financially available. Buy it can almost any girl.
  • Benefit for health. By purchasing such a thing for a winter wardrobe you can get
    not only beautiful outerwear, but also the original anti-stress. Scientists have shown that the constant wearing of llama wool products has a positive effect on the owner’s psychological state. It also helps to reduce blood pressure.

The only significant drawback of the fur is its inability to severe frosts - at -20 o C in such a coat you can freeze. It is most comfortable in late autumn and early spring.

Fur coats made of llama fur and non capricious in care

With a long period of use (6-7 seasons) a fur coat made from South American llama fur
requires uncomplicated care. To maintain an attractive appearance of the product, it is enough to periodically use a spray gun. Regular visits to dry cleaning, as in the case of fur outfits from mink or arctic fox, are not required. The fur does not spoil from moisture. Rain or snow does not harm the coat. On the contrary, in wet weather, such a fur coat acquires additional originality. This is due to the property of the pile curl under the influence of water in tight spirals. That is why young women of fashion prefer to purchase popular styles and models of fur coats from the skin of this particular animal. After returning home from the street, it is easy to return the product to its original appearance — combing the fur carefully enough.

Original models of llama fur coats

Long thick fur is the highlight of llama wool. But this is his property imposes
certain restrictions on the design of outerwear. That is why it is so important to select
the style of the coat depending on the shape, status, and age of the owner.

Young women of fashion, students and girls who are not afraid to look extravagant, prefer the images of short fur coats. In them they look especially fragile, tender.
Young women working in an office or creative environment, mothers of small children and
other women buy products of medium length. For women of age, the best fur coat on the floor will be the best choice. However, it is recommended for overweight and overall size of the figure, as the llama's fur itself is very voluminous, which is why the silhouette visually increases. In this case, it is more appropriate to pay attention to the combined models. In them fluffy wool is in perfect harmony with the short, smooth pile of a rabbit, muton or suede.

Classic models - short, knee-length or slightly higher - have a straight cut. The main volume of fur is concentrated in the chest or shoulders. Among the variety of images you can find options with long sleeves or short (three-quarters). Products with a hood allow you to forget about hats and umbrellas. The ability of the fur to resist the effects of moisture protects the girl from rain and snow, protects her hair, keeps her hair. In the autumn-spring period, jackets made of South American animal wool are popular. Fur gray sleeveless fur coats especially go to young girls.

What color to choose a llama fur coat

The natural color of llamas is very diverse in shades. The color palette of fur varies from creamy white to deep black. Many animals have wool of several shades at the same time, harmoniously combined with each other. If for some reason there are not enough natural shades, you can use the efforts
stylists and buy a painted product.

One of the most expensive options is a white fur coat. From point of view
practicality is very difficult to care for her. But it is white fur products that create
most delicate fragile image. The beauty of youth and the romance of nature will emphasize
pink fur. It also improves mood and refreshes the complexion.

If you need a universal option that is suitable for everyday wear, and for social events, you can opt for a black fur coat. It is practical to use, elegant, combined with a different tone of clothing. Bright purposeful nature will benefit from the use of red in outerwear. He especially goes to the original and courageous girls.

Fur coats from sheared and Tibetan llamas

Choosing a fur coat, you need to consider that different models can have different lengths of wool. AT
Depending on the degree of processing, the llama's fur is cut or natural (it is
called the Tibetan llama coat). For shorn fur coats, wool is specially trimmed,
giving the necessary shape. As a result, the product looks more neat and festive. This affects the price of the finished product. Tibetan llama outerwear is also workable, but to a minimal extent. It is only slightly trimmed and tinted. Otherwise, the fur remains in its natural form.


An important factor is the choice of handbags. Since llama wool is rather bulky, it is not recommended to take a large bag with you. It is better to replace it with a small clutch. In this case, it will not attract undue attention and get out of style.

Sweaters, dresses

Choosing with what to wear your favorite llama fur coat, you should pay attention to dresses. AT
daily life preference should be given to fitted dresses with narrowed bottom.
Due to the elegant appearance, the fur product can be combined with long evening dresses. Light sweaters, stockings, blouses will suit lovers of jeans and trousers. The main thing is not to choose warm models, because the fur warms well by itself.

Llama fur coat how to choose and buy

Choosing a suitable coat, first of all you need to decide on the color, style and
long It is also advisable to buy different products for everyday life and
solemn issues. In the first case, a perfect coat from the Tibetan lama,
and for the second, the sheared model is preferable.

In order to save, you can consider the option of a model of artificial fur, but it should
Prepare in advance for the fact that the product will last no more than 1-2 seasons. If rejoice
want a beautiful new thing longer, it is better to buy a natural coat. The only
an obstacle to happiness in this case can only be a purchase of a fake, but it can be recognized in time by following simple rules.

  1. Wool should be thick, soft, not translucent. If the skin is visible or
    there are pellets, it is better to refuse the product.
  2. The skin itself must be elastic and thick enough. Otherwise
    the coat will not be good to warm. Also pay attention to the quality of the seams.
  3. Coloring should be uniform. The presence of scuffs means bad
    processing quality.

Regardless of the choice, the main thing is that the model fits the figure and appearance. Do not chase the fashion to the detriment of their own style. No matter how popular the pink llama fur coat is, it is better for women of age to abandon it and turn their attention to more appropriate colors and models.

Popular styles and models

The styles of llama fur coats are very diverse. As a rule, they are distinguished by cut, length, and decorative trim. Basically it is a straight cut that looks harmoniously on a figure with voluminous fur.

They are suitable for both young women of fashion and older women. If we talk about the length, it is usually fur coats shortened style (55 cm) or a length slightly below the knee (88 cm). Another important point when choosing a lama fur coat is that they are unlikely to suit girls whose figure looks like an apple or has a volume top. As in such fur coats the volume is concentrated just in the upper part. This is mainly a collar, fly or pockets.

Of sheared

These are modifications of designers over natural llama fur. This is done with the aim that the original fur acquired a more beautiful and neat appearance after processing in the form of a haircut. Thus, after cutting off excess wool, the surface becomes softer and velvety.

That is why, models of sheared lamas are suitable for special occasions, but not for everyday life. A significant part of the fur is removed, respectively, the cold resistance of the material is lost.

From tibetan

It differs from the previous one in that it undergoes a little less external processing, namely haircut. Fur fibers do not look so neat and velvety, but on the contrary, designers prefer to leave them in their original wavy form. The entire emphasis is on the unusual color and style of the fur coat.

With hood

Models with a hood will be simply indispensable in cold snowy weather. This will perfectly replace your hat. Recently, such models are very popular. They create the silhouette of a fragile, with this stylish girl.

With short sleeves

They look especially beautiful and give extra femininity to its owner. As a rule, this is a shortened view of a 3/4 sleeve. With this style perfectly fit stylish high gloves.