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The most beautiful women of Russia: singers, actresses, sportswomen, politicians


Whatever profession girls devote their lives to, whether it is accounting, law, cooking, personnel management, or traditional care for their own family nest, there are always distinctive representatives among them who can boast not only business acumen or ability to bake the world's best pies, but also attractive appearances.

The profession of a professional athlete is not the most feminine in the world, but even here you can find a lot of real beauties who gather at their performances stadiums of male fans.

These ladies are always stronger, faster and stronger, they just have to always be one step ahead in order to achieve high success in sports, but at the same time, they remain very fragile and tender. Well, let's get acquainted with the rating of the most beautiful and amazing women athletes for 2014.

1. Anna Kournikova, Russia.

Perhaps one of the most popular Russian tennis players, also known as the wife of musician Enrique Iglesias and a successful model. Anna's sports career lasted 8 years, since 1995, but after numerous serious injuries, she had to leave the big sport and go to the model.

She successfully performed in singles, but entered the history of tennis as an outstanding doubles player. In tandem with her partner Martina Hingis won dozens of prestigious awards, in addition, Anna was one of the twenty, and then ten, the best tennis players. In 1996, Kournikova appeared at the Olympic Games in Atlanta at the age of 15, after which she became the youngest participant in the Olympics in the history of Russia.

2. Kiira Korpi, Finland.

Despite her young age, Kiira Korpi has long received the unofficial title of the Finnish ice queen. This skater-single more than once became the champion of the country, and also won prizes in the European Championship, in her homeland became the face of several brands that are popular in Finland.

Kiiru is often compared to Grace Kelly in her youth, this girl has long won many fans due to her style of skating on ice, as well as a radiant smile that never leaves the young figure skater.

3. Bia and Branca Férez, Brazil.

These two blond twin sisters reached considerable heights in the field of synchronized swimming, today they are the most charming and popular athletes in their homeland. Bia and Branca were born in Brazil, February 22, 1988 and, what is most impressive to their fans, are not just alike, but strikingly the same, which, you see, even the twins are not common.

4. Ana Ivanovich, Serbia.

Next in our top 10 is a popular tennis player from Serbia, who has achieved considerable achievements in singles, and in 2010 received the title of the sexiest tennis player in the world.

Even despite the fact that after 2008 Ana has not flashed any outstanding achievements, her interest in the person is not diminishing at all, she is still invited to act in popular glossy magazines, and her official website on the Internet is one of the most visited resources among other sites of athletes.

5. Allison Stoke, California.

Allison Stoke is a famous California jumper, the popularity of which came not at all due to outstanding achievements in sports, but rather a couple of shots that accidentally hit the Internet.

Nothing wrong, the photos are very decent, but it became difficult for the fans to fight back after that, as a result of which Allison was forced to close all her personal accounts on social networks. Since then, fans and the press have been keenly watching the jumper, while Allison herself managed to finish school during this time and even paused in sports due to a fracture.

6. Bianca Cruz, USA.

The owner of the model looks and stunning body, Bianca Cruz for some time very successfully played for the softball team of Arizona. Beauty Bianca was even recognized as the best player in the softball league, but soon after she ended her career in big-time sports and switched to modeling business.

7. Maria Sharapova, Russia.

Another well-known Russian tennis player, who clearly needs no introduction, because many people know about her many successes, even those who are far from the world of big sport. There is also no point in talking about her charming and incomparable external qualities, because you see everything yourself.

8. Stephanie Rice, Australia.

The talented and very attractive Stephanie is a real pride of her country, because in the pocket of this swimmer she has triple victory at the Olympic Games in Beijing, as well as several world records she managed to make during her bright career. This year, she made a statement about the end of her career, which probably caused a lot of disappointment with her fans.

9. Alex Morgan, USA.

Surprisingly, as a child, Alex was a very diverse athlete, and only at the age of 14 she made her choice in favor of football. Today, she is a well-known female player of the US women's team, who became the Olympic champion in 2012, scoring the decisive goal in the 124th minute of the match. Today, Alex is called one of the most beautiful soccer players in the world, she is constantly invited to act in various photo shoots and fashion shows.

10. Anastacia Ashley, USA.

This amazing surfer is not only a beautiful decoration of the beach, but also a very experienced professional, because her acquaintance with water sports began at the age of 2 years! Today she has many titles and awards, and in 2005 she received another, not related to the sphere of big sports - “the sexiest vegetarian”.

Svetlana Zakharova

The future politician was born on June 10, 1979. In the past, Svetlana professionally engaged in ballet and achieved great success in this area. Now the beauty is a prima ballerina at the Bolshoi Theater and is actively engaged in political activities. Svetlana is a member of the United Russia party, a deputy of the State Duma of the fifth convocation and a member of the committee on culture.

Maria Maksakova

Another representative of the category “The Most Beautiful Women Politicians of Russia” - Maria Maksakova, born July 24, 1977. Talents of this woman are many-sided. Maria is an opera singer recognized all over the world. Since 2001, he has been a member of the presidium of the Central Council of supporters of the all-Russian political party United Russia.

Mariya Kozhevnikova

Maria Kozhevnikova was born on November 14, 1984. Moscow champion in rhythmic gymnastics, master of sports and a famous actress changed their hobbies to a more serious profession. Since 2001, Maria has been a deputy of the State Duma of the fourth convocation from the United Russia party, and also a member of the committee on culture. Included in the list of "100 most influential women of Russia."

Tina Kandelaki

Another representative of the title “The Most Beautiful Women Politicians” is Tina Kandelaki, born in 1975, 10 November. Since 2009, she became a State Duma deputy at the invitation of Dmitry Medvedev. Tina is also the owner of a Georgian restaurant and a partner in a television program for leading Russian channels.

Alina Kabaeva

Alina was born on May 12, 1983. From 2007 to 2014, she was a State Duma deputy from the United Russia party. Alina takes the 21st place among the most beautiful Tatar women. Now the former gymnast is the chairman of the board of directors of the National Media Group holding.

Top 5 most beautiful women athletes

At the moment of her triumph, the woman becomes the sexiest and most attractive. And given that our girls are the most beautiful in the world, the eyes of sports fans scatter around. In fact, it is difficult to include the most charming girls in such a small list, for there are tens of hundreds of them. Therefore, here we will try to highlight the best of the best.

Natalia Obmochaeva

Natasha was born on June 1, 1989. He is the Honored Master of Sports of Russia in volleyball. Since 2007, Natalia has been playing for Dynamo Moscow. It should be noted that the athlete is the Olympic champion of 2010, as well as three times the winner of the Russian Volleyball Cup.

Daria Klishina

Darya Klishina, born on January 15, 1991, is deservedly included in the list of the “Most Beautiful Russian Athletes”. He is a world champion and two-time European champion in long jump. Recognized as the sexiest Russian athlete in 2010.

Anastasia Yankova

Anastasia Yankova also deserves to occupy a place in the list “The Most Beautiful Russian Athletes”. The girl was born on March 1, 1991. Nastya is a candidate for the master of sports in Thai boxing. At the same time, the girl poses for glossy magazines. Nastya is the winner of the Russian Cup and the prize-winner of the Moscow region in Thai boxing.

Kristina Asmus

The 27-year-old actress won the hearts of millions of viewers thanks to her role in the well-known series on the TNT channel "Interns". Playing a shy doctor, Varya was remembered by the audience as a kind, intelligent and charming girl. At the moment, Christina plays in the theater and has a young daughter born in marriage to the famous Russian humorist Garik Kharlamov.

Natalya Rudova

Natasha was born on July 22, 1983. Despite her age, the actress has already managed to conquer the audience by acting in numerous Russian TV shows and theatrical productions. Natalia is a very bright and kind person. Rating "The most beautiful Russian actress" can not be imagined without her.

Olga Fadeeva

Olga starred in a large number of Russian films that the audience remembered: “Soldiers”, “Blue Nights”, “Factory of Happiness”, etc. The actress was born on October 15, 1978. In addition to the movie, Olga starred in famous Russian music videos and played in famous theater productions.

Marina Alexandrova

Marina repeatedly entered the list of “The Most Beautiful Women of Russia”, where she occupied the leading places. The 33-year-old actress received a prize from the feature film festival, which was held in Saint-Tropez, and also became the laureate of the Russian youth prize "Triumph" in the field of the highest achievements of art and literature.

Julia Snegir

Julia is a Russian actress, model and TV presenter. The love of the audience earned thanks to the shooting in the clip of the group "Animals". The second triumphant breakthrough in the field of cinema was the role in the film Fyodor Bondarchuk "Inhabited Island".

Five of the most beautiful Russian singers

Of course, it is quite difficult to accommodate all our vocal representatives in the top 5 “The Most Beautiful Singers of Russia”. But we will try very hard.

25-year-old singer Nyusha has a beautiful voice and excellent plastic. It should be noted that the singer did not finish music school and never engaged in vocal. The ability to sing considers his gift given to her from above. At the moment, the songs of the singer occupy a leading position in all domestic charts. Of course, this talented girl deserves to be included in the rating “The Most Beautiful Singers of Russia”.

Sati Casanova

The 33-year-old singer has long conquered the hearts of the Russian public thanks to her participation in the group Fabrika. Now Sati is engaged in a solo career, which she succeeds very well. The singer has repeatedly been included in the list of "The most beautiful brunettes of Russia."

Tatyana Kotova

Tatiana has earned the love of the public thanks to her participation in the musical group “VIA Gra”. Now the singer is tuned to conquer the listener with solo songs. It should be noted that Tatyana has the title "Miss Russia", which she deserved in 2006.

Zara was born on July 26, 1983. The singer dreamed of performing on the big stage from early childhood. Therefore, when I had the chance to take part in the project “Star Factory-6”, I decided to take a chance. Already at the end of the program Zara fell in love with the public and still pleases fans with her songs. In the list of "The Most Beautiful Girls of Russia" she is not the last.

Olga Seryabkina

Olga has been a soloist with the Silver band since 2006 (that is, from the very beginning). The singer started her career path with participation in the group of Irakli Pirtskhalava. It should be noted that Olga is the author of many songs that are performed by the musical group "Silver". This fact was the reason for the conflict between the participants of the group, because of which Olga almost left the team.

Gulia Skovorodina

Gulia is a Russian model born on July 13, 1990. Already at the age of 15, the girl was recognized the “Beauty of the Volga region”. It was after this event that Gulia became the most sought after among other domestic models. She worked with Italian, French and Spanish agencies. Now her career is actively developing in the United States.

Irina Shayk

Irina Shayk is another representative of the list “The Most Beautiful Models of Russia”. The 29-year-old actress is shooting for the famous American magazine Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and is the face of the Lacoste, Armani Exchange, Guess. Until now, she was the civil wife of the famous Argentine footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Included in the rating of "Sexiest models of the world", where it takes 18th place.

Valentina Zelyaeva

Valentina was born on October 11, 1982. The first time appeared in the magazine Vogue. Starred in advertising Calvin Klein, Coach, Tommy Hilfiger. She was the face of Christian Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Valentino. This girl deserves to enter the list of the most beautiful women in Russia.

Tatyana Kovylina

The 34-year-old model first appeared on the catwalk at the Bernhard Willhelm show. After that, the girl did not go off the covers of world famous glossy magazines. In 2004, Tatiana was invited more than 30 fashion agencies. She collaborated with Givenchy, Bottega Veneta, and others. Now she is actively working in business. At its disposal - 3 leading companies involved in alcohol. Since 2007, included in the list of foreign investors.

Maria Novoselova

The model “Maria Novoselova” has long been included in the rating “The Most Beautiful Girls of Russia”. For her 30 years, the girl has already managed to go on the covers of famous world magazines. At the moment, is the face of brands Nina Ricci and Sisley. Collaborates with the most famous model houses in London, New York and Paris.

Maria Bondareva

Maria is a TV presenter on the channel "Russia 24". It should be noted that this beauty has 4 higher educations (Institute of Prosecution of the Russian Federation, Saratov State Academy of Law, Faculty of Journalism of Moscow State University and Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​of the Pedagogical Institute). To date, the leading news of the economy. Maria is a worthy representative of the “Most Beautiful Women of Russia” rating.

Anna Kasterova

Anne is only 31 years old. Perseverance and dedication of the girl made her famous TV host on the channel "Russia 2". Anna leads the program "Big Sport". It should be noted that the girl began her career with a TV presenter on TNT, in the program “Moscow: instructions for use”, where she was the editor-in-chief.

Anna Schneider

Another TV presenter, who works on the channel "Russia 24", - Anna Schneider. She was born on June 21, 1976. Anna graduated from Tomsk State University (cultural faculty). Anchorwoman started her career on NTSC, and then accepted invitations from NTV. In 2003 she received the TEFI Award in the nomination “The Best TV Presenter”.

Adeline Sotnikova

Adeline - Russian figure skater, who was born on June 1, 1996. Despite her young age, she has already managed to win a silver medal at the European Championship in figure skating in 2013 and 2014. In 2011, Adeline won the title of world champion among juniors. In 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2014, she became the best in the Russian Championship.

Katerina Herboldt

The girl was born on March 28, 1989. Katerina began her career in singles and a year later became the champion of Russia among juniors. Since 2010, the figure skater performs in a pair with Alexander Enbert.

Tatyana Volosozhar

The 29-year-old figure skater won multiple awards: 2014 Olympic double champion in singles and doubles, three times European champion, two silver medalist of world championships, 2013 world champion, twice Russian champion, etc. At the moment, Tatiana performs in pair with Maxim Trankov, who is also her legitimate husband.

Elena Ilinykh

Elena was born on April 25, 1994. Previously appeared in a pair with Nikita Katsalapov. This duet won Olympic gold in 2014 in team competitions, bronze in ice dancing at the Winter Olympics (2014), silver at the European Championships in 2013, 2014. At the moment, a pair of Elena Ilinykh and Nikita Katsalapov occupies the 7th place in the international ranking of figure skaters.

Julia Lepnitskaya

Yulia is only 17 years old, but this talented and purposeful girl has already achieved many successes. Among them - the first place at the Olympics in the team competition in 2014, the first place in the European Championship in 2014, the second place in the World Championship in 2014 and the second place in the Russian championship 2012, 2014. It should be noted that Julia is the youngest Russian figure skater, who managed to achieve such success in the career of a figure skater.

The five most beautiful women of the last century

Можно сколько угодно наслаждаться очарованием и красотой Элизабет Тейлор, Мэрилин Монро, Одри Хепберн, Бриджит Бордо и других заграничных красавиц. Но ни в коем случае не следует забывать о том, что есть наши женщины, которые могут дать им достойный ответ. Обворожительные, стильные, блистательные, очаровательные и уникальные, они покорили сердца миллионов зрителей не только в СССР, но и во всем мире.

Ирина Алферова

Знаменитая советская актриса родилась 13 марта 1951 года. Irina starred in a movie and played in the theater. The most significant picture that made the actress known to the whole world is “D’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers”. The image of a cheerful, positive and disinterested young girl finally amazed the viewers.

Natalia Andreichenko

Natalia was born on May 3, 1956. The first role of the actress went to the movie "From Dawn to Dawn". Greater fame to Natalia came thanks to the painting of Andrei Konchalovsky "Siberiade". But most of all the actress remembered the audience for her role in the Soviet musical “Mary Poppins, goodbye!”

Anna Samokhina

Anna was born on January 14, 1963. The first significant role the actress performed in the film “The Prisoner of the Chateau d'If”, where she played a Mercedes. To this day, the films of the actress, who, unfortunately, died, delight the audience. Anna at its true worth can be included in the list “The most beautiful brunettes of Russia and the entire post-Soviet space”.