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Blender Philips HR 1367


Today, many housewives can not imagine their life in the kitchen without a blender. This device can facilitate the preparation of many dishes. A hand blender will crush nuts in two bills, turn meat into mincemeat, mix the ingredients for a cocktail, and also do other work. Many housewives have a food processor available. Of course, this is a convenient productive thing, which, unlike a blender, is capable of performing a large number of tasks. However, there are some downsides to using this bulky device. Firstly, combines occupy a lot of free space, which is constantly lacking. They are not very convenient to use for simple operations. For example, if you just need to cut the onion, you will have to get the combine, assemble it, and then wash it and disassemble it again. A blender is always at hand.

If you often have to deal with the grinding of various products: onions, cheese, meat, crackers, then an immersion blender is best suited for these purposes. If it is necessary to mix components for a cocktail, a blender of a stationary construction made in the form of a glass plastic bowl, at the bottom of which rotating knives are located, will be a good solution.

The submersible blender is a plastic or metal leg, which is lowered into the container to perform work, if something needs to be mixed or ground. It will be indispensable if there is a small child in the house, since it will take minutes to prepare meals for children - porridge and mashed potatoes. The device is very convenient to use with small amounts of work, it does not take up extra space and is suitable for any container. The disadvantage of the device is that it has to be kept all the time on weight, and with a large number of grinded products the hands can be tired.

An important characteristic is the material from which the blender is made. If it is made of plastic, then the cost of the product will be much lower, but such a device cannot be used to make hot products. In such cases, it is better to purchase a submersible blender with an iron foot.

It should also be remembered about the number of speeds and power apparatus. The more power characteristics, the earlier the blender will perform the task, and the hands will be less tired. The greater the number of speeds, the more convenient it is to choose the optimal mode for a particular product, however, such devices are more expensive.

Usually, the device comes complete with various spare parts for a blender or additional nozzles, beaters, and others. But you should not choose a device only because of an extra pair of nozzles, this bonus may not have to be used. It is best when choosing a model to be guided by its convenience and practicality in everyday use. Optimally, if the blender will have enough power to perform all the tasks assigned to it, and will allow you to adjust the speed of rotation.

In the modern market of household appliances, blenders of such world manufacturers as Bosch, Philips, Braun, Siemens, Tefal are most widely used.

For example, the simplest Braun submersible brand blender has a power of 300 W, and its cost will be up to 1000 rubles. And the most powerful and staffed blender with a capacity of 600 watts, with 15 smoothly adjustable speeds, a half-liter measuring cup, with additional nozzles (crush ice, a whisk for beating eggs, a mashed potatoes mixer) and two vacuum tanks will cost about 2.5 thousand rubles. Stationary household appliances are cheaper than submersible ones.

Blender is able to transform cooking from daily duties into a creative activity and become an indispensable assistant for a long time.

The irreplaceable assistant for each hostess!

I bought this little thing a couple of years ago - VERY SATISFIED.

First, let's talk about the merits: finely crushes both in mashed potatoes with the help of the blender itself and with the help of shredder - perfectly rubs and slices! For those who close the salads for the winter in general, an indispensable thing, a whole bunch of vegetables chops up in a matter of minutes. Thanks to the chopper, it is possible to make minced meat from not very tough meat; a nozzle-whisk will help to prepare the dough, beat the eggs, make a milkshake.

On the shortcomings: some time after the purchase, trouble happened to my miracle device - out of order for no apparent reason, but the good Philips company does not send small home appliances to the service center, but changes it right in the store if, of course, there is another similar product but no, you have to wait for it to be delivered. I think that maybe I’m to blame for this breakdown, because you need to carefully look where you can’t pour water - you cann’t gently wash it, so it burned down (((And one more drawback is that when you chop vegetables with the help of shredding vegetables remain uncrushed and have to be removed.

The thing is definitely useful, I often use a blender - I DO NOT CONVERSE ITS HARVEST!

Surprise for the beloved

With the holidays approaching, everyone starts to think about what to give. If no ideas come to mind, head to the home appliance store, there you can definitely find something suitable.

For example, a blender would be a great gift for a beloved wife or girl. Approach the choice seriously: to determine the type of such a present, you will need knowledge of some features of such kitchen appliances.

There are two types - submersible and stationary. If your lady is a professional in the kitchen and loves to please and amaze her home culinary art masterpieces, give her a powerful stationary device.

He will be able to facilitate the work in the preparation of a huge variety of dishes. Add to the gift a few sincere words of congratulations, and your spouse will be delighted with such a surprise.

The submersible blender is suitable for a gift to young moms. Now, to make mashed baby, chop fruits and berries, you need a minimum amount of time for mothers worth its weight in gold.

Try to choose a functional device with the maximum number of attachments, and such a blender will be appreciated, even without any extra words with this gift you will show your sincere care and love. You can add a present with elements of dishes:

An important advice to men is that you should not give this miracle of kitchen equipment to your girlfriend if your relationship is at the initial stage. There is a risk that she will misunderstand you.

Universal Assistant

There are several reasons to opt for a blender as a gift. For a long time, the hostesses realized that it was intended not only for whipping cocktails. With this device you can:

  • chop vegetables
  • cook any sauce
  • mix ingredients for different dishes,
  • mash the soups,
  • prepare smoothies and fruit sorbets,
  • cook stuffing.

This is not the whole list of possibilities of a small kitchen assistant.

Great presentation idea

Everyone is used to the idea that a blender is a gift for women. Nothing like this!

If there is a man among your friends who has dedicated his life to sports, present a stationary unit as a gift, because with it you can make all sorts of cocktails and protein mixes by adding any components.

Attach an interesting greeting card to a gift or write poems, and if poetry is not your thing, pick up a ready-made cheerful greeting in verses.

This helper, like a cook in the kitchen,
Everything will cook, click,
It will crush everything, it won't even ask
Just slow down in time.

Blender works like Papa Carlo
Many nozzles, replaceable knives,
The main thing - do not use it worthlessly,
And our life will be easier.

In the near future, the birthday of a friend - an amateur noisy parties? Such a great gift and its ability to prepare interesting club cocktails with ice will be appreciated. A comic greeting with such a surprise will add color to your party.

Blender can even pick up for kids. The little hostess will be delighted with such a gaming set of safe household appliances.

Development of instruments Let’s Cook (Lats Cook) belongs to the English company Character Group. In the form of a game, your child will learn how to prepare real cocktails, all kinds of desserts and delicacies to treat their family to them.

This is a real battery-powered device for children with attached recipes, following which, the future cook will be able to make milkshakes, sweet drinks from berries, juices and ice cream.

Plus, this toy is absolutely safe. Please the child with such a birthday greeting by giving him the first personal blender.

Before you present your favorite gift of kitchen appliances, think again.

If you are sure that a woman expects just such a present from you (not a fur coat and not a diamond ring), you can safely donate, and be sure to praise her culinary skills, convince yourself how nice it will be to prepare delicious cocktails together.

Such a joint pastime will make you closer to each other, give you moments that can not be forgotten for a long time. This version of the gift is rather in the style of “something for the home”, but the warm words of congratulations just said will emphasize your desire to be with your beloved.

What is a blender and its varieties

Before buying any equipment, to begin with, the consumer is determined for what purpose he wants to purchase the product. What characteristics are preferable or with what power. What is a blender? What is it for? Everything is very simple. Blender is needed in order to grind food. It contains special sharp blades that perform their function perfectly.

Now there are a lot of varieties of blenders, there are even those that almost replace a food processor. However, they still do not reach him. Indeed, in a food processor there is absolutely everything, even kneading and cutting dough, which is not provided for in blenders. You need to quickly make a soup for a little little toddler? Maybe whip a cocktail? Then the blender is exactly what you need for quick use and easy maintenance. Blenders are of three types:

  • The submersible is a blender that falls into a convenient container and crushes everything you need.
  • Stationary - a blender where the ingredients that you need to chop are dropped to.
  • Universal - a blender, which collected the two previous types in one.

Which unit is better? Submersible blender or stationary? Let's consider each option separately, and you decide for yourself.

Submersible blender

Such devices have a plastic or iron "leg". It must be taken in hand and lowered into the container where the products for grinding or chafing are put.

Agree that it is very convenient to have a compact unit that will not be difficult to wash later. This blender can grind any soft vegetable, boiled meat, mix cocktail. If the kit is a whisk, then you can beat the milk, eggs, batter. Its power is small, and the speed is small, but it has the ability to grind any portion. Very often, a small child needs to make a cream soup or porridge, and this has a weight of about 100-150 g. The immersion blender will easily cope with this task. Usually included are some of the most necessary attachments. They will replace the mixer, grinder or grater. It is very convenient to have several possibilities in one device. However, he is unlikely to handle ice, apple and other hard fruits or vegetables. The immersion blender needs to work with products only in high vessels, since products with low capacity can fly apart in different directions. You don't want to wash the whole kitchen afterwards? Therefore, take care in advance about cleanliness.

What about the stationary blender?

Such a device is more voluminous than the submersible one. It is a stand on which the bowl with a lid is located. In the bowl at the bottom there are several knives, which grind products. Thanks to the stationary blender, you can chop nuts, different mashed potatoes, mix cocktails, fruits, vegetables and ice.

The stationary blender has more features than the immersion blender. Of course, a lot depends on the power of the device. The convenience of a stationary blender is that it does not need to be held in hand. He is standing on the working surface, he poured the products, closed the lid and pressed the button. After a minute turned off. That's all. Read further what cons and disadvantages consumers found in two types of blender.

Reviews real buyers about the submersible blender

Advantages of a submersible blender:

  • Compact (takes up little space).
  • Works in any capacity.
  • Easily crushes a small amount of products.

Disadvantages of a dip blender:

  • Keep it constantly in hand, while pressing the start button (hands get tired quickly).
  • Power is low (you can not grind hard fruits).
  • Cost

Reviews of real customers about the stationary blender

Let's look at the second type of apparatus and compare them.

For many consumers it seems that the most convenient stationary blender. The feedback on them is mostly positive. Of course, you can’t do without negative ones either, because every person looks at what he needs more.

Advantages of a stationary blender:

  • Do not hold in your hands. Just one click on the button starts working until you turn it off.
  • Easy to clean.
  • The price is relatively low.
  • The power is excellent, so it is possible to grind products harder than in an immersion blender.

Cons stationary blender:

  • More voluminous, takes up a lot of space.
  • No nozzle "whisk".
  • Products need to fall asleep only in the bowl for the blender (does not grind in another container).

Submersible has less capacity than stationary blender. Customer reviews suggest that, despite the compactness of the first, it is better to use the second type of apparatus.

Model overview

The stationary blender is very convenient. Review of models will help you to conclude which one is best for you.

1. Blender CLATRONIC MZ 2619 White is one of the cheapest stationary blenders. It is designed for grinding soups, mixing cocktails, etc. His power is low - 100 watts. Capacity of a plastic bowl on 500 ml, only two speeds. In addition to the bowl, stand and cord nothing is included.

2. Blender PHILIPS HR 2103/00 - the average price. Power - 400 watts. Plastic bowl for 2 liters, only two speeds, there is a capacity for a mini chopper, there is no ice mode, a juice filter is included in the kit. There is a branch for the cord.

3. Blender PHILIPS HR 2096/00 - a high price category. Its power is 800 watts. The glass bowl on 2 liters, 4 speeds, there is a shovel for easy mixing, in it there is an office for a cord. There is a separate mode for cocktails, for ice and a triple-action knife.

Consumers like stationary blender. Review of models will help you choose exactly what you need.

The first machine is best suited for mixing boiled vegetables or soups for grinding, as well as for mixing different cocktails. It is inexpensive, there is nothing superfluous in it, that is necessary.

The second one is more powerful, so it will be able to grind food and more complicated.

What is good third? Here you can select the bowl. Plastic, for example, deteriorates and cracks over time, and there will be nothing with glass, unless, of course, you drop it yourself.

We reviewed separately each stationary blender. Which is better to choose, you decide. Do not forget that the brand works wonders. You can compare, for example, two models with the same functions and not understand why one is twice as expensive as the other. Elementary. So do not discount this factor.

Stationary blender. Which is better to choose?

After considering several options, you can decide what you need. We talked about models and features. And if you look at the nozzles? After all, there are moments that you want to cut something and not pick up a knife? How to do it? Of course, buy a blender with such a nozzle! In addition, the best stationary blender is very powerful.

Also pay attention to the quality of the bowl (plastic or glass). Knives can be metal and stainless steel. The price depends on them. With metal knives, the blender will cost more, but it will grind hard foods. Need to pay attention to the nozzles. There are a lot of them, only they all do not go to the same blender. So choose what is more important to you. Functions are also different. If you do not need the mode of "grinding ice", then why overpay. Each mode and extra attachment costs some money. Pay attention. There is a “whisk” nozzle for those who often need to stir eggs or dough on pancakes. There is an opportunity to buy a bowl with a double knife, for fast crushing of products. Или дополнительно идёт насос с вакуумом, который может скачивать воздух с контейнеров, таким образом еда будет храниться дольше, чем положено.

Советы покупателям

Когда вы задумаетесь над тем, какой выбрать стационарный блендер, обратите внимание на несколько нюансов:

  1. Мощность.
  2. Материал чаши.
  3. Длительность работы.
  4. Насадки.

Блендер – незаменимый помощник на кухне для любой хозяйки. Не прогадайте с выбором. After all, now you know all the advantages and disadvantages of these units. Good luck with your purchase.