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Dancing for weight loss


Nowadays, to follow your figure and look slim - this is a popular and fashionable movement that literally flooded the minds of most individuals of the fair sex. Once in favor were ladies of rather magnificent forms, and today - smart and pumped up figure skaters who don’t hesitate to once again wear a short dress or shorts.

If you feel that the extra folds on your stomach are no longer even straightening out when you are standing, and the extra volumes in your hips have stopped allowing you to wear your favorite jeans, then it’s time to think about how to correct the situation and urgently lose weight. But how?

Strict diets and grueling workouts in the gym? Monotone abdominal exercises and legs? It may seem to many that all this is boring and difficult, and after all, in order for the process of losing weight to be given simply and proceed as actively as possible, sports should definitely bring pleasure - this is a prerequisite.

After all, as you know, it is a good mood that improves the functioning of the body’s metabolic functions, which primarily affect the dropping of extra pounds. There is an alternative way for quick weight loss - it's dancing! A beautiful and sophisticated method that is best suited for those to whom all other methods seem boring and monotonous.

A huge plus of such trainings is that they do not require special equipment, even without a hall, in fact, you can do, the main thing is to have the desire and favorite incendiary music. To date, there is a huge variety of dance styles, each of them will contribute to weight loss.

Depending on the chosen direction, you need to find yourself a coach or a suitable group, collective exercises, as you know, motivate well, make you want to move on and, of course, contribute to finding new friends!

What do we need to start classes?

For some reason, many ladies are confident that dancing is a complex science for which it is necessary to have certain abilities. This is the stupidest delusion you can think of!

Dancing is never too late to learn, the most important thing is to have a burning desire to achieve something, and everything else is attached to it. After you have acquired a powerful motivation, decide on the direction that you like the most.

The thing is that for untrained women, some difficult and not very active directions may seem overwhelming: health will only get worse, and it’s almost impossible to get pleasure from incomprehensible and unbearable workouts.

It is recommended to start with simple and understandable movements, which will gradually become more complex and progressive. By the way, those who do not have the opportunity to attend lessons in a group can study at home, for this it is enough to acquire a self-instruction manual, which describes in detail all movements, as well as recommendations for their implementation.

The best option is, of course, video tutorials, of which thousands have already accumulated on the Internet, with absolutely free access.

Take care of comfortable clothing for dancing: it should not hold down movements, preferably from natural materials that are well breathable. The same applies to shoes - comfortable and high-quality, depending on the type of dance, it can be sneakers, shoes or even shoes.

In order for the dance classes to be really effective and to help you to say goodbye to the extra centimeters, it is important to practice at least 1-2 hours 2-3 times a week. It is better to choose morning or afternoon workouts, because it is at this time that the metabolic and metabolic processes in the body accelerate, and, therefore, the weight loss process also accelerates.

It is very important to remember that physical activity, in any form, is, of course, good, but without proper nutrition and drinking regime it will be very difficult to achieve results. On the day you need to drink at least 2 liters of clean water.

As for nutrition, the regime is important here: you need to eat 1-2 before the workout, after it it is important to wait 1-2, and only after that to eat. As for the menu itself, it must necessarily contain easily digestible carbohydrate and protein foods, which will be well spent during active movements.

Zumba is modern and always fun!

This type of dance has come to us from Colombia and, recently, is gaining high popularity balls. Zumba is great for everyone - there is no need to memorize complex movements and “pa”, the whole dance is simple, but fun choreography.

Such cardiovascular training perfectly pumps muscles, strengthens the heart muscle and, of course, contributes to the rapid burning of calories. All movements are somewhat similar to Latin American dances, but, despite the fact that in the original they are quite complex, Zumba is great for beginners and even for those who have never encountered dancing.

Oriental tales - belly dance

Today, belly dancing is one of the most popular types of dancing among women. And it is absolutely not surprising, because the mysterious and alluring movements of oriental dances are effective not only for physical health, but they help, as long as possible, to preserve the youth and beauty of the female body.

During such a dance, the women themselves change - from whence grace and sensuality arise, attractiveness appears and, not least, self-reliance. Some ladies, looking at the world gurus of oriental dances, are perplexed, because they often have magnificent forms and, even sometimes, a small tummy! So maybe the oriental dance does not help to lose weight?

The simple fact is that in the East “juicy” women are more valued, and a small tummy, in their opinion, makes it possible to better show all the subtleties of the dance. And the loads that you experience during workouts help burn calories and tighten the belly and waist. By the way, strip-plastic, which is aimed at performing similar tasks, is no less interested in this direction.

Irish dance

Those ladies who have problem zones located in the pelvic and foot area may come up with Irish dance classes, where steppe species are actively practiced. Such training perfectly strengthens the legs, eliminates cellulite and forms a beautiful shape of the buttocks, and due to intensive and fast movements, extra calories dissolve like last year’s snow.

As you can see, dancing is a great kind of physical activity, which has a huge number of advantages compared to regular sports. Choose what you like, and forward to a new life with a beautiful body!

Dancing at home

Everybody loves to dance. Someone is doing better, someone is worse. But everyone will be able to master several steps. What dance to do at home to lose weight quickly and without harm to health? For example, belly dancing develops plasticity, and Latin American dances are quite energetic and rhythmic. Extra pounds will gradually disappear if you practice regularly.

You should not do dancing without prior training. Before classes, it is necessary to warm up, as it should, warm up each muscle and only then proceed.

We recommend to get acquainted - the correct warm-up before training.

It is worth noting the following benefits of losing weight with a dance program at home:

  • Home exercise for weight loss can be conducted at any time convenient for you, and you do not have to adapt to the instructor and group, postponing their more important things.
  • For this method of losing weight, you will not have to pay anything, because you will be engaged at home with the help of clips on the Internet, while the exercises will be effective.
  • All muscles take part in the process of dance, so you do not have to think about how to separate the abdomen separately and eliminate extra centimeters from the hips separately.
  • Dance is very fun, this lesson will not only contribute to losing weight, but also gives a lot of pleasure.
  • In addition to the slim and taut abdomen and other parts of the body, you will get healthy and strengthened muscles.
  • Dancing will help you relax.

In addition, during the class you will learn a lot of beautiful movements, which later will be able to shine at any party. It is also worth noting that during the dances, blood circulation is significantly improved, lymphatic drainage is increased and metabolism is accelerated. So, with the help of intensive movements and excess fat deposits are burned. Below we have selected the most interesting dance directions that are perfect for losing weight.

Recommendations for dancing

So, burn the fat with the help of dance exercises. This is not so difficult if you follow the advice of the instructor. It does not matter, you went to a professional to dance or just watch videos on the Internet. First you need to carefully read the general recommendations for dancing.

Important rules before starting a workout:

  • Never begin active movements during training without prior preparation. First, warm up the muscles with the help of special exercises, and only then begin training.
  • Choose exactly the dance for weight loss, which you like. Irish, for example, helps to form a correct posture, movements of the Eastern and Latin - train the stomach and so on.
  • Find the most suitable place for dancing. This may be a spacious living room or a large corridor, it is advisable that you see yourself in the mirror during your workout.
  • Eliminate all the annoying factors. Turn off the phone, send a pet to another room, and it is desirable that while you were at home alone, so no one will distract.
  • Shoes and clothes in which you will dance should be comfortable. If you are at home, wear socks (only if the floor in the house is not slippery), elastic shorts or leggings and a loose jersey.
  • If you previously ate, then wait an hour or one and a half before starting to move.
  • For effective weight loss include fast rhythmic music that you like.
  • Do not wait for the first lesson phenomenal results, because first it can, and not everything will be obtained, the main thing is to enjoy the process.

Everyone can learn to dance if they wish. Therefore, remember that the main thing in this business is numerous trainings.

We recommend reading the article about how to start playing sports.

If you do not know how much time you need to work out to lose weight, then the best option are 2 hours 3 times a week or 30 minutes 5 times a week. After training, you must do stretching. Just do not overdo it. Especially for the first time.

On a note! There is no point in dancing if you open a refrigerator after class and start emptying it. Eat small meals 4-5 times a day, and preferably healthy food.

The biggest plus of this way of losing weight is a great mood. After all, dancing classes energize the whole day. With their help, you will not just lose weight, but also shake your confidence.

Contraindications to dance

If you want to lose weight quickly with the help of dance or fitness, you should know that these activities have a number of certain contraindications.

The main ones are:

  • The presence of certain diseases (renal failure, cardiovascular diseases, chronic and similar). In this case, dancing can cause serious damage to your health.
  • Pregnancy and lactation. During pregnancy, in no case can not lose weight, especially to do the load on the abdominal muscles, because it is fraught with unpleasant consequences, not only for you but also for the child. And during the period of breastfeeding, sports are fraught with loss of milk.
  • In case of problems with the respiratory system, dynamic dances are not recommended, as they can cause exacerbation of the disease.
  • In case of indisposition, cold or high temperature it is not recommended to practice dancing.
  • During the menstrual cycle, you can not do physical exertion, because it can open bleeding or severely ill stomach.
  • Varicose veins, hernia, certain tumors, displacement of the vertebrae are an obstacle for some dance movements.
  • If you have joint problems, scoliosis, knee injuries, or you are obese first degree, then you will not be recommended to dance on the pole.

For weight loss today there are many types of dances. If you wish, you can take private lessons from a professional, study in a group or independently at home. The main thing is to follow certain rules and engage with pleasure. And if you have certain contraindications, consult with your doctor.

Thus, dancing is one of the most effective and enjoyable ways to lose weight. They do not just help get rid of extra pounds, but also have a positive effect on health. So, you will look younger, fresher, fitter. Your muscles will be in good shape.

Note! If after training your state of health worsens, immediately consult a doctor.

In addition, a person who is engaged in dancing, without any problems will be able to hit anyone on the dance floor during a party or corporate party. And if you choose the type of dance that is most liked, the exercise will be fun, improve mood. And most importantly - this is what you do not have to exhaust yourself with unbearable diets or disappear for a long time in the gym.

Weight Loss Reviews

Nadezhda, 26 years old: I liked dancing for a long time. But for one reason or another, I could not deal with them. But as soon as she began to notice that my body was becoming loose, and fat was hanging from the sides, I decided to sign up for stripplasty. I thought it would be easy, but in fact, after the first session my whole body ached. Search laziness, I came to classes again. Surprisingly, a few weeks later noticed that the body began to acquire relief, the stomach was involved, and the hanging sides disappeared. Stripplasty is an excellent choice for those who want to lose weight quickly.

Anna, 30 years old: For the first time I started dancing in kindergarten. Later she was fond of them at school and at the institute. After leaving for work, there was little free time left. To this were added constant snacks, which could not but affect the figure. Returning to the dance, I noticed how my body is completely transformed. Smooth posture returned again. It is only important to organize yourself for regular attendance. Any dance is a good way to keep your body and body in good shape.

Anastasia, 32 years: It seems to me that dancing is the most pleasant way to restore the figure and improve the body. They allow you to strengthen the muscular corset, improve posture. Regular dancing classes have a beneficial effect on the skin. They become elastic and elastic, and ugly folds disappear from the body. Dancing is also an aesthetic pleasure. They are able to improve mood and energize for the whole day. The main thing is to choose the right dance style.

Benefits of slimming dancing

Many dance moves involve all the muscles of the body, so that all problem areas are pumped up. Additional equipment in the form of simulators is not required, as well as professional level of training. Dancing is an exercise at home for weight loss that brings pleasure, uplifts the mood and vitality of women. You can invite a trainer (choreographer) or practice independently on video lessons. Do not despair if the beginner will not be able to perform some elements. The result will appear necessarily, the main thing is not to leave everything halfway through!

If you are thinking about how to lose weight at home, then this method is more effective than dancing, it is difficult to find. Morning or evening classes charge positive for the whole day. Dancing at home for weight loss is not recommended for those who have problems with the spine or sexual system. All the rest can safely start the incendiary training, which will help to restore harmony and lift your spirits.

What types of dance help to lose weight

You can try to master one of the following types of activities. Each of them effectively eliminates extra pounds and gives a positive charge of energy:

  1. Oriental are the perfect way to lose weight. Learning to dance a belly dance is to tighten the muscles, get rid of extra centimeters at the waist, get a strong press.
  2. Latin American dances (salsa, rumba, samba). This option involves a smooth rhythmic movements that are perfect for losing weight. During such incendiary exercises all muscles are involved. The best option for losing weight is samba, but it requires a lot of work.
  3. Zumba for weight loss - is both a dance and cardio. Кроме снижения веса, вы получите здоровое сердце и сосуды! Преимущество этого типа танцев в том, что хореографию не придется заучивать, ведь она очень простая, поэтому каждый сможет танцевать зумбу.
  4. Хип-хоп обеспечивает эффективное сжигание лишних калорий, тренирует выносливость, гибкость, моделирует форму тела. Такие танцы считаются самыми энергозатратными, однако не всем они нравятся.
  5. Фламенко укрепляет бедра, икроножные мышцы, моделирует форму ног. As a result of regular occupations with this dance, you will become more graceful, get rid of fat deposits on the neck, arms (upper body).
  6. Step - a great dance to strengthen the muscles of the legs, buttocks. Increases skin tone, helps to lose weight, develops a sense of rhythm.
  7. Breakdance - well spent energy, but requires great stamina. Training forms the perfect figure, develop flexibility, give a good physical shape.
  8. Strip-dance or strip-plastic is a modern type of dance that helps not only to lose weight, but also to gain self-confidence. The training program includes classes from gymnastics, so it allows you to get a slim, graceful body and strong character. According to the reviews, learning these dances is a pleasure!

Home Study Rules

You can start exercising at home by online video courses, in special schools or fitness centers. In any case, it is worth learning and following a few simple rules. The study area should be spacious, well lit, preferably with large mirrors. All factors that distract from the exercises must be eliminated (children, pets, foreign objects on the floor, etc.). The atmosphere around should encourage the desire to dance.

It is important to prepare special shoes and clothes before class. She should like the girl herself in order to motivate additional activities. The number of trainings, as well as the time of training is selected individually. It is advisable to do 3 times a week for 120 minutes (or 5 times for 60 minutes). At the end of the workout, the muscles must be stretched (this rule should not be neglected).

Equally important is the correct choice of musical lesson. Russian or foreign song that will inspire you more? It all depends on individual preferences. Experiment with this by picking up tracks by yourself. Sometimes even tired people without strength and mood, under a good rhythmic melody feel a surge of strength and improvement in mood. Additionally, you can remember invigorating drinks such as green tea, ginseng decoction.

Catching up with dancing at home for weight loss, normalize diet. Choose useful products to use as “fuel for the body.” It is recommended to eat 1.5-2 hours before the start of the dance, and after them no earlier than 30 minutes. It is optimal to follow a protein diet or include more meat, eggs, legumes (excluding junk food) in the diet. No need to despair in the absence of success in the early stages, because classes should bring you only joy!

Learn more ways to learn how to dance without leaving home.

Video tutorials for beginners

It will be very difficult to learn how to dance at home, without the presence and instruction of the choreographer. Online video lessons with professionals will help you decide on the style of dance, learn the movements. Below are a few videos for beginners who will reveal to you some secrets of skill. After watching you will definitely want to start classes immediately!

5 types of dance that will help you lose weight

It is no secret that most of us are beginning to think that it is time to put the figure in order when the summer has already begun. But it's not too late! Instead of suffering in the gym on a treadmill or in the company of a dumbbell and barbell, go to the dance. They not only help to get in shape, but also uplifting. Especially for you, we picked up 5 types of dance, the most effective for weight loss.

Pole dance

Pole dance, or pole dance (pylon, as it is also called) includes all types of load - power, aerobic and stretching, as well as elements of acrobatics. Therefore, it all begins not with the approach to the pylon, but with the basic exercises on the mat, aimed at developing all muscle groups. Fans of pole dance claim that during the dance, such muscles, the existence of which you did not even suspect in everyday life, work! But they will definitely start to hurt after the debut lesson.

As a rule, girls who, without good physical fitness, come to the first pole dance lesson, find in themselves a desire to play sports and bring muscles into a tone - otherwise how to perform all these complicated, but such sexual tricks with a pole?

Incendiary reggaeton is a dance that requires good physical fitness. He appeared in Panama and Puerto Rico, but soon became widespread, first in Latin America, and then throughout the world. Unlike smooth salsa or bachaty, regenton is based on a hard and fast rhythm, so you can literally squeeze a T-shirt after a class!

The main load during the dance goes to the legs, hips, buttocks, and if you dream of a pumped round ass - choose reggaeton. By the way, this dance also perfectly burns fat, because during the active "shaking" all the muscles work and your body gets a good cardio load.

Belly dance

Belly dance is most often associated with pretty chubby oriental beauties who have something to “shake”. Discard these prejudices and boldly go to class if you dream of a pumped up press. During the dance the belly is constantly tense, especially the oblique muscles, which are not so easy to pump, even in the gym, are actively working.

Moreover, belly dancing will help to work out the muscles of the thigh, while not doing the boring classic squats. So buy more oriental attire with ringing monists and go!

Irish step

Irish step quite deservedly considered one of the best dances for weight loss. He will replace you and jumping rope, and running, and step aerobics ... In short, the Irish dance is an interesting version of the cardio-load for those who can not bring themselves to go for a morning jog.

True, the upper body is practically not involved in it, but if you dream of slender and taut legs, then this kind of dance is just for you!

Passionate Spanish flamenco is able to use all the muscles of the body, providing your body with a uniform load. The dance sets a very fast pace and has a lot of different movements, so you definitely won't be bored in class.

Firstly, the muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle will come to tone, and secondly, flamenco requires perfect posture, which means that the dance is very useful for the spine. And finally, flamenco is plastic and smooth movements that do not hurt anyone.

The benefits of dance classes for weight loss

Half of the success lies in the emotional mood. It is unlikely that dance classes will be chosen by those who do not like to dance. And if you do your favorite thing, then in a rush of inspiration, creative excitement, the time of training will pass quickly, and serious physical exertion will not seem exhausting. There are many dance styles, and you can always choose what is closer to your soul.

During rhythmic dance movements the body experiences no less shaking than when running or, say, swimming. Whatever type of dance you choose, almost every muscle group will be involved with each, so you will notice a uniform decrease in volume in all parts of the body.

Dance classes increase the level of serotonin, called the hormone of joy. So there will be no need to seize the stress.

In order to practice dancing, it is not at all necessary to buy a fitness club subscription and spend money on specialized clothes - you can train at home watching video tutorials. But this applies only to those who are distinguished by enviable self-organization and self-discipline. And for those who can not boast of these valuable qualities, it is still better to dance in a group with a coach. After all, the success of losing weight is regular and quite lengthy exercises.

The ability to move beautifully gives a sense of self-confidence, liberates in relationships with others, significantly increases self-esteem.

What dance direction to choose

It is better to approach the choice of dances from the point of view of taste preferences, and not to be guided only by the need to work out these or other problem areas. Still, the main thing that classes are fun. Consider the most effective areas that have already helped many people lose weight.

Latin American dances

One of the most popular trends. This includes such styles as salsa, bachata, samba, cha-cha-cha, etc. Per hour workout, you can spend from 400 to 500 calories, so there is every chance to lose weight in a short time. Latina is based on quick movements of the lower body and allows you to work well on the hips, buttocks, strengthen the back and press.

Take a salsa video tutorial from Yevgeny Papunaishvili.

Video: Meet Salsa

This is a fashionable direction of dance fitness. Originally it was based on Latin American elements, but other varieties gradually appeared, for example:

  • zumba tone allows you to effectively simulate certain parts of the body with the help of weighting,
  • zumba continental uses movements from popular youth destinations such as break dance, hip hop, etc.,
  • zumba aqua involves performing dance movements in the pool and is an interesting alternative to aqua aerobics, such lessons will be a salvation for those who suffer from problems with the joints.

While doing zumba, you can burn 200 to 300 calories per hour. Dance classes are aerobic exercise, in which even all muscle groups are used evenly.

The basic elements of zumby are steps. Meet the simplest of them, along with coach Natalia Bull.

Eastern dance

Oriental or belly dancing is perhaps the most effective direction for strengthening the abdominal muscles and back and, of course, the most feminine of all activities, allowing you to find an elegant waist and seductive roundness of the hips. In addition, the lessons are good for the health of the digestive system - they accelerate peristalsis and improve metabolism, which greatly contributes to the process of losing weight. Such trainings are also of considerable importance for the normal functioning of the urogenital system of a woman - during exercise, the muscles involved in labor are working and strengthening, the pain during menstruation decreases or disappears altogether.

Get acquainted with the art of belly dancing with Alla Kushnir.

Pole dancing

Recently, pole pole dance or pole dance, pole acrobatics have caused a lot of interest in women. These are all different names for the same dance current. Today's Pole dance has long ceased to be associated only with the club striptease - it has grown into a separate sports area of ​​air-power athletics, including the mandatory acrobatic and gymnastic elements. Dancing on a pole develop endurance, flexibility, coordination, train stretching, and even save from 300-400 calories per hour. During classes, the muscles of the arms and shoulder girdle are first pumped, the back and the press are strengthened, and the legs and buttocks are tightened. Pole dance is probably the only type of dance that requires a visit to the hall, because not everyone has the necessary equipment at home.

Master the initial movements of the pole dance with a visual video tutorial.

Irish dances

Another fashionable dance trend that requires extreme concentration and a great sense of rhythm. Unlike improvisation-based hip-hop, Irish dancing will make you feel like a cog in a single coordinated mechanism - here you need to move rhythmically and in step, lining up with your neighbors in a long line. The main load will be on the calf muscles and feet - dance moves are performed on the toes. Great importance is attached to posture - the back should be perfectly straight, hands during the dance are not involved and remain fixed, lowered along the body. But despite this, during the hour lesson Irish dancing can burn up to 800 calories. During such activities, the hips are tightened, the abdominal muscles are strengthened, and an aristocratic posture is formed. And still similar trainings allow to overcome complexes in communication with people, after all it is necessary not only to watch the movements, but also to learn to feel the partners.

Learn the basic steps of Irish dance by watching a video tutorial.

Contraindications to dance exercises

To dance classes, as well as to any other serious physical exertion, there are some contraindications:

  • disorders of the musculoskeletal system (including intervertebral hernia, osteoporosis, joint injuries, etc.),
  • pregnancy,
  • any chronic diseases in the acute stage,
  • the presence of inflammatory processes
  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels
  • epilepsy,
  • traumatic brain injury,
  • uterine fibroids,
  • cysts and ovarian tumors,
  • varicose veins.

The list of contraindications and restrictions can actually be much wider, therefore, if you have any health problems, it is better to consult a doctor. For the treatment of many conditions, there are specially developed complexes of physical exercises. They will serve as a good alternative to dance training.

For women in position, there are special dance programs that exclude abrupt movements and tension of the muscles of the abdomen. They are less long and are conducted exclusively under the guidance of an instructor.

How to make dance lessons more effective

For home classes, you need a spacious room, because the dances involve sweeping movements and steps. It is good if there is a large mirror in this room that allows you to see yourself in full growth. In this case, it is better to place the device transmitting the video lesson in front of the mirror - this way you can see the instructor and control yourself at the same time.

It will be more pleasant to do if the room is cool, so you need to ventilate the room well before class.

You need to dance on an empty stomach, which is why the last meal should be no later than 2 hours before the workout. 20 minutes before the start of classes, you can drink a cup of black coffee without sugar - the caffeine contained in the drink increases the production of adrenaline, so you will be less tired. Coffee will speed up metabolism, and the body will begin to use fat reserves for energy.

If, after drinking a cup of coffee, you feel an intense heartbeat, then it is better to refuse such experiments before training. As an alternative, you can consider tea, it also contains caffeine, but in smaller quantities.

It is necessary to start training with heated muscles, therefore it is necessary to warm up before dancing. After the lesson, do not be lazy to perform several stretching exercises.

During the dance should not be distracted. Try to make sure no one bothers you for an hour. For greater reliability, it is better to leave the phone in another room or turn on offline mode on the gadget.

Immediately after class, do not pounce on food, wait half an hour or an hour. But the water can and should be drunk both during training and after it.

To the process of losing weight went faster, a good idea to reconsider your diet, first of all by including more coarse fiber in it and giving up refined carbohydrates.

From the trainings spent from time to time, no sense will be. Schedule 3 days a week for hourly dance classes and do not allow yourself to deviate from the schedule. And if you do not have enough self-organization, then join the group to the coach.

Not sure which video tutorial to choose? Pay attention to the full training below. This is a good example for homework, including all the necessary elements, including a warm-up and a hitch.

Do dance workouts help to lose weight: reviews

For 2 years of the decree, I tried a lot of home workouts, both cardio and strength ... After giving birth during breastfeeding, I gained a lot and was extremely unhappy with my appearance (up to 45 kg, after almost 60!). I switched to proper nutrition ... But in addition to nutrition, physical exertion is necessary so that the body is fit, elastic, there are no stretch marks and skin sagging. Well, endorphins released during sports are necessary for our tired body. Only homework was available to me, because my daughter had no one to leave (((And I climbed the Internet))))) ... I wanted a relief press and cubes (well, that was all and wanted) after Cesarean, because many thought that it is impossible))) Just to press the press every day is too boring ... and when we are bored and have to force ourselves, we quickly give up the hateful exercises (((this is the way psychology works - we should be fun and comfortable in training. It is at this moment Zumba appeared in my life. ... Within a couple of months I became Zumba more flexible, I wanted to dance at the sound of music (although I always believed that I had the grace of a log))))) I became more self-confident and LOVED my body. It became exactly as I dreamed. For each of us, it is important to find our training session and get pleasure from it, and I found mine.

Mama SmallMarry


После родов женщина всегда набирает лишние килограммы

А вот какого эффекта удалось достичь за 2 года регулярных занятий зумбой.

Даже после кесарева сечения можно добиться идеального пресса

…Первое с чем сталкивается большинство девушек при освоении пилона — это синяки. Они возникают от каждого нового упражнения и в самых неожиданным местах — на плече, под коленкой и пр.Выглядит конечно ужасно, но проходит быстро. In general, bruises were my calling card — it was the girls who studied with me who recognized me. The effect of the constant training on the pylon is difficult to overestimate, for in the first movement, the walk becomes smoother and more graceful. Secondly, the body acquires a noticeable flexibility. And of course, combined with proper nutrition, classes will quickly affect the figure for the better ... minus 5 kilograms per month! And after 3-4 months, all my friends noticed the changes. I began to compare with the ballerina. At the first lesson, the coach shows a few simple elements and twists that almost everyone can repeat. From this comes the excitement and faith in their own strength. But not everything is so simple - the following more complex elements are given much more difficult, bruises appear, it is necessary to switch to other elements for a while ... But when it all turns out to make an element that has not been given for a long time - you feel great pleasure here, as in any sport, It is important to find a good trainer. The form of clothing for training is quite frank, as the adhesion to the pylon is achieved through friction of the skin. But contrary to popular opinion, the Pole Dance strip has no relation - it is a kind of fitness with elements of acrobatics and gymnastics. From my fitness club I participated in the pole dance festival in a group dance. It was already 1.5 months after the start of classes. And I liked to be engaged to such an extent that I installed a pylon even at home. And for the first time at home, I got some difficult elements, including I was able to overcome the psychological moment, let go of my hands and hang upside down, holding only with my feet ... I would single out only one minus - traumatic! Although with a careful approach and consistent implementation, this risk tends to zero. For the year I have not experienced bruises and minor sprains with other injuries.

holly, Novosibirsk


There are a few extra pounds

And what results have been achieved in just a month!

Minus 5 kilograms

I have a girlfriend who has been practicing oriental dancing for 5 years ... this is for her as a vent from the outside world. I went to her performance, and I was so impressed with the costumes and the general impression of the dance that I decided that I wanted to dance like that !! =))) I had enough for 3 months ... I don’t want to go there anymore! Everything is monotonous, even. This kind of dancing is ideal for calm girls, so if you go so boldly, you will not regret it! =)) Well, the minus for me of this kind of dancing is that I have wide hips and flat stomach by nature, and how much I would be fat the stomach remained flat .. After 3 months of classes, I saw that my tummy and sides began to appear, although I was sure that movements with the stomach on the contrary should strengthen it! Honestly, I managed to get rid of it only by giving up classes and starting to swing the press) Therefore, this kind of dance is not for me, although it certainly develops the woman’s practice and grace))



Flat belly Belly slightly rounded

Any dance, no matter what style you choose, will certainly relieve the extra pounds, and at the same time from the blues and depression. You will gain plastic, proud posture, a sense of rhythm and self-confidence.

Can I lose weight from dancing?

It really is. Psychologists and do consider dancing the best method of losing weight. The fact is that such activities involve physical activity, in which extra calories are burned intensely. It's simple: more movement - more palpable and "reset".

The emotional side is also important: this method is not accompanied by stress, which often manifests itself in various diets. After training, there is a surge of strength, apathy goes away. So the breakdowns are excluded, only positive.

As you can see, the benefits are obvious, the arguments “for” are quite weighty, so it remains to choose the specific type that suits best.

The best types for weight loss

Almost all styles are suitable for recreational purposes - any trainer will confirm this. Although the same mentors suggest that you need to choose from individual types, because the pair dances do not quite fit. This is true: doing with a partner, you have to "switch" to interact with him, while targeting harmony comes down to the work of certain muscle groups.

Before you figure out what kind of dancing helps to lose weight quickly, we recall that any of these techniques has both advantages and disadvantages, which also need to be remembered. The main thing - do not harm yourself.

He is a strip plastic. For classes you will need a pylon and some physical training. This style is remarkable in that:

  • Combines cardio load, stretching exercises and at the same time also strength training. Many types of fitness cannot boast of such versatility.
  • Normalizes blood pressure.
  • Practically all muscle groups are involved.. The main burden falls on the legs, abdomen, back and buttocks.
  • Joints come to tone and strengthen.
  • Just a few lessons correct postureby making the gait soaring.
  • Self-confidence. It is not a secret that for many women training on the pole is firmly associated with striptease. This is not the case: the main focus is on muscle work and performance techniques.

Jazz Modern

Gaining popularity "mixture" of elements of classical ballet, ballroom dancing, tap dance, break and other styles.

Such a "mix" is distinguished by its energy: all movements are very dynamic and quick to suddenness. It is attractive because:

  • heavily loads almost all muscle groups, which is useful for losing weight,
  • suggests excellent rates of "discharge": up to 1000 kcal / hour
  • with a gradual "pull in" does not require sports training,
  • it can be learned at home, freeing up more space and getting acquainted with the lessons that are full on the web.
The only thing - between the approaches will have to take quite long breaks (especially between the first classes). Such a sharp burst of motor activity can “come back” by temporary discomfort that comes from undeveloped muscles.

Dance fitness

For the best effect you should contact the sports club. There are many of them, and classes are recruited according to all the styles listed. Strictly speaking, dance fitness is the same dances “diluted” by aerobic elements and some strength exercises that are necessary for keeping fit. As a result, calories are burned more actively, and the muscles become elastic faster.

Do not be afraid to talk about your problems - this will give the specialist a complete picture and reduce the risks.

Tips and tricks

About clothes and shoes have already been said, so we go to those points that you need to know, just preparing for classes:

  • They should be regular and not cause pain. The first few times may occur pain, but if the pain does not go away in the future, stop and think about changing the style.
  • Each problem area has its own dance. Remember that it is impossible to remove the "surplus" strictly in one area - many zones are involved. But you can choose a style that more "beats" in the right place.
  • Make a schedule. 3 sets per week will be effective if the workout lasts from 40 minutes to 1 hour. More frequent classes (5-6 times) can be held for 20-30 minutes.
  • Meal We do not eat one hour before the workout and at least one and a half after it. Excluded fatty and carbohydrate-rich food. It is replaced by vegetables, fish, moderate amounts of meat and "jelly".
  • If you decide to engage at home, then make sure that there is enough space and clothing does not cling to the corners. A five-time schedule with approaches for half an hour is considered optimal for home dancing.

  • It is not necessary to throw, if some element did not come out immediately. All the same skill is a new business.
We mention about this factor as contraindications. In pursuit of beauty is to soberly calculate the capabilities of the body. Dancing is not suitable for women who have problems with the heart, blood vessels, high blood pressure and breathing, as well as injuries.

Before starting training, it is better to consult a doctor, especially if the disease is in a chronic form.

Now you know what different dances are useful for and how they are. We hope that this information will help to accurately select the desired style. More positive emotions and bright colors!

Slim body and strong immunity

Dancing is a good alternative to low-calorie diets. Their effectiveness for losing weight is confirmed by many experts, including psychologists. Movement to music always contributes to the production of endorphins, elevating mood and getting rid of stress, unlike the feeling of hunger that accompanies all diets. Stress, accompanied by a diet, a bad effect on health. In terms of their effectiveness for weight loss, dancing can compete with fitness: during one dance lesson, fat is burned as much as during sports training. Each woman herself decides which dance to prefer.

The most feminine are the oriental dances, and this is understandable, their benefits for losing weight can not be overestimated:

  • with their help strengthens the abdominal muscles, priests and thighs,
  • increased blood flow in the abdomen,
  • intimate muscles are strengthened
  • improving women's health, including childbearing,
  • joints become more mobile, the spine becomes stronger.

The most energetic are hip-hop and break dance, but not everyone can learn it. Zumba is a good cardio training, with the help of such movements you can not only lose weight quickly, but also strengthen your heart muscle and increase your endurance. During the dance for weight loss improves blood circulation, speeds up the metabolism, strengthens muscles, burns calories, clears the lymph.

Incendiary Latin American movements are not less beneficial to health, with their help:

  • legs and hips are strengthened
  • decreases the fatty layer on the abdomen,
  • the silhouette becomes slim and feminine
  • vascular walls strengthen and blood circulation increases, which is a good prevention of varicose veins.

How to lose weight and have fun

Weight loss will be more productive during more rhythmic workouts. Before you decide for yourself what dance to do at home to lose weight, you can visit the trial lessons in the studio, they are usually free. Those who do not have time for this can be recommended video tutorials.
It is important to achieve results in losing weight, to create at home a comfortable environment for this, namely:

  • choose a spacious place in the apartment so that the pieces of furniture do not interfere,
  • make comfortable clothes and shoes
  • find the right music
  • it is better to spend the first lesson alone with yourself so that no one will be embarrassed or distracted.

It is good, if there is a mirror in the chosen place, it will help to work out the movements and see the flaws. It is better to turn off phones, one call can change all plans or distract from training. The choice of clothes for dance is of great importance in order to set the mood for him and to admire his reflection in the mirror the attire should be sexy and emphasize every movement, then the benefits of training will not only be for weight loss. Footwear is also of great importance, it should be comfortable and better not new, in order not to purchase corns. To create a mood when performing flamenco, you can decorate your hair with flowers, while performing an oriental dance, a scarf tied to the hips will help. To achieve results in losing weight, it is recommended to dance at least 5 times a week, and the duration of the workout should be at least half an hour.

Tips for beginner dancers:

  • It will be more effective for losing weight if you do not empty the refrigerator right after a workout, you need to eat no sooner than half an hour later and only healthy food: protein and vegetables,
  • it is also not recommended to eat before classes, it is better to do this an hour before the dances,
  • will help to master the difficult movements and to cope with the load energy drinks, such as green tea with ginseng or coffee without sugar.

If at first not everything works out, you do not have to get upset, at the next training session, the movements will be more confident, and the muscles will be stronger.

Caution does not hurt

Despite all the benefits of dancing for the body, you should be careful with their choice, since each type has its own contraindications. The choice of a slimming dance should be influenced by the attending physician, he will tell you what kind of workout is suitable for a particular case.

Fast Latin dances, as well as zumba, hip-hop and break are contraindicated:

  • with heart disease,
  • asthmatics,
  • hypertensives
  • if there are problems with the spine.

Belly Dancing for weight loss is not recommended for women:

  • with venous insufficiency,
  • in the presence of gynecological diseases of acute inflammatory nature or cancer,
  • if there is a displacement of the spine or hernia.

On the pylon you can not deal with people in whose history there are:

  • scoliosis,
  • injuries of joints and ankles,
  • severe obesity.

You can not engage in any type of dance during pregnancy, during acute respiratory diseases, accompanied by fever, and if there were previously observed convulsions of the limbs. Everyone else who wants to lose weight welcome to the home dance floor!

Making a choice is hard enough

If you didn’t have to do it before, it’s hard to make a choice and decide which dances help you lose weight quickly. In fact, any dance will help to lose weight, the main condition for the regularity of classes.

Better help to get rid of excess weight single lessons than steam. This is explained by the fact that during pair training, it is necessary to concentrate on the partner and his movements, while during individual classes attention is paid to how the muscles of the body work. What to look for when choosing? In fact, in what zone you need to lose weight and which muscle groups to strengthen, do not forget about personal preferences.

  • belly dancing is suitable for women whose stomach is a problem area and wanting to strengthen the muscles of the arms and back,
  • rhythmic Latin American dances contribute to the strengthening of all muscles - this is the most reliable way to lose weight, but their choice should take into account contraindications,
  • flamenco for graceful and passionate women, it will help improve the tone of the leg muscles and strengthen the buttocks,
  • Plastic strip consists of elements of Latin American and Oriental dance, with its help you can not only demonstrate your sexuality, but also get rid of the abdomen, strengthen your back and tighten the muscles of your buttocks.

Any movement improves health and strengthens certain muscle groups, but for women the best way to lose weight and form a beautiful silhouette is belly dancing.

The advantage of belly dancing is that to perform its most feminine movements do not need any special conditions. So, for example, a pole is needed to make a stripper, a special footwear for flamenco. The main factor for the proper performance of belly dancing is the ability to keep the body in balance. Mastering the eastern movement is not so difficult, video lessons will help. Make the right choice in favor of any of the directions, you can only try his movements and feeling inspired. Home dance classes are not demonstrative competitive performances, so do not be upset if the movements are awkward. Regular training will help you gain experience, and then the extra weight will disappear, your walk will become graceful, your back will be straight, and a naughty light will appear in your eyes.

Olesya, 19 years old: Despite the fact that she dreamed about dancing since childhood, only recently she was able to fulfill her cherished desire - to register for choreography. I think the main impetus for this is overweight. The simplest style seemed stripplasty, and I chose it. After a month of classes, I found relief on my stomach and the almost complete disappearance of cellulite. Another plus is that the gait has changed, it has become smooth and sexy. I feel that men pay attention, although the strong sex did not indulge me, due to the tight figure, before the dance classes paid special attention.

Valeria, 22 years old: I have been doing choreography since I was in junior high school, so problems with the figure are unfamiliar to me, my favorite activity did not allow me to gain excess weight. Now I study at the institute, but I don’t give up dancing — it is they who give me a charge of energy, immersion into a wonderful holiday atmosphere, and, most importantly, they help me to keep an amazing physical shape, and without diets and gymnastics.

Marta, 26 years old: I always thought that dancing is just beautiful art, but after I first set foot on the floor five years ago, I was convinced that it was also a wonderful way to lose weight and get a smart figure. In just one year of intensive choreography, the muscles became elastic and prominent, and the fat folds, which had to be hidden under wide dresses, disappeared completely.