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Alcohol cocktails New Year recipes 2019 the most delicious!


No meeting of the holiday is complete without alcoholic beverages. And especially New Year. For our population, not to drink a glass of sparkling champagne to the chiming clock is to commit a crime. Even if you are an avid sober once a year, you can and should please yourself with delicious New Year's cocktails. What cocktails are best prepared for the New Year's Eve 2013 will be discussed in this article.

The modern variety of alcoholic beverages is simply striking in its scale. They differ among themselves in strength, price, taste and degree of severity of perception by the body. Ordinary drinks, such as champagne, cognac, whiskey, and vodka, may be appropriate for New Year's Eve. But it will be just wonderful to triple yourself a real holiday, having prepared several types of cocktails.

There is an opinion that alcohol should not be mixed, since the next day there may be serious health problems, in the form of a severe headache. However, this should not stop you. A good meeting of the New Year should be remembered for a long time, so do not deny yourself anything and with pleasure try new tasty drinks.

To celebrate the New Year, you need to prepare the most creative and incredibly beautiful cocktails. If you are planning to celebrate the New Year 2013 abroad or at a nightclub, then you will not have to wrestle with the preparation of cocktails. Bartenders cook everything at its best. True, such cocktails are not cheap, but you definitely don’t need to save at the meeting of the main holiday of the year.

If you decide to celebrate the holiday at home, this is not a reason to refuse delicious cocktails. You just need to stock up on all the necessary devices and ingredients.


Such cocktails are also needed on New Year's Eve. First, if you always drink alcohol, then you can not wait until twelve nights. And secondly, if you have little children, then such a drink will be a real little gift for them.

"New Year Mahito"

  • Cane sugar - 1 l.
  • Sugar - 1 l.
  • Lemon - 1 tsp.
  • Lime - half
  • Mint
  • Shop Sprite
  • Ice

Preparation of "New Year's Mahito":

  1. We decorate a glass. Squeeze lemon juice in a saucer, dip a glass in it (the edges should be wet), then dip it in sugar.
  2. At the bottom of the glass squeeze the juice from the half lime (better to take it, because the lemon is too sour) and add all the cane sugar.
  3. Take a few sprigs of mint, remove the sticks and finely chop the leaves. Add them to the sugar and lime juice.
  4. How should we mix the ingredients, you can crush them.
  5. Add ice cubes to the glass and fill it with sprite. Cocktail is ready.

"New Year's milk"

  • Milk - 1 l.
  • Raisins - 2 tbsp.
  • Ginger - 2 tbsp.
  • Honey - 3-4 tbsp.
  • Half orange
  • Whipped cream
  • Pinch of cinnamon

Preparation of New Year's Milk cocktail:

  1. In a saucepan, heat the milk. Add the ground ginger, raisins, honey and orange slices.
  2. After the milk boils, it should cook over low heat for about 5 minutes. Then pour it into prepared cups.
  3. We cover our milk with whipped cream.
  4. Sprinkle milk over cinnamon or your other favorite spices.

On New Year's Eve every person needs to try something new, why not start with a cocktail.

New Year's cocktails alcoholic recipes cheap 2019 NEW PHOTO

Cocktail "Invigorating freshness"

To make frozen coffee, take 5 large tablespoons of coffee (instantly soluble) in 1/4 liter of water. Make coffee (without sugar), as you usually do, wait for it to cool, then put it in the freezer. After the coffee turns into a piece of ice, beat it, but not finely, and add pieces of iced coffee in glasses with whiskey or brandy.

Here you will get acquainted with New Year's desserts 2019 NEW interesting recipes from PHOTO.

New Year cocktails with vodka 2019 delicious recipes NEW PRODUCTS photo

It is established that the word "vodka" comes from the "water". However, in ancient times, along with the name “vodka”, there were others - hot wine, bread wine, etc. Currently, the alcohol content in domestic vodka production is 40-56%. Therefore, it is preferable to drink vodka mixed with something weaker.


  • Vodka - 30 ml.
  • White dessert vermouth - 20 ml.
  • Pineapple juice or mango juice - 20 ml.
  • Pineapples or apricots - 5-10 g.
  • Ice - 1-2 kus.

Pineapples or apricots cut into small cubes in a glass with ice, and then add all the above components. For fruit file a spoon.

New Year's cocktails alcoholic recipes at home 2019 PHOTO best options

Each company is unique in its tastes and participants. However, everyone dreams of having a holiday with fun and taste. For those who conceived beautifully to take guests on New Year's Eve and pamper their taste buds, we have compiled a ranking of the best cocktails for the New Year. We specially selected recipes that are easy to reproduce at home. New Year cocktails with a degree go great on a long holiday night. We focus on the fact that tasty alcoholic drinks are perfectly mixed with their hands at home, if you know the correct proportions and sequence of actions.

New Year's cocktails alcoholic recipes with champagne 2019 VERY tasty

In addition to the usual traditional drinks - champagne for the beat of chimes, wines for hot and icy vodka for herring “under a fur coat” - many different drinks can be prepared for the festive table. For example, bright cocktails that will be very appropriate for this New Year's Eve (after all, it is known that the word “cocktail” means “cock of a cock”). For those who are not sitting in front of the TV and are sent to launch fireworks and wish balls in the frost, hot New Year's drinks in 2019 will be the best choice. Fans of magic bubbles will appreciate alcoholic cocktails based on champagne.

Here you will get acquainted with Christmas salads 2019 MOST TASTY AND LIGHT RECIPES photos.

Winter bruce

  • 750 ml of champagne,
  • 750 ml of dry red wine,
  • 200 g frozen cherries (seedless),
  • 200 ml of orange juice,
  • 100 g of sugar.

Pour the cherries with sugar, pour orange juice and 1 cup of wine. Put the mixture in the refrigerator for 1 hour. In a large jug, combine the cherries with the juice and wine with the remaining wine. Stir the drink, pour it into glasses and add champagne.

New Year's Alcoholic Cocktail Santa Claus Hat 2019 PHOTO

The original red digestif with a cap of foam resembles a traditional Christmas hat, decorated with white fur. For one bottle of champagne you will need a jar of canned cherries, one medium-sized lemon and a few sprigs of rosemary. Squeeze the cherry juice thoroughly, add the rosemary whole and heat it for 5-10 minutes over low heat without boiling. Strain the cooled liquid and pour 2-3 tablespoons into each glass. Add cold champagne and squeeze a few drops of lemon juice. Garnish with rosemary or canned cherries, serve immediately.

New Year's cocktail shots 2019 the most delicious PHOTO recipes

B-52 - one of the most famous cocktails! It is impossible to imagine a single club party without this drink, which conquered all the continents. In the middle of the last century, this tricolor sweet drink was created in one of the Malibu bars. The name was given to him in honor of the American Boeing B-52 bomber bomber. There are other versions of the origin of this cocktail, but the version with a bomber is still considered the most real. Cook B-52 preferably in the presence of the guest who ordered it, firstly, to impress with their knowledge and skills, and, secondly, it is necessary to explain how to drink this shot.
To cook you will need:

  • Coffee liqueur (Kahlúa) - 20 ml - bottom layer
  • Then Creamy liqueur (Baileys) - 20 ml
  • And the top layer will be Orange liqueur (Cointreau) - 20 ml

All the difficulty lies in the uniform distribution of drinks - so that they do not mix. Add liqueurs should be on the blade of the knife or the back side of a cocktail spoon. This should be done slowly and carefully. When the drink is ready, you can just drink it, or you can set it on fire. In the second case, it is necessary to drink through a straw, lowering it to the lowest layer and very quickly so that the tube does not melt, and instead of the delicious taste of B-52, you did not feel the taste of molten plastic. It is not recommended to abuse the drink, since after 3-4 servings the euphoria can end and become intoxicated.

Multi-layered "Shots" - one of the most complex options for cocktails. Preparation requires skill, patience and accuracy. As well as knowledge of the recipe or the density table of ingredients. Shots are great for a fun company in survival games, such as Semerochka.

Cocktails for the New Year's table 2019 most popular PHOTO recipes

Chocolate Egg Feet
Christmas-New Year's Egg Leg cocktail with spices. Popular in Europe and the United States festive drink Egg Foot, which is served at Christmas. It looks something like a eggnog. Prepare a spiced drink with the addition of alcohol - eggnog in the pre-New Year period. This wonderful milky-egg cocktail has long been considered a festive drink. It is extremely popular in the USA on holidays. It takes a long time to prepare, but the result is simply fabulous.
Briefly about this recipe: Egg-milk shake with spices and alcohol
You will need:

  • 50 g dark chocolate
  • 5 tbsp. of milk
  • 8 eggs
  • 1 tbsp. cream 20%
  • 1 tbsp. brandy
  • 1/4 Art. dark rum
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar (can be white)
  • 1/2 tsp ground nutmeg
  • 1 tsp vanilla sugar

  1. In a large saucepan, mix the milk with the chocolate pieces and stir until it dissolves. At moderate heat bring almost to the boiling point.
  2. Meanwhile, in a large bowl, beat the eggs with brown sugar into a white foam. Add nutmeg and vanilla sugar.
  3. Pour half of the warmed milk mixture into the egg and whisk thoroughly. Then pour into a saucepan with milk, put on a low heat and, stirring carefully, add alcohol and cream.
  4. Cook over low heat, do not bring to a boil and continuously stir with a whisk until the mixture thickens to a creamy state. Carefully ensure that the mixture does not burn.
  5. Ready eggnog cover with plastic wrap and put at least 3-5 hours in the refrigerator.
  6. Before serving, pour in glasses and sprinkle with grated chocolate. Serve with dessert spoons, as the drink is thick.

Here you will get acquainted with the 2019 Fashionable New Year's toys luxury trends.

Christmas cocktails from the available products 2019 BEST RECIPES photo

Cocktail "Rum with ice cream"
Very simple cocktail with rum, although it does not affect the taste. Gentle and cream - it is associated with the New Year!
In the process of how the ice cream melts - the cocktail becomes layered.


  • 60 ml dark rum
  • 100 g vanilla ice cream
  • 1 slice of bitter chocolate
  • 60 g of crushed ice

  1. Glass filled with ice and pour it with 10 ml of rum.
  2. Put the ice cream in a blender, add the rum (50 ml) and mix to a uniform consistency. Put in a glass on the ice.
  3. Chocolate grate on a fine grater and decorate them with a cocktail.

Alcoholic cocktails

A significant part of the classic mixed drinks is prepared on the basis of strong alcohol. The additional ingredients in their composition significantly soften the degree of the main component, give it a more refined taste and aroma. It should be remembered that rum, vodka or gin goes well with tart fruit juices, coffee, cream and milk. Consider the traditional recipes of strong alcoholic cocktails, served as an aperitif before the feast.

Pomegranate blast

To make one drink, you will need:

  • 40 ml of dark rum,
  • 20 dry martini,
  • 2 tablespoons of pomegranate juice (can be replaced with syrup).

All components are intensively mixed in a shaker. Serve over ice in high glass wine glasses, the edges of which are recommended to be decorated with snow frost cooked with your own hands. For this you need:

  1. Gently wipe the edge of the glass inside and out with lemon juice, preventing it from spreading. You can use a piece of peel.
  2. Pour 30-40 g of fine crystalline sugar into a saucer, spreading it evenly over the entire bottom surface.
  3. Turn the glass upside down and immerse in a layer of sugar with careful rotational movements, having achieved the formation of a uniform “snowy” crust.

Winter sun

The composition of the aperitif includes the following ingredients:

  • 40 ml of gin,
  • 10 ml orange curacao liqueur,
  • juice of one orange and half a lemon,
  • lemon peel,
  • crystal sugar,
  • sprig of rosemary for decoration.

Connect all liquid components. Grate the lemon zest on the finest grater, mix with crystal sugar and decorate with the “snow” the edges of the glasses. Fill the receptacles for one-quarter with crushed ice, pour the drink and put a small sprig of rosemary in the center.


The main representative of classic cocktails with vodka is perfect for celebrating the New Year:

  • 100 ml of vodka
  • 200 ml of clarified apple juice,
  • 2 tablespoons campari,
  • 2 tablespoons of Cointreau.

Mix all the ingredients in a shaker. Serve with a large amount of ice in high glasses, decorated with icing sugar and half a strawberry.

Hot Toddy

Warm warming drink is suitable for a festive table and will be an excellent alternative to traditional mulled wine:

  • 200 ml of drinking water
  • 50 ml whiskey,
  • one round slice of lemon,
  • honey, cinnamon, cloves, anise to taste.
Just try

Heat the water, but do not bring to a boil, fill a wide glass ("highball" or "old fashion"). Add whiskey, lemon, honey and spices, let it brew for several minutes before serving.

New Year's cocktails with champagne

Those who do not want to change the New Year traditions can diversify the festive table with cocktails based on sparkling wines. For their preparation it is recommended to take the classic dry or semi-dry champagne without dyes, flavors and other additives. Effervescent mixed drinks are most often served at the end of the feast as a digestif, that is, a means to improve digestion. According to the latest fashion trends, sparkling cocktails for the New Year 2018 should have a rich red color, symbolizing fire, love and the beginning of a new life.

Champagne ice

The original drink is a cross between a classic digestive and an alcoholic dessert:

  • 50 ml brut,
  • 100 g of natural cream ice cream without additives,
  • 30-40 g fresh strawberries,
  • sprig of mint.

The drink is recommended to serve in cups, low glasses or glasses "Irish coffee." Finely chop the mint leaves, remove the sepals from the strawberries and cut into four pieces. In a container for serving, gently mix the ice cream, mint and strawberries, gently pour in the champagne. Dessert taken to drink through a straw or use a teaspoon.

Important! For the preparation of beverages, champagne is not allowed to shake to avoid the formation of large amounts of foam, so the ingredients are always combined right in the glasses.

Recipes non-alcoholic cocktails on the festive table for children and adults

Among lovers of a healthy lifestyle, so-called mocktails are becoming increasingly popular - mixed drinks that do not contain alcohol. As a basis, various syrups, juices, milk, coffee or soda are commonly used. Non-alcoholic New Year's cocktails will please gourmets of all ages.

Crimson Sbiten

To prepare one serving you will need:

  • 120-150 ml of water without gas,
  • 40 g fresh raspberries,
  • 2 tablespoons of liquid honey,
  • 1 teaspoon granulated sugar
  • lemon peel for decoration.

Thoroughly crush raspberries with sugar, add honey and water, heat over low heat without boiling. Serve warm mixture in a glass of “Irish coffee”, decorating with lemon zest and strung with 3-5 whole raspberry berries strung on a wooden skewer.

Grapefruit Frutochino

The drink will be appreciated by lovers of the classic combination of coffee and citrus:

  • 110 ml of fresh grapefruit juice,
  • 50 ml espresso,
  • 30-40 ml of ready sugar syrup,
  • one whole grapefruit.

Fill a tall glass or cocktail cocktail bowl up to the top with large pieces of ice, pour in sugar syrup, coffee and juice. Gently mix the ingredients with a long cocktail spoon, garnish the edge of the glass with a large slice of grapefruit and zest.

Coconut lemonade

Refreshing non-alcoholic cocktails will be an excellent conclusion of the New Year's feast. To make one liter of drink you will need:

  • 500 ml of soda water
  • 200 ml of pineapple juice (can be with pulp),
  • 50 ml of coconut syrup,
  • 200 g of banana pulp,
  • 50 grams of red grapes.

Jug fill 450-500 g of ice cubes two thirds of the volume. Blend banana, coconut syrup and juice in a blender, pour into a jug. Last but not least, add soda, stir with a cocktail spoon and decorate with grapes.

Apricot shake

One serving will require:

  • 4 large apricots (can be replaced with home canned)
  • 100 ml of milk,
  • 100 ml of natural yoghurt without additives,
  • 30-40 ml of apricot juice with pulp,
  • a few drops of lemon juice.

Blend the apricots until smooth and mix with the other ingredients. Serve in a cup or a low glass, garnished with a slice of apricot.

Children's Mojito

Traditional Cuban cocktail can be adapted for children's menu:

  • 2 liters of soda or sprite,
  • 3 limes
  • the pulp of one orange or grapefruit,
  • a bunch of fresh mint,
  • sugar to taste.
Everyone should have their own holiday, and then than celebrate it!

Limes cut into 6-8 slices, slightly citrus citrus. Fill the glass jug with crushed ice and add sugar there. Add the remaining ingredients, leave for 1-2 hours to infuse in the refrigerator. Serve in tall glasses with a straw.

For younger children, lime and citrus fruits are recommended to be replaced with ground kiwi. Cooling a drink with ice in this case is not worth it.

New Year's feast, complemented by delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails, will be remembered by all participants. The main thing is to comply with the measure and use only quality ingredients for preparing drinks.

Cooking method:

Mix in a shaker vodka, sugar and lemon juice. Pour into a glass filled with ice. Add champagne and mix thoroughly. Serve with the straw.

“Black Velvet”

Traditional English cocktail with the most controversial reputation.


  • 120 ml. Guinness dark beer
  • 120 ml. champagne
Cooking method:

Simultaneously pour beer and champagne into a tall glass.

Turquoise Champagne

An interesting kind of champagne cocktails, the color is very suitable New Year's celebration. It seems that in your hands you hold a piece of New Year's holiday - the same bright, sparkling and fresh drink is obtained.

Margarita Cocktail

You can make a variety of cocktails for the new 2019 year. However, do not write off the classics. Such is, for example, the drink "Margarita". In the US and Europe, this cocktail is extremely popular, which is not surprising. After all, there is a mass of original interpretations of this drink. But on the New Year's best to cook the classic version.

Cooking time - 10 minutes.

The number of servings - 1.

Cocktail "Bloody Mary"

"Bloody Mary" - a real classic of the genre. Without this cocktail, no party is possible. What to say about the New Year! Surely there are those who are happy to try this bright mix.

Cooking time –15 minutes.

The number of servings - 1.

Traditional "Egg Foot"

Cocktail "Egg Foot" is often prepared for Christmas and New Year. There are several interpretations of this drink - alcoholic and without "degrees". The proposed version contains hops, and therefore it should be considered when drawing up the menu.

Cooking time –25 minutes.

Number of servings - 2.

Cocktail "Snow Top"

“Snow peak” is another great cocktail that fits perfectly into the concept of celebrating the New Year. After all, the shade of this drink is appropriate - bright and festive.

Cooking time –5 minutes.

The number of servings - 1.

Video recipes

In the preparation of alcoholic cocktails for the New Year will help video recipes:

Simple New Year's cocktails

Simple alcoholic cocktails for the new year do not take more than five minutes to prepare.

But even if the cocktail is prepared quickly, it does not mean that it will be ordinary. See for yourself.

Output: 35 servings in glasses

Time: 5 minutes

Cooking. Take a large punch container and place the ice cream in the center. Top with orange juice. On top - lemonade, and last but not least - a couple of bottles of champagne. The drink is stirred very carefully and waiting for the formation of foam. Immediately punch is poured into glasses and served to guests.

P.S. Champagne, orange juice, lemonade should be cold.

Output: 10 servings in glasses

Time: 5 minutes

Cooking. For a quick gin honey shake, you need to mix all the pieces in the blender: juices, honey and gin. Beat the food until foaming. Then the cocktail is poured into a jug with ice and brought to the table. Honey brings to the homemade cocktail recipes for the new year a drop of sweet comfort.

Output: 2 servings

Time: 5 minutes

Cooking. This is one of the most elegant cocktails with delicious ingredients for two people. Chill a gin and a couple of martini glasses in the freezer. Pour 60 ml of gin into each glass. At the tip of a teaspoon, type olive juice and drip into a cocktail. Olives, stuffed with cheese with mold, string on a skewer and dip into glasses, after which the drink can be consumed.

Quick and easy: this is how the top three "urgent" cocktails for a big company look like.

Light cocktails for the New Year

We will help you choose the best New Year's cocktails, the recipes of which please the light taste with a small strength. This is primarily New Year's cocktails based on champagne, as well as delicious alcoholic mixes with martini, wine, and other ingredients with a low alcohol content.

Output: 4 servings

Time: 20 minutes

Cooking. Champagne and juice make excellent flavor combinations. To do this, grate the grapefruit zest on a fine grater. In one glass pour 75 ml of grapefruit juice, and then fill it to the top with champagne. Cocktail is presented with raspberry berries on a skewer and zest shavings.

Output: 1 portion

Time: half an hour

Cooking. Here is a great way to make themed cocktails with champagne for the new year. Place ice chips, pre-crushed on a blender, into triangular glasses for liquor. Put two tablespoons of ice cream in each glass. Fill with rum, and then carefully, fitting the bartender's spoon, surround the ice cream hill with champagne.

Output: 1 portion

Time: 10 minutes

Cooking. Pour the components into the glass alternately, stir with a thin straw until the effect of the "red sun" - the gradual transition of shades of the warm spectrum from one to another. At the end of the process, add an ice cube and decorate with a cherry.

Output: 1 portion

Time: 5 minutes

Cooking. Fill the glass with ice, pour in red vermouth, champagne and, last but not least, syrup. Do not mix for a beautiful transition shades. Put a mint leaf on top.

Output: 1 portion

Time: 20 minutes

Cooking. At home, you can achieve completely unexpected and original flavors by mixing wine with liquor. Cream, chocolate liqueur and red wine interfere in the shaker. In a glass with ice pour liquid from the shaker. Thickly decorated with grated chocolate chips, served with a straw.

Cocktail decoration for the New Year

Decorating cocktails for the new year is occupied by the minds of all the perfectionist hosts, who seek to make the perfect drink in all respects. First, on a festive night, guests take a lot of photos and want the themed decor to complement the atmosphere even in small things. Secondly, it’s just beautiful: first enjoy the perfection of the cocktail visually, and then evaluate its taste.

So, what kind of Christmas decorations cocktails will be relevant this season? Let's start with simple and affordable ideas.

  • Take ribbons for decorating bouquets, cut into thin strips and twist with serpentine scissors, and then attach to each glass a pair of bright ribbons. Select the color according to the table decorations or your own interior.
  • Snow Crumb is a favorite bartender reception for individual cocktails. On the new year, you can experiment and decorate almost any drink. Sugar, powdered sugar or salt will do for this: just moisten the edges of the glass and dip it in a plate with a white granular substance.
  • Herringbone in a glass is an imitation of an evergreen beauty with a sprig of rosemary. It is also the addition of taste and aroma of your cocktail special spicy freshness.
  • Tangerines, as a symbol of the new year, will elegantly complement any cocktail: they can be put into a drink with slices, or you can gently decorate them with a peel.
  • Patterned paper snowflakes, the ones that we carefully cut out in childhood, will be good themed coasters for glasses. This activity can include the whole family that has gathered together for the holidays. Whatever drink you prefer, the main thing to remember is that cocktails for the new year at home is quite real, economical and fun. And the most difficult thing is to decide on a wide variety of recipes.