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How to clean the blinds of grease and dirt


Who has ever tried to wash the blinds, knows how much time and effort to allocate for this procedure. Are there any tricks to facilitate the care of alternative curtains? Is it possible to cope with this task effortlessly, in just a couple of minutes?

The main difficulty lies in the fact that the lamellae are many, and each of them must be thoroughly cleaned of dust with fat droplets. Removing them from the window for major cleaning is not always convenient. How to be?

How to wash horizontal aluminum blinds in 4 minutes

If you want to cope with cleaning quickly, you need to remove the blinds from the window, otherwise you will have to do a major cleaning, including washing the frame and windows. For the express method, you will need high-quality chemistry for contactless car washing. The tool is good because you are spared the need to wipe each lamella on both sides with a sponge or a special brush.

To remove and hang up an alternative curtain is a matter of one minute. And for active foam, two minutes is enough to dissolve all the existing dirt.

The sequence of actions in this case is simple to the obscene.

  1. Switch the curtain to “closed” mode so that the lamellae assume a vertical position.
  2. Remove the blinds from the brackets. To do this, turn the levers to the right to open the latch mechanism. Slightly lifting, remove the eaves.
  3. Transfer the slats to the bathroom and hang over the bath.
  4. Apply to the curtain a means for contactless washing of the car. Active foam for 2 minutes will lift all dirt, including dust, grease deposits and soot.
  5. Rinse detergent with clean water using a shower head.
  6. Let the water drain and wipe the curtain dry with a microfiber cloth.
  7. Sprinkle with antistatic agent to reduce the degree of pollution in the future.
  8. Hang the blinds on the window.

The method is all good except the price. Autoshampooes are quite expensive, and if you do not have a car, buying such a tool only to wash the curtains twice a year, you can get by with cheaper options. However, time for cleaning will have to spend much more.

Cheap method of cleaning horizontal aluminum slats

For work you will need:

  • kitchen sponges,
  • glass cleaner or dishwasher (you can take a universal detergent for the kitchen),
  • pure water,
  • microfiber cloths,
  • textile gloves or regular socks,
  • spray gun.

  1. Brush off the lamellae with a dry cloth or soft brush. It is good to do down brooms for cleaning dust. If this was not found on the farm, you can simply vacuum the blinds in a closed state.
  2. Remove the blinds from the window and soak the slats in warm water. It is convenient to do in the bath. Add a cap of universal cleaning agent to the water. It is advisable to choose a chemistry that does not leave stains.
  3. If there is no place to soak in (for example, a shower stall in a super-compact house), then just wet the sprayer slats with a cleaning solution and leave for a few minutes, preventing them from drying out. During this time, the dirt will soften and peel off from the curtains.
  4. Then clean the dirt off each lamella with a sponge. Rinse the detergent with clean water and wipe with a dry cloth. Handle thin strips with care. they can be deformed.
  5. Flip the blinds to the other side and repeat the whole process.
  6. When both sides are cleaned, it remains to return the curtain to the window.

How to wash the blinds without removing from the windows?

The main time is wiping the slats on both sides. It will take a few more minutes to remove and hang the curtains on the window. How to optimize the process?

  1. Wash the blinds without removing them from the window. The procedure is almost the same as in the previous version. The difference is that it is necessary to apply the soap solution on the lamellae hanging in the opening, turned to the vertical position. Then they are transferred to the horizontal plane and rubbed.
  2. Instead washcloths use textile gloves. Wear regular household knitwear over rubber gloves. This will allow you to capture each lamella from both sides at once. Cleaning time will be halved.
  3. Use special brushes to wash the blinds. They capture from 2 to 5 lamellas at the same time, and both sides are wiped at once.
  4. Use highly effective products that quickly and efficiently dissolve contaminants.
  5. After work, apply car wax or ordinary antistatic to a clean surface. This will reduce the number of cleanups.
  6. Dust blinds regularly or vacuum them.

Wooden slats

The tree does not like moisture. However, a thin layer of varnish or polish makes it easier to care for the surface. Wooden models should be regularly cleaned or vacuumed from dust. Contaminants from insects and fat droplets are removed with furniture care products. To speed up the process, use textile gloves or special brushes.

Wax and polish create a thin film, due to which the dust falls on the surface, but does not stick to it. This greatly facilitates cleaning and saves time.

How to wash vertical blinds?

Vertical blinds are made of plastic and fabric. In each case, has its own peculiarities of the guidance of cleanliness and order.

Plastic models can not be twisted roll and wash in the car. They are washed, like the horizontal aluminum models, on the window with the use of cleaning solutions.

  • Close the curtain.
  • Move the slats to the open position so that their edges look at you. There must be enough space between the slats for you to work comfortably.
  • Apply liquid detergent to the front and wrong side of the blinds with a spray bottle.
  • Use a soft sponge or a special brush to wipe each strip of plastic.
  • With a microfiber cloth or any material that absorbs water well, wipe the blinds dry so that there are no stains left.

  • In order to qualitatively wash heavily soiled textile strips, it is necessary to remove them from the fastener, free them from weights and control cords. Fold the slats and roll into a roll.

  • Pour water into a large container (large basin or bucket) and add detergent to it according to the instructions.
  • Soak the curtain in the cleaning solution for half an hour, so that all the dirt is soaked well and moved away from the material.
  • Wipe each lamella with a soft brush or kitchen sponge and clean it from dirt.
  • Hang the strip over the bath to keep the water from them glass.
  • After drying, hang the fabric in place by inserting weights.
  • Secure the controls, and enjoy a clean window.

How to wash the blinds Day-Night

According to its structure, Day-Night models belong to roller blinds and are made of textiles of various density. However, due to the fact that they allow you to adjust the luminous flux like hard lamellas, we consider their cleaning in this article.

In order to remove all the accumulated dirt, you need to remove the curtain from the eaves and soak it in plenty of water with the addition of detergent. It is convenient to do in the bath. Let the chemicals work on the dirt for about 15-30 minutes. At this time, you can wash the window and window sill.

To avoid damaging the delicate mesh, wipe the curtain with a soft brush or washcloth. In the process, wind the treated area on the holder bar. Try to avoid folds.

If the product does not need to be washed off, simply hang the curtain to dry it so that the glass is water. Otherwise, rinse the fabric well with clean water.

Without waiting for complete drying, hang the curtain on the window. Here it dries in a straightened state.

Bamboo blinds - what to do

Bamboo is not afraid of damp. At the same time, drastic changes in humidity can lead to cracking of reeds. Dust and accumulated dirt can be removed with a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush. Insect marks are wiped off with a damp cloth moistened with any suitable wooden furniture care product.

Sometimes there are tips to wash the bamboo with a stream of water. As the stems swell due to moisture, the binding cords may loosen after drying the curtains. Therefore, from the shower and bathing bamboo, it is better to refrain and limit wet wiping.

How to get rid of nicotine stains on plastic slats

Heavy smokers know that the yellow patina is not so easy to remove from the white plastic. However, in this case there is a way out.

The most proven and reliable way is to use a car dealership cleaner, or rather, aerosols to take care of a plastic instrument panel. Since the cabin is often smoked, autochemists have invented many powerful formulas that easily deal with traces of nicotine and tar.

If the bloom has not yet acquired a bright brown shade, you can try to do with small amounts and apply regular soda. Dissolve it with water to a state of slurry and apply on stains. A strong alkaline solution acts as a bleach. Then remove the soda and wash the lamellae with clean water.

White bleaching helps normal bleach.

If nothing helps, as a last resort, order photo printing in warm coffee tones. It will close all the shortcomings and help disguise the future layers of tobacco deposits.

As you can see, clean blinds are easy. Moreover, you need to wash them only a couple of times a year.

Plastic and aluminum

  • We need 9% table vinegar, warm water, rubber gloves and an old clean sock, well, or a rag.
  • Keep in mind that plastic lamellas are more fragile, so they need to be more carefully and more carefully cleaned.
  • Pour about half a liter of warm water into the bowl, add 250 ml. vinegar (proportion is 1 to 2)
  • Wear rubber gloves and a clean old handkerchief on top. Now feel free to soak your improvised rag in a solution of water with vinegar, and wipe the slats.
  • Appearance restored.

Wood and Bamboo

  • Lamels can be cleaned only with a dry cloth or vacuum cleaned with a soft nozzle.
  • For wet cleaning, you must purchase special liquid detergents for wood.

There are many devices for cleaning the blinds, but they are all effective only if they are used regularly at every cleaning.

Therefore, every time you clean up the house, do not forget about the blinds.

Blinds with cloth slats

  • It is better not to bring them to the state when they need wet cleaning.
  • During cleaning, clean the slats with a brush of a vacuum cleaner, if you do not do it in time, you will have to disassemble the entire structure, and wash each strip of cloth separately, and only with hand washing.
  • It is impossible to wash the fins in the washing machine, otherwise they will lose their appearance.

Blinds should be cleaned regularly. This will keep the room clean and fresh. Do not allow allergens to spread along with dust. And your home will shine with impeccable purity.

Method number 1: special brush

This is the easiest way to remove dust from horizontal or vertical blinds made of plastic, aluminum or wood. It consists in the use of a special brush, which diverges from the handle in two or three sides, covered with soft material. With its help, you can, like tongs, clasp one or two slats and wipe them. h

It seems that here it is, a universal approach to solving the problem under consideration! But no. The fact is that such a tool only copes with dust and not for long, as it no longer removes, but simply accelerates it. But the kitchen on the blinds accumulates dirt, requiring more radical measures.

Method # 2: Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is somewhat cumbersome in comparison with a brush, but it does not disperse dust, but collects it. Also suitable for a wide variety of designs and materials. It is preferable for capricious fabric lamellae, which require a special approach to cleaning. But with serious pollution can not cope.

I do not recommend textile blinds to clean with a brush or any detergent. Theyimpregnated with a dust-repellent compound that is easily damaged by mechanical and chemical methods of exposure.

Method number 3: sponge and soap solution

  • Suitable for plastic and aluminum blinds,
  • Does not require the removal of lamellas,
  • Allows to get rid of fatty spots and a thick layer of dust.

Carried out as follows:

  1. Closing blinds to minimize contact with glass during washing
  2. Knead soap solution of water and detergent
  3. Apply using a sponge on each lamella, gently holding it on the back side,
  4. We wait some time, letting the fat begin to peel off from plastic or aluminum,
  5. Wash off all with a clean sponge dipped in plain water
  6. Wipe Blinds dry.

Note that the spray will fly in all directions during the washing of blinds in the described way: on the walls, furniture, floor. With this, either it is worthwhile to put up with it, or if possible try to close all places that can suffer, with a plastic film or at least with newspapers.

Method # 4: Sponge, Foam and Shower

If the layer of dirt and grime is too settled, it will not be possible to remove it by simply wiping it. It is necessary to remove the blinds and carry to the bathroom. This method is very effective, but is applicable only to plastic and aluminum models that can be dismantled. With the latter it is extremely rare.

  1. Carefully remove the whole structure and take it to the bathroom
  2. Bless from the shower head, removing the top layer of dust,
  3. Whisk in water, cleaning agent to foam,
  4. Apply foam on the slats and wait some time until it enters into a chemical reaction with the accumulated fat,
  5. Process carefully sponge all the elements of the design, trying to get them back to their purity,
  6. Again douche the lamella from the shower head, washing away the dirt and household chemicals,
  7. Give blinds dry out, for which they can hang out on the street, and return them back to the kitchen window.

Method number 5: soaking

Only suitable for plastic models. In terms of efficiency and available tools, it is similar to the previous method. The main differences:

  • Requires less hands,
  • Takes more time.

Let's get acquainted with the process:

  1. Take off blinds and twist them into the cylinder just not tight, so as not to damage the slats,
  2. Laying them in a bath or large basin filled with water,
  3. Add in a liquid cleaner and leave to sour for several hours. Do not use too hot water, this can ruin the original appearance of the blinds,

  • Shake periodically and we turn the bundle. This contributes to the separation of fat from plastic,
  • Change soap solution to clean water
  • Rinse design to get rid of the remnants of dirt and household chemicals,
  • Dry and hang Blinds in place.
  • Method # 7: Hand Wash

    Another narrowly focused version of the care of blinds, only this time related to fabric models. Often it is not worth using it, since it is fraught with the loss of the lamellae of their originally beautiful appearance and protective impregnation. But he is very effective in terms of removing dirt.

    The instruction in this case looks like this:

    1. Take off textile strips with designs, while unfastening all the chains,
    2. Alternately roll up put them in rolls and put them in a special bag for washing delicate things,
    3. Cooking warm bath with powder
    4. Immerse in her bag with prepared fabric blinds,
    5. We wait about an hour
    6. Rinse strips of cloth in clear water. If after this again there will be visible fat spots, then the procedure should be repeated,
    7. Expanding rolls and, without squeezing, hang them in place. If the lamellae are slightly wet when they are again in a suspended state, they themselves will straighten and take on the desired shape. The main thing, in no case do not dry them with a hairdryer or other artificial method.

    Types of lighting systems

    If the blinds are no longer pleasing with their appearance, then it is time to clean them. Indeed, contaminated and dusty products not only look ugly, but also greatly harm health. And blinds that complement the interior of the kitchen may seem especially untidy. After all, they are polluted not only dust but also fatty deposits.

    What is produced

    To determine how and what to wash the blinds at home, you need to take into account several factors. One of the decisive roles in choosing the right method is played by the material from which the curtains are made.

    • Plastic. These are universal products. They are easy to wash. Even heavily soiled plastic models do not require excessive force. They are easily cleaned with a damp sponge and soapy water.
    • Fiberglass fabric These products tolerate any kind of washing. They will withstand the cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, and the impact of a damp sponge.
    • Metal. Usually such products are cleaned with a wet wipe. And to deal with the fatty bloom help detergents or ordinary soap.
    • Tree. During the washing of such products is not recommended to use a lot of water. If the blinds are made of natural wood, they can swell up and completely lose aesthetics.
    • Cloth They are the most capricious in care. For such blinds manufacturers recommend to use dry cleaning. However, it is the fabric “curtains” that most often require regular washing.
    • Bamboo. Bamboo blinds look very stylish, they are durable and light. But their biggest advantage is simple care. Бамбуковые изделия можно чистить так же, как и пластиковые, то есть любым доступным методом.


    Жалюзи разнятся между собой не только по материалу и цветовой гамме. Such products are classified by type. This point also needs to be considered to provide high-quality cleansing. There are the following types of designs.

    • Horizontal. Common and very simple look. Such blinds are a set of thin horizontal strips fastened with thick threads. Usually they are made of plastic or metal. Caring for such products is easiest.
    • Vertical. They create a special atmosphere in the house. After all, these products look less official.
    • Roll. These blinds are a single canvas, which with the help of a special mechanism can be twisted into a roll.

    Cleaning methods

    Before turning to effective methods of cleaning blinds, it is necessary to take into account one more thing. Carefully inspect mounts. Is it possible to remove the blinds? Depending on this, there are two possible solutions to the problem.

    1. Wash shot model. Of course, this method is the most preferred. After removing the product, they are taken to the bathroom, where they eliminate all contamination.
    2. Cleansing on the window. This method is optimal if we are talking about washing the product with a wet sponge or implying the use of a vacuum cleaner.

    What to do with horizontal slats

    Initially appreciate the "front" of work. If the window "curtains" just fell down a little dust, then absolutely no need to test the strength of the attachment mechanisms. In this case, the product does not need to be removed from the window.

    To wash horizontal blinds that are not planning to be removed from the window, it is necessary to use some devices that can greatly facilitate cleaning.

    • Brush. All lamellae are lowered so that they form a continuous curtain. If you need to remove only dust, then you can use a big fluffy brush. She spend on the lamellae, brushing dust. And so that the latter does not settle again on the blinds, it is recommended to use a spray gun and constantly humidify the air. After the procedure, the blinds are scrolled so that the second side becomes available, and the event is repeated.
    • Vacuuming. It is better to use a car device. Begin cleansing with the upper slats, and then process the lower. In this case, moisture is not required.
    • Napkins. You can use special wipes designed for cleaning office equipment. To simplify the task a little, the slats are turned into the “day” mode and each strip is cleaned on both sides at once.
    • Wet cleaning. If dust is combined with dirt, then there is a need to carry out wet cleaning. Add soap solution to a spray. You can take any detergent. Begin cleaning the upper area. On the lowered slats spray a little soap solution. It is important to only slightly moisten the "curtains", and not to make them wet. Use a soft cloth to gently clean the blinds. The rag should not be wetted or washed, otherwise the lamellae will have ugly stains.

    Strange as it may sound, it is much easier to wash shot blinds. After all, cleaning the hanging "curtains", you provide a mess in the surrounding area. So, removing the blinds, remove all items that can not be washed. This will protect them from corrosion and prolong the life of your “curtains”. Then you can clean the blinds in two ways.

    1. Easy wash. If your products do not look too dirty, then a shower is enough to clean them. To do this, put the blinds in the bathroom so that the fins were perpendicular to the pallet. The dirty product is induced by strong water pressure, under the onslaught of which all the dirt will be drained from the slats. Having finished with such procedure, the product is laid out on a lattice, having provided free running off of water. As soon as the blinds dry out a bit, they are immediately wiped dry with a soft cloth. This will prevent sticking of the lamellae.
    2. Reinforced wash. If the blinds were hanging in the kitchen, then a simple shower will not be enough. This procedure is not able to eliminate the grease and dirt deposited on the lamellae. The blinds are folded with an accordion and lowered horizontally into the bathroom, pushing such a roll to the back surface. One leaf begins to straighten, carefully washing with a detergent and with a shower head every lamella. Repeat the procedure for the back side. Then the harmonica of clean lamellas is placed vertically, ensuring the natural flow of water. But we should not wait for complete drying, otherwise the blinds will stick together. Wet slats are also wiped with a dry, lint-free cloth.

    Vertical cleaning

    Vertical blinds with long, wide stripes, are cleaned much faster. Such products have another important advantage. They do not stick together under the influence of water. Therefore, these models do not need to wipe dry. To easily and in a couple of minutes to wash the vertical blinds, resort to the following activities.

    • Purification of dust. It is from this step that cleaning begins even if the product is removed from the window. To do this, vacuuming pass through all the strips. This will eliminate most of the contaminants, and the wash will be more successful.
    • When not removed. In a spray add detergent. You can take the usual washing powder. If the product has had time to become very dirty, it is better to use a window cleaner. The selected agent is sprayed onto vertical stripes and left in this form for five minutes. Then, taking a dry soft sponge, begin to wipe the product dry.
    • When removed. All slats are shifted in one direction. During their removal, the blinds are rolled up. In the bath prepare a warm solution of detergent. How to quickly wash the blinds? Rolled roll dipped in liquid. It must be completely immersed. To provide high-quality cleansing, blinds are left for half an hour. Then the lamellas are washed with a soft sponge, gently unrolling the roll. Washed strips are again rolled up. After washing, rinse the blinds and carefully hang them to ensure their drying.

    Features of work with rolled "curtains"

    By this principle, modern day-night blinds are made. Such products possess special dirt-repellent and antistatic impregnations. Because of this, they are less susceptible to pollution. To tidy up the day-night blinds, it is enough to wipe them with a damp cloth, clean with a vacuum cleaner or brush away the dust with a big fluffy brush. If you are dealing with such a modern design, remember:

    • Do not wash as long as possible - after the first wash, the protective coating will be lost,
    • do not iron - if there is a strong need for ironing, it is only through fabric or gauze,
    • Do not load into the machine - they are prohibited from squeezing.

    If, nevertheless, there is a need to wash the blinds, they are removed from the window, rolled up and soaked in soapy water for half an hour. Do not add abrasive particles or solvents to the water. Excessive stains can be treated with stain remover that does not contain aggressive additives.


    The easiest way to clean horizontal plastic blinds. It is best to use for cleaning with a special brush-tongs, which allows you to eliminate contamination from both sides of the plate at once. If wet cleansing is used, it is necessary to wipe the slats dry. Wet rag will leave ugly stains on plastic, which are much more difficult to remove after drying. For plastic, such procedures are suitable:

    • cleaning with napkins
    • shower bath
    • use of detergents
    • soaking in soapy water,
    • use of vinegar (for strong fat contamination).


    How to wash aluminum blinds? Caring for such products is similar to the procedure for cleaning plastic models. The best solution would be:

    • wiping with a wet sponge,
    • cleaning with glass cleaner
    • wash with soapy water (the cloth after each lamella is washed),
    • removing dirt with vinegar (a few tablespoons of water in the basin).

    Often there is an opinion that it is very difficult to clean fabric vertical blinds. This is a mistake. Such models do not require much effort, if properly approach the process of washing. Manual cleaning of blinds is carried out in five stages.

    1. Initially, the entire surface is cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. For fabric "curtains" use a special nozzle that provides furniture cleaning.
    2. Dense models additionally wipe with a damp cloth or brush.
    3. The “curtains” are dismantled, since it’s impossible to clean the fabric blinds from dirt without removing them from the window.
    4. The removed lamellae are carefully inspected for contamination and soaked in a solution with detergent or detergent. Strongly polluted sites rub with a soft brush or a sponge.
    5. Erase each strip separately, then rinse and dry.

    It is possible to clean fabric products in a machine way. But with the machine wash it is important to take into account six nuances.

    1. Before washing vertical blinds in a washing machine, you must get rid of the dust with a vacuum cleaner, and only then remove them from the window.
    2. Strong contamination must be washed by hand. The machine will not eliminate such stains.
    3. To make the washing process safe, the lamellae should be twisted (five to seven pieces per roll). It is recommended to put the received rolls in a pillowcase.
    4. For washing, use only mild detergents that do not contain aggressive additives and chlorine.
    5. It is strictly forbidden to add stain removers or pour bleach into the container.
    6. In the machine expose the "delicate mode" or "hand wash" (at temperatures up to 40 ° C). A spin must be completely disabled, otherwise you can not avoid the deformation of the product.

    There is another way to wash the blinds without removing them from the window. It is suitable for all materials except fabric. Put a wet glove on your hand and just walk through all the slats. And in order to protect dust from blinds if possible, it is recommended to treat the surface with an antistatic agent. This will allow two times less likely to resort to cleaning.

    How to clean aluminum blinds?

    In total, there are two main types of blinds - vertical and horizontal. The latter, most often, are used precisely in home apartments, and vertical ones are more common in offices, although the cases are different.

    In general, in order not to bring such curtains to a terrifying state, and then not to worry about how to wash them, you need to take care of them constantly, with each wet cleaning of the room. Usually for this purpose, a vacuum cleaner with a special nozzle is used, which delicately removes all accumulated dust in the last week or two.

    You can use special tools that are designed specifically for cleaning the blinds, for example, you can help brush in the form of tongs, equipped with two nozzles, between which each bar is clamped.

    True, in fairness it should be noted that the effectiveness of such devices depends on the regularity of their use. If you try to wash such dirty blinds with such a brush, you are unlikely to get a positive result.

    The most common horizontal blinds - aluminum. They are the easiest to care for, besides not being afraid of water and detergents, and, therefore, it is much easier to cope with their pollution. To begin with, the structure must be thoroughly vacuumed to get rid of dust accumulations.

    Then there are several possible options - wash the blinds without removing them from the window, or still work hard, but disassemble the structure.

    Sometimes there are such assemblies that can be disassembled, without damaging the lamellas, are not possible, and therefore have to be washed as they are. Immediately we warn that after an active car wash on weight, everything around can become dirty and soapy - from walls to ceiling, you will have to measure.

    So, close the blinds tightly in order to minimally splash the windows; we prepare a soap solution in advance - water with detergent. You can use the usual dishwashing detergent, although in some cases it may damage the coating, or you can use special cleaning products.

    Each lamella, gently fixing on the opposite side, will have to be washed alternately with a soft sponge dipped in soapy water. It can be fully applied to all blinds and left for a couple of minutes, so that the grease and dirt slightly move away from the coating. Next, gently wipe each lamella with a clean sponge dipped in water, and then wipe dry with a dry cloth.

    How to wash plastic blinds?

    Another common type of horizontal blinds is plastic. They are quite capricious in care, they need to be washed much more carefully than aluminum ones, since they are quite fragile. On the other hand, a big plus of such structures is that they are often easily understood, and, therefore, they can be removed and washed much more carefully than on weight.

    To do this, remove them from the window, gently turn them into a tube, but not tight, so as not to bend the slats. We prepare a soap solution in the bathroom or basin, put the curtains there and leave them to soak for a few hours. Water should not be hot, otherwise the blinds risk losing their original appearance.

    While they otkisayut, do not forget to constantly turn over the blinds and shake, it helps a lot from the fat and soot that often gather on the kitchen curtains. After the time has elapsed, we pour out the water, type clean in the same place, shake it again and gently, using a soft sponge, remove oily water from the surface.

    Another option is not to fold the blinds, but put them in the bath straight in the straightened state and rinse each lamella with the help of a shower and a soft cloth. After such a shower, they must be rinsed again with cold water, wiped dry with a soft cloth and hung back.

    How to wash fabric blinds?

    Fabric options, most often represented by vertical blinds, they are perhaps one of the most capricious and difficult to care for, among all other species.

    Remember that it is better to wash such blinds as rarely as possible, after each wash they risk quickly losing all their beauty. They can not be washed in a washing machine!

    The entire canvas is completely removed from the bottom chain, and then each lamella is alternately rolled into a roll.

    This should be done very carefully, they can not be rubbed, crushed or brushed, otherwise you risk damaging the impregnation. We roll the roll into the soapy solution, leave it for a few hours, and then drain the dirty water and add the clean water now. Next, the blinds need to be deployed, hang out in the same order right in the wet, on the window the lamellae will dry out and finish out faster.

    How to wash horizontal blinds

    Dirt appears on all surfaces. These are dust, animal dander, cooking oil, soot from gas stoves, street dirt from car exhaust, etc.

    How to wash blinds - the main question hostesses:

    The first and most common method is: remove, put in a container with soapy water (make a lot of foam), soak for a few minutes or hours depending on the strength of the dirt. But from strong pollution soap does not help, it will only remove surface dust. Use laundry soap, powder or dishwashing detergent with anti-grease. After soaking, the blinds are wiped with a sponge or a lint-free cloth, rinsed with running water, wiped with a towel, dried completely and hung back onto the window. This method has advantages, but there are nuances. Not everyone knows how to remove the blinds. There are several methods, they depend on the mounting design. Watch educational videos on the Internet or invite the wizard. When you remove the blinds from the window, line up the slats for complete closure, just like with sun protection. Keep them upright above the bath and shower them under strong pressure with warm water. Only water pollution you are unlikely to wash away completely. If there are metal parts on the curtains, they are removed, otherwise corrosion will develop, and the product will become unusable. Only after these manipulations proceed to the soak. After washing, it is recommended to wipe the mechanism with silicone grease to improve its performance.

    How to wash blinds right on the window

    These methods are applicable for those who do not bring their windows to black, and wash them regularly. They are also suitable for those who have not figured out how to remove the blinds from the window themselves, because not everyone can do it.

    Option is to take a dry cloth or paint brush and shake off excess dust from the slats. But it does not relieve you of it completely. It will fly away into the air, and will not remain on the surface of the brush or rag. All this you swallow and breathe into the lungs, and dust after some time will settle again on the blinds. On sale there are special for dry cleaning blinds brushes-tongs. They surround the lamellae on both sides, and some of the dust still accumulates on them. However, this is not the ideal way to call Under no circumstances should they be wetted, otherwise there will be dirty stains.
    This method is laborious and time consuming. Take a small basin with warm water, dissolve detergent, soap or laundry detergent in the liquid. Prepare a lint-free sponge or rag. Moistening it periodically in soap suds, wipe each lamella separately and from the front and from the back. After pouring the soap solution and pour clean water. The lamels will have to be washed from the foam and residual dirt. After all manipulations, wipe dry each lamella. Окно мыть придется после мытья жалюзи.
    Этот способ является приемлемым, чем остальные. Для него понадобится средство для мытья окон с пульверизатором и большая тряпка либо несколько штук. Тряпки мочить водой не нужно, они собирают грязь только за счет средства. Закройте ламели на защиту от солнца. Holding the palm on one side and gradually spraying the lamella from top to bottom with a medium, walk with a rag over each of them. This tool does not require rinsing, and therefore does not leave stains.

    Asking how to wash the blinds, choose for yourself the most convenient, efficient and fast.

    It is difficult for a busy person to allocate a lot of time for major cleaning of an apartment, and windows and blinds should be kept clean and tidy.

    Add polish and antistatic agent to the water tank, which prevents dust from settling. Wipe each lamella separately, holding it in your hands between your fingers. Do not forget to wear protective gloves to prevent the mixture from getting on your skin.

    Even if you chose a different method of washing blinds, antistatic is useful in any of them.

    Walk them after cleaning so that the dust does not settle on the surface of the curtains for a long time.

    The sixth and final way to wash the blinds is as follows. It is simple to perform, energy efficient, does not require a lot of money. You only need wipes to wipe LCD monitors or office equipment. Wipe them slats from top to bottom. From them there will be no stains, dirt, smell. Everything is simple and fast. But suitable for those who do not run the cleanliness of the blinds, and washes them regularly.

    How to clean the blinds in the kitchen of fat and soot

    The kitchen is a dirty place in the apartment. During cooking, oil splashes fly to the sides. The burning stove gives off soot and cinder that accumulates on the surfaces. Wash blinds from grease and soot - a difficult task, however, it is doable.

    All six methods are suitable, but not everyone will cope with stuck fatty bloom. It is better to remove the blinds from the window and wash in the bathroom. They will not fit into it, so you have to dip the sides alternately: either the upper part or the lower part.

    Type a bath water, add anti-grease and soak the blinds for a while, depending on the degree of contamination. The stronger, the longer it will take. If the soap solution did not help, drain it, rinse the blinds with water and wipe each lamella with lemon juice (a slice). Acid will eat up the eaten fat, and he will easily withdraw.

    Wash blinds more often, then you will not have to rub them a lot of time and spend precious hours on weekends.