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Electric scooters: the pros and cons


I will never understand this electric world ...

It seems to me that modern people are going crazy? Look around. Spring came, the snow melted, and many strange people appeared on the streets. Strange people move in unusual wagons - scooters. They can also use electric bicycles as a means of transportation, and sometimes scooters with a motor. Modern Carlson can be found in the urban nature, both alone and as part of a few stocks. Often, "walk" go with their families. It looks funny and sad at the same time ...

Why do I think this brotherhood is strange? It seems like technical progress and the emergence of a new way of transportation should be happy. But in fact, in this whole business there is no point, no logic.

For example, a bicycle was created to be driven by muscular thrust. Then, at its base, a more technically sophisticated and perfect motorcycle was invented. Absolutely different means of transportation, pursuing other goals and designed for a different audience. Today, at least in large cities, bicycles are mainly used by lovers of an active lifestyle in order to maintain their health, to be vigorous, in good shape, cheerful and not to go to hospitals after 50 years.

Electric bicycle Isn't it easier to take a motorcycle?

Attention question: Why deprive the bicycle of its main advantage - the absence of an artificial propulsor and to cut at the root all the advantages that it offers to its owners without it? This is ridiculous! Moreover, people, in all likelihood, are confident that, going for a walk on an electric bicycle, they get the same health boost in addition to a good mood, but in reality this is absolutely not the case. They get nothing but obesity and muscular dystrophy.

Giroskuter. Modern entertainment

A slightly different piece was written by marketers about hoverboards. This is a fashionable and fairly technological gadget, designed for young people and the younger generation, not accustomed to living in the past and clearly seeing the future in their mind - through the prism of the modern gadget market. For them it is important to look different than everyone else, they are inherent in forcing the onset of the future.

In this case, there is at least some logic. Giroskuter - just a kind of gadget, a new-fashioned accessory, which as a toy is quite well established throughout the world. The concept even entered the world of memes after the epic fall of George W. Bush from the grandfather of the hoverboard - segway. However, if you use a board with a motor as a daily vehicle, the effect will be as negative as that of an electric bike.

Electric Scooter

And, finally, the crown of marketing and the next symbiosis of the incompatible - the electric scooter. I probably will never understand this thing ... You know, a friend of mine recently told me about his plans for this summer. With a serious look, he said that several people have already acquired this miracle of technology from their work and, without straining, they drive without traffic jams and waiting for buses blown by the warm summer breeze. He studied the question. He found out the prices and picked up his model of the electric scooter. He wants to remain motionless even on the street. But to the place of work he needs to walk just 30 minutes on foot!

And again the question arises: why are adults trying to quickly drive themselves, I’m not afraid of this word, to the grave? The houses are mostly sitting - no physical exertion, at work they sit at the computers or maximum stand at the machines for 8 hours in a row, back home, and again - hello, a motionless lifestyle.

I will never understand this modern electric world, after talking with my friend I understood it clearly. And if you want to buy a scooter or a bicycle, take their usual versions, and not these new-fashioned Frankensteins, which can make you disabled.

Do you need it? Everyone, of course, decides for himself, but I answered for myself clearly: NEVER! Arguments are given above.

Perhaps our readers have a different opinion on this matter. Probably, I see this phenomenon in too dark colors ... Maybe so. Let us know in the comments what advantages you see in purchasing or in owning these leisure tools.

Well, in order not to finish the material on a minor note, let us analyze what this so-called electric scooter consists of, using the example of the Micro Emicro One:

Number of details:180

Produced by:Guangdong, China

Assembly / disassembly time:2 hours 14 minutes

The main advantage of the scooter on the electric, according to the sellers, is the possibility of smooth movement and maintaining a high constant speed. Long lifts, long distances - forget about it, they tell us. Just turn on the electric motor, and you can push off with your foot much less intensively.

The speed at the same time develops quite imputable - 25 km / h, and after an hour of charging, the range that this device can take you will be about 10 -15 km, which is quite suitable for urban movement for short distances.

The weight of this thing is small - 7-8 kg. You must consider the presence of an electric motor (power 500 W) and batteries.

Electrosamokaty, according to Yandex.Market, cost on average around 20 thousand rubles. There are even copies of 9 thousand, but there is an assumption that it is better not to acquire them in view of the possible low quality of performance.

This is what the average scooter with an electric motor consists of:

The design of most electric scooters has not undergone impressive changes. For the most part, it can be attributed to the classic: a steering wheel mounted on a long tripod, a board for leg support and two wheels.

However, it is worth noting that more sophisticated versions with dual front wheels and a multi-link suspension also go on sale:

and even on thick off-road tires:

In the last scooters there is a greater ground clearance, and they are created, apparently, for movement on not very smooth asphalt. Well, or they just have such a style.

80% of the filling is hidden in a hollow platform. They laid wires, a pack of lithium-ion batteries, a gas control system, they are also "electronic brains", a charging plug.

In the rear polyurethane motor-wheel is an electric motor for 500 watts. Surprisingly, the energy recovery system during braking is built into the foot brake! Just like on large machines. The recovery system is implemented as follows: a magnet is installed in the brake caliper, when the brake is activated by the rider's foot, the sensor in the wheel assembly begins to interact with the magnet, changing the vector of the engine, which starts working as a generator, not only recharging the battery, but also creating resistance, helping more slow down the scooter more.

Bearings in the wheels - closed and fairly high quality, so as not to crumble during movement, acceleration and maneuvers.

The scooter does not have a throttle stick embedded in the steering wheel or accelerator pedal; instead, their function is performed by the leg of the rider.

For this, the sensor (10) monitors the speed of the rear wheel. When the scooter software detects an unexpected acceleration from a kick, it turns on the motor for help. Another pushed - the motor will produce more power and so on.

Here they are, modern scooters. A storehouse of great technology. But it is better to go on foot - we will be healthier.

P. S. It remains only to attach a motor to the skateboard. Ah, no, they already managed to do it: How to make your own electric skateboard

Energy savings

The electric scooter runs on a battery that charges from the mains 220. Therefore, the cost of conventional fuel — gasoline — is incomparably more expensive than energy. The duration of a single charge lasts from 4 to 6 hours. Without recharging, the electric scooter can travel 25 km, which is enough to move around a locality. The trip is cheaper if you consider the costs not only for fuel, but also repairs, taxes.

Maneuverability and maneuverability

Small dimensions of transport make it possible to drive in the narrowest places on the sidewalk, park, in the courtyard. You can move in crowded places, easily avoiding obstacles in your path. On it you can navigate on the sidewalk, pedestrian zone and shopping centers.

The product does not require a separate room in the form of a garage to save it. It is perfectly located in the house, occupying a small space.

Ease of movement

For the usual two-wheeled transport is required to put physical activity, which is tiring. The electric scooter easily transports without any effort from the user. The mechanism is based on an electric motor that rotates the wheels.

The product has a mass of 10 kg, which makes it easy to transport and transport in space.


Weather conditions make it difficult to operate a vehicle. The user is fully open to snow, wind, rain. The electroscooter will not hide even from the bright sun.

The limited space, the minimum equipment makes the electric scooter uncomfortable in comparison with other types of movement. On some models without a seat, the user will have to stand all the time while traveling. And you can take with you only a small backpack, as there is no place to put the bag.

The price of this vehicle is higher than other two-wheeled products. The cost of electric scooters varies from low cost models to branded expensive ones. Everyone can find the right one.

User Opinion

Buyers of this product unanimously note that the ride on the electric scooter brings great pleasure.

Users characterize the electric scooter as a fast, mobile, easy, convenient way to move for short distances.

A positive point is:

  • Unpretentious service
  • Fast charge (only 4.5 hours)
  • Smooth running (even in the absence of shock absorbers)
  • Low weight
  • The structure is folded
  • Easy to manage, it's easy for kids, seniors
  • It saves time, fuel costs and does not harm nature.

Users tested the product in different locations. A trip on a non-asphalt road is pleasant and comfortable. The only significant limitation to the use of an electric scooter is that the road is rough, and if there are holes and bumps, difficulties arise as with any other type of transport, so they should be driven around.

There is another nuance. So, it is noticed that the transport does not fulfill the power reserve promised by the manufacturer. Also expensive is considered the cost of the vehicle.

The product is gaining popularity and is widely used for entertainment (rental, tours), many people go to work.

Electric scooter is an interesting, compact, convenient vehicle, perfect for large cities, allows you to quickly and comfortably reach the desired point. An important aspect of the choice of this vehicle is an unforgettable experience during a trip to the electromotive.

The best cheap electric scooters

Opens our ranking of the best electric scooters for adults Ninebot KickScooter ES4. In its lineup, the model with the four in the index is considered to be the top one - the most powerful engine (800 W), which means the highest speed. The ES4 electric scooter can accelerate to 30 km / h, although the power consumption will be too big.

A proprietary feature of this series is that the batteries and the controller are not installed in the polik, but hidden in the steering rack. It actually gives a plus: there is no risk of damage to the electronics or a short circuit when moving puddles, and not everyone will like to tread on batteries. True, and the dimensions of the steering rack because of this decent: no less than 55 mm in diameter.

The second thing is the presence of an additional battery connector, which is mounted on the same rack. This battery is connected to the main charging socket, covered with a rubber stopper. Not a bad decision: without a "collective farm" you can seriously increase the power reserve.

Well, and the third is the possibility of using the Ninebot application on a smartphone, which shows the current speed, battery charge, the predicted power reserve. You can also choose a driving mode (economy, normal and “sporty”), set a speed limit and even turn on cruise control. Here recovery is controlled: ES4 always switches the motor to the generator mode when the gas trigger is released, only the power is different. It is more comfortable to roll at the minimum, but at the maximum, the largest power reserve - however, the scooter stubbornly doesn’t want to roll even from the hill.

Both wheels of the scooter - 200 mm, front and rear shock absorbers are available. In aggregate, this allows us to talk about some kind of comfort while driving, as far as it is possible for a scooter. There are two brakes: mechanical, for use of which you have to press the rear wing with your foot (yes, it is the Ninebot that brakes) and the electronic one, which forcibly takes the engine to the maximum power generating mode when the trigger is pressed on the left handlebar. Perhaps we will find fault with the brakes: it is more convenient, and a mechanical brake of a bicycle type with a lever on the steering wheel would be more logical.

Advantages of electric scooters

Immediately make a reservation that in this article we consider the electric scooter for adults as a vehicle, and not as a hobby or a toy. And this means that we will be comparing it with other means of transportation according to parameters important for transport. So…

In fact, electric scooters are a more affordable and economical alternative to mopeds well known to every Russian. Accordingly, they have similar advantages: speed, maneuverability, accessibility. Both the moped and the electric scooter allow you to quickly get to anywhere in the city, bypassing traffic jams and streets loaded with cars. The problem of leg fatigue can easily be solved with an electric scooter with a seat.

Nevertheless, even in comparison with a moped, an electric scooter has advantages:

Efficiency. Gasoline is becoming more expensive almost every day, so riding a motorcycle turns into an increasingly expensive pleasure. At the electric scooter cost per kilometer is about one penny - a ruble per 100 km! There is simply no better offer on the market for motorized vehicles,

Availability. We need rights on a moped, but not on a scooter,

Patency. On the electric scooter you can drive on any pedestrian zone: on the sidewalk, through a park or a square, in the courtyards. A moped does not give such freedom of movement.

With all these advantages, the electric scooter has exactly one minus: in terms of speed, it still loses the moped. However, this minus is not very critical: for traveling around the city of 20-30 km / h is enough for the eyes.

In comparison with the car

Quite a difficult comparison, but still:

Advantages of the electric scooter:

Efficiency. On the electric scooter, taking into account the aging of materials, possible repairs and the price of fuel, one kilometer of a journey costs about 2-3 rubles. Even a budget car costs 7-8 rubles a kilometer (petrol, insurance, maintenance, repair). The benefit is obvious

Maneuverability. Where the car does not pass because of the size or traffic rules, the electric scooter will pass easily,

No parking required. The electric scooter can be easily stored at home.

Cons of electric scooter:

Comfort. The car is definitely more comfortable, not to argue with that,

Mileage. You won't go scooter for long distances,

Capacity. If you often go somewhere big company or with a lot of things, the car will fit better.

The conclusion is simple: the electric scooter is better suited for everyday trips of one person for short distances.

Better than a regular scooter or electric scooter ↑

A scooter is a device that has long been known and familiar to us, but a scooter with an electric shock, or simply an electric scooter, is not yet so popular, although it is gradually becoming a familiar sight.

This is, of course, about adult models, because any child perceives the scooter more as a toy, not a means of transportation.

In fact, the electric scooter is an excellent alternative to the usual types of transport of this type, while being more economical and affordable.

However, it is this transport that has its advantages over other means of transportation (scooter, moped, bicycle, monowheel).

The advantages of the electric scooter ↑

The advantages of scooters with electric can be safely attributed:

  • Profitability as at cost of the device, and on expendables.
  • Simplicity and availability of driving.
  • Permeability (with regard to the pedestrian zone) and maneuverability.
  • No need to look for storage or parking.

How does an electric scooter work?

In addition to the electric motor, the design consists of the following parts:

  • metal frame
  • soles
  • pens,
  • wheels,
  • rear brakes.

The principle of operation is as follows:

  • The power source is the battery. В зависимости от типа устройства и мощности заряда, электрический самокат может ездить на расстояния от 30 до 50 км. Есть модели транспорта, где предусмотрен переход с электрической на бензиновую тягу, путем переключения рычага акселератора на руле. Таким образом, производители снизили риск непредвиденной остановки. Можно иметь под рукой и запасной аккумулятор, который в пути легко заменить.
  • In the design of the scooter, next to the axle have a motor and gearbox, due to which traffic is carried out. They transmit the torque to the front wheel, and the operating voltage reaches the motor through the wires. For safety reasons, the engine and gearbox are enclosed in a special sealed box. This design has its own name - motor-wheel. Since such an element has a greater mass than the rear wheel, the front fork is strengthened and equipped with a shock absorber. Especially, it concerns adult models.

Device scooter

When choosing an electric scooter, there are certain characteristics that must be carefully considered. The ease of use depends on this:

  • Wheel size. On children's models they are smaller than the circumference than on adults. This is justified by the purpose and method of use. By this point is to include the presence of the protective wing. This element - protection from dirt, which occurs in rainy weather.
  • Product weight. We have already said that this characteristic is affected by the material from which the scooter is made. Children's variations weigh 10-12 kg, and adults - 50 kg. If the electric scooter is purchased for the purpose of recreational rest, it is better to choose products weighing 15-20 kg, which will allow you to comfortably operate and transport.
  • Dimensions. This type of transport after operation must be stored. The best option is folding models. This will allow in the cold season to hide the scooter in the closet or on the balcony. Some manufacturers complement the standard equipment with special shipping bags.
  • Equipment. It was already mentioned above that the electric scooter can be supplemented with other elements, for example, a folding seat. This option is convenient for those who plan to take long walks on it.

  • manufacturer - well-known companies are more expensive
  • a complete set - additional adaptation will affect a price category,
  • motor and battery power - in adult models there are powerful electric motors, so the cost is higher,
  • material - steel is cheaper than aluminum.

Buying an electric scooter you need to demand warranty documents for it. They contain detailed information on the technical characteristics, there is an acquaintance with the manufacturer.

Functions and features

The main purpose of the electric scooter - movement, without the use of physical effort. This goal is achieved by an electric motor and battery. These two elements are fundamental to such a device. The developed speed and travel time depends on them.

The average weight that can withstand children's scooter - 60-70 kg. Therefore, it is suitable for small children (or teenagers) and skinny adults. The power of this type of transport is 150 watts with the possibility of developing an average speed of up to 20-25 km per hour. On adult models, a motor with a power of 250 watts is installed, which increases the speed to 35 km per hour.

More worth staying at the electric motor. Motor power depends on the type of battery.

  • seat - removable part of the scooter, used when traveling long distances,
  • Additional equipment of the wheels - depending on the type of road surface, transport is “loaded” into suitable ramps,
  • lights - an element that can not be replaced in the night ride.

  • for nature walks
  • for trips around the city.

In the latter case, you will need products with a powerful motor, so as not to stall halfway to the final destination. Such a vehicle helps to avoid traffic jams, as it can be used on pedestrian pavements. The main thing to remember about battery charging time.

Pros and cons of electric scooter

Like any type of technology, electric scooters have strengths and weaknesses. Consider the advantages of this type of transport:

  • economy,
  • ease of operation and care,
  • environmental friendliness
  • low noise
  • since there is no gasoline, it helps to avoid an unpleasant smell, which is why storing a scooter in the hallway does not bring discomfort to residents,
  • compact assembled and disassembled,
  • relatively low weight, which makes it comfortable to transport.

But for the sake of justice, it’s worth going over the weak points of the electric scooter. These include such moments:

  • short trip time
  • there are breakdowns that you cannot fix yourself,
  • high cost - from 1000 dollars.


In order for the electric scooter to serve for more than one year and not break, it is necessary to study the instruction manual. It consists of sections. Consider each one of them.
The battery requires:

  • before the first departure, the battery is fully pre-charged,
  • after each application, the drive is put on full charge,
  • when the electric scooter is “preserved” for the winter, the battery is again charged to failure and the procedure is performed once a month,
  • full charge time - 6-8 hours, depending on the power and type of drive,
  • the device is not disconnected from the network until the red light turns green,
  • in any case it is impossible to exceed the specified charging time, therefore the battery is not recommended to be put on overnight,
  • the electric scooter is turned off if it is not in use, even if the stop has a short time.

  • small children do not use electric vehicles without adult supervision,
  • The device is kept clean after each use.
  • Before “preservation”, it is necessary to clean metal parts from dust and dirt to avoid rust and corrosion,
  • in rainy weather it is better to leave the scooter at home,
  • do not install a motor or battery with a power higher than that indicated by the manufacturer,
  • in the event of a fault, you should immediately contact the service center,
  • any kind of configuration must be "native".

These simple rules will help keep the device in good shape for many years.

Precautionary measures

Like any other vehicle, an electric scooter requires careful handling. This is especially true of children. Therefore, you should know the safety rules:

  • It is possible to use the device only after a thorough study of the instruction manual,
  • the first trips are carried out at a minimum speed in order to experience the maneuverability of the vehicle,
  • before the trip, the brake system is necessarily studied and tested,
  • children and adults are recommended to wear personal protective equipment - a helmet, gloves, knee pads and elbow pads,
  • The quality of the roads and the weight of the rider affect the maximum speed, therefore it is impossible to squeeze out of the device more than specified in the technical passport,
  • the electric scooter is used only in dry weather and on roads where the surface is flat,
  • in the rain, this tool remains at home, since the electric traction is the basis for movement,
  • children are skated only under the supervision of adults,
  • scooter can not go on the roadway, only on the designated road,
  • the rider is a member of the traffic, and therefore must comply with all the rules of the road,
  • for reliable retention of balance on the device, operation is carried out only in sports shoes,
  • Before each ride, not only the battery charge is checked, but also the serviceability of the braking system,
  • one electric scooter - one rider,
  • clothes for travel are chosen so that no element of it (lace, ribbon, etc.) gets into the rotating elements,
  • while driving, the arms and legs should be in perfect position on the right places - the steering wheel and the sole,
  • the room where the battery will be stored must be dry and not hot,
  • if the electric scooter has fallen or it has had a strong mechanical effect, then you need to show it to the master, but in no case should you continue to use the device,
  • do not install a damaged battery, you must replace it,
  • scooter is strictly prohibited to use in an alcoholic or narcotic state.


Any thing has the ability to break. Electric scooter is no exception. But some malfunctions can be solved independently, and in other cases, the help of professionals will be required. It is important at the time of purchase, ask the seller about the availability of service centers in the city, where they help troubleshoot.

Frequent breakdowns are associated with batteries, chargers and electronics. In the first two cases, the problem is solved by buying new items. But it’s better to entrust their installation to professionals. Repair work are as follows:

  • welding of individual elements of metal
  • replacing old bearings and chains with new ones,
  • check hydraulics, and if necessary repair and pumping,
  • change of individual elements
  • full or partial replacement of the motor or drive.

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There will be a crusher, yes. Friends sell such scooters. They tested a lot, eventually saying that Xiomi is the best option.
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Started drying. It turned out a little ... on the way out I think already to try)

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I think its application is different - for example, I have the side of the ICC, but to point X there is still to go on the bus, where the hell you will wait, on foot or by metro with a transfer.
And here everything is simple - I drove 5-6 stations on the MSC, opened the scooter and after 10 minutes you were there. And do not melt in traffic and burn gasoline.
Shopping and banks - well, I do not know. I think you can attach a cable. In 5 minutes they will not be dragged away, but I would not leave for a long time.

I wanted to take this one myself, parking from a couple of kilometers to get to just доб but I never bought an even ... probably I’ll take it next year (if nothing is better) or if the electric is great

The device (scooter) is needed only for those who are far from the subway to work. In the rest - low-functional entertainment. Yes, on a summer day, you can go for a ride in the park, but do it alone or in the company of the same kayaks ... and then what to do, because winter is near (s). 3/4 years, he will stay at home. All these cables (so as not to hijack) add hemorrhoids when used. Ideally, of course, you have to go to work by car, well, or by public transport, this is FTW on foot!

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> An ordinary bike like a + elektronabor. 35km.ch course about 50km with sometimes pedals. For fuck a sit-down life behind a computer.
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White kromovochki, bag on the side of your head like a macfly from back to the future, podzastryal in the 80s

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Choosing a scooter is a matter of taste ↑

Buy an electric scooter or a regular scooter - this decision should not be made on the spur of the moment. Read the reviews, read the reviews, review the characteristics - it will help make the choice much easier and easier.

And those who wish to choose something in between - and not a moped, and not a bicycle, will be satisfied by choosing a scooter. But the usual or on the electric burden - it's up to you.