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New Year dresses - photos from the latest collections, trends, styles


New Year's holiday - joyful, alluring, bright. No wonder he is considered the biggest public holiday among all others. Celebrate the celebration both at home - with family and friends, and in a team - with work colleagues.

Corporate celebration inspires us to purchase suitable outfits. It's so desirable, especially for women, to appear in front of colleagues not in a strict suit, but in an elegant, elegant dress.

Below we will try to make out which dresses for the New Year's corporate party would be appropriate in 2019.

What dress to choose for a corporate party for the New Year

The beautiful half of the workforce should consider a few tips when choosing a New Year outfit. Clothing should be festive, stylish, beautiful, but not provocative and not too bold.

Exclude very short dresses for New Year's corporate party, transparent things, frank cleavage and other excesses. Bright, eye-sharp colors are also best left for other occasions. In priority - delicate, pastel colors, a dark range of shades.

In 2019, fashionable women’s designers offer many elegant evening dresses for a corporate party for ladies and ladies.

Choose them, given the physique and height, hair and eye color, age and personal preferences. Undoubtedly, clothes should decorate the owner, emphasize her dignity, hide figure flaws.

If you are planning a themed corporate event, stick to the overall style in outfits. A banquet or reception is planned in an elite luxury restaurant, a long evening dress of elegant style will suit. There will be a buffet table - you can stay at the cocktail dress of a simple cut of medium length, decorated with a small amount of decor.

Popular styles and models of New Year's corporate dresses

Fashion is constantly changing and improving. But there are certain details of evening corporate dresses that are always popular. They make the outfit stylish, and the woman in it - attractive, royally chic. You can celebrate the year 2019 in such New Year dresses:

  • with open back - The neckline should not be too big and frank. Uses draping on the back, exquisite straps of laces, transparent fabric covering the bare parts of the body. Different models of dresses are offered - short to the knee or long to the floor. They sit well on slim, tall girls with perfect posture,

corset type - The corset will bring the figure to the shape of an hourglass, lift the chest, make the waist thinner. The hem of the attire can be slinky or free, long or short - just above the knee. Suitable clothing for slender and stout women,

with drapery - Builds or graceful folds on the dress will help to hide extra inches or hide thinness, adding a little volume in certain places. Flowing folds on clothes will give the silhouette of romance, softness, femininity. Drapery on the bodice will visually make the chest bigger, distract attention from full hips. A prominent tummy will hide the draping over the shoulder, attached to the hips or waist,

with American armhole - New Year's evening dress in this style can be long or short, open shoulders will give any variant of elegance and charm. The thing appeals to girls and women of low or medium height with neat shoulders. You should not choose this model if you have wide and powerful shoulders, otherwise they will visually appear more noticeable,

asymmetrical dresses - New Year's Eve looks fabulously at women with different build dresses on one shoulder, with a train or with a slanting bottom - an uneven skirt will make the owner taller and slimmer. The color of the product can be asymmetric, not just the hem or sleeves. Dark details will “steal” centimeters, light ones will add some volume,

  • dresses with a slit - long dresses in a floor ideally and seductively look with a big section on the side - from a hip along one leg. The incision can also be front or back. Designers offer different versions of evening dresses for New Year's corporate event.
  • Dress Length: Maxi, Midi, Mini

    The length of the dress that you choose for the New Year holiday with your colleagues depends on the place where it is held, as well as on the characteristics of the figure.

    A beautiful, elegant floor-length dress for corporate in a restaurant. Exceptionally, it sits on a slender girl tall and on a full tall lady. You can choose a model with open shoulders, slightly parted back, or with a seductive slit on the side.

    This version of the dress is universal. You can stay at it if you celebrate New Year with colleagues in a restaurant, in a cafe or in an office. The length of the dress slightly below the knee will make a woman of any complexion beautiful, stylish and fashionable.

    The length of such a dress - to the knee or palm above. Shorter options are not suitable for corporate events if you do not want to look indecent and defiant in a circle of colleagues. A short board can afford a lady with beautiful slim legs. It will be appropriate if a corporate holiday is arranged within the office.

    Colors and decor of dresses for New Year's corporate

    Black dress does not come off the runways. It will make the shape slimmer, set off the skin, give elegance and mystery to your image. Violet and burgundy gamma is also popular, dark blue dresses for the New Year's corporate party are in the trend.

    If you are slim and are not afraid that the outfit will give a femininity figure, choose white, pastel, gray models.

    You can wear a yellow, green or red dress for the New Year's corporate party - these are the most fashionable colors in the coming season.

    Two-color dresses are popular when one thing combines dark and light tone. This type of clothing is a great opportunity to hide the problem areas and show the dignity of the figure.

    Refinement and festive add along dim neat embroidery to the color of the fabric, you can even in the tone of the main color. Fringe - another kind of spectacular decoration of the festive New Year's bow. This detail will give the product of aristocracy, the owner and all others - a good mood. She can decorate the sleeves, neckline, bust, waist or hem of clothing.

    The dress decorated with sequins is a hit of the 2019 season. For corporate parties, it should be a strict cut, no frills. No bright and catchy decorations are needed for it; it itself can attract attention, hold your eyes on you. Presented for women of fashion long models in the floor, mini and midi options.

    In spectacular Christmas outfits there may be payiets, rhinestones, beads, lace. Used draperies, flounces, basques, unusual belts. On the New Year's corporate party, you can choose the most suitable outfit.

    The fabric for dresses is chosen expensive and high-quality, at the height of fashion - velvet, satin and silk products. No less relevant are lace dresses or things with lace inserts.

    Fashionable New Year's dresses for full ladies

    If you are going to a holiday with colleagues, a lady with a magnificent figure should be especially careful in creating her New Year's bow. Stylists and fashion designers advise women of the fair sex with feminine forms to choose such styles of dresses:

    1. with a high waist, A-silhouette - these things effectively hide the tummy and lush hips,
    2. with a flared skirt of medium length. A skirt or flared sun is a good solution for you,
    3. sheath dress - will give the figure attractiveness, hide extra centimeters,
    4. vertical stripes, small pattern, contrasting color inserts, will give slimness,
    5. dark and cold colors are also for a magnificent figure, they visually reduce the volume,
    6. ruffles, draping, embroidery, a print in the chest area can be distracted from wide hips, you can choose a deep neckline - if you have beautiful breasts,
    7. for women with wide shoulders and big breasts, narrow hips, we recommend a model with a dark top and a bright bottom. This will make the shape proportional.

    The optimal dress length for a full lady is just below the knee. If you have slender legs - the bottom of the dress can be a little shorter - to the knee. For tall women will suit full long dress to the floor. Choose a semi-adjacent style of a dress for a corporate holiday, you will not be mistaken. The main thing that the dress did not constrain your movements when walking and sitting. You should feel comfortable in it.

    Shoes and accessories

    A small handbag or clutch bag, envelope-shaped handbag will suit the New Year corporate dress. A cocktail dress will complement the fitted jacket, and the evening dress will add an elegant bolero.

    Choose a suitable bracelet along with a short sleeve, long earrings to the dress with an open top. An elegant, beautiful chain with a pendant will complement the image of a stylish lady. Jewelry with pearls, large diamond or with other stones will be appropriate.

    It is not necessary to shoe on a corporate shoes with high heels. After all, you have to dance the whole evening, move, and not sit still. Therefore, it is better to choose shoes with heels that fit perfectly on your leg. In color, they can be combined with a handbag, a bolero, or a basic outfit.

    Having successfully celebrated the New Year in a circle of colleagues, you will be charged with a positive mood for the whole year, and you will long remember a joint event. New Year's corporate party with colleagues - this is only the beginning of the New Year and Christmas holidays. Let them be successful and fun for you!

    How to celebrate the New Year 2019: new year dresses for elegant women

    Designers offered women some elegant solutions, in what to celebrate New Year 2019, noting evening and cocktail styles, as the most acceptable among analogues.

    New Year's dresses 2019-2020 will conquer with the beauty of velvet, tenderness of knitwear, elegance of lace, lightness of satin and silk.

    Celebrating New Year at home does not always oblige a woman to dress up in an evening dress, but despite this, we advise women to pamper themselves with a chic outfit, wearing New Year's dresses with lace on the main night of the year, dress in a satin or silk New Year dress or choose velvet models .

    For those who wear Christmas dresses 2019-2020 of a cocktail or evening type - too, we offer excellent knitted and knitted Christmas dresses midi and maxi length, decorated with applications from rhinestones, fringe, lace.

    In them, you will feel comfortable, protected, and look very stylish, demonstrating to friends and family an excellent sense of taste.

    Novelties and styles of New Year's dresses 2019-2020 will allow every fashionista to find her perfect New Year's dress, in which she will celebrate the New Year together with dear people, spending old memories, sad moments and all the problems and failures that worried her with the past year.

    The most beautiful New Year's dresses 2019-2020: ideas on how to celebrate the New Year

    And so, let's consider what kind of New Year dresses 2019-2020 styles were present in the new collections.

    Christmas dresses made of satin, silk, lace and lace elements, whether models in the floor or midi, will make the image of any girl and woman more tender, giving a highlight to her appearance, and emphasizing femininity and elegance.

    New year dresses from velvet, knitwear - trend of 2019. They emphasize the curves of the silhouette, add to the image of comfort, but in any case, not boring.

    Such New Year's dresses are able to create a simple, but at the same time luxurious bow in which a woman will feel just fine.

    New Year's Crop Top 2019-2020 is a new evening dress that has been confidently holding its position for years.

    A beautiful New Year's outfit, made up of a skirt and a top with a long or quarter sleeve, often lace or transparent fabric, will look fabulous, slightly demonstrating feminine charms without lightness and vulgarity and fashionable designs of designers.

    New Year's dresses 2019-2020 with spectacular top - styles with a bodice of a bustier, dresses with an open back and bare shoulders, a strict V-neck, a large neckline of different shapes, dresses on the straps and with sleeves and cuffs, lace, chiffon, etc. P. - make a woman a queen at the ball and an elegant lady in the business New Year celebration.

    New Year's dresses 2019-2020 - in the floor, short fitted, trapezoidal models, impressive with spectacular neckline to the thigh, beautiful styles with a fluffy skirt - such options will make a woman especially elegant and colorful.

    And if the dress is also decorated with sparkles or stones - there is no price for such a party for the New Year's Eve.

    New Year's dresses 2019-2020 with additional details in the form of a train, a cape, beautiful shuttlecocks or ruff on the sleeves, and along the entire length of the dress.

    Exquisite New Year's dresses with embroidery, drapery, layering, application elements, feathers and fur, openwork inserts and other details - all this beauty will transform a woman, what style she would not have preferred.

    Finally, we say that New Year's dresses can be the simplest, but if you create an individual image with a unique make-up, hairdo, add accessories - your appearance will speak for itself - you are QUEEN!

    Chic evening dresses for the New Year 2019 - long and short models

    On New Year's Eve, going to an official celebration, women can choose a beautiful evening dress. The length of the evening dress for the New Year 2019 can be maxi, fashionable now and New Year's dresses in midi length, as well as short cocktail New Year's dresses of the original cut.

    Choosing a new year's dress to the floor, pay attention to the fish silhouette dresses with a small train. In a similar New Year's dress you will look like a real queen. Long-sleeved A-line New Year dresses will be very popular.

    Elegant open back, bare shoulders, a high slit, iridescent flowing fabrics will emphasize femininity and elegance of the New Year's dress.

    If you are going to have fun and dance all night, it is better to choose short styles of dresses for the New 2019 year, presented by interesting and elegant options.

    Beautiful New Year dresses with a fluffy skirt look playful and romantic, and fitting short dresses for the New Year and case models, complemented by embroidery, lace, sequins, feathers will appeal to bold and extraordinary personalities.

    Fashionable knitted New Year's dresses 2019 - actual trim styles

    Among the large number of models and styles of dresses for the New Year 2019 there are very interesting and beautiful knitted dresses, suitable also for New Year's outfit.

    Warm and cozy cashmere and knitted New Year's dresses are perfect for a family celebration of the New Year at home. Mostly it will be short knitted dresses for the new year, decorated with lace, frills, lace knitting.

    The New Year's image in a beautiful knitted dress needs to be complemented with accessories, then the New Year's outfit will look more festive and elegant.

    Royal Choice - Velvet Dresses for New Year 2019

    New Year's trend in 2019 is rightly left velvet outfits. Beautiful velvet New Year's dresses are both evening long styles, and original short models.

    Pleasant to the touch, lightweight and comfortable velvet dresses are perfect for creating a chic New Year's look. Classic black, noble blue, passionate burgundy and even bright yellow velvet are used in the tailoring of Christmas dresses 2019.

    Fashionable New Year velvet dresses do not need additional decoration, the maximum that a velvet dress for New Year can be decorated with is lace trim and embroidery.

    A worthy alternative to dresses for the New Year 2019 - beautiful costumes with a skirt

    The number of fashionable Christmas outfits in 2019 includes not only dresses for the New Year. The original option that you can wear for the New Year will be an alternative holiday outfit with a skirt.

    We are talking about fashionable dresses in this season in the style of a top crop, consisting of a skirt and a cropped top. A suit of this type with a skirt in the evening version will easily replace the classic New Year's dress. The skirt itself can be of different lengths and cut: short, fluffy, to the floor, mermaid, pencil.

    If you are looking for an original and stylish version of the dress for the New Year, New Year dresses in the cropping top style is the most suitable choice.

    Choosing Christmas outfits for children: trends, trends, styles

    Before you buy a new year's outfit for the baby, you should ask the baby what children's carnival costumes are interesting for him.

    Unusual, magical Christmas costumes for children 2019-2020 will create a special feeling of celebration, so get rid of the idea that buying a child like holiday outfit can be expensive or unnecessary.

    Having decided to buy even the simplest carnival costume to his baby, he will still be very happy, and will remember his emotions for a long time, having been in the role of a cartoon character, a cute beast or a fantastic character from movies.

    Christmas and carnival costumes for children 2019-2020 can be divided into groups that define different age categories, in particular 1-3, 4-7, 8-11 years old, and boys and teenage girls.

    Мода на карнавальные костюмы 2019-2020 предложит ребятам универсальные детские костюмы на Новый год, которые можно одеть, как мальчикам, так и девочкам, нарядные платья для девочек, а также необычные костюмы на Новый год для мальчиков.

    Модные карнавальные костюмы для детей 2019-2020: наряд на Новый год для мальчика

    Модные карнавальные костюмы для мальчиков на Новый год лучше выбирать, в зависимости от предпочтений парнишки.

    Having decided what kind of carnival costumes for a boy you like for your little son, do not forget to find out about the quality of the fabrics and components of the set, which should be made of materials that do not cause allergic reactions.

    Manufacturers have offered a wide range of choices, so in 2019-2020 carnival costumes for boys in the form of sailors, pirates, puss in boots, hussars, cowboys, etc. will be available.

    In our collection of photos you can see the original carnival costumes for boys 2019-2020 for every taste, and be inspired by your favorite ideas.

    If you do something unusual with your own hands, an intricate hat, an original old vest, an interesting rope, a bright scarf will complement the New Year's image of a boy. Many of these things are stored in our closet, waiting for their time.

    Carnival costumes for children - this is the option of using such things that will bring your child a lot of positive and joy.

    Carnival costumes for children 2019-2020: New Year's outfit for girls

    If the princess is growing at home, you should make sure that her New Year's outfit is special and unique.

    Today, parents choose for their daughters unusual images of a princess, Cinderella, fairy fairy, associated, of course, with elegant dresses with a fluffy, asymmetrical skirt, year.

    It is these dresses for the New Year 2019-2020 that are presented in our photo collection in abundance, so that mothers, together with their daughters, can view and find relevant ideas for the future image.

    As a rule, carnival dresses for girls, creating a fashionable image of a princess, fairies, Snow Maiden and other cartoon beauties, are in no way inferior in ideas and their embodiment to adult outfits.

    Delicate satin, flowing chiffon, cool-giving silk and many other high-quality materials are used to sew children's dresses for the New Year.

    Appropriate appliqués, embroidery and all sorts of accessories can convey the image of a little robber, Baba Yaga, bees, chanterelles and similar characters to the smallest detail.

    If you set out to create carnival costumes for your daughter yourself, it will be a little more difficult than with guys, because girls are more demanding in choosing clothes, so it may not be an easy task to please your daughter.

    But nothing is impossible. If there is no money to buy new year dresses for girls 2019-2020, experiment with creating a shocking fashionable image for your daughter.

    Take out the boa, fur collars, do not regret the decorations and beautiful jewelry to transform the carnival costumes for girls, having realized the conceived look as much as possible.

    Preparing for the New Year's Eve Ball can be a whole adventure for children. Do not deny the kids in this joy.

    Themed dresses for girls for the New Year

    The most popular options are:

    The most popular carnival costumes for girls "Snowflake" are produced by such companies:

    • "Button" - 2000 rubles,
    • "Carnivaloff" - 500 p.,
    • "Vestifika" - 1750 p.

    Girls like New Year's Christmas-tree outfits, produced by such brands:

    • Carnivaloff - 2330 r.,
    • Jeanees - 3900 r.,
    • "Balagan" - 2200 p.

    Stunning sets of Snow Maidens are made by the following companies:

    • "Batik" - 2000 p.,
    • "Elite Classic" - 1700 r.,
    • online store "Country Karnavaliya.rf" - 1200 p.

    If your girl likes to stand out, buy for her the vestments of Santa's assistant - a naughty Elfmaid. Manufacturers have options:

    • New Costumes - 1800 r.,
    • ElitCLASSIC - 2000 p.,
    • Rubies - 2500 r.

    The New Year always causes associations with snow, therefore at the matinee masquerade costumes for children “Zimushka” from the manufacturers will always be relevant:

    • "Vestifika" - 1700 p.,
    • “Button” - 2600 r.,
    • "Batik" - 1170 p.

    Snowflake Costume

    "Snowflake" brand "Button"

    A charming white polyester dress comes with a headband. Fastened outfit with a zipper on the back. Short sleeves and a fluffy multi-layered skirt are decorated with silver lace braid. New Year's outfit "Snowflake" is designed for girls of 3-4 years.

    Main advantages:

    • suitable not only for the New Year's matinee, but also for other celebrations,
    • high-quality tailoring,
    • easy to wash.


    • small size range
    • few accessories included.

    "Snowflake" brand "Carnivaloff"

    A warm shortened sundress of white plush goes to a height of 92–122 cm (4–5 years), made with a kokoshnik in the set. Fabric with a print - blue snowflakes. Dress-dress length is 48 cm. In this outfit, the girl will eclipse everyone around at any Christmas party.



    • short,
    • kokoshnik may be too big.

    Christmas tree costume for a girl for the New Year

    "Herringbone-Beauty", the company "Balagan"

    The dress and headdress is made of brocade and tulle of exquisite emerald hue. The three-layer skirt imitates the magnificent branches of the main New Year symbol - the Christmas tree. A cone-shaped headpiece resembles the top of a Christmas tree. The dress is decorated with tinsel, beads, imitation of Christmas toys.

    Main advantages:

    • high-quality tailoring,
    • very beautiful shade
    • pleasant to the touch material.


    • some decorations need to be hemmed by hand.


    Bright original Christmas dress length maxi comes with a hat in the kit. The dress is sewn of several types of material, decorated with satin ribbons, decorative snowflakes and bows, large sequins. Sleeves are short. The headdress is a bezel-crown with an asterisk in the form of a Christmas tree.


    • fluffy skirt,
    • quality fabrics
    • straight seams.


    • on the upper part of the fabric clings a lot of villi.

    Snow Maiden

    “Snow Maiden Gzhel”, brand “Batik”

    Grandfather Frost granddaughter's outfit consists of a fluffy skirt, jacket and kokoshnik. The material is white with patterns in the style of Gzhel. The jacket and skirt are trimmed with white fur. Kokoshnik decorated with sequins. Drawing on different models may vary slightly. A choice of 6 sizes.

    Main advantages:

    • Beautiful design,
    • good quality.


    • sizes do not always match,
    • gum on the crown tugovat.

    "Winter Snow Maiden", brand "Elite Classic"

    In the gentle dress of golden color the girl will be the sweetest at the Christmas party. Kokoshnik and coat with fur trim included. Production material - polyester. Fabric of golden color with a print in the form of frosty patterns. Kokoshnik made of soft foam rubber. The set is suitable for girls of 9–12 years old.


    • kokoshnik holds its shape well
    • outfit looks very nice.


    • hand wash only,
    • need a delicate ironing.

    Christmas costumes of animals and insects

    The most favorite images of animals in girls are:

    Children love to dress up animals. Girls will love Christmas costumes for babies "Belochka" from such manufacturers:

    • "Batik" - 1200 p.,
    • Carnaval - 1700 r.,
    • “Boca Factory” - 1750 r.

    Christmas sets of clothes from different manufacturers will help your girl to dress up in a charming cat:

    • Fun World - 4800 r.,
    • California - 2640 r.,
    • New Costumes - 2800 r.

    The original Christmas costumes of the Ladybugs for creating vivid images have the companies:

    • "Batik" - 2900 r.,
    • "Carnivaloff" - 2500 p.,
    • California - 2900 p.

    The images of sly chanterelles are represented by such firms:

    • "Batik" - 1400 p.,
    • Fun World - 4000 p.,
    • "Boca Factory" - 1500 p.

    Brands offering original colorful New Year butterfly costumes:

    • Rubies - 3500 r.,
    • "Batik" - 1200 p.,
    • Vestifica - 1350 r.

    Any girl will look cute as a hare from one of the brands:

    • "Boca Factory" - 1300 p.,
    • "Batik" - 1650 r.,
    • ElitCLASSIC - 1600 p.

    Costume squirrels for girls

    "Belochka-Zlatka", "Batik"

    Charming bright set for the matinee in kindergarten, school. Suitable not only for New Year's, but also for many other costume holidays. The basis of the set is a sundress with a print under the Khokhloma and white sleeves-lanterns. There is a fur mask-cap - the face of a squirrel with black tassels on the ears.

    Main advantages:

    • nice,
    • bright,
    • neatly sewn
    • inexpensive.


    • here and there sticking strings.

    "Beautiful Squirrel", Carnaval

    The kit includes a fluffy skirt, vest, mask, gloves, sleeves, leggings and a tail of a rich orange color. All elements of the New Year's dress are trimmed with artificial fur. Clothes are easy to wash and iron. You can wear it on the matinees on the occasion of the New Year and many other holidays.


    • many accessories included
    • beautiful bright colors.


    • few sizes
    • the vest is very loose.

    Cat costume for girl

    "Miss Kitty", Fun World

    Black set with bright pink accents. It includes a dress with a fluffy skirt, decorated with a bow and a long tail. The image will be complemented by a hood imitating a cat's face, lining shoes and gloves with cut fingers. There are several sizes to choose from (26-32).

    Main advantages:

    • not easily soiled
    • original design,
    • high-quality tailoring.


    "Pink Kitten", California

    The kit includes a dress, fluffy leggings, sleeves, bezel with ears and a collar with a bell. All items are pale pink. Dress with leopard print, bodice decorated with imitation fur. A fluffy multi-layered skirt adorns the long, detachable tail. All items are made of polyester.

    Main advantages:

    • the dress can be worn separately, without accessories,
    • quality materials, tailoring.



    “Little Ladybird”, “Batik”

    The base is a bright red dress with large black peas. It is sewn from dense material with mesh inserts. Included are sleeves, leggings, wings, bezel with horns and a glowing magic wand. Vestments suitable for Christmas party, children's carnival, the original photo shoot.

    Main advantages:

    • bright color,
    • many decorative items
    • many sizes
    • straight lines.


    Ladybug, California

    Reminds an image of the heroine Lady Bag, beloved by children. The kit includes a dress, detachable sleeves, leggings, glasses, a bezel with a mustache, wings. All items are red in black peas. Leggings and dress are made of polyester. Several layers of nylon give the skirt pomp. Available in 4 sizes.


    • stylish outfit
    • all accessories are made of high quality.


    • Points and bezel can be too big.

    "Chanterelle Sister", "Batik"

    Bright orange dress made of shiny polyester, comes with a removable fluffy tail and a hat-mask. The costume for the New Year is decorated with artificial fur. Recommended careful hand wash. There are 2 sizes to choose from. Suitable for Christmas party, masquerade.

    Main advantages:

    • pleasant to the touch fabric
    • neat tailoring, threads do not stick out, the lines are flat,
    • high quality fur collar and trim.


    Red Fox, Fun World

    Clothing set is made of red brown plush. A warm dress coat with long sleeves is decorated with voluminous edges on the sleeves and cuffs. There is a detachable hood with ears and pom-poms. A fluffy foxtail is attached to the dress. Included are lining the shoes of faux fur.


    • warm,
    • soft,
    • beautiful fluffy elements
    • all decorative elements come unfastened,
    • neatly sewn.


    • requires very careful care.

    Heroine tales

    The most famous and beloved girls characters are:

    • Malvina,
    • Little Red Riding Hood,
    • Mermaid,
    • Imp,
    • Sister Alyonushka,
    • Princess Jasmine,
    • Maleficent,
    • Fairy Ding-Ding and her friends,
    • Elsa and Anna from "Cold Heart",
    • Cinderella,
    • Pirate
    • Gadget,
    • Snow White,
    • Masha,
    • The witch or the evil sorceress
    • Rapunzel,
    • Merida ("Braveheart"),
    • Belle ("Beauty and the Beast"),
    • Tiana ("The Princess and the Frog"),
    • Thumbelina,
    • Monster High dolls.

    Thanks to one of the following costumes, the girl at the New Year's party will turn into a fairy fairy:

    • Magic Time - 1800 r.,
    • "Batik" - 1550 r.,
    • Disguise - 4100 r.

    An ideal choice for a Christmas party - a fairy-tale princess costume from one of these brands:

    • "Batik" - 4000 p.,
    • Disguise - 6500 r.,
    • Forum Novelties - 3700 r.

    Such New Year's costumes will help to transform into the image of the Girl with blue hair from the fairy tale about Buratino:

    • "Batik" - 2800 r.,
    • ElitCLASSIC - 2200 r.,
    • Carnaval - 1900 p.

    Variants of images of the most beloved princess girls - Cinderella:

    • "Batik" - 3100 p.,
    • Disguise - 3900 r.,
    • Rubies - 3500 r.

    In the New Year's costume of the Little Red Riding Hood from one of these brands any girl will look amazing:

    • "Batik" - 2500 p.,
    • "KarnavalOFF" - 2000 p.,
    • Rubies - 2700 r.

    Babies who love the fairy tale of the Snow Queen will love these New Year costumes:

    • "Batik" - 3300 p.,
    • Morris - 6700 r.,
    • Carnaval - 2500 r.

    Monster High characters are very popular among girls:

    • Rubies - 3500 r.,
    • "Batik" - 2000 p.,
    • New Costumes - 5300 r.

    Over the past few years, girls are more willing to dress up in princesses Elsa and Anna from the cartoon "Cold Heart". For them there are costumes for:

    • "Batik" - 3000 p.,
    • Carnaval - 2300 r.,
    • Fun World - 3400 r.

    Fairy costume for a girl

    Forest Fairy, Magic Time

    Vestments in golden-red color for babies 6–8 years old. The basis of the New Year's dress is a dress, the skirt of which imitates flower petals. Supplement - wings and bezel with a green sprig. Production materials - synthetic satin, polyester. Height - 125 cm.

    Main advantages:


    • poorly processed skirt edges.

    "Fairy Rosetta", "Batik"

    The costume is based on the famous Disney cartoon series. With him, the girl will reincarnate in Rosetta - a fairy of gardening, a lover of flowers and plants. In a set - a red top with a frill, a claret skirt, wings, a brooch, a wig. Available in 5 sizes.

    Main advantages:

    • quality material
    • many items included.


    Princess costume

    "Baby Rapunzel", "Batik"

    A gorgeous dress in the floor in lilac-pink tones with a brooch will complement the golden wig. The dress will help to create a very close to the original image of the princess Rapunzel from the famous Disney cartoon. Elements of the costume are made of synthetic materials and threads with plastic elements.

    Main advantages:

    • quality manufactured
    • many sizes.


    • Wig requires careful care, hair confused.

    Baby Princess Dress Bell, Disguise

    New Year's outfit in golden color and headband. A dress in a floor with a magnificent skirt and patterns on a hem, short sleeves. Embroidered golden threads on the corset on the front are plant motifs. Made of synthetic material under the atlas with the elements of the grid.

    Main advantages:

    • original design,
    • high-quality tailoring,
    • nice stuff.

    Malvina, Batik

    Satin dress with a fluffy skirt and short sleeves-lanterns of blue color. The set includes pantaloons with lace ruffles, a beautiful bow on the head and a wig. To give volume under the bottom, a petticoat is put on, which is attached to the dress. There are 6 sizes to choose from.

    Main advantages:

    • looks good,
    • high-quality materials and tailoring,
    • the seams are flat, there are no protruding threads.


    • The wig may be too hot.

    "Pretty Malvina", ElitCLASSIC

    Fluffy dress of rich blue color with short sleeves and a turn-down collar. Front decorated with purple sequins. Included - pantaloons, bow for hair, belt. All elements are made of high-quality satin and mesh. To match the image, the set is complemented with a wig with artificial blue hair.

    Main advantages:

    • smart
    • the dress can be worn separately,
    • easy ironing.


    • wig climbs and confused, curls quickly disintegrate.

    "Classic Cinderella", "Batik"

    Imitation of a dress in which the most famous princess from the Disney cartoon visited the fateful ball. Included are gloves, wig, necklace, bezel and brooch. All elements are pale blue. The width of the skirt at the waist is adjustable. The manufacturer produces a model in seven sizes.

    Main advantages:

    • looks good,
    • the dimensions clearly correspond to the grid,
    • quality materials manufacturing.


    • The wig requires careful care.

    Cinderella, Disguise

    The dress imitates the one in which the main character of the recent Cinderella film shone. Made of translucent shiny fabric in soft blue color. The skirt is lush, multi-layered. The boat collar is decorated with butterfly stripes. Length - just above the ankle. 4 sizes.

    Main advantages:

    • looks very nice
    • well regulated in volume in the chest and waist.


    • only professional cleaning and ironing.

    Little Red Riding Hood

    "Little Red Riding Hood" with embroidery, "Batik"

    The set includes a white shirt with short sleeves, a skirt, a vest and a cap. There are 7 sizes to choose from. Skirt to the middle of the knee, classic straight cut. Planting vest is regulated by lacing the front. The shirt and apron on the skirt are made of shiny silk.

    Main advantages:

    • high-quality tailoring,
    • good on the figure
    • durable material.


    • drop out the nest under the lacing.

    “Kind Little Red Riding Hood”, “CarnivalOFF”

    Wonderful outfit includes a dress and kerchief. Skirt length just below the knee of the fabric in a red-orange cell. The style "sun" is supplemented with a neat white apron. The top of the dress is stylized as a shirt with a black yoke and sleeves-lanterns. The waist is highlighted with bright red satin ribbon.

    Main advantages:

    • looks good,
    • good tailoring


    • The apron does not come unfastened for washing.

    Snow Queen Costume

    "The Snow Queen", "Batik"

    The set of the dress includes a corset, a fluffy skirt, a collar with a cap from snow-white satin with embossed patterns and elements from the grid. The image is complemented by a luxurious crown. To make the dress look lush, a petticoat is worn under it, which is also included. You can choose from 5 sizes of children's costumes.

    Main advantages:

    • looks gorgeous
    • rich equipment.


    • requires careful care
    • easily soiled.

    The Snow Queen, Morris

    The dress, produced in one size, consists of a dress and a cape with a hood. Length - to the floor. The dress of light blue satin is decorated with a belt of large rhinestones around the waist, flared skirt.The cape of translucent blue fabric is decorated with shiny snowflakes and the edge of white faux fur.

    Main advantages:

    • unusual elegant design
    • beautiful decoration with rhinestones, sequins and fur.


    • only 1 size,
    • The cape is very fragile.

    Christmas costumes for newborn girls

    "Kitty", "Button"

    Gray-white velor jumpsuit for baby from the velor is fastened with a zipper in the front, cotton lining. On the hood there are ears and a face of a cat is drawn. Elastic cuffs-elastic on the sleeves and legs at the bottom. The costume is designed for girls up to the age of one, released in one size.

    Main advantages:


    • the child quickly grows up.

    Elegant dress "Ladybird", PlayToday

    Holiday outfit made of cotton and polyamide in black and red colors. A-line dress with a high waist, sleeves, lanterns and a round neck. It is zipped on a back. The set includes a headband with the horns of a ladybug and a textile brooch in the shape of a flower. The dress can be washed by hand without bleach, ironed on a small temperature.

    Main advantages:

    • looks good,
    • can be worn not only on holidays.


    Set "Lady Santa", "Dasha"

    The suit consists of a velor dress-shirt and cap, is available in two shades: dark red and light blue. You can choose from 5 sizes for babies. The dress fastens with a zipper on the back, and is decorated with an original bow on the waistline.

    Main advantages:

    • neat tailoring
    • stylish design,
    • soft and pleasant to the touch material.


    How to choose a Christmas costume for a girl

    Only the appearance of the dress is important for the child, but much more parameters matter to the parents. Tips for choosing a new year costume:

    1. Look for outfit under the character of a girl. For example, if she is calm and dreamy, offer her a fairy costume. Mischievous Egoze fit the image of a sorceress. The fan of cartoons will love her favorite Disney princess dress.
    2. The outfit should be made from natural, high-quality materials that do not cause allergies. Pay attention to whether the seams are flat, and the fasteners are well attached. Curved stitches, raw areas should be absent. It is desirable that the clothes do not fade during washing and are well smoothed after storage.
    3. The richer the suit set, the better. It should be not only a dress or elements of the top-bottom, but also interesting additions, accessories. The presence of a headdress or mask, wig, brooches and necklaces, gloves, overlays on shoes is welcomed. The package bundle should be such that the image is the most believable.
    4. Good New Year's costumes for girls with removable elements that can be transformed into a casual outfit. For example, an orange dress of chanterelles with a detachable tail.

    Features and benefits

    On New Year's Eve, all girls and women want to look magical.

    Choosing what to wear on this New Year's Eve, many people superstitiously rely on the opinion: “how to celebrate the New Year, so spend it.” That is why all the fair sex strive to be on this day the most beautiful and charming. And this can help them evening dress.

    Of course, many may opt for an elegant suit, a well-chosen blouse with a skirt, or something else, but the dress’s feature is that it can indicate and emphasize the woman’s femininity and sexuality.

    The assortment of evening dresses can be lost. By the New Year, stores update their shelves with new collections, and fashion designers who decorate their offspring with various New Year attributes are trying to create a festive mood. Therefore, the question arises: how to choose?

    How to choose

    Getting lost in a huge assortment of New Year's evening dresses, you should pay your attention to the dress that you not only like, but also fit perfectly into the upcoming celebration.

    If you are going to corporate parties with your colleagues, you should opt for a more classic version of the dress. This, for example, may be a sheath dress of black, cold green or red color, decorated with a small number of sequins or sewn to the dress with a gold-plated decoration.

    For a celebration with friends, in a restaurant, you can choose a more spectacular evening dress. For example, with a fluffy skirt or a pleated skirt. Plunging neckline and high heels are welcome. And for long walks in the bars you can prudently supplement the New Year's dress with a fur cape.

    Holidays in the family does not require much effort. For a modest evening, you can pick up a midi-length evening dress that is free and not constraining movement, so that you can waltz around the New Year's table with a hot hand, but look good without extra effort.

    Christmas dresses can be ultrashort and very tight.

    Corsets, bodices, decorated with rhinestones, wide belts - may well complement and make the dress sexy. However, about popular styles in more detail.

    "Baby dollars"

    The main difference between such an evening dress and the rest - in ruffles and lace, in bows and ribbons, and with lush frill looks great. It is very feminine and is great for young fashionistas.

    If you want to meet this New Year in the image of a cute "doll", then this model of dress is what you need.

    Tight very seductive dress that will appeal to women with a perfect hourglass figure.

    Often, open shoulders, a deep cleavage and a lush “mermaid tail” made of flying and lightweight fabrics are perfectly combined with high heels and visually stretch the silhouette, making its owner gorgeous!

    Fluffy short skirt draws attention to the beautiful legs of its owner. Dress of this style often has a pronounced bodice, which is able to emphasize not only the chest, but also the waistline. Suits thin girls.

    Colors and finishes

    The current color of this year, which is able to draw the attention of others to its owner. This shade of red is very beautiful and noble, as well as sexy.

    If you want to make an impression on someone, then you should choose a dress of this color with an open back or transparent inserts.

    Popular use of this print in tight dresses. It is suitable for miniature girls with an elegant figure. Perfectly fit into the atmosphere of a restaurant or bar.

    Classic color that fits perfectly in any situation. For New Year's Eve, a dress of this color, decorated with glittering beads and gold embroidery, will suit.

    With sequins

    Usually used to decorate individual parts of the evening dress. It is these little things that can turn the most ordinary and ordinary dress into a festive one.

    For young ladies, a dress fully sheathed with this print will be suitable for creating a bright image and spectacular pastime on the dance floor.

    It is very seductive and sexy. This dress will suit young girls with a pretty figure.

    This season, the favorite trick of fashion designers with evening dresses of such length is the trim of the hem with a light lace train.

    Classic and versatile option. It is able, both to hide the flaws, and to emphasize the dignity of the female figure, and therefore is suitable for all types of figures. This length is very convenient and does not hamper movement.

    Evening dresses, stitched in length to the floor, for visiting social and official parties and events are extremely popular.

    What to wear

    Tall girls should complement the evening dress with ballet shoes for hanging out in the room and half boots on a small heel - on the street. Miniature girls should pay attention to shoes with high heels. You should not combine a dress with too massive shoes, as it threatens to attract attention from a full-fledged image to itself.

    In the winter, of course, you need to choose outerwear. You will need it for congratulations and visits to friends, as well as other active pastime on the street. It can be a muton fur coat or a long classic coat. It is very good if there is a hood available that can be thrown over the head without fear of spoiling the hairstyle.

    Stylist tips

    Fashionable gurus recommend this year to please the guests with golden and silver dresses. They can be decorated with tiny sequins or rhinestones and are easily complemented by plain warm capes. The length of this dress must be in the floor.

    For lovers of long dances, stylists pay attention to dresses with a fluffy skirt and bodice, decorated with brilliant embroidery. Such a dress is not only seductive, but also charming, than it can attract admiring and envious glances.

    For full girls it is recommended to choose dark dresses with translucent sleeves and without massive patterns. Deep cleavage will not be superfluous. The waistline of such an evening dress must be clearly expressed.

    Stylish images

    Not afraid of red? Then put on a dress with a tutu skirt. Bottom can be decorated with feathers, and the top - with red patterns printed on transparent nylon. We combine an outfit with a dark clutch or a miniature handbag on a long strap, as well as red shoes with heels.

    A navy blue sheath dress can be complemented with a massive pearl necklace. From shoes, you can choose a rough boots with thick soles or long boots with a steady heel. Decorate the hostess with seductive makeup and large white earrings, successfully complementing the overall image.

    Choosing your own from the variety of evening dresses, remember that you should not be afraid of experiments. After all, the only way to get a stunning and memorable image.

    The most beautiful dress ideas for the New Year 2019-2020

    Undoubtedly, the New Year holidays are the best reason to choose for themselves a festive and spectacular outfit, which is why dresses for the New Year can be not only concise and elegant, but also luxurious.

    Color and shape does not matter. You choose the thing that is obliged to make you the queen of the evening, so dresses for the New Year should be tailored individually to its owner.

    Each style is unique, if you choose it correctly for your type of figure, complement the dress with appropriate details, create an unusual tandem of attire, hairstyle, makeup, nail design.

    It is worth thinking about the fact that dresses for the New Year do not have to be mega fashionable, you can choose an evening dress in a short or maxi version, which you can easily dress if necessary, remembering happy holidays, and recharging with energy and positive winter celebrations.

    And so ... what to wear on the much-awaited New Year's Eve ... More on this ...

    Lace dress for the New Year 2019-2020

    It would seem, but what is there about this ... In fact, there is nothing softer than lace, so lace dresses for the New Year 2019-2020 will win their fans among women of different age categories, admiring long styles to the floor, short models, stylish variations below the knee.

    Openwork lace patterns can fully decorate the outfit, and may appear on the dress with delicate and quivering fragments that emphasize the elegance and splendor of evening bow.

    Spangles, sparkles, sparkles ... Spangles do not happen much! Dresses for the New Year 2019-2020 with sparkles

    An option that will conquer with its spectacularity and symbolism, dresses for the New Year 2019-2020 with sparkles.

    The flickering of silver and the shine of gold will be embodied in one outfit, which you cannot pass by without admiration

    Yes, maybe you will not wear many more sequined dresses on New Year's Eve. Nevertheless, the sensation and goggles that you call out are worth taking the risk of buying a New Year's dress with shiny elements, brilliant embroidery, shimmering rhinestones, or completely made of metallic fabric.

    Dresses for the New Year 2019-2020 with sparkles - and you are in the center of attention of all the men present at the ball.

    But do not forget, the shimmering fasonchik needs to be chosen very individually, so that the dress was not just chic, but also suitable for you.

    Sophistication and simplicity - elegant dresses for the New Year 2019-2020

    Are you skeptical about fashion experiments, are you afraid of extravagant and unusual decisions? Nothing wrong! Fashion meters will take care of all women, offering elegant dresses for the New Year 2019-2020 in discreet and concise styles.

    Wearing a dress case, or choosing a dress model for the New Year on the floor of a straight cut, you will stand out from the spectacular fashionistas, but at the same time you will look very noble and stylish.

    Do not be afraid to appear gray mouse. Even if the dresses for the New Year 2019-2020 will be simple, the color saturation and beautiful decorations will be able to drastically change the situation.

    Fashion trends and various fashionable things ... New Christmas dresses 2019-2020

    Undoubtedly, it is impossible not to say about the updates of New Year's dresses, among which are not so new, but still relevant, and, without a doubt, modernized styles that deserve your attention.

    Among the fashion trends of dresses for the New Year 2019-2020 with slightly bare shoulders and slightly ajar back. We speak lightly, as ostentatious sexuality is not welcome.

    Magnificent modifications of an evening dress in a short and maxi variant, as well as an asymmetrical style, unsurpassed novelties of new year dresses with a slit will be appreciated.

    Undoubtedly, luxurious long dresses for the New Year 2019-2020 A-line are in the lead, knitted models that create the feeling of a family holiday, dresses with a beautifully decorated bodice.

    Such models as ball, year, with a train will also find their owners, but such unsurpassed examples you can afford when the dress code of the event has.

    The ideal length of the midi is still considered the best length of the cocktail dress, so choosing a dress for the New Year midi, you definitely can not go wrong.

    The color and material of the dress will help to astonish the gaze, so always carefully choose the dress, taking into account how much the color suits you, whether the dress fits beautifully, which directly depends on the style and fabric, how you feel in your new clothes.

    Who said that women with graceful forms are afraid to look spectacular ... Dresses for the New Year 2019-2020 for women with magnificent forms

    The stereotype is that if you are overweight, New Year's dresses are contraindicated to you.

    Evening fashion is so multifaceted that even the magnificent ladies there is an ideal option.

    Stylists advise to choose plump beauties of the dress for the new year 2019-2020 to the floor, successfully adjusting the figure with a high waist, drapery, well-holding the shape of the fabric.

    Short dresses for the New Year, or rather, styles just below the knee can be fitted, but in no case, not tight.

    Focus on a beautiful neckline. Why not! Choose a style according to your age, pay attention to rich, but not too light shades. And you, undoubtedly, will be able to pick up the ideal option.

    And now only for you, only in this article the best dress ideas for the New Year 2019-2020.