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Pros and cons of a ski resort


Rest in the mountains, including Elbrus, gives not only unforgettable impressions, it helps to improve the whole body at any time of the year, because nowhere else can you find such crystal clear and most useful air. It is not by chance that mountainous regions are famous for their long-livers.

Speaking about the rest in this area, it is possible to divide it conditionally into a resort in the Elbrus region, and directly on the mountain itself, by the way, the largest in Europe. For travelers on Elbrus itself, there are two accommodation options - Azau and a rural settlement consisting of several small villages, where residents rent accommodation for tourists, which is the earnings of the local population from serving tourists. So, go to Elbrus.

Information about grief

Agree, it is impossible not to become interested in a mountain with two peaks, which attracts not only the explorers of peaks, but also ordinary tourists, to see amazingly beautiful glaciers with a total area of ​​one hundred forty-four square kilometers from a small height. Gentle slopes are not difficult to climb, and the panoramic view is just fascinating.

Stone blocks are covered with snow in the summertime, and the icefalls on the lower part of the glaciers are a wonderful memorable sight. For lovers of extreme sports - the northern and western slopes with steep sections up to seven hundred meters.

Grounds for popularity

What is famous for Elbrus? Not only amazing views and clean air, but also mineral springs located at the foot of the mountain. The healing waters of the Caucasus have long attracted tourists, combining pleasant pastime and treatment. The popularity is also due to the ability to test your strength by climbing the mountain, for which two options were developed:

  1. Ascent from the south. For accommodation is provided by the private sector or a mini-hotel in the village of Terskol.
  2. Ascent from the north. Accommodation in the field camp.

Everyone will find a suitable way to conquer Elbrus, and if he does not want, he will be able to have a great rest, using other offers.

Settlement options

Stop at the time of rest on Elbrus is not difficult, because the choice is large enough. In villages, you can rent a great comfortable housing at an affordable price, as there is decent competition among locals living from this type of income. The cost of such accommodation is much lower than in the hotel service, and many homes in the private sector have the status of mini-hotels, with all the ensuing benefits of civilization.

Terskol enjoys special popularity, as there is a ski center, one of the main in the past and present, and a strong search and rescue service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, which is also extremely important. There are also campgrounds and tent camps, closer to natural conditions.

Fun Attractions

In addition to recovery by mineral waters, it is recommended to go hiking, hang gliding, skiing or cycling. Visit the Narzanov glade near the village of Terskol, with a natural release of mineral water from the depths. Since Elbrus is well developed as a tourist area, on vacation there is plenty of entertainment in the form of billiards or table tennis, visits to the pool and nightclubs, local colorful cafes and restaurants.

In the ski resort of Elbrus - the village of Dombay, you are waiting for exciting parties with like-minded skiers. This is an opportunity to make new acquaintances, have a great time and search for allies for the next ascents.

If you are a lover of fishing and hunting, then you will find something for everyone. For avid fishermen, special trout breeding places are provided for catching it, and then professional chefs will prepare delicious dishes from a good catch.

They come to these places for corporate leisure as well, to enjoy the peace and mountain scenery away from the noisy cities. Lovers of meditation, too, do not leave Elbrus without attention, trying to achieve harmony with the outside world and itself at its foot and on its peaks.

Conquest of the peaks

Very few people will not have an active holiday on Elbrus, because it is available to any physically healthy person, even without special training. Climbing the mountain, despite the prevailing belief about the danger of conquering peaks, may be the most significant event in your life.

This requires persistence with desire, free time. There are three options paths that can be considered for climbing. The rise from the South is considered classic, it is the most popular and accessible.

Technically, it is not complicated, but this does not mean that it is trouble-free, as there are attendant conditions in the form of bad weather, altitude, orientation difficulty due to unsatisfactory visibility and others. Therefore, in order not to risk health and life, it is recommended to use the services of a conductor. The rise from the West is considered quite complicated, interesting for those who are thirsting for adventure. There are no lifts, cafes, cars, only you alone with wildlife. The ascent on the Northern part is accompanied by the best panoramic view of the Caucasus and its foothills; it was here that the first ascent of the man on Elbrus took place.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any other trip, mountain recreation, except for enjoying the surrounding beauty, healing, active pastime, has its advantages and disadvantages. Note the advantages of rest on Elbrus:

  • staying in harmony with nature, being in direct contact with it, walking along the foot, going down into the gorge, stopping mountain rivers, climbing steep slopes, admiring waterfalls and snowy peaks, trying to taste the water from natural sources,
  • obtaining aesthetic pleasure from the contemplation of mountain valleys and color meadows from a height, admiring clean and transparent mountain lakes, steep serpentines of roads, passes, exploring rare species of flowers and plants,
  • the opportunity to breathe with a full breast of mountainous ecologically clean air, feeling an unprecedented surge of strength, elevating mood, improving appetite, a desire to stay awake and striving for new heights in life,
  • active leisure and entertainment at any time of the year - in summer hiking and cycling along paths and serpentines, in winter descending from gentle and steep slopes on everything that slides (sleds, skis, snowboarding), in autumn and spring visiting regional and national natural parks and nature reserves places that
  • visiting small mountain villages, authentic local towns with sightseeing and familiarization with the traditions and lifestyle of the population,
  • fishing on mountain rivers and lakes,
  • a chance to take part in festivals and local holidays with a national flavor, having bought fancy crafts as a souvenir and as original gifts to friends and relatives,
  • to master mountain sports, in the form of skis in winter and mountain biking in summer,
  • a wide choice of a place of settlement, depending on the possibilities, from a tent and camping in natural conditions, to a luxury hotel in the town at the foot.

Now about the shortcomings that are especially noticeable in the winter season. Cons are few:

  • the cost of winter mountain recreation is increased by renting equipment for climbing the mountain, paying for a wide range of services at the ski resort,
  • the danger of traveling on roads in the mountains due to landslides and snowfalls, the difficulty of getting to a place of rest due to prolonged or heavy snowfalls,
  • in season - crowds of people, accompanied by noise and crampedness, bursts to the lifts.

Despite all the shortcomings, many of the holidaymakers on Elbrus note that this was the best holiday in their life, not comparable to the sea in cost, activity and impressions. Elbrus is waiting for you!

→ Tourism, Extreme Hobbies

Undoubtedly, the main time of vacations and travels was and remains summer. But we must not forget that there are 3 more seasons of the year, in which you can take something too. In this article I will talk about such a popular form of entertainment, like skiing. In principle, I would not say that this is a purely winter type of recreation (with a special desire to ski in the summer, if you know where), but the greatest tourist flow is still in the winter, so I’m talking about this kind of entertainment as winter . Now I will tell you the pros and cons of a holiday at a ski resort.

The first plus is getting thrills. When you rush from the mountain at high speed, you get just a huge amount of adrenaline and after the descent you will still feel pleasant excitement in your body for a long time. The next advantage will highlight the variety of equipment on which you can ride. Do not like skis, please get up on a snowboard, or sit on snowmobiles, which can be purchased here - force-marine.ru. Plus there is a sled, circles and many other interesting things that you can ride. The next aspect is aesthetic. Ski resorts are very picturesque places, and from contemplation of the surrounding spaces you can enjoy no less than from the descent itself. Contemplation, you can safely engage in sitting in the lift, which will take you to the top of the descent. The next plus (it does not apply to all resorts) are local cafes, which are usually located in log cabins. Sitting in a cozy atmosphere and drinking hot mulled wine after a hard descent certainly only sets up positive emotions.

Now for the cons. First of all, downhill from the mountain is dangerous. Here you can easily bump into anything or anyone, and the consequences can be anything. Therefore, be sure to be careful and if you first came to the ski resort, it is best to ride under the supervision of instructors or more experienced comrades. Well, of course, in a state of intoxication to ride really do not recommend. I don't even need to explain why. But, if you listen to these tips, then the likelihood of injury is extremely small. The second disadvantage I note that the ski resort is not such a cheap pleasure. On the other hand, if you rest in our country, you have your inventory and you do not live in a hotel, but in a rented apartment (such are often provided), then the final amount will be quite modest (specific prices can be found on third-party resources).

I summarize. If you love outdoor activities and want to get a thrill, then a trip to the ski resort will bring you a lot of positive impressions, which you will remember for a long time. Well, that's all, you have a good ride.

History of Elbrus

The territory of Kabardino-Balkaria was settled since ancient times, and in the middle of the 16th century it became part of Russia. At this time, Ivan the Terrible married the daughter of the Kabardian prince, further strengthening relations between Russia and the Caucasian republic. In the 19th century, many foreign guests were interested in the nature of Kabardino-Balkaria. It was at this time that the first conquest of the highest mountain of the North Caucasus, Elbrus, took place, on the slopes of which the republic was spread. From this moment on, mountaineering began to actively develop in the Elbrus region, and by the middle of the 20th century there was no end of tourists. The second half of the 20th century was marked by the construction of roads in the Baksan Gorge, hotels, recreation centers and cable cars. Here, in Kabardino-Balkaria, the first in Russia cable-chairway with a length of more than 1,500 meters was built.

What can be seen in the Elbrus region?

If you are a lover of active pastime, then you should definitely visit the Elbrus summer. The rest, the review of which is offered below, are incredibly bright moments. The stunning beauty of the natural landscape, the pure mountain air, a trip along the serpentine, which is breathtaking, the ascent to Elbrus on a modern cable car - all this awaits you in this wonderful place.

Mountain Elbrus

Elbrus is the highest mountain in Russia and Europe. An ancient beautiful legend is connected with its origin. A long time ago a tribe of the Narta lived on the Caucasian plains. Their leader was the great warrior Elbrus, and he had a son - a brave and courageous handsome Beshtau. The life of the leader's son was carelessly going - in merriment with friends, hunting, fishing, communicating with nature. He had an unusual gift - to understand the language of animals. Once I met Beshtau a girl from a neighboring tribe - the beautiful Mashuk and fell in love with her. Without thinking twice, the young man came to his father and announced a quick wedding. But Elbrus was not at all happy, because he himself was captivated by the beauty of the young Mashuki. He then decided to get rid of his rival son and sent him to fight with the neighboring tribe in the hope that he would not return to Beshtau alive.

The young warrior was absent for a long time, and Elbrus convinced Mashuk to marry him. However, Beshtau survived and returned one night to his native village. His friends — the animals — the lion, the bull, the snake, and a camel — told about the father’s treachery. Beshtau kidnapped his beloved and decided to hide, but Elbrus caught up with them. Father and son went to fight against each other. Beshtau raised his sword and cut his father's head. However, Elbrus did not immediately die, gathered the last forces and cut his son into five parts. Mashuka did not suffer such grief, drew her dagger and killed herself. Everything is numb from this terrible and monstrous fight. And since then, Mount Elbrus, Mashuk and Beshtau have been standing in this place.

Today, millions of people from all over the world come together to admire the beauty of these natural giants. We invite you to organize your summer vacation in the Elbrus region. Prices in local hotels and cafes will pleasantly surprise you. Accommodation in hotels - from 350 rubles per day in economy class rooms. More comfortable luxury apartments - 1500-2000 rubles. Local residents will offer to taste the dishes of national cuisine. A full meal will cost you 500-800 rubles per person.

Narzanov Valley

The name of the valley speaks for itself - about 20 sources of mineral water beat out of the ground here. The passage to the Narzanov Valley is very picturesque. The place is covered on all sides by high mountains, thanks to this an extraordinary atmosphere of privacy is created. Here, next to the natural mineral springs, there are small cafes, stylized as houses of different nations. Here tourists will be offered to try cuisines of different nations. If you visit Elbrus in the summer, your vacation should definitely begin with a visit to the Narzanov Valley.

Baksan gorge

Baksan gorge is an incredibly beautiful and popular place. An asphalt road passes through the entire gorge, which rises to the foot of Mount Elbrus by 2,000 meters. Here the mountain river of the same name flows. It is said that once the water in the river was so pure that it could be drunk. It is currently too polluted. The gorge is especially beautiful in the warm season, when everything is green around us, and the mountain river rushes down with a loud roar. We advise you to come to the Elbrus region in the summer. Recreation (hotels here are represented in the widest range) will be full of pleasant memories. The most popular tourist hotels are Balkaria, Scheherazade, Azau.

Conquerors of Elbrus: monuments

We decided to spend a vacation in Elbrus in the summer? Rest will begin with an acquaintance with the monuments to the first explorers of the highest mountain in Russia, which are installed right at its foot. In 1829, residents of Kabardino-Balkaria, Hilar Khachirov and Ahiya Sottayev, made the first ascent to the top of the mountain. The expedition, which included them, consisted of 20 people. At an altitude of 4270 meters, it was decided to stop the climb due to the fact that most members of the expedition began to have severe headaches. Hilar Khachirov refused to return and continued climbing alone. He managed to reach the summit, and in proof left the flag and his cap there.


The road to the foot of Elbrus leads through the "dying city" Tyrnyauz. Before the collapse of the USSR, it was inhabited by people who worked at the local mining complex. After the closure of the plant, the population decreased significantly. At present, almost no one lives in the city. It is located in a very unusual, picturesque place. Along the road there are abandoned multi-storey buildings, and right behind them rise the mountains.

This region is popular among tourists not only in winter but also in summer. Among the main summer entertainment reviews mark walking along with experienced guides, horseback riding, riding a quad bike and much more. Any tourist will not leave indifferent the Elbrus summer. Rest, reviews of which the most positive tourists have, will be interesting and full of impressions. Tourists say this is the best place on earth!