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Menorca is an amazing holiday island.


Among the Spanish resorts are very popular islands of the Balearic archipelago. One of these islands is Minorca. This is the second largest island in the archipelago - after Majorca. Menorca attracts tourists with its measured and calm rest. This is a great place for those who prefer to relax on their own, and not under the program of travel agencies. Menorca is recognized by UNESCO as an international biosphere resource. Here they are trying to minimize the impact of civilization on the nature of the island. Minorca is rich in historical monuments, and it is not surprising - the island was populated with another 3,500 ice back.

Holiday features and major resorts in Menorca

Among the majority of travel companies there is a perception that the island of Menorca in Spain is a resort “for the elite”. And by its nature, it is positioned more as a family. This island is more suitable for those who prefer a relaxed and measured rest. Tourists on Menorca are waiting for the picturesque nature, which, by the way, is quite distinctive, and a varied program of entertainment and excursions. Therefore, for lovers of history and nature on the island there is a lot of interesting things: from parks and reserves to monuments of antiquity and other historical attractions.

The best resorts of Menorca

In view of its relative "youth" as a leisure center for tourists, Minorca does not have a large number of resorts. However, as they say, the island takes not the number of its resorts, but their quality. The most popular resorts in Menorca are Sant Lewis, Maon, Ciutadella and Cala Blanca.

First place in the list of the most popular resorts in Menorca is Sant Lewis. This resort village remained after seven years of French ownership of this island. Sant Lewis is famous for its comfortable bays for swimming with children. Also here you can watch the flow of seasonal rivers and bask on the white sandy beaches, of which there is plenty of St. Lewis.

The second most popular resort is Maon. At the same time, this city is the capital of Menorca. It perfectly combines the buildings of the past eras with the buildings of modern times. According to Mahon, many excursion routes have been laid, passing along which tourists will learn a lot from the history and culture of the city. Thus, the city develops according to the present, but does not forget its origins.

A special place among the resorts of Menorca is Ciutadella. This place is considered the historic capital of the island and is famous for the fact that there are many festivals and festivals. The city always has a festive atmosphere. In addition, Ciutadella will captivate tourists with its architecture - medieval buildings of various styles are well preserved here. It is not necessary to be a lover of architecture and culture of the Middle Ages to appreciate all the magnificence of the resort Ciutadella.

A wonderful contrast to the whole of Menorca is the resort of Cala Blanca. Against the backdrop of calm and measured resorts, Cala Blanca stands out for its discos, bars and noisy entertainment places, which are more popular with young people. You can also go diving in the crystal waters of the Spanish coast.

The main beaches of the island

Of course, it is impossible to imagine the Spanish resorts without a beautiful beach holiday, diving and other water activities. In Menorca, tourists can visit the many warm and friendly beaches. White and golden sand, azure waves, clear water - what else can you dream of? There are many beaches on the island, but several of them are especially popular with tourists.

Cavalry Beach - the most famous and most visited in Minorca. It can be safely attributed to the heavenly corners of the planet. The cavalry is famous for its clay baths, which can be taken before swimming in the sea. The water on the beach is magnificent and allows you to relax and enjoy swimming, after which you can soak up the beach and sunbathe. But not only this is the main charm of this beach, there are incredibly beautiful sunsets. It is highly recommended to stay on the Cavalry until the evening and wait for such a magnificent natural sight.

Another rather unusual beach on Menorca is Cala Pilar. Immediately it should be said that the path to it lies through oak thickets and sand dunes - just like in the films and books about the pioneers. And therefore, as befits all the creations of the pioneer genre, at the end of the journey tourists will find a truly paradise and pristine clean beach with crystal clear water.

For followers of a quiet and relaxing beach holiday, Kala Galdana will be a great place. This beach has gentle sandy slopes with warm sand, which beckons to lie down and sunbathe under the Spanish sun. It is also very convenient to get to Kala Galdara, because there are hotels on the shore near the beach, where you can enjoy beautiful views of the sea around the clock.

Well, and of course, on one of the most popular islands of Spain can not do without a special beach. We are talking about Son-Bou - a nudist beach. In particular, its beach is not remarkable, but it is valued by lovers of topless to sunbathe precisely because of its specificity.

These beaches are only a small fraction of Menorca’s entire beach variety. Many tourists even try every time to visit the new beach in order to get more impressions. And after a beach holiday, when the sun sinks just below, and there will be no such heat, it's time to go for a walk around the island and get acquainted with its sights.

Entertainment and Attractions in Menorca

Due to its ancient and rich history, Menorca has many attractions that are scattered throughout the island. Given that the island was inhabited by people already around 1500 BC, here you can see a lot of buildings, whose age is several thousand years. Ancient sights also attract connoisseurs of past eras and just those who are far from history, because even the simple realization that you are standing in front of a structure that has survived dozens of eras is a disturbing and exciting feeling.

Resting on Menorca, it is worth visiting the tomb of Naveta des Tudons, which is 2200 years old. Inside the tomb today is a museum of jewelry and household items. The museum exposition has collected a lot of items from different eras.

The place called Cova de Choroy is very popular. This landmark is located inside the cliff. In Cova de Choroy, you can organize a romantic dinner or visit a nightclub, which is also located inside the cliff.

In the history of the island a lot of military events during which Minorca passed into the possession of one or the other country. Witnesses of this are the fortress of La Mola and the tower of Torre de Fornells.

Every year, many tourists come to the coast, where these attractions are located, to learn more about the history of the island. But a special interest of several states at once was caused by the fort of Marlborough. Today, the fort is in excellent condition, and a tour of it will cost a couple of euros. Inside the Marlborough Fort, tourists will plunge into the atmosphere of antiquity, this is facilitated by a special sound and visual accompaniment.

Among the entertainment programs in Minorca, you are invited to visit the zoo in Alaior or to visit the large entertainment center located in the same city, as well as the water park in Ciutadella. In addition, you can go on an exciting fishing, renting a fishing boat in the village of Fornells. Also in all cities of the island there are clubs, bars, karaoke and discos.

How to get to the island?

Regardless of where you are going to go to the island, there is the only international airport in Minorca, which is connected by air with major European cities, such as Barcelona, ​​Palma de Mallorca and others.

The easiest and budget option is to travel with a transfer, for example, in Barcelona. On average, the flight time in this case is approximately 6 hours and 30 minutes, which, in principle, is quite tolerable. You can reach some points of the island by sea, for example, from Marseille, Valencia or the same Barcelona. As for the visa, here, as in the rest of Europe, you need to get a Schengen.

Going on vacation, especially if there are beaches there, it is always very important to familiarize yourself with the local climate, at least, in order to know what to put in a suitcase, and, as a maximum, to thoroughly work out the entire route of rest. The location of the island determines its mild Mediterranean climate, which, as well as possible, contributes to a health and comfortable beach holiday.

The summer season here lasts from April to mid-October, on the hottest days the air temperature can reach 28 ° -30 °. There is almost no rain in the summer months, and the water in the sea is ideal for swimming: + 22 ° .. + 26 °.

What to see?

As we have said, Menorca is the place that is really teeming with amazing ancient buildings, surrounded by a halo of secrets and mysteries. Here ardent lovers of archeology come together, as well as all those who love quite active leisure, which can sometimes be mixed with a pleasant beach relaxation.

What are unique tauly, huge sculptures, which belong to the works of talayotskoy culture. Such strange structures are not found anywhere else in the world, and on Minorca there are about 30 such structures - structures 4 meters high of two giant stone blocks, which are installed in the shape of the letter “T”.

Another monument of ancient times, slander, is amazing ancient crypts with burials that are older than the Egyptian pyramids. The looks superficially resemble an inverted ship, in whose construction cement was not used, but only built-in stones in a special way.

In addition, there are more than 120 beaches in Menorca, many of which are difficult to reach, you have to go down the cliffs, and some can only be reached by boat. Such moments makes this place even more tempting for lovers of small extreme sports, as well as semi-desert beaches.

Perhaps the most famous in Minorca, and indeed in almost all of Spain, is the beach resort of Cala Galdana, which is located on the central coast of the island. Here you can enjoy the beauty of the ancient city, admire the unique relief of the coast, as well as relax on the velvety sandy beaches, where the color of sea water strongly resembles a gem.

If you do not want to bother making your own travel, then there is a huge number of various tourist tours to Kala Galdana, which will allow you to relax in the best hotels of the coast.

In addition, the island has preserved monuments of Roman culture, churches with interesting mosaics dating from the 5th century, as well as Venetian-style palaces, charming streets that are planted with palm trees and fig trees, and lure for a walk!

Also on Menorca, various festivals and festivals involving horses, on which skillful riders show their skills, are common. Go to the land of unique beaches and amazing culture, and you will never regret it!

Sights of Menorca

There are so many sights on this small island that Minorca can rightly be considered the most real open-air museum. The mere fact that more than 1,500 monuments can fit on such a small piece of land arouses genuine interest and the desire to visit this amazing place.

One of the brightest attractions on the island is tauly - an amazing creation of Talaiot culture, which is not found anywhere else. There are about 30 similar buildings on the island. Looking at these mysterious megalithic structures, imagination draws the most incredible guesses. However, until now, researchers have not come to a common opinion, for which these stone blocks of T-shape were nevertheless created. One thing is clear - giant stones keep a lot of secrets that many people want to touch.

No less interesting place is La Naveta Des Tudons - another one of the oldest monuments in all of Europe. This structure, according to scientists, is a mass grave, as evidenced by the personal belongings found during the excavations. This name was given to the monument because of its similarity with the inverted ship.

The second largest city after the capital Maon is Ciudadela. This is the historical center of the island with a population of 30 thousand people. However, all the attractions are located close to each other. The city itself is somewhat like a fortress. The main building is the Cathedral, built in the Gothic style. Until the 14th century, by virtue of the reign of the city, a mosque stood in its place in the Moors. From it, the arches and minaret, which became the basis for the Christian bell tower, have survived to this day. Ciudadela abounds with winding streets, which are extremely pleasant to walk in search of local attractions. It is worth visiting the Place de Born, where the market operates twice a week. Here you can buy beautiful souvenirs and gorgeous decorations.

In addition, there are a lot of unique monuments and sights on the island, which will easily make you return a few thousand years ago, so the island of Menorca is a place that is literally created for lovers of antiquity and antiquity.

Holidays on the island of Menorca

Despite its antiquity and preservation, island of menorca - this is not only the breath of history. The main trump card of this place is still its magnificent beaches. It has everything: bays, beaches and coves absolutely for every taste, ranging from solitary places and ending with lively and noisy beaches. Unlike the widespread view of the coasts, there are no endlessly long sandy beaches in Menorca, which, I must say, have become boring to many. A distinctive feature of the island is the multitude and variety of bays, which gives the island even more uniqueness.

The southern part of the island is represented by bright beaches that are surrounded by lush green pine forests. But the north of Menorca is represented by more dense and dark pebble sand and less abundant vegetation. In addition, the quiet winding streets and cozy cafes give the lightness of this island and the feeling of blissful bliss, which does not leave throughout the rest.

From any hotel the sea with sandy beaches is within walking distance. After wandering through the southern part of Menorca, you can find a suitable place for a great holiday. The places for swimming here are shallow, the water is clear and warm, which is perfect for spending time with children. It is also worth visiting the beach of Sant Bau, surrounded by magnificent dunes and stretching for several kilometers. A truly romantic setting reigns in the bay. Ciudadela City. An unforgettable dinner here awaits every tourist who has visited one of the fish restaurants in the city’s harbor.

Fans of outdoor activities should prefer the northern part of the island. After all, this area of ​​Menorca is famous for strong winds, which is an ideal condition for surfing. In addition to this extraordinary beauty, the dissected gorges will delight the eye of the beholder.

Calm and tranquility characteristic of the south-west of the island. In the small coves you can spend a pleasant day, and in the evening you can go to one of the taverns, have a light dinner and enjoy the quiet sunset.

Holidays and Festivals of Menorca

Do not assume that holidays in Menorca - this is only relaxation and pleasant doing nothing, as well as monuments of antiquity and antiquity. This island can provide the most incredible opportunities for a bright and rich vacation. For example, every year, starting in June and ending only in September, the island literally plunges into the atmosphere of holidays, carnivals and festivals. Fiesta starts in Ciudadela and finish in Mahon (the main city of the island).

One of such bright holidays is St. Juan's Day. which is celebrated from 23 to 24 June. The longest day and the shortest night are the main reasons for the festivities. The peoples of the Mediterranean have long since been especially respectful of such holidays, giving them great importance. St. Juan's Day is identified primarily with the victory of light over darkness, so the corresponding attributes can be seen everywhere. On this night, according to belief, the most inconceivable miracles occur: all herbs become healing, water can relieve from ailments, treasures and treasures begin to glow, fires are burned along with everything bad that has accumulated over the whole year, and the remaining ash is used in the treatment of skin diseases . It is believed that this night young people will be able to meet their fate.

На протяжении этого массового гулянья повсюду жгут костры, поют песни и танцуют обрядовые танцы. Отовсюду слышны музыка, смех и веселье, а все это сопровождается невероятной атмосферой праздника. Стоит отметить, что день Св. Хуана отмечается во многих районах Испании, однако, именно на Менорке можно увидеть уникальные традиции и обычаи, которые сопровождают этот праздник. Например, главную площадь обычно засыпают песком, а владельцы баров и ресторанов выносят прямо на улицу барные стойки. The main and integral element of the fiesta are thoroughbred menorkinsky horses, decorated with bright ribbons.

Place for lovers

In order to enjoy the spectacular sunset, it is better to go on an excursion to the southern part of the island, Cala en Porter. Here, under the cover of one of the sheer cliffs towering above the sea, is a cave, named after the Arab pirate Khora. During the raid, he hid in this cave with his Spanish lover. It is currently the most popular bar on the island. Nearby there is a terrace, from where romantics can watch the sun disk slowly fading away into the sea.

Travel to Minorca must include a visit Monte Toro mountains - the highest point of the island. At the top of the local "Everest" is a church of the 13th century, where thousands of pilgrims come from all over the world. It is from this elevation that one can see the charms of the whole island, since the view opens up to the most wonderful.

What remains to add? Menorca - this is truly an amazing and unique island. It is very difficult to find another place that would combine in itself such a variety of monuments, entertainment and, at the same time, wonderful places for comfortable rest. Undoubtedly, the trip to Minorca will leave exceptionally exciting impressions and positive emotions.

Instead of introducing

  • The whole territory of Menorca is called a “biosphere reserve” and taken under the control of UNESCO. Therefore, there are no high-rise buildings. Perhaps that is why Menorca is not crowded.
  • The island is called the most expensive vacation spot "for the elite" in Spain. But many travel companies are positioning it as a family resort. Is this justified? We will understand.

Nature and weather

The nature of Menorca is in many ways original. Here you can find rare species of animals and plants. For wildlife lovers even developed special ornithological routes. For example, Albufera Park is a natural monument, where you can watch migratory birds in the immediate vicinity. By the way, not far from this delightful place is the beach of Es Grau, where you can swim after visiting the park.

In the north, the island ends abruptly: steep cliffs provide shelter for all kinds of birds and do not allow the wind to roam properly. But that does not mean that there is always calm on Minorca. From December to February here the sea is stormy and worried. And in August, pouring heavy rain. So you can swim and sunbathe here only from June to October.

The south of Menorca is decorated with a rural landscape with classically cultivated fields, pastures of cows and wooden houses. Next to them, without disturbing the harmony, the nature is almost untouched by the hand of man, with its charming bays and bays.

You can swim here in the north and in the south. In total, Menorca has about one hundred and twenty beaches. But the geography of the island is not easy for all of them to let tourists.

It is here, in Menorca, that it is not difficult to find a secluded place where you want to restore unity with nature and enjoy solitude. Or retire together. But if someone likes to stay in civilization more, there are no problems! One has only to come closer to the resort area, and you can already relax on the equipped beaches with sun loungers and other amenities. These places for passive extreme rest are located in the same charming and rocky coves.

In the north, the beaches are less visited, but they are not inferior in beauty and purity of the azure sea. The peculiarity of the coastal zone is the presence of pink shades. It looks very unusual. So red clay paints sand.

We have listed far from all the beaches of Minorca. But they share a common property. This is a small white sand, smoothly turning into the seabed. Clear water allows you to observe the underwater life, staying on the surface of the water. It is enough to put on a mask with a breathing tube. A pine forest, bordering the coastal zone of the island, makes the rest truly perfect.

Menorca "opened" not so long ago. Therefore, the resorts on the island are few due to the lack of a large influx of tourists.

  • Sant Lewis is considered the most popular and favorite among visitors. It is great for families with children, because Nearby are coves, very comfortable for swimming.
  • Mahon is the capital of Menorca and the city of contrasts: ancient buildings harmoniously coexist with modern buildings. Here is an international airport and many interesting places for excursions.
  • Ciutadella - the historic capital of the island, the city of holidays. Most festivals and fiestas are held here. The medieval flavor of the Gothic buildings in the ensemble with Baroque architecture and Renaissance buildings will surely find admirers not only among the gourmands of art. Those who would like to get into the time machine and travel back to the past will be able to fulfill their fantastic dream in this very place.
  • Holidays in the resort of Cala Blanca will appeal to young people. There are discos, bars and everything for practicing diving.

Menorca Hotels

The main hotel fund of the island are small apartment hotels 2-4 *. Building five-story buildings and above is officially prohibited. The island can accommodate up to forty thousand tourists at a time. Prices for accommodation are not much different from those in Mallorca. For a three-star room with a sea view and breakfast you'll have to pay € 120 per day. In the same hotel, but on the system "all inclusive" - ​​€ 150 per day. The same amount can be paid for a week stay in apartments. Well, according to tradition, prices go up during the high season.

On the island there are both small supermarkets and a couple of hypermarkets. Prices in them are not very different from Moscow. Some products are naturally cheaper, such as olive oil. There are many restaurants such as "McDonald's", where you can quickly eat. In the cafe, sated leisurely to the sound of live music, really eat for 10-15 euros per person. Portions, as a rule, give generous, products - the highest quality.

How to get there

You can reach any of the Balearic Islands, including Minorca, by flying first to Barcelona. And then either fly on an internal flight to the island, or sail by ferry. You can take a boat from island to island for € 20.

Features holiday on Minorca

Menorca is part of the archipelago of the Balearic Islands, which are located in the Mediterranean Sea. The Balearic Islands belong to Spain, and Spain has long been one of the favorite holiday destinations of the Russians. Menorca is a small island that has been recognized by UNESCO as a reserve, thanks to which the construction of tall buildings on the island is forbidden, and nature has preserved almost original appearance.

First I would like to talk about advantages of a holiday in Minorcawhich undoubtedly is. So, among the advantages of a holiday in Minorca are the following:

  • beautiful virtually untouched nature

Menorca has its own special climate, which is distinguished by its own flora and fauna, and the island itself (as mentioned above) is under the protection of UNESCO, which helps to preserve nature and minimize pollution.

Most of the beaches of the island are sandy beaches, of which there are more than fifty in Minorca. They could not be better suited for a relaxing holiday, on such beaches it is convenient to go to absolutely everyone, including children and the elderly. There are also rocky and pebbly beaches. In general, the beaches are quite extensive, so that they often find a place for everyone. Some of them can only be reached by off-road vehicle (which, by the way, can be rented). On such beaches there will be very few people guaranteed, and maybe you will be the only guests there at all.

Going on holiday with children

Should I go to Minorca with the kids? This question is often asked by parents who want not only to relax at the resort themselves, but also to bring the child there. However, many parents are concerned about issues related specifically to children's activities - where can you feed a child, will it be convenient for him to go into the sea, is there any shops with children's goods nearby, how can you entertain children?

Menorca is considered to be one of the best destinations in Spain for family holidays - there is literally everything that mothers with children might need. However, let's start in order:

Beaches and climate

Most of the beaches of Menorca are sandy, which probably will appeal to both children and their parents. The descent to the water is very gentle, the depth, as a rule, increases gradually - so that the child can swim near the shore. On the sandy beaches you will find small yellow sand, usually there is not a single stone at all about which one could get hurt. If you are traveling with a child, be sure to find out exactly which beach is near your hotel - there are not so many pebble and rocky beaches on the island, but it is still better to clarify this issue in advance. The beaches are municipal, but clean - they are removed. Sun beds and umbrellas are paid, but no one bothers you to buy your beach accessories and relax on them. The sea is clean and rather warm, so both adults and children can spend quite a long time in the water.

The climate of the island also has to rest with children - the beach season in Minorca. Read completely

Moscow - Menorca

From Moscow to the island you can fly with one change - in Madrid or Barcelona. Spanish airline Iberia offers an option with a transfer in Madrid. This flight option is quite convenient - the transfer time is minimal - about an hour and a half, so the total travel time will be about eight hours - about five hours to Madrid and about one and a half to Menorca. Ticket prices start at 15,000 per round trip. Of course, the sooner you get tickets, the more profitable they will be. Iberia is a fairly well-known European airline, reviews about it mainly. Read completely

What to see on Minorca?

Menorca - an island in the Mediterranean Sea, which belongs to Spain and is part of the Balearic Islands archipelago. The island is quite small, so that lovers of many historical excursions, a large number of magnificent palaces of Menorca will not seem very promising, however, there is something to see. Menorca is great for self inspection.

First of all, you can independently visit the capital, which is also the largest city of the island - it is called Maon. It is there that a large number of historical and architectural monuments are concentrated. In particular, this is where the largest church on the island is located - St. Mary's Church. The city is small, its population is only about thirty thousand people, and the historical center is not very big.

There are several squares in the city, each of which is a complete architectural ensemble consisting of sculptures and palaces. The largest areas of the city are called the Piazza Columbus, San Frances, Miranda and Conquest.

In the capital is located and Menorca Museumwhich is an important historical monument. It is located in the building of the old monastery, which was built at the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries. In the twentieth century, a museum was created here that introduces visitors to the history of Minorca - among its exhibits are everyday objects, objects found during excavations, paintings and much more.

The museum is located on Avenida Dr Guardia, clock. Read completely

Menorca Island: Mallorca's younger brother

Menorca is the younger brother of Majorca, the largest island in the Balearic archipelago. Translated from Spanish, the name of the island is translated as “smaller”. Minorca is considered the fashionable resort of Europe and, unlike Mallorca, there are practically no high-rise buildings here. Due to the fact that in the past century, UNESCO experts announced Menorca a biosphere reserve, building high-rise buildings is prohibited.

There are never many tourists in Minorca. Holidays in Menorca are leisurely and fussy. The local atmosphere is clearly different from Mallorca and Ibiza. You can get to Minorca either by plane or by ferry. Travel between Majorca, Ibiza and Minorca is carried out with the help of boats, a ticket for which costs about 20 euros.

People go to Menorca to see nature, which is different from the rest of the Balear Islands, and also to admire the distinctive beaches and clear sea. By the way, there are more beaches on Menorca than on Majorca and Ibiza - about 120. But most of them are hidden from the eyes of tourists. To get to the closed beaches, you can either from the sea, or going down, almost, sheer cliffs.

The capital of Menorca, Maon, became such only in the XVIII century, until this period the capital was the city of Ciudadela. These two cities are the main tourist centers of the island.

Menorca is a great place for independent travel. Here you can feel the special atmosphere of the Mediterranean, which is literally saturated in every building, in every street of cities. Holidays in Menorca will love both. Read completely

Menorca: hidden secrets of secluded relaxation

It so happened that the final part of our holiday with my husband on the islands of the Balearic archipelago. Most travelers prefer the islands of the Spanish space such as - Majorca and noisy Ibiza, but for some reason Menorca is bypassed, and perhaps they are not aware that Menorca conceals so many hidden and enticing trails. I can say with confidence that for me it is the most exquisite island, from which it blows warmth and tranquility.

For all our stay on the island, about 7 days, the weather was supportive and peaceful: gentle calm waves of the Mediterranean, pleasant silver sand under your feet, a gentle sun ... Beautiful sunsets and cool evenings that are filled with a romantic atmosphere and a fresh salty breeze.

The northern beaches are significantly different from the southern Menorca: the sand on the beach is coarse-grained with a copper-red hue, and there are fewer green spaces and trees. From the northern beaches we were struck by the bay Fornells. Here you can meet many lovers of sailing or enjoy underwater diving. Nearby are secluded and cozy restaurants with delicious local cuisine.

But in the south I was shaken by only two bays - Mitzhana and Mitzhaneta. Mitzhana is located in the south of the island. I, as a supporter of a beach holiday, was struck by the untouched beauty of nature. The beach with sand of milky color is surrounded by rocks and high pines, because of which coniferous aroma reigns in the air. Here. Read completely

This time is the best for rest, as hot does not happen. The maximum temperature is around +25, sometimes the wind blows, so there is always the strength to walk around the island. If you do not plan to lie on the beach all the time, but walk a lot, look for grottoes, wild beaches, which can only be reached from the sea, May is the ideal time. The holiday season is considered open in April, but prices have not yet jumped.

This is a very peaceful place. Given the lively temperament of the Spaniards, it is difficult to find a peaceful place in their country at all, and Minorca is one of them. The status of the biosphere reserve, which prohibits some activities, including the construction of tall houses, so there are villas, private houses, and all the rest - is enjoying nature, wild beaches, turquoise sea. It’s not a problem to find a place near the sea where no one will meet you all day, so if you want to take a break from people, this island is suitable in all respects. If such a life becomes boring, you can always go to neighboring Majorca, or better still to Ibiza, which can be called the complete opposite of the tranquil Minorca.

You need to take medications with you, including bandages, cotton wool, a plaster, iodine, since you will have to walk a lot, hence corns and cuts. If you plan to rent a car, grab a driver's license. The main thing that is needed here is a lot of money, since only natural attractions are free here, everything else costs money, and not small ones. For example, in order to rent a boat for 5 hours, we were charged 25 euros! In this case, renting a simple car per day can cost 30.

On Menorca, you can not specifically go anywhere, because just to look at the surrounding nature and white houses - it already pushes to grab a camera and click on every beach and every palm tree. If you were on the Italian island of Santorini, then we can say that these two islands are completely different from each other, still similar to each other in their authenticity, houses with white walls and amazing nature.

We enjoyed the scenery more, although if you are interested in history, there is also something to see here: stone hedges, stone towers, Santa Agueda Castle, where you can get there on your own.

If you want to ride on a yacht along the coast, you will have to pay 65 - 85 euros, sail on the ferry to Ibiza - 70 euros, go diving - 120 euros. This is all very expensive, and if the ferry and yacht can be abandoned, then diving is impossible, since the island has stunning beauty of the lagoon with underwater thickets of algae and caves.

Если не жить в городах, то машины можно встретить только по большим праздникам, и катаются на них в основном туристы. Главное средство передвижения здесь - велосипед, аренда которого стоит почти столько же, сколько подержанная машина - около 20 - 25 евро. С одной стороны это здоровый образ жизни, с другой - велосипед забирает слишком много энергии, кроме того, в некоторые бухточки попасть на нем нельзя, приходится тащить на себе.

Лучшее, что есть на Менорке - это закрытые бухты с бирюзовой водой. If you’ve seen advertisements of Spanish resorts, then boats hanging in the air on a turquoise background are menoric realities. This unique water, which is almost invisible, creates an amazing illusion that there is none at all. The feeling is that hit the fairy tale! Add to this the cleanest beaches and air, clear water, the absence of any fuss, and you will understand what a real rest looks like!