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How to wear a men's shirt?


Today the shirt rightfully occupies a leading place in the wardrobe of men and women and is the main element in the composition of the ensemble. The classic model appeared many years ago, and since then men's fashion is not complete without shirts. Men prefer to wear shirts with jeans, because it is beautiful, comfortable and comfortable.

Kit Creation Rules

Jeans in country style “Boot cut” or “Country style” are in perfect harmony with checkered shirts. Jeans with baggy cut “Baggy style”, having a low waist, it is better to wear with long T-shirts or loose-fitting shirts.

How to wear a shirt with jeans? It is important to know to create a harmonious and attractive image. The style of the bottom and top should be combined, so it is better to wear straight trousers with fitted classic shirts, and it is advisable to combine wide jeans with loose-fitting products. Elegant and simple jeans “Comfort style”, “Easy style” are suitable for office work, evening walks, and can be combined with plain shirts of a classic style. Work style jeans are ideal for work, which are combined with straight and fitted monochromatic shirts.

The shirt tucked into jeans looks beautiful and extravagant. This is a sporty version of the ensemble, the element of which should be comfortable shoes - moccasins, sneakers or sneakers. The shirt should be tucked into jeans if you want to create an image of a sporty man, easy-going. It is better to dress shirts in jeans or pants to slim young people. Jeans tend to add slimness, but for men who are prone to corpulence, it is better to wear a shirt over the top, without tucking inside. Wide shirts look perfect if you dress them up in straight jeans, and slim fit looks better. For the style of jeans with rolled up fit tucked inside the shirt. Such an unusual style will emphasize individuality and add brightness to the image.

As for the matching of shades, the jeans and shirt do not have to be the same color. A combination of dark bottom and light top looks much more attractive and vice versa. A man in jeans and a shirt looks stylish, if the styles and shades of the elements of the ensemble are chosen correctly. A plaid shirt can be combined with light blue, blue jeans or straight dark trousers. Neutral tones allow you to create office and business style. A gray shirt and light blue jeans, a white shirt and dark blue pants are harmoniously combined. The black shirt is versatile and fits any shades of jeans.

Choose a shirt

Denim shirt goes well with jeans. Moreover, there are various options for shades of clothing - blue and blue, light blue and dark blue, gray and black, light blue and blue. Denim top and bottom make up a single style and allow you to create a solid male image.

When choosing a shirt, it is better to build on such criteria as taste, fashion preferences, personal style and image. There are many models of shirts made from cotton, synthetics and knitwear. All of them are well combined with jeans, and the most impressive is the combination of cotton shirts and jeans trousers. An extravagant and trendy positioned shirt on the issue with jeans. Today it is the most acceptable option, popular among young people. Shirts semi-slim fit fit harmoniously look, if they wear a navypusk. These shirts are elegantly rounded at the bottom and have an optimal length. A shirt with narrow jeans creates a cowboy style and adds slimness to the figure. If jeans are free-form, then the shirt should be wide and not tucked inside.

The perfect combination of jeans and shirts will help create a harmonious image. Here it is important to consider every detail - the shape and length, the type of collar, the length of the sleeves, the model and the color of the jeans.

  • For work For business meetings, a shirt with cuff links and plain products with a high collar and long sleeves will do.

  • To create holiday image, you will need such an element of decor as a butterfly.

  • Sports Variant is a checkered or vibrant version with a rolled up sleeve and a classic collar. You can wear a leather short jacket or a denim jacket from the top of the shirt.

  • Disco Dress or parties - loose jeans and a model dress.

  • For everyday wear straight jeans and a classic plain or checkered shirt will do. It is not necessary to smooth down the arrows on jeans, because this item of clothing is more consistent with the sporty style.

The range of shirts is huge, so you can make a good choice and take into account your own wishes and taste preferences. You can choose a product for a man of any status, age and body features.

Solid dark shirts, add harmony to men, prone to fullness.

The vest is perfectly combined with the product, these elements of the ensemble complement each other and emphasize the dignity of the figure. Absolutely all models are suitable for youth - in a cage, a strip, monophonic and multi-colored. In the photo in glossy magazines you can see how jeans with a classic shirt look perfect. You can use traditional ensembles - classic tops and bottoms, or try experimenting using combinations of jeans and shirts of various styles and shapes. Low-rise baggy jeans used for dancing or sports are best combined with checkered or one-tone loose-fitting shirts of medium length.

In order to pick up shoes under the shirt and jeans, just choose your own image and style. If you want to create an image of a business man, then classic leather shoes are suitable for straight jeans and a single-tone model. Straight classic jeans are best combined with closed shoes without buckles or patterns on the laces.

Loose and wide trousers look harmonious with sports shoes. You can dress wide jeans in boots and wear a flannel or denim shirt on top. Loose jeans and sports shoes like sneakers or moccasins are good for parties. Before you make an ensemble, imagine the different options and choose the one that most appeals and suits you.

Color solution

It is important to choose the color of the shirt under the jeans. Of great importance is the figure. For business meetings and office work is not suitable carpet, floral pattern, with abstractions, waves or dots. Business style is a combination of classic trousers and monophonic model of inconspicuous tones, so it is better to exclude green, orange, turquoise and lemon color. If you want to buy an option with a strip, the shade of the stripes should match the color of the jeans. The color of the cell should also match the color of the jeans. Stylists do not recommend wearing shirts with epaulets of a color that differs from the basic shade of the shirt. For office style, you can wear a tie and straight classic jeans under your shirt. For work, it is better to use black or dark blue jeans, and blue or light gray pants are suitable for walking.

Determine how to wear shirts and jeans can only trial and error. To do this, you need to make a lot of ensembles and choose the most appropriate option. It is important that the combination of clothes be harmonious, correspond to their purpose, age and status of a man, fit the weather and the time of year. The best gift for a man for a holiday is jeans and a shirt matched in color and style! From the side you always know better what will suit the representative of the stronger sex. To please relatives or friends, it is enough to make an online order with an indication of the size and model of clothing.

A small historical excursion

In ancient centuries, the shirt was clothing only for people occupying important positions. In the Renaissance, she went into the category of underwear, but already then she began to wear it so that the collar and cuffs were visible from under the outerwear. In the 16th century, shirts with lace appeared in Italy, but at that time they were intended exclusively for men.

In the 19th century, this element of the wardrobe finally became available for any person, but in the 70s-80s of the 20th century, when women were still able to achieve the right equally with men to do business, be politicians and master the traditionally male professions, the shirt migrated and in their wardrobe. That's just not all dressed up so extravagantly.

But over time, a men's shirt began to appear on fashion catwalks and in films by world directors, becoming an indispensable part of women's wardrobe.

Who can?

Fashion experts are in a hurry to please the fair sex, this piece of clothing fits all. The world stars of cinema and show business have long understood that by borrowing a shirt from a man, you can create many interesting images. So, Rihanna wears it instead of a dress, Jessica Simpson chose a shortened version for herself, with ties at the waist, and movie star Jessica Alba successfully combines this thing with blue skinny.

Since the stars are not averse to experimenting in this direction, why not try it? But before the desired shirt appears in the closet, you should figure out who, how and with what you can wear it.

  1. Girls of low stature can not worry, this part of the men's wardrobe will successfully fit into your image. Here the main thing is to choose the right print, the ideal option is a horizontal thin strip that visually makes you taller. It should not have any finishing - patch pockets or decorative stripes.
  2. For women with magnificent forms, a correct shirt will help to hide a few extra pounds. To do this, it is better to choose a monophonic thing or with longitudinal stripes. Adding slim pants to it will give you a great look that will perfectly mask outstanding volumes.
  3. Stylists recommend tall slim girls to look at the small-checkered options, which will look advantageous with a thin belt and tight jeans.
  4. It is better for owners of such types of figures as “pear” and “apple” to choose a style in a large cage. Bottoms can be complemented with 7/8 trousers or a short skirt / shorts, if the proportions of the hips allow.

Several fashionable bows

Men's shirts on women always look fashionable and a little bold. But such a base makes it possible to create many interesting images.

  1. Classic. A plain shirt tucked into a high-waisted pants or skirt, complemented by pumps and a few discreet accessories, can turn you into a real business woman in a few minutes.
  2. Casual. In this case, elongated models will do. They can be worn to the issue with tight pants, leggings or skinny. The shirt can be the only part of the top, or serve as a kind of cardigan, under which you can wear a top or a tank top.
  3. Romance. In a cool summer evening, a white monochromatic shirt will perfectly complement a light chiffon dress. It will not only freeze, but also make the image more tender. The waist in such a bow will effectively emphasize a thin belt. Another option is to tie the floors dressed over the shirts on the knot.
  4. Ease and simplicity. The most common and simple option for every day is a shirt + top set + short shorts or a skirt. Wearing a shirt in this case should be unbuttoned, with rolled up sleeves. For brave girls, it is possible to replace the top with a beautiful bustier. Shoes fit any - from the usual flip-flops to elegant stiletto sandals. Wooden bracelets and beads can be worn as accessories.
  5. Safari style. It will require sandy or beige shorts, a white T-shirt, Roman sandals and a shirt with rolled up sleeves. Do not forget to complete the image with a hat in the appropriate style.
  6. Western. This bold, bright bow consists of the simplest things: a top or turtleneck, which you can wear with jeans, shirts, as well as cowboy boots. By the way, they are summer and demi-season, so the image can be easily used in a warm season. The shirt can be tucked into pants or worn for release. And to complete the image, wear a light scarf around your neck, and hang a bag with a fringe over your shoulder.

Men's shirt is a great basic thing, distinguished by a special extravagance. But remember that it does not match with wide trousers and jeans with straight cut. But well-chosen "companions" and accessories can turn even the simplest image into a vivid and memorable.

Which side is fastened?

Many people are interested in which side of a men's shirt is fastened and why? Such a rule has long gone, even during the invention of buttons. The women were dressed by maids, so the buttons on their clothes were placed on the left side, so that the assistant would be more comfortable wearing her mistress. Whereas men dressed themselves, therefore the buttons were located on the right.

How should I sit?

Even a very expensive designer shirt will look ridiculous and ruin the image if it is chosen correctly.

Size is also important. When buying a shirt, you need to know the length of the sleeve, neck circumference and pay attention to how the seams on the shoulders lay down (they should not be lower or higher than the shoulder).

Refuel or not?

It all depends on the type of shirt. How to wear men's shirts? There are models that: worn only the loose dress (but they are few), the rest must be refilled, and can be worn both in the filled form and for release. We make a few explanations for these types of shirts.

If under the lower button there is a spare, then the model must be refilled in pants. When the length of the shirt is too short (assuming the correct size is chosen), then it is worn on release. In the presence of a strict collar with high sharp turns, then the shirt is definitely worn tucked in. Fitted models can often be worn anyway.

How to wear a bow tie and tie?

Black butterflies are used only for official events under a tuxedo. This is a traditional accessory for such an occasion. Colored butterflies with colorful patterns can be with denim shirts, sports models. In this case, you can do without a jacket.

A tie is worn only with a jacket, and you need to pick it up under your shirt. A tie with patterns, stripes of bright colors will suit a plain shirt. But under a bright shirt with a distinctive print, it is better to choose a solid tie that will not blend in color with the main details of the bow.

How to choose a men's shirt for a female image?

  • The selected shirt should be two to three sizes larger than yours; the freer the shirt, the more feminine and subtle the final image will be.
  • Of course, a white cotton shirt with long sleeves always remains and remains a classic, but you can also look at a light blue, gray or cream shirt. Striped or checked shirts also look great.
  • Excellent pulling the face and neck shirt with a pointed collar.
  • Buttoned sleeves should cover the bone above the wrist, and the shirt line should cover the buttocks.
  • When choosing a shirt for a suit, remember that it should be a couple of tones lighter.
  • Owners of oval and elongated faces are recommended shirts with a rectangular collar.

You can wear a shirt not only at home, but also at work, friendly meetings, studies, get-togethers with friends, parties and other events. The main thing is how you beat the overall image.

For example, putting on a men's shirt with classic trousers, you get quite a business and elegant option. A shirt in a pair with denim shorts and sneakers creates a naughty casual look. Men's shirt + favorite jeans - a great way to meet, get together and walk around the city.

To refuel or not to refuel?

Some stubbornly argue that the hem of a shirt can not be tucked into the pants, and all this is the last century. Partly they are right, but only partly. There are two types of shirts: sports and classic. And if the first is permissible to wear a dress, then with the second the situation is a bit more complicated - it all depends on the cut. In addition, it is difficult to imagine in the office of a person walking in a strict classical suit with a tie and a shirt. At best, he will get off with a minor verbal reprimand. So, how to wear shirts with trousers — either knit or tucked — depends largely on the specific situation.

How to understand what is your shirt?

Sports models are distinguished by thick fabric, bright colors and patterns, various decorative elements (epaulettes, stripes, pockets).

The “classics” have a stiff collar, a calm, inconspicuous coloring, soft fabric, a maximum of one pocket and the complete absence of decorative elements.

Classic shirts come in three types of cut: with the same length of the front and rear edges, with the same length of the edge, but notches on the sides and with notches on the sides, but different length of the hem (back longer). И если первые две модели допустимо носить навыпуск, то последнюю категорически нельзя.

Итак, с видом рубашек разобрались, осталось научиться, как правильно заправлять рубашку в брюки. Есть несколько простых методов, которые удастся воплотить в жизнь если не с первого, то со второго раза точно.

Дедовский способ

Многие, независимо от пола, чтобы быстро заправить рубашку, делают следующее: надевают джинсы или брюки, потом сорочку и запихивают полы под пояс. Accordingly, it looks rather untidy, and now and then the shirt tries to crawl out, bubbles appear on the sides, folds on the back. Then how to fill the shirt in the pants (male or female - it does not matter)?

First put on a shirt or blouse and fasten buttons on it. Only after that, wear pants and straighten the front side of the shirt as necessary so that it does not bully or form unattractive folds. Button fly and belt.

If the shirt is chosen on the figure, then in this way you can fill it just perfectly.

To make the shirt sit tighter, you can wear a thin T-shirt under it. Only it will need to fill in the pants.

Aty-bata, the soldiers marched

Not everyone manages to tuck the shirt into the pants the first time without the folds. However, there is a great way to minimize this disgrace. It is also called army or military, as it is widely practiced by soldiers.

So, how to fill the shirt in army pants?

First, put on a shirt and button buttons. Then put on the pants, but do not fasten. Fold the folds on each side of the shirt and tuck it in your pants. To make it more convenient, act consistently: first one side, then the other. The scheme is simple: folded fold, stretched it to the hem, pressed with a belt. And only then button up pants or jeans.

Modern classic

If you are going to spend an evening with friends after work, and there is no time for dressing up, then you can easily transform a strict office style into an informal one. How to fill the shirt in casual style pants? To do this, it will be enough to gently pull the left or right side of the shirt out of the trousers, leaving the rear part tucked in. But before you leave the room, make sure that this style is right for you, otherwise, instead of chic negligence, you get banal sloppiness.

For mods

Shirts with trousers are worn not only by men, but also by women. And, putting on a set, I want to look sexy. How to fill the shirt in the pants girls, to emphasize femininity?

Try to fill only the front part of the blouse, and leave the rear part of the shirt. Choose a belt with an interesting buckle, conspicuous. But here, too, it is important not to overdo it: there must be visible not only the accessory, but also you. So forget about kilogram "diamonds" on the belt.

This method of wearing a shirt is suitable for men. The main thing - to remember about one important nuance: if you have a tummy, then it is better to fill the shirt differently, so as not to emphasize the flaws of the figure.

The little tricks of a perfectly tucked shirt

As you can see, there is nothing difficult in how correctly to fill a shirt in trousers and jeans. However, no matter how trite it sounds, the shirt should sit on you well, much will depend on it. Therefore, choose only those models that are perfect in size, shape and fit. The "fill and go" method does not work.

If you are the owner of a large figure and tummy, then you need to fill the shirt so that the front and sides do not have folds. Difficult, but quite possible.

If you have a narrow waist, it should be noticeable when you put on a shirt. It should not bubble along the sides. Even if you know how to fill the shirt in the pants correctly, incorrectly or carelessly chosen shirt size will reduce efforts to zero.

The correct length matters. The shirt should not be too short, otherwise it will constantly get out of the belt.

To understand whether your shirt is well filled, mentally draw a line from chin to groin: buttons, belt buckle and fly should be placed on it.

Girls who, in theory, know how to tuck a shirt into trousers without folds, but cannot practice this, should take a look at body shirts. With them you will be sure that nowhere nothing bubbles and does not crawl out.

There is a fun accessory that prevents the appearance of unnecessary folds and bubbles - special suspenders. At one end they are attached to the hem, and the other to the socks.

How To Wear a Men's Shirt With Jeans

The main criterion for the selection of clothing - particular physique.

  • Men of short stature, it is advisable to pick up a shirt that needs to be tucked into jeans.
  • Men with a tight figure is better to abandon the jeans narrow style with fitted shirts, fitting the figure. In this case, the choice is better to stop on the shirt of a free cut, which is worn by a dress, but it is important to choose the right size so that the upper part of the body does not look baggy and disproportionately large.
  • In the presence of the abdomen, it is especially necessary to be attentive to the choice of a shirt, a product that is not matched in size and wearing a dress will give the impression of a figure resembling a “bell”.

Note: the least with jeans combined shirts strict, classic style. This top fits classic trousers, strict office suits. If you had to wear such a set, you can dilute the strict style of an office shirt by rolling up your sleeves. Also the situation will save the jacket.

Classic men's shirt

  1. Soft, natural fabric with a thin weave.
  2. Hard collar, this is due to the fact that the classic shirt is supposed to be worn with a tie. To keep the collar shape, insert special plates inside.
  3. Neutral, conservative colors. Classic white shirts are the most common, they are worn on special occasions and ceremonial events, in offices where there is a strict dress code. Another popular classic color is blue.
  4. Smooth bottom, as the classic shirt is supposed to fill the pants.
  5. On a shirt of a classical cut only one pocket is provided which has to be empty.
  6. Monochrome models, the lack of decor. The coloring of the classic shirt, as a rule, emphasizes the style of the entire model - strict and sustained. Small, neutral or narrow stripes are allowed.

Classic check shirts

Men's sports shirt

  1. Tight and coarse fabrics are used for sewing, for example, Oxford, Chanel or denim. By the way, denim shirts are no less relevant, combined with jeans, provided that the colors of the pants are darker than the top.
  2. Varied color palette.
  3. Bright decor - decorative fasteners, pockets or epaulettes.

Men's shirts by type of cut

  1. Traditional-style shirts are ideal for men who do not have the perfect figure and tend to hide small flaws.
  2. Fitted shirts perfectly emphasize the toned male figure. Such shirts are presented by two types:
  • narrow or slim,
  • narrowest or extra slim.

    Slim Fit Shirt

Note: the division of the shirts of the fitted style into two types is rather arbitrary and depends on the specific brand. In any case, fitting is required. A fitted shirt can be worn loose and tucked. If the sides of the shirt are provided with cuts or curly edges, it is worn only on top of jeans.

The length of the sleeve

This is the main criterion for choosing a shirt, it should be measured and written. The ideal length of the sleeve - reaches the joint of the thumb and covers the wrist. During the fitting of the shirt, it is necessary to bend the arm, even in this case the wrist should not be opened.

Another important criterion for choosing a shirt of a suitable size. In this case, the "golden" rule - one or two fingers can be freely placed between the neck and the collar of the shirt.

Note: after the first wash the material may shrink, so the true size of the product you can install only after washing the shirt.

How to combine a shirt with jeans - tips stylists

Given that the shirt and jeans are the basic things of men's wardrobe, many men are interested in how to wear a denim shirt with jeans, whether it is necessary to fill the shirt in trousers. Undoubtedly, a shirt is not just a T-shirt or a T-shirt, one mistake in choosing things and the image will be spoiled, but harmoniously selected details will give the image a unique style and appeal.

To fill or not to fill a shirt

The answer depends on the chosen style. If your image is chosen in casual style, the answer is - you need it. In other cases, the man himself determines how to wear a shirt. The shirt of sports style looks harmoniously and naturally in the tucked form and in the top. If you prefer to wear a shirt over jeans, pay attention to its length - it should be to the middle of the back pocket.

Note: in some cases it is allowed to wear a shirt over the top and complement the image with a sweater, but, according to some stylists, such an image looks a little sloppy.

T-shirt under the shirt

The perfect combination of a t-shirt and a checked shirt

Complete with jeans and a shirt, the T-shirt is a harmonious addition, in this case, the top can not be zipped up. The best choice is a flannel shirt with a large plaid pattern.

Note: when buying a shirt is not worth saving, as the quality and appearance of the product is directly dependent on the cost. In addition, the shirt - this is the element of the image that attracts attention and is a key part of the masculine style.

How To Wear a White Shirt With Jeans

Initially, a men's shirt was considered an element of underwear, but today without a shirt it is impossible to imagine any male wardrobe. The range of modern shirts refutes the assertion that the shirt is a detail only of the office image, which can be combined only with strict business suits.

Perhaps a few years ago she was, but today men can choose a stylish shirt for any image and style. In the collections of such famous designers as Roberto Cavalli, John Galliano, Givenchy, Giorgio Armani and Calvin Klein, it is the men's shirt that has the honorable role.

When it comes to the magpie, the first image that appears before the eyes is a white shirt. Product advantages:

  • versatility - the white color is classic and harmoniously combined with a strict, business suit and free jeans,
  • White color is suitable for men of any type, regardless of eye, skin and hair color,
  • goes well with vests, cardigans.

Casual look

White shirt with jeans - a new look at the classics

Jeans in dark blue, white, slim white shirt and top-sides. In this case, the shirt can be with a short or tucked long sleeve, tucked in or let out.

How to combine a black shirt with jeans

Black shirt also has several advantages:

  • It is an element of a classic wardrobe that always remains popular and relevant,
  • black color scheme is always stylish and restrained,
  • in the presence of additional bright accents, even such a conservative color can play with new colors.

There are certain tips on how to wear a black shirt with jeans:

  1. so that the image does not seem too strict, it is better to combine a shirt with jeans of light shades, for example, with beige,
  2. If you picked up dark jeans to a black shirt, you need to add an image with a bright scarf or a sweater of bright colors,
  3. as for shoes, a black shirt is better to choose a pair of burgundy or brown.

How To Wear a Blue and Blue Shirt With Jeans

These shirts are more related to the everyday image. Depending on the selected details, the image can be classic or smart casual.

Blue and blue shirt with jeans - classic casual style

Go for a blue shirt and light jeans. According to the stylists, two of the most attractive men's looks with a dark blue shirt:

  • with jeans to match
  • with beige jeans.

As shoes used moccasins.

Summer man's image with a blue shirt with short sleeves can be played with white denim shorts and brogues. If you are going for an evening walk, throw a bright lemon-colored sweater over your shoulders.


With a white shirt and jeans, a bright scarf, suspenders or a butterfly in a contrasting shade looks great.

How to combine a black shirt with jeans

Black shirt also has several advantages:

  • It is an element of a classic wardrobe that always remains popular and relevant,
  • black color scheme is always stylish and restrained,
  • in the presence of additional bright accents, even such a conservative color can play with new colors.

There are certain tips on how to wear a black shirt with jeans:

  1. so that the image does not seem too strict, it is better to combine a shirt with jeans of light shades, for example, with beige,
  2. If you picked up dark jeans to a black shirt, you need to add an image with a bright scarf or a sweater of bright colors,
  3. as for shoes, a black shirt is better to choose a pair of burgundy or brown.

How To Wear a Blue and Blue Shirt With Jeans

These shirts are more related to the everyday image. Depending on the selected details, the image can be classic or smart casual.

Blue and blue shirt with jeans - classic casual style

Go for a blue shirt and light jeans. According to the stylists, two of the most attractive men's looks with a dark blue shirt:

  • with jeans to match
  • with beige jeans.

As shoes used moccasins.

Summer man's image with a blue shirt with short sleeves can be played with white denim shorts and brogues. If you are going for an evening walk, throw a bright lemon-colored sweater over your shoulders.


Brown or red accessories, such as a belt, are perfectly combined with a blue and blue shirt. By the way, the belt is better to choose the tone of the shoe.

How to wear a red shirt with jeans

A shirt in a red color palette is an excellent choice for a special occasion, it can also be used in casual casual style. Definitely a red shirt is excluded from the business image, as such a bright detail is out of place in the office, where a discreet, neutral style is expected.

The classic combination is a red shirt, black jeans and a black sweater. Agree that in this way there is a Spanish mood. The casual style is a combination of a red shirt and blue jeans, the image can be complemented with a blue jacket with a tone pants.

Note: If you want to impress others, try to combine three colors - a red shirt, blue jeans and a yellow sweater. But remember that in one image can be combined only three colors.

How To Wear a Green Shirt With Jeans

Men's green summer shirt with jeans

These shirts are especially popular among fans of casual and smart casual. This shirt can not be used in the official, classic and solemn style. It is important to take into account the shade of the shirt, because the palette of green is very diverse.

For example, light shades are more suitable for a casual look. Shirts of darker tones are more suitable for brown-haired, they can be combined with beige trousers and a warm sweater.

Item # 1 - Navy Jeans

The most versatile item of men's wardrobe. Stylists speak about such jeans boldly - they will always be a fashionable and actual trend. With their help, create bright, diverse images, they are equally harmoniously combined with a sweater, jackets of different styles and styles, T-shirts and cardigans.

Navy blue jeans are a basic piece of men's wardrobe.

With enough budget, choose jeans from proven brands:

Pants of these brands you can wear for a long time, without worrying about their condition. If you are constrained in the budget, pay attention to jeans brands Zara or H & M.

Subject number 2 - white and blue shirt

This is the most functional part of the male wardrobe, goes well with everyday wardrobe, used for special occasions or in business suits. It is enough to purchase two shirts of each color and wear them alternating.

Famous, proven brands of quality men's shirts:

Item number 3 - men's plaid shirt

An original and brighter alternative to discreet white and blue shirts. With their help, create informal images. It is important to remember one rule - the larger the cell and the more contrasting colors, the freer and more informal the image. With a business suit is allowed to combine only a shirt in a small cell.

Item number 4 - boots, deserts

Universal boots deserts

These boots were part of the British military uniform, they were worn by soldiers during the Second World War. The main difference between shoes is that they are comfortable to wear, versatile, practical and multifunctional. Perfectly combined with casual and sporty clothes. The most famous brand of really high-quality and reliable shoes - Clarks. The budget version of the deserts - boots brand Offise and River Island.

Item number 5 - sweater with a round or V-neck

Considering the climatic and weather features of our latitudes, a warm jumper in the wardrobe is indispensable. This is not only warm, but also versatile clothing that will suit both the student guy and the older man.

First of all, you need to buy a jumper of a neutral beige shade that will harmoniously fit into any image. Затем можно дополнить гардероб еще несколькими джемперами более ярких и насыщенных оттенков, например, бордового, синего, коричневого.

Джемперы с круглым вырезом отлично подойдут для неформального образа, а модели с V-образным вырезом можно сочетать даже с деловым костюмом.

When choosing, it is necessary to pay attention to the composition of wool - a product in which more than 15% of synthetics is present will surely quickly lose its external aesthetic appeal, stretch and lose all appeal.

Note: buying a product made of wool, pay attention to the features of washing and immediately select the appropriate tool.

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