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How to celebrate New Year and Christmas in the USA?


New Year in the United States of America is celebrated on the night of December 31 to January 1. By popularity, this holiday is inferior to Catholic Christmas (December 25). Unlike Christmas, which is a family celebration, most Americans publicly celebrate New Year, in the company of friends, at parties, carnivals, in clubs and casinos.

The most popular place to celebrate the New Year is Times Square in New York. Here is the most spectacular action of the country - the descent of the time ball (Times Square Ball). December 31 at 23.59 it is lowered from a 23-meter height over the flagpole. The ball reaches its lowest point at midnight, which is considered the beginning of the New Year. For the first time this action took place in 1907. His spectacles appealed to Americans, and the descent of the ball of time has become an annual tradition. The design of this New Year's attribute has changed many times over the years. In 1907 it was a structure made of metal, wood and incandescent lamps. The modern ball consists of triangular crystal panels and thousands of LEDs.

Other cities in the United States began to hold their own options for the solemn lowering of the New Year's ball. Instead of a ball, they use local symbols: images of animals, plants, fruits, cars. In Atlanta, the giant peach is used, in Raleigh - the image of a brass acorn, in Strasbourg - a ping-pong ball, in Plymouth - a slice of cheese.

Traditions and rites

On New Year's Eve, Americans are summing up the results of the outgoing year: they reflect on what has been done and what has failed. Everyone tries to make a list of important things for the next year: go to college, quit smoking, sign up for dancing, visit another country, change housing, car or work.

The traditional New Year attribute in the USA is Baby - a baby in a diaper. It grows and ages throughout the year. In the end, he becomes an old man and transfers his powers to the next newborn. Americans love the image of a baby in a diaper. They often use it in New Year's shows, souvenirs and postcards.

In America, it is not accepted to present gifts for the New Year. They are presented to relatives and relatives on Catholic Christmas.

history of the holiday

On the territory of modern America, New Year began to be celebrated in the 17th century, when colonists from Holland arrived on these lands. They introduced their traditions and rituals. The cult of Indian pagan gods for centuries supplanted society. Only in the 20th century, during carnivals and parades, did people start using their fancy images in their festive costumes.

New Year decoration

The New Year is preceded by Catholic Christmas, so the houses, streets and squares of US cities acquire a festive look already in early December. Americans decorate shop windows with fabulous New Year's compositions that delight the eye of passersby and attract shoppers. In the central squares of cities set New Year trees. The main Christmas tree of the country is located in New York on Rockefeller Plaza. It begins to mount from the middle of November. Americans are looking forward to the ceremony of lighting the main Christmas tree, which traditionally takes place on the last day of autumn. This tradition was established in the 1930s. Tens of thousands of citizens and tourists gather on the square to see this vivid sight.

On the eve of the New Year holidays, Americans also decorate homes. In the living rooms they install fir trees, decorate the facades of the houses with shimmering garlands, hang a Christmas wreath on the door, put figurines of deer, Santa Clauses, and snowmen in the courtyards.

Festive table

For most Americans, the New Year is a public holiday. In the United States, it is not customary to set a sumptuous festive table. Those residents of the country who stay at home on New Year's Eve prefer to put various casseroles and snacks on the table. For dessert, they serve sweet puddings and pies. Of the alcoholic beverages, Americans prefer champagne, punch, brandy.

Cities and resorts

New Year's holidays in the United States are celebrated with fun and in a big way. Carnivals and parades that take place on New Year's Eve will amaze guests with their entertainment.

New York is the center of the country's main special events and noisy parties. The world famous balloon lowering ceremony will leave bright unforgettable emotions.

From January 1, 1890, the grand New Year event "Parade of Roses" is held in Pasadena (California). The festival involved dozens of mobile platforms decorated with flowers, orchestras, horsemen, dancers and musicians. After the parade is over, a football match takes place among the college teams at the Rose Bowl Stadium.

Parade of the Pantomime in Philadelphia is not inferior to its entertainment and scale. The show performance in the open air lasts about ten hours and is available to everyone. It involves clowns, jugglers, dancers and musicians dressed in bright costumes.

Exotic lovers will love the New Year holidays in the Hawaiian Islands. The most popular is the Big Island and Oahu. Tourists who fall into the mild and warm Hawaiian climate in winter will feel like paradise. Friendly locals will meet visitors with garlands of flowers. Beautiful nature, sandy coasts of the Pacific Ocean and clear water will not leave indifferent holidaymakers. Hawaii is a great place for surfing and diving. Restaurants and clubs diversify leisure parties. The most popular New Year event in the Hawaiian Islands is a fire show.

History and modernity

Interestingly, the tradition of celebrating Christmas in the United States got accustomed completely not quickly, but, for example, in colonial time it was completely under a big ban. Christmas in America, like ours, is closely connected with the celebration of the New Year, which is a peculiar culmination of the whole process of celebration.

The tradition of celebrating Christmas directly at the state and national level appeared only at the end of the XIX century, it is believed that the immigrants brought it with them, who were actively looking for the best in life in the New World.

As we have said, the holiday took root for a long time, not always successfully, but still, most of the traditions were preserved. Today in America, Christmas is celebrated on December 25th, on the night before the religious townspeople necessarily attend the Christmas service, upon returning from which they will surely arrange a solemn family dinner.

Such holiday feasts usually gather all family members at the same table, Americans prepare gifts in advance that they give each other this evening, exchange warm words of congratulations and, once again, spend time together, which is especially important for business and always busy residents of America.

Interestingly, gifts have become one of the most important family traditions - in search of a cherished surprise, Americans with great pleasure spend winter evenings in shopping and special centers of the Christmas industry.

Gifts can be very different: from traditional greeting cards with New Year and Christmas symbols, to sweets, souvenirs and solid gifts that can be associated with hobbies or activities.

Another mandatory tradition of every American family is the active decoration of the house and yard with Christmas symbols. Usually, all family members take part in it: the yards are filled with figures of luminous reindeer, driven by Santa Claus's iridescent team, snow-white snowmen in scarves and hats, a beautiful wreath of spruce twigs is placed on the entrance doors.

Inside the house, the centerpiece is the Christmas tree, richly decorated with balls, beads (Americans do not use tinsel), figures of pigeons and flying deer. The whole house is filled with decorations: colorful lights, red and gold ribbons, the fireplace is decorated with traditional Christmas socks for gifts.

Baked turkey or goose, something like our Russian and Mandarin, has long been a traditional Christmas party. For dessert, a sweet pudding or pie is usually served, and the drinks are dominated by rum punch, brandy and egg-nog - a drink with the addition of eggs, cream and, if desired, something stronger.

The subsequent Christmas week is much calmer, since the majority of Americans in this period have only one or two days off, everyone is waiting for the New Year.

And what about Santa Claus?

He, unlike the Russian Father Frost, distributes gifts on the night of December 24 to 25, and in a very unusual way: moving on his holiday team with reindeer, he stops at each house where there are children, sneaks through the chimney and leaves it in the harvested advance sock, christmas gifts.

The story says that the first Santa Claus appeared in 1860, although at that time he was more known as St. Nicholas. He had not yet ridden reindeer and had not worn the traditional red and white fur suit, but had already given presents and smoked a pipe.

Over time, St. Nicholas transformed into modern-day Santa Claus and, along with his assistant elves, settled in his village of Wilmington, New York. By the way, Santa has a second home, in Torrington, there is also a Christmas village, where he and his assistants distribute gifts to the children.

By the way, not all over the USA Santa Claus moves in a sleigh pulled by reindeer. After all, as you know, America is a rather big country, and therefore, for example, to Hawaii, Santa arrives on a Christmas boat, and in California - on a surfboard, an unusual phenomenon, isn't it?

Traditions of celebrating Christmas and New Year

In the south of the USA, these winter holidays are celebrated especially merrily: thousands of fireworks and fireworks are surely launched into the sky. This is due to the old custom of the early settlers, thus congratulating their neighbors. And they believed that the volleys of bright lights would necessarily scare away evil spirits.

Christmas in the embrace of cold Alaska is especially so: there the locals, in particular the children, go caroling: in their hands with a big star, which is made of colored cardboard, the children sing songs and congratulate on the upcoming holidays, and the owners treat them with various sweets.

If you do not know where to go on the pre-Christmas week, while in the US, be sure to attend the ceremony of first lighting the lights on the main Christmas tree in Washington, this is just a delightful sight!

Every year, the US president turns on the lights on the main city tree, which was grown back in 1924, since then the tradition has not been interrupted even once. Around the main Christmas tree, another 50 small Christmas trees are being installed, which, according to tradition, each state sends to Washington, all visiting Americans are in a hurry to take a picture with the tree from their home state.

But in New York a huge fir tree is set on the Rockefeller Plaza, and the crowd of the people is going to stare at the installation of the newly arrived forest beauty. The climax of the New Year, perhaps, takes place on the famous Times Square, in New York.

Every year thousands of people gather here to witness the amazing event of the year: the descent of a giant electronic apple, thousands of confetti and fireworks are pouring from the sky. Crystal electronic apple from the sea of ​​lights has long been a symbol of the city.

At the foot of the Rockefeller Center, where the main tree of New York is established, a huge artificial ice rink is surely located, where the most active Americans are celebrating the New Year holidays.

On New Year's Eve, Americans love to roam in a big way: the main celebrations are held in restaurants, clubs and theaters, everything is very noisy and fun.

Fireworks soar into the air every now and then, sirens and cars scream, which notify about the New Year, constantly plugs of champagne are fired, and residents congratulate each other on a festive event.

Preparation period

As in many European countries, Christmas is celebrated on the night of December 25th. This holiday is considered the most important in the United States.

In the pre-holiday period, the magical atmosphere envelops everything. On such days, the streets are almost buried in decorations, the people around them exchange gifts with each other. Cities of America are immersed in a fabulous atmosphere. In this case, Christmas is celebrated even by those who do not consider themselves to be some kind of religion.
There is one very important tradition among Americans - decorating to the maximum at home.

And sometimes some people even make out dog kennels in order to make the atmosphere around the magic and fabulous even more. Of course, you can not do without the image of Santa Claus with his assistants - elves, deer and gnomes. In the courtyard, people put trees (pre-dressed), make large snowmen. An obligatory element in the interior is a festive wreath, which is sometimes used to create popcorn. He hangs himself on the door. There is usually a Merry Christmas wish on the wreath itself.

Glowing garlands make for the period of Christmas and New Year to forget about the night, because even in the dark it is light on the street. The most important illuminated spot is Rockefeller Center in New York. It is there that the largest Christmas tree is put. In addition, there is a free skating rink, which operates around the clock. Another peculiarity is that everyone rests on Christmas, for this reason the locals stock up on food and gas in advance.

Santa Claus from America

Many people know this grandfather thanks to the famous advertising from the Coca-Cola company. In this commercial, a fabulous atmosphere was created.

Therefore, he fell in love not only with children, but also with adults. In addition, advertising canonized the appearance of Santa Claus. Before us, this old man appeared in red pants, the same color jacket. The boots of American Santa Claus were black, lacquered. Also, Santa has a red cap on his head. Note that the obligatory attributes of an American grandfather are a good-natured smile and a snow-white beard.

For Santa Claus kids always leave special red (although sometimes other colors) socks. They hang them over the fireplace. After all, Santa Claus, as you know, sneaks into the house not through the door, but through the chimney.

How do children usually represent Santa? An American Santa Claus is sitting on a sleigh in which are harnessed deer. With him a number of faithful companions - elves or gnomes. Many guys under the Christmas tree are left sweets for Santa Claus as a sign of gratitude.

There is a tendency in America to acquire Christmas gifts in advance, and not in the least. This is made possible by an advance renewal of the range in stores.

For many Americans, buying gifts is important in life. Giving everyone: friends, colleagues, people who are grateful. The end of the festive dinner at Christmas is marked by the printing of gifts that were folded under the tree during the week. The Santa Claus lays presents for the kids at night.

Among the citizens of America is popular to engage in charity during the holidays. Then they provide assistance to hospitals, shelters and those in need. Despite the advanced technology, greetings are often sent by postcards. Note that the tradition also does not stop its existence, when children in the costumes of angels sing Christmas carols. In almost all families, it is customary to read a prayer of gratitude before eating.

In this state, as in any other country, there are traditional dishes that should be on the table. These include: potato pies, stuffed turkey, legume and cabbage soup, homemade sausage.

New Year in America. Traditions

The main symbol of the celebration is considered to be Baby - this is a baby in a diaper. He lives his whole life for a year, subsequently giving his rights to another kid.

And what is the date of the New Year in America? Of course, the first of January. With the celebration of the New Year, residents of this country have many traditions associated with it. One pretty practical custom for Americans is to write assignments for the next year. In the planning process, they write down the goals that need to be achieved in those 365 days. This list can get anything from a goal to quit smoking, spend less on things, and some more global options, such as buying a house, making repairs, getting married, and so on.

How to celebrate the New Year in America? Now we will understand. Unlike Christmas, which is considered a family holiday, New Year's Eve is more often spent in clubs and on the street than at home with relatives.

Usually this celebration is accompanied by dancing and fireworks. Also, everyone must have a glass of champagne. A very popular music of the holiday is the Scottish melody “The good old days”.

So how to celebrate the New Year in America? It is believed that the celebration should begin on December 31. Since this day is the end of the old year. This event must be celebrated. And the next day, the first of January, is also equally important. He is also celebrated. During this period you can see parades. The grandest is held in Time Square, which is located in New York.


В среднем на подарки американцы тратят от пятидесяти до 800 долларов. Это может быть как милая безделушка, аксессуары, коробка конфет, так и вино, элитные сигареты.

Отметим, что по практичным причинам подарки на Новый год в Америке преподносятся вместе с чеками.

Это делается для того, чтобы получатель мог вернуть вещь в магазин, если презент не подошел. Подобное, безусловно, приводит к огромнейшим очередям в магазинах, из-за чего в последнее время стали популярны сертификаты на фиксированную сумму. According to him, a person can choose for himself the right thing.

Interesting Facts

There are Orthodox shops in the New England region. They specialize in Christmas gifts. These Orthodox shops work around the clock. Therefore, Americans can at any time prepare for the holidays, buy gifts.

Time Square is famous for its New Year's performance. It has gained fame all over the world since the beginning of the last century. On December 31st, on the last day of the year, a large ball descends from a great height (more than twenty meters). He is in the fall for exactly sixty seconds. On the last ten, people start counting down. At the expiration of their ball exactly at midnight touches the ground.


In the pre-holiday time the magical atmosphere envelops everything around. These days, the streets are buried in decorations, the children are waiting for Santa Claus, and everyone around them, without exception, exchange gifts. Cities are immersed in a fabulous atmosphere and even the most inveterate skeptics at least for a moment begin to believe in a miracle. At the same time, those who do not consider themselves to be in any religion like to celebrate Christmas.

Established tradition decorate the house as best you can and, more importantly, better than that of the neighbor, is well reflected in the film “The Grinch - the Christmas Thief”. And indeed it is. They try to decorate each house to the maximum, sometimes reaching dog kennels, on which bulbs are hung. No cost and without the symbolic images of Santa Claus with his assistants - deer and elves or gnomes. Large snowmen are sculpted in the courtyards and Christmas trees are set up. Mandatory attribute of the interior becomes a wreath on the door with the wish of “Merry Christmas” (“Merry Christmas”), during the creation of which popcorn is often used.

Glowing garlands in the Christmas period make you forget about the word night - such a bright atmosphere around them. The most important illuminated spot always becomes the Rockefeller Center in New York, where the largest Christmas tree is installed and a 24-hour free skating rink is arranged. Another feature is that all residents have a rest on that day, so the necessary products and gasoline should be stocked up in advance.

As in all other European countries, the holiday falls on December 25. In the United States can be found many different traditionsassociated with christmas. This is explained by the fact that many nationalities live in the territory of the country, each of which has contributed to the culture. The greatest influence was made by Italy, France, Great Britain, Holland, Mexico and Poland.

Christmas is considered the main holiday in the US, as in all Catholic countries. The most pronounced customs and traditions were formed not so long ago, at the end of the XIX century.

This can be explained by one interesting fact - in the territory of the New World. for a long time the holiday was considered forbiddensince the main event was voted Thanksgiving. Representatives of other churches that existed then in the territory of America imposed a ban on holding celebrations on the occasion of this religious holiday, for violation of which a fine was imposed. The end of the restriction came in 1891, when the first Christmas tree was installed in front of the White House. And four years later, the holiday was recognized nationwide.

American Santa Claus

Many are familiar with the image of this sweet grandfather after the famous Coca-Cola advertising campaign. Then, fabulously designed, she not only fell in love with many adults and children, but also canonized the appearance of the old man.

Before us, he appears in a red jacket and the same color of pants, in black patent leather boots and with a red cap on his head. Mandatory attribute can also be called a small snow-white beard and good-natured smile.

Children always leave knitted socks for him, which are hung over the fireplace, because grandfather sneaks into the house through the chimney. He arrives in a sleigh pulled by reindeer, with his faithful companions - elves or gnomes. Many kids leave him in gratitude sweets under the tree.

This trend has strengthened so much that Christmas gifts are bought by many too well in advance, and not least thanks to the early renewal of the range of stores. The theme of gifts affects radio and television, is actively distributed on Internet sites, which is not always positively perceived by devout people. The latter consider it a loss of the true meaning of the holiday. But despite this, for many Americans buying gifts continues to occupy an important place in life. Dear relatives, friends, colleagues or just those people who want to express gratitude.

The end of the Christmas dinner is always marked by printing gifts that are collected under the tree for a whole week. Gifts for children Santa Claus puts at night.

Employers often as a bonus increase the bonus to employees or give them vouchers for a family trip.

Among Americans, it is popular to engage in charity on the occasion of a holiday, when they provide care to shelters, hospitals, and simply to people in need. Often, congratulations are sent with postcards, despite the Internet resources that are firmly established in our lives.

The tradition according to which children in the costumes of angels sing ancient Christmas carols also does not cease to exist.

Practically all families celebrate Christmas at their parents' house, and before eating, a prayer is read with thanks to the Almighty.

As in any other country, America has its traditional dishes that are necessarily present on the table. These include:

  • cabbage and beans soup,
  • a fish,
  • potato pies,
  • homemade sausage,
  • stuffed turkey,
  • prunes,
  • green pea.

New Year in the USA

The main symbol of this holiday among Americans is Baby - a baby in diapers, who lives a lifetime in just a year, later giving them their rights to another baby.

One of the rather practical customs for US residents is "Job" for next yearwhen goals are written that they want to achieve for these 365 days. It can be anything - from the desire to quit smoking to the desire to spend less money on fashion boutiques. A year later, records are recorded and summarized.

Unlike Christmas, which is considered a very family holiday, New Year's Eve is spent more on the street and in clubs than in a circle of relatives. The celebration is accompanied by fireworks, dancing and everyone must drink a glass of champagne. As a New Year's song use the old Scottish melody "The good old days".

By tradition, Americans begin the celebration 31th of Decemberbecause on this day they celebrate the end of the old year, and after midnight - the beginning of a new. At the same time you can often see parades, the largest of which is held on Time Square in New York.

Video: Salute in America for the New Year!

On a New Year's gift, Americans spend an average of $ 50 to $ 800.

As a result, this sometimes leads to huge queues in stores. For this reason, in practice they began to introduce gift certificates for a fixed amount, according to which a person will be able to choose any thing they like in the specified price category.

In the New England region, there are renowned stores that specialize in Christmas gifts, which operate year round. So Americans can start preparing for Christmas at any time.

Time Square is also famous for its performance, which has become famous all over the world since the beginning of the last century. On the last day of each year, a huge ball descends from a height of 23 meters, which is in the fall for exactly one minute. In the last 10 seconds, viewers count down and the ball touches the ground at exactly midnight. This marks the beginning of the New Year.

Christmas story

As is known, the tradition of celebrating Christmas has come to South and North America from European countries, and more precisely, Germany, England, Portugal.

The Germans brought the tradition of decorating the Christmas tree to North America (USA and Canada), and the British brought the singing of hymns, while the Dutch presented Sinterklaas, who later began to be called Santa Claus.

For the first time this image appeared in the works of Irving Washington in 1809, later in 1863, the artist Thomas Nast in one of the Christmas magazines published his sketch of the image of Santa Claus, which every child in the world now recognizes.

So, Santa Claus appeared in North America and only in 1860 this holiday received official status.

Christmas celebration in South America came along with numerous immigrants from Europe (especially the Portuguese) and other countries of the world a little later in the late XIX - early XX century.

In addition, many European traditions had to be adapted to local climatic conditions. So, houses are decorated with fresh flowers, decorate artificial Christmas trees and other trees; Pope Noel (an analogue of Santa Claus) brings gifts to children.

Christmas traditions in America


The USA is a multinational country and this fact leaves its mark on the national holiday. Each immigrant brought to the States a piece of his Christmas, home traditions and customs. Merged together in America, these "pieces" formed the original canvas of a Christmas holiday, unique and very colorful.

So, the Germans and the British brought, and the United States their love of Christmas carols. And now America sings them with pleasure on the night of December 24-25.

The Poles shared their custom of laying straw on the floor at Christmas and under the tablecloth of a festive table - in the likeness of a crib / chapel in which Mary presented the future Savior to the world.

Hungarians have taught Americans to the midnight Christmas mass, which must be visited before they sit at the festive table.

The Spaniards instilled a love for the bright illumination of the streets and festive garlands of light bulbs and lanterns, in order to "illuminate the path of Mary and Joseph." At home, they have preserved the ancient tradition of "Luminarias" - on Christmas night, put along the streets, on the pavement paper bags filled with sand, with a lit candle inside.

Passion for festive decorations.

Among Americans, especially residents of the private sector, there is unofficial competition for the best, bright, unusual and impressive decoration of their home and house territory. This atmosphere of general insanity in luminous garlands, snowmen, gnomes, reindeer sleighs, wreaths and bells is not just reflected, quite clearly and ingeniously, in American films devoted to Christmas.

To the note: in the States, they gladly adopted the English tradition of using mistletoe, holly and ivy as Christmas decoration. According to ancient legends, mistletoe drives away evil spirits, the evergreen holly symbolizes faith and hope, and ivy - vitality.

Interactive Santa Claus.

American Santa Claus - Santa Claus. This is a very active character. He appears on the streets of American cities in early December, most often near shops where he congratulates passers-by on the upcoming Christmas and reminds of the gift tradition of this holiday. Each major shopping center has its own residence of Santa Claus. At the Christmas tree, on a high throne, sits a wizard. He sits on his knees everyone who wants to talk with him and listens carefully to his cherished wishes. Similar scenes are also filled with Christmas American films.

But the main work of the American Santa has, nevertheless, on Christmas night. He is going to fly around all the children on reindeer harnesses across the sky and deliver gifts to them. To do this, the wizard has to climb into the chimney.

Fact: the first mention of Santa Claus as a good wizard, who is delivering sweets to children on a horse, is dated 1809. After 20 years, Santa moved to deer with the help of writer Clement Moore. In a red jacket and black boots, Santa Claus was dressed by the cartoonist of the American magazine Thomas Nast during the civil war. The details of the costume were modified later, in 1931, by the artist Haddon Hubbard Sandble, who carried out the order for Coca-Cola.

House decoration

The custom of decorating homes for Christmas with hollow, ivy and mistletoe came to the United States from England. Each of these plants is in its own way associated with a divine principle. Ivy personifies immortality. Ostrolist, evergreen shrub with glossy sharp leaves, is designed to instill in humans a belief in the best and hope. Its brilliant red berries symbolize the blood of Jesus Christ. The veneration of mistletoe as a sacred plant, became a custom long before the birth of Christ. For example, the Druids believed that it is able to cure many diseases and protects against evil spells.

City streets are lit so that it is hard to believe that it’s night outside the windows. Luminous figures are exposed in front of the doors of the houses. Garlands decorated trees, shrubs.

What do Americans eat for Christmas?

Traditional Christmas dishes for Americans are turkey or ham with cranberry sauce. Serving such meals at the Christmas table is also typical of people in Western Europe. Families who immigrated to the United States from Eastern Europe cooked stuffed turkey, Polish sausages (kielbasa), cabbage dishes and various soups. Most Italian expats prefer lasagna

The traditional Christmas dish of the southwestern states of the United States is considered to be a tamales dish. This is a corn tortilla wrapped in corn leaves with meat, cheese, vegetable or fruit filling. Tamale steamed, corn leaves are cleaned before consumption.

Christmas presents

After a hearty festive dinner, Americans begin to get acquainted with Christmas gifts.

Americans are the nation that gives and receives most Christmas presents. Gifts stack under the tree all festive week.

And on Christmas night, all the kids get presents from Santa Claus. The little ones leave Santa under the treat tree to keep him from getting hungry.

Is New Year Celebrating in America?

The next week after Christmas is much calmer, since many people in the United States during this holiday period may have only one or two days off, everyone is looking forward to the coming of the New Year.

Holiday traditions:

New Year in the United States is a public, rather than a family holiday, so most often celebrated in the fresh air, outside the home.

Many Americans go to casinos, dance clubs or restaurants on this day.

The main festival takes place in Time Square. A huge crowd listens to the performances of artists and awaits the descent of a huge brilliant ball.

Fireworks sparkle in the air, sirens and cars screaming about New Year's Eve sound, shots of champagne corks are heard everywhere, and residents are having fun and congratulating each other on a festive event.

Related vocabulary:

  • Happy New Year! - Happy New Year!
  • New Year party - New Year's Eve
  • fur-tree [fɜː], Christmas tree- tree
  • to decorate a Christmas Tree - decorate the Christmas tree
  • Christmas tree decorations - Christmas toys
  • to give presents - to give presents
  • midnight ['mɪdnaɪt] - midnight
  • to decorate with garlands ['gɑːlənd] - decorate with garlands
  • electric garlands - electric garlands
  • fireworks [faɪəwɜːks] - fireworks
  • public celebrations - public (public) celebration

Christmas idioms and idioms

  • White Christmas - "White Christmas", that is, Christmas, which snow falls. What's so surprising, you think. For us, the inhabitants of Russia, the absence of snow for the holidays, rather than its presence, is most often surprising. Imagine if you lived somewhere in Miami, where the snow last fell in 1977.
  • Christmas comes but once a year - Christmas comes, but only once a year.
    This phrase can serve as a good excuse for why you ate at the holiday table. Well, or gave more expensive gifts than planned.
  • Like turkeys voting for an early Christmas - If you translate this phrase verbatim, you get something “like turkeys that vote for earlier Christmas.”
    The whole point is that it is customary to eat turkey for this holiday. It turns out that such a “vote” only accelerates their death. Usually this expression is used in political texts and means that people make decisions that will worsen their lives over time.
  • Be waiting for Christmas - wait for weather from the sea (in a figurative sense)
  • The closer to Christmas, the gooder kids get - The closer the Christmas, the better the children become.
    Yes, we all know that the adjective good has completely different degrees of comparison. But in this expression, the word good is used that way.
  • What are you waiting for? Christmas? - What are you waiting for? Christmas?
    This phrase should be pronounced with indignation. The thing is that it bears the same meaning as our expression “wait until the cancer on the mountain whistles”.
  • Christmas came early! - Christmas came early.
    You can say so if something good happens. So it turns out that your personal holiday came this year earlier.
  • To cancel someone‘s Christmas - literally "cancel someone's Christmas."
    It is usually used in the context that if someone doesn’t do something, he will be “canceled for Christmas.” We would say “they will make a happy life”, “they will show Kuzkin's mother”. But the good English simply cancel the holiday. True, it is not known how. Perhaps for good. After all, some dictionaries translate this expression and as "kill."

Merry Christmas to all, and a happy new year!