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Delicious and popular desserts


Any holiday feast will certainly end with the supply of something sweet: cakes, pastries, ice cream, sweets, pastries, and everything your heart desires, because there is no limit to diversity! Interestingly, the tradition of serving something sweet by the end of the meal appeared relatively recently, some a few centuries ago, when sugar began to actively spread throughout the world.

It is not surprising that before this, only rich and noble people could indulge themselves with something tasty, but fortunately, times have changed, and today every housewife has several recipes of delicious desserts in stock.

But today we decided to talk about the most famous and popular desserts in the world: they managed to stand out among the rest of the variety of recipes, now they are called classics, the best of the best, and everyone should try such delicacies, at least once in a lifetime. So what are we talking about?

1. Peach Melba

Interestingly, it is a very simple, but incredibly delicious and delicate dessert, based on peaches, ice cream and raspberry puree. The creator of the famous masterpiece is the famous French chef O. Escoffier, who created it for the opera diva Nelly Melba, very popular in the XIX century.

They say that this delicate dessert was prepared by the author under the impression of the opera "Lohengrin", in which the singer performed one of the main roles. The effect was simply overwhelming - Melba was captivated by such attention and taste of the work itself, for several years the author himself treated only one singer with the created masterpiece.

2. Gulab Jamun

In the second place of our top 10 is a popular Indian dessert, the main ingredients of which, at first glance, are absolutely simple products - milk, some pistachios and raisins, flour and corn oil.

The finished version of the dish looks something like donuts, but, unlike the latter, the gulab is dipped in sweet syrup for the whole night, as a result of which the delicacy becomes saturated and becomes incredibly juicy, bright and unusual.

3. Tiramisu

Perhaps, this Italian dessert can be called one of the most popular in the whole world; funny legends and stories are also associated with it, by the way. One of these stories says that the famous dessert was prepared especially for the Grand Duke Cosimo III Medici.

By the way, the name itself translates as “lift me up”, probably you can’t think better! It is made from mascarpone cheese, eggs, cream, rum, as well as ladies fingers cookies, and grated chocolate and cocoa are often added.

4. Almond cookies

This sweet and light delicacy is also spread almost throughout the world, however, it is believed that it is China that is its historical homeland. By the way, do not confuse this unique dessert with a fairly popular biscuit with a prediction, these are completely different things. Crumbly, light, fragrant, literally melting in the mouth, in order to achieve the peak of enjoyment, almond cookies are recommended to be used with fresh milk.

Rumor has it that this favorite dessert by many, was first served in ancient Greece. Naturally, at that time did not know the cream cheese, and therefore prepared it from the cheese. The classic version of the recipe, which we know today, was born in 1929 thanks to chef Arnold Ruben. He first guessed using “Philadelphia” cheese, from which, in fact, the name of the dish, which is used today, came.

An amazing delicacy of thin custard dough, filled with the most delicate custard, is known to many today. But invented his inimitable chef Marie-Antoine Karem, who, at one time, successfully worked with the Russian and European monarchs.

It was he who invented to bake ready-made air cakes, which are subsequently filled with cream. Later, many varieties of this delicacy appeared, however, the meaning remains the same.

7. Pavlova cake

Simply amazing dessert based on cream and meringue, as you know, was named after the famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. As you can see, fragile beauties are able to inspire not only poets, artists and musicians, but also confectioners, by the way, also candies, various desserts and wines were produced under her name.

This light, with a minimum amount of calories, dessert, very much loved in New Zealand, England and Australia, where, by the way, it can be found only in expensive restaurants and pastry shops.

9. Napoleon

Is such a list of the best and most popular desserts in the world can do without an elegant, melting in the mouth, beloved Napoleon? It is rumored that the origin of the dish is directly related to the famous historical figure, Napoleon Bonaparte, but will we find out the truth today? By the way, almost every kitchen in the world has its own variation of Napoleon, so what's surprising, there are more than a dozen of them in Russia alone.

10. Sabayon

And this masterpiece already belongs to the Italian kitchen, however, it spread far beyond its borders, especially in Latin America. The dish is a sauce in which sugar and wine are added, in a broader sense “sabion” means all foam desserts to which alcohol is added.

Fruit salad

Who invented it and cooked it for the first time is unknown! But, nevertheless, this dessert is known, loved and cooked on all continents! And the recipes are different for everyone! These salads are equally popular with both adults and children, they can be a chic decoration for a festive table, a buffet table, and can be an everyday dish on your dinner table. And cooking them at home is quite simple. It is important to remember a few rules: be sure to choose ripe fresh fruits, after they are washed, it is important to drain the water, remove the skin, if it is tough, cut into pieces. The dressing can be - whipped cream, yogurt, sour cream, or sauces with the addition of cocoa, honey, milk. If you are cooking for adults, you can add syrup with brandy, it will add a special touch to the salad. You can add candied fruits, nuts, chocolate chips, mint leaves ...

Well, how to decorate? There are a lot of options, plus your imagination!

Fruit salad, not only tasty, but also very healthy dish and does not threaten with extra pounds.

Cherry pie

This cake is considered the pride of the Americans, because they even have a holiday, which is called "The Day of the cherry pie." Although there are versions that after all this dish comes from Holland, where this cake was baked for Easter, but over time, the religious purpose was lost, and the cherry cake became just everyone's favorite dessert. The British believe that the cakes with cherries came up with Elizabeth I. And many argue that cakes are a native Russian dish.

Whatever it was, but this ancient dessert (the recipe for the first cake has been known since the XIV century) pleases all nations on all continents. Cherry pie recipes are varied and outwardly they may differ from each other. There are open and closed pies, with curlicues and patterns of dough, oval, round and even square. This delicacy is easy to bake at home, and you can always order in a cafe for tea or coffee. This dessert was appreciated by both royal persons and people from the provinces.


It is spread all over the world. It is believed that China is the birthplace of macaroons, although France, Italy and Spain rightfully claim this title. After all, the history of the famous Macarons goes back to the Renaissance. Although many other countries "tell" about their own history of the appearance of macaroons.

Very fragrant, delicate, insanely tasty cookies have long conquered the whole world. It is affordable, but at the same time delicious delicacy can be prepared at home. For this you need: sugar (powder), egg whites, flour, you can add sesame oil, and almonds. Almond biscuits, besides the fact that it is very tasty, is also useful, because almonds contain vitamins B and E, iron, phosphorus, potassium and copper.

Old Austrian dessert, although many believe that he is from Germany. The first recipe of this dish has been known since the 17th century, which was printed in a cookbook published in Vienna, but the author, unfortunately, is unknown.

The name translates as "whirlpool" or "whirlwind." And, indeed, it looks very similar to a small whirlpool. Now this dish is known and loved in all corners of the planet. Initially, apples, berries, and raisins served as stuffing for the strudel. The basis is a special exhaust dough. It is also called leaf, can be used and puff pastry.

When making this dessert, you will need skills in handling sheet dough, as it is very thin and you need to be careful. Now there is a huge number of recipes for this dish, because everyone has different preferences. Dried fruits, cottage cheese, nuts, poppy, etc. are also used as a filling. After, the filling with dough rolls into a dense roll. The finished strudel smeared with butter, you can sprinkle with powdered sugar or cinnamon. Usually it is served hot, and a cup of coffee or tea will only emphasize the taste and aroma of this dessert.

This dish is originally from England, in translation it means - “pedestal,“ fatty ”. He was considered a Christmas dish, and before it began to prepare long before this great holiday. Moreover, each family member must take part in the preparation of this festive dish. Initially, pudding was not a dessert treat at all. In those distant times, economical English housewives tried to use any remaining products — it could be meat, bread crumbs, fat, etc. All these "remnants" were mixed and fixed with eggs or fat. The dish turned out quite satisfying, and was in great honor among the poor.

Over time, the number of products added to the pudding increased, oatmeal pudding appeared in the meat broth, and later, other cereals appeared in the recipe ...

Today, all over the world, preference is given to sweet dessert. There are many recipes, from the simplest to "pudding on fire." A special place in this list is occupied by the English pudding Castle - a special pride of the inhabitants of Foggy Albion. A delicious dessert that is generously watered with strawberry sauce. It looks gorgeous on the basis and gives incomparable taste.

You can buy pudding in a pastry shop or try cooking at home. You will need - eggs, sugar, cream, flour ... and then come up with yourself - you can add fruits, berries, chocolate, cocoa, almonds, etc.

Pavlova cake

Surprisingly, this cake (cake) got its name in honor of the great Russian ballerina. During her tour of Australia, Anna Pavlova made an indelible impression on the public. The talent of the Russian ballerina shocked the people of Australia and New Zealand so much that at that time spirits, clothes and chocolates with the name of the great dancer from Russia began to appear. But it’s not so easy to find out who and when came up with the recipe for this dessert, because both Australians and New Zealanders are claiming authorship. This dispute has lasted for many years, it is not known who will be the winner, but the most important thing is that everyone can enjoy the delicate and magnificent taste of this cake.

There are many recipes for this dessert, there are more than 650 of them. Of course, they have something in common, it is made from whipped egg whites, sugar, wine vinegar, and corn flour. To decorate the meringue using berries and fruits, whipped proteins. Decorate the cake should be before serving the guests.

Pavlova cake can not be bought in a simple grocery store or ordered in a cheap cafe. Only in luxury expensive restaurants and shops you can buy it. And, most importantly, this dessert is low-calorie, so even ladies who are “sitting” on a diet can afford it!

Famous oriental dessert with a long history. Turkey is considered to be his birthplace, where in the fifteenth century the court cook prepared the first “paklava” for the sultan; the ruler liked her so much that he ordered to perpetuate her recipe. According to other sources, this dessert was invented back in the eighth century BC. on the peninsula of Asia Minor, and from there the recipe came to Athens. The Greeks contributed to the creation of this sweetness - they created such a dough, which could be rolled up to the thickness of a paper sheet. Baklava is now a very popular dessert, and not only in eastern countries, it is loved and cooked all over the world. Each country slightly changes the recipe in accordance with local tastes and traditions, so you can try the Armenian, Crimean, Baku baklava, etc.

Baklava is prepared from very thin layers of dough, coated with butter, sprinkled with nuts (walnuts or pistachios), powdered, impregnated with syrup or honey, etc. Everything develops into a deep baking sheet or twisted into rolls and baked.

In general, baklava has many options, it all depends on your taste and desires.

The only minus is the high calorie content of this dessert, so if you are fanatically watching your figure, then often you are not recommended to pamper yourself with baklava.

And this is a dish of European and American cuisine. Even in ancient Greece there were desserts similar to modern cheesecakes. There is also a point of view that this dish came to Europe from the Middle East, although in Russia there were special loaves with cheese, and this is mentioned in the chronicles of the twelfth century. This means that our country can claim to be authorship, because cheesecakes, cheesecakes, casseroles are known in Russia for centuries. Now this dessert is equally loved and revered in all parts of the world, in any company, and for any holiday.

Americans perfected the recipe and made this dessert uniquely tender and tasty. They added cream cheese and cream, it changed the look and taste of the dessert.

Cheesecakes are baked and raw, from cheese and from cottage cheese, that is, it has a lot of options. This dessert takes a worthy place in the menu of any glamorous cafe or restaurant. At home, not every housewife can cook a cheesecake - there are certain difficulties in the cooking process. The composition of this dessert includes eggs, sugar, cream, fruit, vanilla, chocolate, the base is a cookie or a sweet cracker.

This is an Italian dessert consisting of several layers, and it is considered that you were not in Italy unless you tried tiramisu. Every resident of this country considers himself a gourmet, so this is where this “delicious celebrity” appeared. And if everything is clear with the place of birth, then there are several versions about the time of birth. One of them says that he was invented more than 300 years ago in the north of Italy in order to please a famous nobleman. Other sources claim that this is a fairly young dessert and begins its history in the sixties of the last century. In any case, the first written mentions of him appeared at this particular time. And someone claims that tiramisu appeared in the restaurant “Alle Beccherie” immediately after the war. Despite the many versions, this favorite worldwide dessert can be found in almost every cafe today, and, despite a complicated recipe, it can be prepared at home.

It contains many ingredients: sugar, eggs (chicken or quail), mascarpone cheese, liqueur, coffee (espresso), savoyardi biscuits and cocoa powder. Preparing tiramisu is a rather complicated and time consuming process. But all the costs are worth it, because it is a tender, juicy, melting in the mouth dessert! It should be eaten slowly, enjoying every piece. In translation, the name means - “cheer me up”, and this is so important - in our crazy time to enjoy the original taste and get a boost of energy!

Gulab Jamun (Gulab Jamun)

Sweet syrup balls came to us from India. The name of this delicious dessert is translated as “rose water”, and the word “jamun” means southern fruit.

This traditional dessert is very popular in the countries of South Asia, where it has long been considered a festive dish. Now it is cooked for any reason, and not only in Asian countries.

These golden brown balls are very similar to our donuts, which are thoroughly soaked with sugar syrup. It turns out a magical delicacy. In order to prepare a wonderful dessert you will need: sugar, milk powder, flour, cream, cardamom, butter for roasting, you can add rose water, a pinch of saffron. You can decorate with coconut or pistachio chips.

1. Cake "Anna Pavlova"

The Anna Pavlova cake is one of the most popular today in Russia.

The light and airy creation of Pavlova, based on meringue and whipped cream with the addition of berries and fruits, owes its appearance to the tour of the famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova in New Zealand. Local confectioners invented this tender dessert to demonstrate their admiration to a talented woman. And it was so sincere that the cake has long been among the ten most delicious desserts in the world.

By the way, experienced confectioners claim that it is very simple to make, you just need to know a few secrets.

2. Dessert "Tiramisu"

Today “Tiramisu” can be tasted anywhere in the world, but only in Italy it is unique. Do not believe? Try as soon as possible!

The most famous Italian sweet dish can rightly be considered "Tiramisu". Его название дословно переводится, как «поднимай меня вверх». Что под этим подразумевается? Практичные диетологи считают, что речь идет о высокой калорийности лакомства. Жизнерадостные итальянцы склоняются к тому, что каждый съеденный кусочек значительно улучшает настроение.But the cunning grandees tried to taste it before the joys of love, in order to confirm to the chosen one their masculine power.

This dessert has the status of an aristocrat among the brethren, and therefore requires an appropriate attitude to itself. Its soft, delicate flavor with light creamy notes should be enjoyed slowly. It is very difficult to explain what the real Tiramisu is. It is a cross between pudding, cake and soufflé, and at the best of the listed dishes.

3. Napoleon cake

Very simple at first glance, a cake - a dozen of cakes with cream - won the hearts of many sweet teeth!

The “Napoleon” cake in the minds of each of us is inextricably linked with France, although it was first prepared in Russia in 1912 to celebrate the centenary of the expulsion of the French from the country. A dish of thin puff cakes and custard was served on the table in the form of a triangular hat of the defeated emperor and suddenly gained unheard of popularity! And today, from the pleasure to enjoy a piece of soaked nourishing "Napoleon" units can refuse.

4. Cake "Sacher"

Let's say frankly, not all fall in love with “Zaher” and not from the first time. It is too choppy and specific - nothing superfluous, no highlights.

If fate ever brings you to Vienna, be sure to try the luxurious Austrian cake “Sacher”. A dizzying cocktail of flavors and aromas usually leaves no one who is keen on gourmet dishes indifferent - these are elegant notes of chocolate with light tones of apricot jam. He first appeared on the table of the Austrian Chancellor Metternich in 1832. The young sixteen-year-old culinary specialist Franz Zaher created an amazing piece of chocolate shortcakes with layers of apricot jam, covered with thick chocolate icing. The experiment, as a result, turned out to be more than successful!

5. Black Forest Cake

But the Black Forest cake, as a rule, everyone likes!

The Germans are not far behind the Austrians by a single step in the culinary industry. The Black Forest cake, better known here as the Black Forest, is a weighty confirmation. The secret of his tenderness is the impregnation of chocolate biscuit cakes with kirschwasser (sweet cherry fruit brandy), as well as whipped cream cream with fresh cherries. From above this miracle is sprinkled with chocolate chips.

You can endlessly talk about the diversity of tastes and originality of desserts from different countries, but it is better, nevertheless, to try them. For those who have the opportunity to travel, it is enough to place an order in a restaurant with national cuisine. And the rest can try on an apron novice pastry chef and surprise household!

Black Forest cake, also called “Wild berries” in Europe.