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All About Triceps: How To Pump Up Fast In 2018


The modern rhythm of life does not always allow you to allocate time for a private coach or classes in a specialized institution. Exercising a triceps at home will be an ideal option for those who, for certain reasons, cannot visit the gym.

Triceps muscle of shoulder

The triceps muscle of the shoulder is the muscle responsible for the movement of the arm, in particular for the extension of the elbow. It connects the humerus and elbow bone, consists of the lateral, medial and long head and makes up the entire back side of the shoulder.

Thanks to him, the arm is retracted when the triceps is in a bent state - the biceps is bent. This muscle is involved first in any movement of the arm. All the strength of the hands depends on him, and his horseshoe shape gives a beautiful look to the relief of the body.

Properly pumped triceps will help in working with biceps and allow more useful substances to digest in the upper arm. Working with this muscle will improve blood circulation, and if you pay proper attention to it during training, you can achieve impressive hand development.

How to pump up the triceps at home

To get the triceps as fast as possible at home, you need to adjust the program with an emphasis on triceps. However, you should not do the whole list of exercises for one workout - it will not give the expected effect. Optimally train the triceps 2 times a week. Should choose those exercises that the body does not expect. This will provide "shock" therapy for muscles and indispensable growth.

For the safety of the joints and the spine should begin training with a warm-up, and exercises to perform the degree of load - from minimum to maximum. Gradual increase in load will help to warm all muscles smoothly and prevent injuries.

Dumbbell french press

In this isolating exercise, the triceps works almost alone, so it is considered one of the most effective.

Put your feet to the width of the hips, and slightly bend your legs, while the body should remain straight. Use dumbbells or weights and straighten your arms, with the dumbbells should look at the ceiling. Hands should be slowly bent in elbows, and then returned to its original position.

Do not throw weight sharply or press your hands to your back. If you keep your elbows apart while doing the exercise, there will be no effect from it.

Working out triceps in the gym

Triceps - triceps muscle of the shoulder, in its volume it is twice the size of the biceps. It is better to be engaged in pumping up triceps two or three times a week, muscles need sufficient rest to restore. Any training should begin with a light workout, otherwise there is a high probability of injury.

The basic exercise for training triceps - bench press lying narrow grip. The narrower the grip, the more triceps are involved in the work, it is important to choose the optimal distance, on average it is 20-30 cm between the thumbs.

We press barbell better with the help of a partner who will insure you and help you overcome the dead center in the last repetitions. An experienced gym partner is 50% success in any training, especially in basic exercises where the weight of sports equipment is large enough.

For the most effective training of the triceps, swing your triceps paired with your biceps. To do this, you can alternately use different exercises for both muscles, for example, alternate bench press on the triceps and lifting the barbell for biceps. Muscle antagonists, working in pairs, will provide the maximum increase in strength and mass.

An effective exercise for working out the triceps is the “French press.” You can perform it standing, sitting or lying down. Depending on the position of the body, you will have different bundles of the triceps muscle. To complete this exercise, 4-6 approaches are needed, with 8-12 repetitions each.

Triceps can also be rocked on the uneven bars, push-ups with wrists, make deep bends. Here you can use additional burdens attached to the belt. The number of repetitions - from 6 to 12, the number of approaches - from 3 to 6, depending on the degree of your fitness.

Exercises for practicing at home

Doing triceps training is possible not only in the gym, but also at home. So, alternating exercises on the horizontal bar and parallel bars will strengthen and make massive and relief not only your triceps, but also your biceps.

Push-ups from the floor or between two chairs are quite effective exercises for the development of the triceps. Perform 6-8 sets, 12-15 repetitions each.

You can train triceps and with the help of exercises with dumbbells, which are available both in the gym and at home. For example, straightening one arm with a dumbbell from behind the head, straightening the arm with a dumbbell in an inclined position with the knee resting on a chair or bench, etc.

It is worth noting that in any training the correct technique is important, without which there will be no maximum result from the work done. Take care to perform the exercises cleanly, to perform the movement to the end.

Pay attention to your diet, there should be enough proteins and carbohydrates in it - the first provides muscle growth, the latter provide the body with the necessary energy.

Push ups from the bench

This exercise, in the simplest variation: legs on the floor, will suit the girl who wants to pump up the triceps at home and not having dumbbells.

To do reverse push-ups, you must use any available platform, such as a bench or chair. Sit down and rest against its edges, pressing your hands to your body. If you rise, you should move the body forward and slowly lower as far as possible. You can complicate the exercise by throwing your legs on the second bench as shown in the picture, and also putting a dumbbell or other weight on your hips.

Focus on the lowest point, and once at the top - you can relax a bit. It is not necessary to help yourself with your feet, it can badly affect the lower back. Carefully perform this exercise, an extra load can harm the joints.

About motivation

Why did we start with motivation? Yes, because the effectiveness of home workout depends solely on the ability of the student to not only plan approaches and sets, but also to strictly work out all the planned exercises.

It’s no secret that it’s harder to do at home than at the gym. There are many temptations here: delicious food, home PC gaming, you never know what else! Home is home. And here you need to devote one and a half to two hours to strength exercises! Let's face it, not everyone succeeds.

The important part of perseverance is important here. Therefore, we insist that you, on the eve of planning your training process, convincingly formulate your motivation: why do you want to increase your biceps and triceps? It should be as individual as possible.

So, you have it! Wonderful. This will be your first training log entry.

Minimum set of home training equipment

If you have a motivation (and this is the main thing), it’s time to think about training equipment. Not everyone can afford to purchase a machine with a diagonal rod. But almost everyone can buy a horizontal bar and hire a master with a perforator to secure it securely.You will also need a dumbbell, or better two. The expander is also useful. If the house has a narrow chair with a solid wooden railing, you can also use it as a simulator. It is useful for your exercises for biceps and triceps and the usual stool.

For further progression in training with the use of a horizontal bar, additional burdening in the form of an ordinary backpack, inside of which there is a cellophane sandbag of the weight you need, may be useful.

Basic exercises

Exercises for biceps and triceps are performed accentuated and separately. As you know, with the help of biceps, the arm is bent, and with the help of triceps it is unbent. They are called antagonist muscles. Only their harmonious development provides the proper effect of training. Exercises that train them are performed with the burdening, so in order to avoid injuries they should be done after an intense warm-up that warms up the muscle fibers.

5 basic exercises for biceps at home

The first exercise. Body position - standing. Feet shoulder width apart. In the hands, turned palms up - dumbbells. Alternately, on the exhale, the arm is bent, on the inhale — unbent. The weight of the dumbbells is chosen in such a way as to provide 7-8 reps for each hand in the set. The last 1-2 times should be performed with the maximum mobilization of the forces of the trainee.

Second exercise. The initial position is almost similar to that presented in the first exercise, but the hands with dumbbells are palms turned towards the body. In this position, except for the load, the biceps feel a tensile effect.

The third exercise. Body position - sitting. The hand, which squeezes the dumbbell, is lowered and elbow rests on the inner part of the thigh. On the exhale, the arm bends, on the inhale - slowly straightens.

Fourth exercise. Pulling up on a home horizontal bar. Hands - in a narrow grip, turned his palms to him. The exercise is performed without rocking. The number of repetitions - 7-8. If the last pull-ups in the set are performed easily, then the practitioner puts a backpack on his shoulders with a corresponding burden. This is the most intense exercise of the four listed above, the training biceps.

Fifth exercise. Stretching tape expander for biceps. The position of the body - standing, legs - shoulder-width apart. You stand with both feet on the expander. Hands are lowered, palms are turned up, elbows are pressed to the body. The expander is in such a position to stretch. Directly during the exercise, the arms, overcoming the resistance of the expander, bend at the elbows, with the elbows (if possible) pressed against the body.

Triceps Training at home

The first exercise. French bench press. The body is straight, legs - shoulder-width apart. The position of the hand with dumbbells: the elbow is raised up, the dumbbell is worn behind the back. The other hand insures the dumbbell, but does not support it. On the exhale, the hand gradually straightens in the elbow, while the brush rises from the dumbbells. Exercising emphasizes triceps stress. To inhale, the hand is again bent, the dumbbell is again put on the back.

Second exercise. French bench press. It is performed similarly to the first exercise. Exercising sits on a stool.

Third exercise performed using a wooden armchair chair. To carry it out, the chair is set opposite the sofa from the calculation so that the feet are on the sofa, while the arms, turned back, carry the armrest of the chair down, just like it is done on the uneven bars. The meaning of the exercise is to bend / straighten the arms in the support.

The fourth exercise. For the home crossbar is attached ribbon expander. Engaged turn their backs to the horizontal bar. The body is straight, legs - shoulder-width apart. The exercise is performed by hand alternately. The arm is wound back, as during the French bench press, only instead of the dumbbell the tensioned expander is held. Further, with a fixed elbow, the arm is straightened up and down.

Fifth exercise. Bending / unbending the arms in the resting position. Hands are narrow. Otherwise, the main effort will be on the muscles of the chest. When performing exercises using a backpack with a burden.

Different workout accents

Note that for some reason, part of the trainee is pumping the biceps. Triceps is ignored. Why it happens? (Note that this is short-sighted.) The answer is simple. Biceps first striking when in summer a man is wearing a t-shirt. However, the power potential of the student suffers from such a deformed training process. After all, harmoniously developed athletes have triceps almost twice as massive as their biceps! You can train your biceps and triceps in different ways at home.

Really "cool" men, martial arts masters, mostly train the triceps, moreover, with tempo exercises, not overly "hammering" it with burdens, but forming a special speed endurance. After all, this is a "shock" muscle! The development of the so-called reactive power in it is achieved through the use of expanders in the training process.

When striking the triceps of such an athlete, the arm flexes with lightning speed, and the biceps bends it to the starting position just as lightning. Ideally, the master achieves such a sharpness of impact that the concrete plates break, and during the duel the defender does not notice the moment of his application. However, the topic of our article does not apply to this kind of training, because the volume of muscles in their process is growing relatively classical bodybuilding slightly.

The problem of the effectiveness of training

It would seem that the exercises and special literature, telling about how to pump biceps and triceps, are familiar to all. So why not everyone achieves success in bodybuilding? Perhaps there are secrets of effective training.

It is impossible to consider only two groups of arm muscles in isolation from others. Moreover, the muscular system of the human body is created in such a way that it is impossible to build up for a long time with special exercises only one muscle group, without increasing the others. After a month and a half of such narrowly focused occupations at home, the practitioner with annoyance will notice that his results have stopped. What should he do in this situation? The answer is simple: first get a competent consultation on how to pump your biceps and triceps at home.

The super restoration cycle is the basis of progress

At first, such an unlucky athlete should understand the basics of training load and cyclical training. You should clearly imagine the main principle used by bodybuilders, increasing muscle mass. It is based on super restoration.

Sports medicine has established that optimal muscle growth is due to the cyclical performance of each exercise of 5-6 sets in such a way that the training weight allows the trainee in each of his sets, working at maximum, to perform no more than 7-8 repetitions. In this case, the last two times are made by an athlete through force.

Note that in the process of intensive exercise the microtraumatic muscle fibers occur. Do not be afraid of this! It is natural. The paradox lies in the fact that it is precisely the injured fibers with the right training load that maximize their volume. At the same time it is necessary to withstand one “but”.

Attention! The super restoration cycle assumes that, in addition to the training days, it also contains from one to several days, which occur without training. Injured fibers must recover! That is why men, who not only understand how to pump biceps and triceps at home, but also have positive practical experience in this direction, train less often losers who are stuck in daily training.

Complex training and optimal development of the arm muscles

The second condition for effective training is its complexity. We already mentioned this when it came to stalled results. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, an ideal clue in how to pump up the biceps and triceps at home, can serve as the recommendations of practicing athletes. Moreover, the classical accentuated study of the muscles for the training cycle in three workouts is the following:

  • back - biceps,
  • chest - triceps,
  • legs - shoulders.

However, for steady progress after a certain time, the emphasis in it should be changed. For example:

  • chest - biceps,
  • back - triceps,
  • shoulders - legs.

Combination of bodybuilding with athletics

For some athletes, the training cycle combines bodybuilding training with training of a different nature, where the load falls on the legs. If you are not a professional bodybuilder (in this case specialization is important), then the addition of cyclic loads for the development of the cardiovascular system is welcome. This may be playing games: football, basketball. It is also favorable to increase the overall homeostasis of the athlete moderate middle distance running. Anyway, trained in this way the heart and blood vessels will provide the bodybuilder with more potential. The only condition for such additional classes is their auxiliary, warm-up character.

Accordingly, in this case, a purely bodybuilding training cycle can eliminate special exercises for the legs. In this case, the emphasis in the training cycle will look different: biceps-triceps-shoulders-back.


Summing up our review, it should be noted that home-training with bodybuilding is less effective than training in the gym under the guidance of experienced trainers. Если вблизи вашего жилища имеется специализированный спортивный зал и цена абонемента вас не смущает, то о домашних тренировках нечего и думать. Однако при определенных условиях быта конкретного человека возможно тренировать мышцы (бицепсы, трицепсы и прочие) лишь в родных стенах. При этом заметим, что при наличии жесткой мотивации и грамотного плана тренировок эффект от них может быть весьма впечатляющим.

Усеченные отжимания

Отжимания с узкой постановкой рук. You need to lie on the floor and put your hands on the floor. The elbows should be bent and the arms should be pressed to the body. The main load falls on the triceps, so this exercise does not always work the first time, especially if you have not used to swing your arm muscles before.

Try to make at least one or two approaches, and as soon as you begin to succeed, increase their number. The main mistake of this exercise is the backbend. The body should be parallel to the floor, and you need to exhale only in the upper third of the rise.

If such a task is easy for you, put a backpack with weights on your back or push up on your fists.

Exercise on the bench

Take a dumbbell in your hand and sit on a chair or bench with the back inclined. Raise and lower your arm, bending it at the elbow. Such approaches should be done in sets of 10 repetitions.

Choose a bench so that nothing brings discomfort to the lower back and does not create an extra load on your back. If you perform this exercise systematically, you should constantly change the angle of inclination of the bench.

Tilt exercise

Use a chair or bench as a support for an unused hand. Bend over in your belt and raise your arm with a dumbbell at a slight angle, while your shoulder should be parallel to the floor.

Here, the lateral (external) head of the muscle is maximally involved, it improves muscle relief and has a positive effect on the growth of the triceps.

Mass triceps program

To pump up a lot of triceps at home you need to do 3 times a week, 2 of which will include the following:

  1. Triceps on the day of push-ups - you can perform 1-2 exercises on the triceps muscle as complete.
  2. On the day of training biceps - on the principle of training muscles - antagonists. Conduct a full tricep training.

Comprehensive training should contain several different basic exercises. Do not focus on triceps, train your biceps and forearm (if your hands are lagging). Record training results and increase weights at regular intervals, depending on your capabilities.

Growth conditions

There are several factors for successful triceps growth:

  • Harmonious development - implies balanced training of different muscle groups. You should not work exclusively with triceps, because its growth also depends on other muscles. Two workouts a week will be enough to significantly accelerate its growth.
  • Proper nutrition - will help speed up the process of recovery of muscle tissue.
  • Full sleep - helps to accelerate the recovery of cells and muscle growth. In a dream, the body best absorbs and processes protein, which is also important for building muscle. Among other things, lack of sleep adversely affects the quality of training. You can not perform a set of strength exercises, if you come to the training without strength.

Additional factors

A full meal is allowed a couple of hours before the workout. It is not necessary to eat immediately before exercise, so that the body is engaged only in muscles, and not digestion of food. If you do not have time to eat - use easily digestible foods - bananas, muesli or nutritional bars.

Before a set of exercises you need to drink at least half a liter of water. Do this one hour before your workout to prevent dehydration.

Cautions and Contraindications

Triceps more than other muscles tend to overtraining, so do not abuse the number of approaches. The greater the load on the muscle - the more time it will take to restore it.

Do not neglect safety techniques - as soon as you feel sharp pain, you should immediately stop training and analyze your mistakes. Watch the body position carefully - an incorrect load on the back can lead to injuries.

General recommendations

  • First of all, you need to know that the elbow joints are the most fragile. It is not difficult to injure them, but the recovery procedure is unlikely to please you. Therefore, you should not tempt fate and perform traumatic exercises such as the French bench press, push-ups on the bars and other similar exercises where the load on the elbow joint is strong and, moreover, the elbow undergoes extremely negative, not natural movement. It is much better to perform simple, effective, and at the same time safe movements, such as extensions in a block simulator and similar movements. Do not pursue weighting. The volume of load and the intensity of the impact will be much more important than the value of the working weight!
  • Which is better to choose exercises for the triceps with dumbbells? Definitely, those that do not bring a negative load on the elbow joints. It is better to take less weighting and work more intensively. In addition, never work to the detriment of the correct technique of performing movements, because you want to load the muscle effectively enough, and not to get injured by your own stupidity? A good option would be the extension of the dumbbell from behind the head. You can also try straightening dumbbells lying on the bench. A good option would be the extension of the dumbbell standing in the slope. The main thing is that in all cases there should be a uniform and deep enough study of the necessary triceps bundles.
  • Is it possible to pump up fast? The answer is simple. To develop small muscle groups (and the triceps, compared to the rest of the body, doesn’t take too much in percentage terms), you need to perform basic exercises, to load the muscle arrays in a complex, rather than pointwise way. And after that, you can apply a point trim. And, believe me, it is in this vein that it will be most effective. So, have patience. A decent result in basic exercises is not built in one year or even two. Sometimes people train for years to shake powerful arms. However, as always, it all depends on your goals. Small goals are achieved faster if all the necessary conditions are met.

What to use in your training arsenal

Below are the most effective and useful exercises for the development of this muscle group. It is important to remember that they need to be carried out technically correctly and not particularly strive for weight. How to perform them correctly can only be fully explained by a competent and experienced trainer.

  • Bench press. The classic basic exercise. Triceps, shoulders, pectoral, latissimus, forearms, biceps, a little waist and legs. If you want to develop a powerful shoulder girdle, then perform the bench press. Work in a large volume and a wide range of repetitions with an adequate weight. Do not chase for a large working weight - it only overloads the central nervous system and joints. Start working with a relatively small weight, gradually increase the load. In basic exercises it is especially important to cycle the load correctly. It is important to adhere to the correct technique of execution. If you need to, then start practicing with a competent trainer who will supply you with the equipment and introduce you to the basics of strength training.
  • Press lying narrow grip - as an option for the triceps is very popular in many rooms. The main thing is to monitor the sensations in the elbow joints. Begin to hurt - go to another exercise. It is very important to competently approach the width of the grip. We do not recommend particularly narrowing, the grip should allow to work in a large volume and a large range of repetitions with a strong weight.
  • Extension in the block simulator. This exercise has already been discussed above. The simplest, safest, one of the most effective. Suitable for all athletes without exception. When performing it is important to emphasize the load in isolation on the triceps. Work in a large volume and a wide range of repetitions with an adequate weight.
  • A good option would be the extension of the dumbbell from behind the head. You can also try the extension of the dumbbell lying on the bench, the extension of the dumbbell standing in the slope. The main thing is that in all cases there should be a uniform and deep enough study of the necessary triceps bundles.

Mastering step by step each of a wide variety of exercises with dumbbells for the development of the triceps, remember that they should be performed correctly, and for this you need to do with an experienced trainer.

Let's summarize. Pumping the triceps at home is a doable task. The main thing is to follow a few simple rules. During home workouts, the key to success is the regularity of performing the described exercise cycle. Therefore, you should not tempt fate and perform traumatic exercises or those that create an extra burden on the joints and the entire body. It is much better to perform simple, effective and at the same time safe movements like straightenings in a block simulator and similar simple movements. It is better to take less weighting and work more intensively. In addition, never work to the detriment of the correct technique of performing movements.

If your health is dear to you, it is better to start looking after yourself as soon as possible. It is important to train correctly. It is not as difficult as it seems. It is enough to set a goal and begin to take small, but systematic and permanent steps towards it. First, give up bad habits, then gradually teach yourself to comply with the regime. For sports you need a healthy sleep and proper nutrition.

Believe me, time flies. You will not notice how three months, six months, a year or even several years pass. For an athlete, this is all irrelevant. Only the goal is meaningful. And your goal is to be healthy, strong, ready for any adversity and be an example to follow. Remember that sober state is much brighter and more productive than any drunken frenzy. If you want a bright future for yourself and your loved ones, then give up the use of this poison right now. Better exercise, start a healthy lifestyle, fill your time with something bright and productive. Believe me, it is much more interesting than any, even the best, alcohol. And you will be happy!

Preparation for training

The triceps are precisely the muscles that can visually increase the size of the arms and make them as large as possible. It is by developing them, and not the biceps, that one can noticeably add to the volume of the arms.

The key to the success of home workouts is that the exercises, which will be described below, should be performed regularly, gradually increasing the load. To achieve the best results you need a healthy sleep and proper nutrition.

Preparation is to perform a warm-up. In addition to doing light gymnastics, warming up muscles and joints, you can add cardiovascular exercise in the form of running or exercises on a cardiovascular machine, if you have one at home.

Remember that only on your desire to achieve results depends on the effectiveness of the training. The exercises described below are suitable for both boys and girls. At the same time, it is necessary to understand the structure of the pumped muscles in order to understand where in the body and how they should be strained. Let's sort this moment further.

What are triceps?

It is important, before starting training, to understand the very structure of the triceps. This will help to make the right set of exercises and to feel in the process what part of the muscle is brought to work.

The first thing that is important to understand is that thanks to the triceps, any arm movement occurs. At the same time it provides the connection of the humerus and ulna. It is called “triceps” for the reason that it consists of 3 “components” called heads:

It is located on the back of the hand, closer to the shoulder joint. It can be activated by moving the hand back behind the case. The power potential of the hands is exactly the triceps.

Want to strengthen your sore back? Watch back exercises for scoliosis at home here

French bench press

Elbows should stay in one place.

To perform it you will need a bench or two stools placed side by side that can support your weight.

Professional coaches still recommend buying a specialized bench, which can be found in every sports store. Procedure:

  • You must lie on the bench so that your back is completely relaxed.
  • You should take two dumbbells or a barbell of a suitable weight. The load with each workout should be gradually increased.
  • When you take dumbbells or a barbell, there should be a distance of 40 cm between your hands. Make sure that your hands are turned with the back of your hand to your face. In this case, the positioning of the hands will be correct.
  • Gently move your hands behind your head. Try to keep your elbows in the same plane.
  • Bend and unbend the elbow joints, do not forget to breathe deeply. Perform 10-12 reps. It is recommended to make 3-4 approaches.
  • After the last approach, stand up, breathe a few minutes, take a few sips of water. You can now proceed to the next exercise.

Running with dumbbells

It is possible to carry out both with one dumbbell, and with two

It can be an alternative to the first exercise, if you have only one dumbbell at home. Need to:

  • Put a chair. Lie on it so that the shoulder blades rest on its surface.
  • Hold the dumbbell in your hand so that the back of your hand is facing the face.
  • Holding your elbow with your free hand, lift up your arm with dumbbells and do 10 flexings and extensions. Make sure that the elbow in any case did not roll forward. After completing the approach, change your hand. All you need to do 3-4 approaches. Remember about proper breathing - lower your arms while inhaling and squeezing the dumbbell up as you exhale.

It is important to breathe correctly during exercise. Also, try to measure the pulse, pressure before and after workouts in order to independently monitor the state of the body and avoid overvoltages.

Exercise on the Uneven Bars

This exercise is considered one of the most effective due to the fact that during its execution there are many muscle groups. Technique:

  1. You need to place your hands on the bars at a distance of shoulders.
  2. The casing should always be strictly perpendicular to the floor.
  3. It is impossible to bend over or place your arms too wide, this will make the exercise useless.
  4. It is necessary to lower the case on hands before formation of a corner of 90 degrees in an elbow.

If you want to do this exercise at home, then you need to take 3 stools. They must be located at the extreme points of an isosceles triangle. Two of them will replace the bars themselves, and the third will support the legs and allow you to lower the body in accordance with the technique of the exercise.

It is important to place both arms and legs in the center of the stool. It is recommended to put feet on a stool on socks.

French bench press with one arm sitting

  1. Sit on a chair, keep your back straight.
  2. Take a dumbbell in one hand, the second should be free.
  3. Raise the dumbbell above your head so that the back of your hand is turned up.
  4. Lower the dumbbell behind your head, while you should feel the triceps stretch.
  5. Straighten your arm with a quick movement.
  6. Do 10-15 repetitions and change hands.

Try to do so that the elbow of the working hand does not dangle and walk around.

This exercise is not recommended for those who traumatized the arm for six months, as well as for people who have not previously trained. In order to avoid breaking of the ligaments, do not do more than 5 approaches. The intensity of the load, as well as the frequency of repetitions should increase gradually. Do not forget to breathe correctly.

Arm extension in the slope

Also, as in other exercises, the elbow should be fixed in one place.

  • Take a standing position.
  • Bend forward, with one hand, press a stool or bench.
  • With your free hand, take the dumbbell (the position of the back of the hand does not matter), take the dumbbell back. The elbow should be at shoulder level. The hand should be one straight line, keep it closer to the body.
  • Lower the dumbbell so that the hand assumes the position of the letter “L”.
  • With a jerk, straighten your arm to the starting position.
  • Change hands.
  • Take three sets on each hand, rest for a minute and make several sets again.

If during the exercise you feel pain, then it is too early for you to do it. Remember that excessive load in the first days of training is fraught with negative consequences.

Push ups narrow grip

This is one of the most effective exercises you can do at home. It will perfectly consolidate the effect achieved after the previous exercises.

  1. Assist the prone position.
  2. Hands should be set shoulder-width apart. Elbows pressed to the body. Ensure that this condition is met.
  3. Drop down so that your arms gradually bend towards the body.
  4. Rise smoothly.
  5. Make 10 approaches. With each workout, you need to increase the number of repetitions.

If you want to increase the level of load, you can put your hands closer to each other. At the moment when they will be under the center of the body, the load on the triceps will be maximum.

We use rubber

Вам нужно приобрести тугую резиновую петлю, которую присоединить к наиболее удобной вертикально поверхности, а главное – устойчивой. Это может быть шкаф или тумба. Важно, чтобы такая резиновая петля располагалась на уровне плеч.

В условиях спортзала для упражнения используется канатная рукоять, прикрепляемая к тренажеру. Но дома соорудить подобную систему вряд ли возможно. Выполнять упражнение нужно следующим образом:

  1. Взявшись за прикрепленную резиновую петлю для тренировок двумя руками, нужно их расположить в положении, перпендикулярном полу.
  2. The essence of the exercise is to extend the arms to the level of the hips.
  3. It is important to monitor the tension of the rubber cable, you need to attach it in this way (or move a certain distance) so that the tension is slightly stronger than comfortable.

General Triceps Program

For the usual development of the triceps, giving it relief and weight gain, this program is useful. It will require regular execution:

  1. French bench press.
  2. Press with one hand in a sitting position.
  3. Arm extensions in the slope.

Each of these exercises must be performed 12 times, with three approaches.

Acquisition of power potential

Each muscle structure has a potential for strength, i.e. that power parameter measured at the time of impact. To increase this indicator, you need to perform this program from the exercises:

  1. Press narrow grip.
  2. French press
  3. Bench press.

Each exercise is performed 8 times in the approach, which must be done at least 5.

We swing triceps in the gym

For pumping triceps also there are lots of exercises. We will consider the most used and effective, and executing them, you will not need the secondary ones.

As it has been repeatedly stated in other articles, do not work for one muscle group, for example, if you only swing triceps, then in the end result you will get not beautiful hands.

Qualitatively study all the muscles of the arms, from the hands to the shoulder blades. Follow the technique of execution, excerpts and then success is guaranteed.

As we know from the previous article, the triceps is the triceps muscle of the shoulder. Has a location on the back of the hand, if this muscle is well developed, when you look at it, the horseshoe image immediately pops up. Triceps is responsible for extending the elbow joint.

Narrow barbell bench press

Mission: to pump the upper part of the triceps head, upper chest and front deltas. Also develops strength, volume, increases the density of the triceps.

Number of approaches: 3-4 sets of 8-15 repetitions.

Performance technique

1) Take a horizontal bench and place it under the bar stands, adjust it so that at the moment you lie on it, the neck is strictly above your head, preferably at eye level.

2) Take a seat on the bench, bend a little in the lower back, make sure that the rest of the body, that is, the head, shoulders and back muscles (buttocks) are tightly pressed against the bench.

It also happens that the bar stands may be absent; in such cases, a partner will be needed to feed and receive the bar.

3) Grip take the upper grip. As we perform the triceps exercise, make the distance between the palms smaller than the width of the shoulders. Width adjustment depends on: the types of neck and your ability to hold the barbell with weight.

4) The next step is to push the bar up until the arms are fully extended. The neck should take a position above the neck.

5) We take a deep breath and fix the breath, lower the barbell to the chest to the bottom.

6) As soon as the fingerboard touches the chest, without unnecessary stops, immediately press it up.

7) Having passed the most difficult part of the lift, exhale and press the barbell.

8) At the highest point we make a small pause, at the moment of which, you need to strain your triceps as much as possible.

9) During the execution of the set, pay attention to the elbows, their movement should occur along the sides and not diverge on the sides. Bend your arms in a vertical plane. Do not do the exercise very fast and very slowly, do it at a moderate pace.

Some tips:

1. Exercise for the triceps "press narrow grip" must be done at the initial stage of training these muscles, this will allow the maximum weight.

With a narrow grip press, the largest weight is used than in the other exercises for this muscle group.

2. Control the neck without letting it go away either to the right or to the left. To take it under control, at the initial stage, take the right grip, with equal positioning of the palms from the center of the neck. You can use the EZ-neck - it is easier to control the bar.

3. Do not pause at the bottom point. By pausing, you move the load from the triceps to the pectoral muscles. As soon as the bar touches the chest, immediately start to press it up. It is forbidden to spring the barbell from the chest.

4. Breathing in the moment of lowering the bar, allows you to develop greater effort and is accompanied by a strong fixation of the spine in the correct position.

5. By arching your back, you help yourself to squeeze the barbell with your body, so this is by no means necessary! Firstly, you can damage the spine, and secondly, reduce the load on the swing muscles.

6. Do not take too narrow a grip - it will force you to part your elbows to the sides, which is not very good. The triceps load is reduced and there is a chance of losing control of the barbell.

Remember: the more you work with a large neck, the wider you need to take hold to control the balance of the barbell. It is recommended to use a short neck.

7. When you sit on the bench, pay attention to the neck is above eye level, and in the initial position - strictly above the neck. In the lower position, the bar should be located at the lower point of the chest.

French bench press EZ-bar sitting

Mission: to pump the rear long head of the triceps, especially its lower part. Also details the long head of the triceps.

Number of approaches: 3-4 sets of 8-15 repetitions

Performance technique

1) Set the back of our bench in a vertical position, sit on the seat and do a good emphasis feet to the floor. You can perform just sitting, without a back.

2) Keep your back straight and bend a little in the loin.

3) Take a narrow grip on top of our EZ-bar, for the curved parts of the neck, that is, your palms should look at each other, and make the grip between your palms less than the width of your shoulders.

4) Push the barbell up so that the neck is above your crown. The body and arms should be straight and in an upright position.

Raise your chin up or place it parallel to the floor. Using all the points, you get to the correct starting position.

5) From the initial position, we take a deep breath and fix our breath, by bending the elbows, lower the neck by the head.

6) During the run we follow the upper arm honor (from the elbow to the shoulder) they should be fixed.

7) The bar should be lowered behind the head until the triceps are fully stretched, do not stop at the end point, but stretch the triceps as far as possible and pull the bar up to its original position.

8) Exhale should be only after a full extension of the arms or after the passage of the most difficult part.

9) At the highest point we make a short pause and maximize the strength of the triceps.

Some tips:

1. Do not round the back, for this you need to strain the muscles of the waist and keep the spine in S - shape.

2. Elbows, body, shoulders and legs should remain motionless until the end of the exercise. The only thing that moves is the elbow joint.

3. For maximum contraction of the long triceps head and ulna, at the highest point, extend the elbow joint as much as possible.

4. EZ-neck is more practical than a straight, it reduces the load on the wrist due to the turned palms to each other.

5. Do not use very heavy barbell, it leads to a rounding of the back, which is fraught with injury.

6. Do not do this exercise if you do not have enough flexible shoulder joints.

7. During the exercise, do not move your elbows forward; there is a chance of losing balance.

8. If this exercise seems difficult for you, you can try to perform it standing up. This will allow you to use additional muscles, which will make it easier to hold the bar above your head.

French bench press sitting

Mission: to pump the long back head of the triceps, also visually allows you to separate the triceps from the biceps.

Number of approaches: 3-4 sets of 8-15 repetitions.

Performance technique

1) Find the desired simulator, set the desired handle (straight or bent).

2) We sit down on the bench, our back is directed to the block, with our feet we rest on the floor. The next step is to straighten the arms and fold them in the elbow joint behind the head, ask your partner to file a handle.

Handle grab a narrow grip, that is, palms facing the ceiling, and the distance between them is less than the width of the shoulders.

3) Bend a little in the lower back and lock the torso in a vertical position.

Arms bent behind your head, elbows are slightly apart on the sides and directed upwards, your eyes are fixed forward - this will be your starting position.

4) We take a deep breath and fix the breath. Extend your arms and press the neck up, keep your elbows stationary.

5) In the highest position, the arms should be fully straightened, and the handle should be above the eyebrows.

6) The next step is to exhale and fix the arms in a straight position. Inhale and gently lower the handle behind the head. At the lowest point do not make a stop, immediately continue with the exercise.

Some tips:

1. Keep track of the position of the torso and back. The torso should be straightened, and the loin should be slightly arched, the muscles of the loin should not be relaxed until the end of the exercise.

As soon as these muscles relax, the back will be rounded immediately and the corpus feed forward, this can end in tears - it causes compression of the intervertebral discs, which leads to injury.

2. At the top point, fully straighten your arms - this will allow you to use the swing muscles as much as possible, in principle, this is what we need.

3. Ensure that the upper part of the arms (from the shoulder to the elbow) maximally assumes a vertical state and remains in a fixed position, without making various movements.

Feeding your elbows forward, you lighten the load on your triceps, so you should not do this.

4. Direct your gaze straight, keep your chin straight. If you lower your head, spinal rounding will occur - it can be dangerous to health.

5. The main role in this exercise is played not by the maximum weight, but by the technique of execution and the correct form of movement.

6. The French bench is performed both standing and sitting, but standing is much easier due to the inclusion of additional muscles.

Press to the bottom in the block simulator

Mission: to pump the lateral (lateral) and long heads of the triceps. Perfectly serves to highlight the lateral part of these muscles.

Number of approaches: 3-4 sets of 8-15 repetitions.

Performance technique

1) We cling the rope handle to the cable that passes through the upper block. Shift from the simulator and take the handle, neutral grip, that is, your palms are directed at each other. Leg position: split or parallel.

2) The body can be tilted slightly forward, 10-15 degrees, our elbows are also positioned slightly in front. In this position, the cable should be stretched, and the hands should be placed at shoulder level.

3) We take a deep breath and fix the breath, arms unbend down, while the elbows are trying to keep as close as possible to the sides.

4) We also do not move our elbows, do not move the body forward and do not squat. All parts of the body, except the elbow joint, must remain stationary.

An important point! When you stretch your arms, as you will see that the little fingers are below the elbows, slowly turn the hands and move the arms to the sides so that after the arms are fully extended, the palms are looking at the hips.

5) At the moment when your arms are fully extended, we exhale and fix this position for a few seconds. Then proceed to the next repetition.

Some tips:

1. For a good stretch of the long head of the triceps, tilt the body forward and extend the elbows in front of the body.

2. At the time of doing the triceps exercise, do not loosen the grip; do not bend your hands in the wrists.

3. We also pull the forearm and hand in one line.

4. At the time of the turn of the hand, when the palms are directed to the thighs, the contraction of the triceps intensifies.

5. Do not push the body forward and do not move your elbows back; this facilitates the work of the triceps by connecting other muscles.

Press to the bottom with one hand opposite grip

Mission: pumping the lateral and medial head of the triceps. Also entails drawing detail and banding triceps.

Number of approaches: 2-3 sets of 8-15 repetitions.

Performance technique

1) Located sideways to the simulator, the right hand should be in the same vertical plane with the upper unit.

2) Install the D-shaped handle on the cable and grab it from the bottom, that is, your palm is pointing up. Take a step back with your left foot, to ensure that the arm is extended in front of the body.

3) Accept the starting position: straighten your shoulders, arrange a small deflection in the lower back, and straighten your back itself.

The hand, which you will do the exercises, should be bent and placed as close as possible to the right side, the forearms should be stretched in line with the cable and facing the upper unit. Tension the cable before lifting loads from the stops. This position is the starting point.

4) We take a breath and fix the breath, muscles pull the handle to the lower position, straightening the arm in the elbow in front of the cable.

5) Extend your arm completely, then exhale and strain the muscles of the triceps as much as possible, stay in this position for a few seconds.

6) Then there is a smooth bending of the arms in front of the body itself, the handle should reach the level of the chest, the load should not touch the stops.

7) After completing the required number of times on one hand, turn the other side to the simulator and do the same amount on the other. The execution speed is moderate.

Some tips:

1. From the beginning to the end of the exercise, do not try to relax the abs and lower back muscles, also try to keep the spine in a state of bending, and the torso in an upright position.

2. Do not bend the wrist to the end of the exercise, but keep everything in one line: the hand and the forearm.

3. The elbow of the arm that performs the exercise should be kept as close as possible to the side of the body. If you ward off the elbow, the load is shifted to another group of muscles.

4. Also, this exercise can be performed with two hands.

Arm extension with a dumbbell from behind the head

Mission: to pump the top and middle of all three heads, to draw the top of the triceps.

Number of approaches: 3-4 sets of 8-15 repetitions.

Performance technique

1) We settle down on the bench, firmly rest our feet on the floor. Then we take the dumbbell in the right hand, you can in the left, without a difference, straighten your back.

2) Then raise the dumbbell up to the vertical position. Bend the elbow joint and thereby start the dumbbell behind the head. The grip should be neutral, that is, the palm is pointing forward, the little finger is in the upper position.

3) Starting position: the elbow of the arm to be used for the exercise should be directed upwards, the position of the torso is vertical, the loin is slightly bent, the chin is parallel to the floor.

4) Take the starting position? Now take a deep breath and fix your breath, lift the dumbbell with your triceps muscles. Do not forget that the movement should be carried out only in the elbow joint, the other parts of the body are fixed.

5) As soon as the dumbbell reaches the top point and the arm assumes a vertical position, linger for 1-2 seconds and, exhaling, tighten the triceps as much as possible.

6) At the final stage, bend the arm, while the triceps do not relax, smoothly return the dumbbell to its original position. A small pause and the execution of the next repetition.

7) Having made the right amount for one hand, transfer the dumbbell to the other and perform the same number of repetitions.

Some tips:

1. Keep your back straight, do not twist it. This provokes you to tilt the torso forward, which causes a strong pressure on the spinal discs and shoulder joint. Until the end of the set, follow the technique of execution.

2. Hold the upper part of the arm, and this gap from the shoulder to the elbow, in a vertical position, do not move it, otherwise the effectiveness of this exercise will not be so significant, and the displacement causes a greater load on the elbow, which is not good.

3. Do not straighten the arm until the elbow joints are blocked.

4. It is possible to perform both sitting and standing (it will facilitate keeping the torso in an upright position).

Arm extension with a dumbbell in the slope

Mission: allows you to express the relief of the triceps, to pump all three heads, mostly the lower part.

Number of approaches: 2-3 sets of 8-15 repetitions.

Performance technique

1) We find a bench, we become sideways to it and rest against it with our left palm and the same knee. We place the right leg a little back, this is necessary in order for the body to assume a horizontal position.

The arm, the one that is the supporting one, is perpendicular to the bench and must be in a straightened state. You can also use your knee to not make an emphasis, but simply to spread your legs apart, but you need to make sure that the back is bent in the lower back and the body is parallel to the floor.

2) We grab a dumbbell, the grip is neutral, that is, your palms are pointing towards the body, tighten your muscles, bend your arm, raise your elbow just above your back, you can at the level of your back.

In this position, in the elbow joint there should be a right angle, your forearms are strictly perpendicular to the floor, and the dumbbell hangs freely.

3) We take a deep breath and fix our breath, strain the muscles of the triceps and strive to straighten the arm, while keeping the top of the working hand in a stationary state.

4) At the highest point, the arm should be straightened and be in line with the body or slightly higher.

5) Также в верхней точке происходит выдох и напряжение трицепса до максимума. Удерживая верхнюю часть руки в неподвижном состоянии, плавно опускайте гантель в исходное положение.

6) Упражнение выполняйте без различных рывков и толчков. Сделав нужное количество повторений вправо, переходите на другую руку.

Несколько советов:

1. Take the correct position of the body, if your shoulders are located higher than the hips, then the amplitude is reduced - this will not allow you to load the muscles of the triceps.

2. The correct technique of execution, pulls the efficiency. Do not forget to fix the breath to hold the body.

3. Do not use too heavy dumbbells.

4. Do not unfold the body, lifting the shoulder up - it curls the spine and removes the load from the triceps.

Simple training triceps at home

They usually start with a light warm-up in order to prepare the body for further loads. We spend on it from 5 to 10 minutes.

Next is the easiest exercise. It looks like this.

  • We make the flexion and extension of the arms in the support lying down. But we should take into account one peculiarity: we place our hands as close as possible to each other in order to make a triangle. fix the position so that the triceps works in the maximum way In addition, we derive the body slightly forward.
  • The following exercise will be called reverse push up from the bench. We will need a bench or any other piece of furniture that is similar to it.For example, a chair and a bed. It is desirable that they were the same level. Hands need to lean on the back of the bed, and his feet put on the chair. Hands set approximately shoulder-width apart. We begin to bend and unbend them in the elbows. The body must be kept straight. At the extreme points, the position must be fixed.

In other variations, you can find this exercise without lifting your legs on a chair. It is easiest to push-ups if you bend your knees at the same time. This is the level that even a beginner will master. Try to squat as deeply as possible.

A more difficult position - with legs extended. And if you raise them to an elevation, it will be the most time-consuming option.

If for you this exercise will seem very easy, then without any problems you can put any burden on your legs, even a suitcase with nails.

  • Do not go far from our units and we will do exercises called push-ups of Hannibal. Ideally, it is performed on the Swedish wall, but you can get by with more simple improvised means. Lean against the back of the bed, set them as narrow as possible. Keep the body level and try to lower as low as possible. Then we return to the starting position on the outstretched arms. When performing any exercise, we try to maximally bend and extend the arm at the elbow. Do you feel how your triceps work?
  • You can do push-ups on one arm. That is, it is quite a standard body setting, only one hand is removed behind our back or pressed to our side. Feet can be put on some kind of platform or stand to complicate the task.
  • There is another option pushups - on the edge of a fist. It will be the hardest to do if you put your hands in the lock.
  • After we have worked with your weight, it is desirable to find items that you will use as a burden. Ideally, it should be a collapsible dumbbell weighing about 20 kg. If you do not have dumbbells, then you can do with a 16 kg weight. or weights from behind the head. We take our power unit and with slightly bent arms we hold it behind the head. And we begin to bend and unbend hands. If the weight of your load seems insignificant to you, increase the number of repetitions. You can work with each hand individually.

Pumping triceps on the bar or on the uneven bars

In my opinion, this is a job for more physically prepared people.

Let's start with the simplest. We are approaching the plank, we take it high enough and try to give the body a straight line in a slight slope. We start push-ups. This will give us the opportunity to warm up the ligaments.

On the next approach, we take a little lower. The closer we get to the ground, the more difficult this complex will be. Respectively increases the load and efficiency.

Pull-ups on one arm. The highlight of this exercise is that pulling up we do in any style you like: at least with a jerk, at least very slowly. The main thing is to descend very smoothly, making the most of the full force of this muscle.

Next is the oppositepush-up on the crossbar. We become to her back, and then, clutching his palms, bend and unbend his arms at the elbows.

The crossbar should be at the level of your shoulders, and the body, if properly executed, is detached from the ground. In fact, you are swinging in the air, bending and unbending your arms. This exercise is important to perform quite sharply.

Now do directpush-up on the crossbar. This is a very difficult exercise, because you will not only have to keep your body in balance at an angle, but also to bend and unbend your elbows.

If in your arsenal there is a ladder of the type of the Swedish wall, then you can bend down lower and make push-ups. Elbows should be as close as possible to the body.

The most effective classes will be when working with parallel bars. In this case, well proven push-ups on uneven bars. Try to press your elbows as close as possible to your body. It can be complicated by trying to keep the body parallel to the ground.

Of course, there is no point in doing everything here. Choose 3 or 4 exercises from this complex and work with them during one workout. In general, if you systematically do at least some of these exercises, you will quickly turn your triceps into beautiful muscles.