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Women's fashion shorts 2013 05/18/2013


One of the most convenient and versatile things for warm days are fashionable shorts. This is an important part of women's wardrobe, in which you feel comfortable and with which any top is combined.

Fashionable women's shorts can be worn with T-shirts, blouses, sweaters or jackets. Modern designers increasingly began to use fashionable women's shorts in business suits, elegantly combining them with shirts and classic jackets.

Fashionable shorts have gained popularity among women as an indispensable thing in the summer wardrobe. Therefore, in today's article, let's learn about the fashion trends of women's shorts for the summer of 2018-2019.

In the new season there are a number of especially fashionable and stylish summer shorts, the photos of which you will see in the gallery below. In the meantime, we will get acquainted with the main trends in the fashion for women's shorts summer 2018-2019 and select the most fashionable models and novelties of summer shorts.

The fashion trends of summer shorts for women allow fashionistas to not be limited to one model and get at least three stylish shorts this summer.

If you work in an office, choose classic monochrome shorts or checkered models, and a pair of bright summer shorts for a casual look.

The hit of the summer season will be bright shorts coral, yellow and purple hues. The trend will be striped and floral shorts 2018-2019 different styles. We should also highlight the white shorts, the relevance of which will be on the Olympus summer fashion.

In the new season, many designers have abandoned the bright decor, using it to a minimum. Therefore, heavily decorated and decorated shorts are rarely found in summer collections.

The length of fashionable summer shorts 2018-2019 depends on the style and can be very diverse. Ultrashort models are typical for denim ripped and frayed shorts, as well as slim fit sports options.

Elongated versions of summer shorts are more common in the classic version and, as a rule, are complemented by a belt or a strap.

Summer shorts and various cut are in fashion. Both loose and fitted and wide models of shorts are presented in various styles. In more detail we present them further ...

Trend denim summer shorts

If your favorite jeans are worn out it's time to make them fashionable summer shorts 2018-2019. Moreover, the most trendy denim shorts for summer are torn and frayed.

Simply cut off the jeans, leaving the edges untreated and frayed. The length of the shorts can choose any - from supermini to the length of the knee. A bright new summer denim shorts are models with a gradient color from light to dark, colored and bleached shorts.

Trendy summer shorts with high rise

Despite the popularity of classic shorts, summer shorts with high waists try not to leave their positions from last season, while maintaining a short length.

Similar models of women's summer shorts 2018-2019 boldly go from the covers of glossy magazines to the street. Summer shorts with high landing perfectly emphasize long slender legs and highlight the waist.

Beautiful summer shorts with lace

Lace looks very delicate and coquettish as a decor for summer shorts. The edges of the shorts can be trimmed with lace. The trend is also a model of summer shorts 2018-2019 fully covered with lace.

White lace shorts with which summer looks are subtle and airy are especially appreciated by women of fashion. In most variants, similar summer shorts are represented by short models.

Stylish leather summer shorts

Leather shorts will be fashionable and bold in the summer of 2018-2019. If you are a self-confident woman, ready to conquer and be the center of attention, choose for yourself summer shorts from thin skin.

In addition to the classic black color, leather shorts for the summer can be made of colored leather. The actual models will be shorts beige, pink, green and blue shades.

Trendy Summer Skirt Shorts

Summer shorts, externally resembling a mini skirt, are not yet going to leave the fashion trends of the beach season. Very comfortable and practical fashionable summer skirt-shorts look very original, giving the image more femininity and mystery.

With these shorts you can create unsurpassed sets, both for the work week and for everyday life. Models of short skirts can be “hidden” only in front or completely hide the shorts under the skirt.

Gorgeous summer shorts overalls

An excellent summer version of clothing will be shorts-overalls 2018-2019, presented by designers in the original and beautiful models. It can be summer overalls with shorts of bright flower colors or abstract patterns. Trend strip and not necessarily black and white.

Fashionable shorts-overalls are presented with models with long sleeves, with the lowered shoulders, on shoulder straps, with frills and flounces. There are both fitted and loose styles overalls with shorts, which allows you to choose a model to your liking.

Loose fit summer bermuda shorts

The flaws of the figure will help to hide fashionable wide summer bermuda shorts. Such a model of summer shorts 2018-2019 perfectly sit on any figure, so it is in great demand among many women.

Loose bermuda shorts can go into a business style, creating beautiful tandems with shirts and a top on thin straps. These summer shorts can be of medium length and elongated.

Summer safari and military shorts

Safaris - fashion trend of summer shorts for women 2018-2019, associated with retro 70s. Short mid-rise shorts with a belt and backing looks very stylish. Characteristic of these shorts will be milky shades, khaki, mustard and brown colors.

Fashionable military-style summer shorts are distinguished by the presence of many patch pockets with rivets. Such models are more suitable for street everyday style. Most summer military shorts will be characterized by camouflage colors.

Several skirts of different styles, colors and lengths should be present in the summer wardrobe of any girl.

The same rule should be followed when choosing shorts. Some believe that this item of clothing is only suitable for shopping or on the beach. But fashionable and comfortable shorts are suitable for carefree fashionista-students, and for the business woman. Well-known designers hold the same opinion.

Optimal length
Summer is a great time to show all your beautiful and slim legs. Fashion designers decided to fulfill the desire of fashionistas and created magnificent collections of shorts of different lengths, which are suitable for all occasions. In this summer season, designers did not have to argue for a long time. Almost unanimously, they came to the conclusion that the most popular will be straight shorts of free fit to the knee. Also, fashionable models are characterized by a small amount of hips and thighs.

The presented length harmoniously looks both in casual style of clothes, and in business. This summer season, fashion brands have also pleased all lovers of short and tight shorts, presenting super short models with a high waist. The happy owners of these mini-shorts will look sexy and seductive. In this dress, you can go to a club, cafe or evening walk through the city. In principle, it doesn’t matter where you go - the attention of men is assured.

Fashionable style
High-waisted shorts this season are at the peak of their popularity. This model visually lengthens the legs of the girl and makes the figure proportionate. “High” shorts are perfectly combined with blouses of various styles. Mandatory attribute are pockets. Such a variation is considered very comfortable and stylish. Of course, you can not do without accessories. Shorts with a belt or belt will be especially popular this summer. And those who prefer exclusively business clothes should take note of the fact that the strict style in the new season is represented by both short and elongated models, ideally combined with a blazer or jacket.

Color palette
A few words need to be said about fashionable color scheme. This summer black and white colors, gray, yellow, brown and red, as well as all pastel shades are relevant.

Summer shorts styles: short and bermudas

Designers in the upcoming season offer fashionistas many different ideas and solutions. The styles of summer shorts are so diverse that every girl can easily choose a suitable model for herself.

Shorts mini is the most popular model among famous designers, open shorts expose taut buttocks, attracting the attention of the opposite sex to the girl. However, this version of this fashionable women's clothing is more suitable for young fashionable women, older women in such vestments will look vulgar and ridiculous.

These bold summer short shorts are perfect for the beach. You can see shortened models in fashion collections Dennis Basso, Diane von Furstenberg, Greg Lauren, Rebecca Minkoff, Versace, Vanessa Seward, Carven, Chloe, Bottega Veneta, Badgley Mishka, Anya Hindmarch, Barbara Bui.

Bermuda - Another popular style of women's clothing. This is a free model that is great for office work. They are chosen mainly by women and girls, whose wardrobe is not designed in strict classics, but requires formality.

High waisted shorts are another trend this season. High waist can be in a variety of models - short, long, fitted or free cut.

High fit shorts make the figure more slender and taut, and the waist will visually appear thinner.

Bermuda is widely represented in the collections of fashion houses such as Barbara Bui, Antonio Marras, Tamara Mellon, Maison Margiela, Alexander Lewis, Elie Tahari, Jonathan Simkhai, Chalayan.

Given the fact that Bermudas belong to the classic models, they are made mainly in restrained colors - black, white, gray, khaki.

Summer classic shorts and pants

Many fashion designers are now increasingly using shorts as the main component when creating business women's suits.

Summer classic shorts look elegant and stylish, especially complete with a light blouse and shoes or heeled sandals.

Baggy knee-length shorts appeared in fashion back in the 90s, now this model is also relevant. This piece of clothing resembles a torn boyish shorts, for summer it is a great option, because they will not be hot, and the feminine look will become naive and childlike. You can see the models of these summer women's shorts in the photo below:

Despite the women's love for short shorts, which give them seductiveness, the elongated models occupy leading positions in this season. What is interesting and very convenient, the designers did not stop at any particular length.

Thanks to this, fashionable women can wear knee-high shorts, above or slightly below, always staying in a trend. In the fashion collections of world-famous couturiers, you can see another trendy style - these are summer shorts-pants, the length of which reaches the ankle.

In addition to classic colors, purple, purple, green, red, yellow will be fashionable for women's shorts. Bright colors are recommended to be combined with clothes of calm tones.

Leather shorts: models for spring-summer 2018

The shorts in the spring of 2018 delight fashionistas with an abundance of materials and all sorts of colors. This enables each girl to create their own style and not to merge with the crowd. Perhaps the most popular material used when sewing spring models is thin leather. At the same time, stylists recommend fashionistas to give preference to bright colors, however, models in monochromatic colors also look beautiful.

The most fashionable colors of leather shorts are black, gray and dark brown.

Brave girls can wear leather shorts in blue, light green or red.

Designers use not only natural materials, but also create great models of this women's clothing made of high quality artificial leather.

In the spring of this year the most popular will be short shorts with a free cut.

Among the fashionable shorts of spring-summer 2018 is to highlight leather models with elastic. They are very comfortable and comfortable to wear, however, they are suitable only for owners of the perfect aspen waist. If nature has not rewarded a graceful figure, designers recommend wearing such a style with an elongated top, otherwise the waist will visually appear even wider.

Many designers decorate their models of this fashionable spring clothes with various decorative elements - zippers, buttons, and a belt with a metal buckle.

Also relevant are leather shorts with knitted inserts.

Women's summer denim shorts

According to many fashion designers, women's denim summer shorts will become the most fashionable clothes this summer.

Classic models are in vogue - straight cut jeans shorts with a fringe or lapel. Often, designers create deliberate rubbing or other damage to the fabric, which gives the product a special charm and style.

Choosing denim shorts, fashionable women should know the actual colors of denim this season. It is gray, bright blue and white.

In fashion collections, denim shorts are presented in a variety of styles - classic knee-length cut models, boyfriends, mini-variants, products with patch pockets.

Special attention of fashionistas is attracted by cropped denim shorts, at the sight of which one gets the impression that they used to be pants. These are the most fashionable shorts of summer of 2018, however, they are suitable only for walking or relaxing on the beach. As a rule, the edges of the cuts in such clothes remain unprocessed. Fans of such styles are Faith Connexion, Each Other, Tommy Hilfiger, Frame Denim, Norma Kamali, Pam and Gela, Ashish, Haider Ackermann, Chloe, Giamba.

Light summer shorts: knitted, satin and lace

Knitted summer shorts - the choice of extravagant personalities who want to have their own style of dress.

Many stylists predict that knitted openwork shorts will be the most fashionable part of the summer wardrobe.

Silk and satin models are great for summer parties and celebrations. Stylists recommend choosing satin products of medium and short length.

Lace shorts are another fashionable version of this women's summer dress. These can be models, completely made of guipure or openwork, or variants with lace inserts or ruffles. Lace is also used by designers when sewing knitted, denim or cotton shorts.

Summer women's shorts, topical in spring-summer 2018, sewn from light natural fabrics, mainly used flax and cotton. In such things a woman will feel comfortable even on the hottest summer day. Equally stylish of these fabrics will look summer light shorts classic styles and models designed to relax.

What to wear with shorts in spring and summer: photos of summer white shorts with a tank top, blouse and top

In the cool spring days, stylists under leather shorts recommend wearing tight panty hoses, matched to the tone of this piece of clothing. They harmoniously look with a long cardigan and high boots, stockings.

If there are summer white shorts in your wardrobe, it will be quite easy to find clothes for them. A good choice would be a bright blouse, T-shirt or long sleeve.

Dark shorts, on the contrary, are worn with a light top. On hot days, summer shorts and a t-shirt will be the best outfit; sandals on low speed or wedges will help to complement the look.

Khaki shorts are perfect for a business summer look, a classic light-colored jacket and high-heeled shoes will help to complement it. For a walk under the khaki shorts, you can wear a bright T-shirt, T-shirt or top. A shirt in a cage also goes well with them, such an outfit will appeal to admirers of casual style.

Denim shorts can be worn with a t-shirt or with a fitted jacket in dark shades.

Extended models look great with a vest. You can see other options with what to wear shorts in the spring of 2018 in the photo a little lower:

Shorts - a sure trend in summer fashion 2013

It so happened that in the summer, girls, in addition to dresses, sundresses and skirts, are comfortable wearing shorts, and summer 2013 is unlikely to be the exception to this. After all, women's shorts have proven themselves not only as the most comfortable clothes for the hot season, not constraining movements, but also as an element of the wardrobe, giving every girl charm and sexuality. If you approach the choice of summer shorts responsibly, then in the purchased model you will look charming. Summer shorts 2013 - a lot of new collections, styles, textures. This is a huge area for choosing a model of shorts that fit your body exactly.

Shorts for the summer of 2013 - this is a great solution for all sorts of life situations. Among the many models there are those that will look great and organic with an office jacket and perfectly fit into the business style of clothing. There are more democratic types - they will be perfect on the beach, nature walks and other everyday situations. There are models in casual style - they are great for wearing them daily. There are also shorts that can be put on for a party or a holiday.

What can be summer shorts 2013?

There are many situations, and summer is a time of beautiful clothes and lightness. Модные летние шорты 2013 – это то, что должно быть в этом году в гардеробе каждой девушки. Множество вариантов кроя, длины шорт, их декора, ткани и фактуры – каждая найдет то, что непременно украсит фигуру и подчеркнет все ее достоинства этим летом. Среди моделей можно найти:

  • короткие пляжные шорты,
  • джинсовые шорты,
  • хлопковые шорты разных расцветок,
  • шорты-бермуды,
  • long shorts
  • shorts diverging to the bottom
  • skirts, shorts (combine the grace and femininity of the skirt, and the convenience of shorts).

Summer shorts for women - the perfect choice for the coming summer. Therefore, if you have not yet updated your summer wardrobe - go shopping, choose your best and favorite summer 2013 shorts!

Features and benefits

Plus short in the fact that they are comfortable, light, with the help of them you can create the most daring images. Shorts can perfectly emphasize beautiful legs, slim figure, thanks to them you will not go unnoticed in the summer days.

Fashionable styles and models

Designers present multiple styles of shorts for the upcoming season. Plus, the models are so diverse that girls with any type of figure can pick them up. Mini shorts are a classic option, very often they can be found in denim. These are short, tight-fitting models that clearly show a slim figure and beautiful legs.

Designers decorate such shorts with rivets, rhinestones, but they also look stylish without additional decor. Mini shorts are great for summer, for the beach.

Also an excellent model of elongated shorts for summer - Bermuda. As a rule, bermudas are free-cut, length just above the knee or strictly up to the knee. These shorts are great for the office. Designers offer high-waisted bermudas, this is now a trend, it makes the figure more slender. Although, high waist can be absolutely any style of shorts.

Also, one of the fashion trends of the upcoming season will be short and elongated shorts, resembling the detail of a female business suit. In particular, well-known designers offer shorts-pants in the coming season. The length of this model to the ankle.

Models for full

If you are the owner of magnificent forms, it does not mean that you should not wear shorts in the summer. You can choose models of free cut, such as Bermuda. Moreover, monochrome models are better, without additional drawings and decorative elements, as they will create additional volume. The top is to choose the same free cut, for example, you can wear a semi-fitted shirt on the free top without buttoning. So you balance your figure. You can wear a belt over the shirt, but not tightly buttoning, but so that it hangs loosely at the hips.

Pay attention also to the model with high waist, it will help to visually hide unwanted volumes.

The styles and length of women's summer shorts can be different: mini, medium (up to the knees), elongated (below the knees) and maxi (up to the ankle).

  • mini-shorts look beautiful on young and slim girls, emphasize the figure and show beautiful legs,
  • the average length of the shorts is suitable for any type of figure, while ladies with forms are better to choose a little spacious options, such styles can be worn not only for walks, but also in the office,
  • elongated cuffed shorts are suitable for tall women with slim legs, as women of small stature will appear more squat,
  • The maxi length of the shorts is suitable for any ladies and any age, this season has come into fashion, as a rule, these are not fitting models.

In the upcoming season, designers are focusing on black, white and gray colors. We can say that these are classic colors, which can only be pleasantly pleasing, since such colors can be easily combined with any colors of the wardrobe.

But if you still want to stand out and love bright colors, you should pay attention to rich green and orange. In addition to the primary colors, different patterns are in fashion: these are colorful stripes, floral motifs, geometric patterns.

Materials for summer shorts is better to choose from natural materials, so that it was not hot, the skin could breathe. For example, these are denim materials, linen, leather. You can also find shorts made of silk, satin and viscose, but these are not the most successful fabrics for summer, as they are too hot.

denim shorts - high-quality models will provide you with comfort and convenience not only in the hottest weather, but also in the cool, thanks to the fact that cotton is part of the material, allowing the skin to breathe and allow air to flow well,

Leather shorts are classic. But for them you need to choose the right clothes, as these shorts look binding. A good combination of a white blouse or top for them, top it is better to add a white or black jacket or leather leather jacket. In leather shorts you will make an indelible impression on men.

Flax shorts are a great choice for hot summers; natural material has a beneficial effect on the skin. The disadvantage is that models of flax very quickly and crumpled.

How to choose

Choosing summer women's shorts, proceed primarily from your type of figure. For example, shorts with small vertical stripes will visually make your figure more elegant. At the same time, if you are not tall, it is better to choose monochrome models, since the vertical stripes will make you more squat. And if you want to choose tight shorts for the summer, then you should have the perfect figure. Otherwise, you'll look ridiculous, as tight-fitting models will flaunt all your flaws. Also, when choosing pay attention to the material of the product. It is better to give preference to natural, breathable materials.

What to wear

Denim mini shorts look great with a variety of T-shirts, tops, T-shirts, and if you wear a plaid or denim shirt on top, roll up your sleeves and tie a knot at the waist, then your look will be super youthful and modern.

In summer, choose comfortable shoes, such as sandals, shale is the best way to go to the beach, and if you want to walk around the city, choose sandals on a flat turn, wedge or ballet flats.

When the weather is cooler, you can look stylish, wearing dark-colored pantyhose under mini-shorts, a T-shirt you can wear a cardigan that comes to the level of shorts or leather leather jacket, shoes can choose coarse low shoes or massive shoes.

Perfectly complement the youth style accessories: large bracelets, necklaces, belts and belts, both narrow and thin, and massive. Well complements the summer image of a hat, including a straw. Accessories choose bright, so they set off the color of your skin and color of clothes.

Fancy Fabric

We are used to the fact that shorts should be denim, but the designers decided to eradicate this stereotype from people. In 2013-2014, fashionable shorts will be sewn from seemingly inappropriate fabrics for this garment: silk, lace, guipure and chiffon.

Remember your favorite shorts from night pajamas, now you don’t need to show them only to your young man. Feel free to wear them and forward to the street. This is a trend. Yes, a bit strange and even dangerous, but fashionable. You can’t argue with that, and it’s never too late to make changes in your life. Lacy summer shorts will turn even the most courageous rebel into a gentle and quivering creature. So do not be afraid to experiment.

Silk looks more modest than lace, but they are suitable for a smaller number of women, because they can immediately give out all the flaws of the figure. But summer silk shorts will be a real salvation in the heat. Only it is necessary that silk shorts must be bright, perhaps the presence of motives of the east on them.

In the past five years, leather clothing has not been very fashionable, but this year everything has changed. Leather summer shorts are proof of that. Of course, they are associated with force, aggression, rebellion and risk. But now you can find more delicate options for leather shorts.

For example, they may be white and with lace. Different textures in shorts make them look fashionable. You can also draw on leather shorts with stripes on the sides.


Summer is not the most suitable season for modesty. Therefore, if you have long and toned legs (without cellulite, of course) you should buy fashionable and very short shorts. Someone says that people have underwear and something more closed than these shorts.

Yes, they make a woman more outspoken and sexy, but at the same time no one dares to say that gorgeous legs and cool ass in such shorts look bad. Moreover, everyone has the right to set their own freedom and courage. Having added them with a free T-shirt and sneakers, you will get not a vulgar, but a stylish look. Moreover, why not demonstrate to everyone your work in the gym.

Skirt - shorts

This style of summer shorts has not been as popular as it is now. What could be more romantic and sexier. True, only slender ladies can wear them, as this model of summer shorts creates additional volume. Such shorts will be ideal for work and business meetings in the scorching heat. Pay attention to the skirt-shorts with large pockets and large embroidery.

Despite the fact that summer is associated with everything bright, shorts will be fashionable more restrained. It is desirable that the summer shorts were solid. Even if you choose a green model, there should be no other color inserts on it.

Designers opted for summer shorts in white, cream, gray and black. This gives women more options with a combination of summer wardrobe elements.

Remember not a tricky rule: the more perfect a woman's figure, the more well her shorts sit on her. So it makes sense to enroll in the gym or pool today. Looking at the photo of beautiful girls in shorts, you will be convinced of this completely.

For full

For full figures, stylists recommend choosing shorts-skirts and bermudas. Classic shorts and silk models with knee-length length will look good. Also a good option for the full - shorts with a high waist. In this case, the length should be up to the knees and below. This model will hide the fullness of the legs, and the waist will look slimmer.

For pregnant

These girls should give preference to free models. You can look at the bermudas or capri. A good option shorts jumpsuit with low waist. Fashionistas will find themselves the desired model among the denim styles. Shorts should be medium length free cut. The preference is best to give the fabric stretch or knitwear.

Trendy style this season are summer shorts with ankle-length. It is worth noting that the elongated shorts this year have taken the lead. The actual length is the length to the knees and below. Therefore, such a model as Bermuda, is reflected in many designer collections. These shorts combine several characteristics at once: classic, practical and versatile.

Of the long models, capri pants, culottes and nicers shorts remain at the peak of fashion.

Short models also amaze the imagination with its length. Designers offered a shortened version, in which the buttocks were barely covered. Still, the majority remained faithful to the classical length - to the middle of the thigh and slightly lower.

Fashion trends

This season, designers have proposed shorts made of unusual materials, such as plastic and cellophane. It looked boldly, but as far as the idea for clothing manufacturers survives, time will tell.

At one time such interest was caused by short pants with high waist, which for several years did not leave the world podiums. This season, this model was presented in most collections of leading fashion houses. As for the colors, there is a wide variety of unusual patterns in shorts. You can see floral, geometric and animal prints. Such colors as khaki, violet, bluish-green, blue, pink, gray, yellow, white stand out from monochromatic.

The most popular material for shorts is denim. In this embodiment, you can find classic denim models, and trendy, which include shorts with length to the ankle.

Another fashionable material is leather. Shorts can be in different lengths. Usually they are chosen by liberated women of fashion, as they look very bold. Designers, in addition to the classic black shorts, have proposed models of bright colors. Among them stood out crimson, green and blue leather shorts.

According to the stylists' forecasts, lace shorts and knitted openwork shorts can be the desired clothing in the wardrobe of fashionistas. They can be made of guipure fabric or lace, as well as used as inserts. Laces are often combined with knit shorts, cotton, or jeans.