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Top 10 movies about robots, a list of the best


  • Transformers (all parts) Transformers
  • USA
  • Fantasy Action
  • 143 min. 2007-2017

Already removed 4 parts of "Transformers." In 2017 will be released 5 part called - "The Last Knight." In the plot of the film, the cold war between two races of alien robots ended in the complete destruction of their home planet. In order to have power over their enemies, each side wants to seize the key of the Higher Power, which by chance was in the hands of an earthling Sam Wick. While Sam is thinking about studying, his attractive girlfriend, Michael, cars and college, violent Decepticons and courageous Autobot invade his life, changing the future of a simple teenager once and for all.

  • I, Robot I, Robot
  • USA Germany
  • Science Fiction Thriller
  • 115 min. 2004

When humanity does not stand still, and the future comes already now, there will always be someone who does not want to put up with the progress that is rapidly running forward. While robots and people coexist side by side on the streets of a vibrant metropolis, policeman Spooner is assigned to investigate a case of a suicide of a professor who not only developed new technologies, but was also a good friend of a man. Investigating a difficult task, Del quickly realizes that robots, quietly pacing along the street, are not as safe as they seem.

  • Terminator (all parts) The Terminator
  • UK USA
  • Science Fiction Thriller
  • 108 min. 1984-2015

In third place is one of the most popular films in the world - “Terminator”. When, in the distant future, humanity is practically destroyed by ruthless machines, and only one person can stand up for the survivors, it seems that the situation is hopeless if not for one "but." A brave man named John Connor is ready to fight robots at the cost of his life. During the time he resisted the invaders and gained experience, John became a real threat to his enemies. In order to prevent the victory of people, the machines decided to send a ruthless cyborg to the past with the sole purpose of killing John’s mother and preventing the rebel from being born.

  • A robot named Chappy Chappie
  • USA
  • Science Fiction Thriller
  • 120 min 2015

A scientist by the name of Deon worked for many years to create artificial intelligence, which could not only coexist with people, but also feel like a human being. His work ends with a great success. Deon creates a robot that can think, feel and explore the world like a real child, and the name of the unique creation is Chappi. While Chappi studies the world around him and makes friends for himself, those who see him as a direct threat to the existence of humanity begin to appear in the world. Instead of knowing a funny robot, people decide to destroy it before it can defend itself.

  • Pacific Rim Pacific Rim
  • USA
  • Fantasy Action Adventure
  • 131 min. 2013

The existence of the entire human race abruptly stands in danger exactly at the moment when terrible monsters, named Kaizu, begin to emerge from the sea waters. The weapons available to humanity cannot withstand all the power of the horrible monsters, and then it is customary to create huge Joger robots, the management of which falls on the shoulders of a specially trained pilot and his assistant. As practice shows, Jaggers are far from being as effective in battle as it might seem at first glance. Nevertheless, only these creatures remain the last hope of mankind in the face of a deadly threat.

  • Real Steel Real Steel
  • USA India
  • Fantasy Action Family
  • 127 min. 2011

The action of the film takes the viewer to a distant future, where human fighting without rules has long been banned, and artificial intelligence replaces real fighters. Sport, where huge robots fight among themselves is considered to be quite profitable and popular, because the once famous boxer named Charlie Kenton decides to leave his usual sport and try his luck in battles with robots. Fortunately, he finds a written off, but no less strong, robot of a new model. Starting to improve his offspring and every time put him on the arena with more powerful enemies, Charlie cannot imagine how much this will change his life.

  • RoboCop RoboCop
  • USA
  • Fantasy Action Crime
  • 117 min. 2014

A policeman named Alex Murphy has been unsuccessfully chasing a gang of smugglers terrorizing locals for many years. One day, during an accident at work, Alex is on the verge of life and death, which attracts the attention of scientists looking for a volunteer for an experiment to create a police robot. When the operation is successful, and Alex begins a new life, he intends to take revenge on his main enemies and return his usual life, in which his wife and young son are waiting for him.

  • From the Ex Machina car
  • Great Britain
  • Sci-Fi Thriller Drama
  • 108 min. 2014

An ordinary office worker by the name of Caleb unexpectedly receives an invitation from a man named Neuton, who made his fortune in high-tech design. Neton invites the guy to take part in an experiment in which he will live in his country mansion and test a robot girl named Eva. Unable to refuse such an offer, Caleb sends to his employer's house. Only now, day after day talking to an unusual creature, Caleb notes that a man told him about his ward far from everything.

  • Bicentennial Bicentennial Man
  • USA Germany
  • Fiction Drama Comedy
  • 126 min. 1999

When humanity is on the verge of a new millennium, and technology has advanced far ahead, it is no longer fashionable to start exotic pets at home, now people buy real robots that will not only take care of the household, but also take on the entertainment of the household. The Martin family also decides to make an unusual friend, and this friend becomes a robot named Andrew, who not only falls in love with the mother of the family, but also refuses to exist in the usual iron sheath.

  • Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence: AI
  • USA
  • Fiction Drama Adventure
  • 146 min. 2001

The film takes the viewer to a distant future, where as a result of global warming a large part of the land has been flooded. The United States, deciding to deal with the problem of overpopulation, issue a law, according to which, it is supposed to have no more than one child per family. At the same time, technology is developing and now, along with people, real robots walk along the streets of cities. The Swinton family is not experiencing the best period of life. Their own child fell into a coma, and the government gave them an android child named David, who should replace his son for the next few years. Gradually getting used to the new relative, the mother activates the program of eternal love on the baby, but does not even suspect what it will lead to when her own son leaves the coma.

  • Surrogates Surrogates
  • USA
  • Science Fiction Thriller
  • 85 min. 2009

In the distant future, people completely switched to communication using artificial intelligence. Robots-surrogates are controlled by their owners from their homes, allowing people to choose any appearance, age, and even gender. Society is literally perfect, because even if you destroy a surrogate, nothing will happen to its carrier. Police officer Tom Greer is soon convinced that the surrogates are not as safe as they seem. He is charged with investigating the case of a terrorist who has found a weapon capable of destroying robots along with their masters.

  • Blade Runner Blade Runner
  • USA UK
  • Sci-Fi Thriller Drama
  • 117 min. 1982

In the world of the future, where the created cyborgs are used only for dirty and hard work, the government has found a way to protect humanity from a possible threat. Each cyborg, whose name is "replicant", is assigned a genetic code that allows them to exist for only four years. Detective Rick Descartes is working on catching escaped cyborgs, who hope to get lost among people and find a way to prolong their lives. The next task forces Descartes to go in search of dangerous replicants who escaped from the space colony.

  • Hardcore Hardcore
  • Russia USA
  • Action Fantasy
  • 96 min. 2015

Once the protagonist of the film "Hardcore" lived a happy life next to his girlfriend Estelle, until he woke up in a strange science lab, where his dear husband was kidnapped before his eyes. Later, the man discovers that a certain Akan is to blame for the abduction of the woman, who took the girl for his personal goals. Wishing to take revenge and save his beloved, the main character sets off on the fresh tracks of the kidnapper, not even realizing that he will have to save the earth from the invasion of invincible cyborgs.

  • Robot and Frank Robot Frank
  • USA
  • Fiction Drama Comedy
  • 90 min. 2012

A burglar thief named Fren has long been retired. Not only did he grow old and start living the life of a lonely old man, he began to show signs of Alzheimer's disease. Anxious son Frank decides to give him a companion who will not only brighten his life, but will also help in overcoming the difficulties associated with the disease. The robot, presented to Frank, at first does not inspire confidence in a man until he becomes his only and most loyal friend.

  • Elysium: Paradise is not on Earth Elysium
  • USA
  • Science Fiction Thriller
  • 109 min. 2013

2154 The inhabitants of the land are divided into only two classes: the rich and the poor. The rich are allowed to live on the clean space station Elysium, where there is plenty of food, water and clean air. And the poor are destined to exist on a planet where the ecosystem is completely destroyed and there is no possibility of a simple and satisfying life. Rules of migration from the earth every year are tightened, which means that only a few are able to get on Elysium. Soon, a man named Max is forced to undertake a mission in the course of which he will either pay with his life or destroy the system of dividing into worthy and unworthy.

10. A robot named Chappi (2015)

Rating - 7.2

Do you want to know what will happen if the robot capable of feeling and learning is taken by two criminals who are unlucky and they raise him like his own child? Then watch this funny, touching, and in some places a dramatic film. In the role of "dad" and "mom" Chappy starred members of the popular South African rap rave group Die Antwoord. Maybe the actors of them and not so hot, but they are very charming. And Chappy is just an iron version of a child that is impossible not to love.

9. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

Rating - 7.2

At the ninth position of the rating is the continuation of the fantastic tape, which is also present in our list. The battle between the Autobots and the Decepticons continues and the young earthman Sam Whitwicky again finds himself in her very epicenter.

8. Transformers (2007)

Rating - 7.6

The ancient struggle between the two cybertron races, the valiant Autobots and the evil Decepticons is transferred to Earth. “Transformers” is an unpretentious plot, but very rich in special effects films that adolescents and adults will love, who love the action genre.

7. Ghost in the Shell (2017)

Rating expectations - 95%.

Thanks to an impressive rating of expectations, a film about robots that has not yet been released (premiered on March 29) based on the famous anime hit the top of movies about robots. The anime, in turn, was shot on the manga Masamune Shiro, published in 1991. The main character of the film is Cyborg-police Motoko Kusanagi, whose goal is to stop a group of hackers destroying advances in the field of cyber technology.

6. Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Rating expectations - 95%

The premiere of this long-awaited movie fans will be held on October 4th. Thirty years after the events of the first film, the new “blade runner” officer K (Ryan Gosling) learns a long-forgotten and dangerous secret. The discovery of K forces him to begin the search for Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), a cyborg hunter who went missing 30 years ago.

5. Real steel (2011)

Rating - 7.6

In the future, boxing is considered an inhuman sport, so instead of people in the ring, huge machines knead each other. Ex-boxer Charlie (Hugh Jackman) decides to try his luck with a culled but very capable robot that has a “shadow” function. That is, the operator can control the robot, which will repeat the owner of the movement during the battle.

4. I, the robot (2004)

Rating - 7.8

The story of the interaction of man and the robot is not new. It was played up in different versions in books and motion pictures. So what “I, the robot” (film based on Isaac Asimov’s book) was able to surprise the audience? Excellent detective story, special effects and action, and of course the acting game of the main characters. This is Alan Tudick, playing robot Sunny and Will Smith, playing detective Spooner, who hates robots. Spooner and Sunny have to work in a team to solve the mystery of the death of the author of the three laws of robotics, Professor Alfred Lanning. And this duet is worth seeing if you like good-quality fiction.

3. Artificial Mind (2001)

Rating - 7.9

A difficult film that makes you wonder who is more human: people or robots. In the center of events - a boy-robot David, who was programmed to disinterested love to people. David replaces the family of his own child, who lies in a coma. However, the boy is recovering and the “ersatz” is no longer needed. “Artificial Intelligence” is a person’s vision through the eyes of a robot who has entered a new world. David wants to be needed, to love and to be loved. And goes to this dream, even when all the circumstances against him.

2. City of Heroes (2014)

Rating - 7.9

A boy named Hiro Hamad - a brilliant designer of robots. After the tragic death of his elder brother, a kind, touching and caring medical robot Beymax, similar to a walking marshmallow, gets to Hiro. To solve the mystery of the death of his brother and protect his hometown from the villain Hiro, Beymaksu and their friends will have to work together. Excellent cartoon for family viewing. Beymaks like even those children who from the word "doctor" fall into hysterics.

1. WALL-E (2008)

Rating - 8.3

The best movies about robots are headed by a good, kind and instructive cartoon about the caring WALL-E, his girlfriend Eva and earthlings who are far from their home planet and put too much trust in artificial intelligence. A small WALL-AND every day clears piles of garbage - the result of an environmental disaster that happened on Earth. He is capable of experiencing emotions, waiting and believing that something special will happen in his life. And once he meets a beautiful robot Eve, who is looking for signs that our planet is once again suitable for the existence of mankind. Having found what she was looking for, Eve is sent back to the spacecraft, and the falling in love WALL-E follows her. On the ship he will experience many adventures and give people a chance to return to Earth again.

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  • Fantasy, thriller, thriller.
  • United Kingdom, United States, 1984.
  • Duration: 108 min.
  • IMDb: 8.0.

A powerful computer system, Skynet, sends a deadly cyborg back and instructs him to kill a girl named Sarah Connor. It is her son who will lead the resistance and lead humanity to victory over the machines. Sarah’s only hope is a soldier who comes from the future after the Terminator.

  • Fantasy, thriller, thriller.
  • USA, Germany, 2004.
  • Duration: 115 min.
  • IMDb: 7.1.

The near future. Robots pacing the streets and helping people is a matter of course. No one can even think that a machine can harm a person. But policeman Del Spooner, played by Will Smith, does not think so.

The film's events revolve around a murder in which the robot is implicated. Over time, it is becoming more and more obvious that human-like machines are not nearly as harmless as is commonly believed.

  • Fantasy, thriller, thriller.
  • United States, 2009.
  • Duration: 85 min.
  • IMDb: 6.3.

Fantastic thriller from the director of the third part of "Terminator" Jonathan Mostow. 2057, almost every person has his own ideal twin robot, which he controls from home. So many get the opportunity to live a full life, but in fact simply degraded.

A certain attacker begins to destroy the androids, and with them their owners. Deal with the problem to be a police officer in the performance of Bruce Willis.

Bicentennial man

  • Fantasy, drama, comedy.
  • USA, Germany, 1999.
  • Duration: 126 min.
  • IMDb: 6.8.

An adaptation of the novel of the same name by Isaac Asimov, filmed by Chris Columbus - the director of the film “Home Alone” and the first two parts of Harry Potter.

Pets are a thing of the past: now people get robots for themselves. Andrew is one of these machines. He gets into the average family and begins to build relationships with its members. The events of the film unfold over 200 years. During this time, Andrew tries to understand people, but in the end he himself becomes indistinguishable from a person.

World of the Wild West

  • Fantasy, thriller, thriller.
  • United States, 1973.
  • Duration: 88 min.
  • IMDb: 7.0.

In 1973, the sci-fi film “The World of the Wild West” appeared on the big screens, which, according to its own script, was written by the writer Michael Crichton. An adaptation of this picture was the popular eponymous series from HBO.

There are some differences in the synopsis of the film and the series, but in general they are similar. Viewers are told about a huge theme park, in which, if you have a tight wallet, you can do anything, because instead of people it is inhabited by obedient androids. Но что-то идёт не так: от миролюбивости роботов не остаётся и следа.

Робот и Фрэнк

  • Фантастика, драма, комедия.
  • США, 2012 год.
  • Длительность: 90 мин.
  • IMDb: 7.1.

Грабитель в отставке Фрэнк живёт совсем один. His son Hunter is a rather busy man, so he can only take care of him from afar.

One day, Hunter buys a robot father to watch over him. But Frank does not want to sit on the ground and decides to take up the old again. And he uses a gift from his son as an accomplice in his illegal affairs.

  • Fantasy, adventure, family.
  • USA, 2008.
  • Duration: 98 min.
  • IMDb: 8.4.

In the distant future, mankind finally turned the Earth into a landfill and left it. On the planet alone, with only the cockroaches, remains WALL · And - a robot that collects garbage.

One day, people send an EVA robot to Earth to test the planet for suitability to life. WALL · And falls in love with EVA, which is why he gets on a spaceship, where real adventures await him.

  • Fantasy, comedy, adventure.
  • United States, 2005.
  • Duration: 91 min.
  • IMDb: 6.3.

A colorful cartoon about a world where there are no people at all - it is inhabited only by robots. Rodney is a genius inventor: he wants to make the world a better place. And he seeks to meet with his idol - master Bigveld.

During his adventure, he meets the beautiful Kappi and, of course, falls in love with her. But it's hard to call his simple choice: Kappi belongs to another layer of society, and Rodney has more than enough other problems.

Pacific Rim

  • Fantasy, action, adventure.
  • United States, 2013
  • Duration: 131 min.
  • IMDb: 7.0.

Humanity has been threatened with extinction: giant kaiju monsters come from the ocean, destroy cities and kill millions of people. Therefore, all nations of the world unite and create rangers - huge robots, which are controlled by two people at once through neural communication.

But even so, the threat cannot be eliminated. The government has to ask for help from the former pilot who lost his brother in the war with the monsters. He and his inexperienced assistant become the last hope of the inhabitants of the planet.

Heavenly captain and the world of the future

  • Fantasy, thriller, thriller.
  • United States, United Kingdom, Italy, 2004.
  • Duration: 102 min.
  • IMDb: 6.1.

The film with Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law and Angelina Jolie, created in the best traditions of the genre of alternative history.

1939, New York. Fearless journalist finds a link between the disappearances around the world of famous scientists and the attack on the city of giant robots. In an effort to find out the truth, she turns for help to her ex-boyfriend, the captain of the legion of mercenary pilots. But the city is again attacked by huge cars.

My girlfriend is a cyborg

  • Fantasy, thriller, romance.
  • Japan, 2008.
  • Duration: 115 min.
  • IMDb: 7.0.

Student Jiro alone celebrates his 20th birthday in a restaurant, and a beautiful girl appears in front of him. The few hours he spends with her become the best in his life.

But soon the girl disappears. A year later, in the same restaurant and under much less romantic circumstances, Jiro meets her again and finds out that she is a cyborg devoid of human emotions.

Stepford wives

  • Horror, fantasy, thriller.
  • United States, 1975.
  • Duration: 115 min.
  • IMDb: 6.9.

Photographer Joanna and her family moved from bustling Manhattan to the small town of Stepford. Joanna in the town does not like it - the housewives are too perfect in it. Over time, the girl learns the terrible secret of this place: women are replaced by robots. Joanna is trying to get out of town as far as possible, but her husband does not like this idea.

9. A robot named Chappi

“Robot named Chappi” ranks 9th in the ranking of the best films in its genre. In the center of the plot - a former police robot who carried out the seizures of criminals. After one of the raids, he received serious damage and must be disposed of. The scientist Deon Wilson, who invented the droids, wanted to test the invented artificial intelligence on him. Having been refused by the director, Wilson kidnaps the droid and loads the program into it. Now the robot is a child who learns everything and very quickly.

Further, the plot is exacerbated when Wilson is attacked by gangsters and they demand that the droids be turned off, which is necessary for the robbery of collectors. It turns out to be impossible and the villains take a smart droid, train it and use it for their own purposes by deception.

7. Out of car

The most recently released film (in 2014) from British director and screenwriter Alex Garland created a sensation among both the public and among film critics, immediately winning high marks. The plot revolves around a billionaire, engaged in developments in the field of high technologies, and a simple guy who was hired by him. The new employee should spend a week, almost in complete isolation with the girl. A special feature is that this girl is a machine with self-learning artificial intelligence. Difficulties begin at the moment when the electronic mind is fully aware of its position, and the young man becomes a hostage to the situation. The film keeps the intrigue until the very end, and has interesting plot twists.

6. Transformers

“Transformers” is one of the most famous and popular movies about robots. The picture created a sensation and tore off the huge box office in 2007, after which the franchise continued and already 4 parts came out. The plot tells of a high school student Sam Witwicky, an ordinary teenager with his own life difficulties and problems. And also about alien robots, autobots and Decepticons, who have been fighting for thousands of years for each other, for Iskra is the source of their life force.

5. Artificial mind

The film by the wonderful director Steven Spielberg, released in rent in 2001, tells about the next utopian future, where robots and people live and work side by side. However, society has not eradicated its vices in itself, and a robot-child named David, programmed for pure love, is not understood among the human family, after which he is rendered homeless and forced to find himself in a dangerous world.

World-famous "Robocop" at one time (in 1987) made a breakthrough in the genre of films about cars with artificial intelligence, as evidenced by the box office and rating. The plot sends the viewer to the future, where the world is plunged in the mud of production, society has greatly stratified into the rich and the poor, and the cities are bought by giant firms. The central character becomes a Detroit policeman, dying on an ordinary mission at the hands of criminals. However, the authorities decide to install the surviving parts of the body in an iron shell, and make a cybernetic organism. The venture is crowned with success and as a result it turns out that Robocop, a cyborg police officer, programmed to carry the law on the streets of the city, which he successfully does. But in addition to the face of a policeman, the robot gets his memories of his family, service, and criminal killers. An excellent, not aging film, in which the characters of the characters and their motivation are written.

3. Real steel

Three of the best movies about robots opens "Real Steel". Actions take place in the near future, where boxing is banned as an inhumane sport and replaced with similar robots, controlled by humans. The protagonist is a former boxer who has lost a source of income, and the meaning of life after the ban and trying to make money as a pilot of one of the robots. But since the control of the robot is not his element, he gradually loses all the money and goes into debt. Against the background of financial difficulties, problems arise in the family, the wife decides to leave him. Deciding to go all-in, the hero gets an unusual robot and tries to reach the summit of glory in order to make a big win. At the same time, the line of father-son relations is developing.

"I, Robot" - one of the best science fiction movies. The plot is not very distant future, in which robots are programmed to be a servant for humans. People are so accustomed to the fact that all the chores for them makes the car that they take them for granted and can not exist without them. In such a world, a terrible incident occurs - a robot violates the first rule of robotics and becomes involved in the killing of a person. The protagonist of the film - a detective and robot-hater takes up the investigation and soon realizes that robots have long gone out of people's control, and at any time can destroy humanity.