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The main fashion trends for autumn 2016, winter 2017


In pursuit of fashion, the main thing is not to lose yourself. This truth has repeatedly sounded from the mouths of world designers, who, though they rule the ball, always leave room for fashionable improvisations and notes of individuality. Fashionistas all over the world are always preparing for the upcoming season in advance, to be fully prepared at a time when most women start shopping marathons in autumn in search of new, stylish things.

Fashion gurus have already presented their collections of the fall-winter 2016 season, so you can start “preparing the sled”.

Black is a classic of the genre

Designers offer to get their dark coats, favorite by many women, and the most courageous to buy a full black skirt. Such images are very similar to Gothic, but they also have a place for glamorous rhinestone trimmings and romantic lace. Again, short skirts made of leather and voluminous, long coats of straight cut, which are advised to wear without a belt, will be relevant for the future fall.

Lightness and bohemian

If gothic is not your choice, then you should pay attention to fashionable dresses made of flying fabric, multi-layered skirts of knee-length soothing shades, as well as unusual prints and embroidery on blouses.

Narrow trousers that form several folds at the bottom will also be trendy. They can be worn with pumps on high heels or tucked into boots.

Male style

Women do not occasionally borrow things from their second half. Thanks to such bold experiments, designers come up with a lot of interesting ideas.

So, in the fall of 2016, wide plaid trousers of gray color will come to the peak of popularity, in a cold season they can be made of wool fabric. Do not forget also oversize jackets and straight coats with fur trim collar.

Exquisite Velvet

Having a stunning success in the Renaissance, velvet is back on the podium. Autumn will be marked by dresses in the floor, costumes and individual items of clothing (jackets, trousers), sewn of velvet of various shades. This image will be really chic.

Sea theme

The classic version of the set - white pants + blue jacket, shown in the photo, will remind you of a pleasant stay by the sea, allowing you to extend pleasant sensations even in the cold autumn season. In this case, it is worth looking in the bins for flared trousers and a simple white shirt with beautiful buttons a la the captain's uniform of a ship, as well as a dark blue jacket made of thick linen.

A nice accessory will be presented by Tommy Hilfinger golden brooches in the form of an anchor, which will balance the excessive severity of the image.

Piece clothing

All cloth must be used to the last piece! Apparently it was this motto that guided Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang and others, who presented unusual styles of outerwear. The coat of pieces of fabric of different textures and colors, and fur products as if from the remnants of full-fledged fur coats - this is one of the trends of women's fashion for the season autumn-winter 2016.

Comfortable sporty style

Of course, velvet dresses, shiny jackets and patchwork outerwear deserve admiration, but in everyday life, girls choose things that will not only look stylish but also feel comfortable.

Sports chic in this case is exactly what you need. Caps with interesting inscriptions, boots, sneakers, colored tights, short denim mini skirts and jackets "from someone else's shoulder" will create a fashionable image with a hint of slight negligence.

Mix in fashion

Classic fashion canons say that mixing different designs and prints in the same ensemble is strictly prohibited. But the creators of world fashion have a different idea of ​​trends. In the autumn, they offer not to be afraid and to combine the incompatible.

A color print with things in a cage, “animal” motifs paired with clothes with polka dots - such experiments will certainly glorify you as a fashionista.

And what about the shoes?

Shoes of the coming season will delight all women, because it is elegant and practical at the same time. Unlike clothes, the designers were rather restrained in this matter and tried to please everyone - lovers of the classics, admirers of comfort and even outrageous ladies.

Ribbed and massive sole

In the collections of designers of the autumn-winter 2016-2017 season, you can often find boots on a high rough sole with a decor of rivets and lacing. Such shoes will look good with knitted cardigans and dresses, despite their outward unattractiveness.

High boots on the lock or "stockings" designers are advised to wear even in the office. Their popularity is back, the main trend is patent leather in white and black.

Fashion is very changeable, because you should not give up all your strength and resources to follow the new trends. Remember that the classics are always in fashion, and bold experiments with images you can afford at least once a season.

# 1. Trouser suit

E If you did not have time to buy a pantsuit before last or last season, then you have another chance! This is the most trendy wardrobe item for several seasons. Black, gray or bright. Choose any!

Photos from shows: Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Zimmermann

ABOUT Striped and checkered suits will be popular.

Photos from shows: Dries Van Noten, Max Mara, Tibi

P This is not only trouser.

Photos from shows: Balenciaga, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Michael Kors

# 2. Turtleneck

AT odolazki should love not only for the fact that they will be fashionable. This is a very comfortable thing, combined with skirts and trousers of various styles.

Photos from shows: Carven, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Proenza Schouler

# 3. Long coat

AT This season, in general, maxi outerwear is more relevant. As for the coat, we advise you to choose models of various shades of pink and purple.

Photos from shows: Roberto Cavalli, Balmain, Valentino

# 4. Sheepskin coat

ABOUT Great alternative to a fur coat. Sheepskin coat and warm, and comfortable, and beautiful. Designers connected it with rather strict business images, high boots, tight pants.

Photos from shows: Tory Burch, Altuzarra, Carven

TO eip is like a hello from the distant Middle Ages. But at the same time, it is rather unusual, attractive, and therefore popular in modern times. Cape itself is not boring, but you can choose a model of bright color to further emphasize your individuality.

Photos from shows: Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, Valentino

# 6. Leather jacket

BUT as the fall without her. The most relevant black with various accessories as a decor.

Photos from shows: Valentino, Alexander McQueen, Gucci

# 7. Midi and Maxi Skirts

AT Choose models with prints and from the materials mentioned above.

Photos from shows: Salvatore Ferragamo, Gucci, Roberto Cavalli

8. Tie + shirt

TO It seems to women it goes much more than men. Wear ties with shirts and trouser suits and be stylish.

Photos from shows: Dries Van Noten, Ralph Lauren

# 9. Cropped trousers

TO Like it or not, cropped trousers made of various materials should appear in your wardrobe. And you need to wear them with shoes on the heel.

Photos from shows: Monse, Gucci, Carven

# 10. Multicolored coats

ABOUT canopy and winter are not the time to miss the rich colors, as the designers once again reminded us. This season you have to stand out against the background of cloudy sky, gray streets and gloomy people.

Photos from shows: Versace, Tory Burch, Salvatore Ferragamo

# 1. Asymmetry

AT Mostly, it appears at the top of the image. Designers offered asymmetrical blouses and dresses, opening shoulders.

Photos from shows: Dior, Philosophy, Lanvin

B Bows with bows are a great way to highlight your femininity. Not always the same wear ties!

Photos from shows: Temperley London, Philosophy, Gucci

# 3. Large collar

AND another hello from past eras. But we do not recommend wearing items with such an element if you have broad shoulders.

Photos from shows: Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabbana, Roksanda

E If in the 19th century, ladies could not imagine their daily lives without a corset, tightening their waists until they lost consciousness. Now the corset is rather an additional accessory that does not cause any special harm to health. And it is fashionable to wear it not under the dress, but on top of it.

# 5. Fur collar

P In the form of such an accessory, animal advocates will be horrified. But fashion lovers will be delighted with this luxury. You decide whether to follow this fashionable trend.

Photos from shows: Alberta Ferretti, Miu Miu, MSGM

AND it will again be fashionable to wear dresses, skirts, blouses with frills of various sizes. By the way, they have a definite plus - the frills can add volume to those places that it lacks.

Photos from shows: Chloe, Rodarte, Jill Stuart

# 8. Pleating

P Lissa skirts and dresses, we especially liked. We hope and you will appreciate them:

Photos from shows: Diesel Black Gold, Valentino, Roksanda

ABOUT dazzle all of your envious with a gorgeous, shiny dress while it is still fashionable!

Photos from shows: Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger

Trendy colors - trends autumn 2016, winter 2017

P It is usual to think that autumn is a time of fiery colors, and in winter there are no colors at all. So it can be in nature, but only not in the closet of the lover fashionable dress. We advise you to arm yourself with a purple coat, jacket or down jacket. After all, this color has repeatedly blown up fashion shows.

Photos from shows: Michael Kors, TOD’S, Roberto Cavalli

Uh That fall and winter lovers stand out with the color of their outfit will get real pleasure. Indeed, the elite of fashionable shades got juicy and alluring fuchsia.

Photos from shows: Oscar de la Renta, Chanel, Lacoste

# 3. Red & Black

H och and flame, fateful calm and passion, elegance and sexuality, black and red. All these compounds prevailed at the shows Gucci, Nina Ricci, Elie Saab. They can break into the rhythm of the tango and into your wardrobe, if you allow.

Photos from shows: Elie Saab, Gucci, Nina Ricci

# 4. Total black

TO When the flame is extinguished, darkness comes, but you should not be afraid of it. She can be no less beautiful and fascinating, as the total-bows from Nina Ricci. Love black ladies love!

Photos from shows: Dior, Nina Ricci, Valentino

# 5. Pastel colors

H and in the background of crazy colors they look quite unusual, and they are given their honorable place. Especially pale blue.

Photos from shows: Carven, Balmain, Versace

# 1. The world of nature

P approved prints do not lose their relevance. Only the incarnation is changing. In the coming autumn-winter season, images of animals (large and small) and plants will be at the peak of popularity.

Photos from shows: Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Prada

WITH deep meaning and not quite. On dresses, tops, jumpers and even pantyhose. The inscriptions appeared in the collections of designers of world brands, and can easily be in your autumn-winter wardrobe.

Photos from shows: Lacoste, Alexander Wang, Moschino

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Fashionable clothing styles - trends autumn 2016, winter 2017

AND again this rebellious style penetrated fashion shows. So anti-glamor, madness, deliberate negligence will again be in trend.

Photos from shows: Alexander Wang, Rodarte, Marc Jacobs

# 2. Military

T About or other manifestation of the military takes place in almost every fashionable season. In the autumn of 2016 and in the winter of 2017 in trend will be a coat-jackets with large buttons, swamp, olive or dark blue.

Photos from shows: Prada, Burberry, Tibi

# 3. Overseas

E If in the fall and winter you like to hide from the cold in voluminous sweaters (as if from a daddy's wardrobe) and cardigans, then know that in the coming season you will act in accordance with one of the fashion trends.

Photos from shows: Balenciaga, Acne Studios, Chloe

# 4. Pajama style

WITH free trousers, capes, robes, pajama materials and prints so subdued designers that they are in no hurry to part with them. And this is a reason for joy, because it is in this style that aesthetics and convenience are combined incredibly harmoniously.

Photos from shows: Vera Wang, Etro, Alberta Ferretti

Fashion materials - trends autumn 2016, winter 2017

B lagorostanstvo, luxury, aesthetics. It's all about velvet. I want to touch him, he attracts, passing the charming depth of color. Do not restrain yourself and buy trousers, a dress or a jacket made of this material by autumn-winter.

Photos from shows: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Prada, Rochas

P latija and skirts from leather of different colors attacked the podiums, which means that the next trend of the season autumn-winter 2016-2017 of the year. The skin always looks bold and sexy, so go for it, dear ladies!

Photos from shows: Lacoste, Oscar de la Renta, Mugler

T It is ore to imagine winter (even the least severe) without a fur coat made from luxurious fur. At this time, the trend will be models of midi and maxi. Color fur is still relevant, and prints have joined it.

Photos from shows: Altuzarra, Fendi, Vera Wang

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Overseas remains in trend

Loose clothing seems to be “from someone else’s shoulder”, dimensionless coats and wide boyfriend pants, in short, the same favorite oversize in past seasons is still among the fashion trends autumn-winter 2016-2017. Regardless of whether it is casual wear or evening dress, it should be free and comfortable.

In most of the collections of autumn-winter shows, tight-fitting silhouettes are found in single variants. And the biggest oversize fans can be considered this year. Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang and Proenza Schouler .

The combination of different prints

Why did you decide that there should be only one print or ornament in the dress? The most fashionable trend of autumn 2016 is a mixture of prints and patterns, a combination of patterns or images that are in harmony or, on the contrary, contrasting with each other.

This is the trend preferred Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Coach, Phillip Lim, Altuzarra, Anna Sui and many others. The combination of different prints has always been a real challenge in the fashion world, because here you should be pretty careful: watch the color carefully, choose different patterns in a single color scheme.

Brightness and variety of colors

Do you remember what is fashionable in the fall of 2016 in terms of color? We have already told that the recognized expert colorist - the Pantone Color Institute - declared the bright and at the same time warm red shade a favorite of the cold season. Aurora red. This trend was immediately picked up by designers. J. Mendel, Tommy Hilfiger, Marchesa , using red both for evening dresses and for outerwear. In addition to scarlet, shades of fuchsia, yellow, orange, green (in combination with dark colors) will be in demand - in a word, the brighter and more contrasting the better!

Ruffles and ruffles

This romantic and very feminine fashion trend of the fall of 2016 was spotted on two main scenes at once - on the Fashion Week in New York and in London.

Designers Marc Jacobs, J. W. Anderson and Marchesa successfully use ruffles and ruffles for details and accents in their outfits, but Alexander McQueen and Temperley london apply them to dresses completely. Color solutions may be different, but still the classic version remains the most popular: romance means romance - ruffles on pastel fabrics!

Maxi and Midi Length

This fall and winter sexuality will get a whole new meaning. Do you think that the more open the body, the better? But what about the winter cold? But the designers have already taken care of us: warmth and comfort, as well as incredible mystery and intrigue will give us the length of midi and maxi.

Gorgeous models of skirts and dresses below the knee length and to the ankle presented such designers as Gucci, Roberto Cavalli and Salvatore ferragamo . Saturated colors, interesting prints and unusual textures of fabrics are all fashion trends of autumn-winter 2016-2017.

Brown shades

Even before the aforementioned Pantone Color Institute provided its public list to the public 10 most important colors of autumn 2016, fashion trends have already won the catwalks: brown in all its diversity has become a real favorite of the season! Bitter chocolate, coffee with milk or creme brulee is the most “delicious” shades for the cold season.

In terms of its popularity, rich brown has become the “second black” color in fashion shows. Polo by Ralph Lauren or Zac posen . Do not forget about the more delicate and subtle nuances of natural nude - so loved them Max azria and Boss .

Multiple cuts on skirts

The length of the midi and maxi, about which we spoke above, should not completely hide everything. A great alternative is the cuts on the hem of skirts and dresses. In this case, not one classic neckline on the side or back, but several at once, along two or even three seams. Such fashion trends winter 2017 show brands in their collections House of holland , Felder felder and Pringle of scotland .

Cuts look great on both narrow and flared skirts, both on thick fabric, and on translucent and flowing. Well, when else, if not in autumn and winter, when the wind plays with a hem, show your slender legs or high boots to everyone?

Large and bright drawings

And again a little about prints. What is fashionable to wear in the winter of 2017 is the bright and large prints, which are striking from afar. "Solar" images on mini dresses, like a Guccior unusual abstractions like Prada - There are many options, but the larger and brighter, more contrast and eccentric, the better!


For several seasons in a row, designers have forced us to forget about the classics. And so, this year the pantsuit comes back into the game, which has moved into the female wardrobe from the male at the beginning of the last century. The current fashion requires wearing it not only in the everyday business environment, but also in solemn occasions. What could be better for an evening out than a luxurious trouser suit made of velvet, satin, silk or fine wool?

Matte and shiny fabrics, rich and neutral colors, skinny and free cut - any variations can be seen in the collections Zac posen, Calvin Klein, Zimmerman and many others.

Narrow scarves

Конечно же, мы не забыли об аксессуарах, без которых ни один образ не был бы полноценным и завершенным. И самые главные модные тенденции зима 2017 — это отнюдь не теплые и широкие палантины и шейные платки, а тонкие и очень изысканные шарфы из благородных тканей.

Настоящий must have сезона — это длинные шарфы в тон верхней одежды, как у Roberto Cavalli , Missoni и Trussardi . Оберните их один раз вокруг шеи, оставив концы свисать до самых колен. Конечно, такой аксессуар вряд ли добавит тепла вашей шее на улице, но как уместно он будет смотреться в помещении, даже когда вы снимете пальто!

Ну, вот теперь вы знаете, что будет модно в сезоне осень-зима 2016-2017. С такими новинками вы будете с нетерпением ждать холодов, и смена сезона с теплого на холодный уже не даст вам впасть в депрессию. Как известно, у природы нет плохой погоды, а потому — вперед, обновлять свой гардероб, делать его ярче, смелее и оригинальнее — в соответствии с самыми модными тенденциями осень-зима 2016-2017!

Trend Autumn - Winter 2016 - 2017 No. 1: Trendy Pink

The most, most popular color of the season is pink. If you look at the photo collections of autumn - winter 2016 - 2017, then you can see this bright color in almost every one of them. Around pink: pink coats and coats, dresses and sundresses, stylish pink suits and skirts. One of the trends 2016 - 2017 - monophonic look. For example, the entire set should consist of pink clothes, as in one of the images of the Guccís collection (see the photo below).

Fashion trends autumn - winter 2016 - 2017. Photos from the collections of Hugo Boss, Gucci, Fyodor Golan.

Fashion trends autumn - winter 2016 - 2017. Photo from the collection of Alexis Mabille.

Trend Autumn - Winter 2016 - 2017 No. 2: Decor with metal fittings

The “metal” decor on clothes and shoes will be considered fashionable in the fall-winter 2016-2017 season. Zippers, rivets, spikes, buckles will become a peculiar decoration for dresses, jackets or fashionable boots. Metal decor gives the image some futuristic and looks very stylish. See for yourself in the photo models from the collections of David Koma, Fyodor Golan and Laura Biagiotti.

Fashion trends autumn - winter 2016-2017. Photos from the collection of David Koma.

Fashion trends autumn - winter 2016 - 2017. Photo from the collection of Fyodor Golan.

Fashion trends autumn - winter 2016 - 2017. Photos from the collection of Laura Biagiotti.

Fashion trends autumn - winter 2016 - 2017. Photos from the collection of Laura Biagiotti.

Trend Autumn - Winter 2016 - 2017 No. 3: strip

The unconditional trend of 2017 is a strip. Next year, striped coats, striped trouser suits, skirts with wedges in the form of multi-colored stripes and striped print dresses will be very fashionable. Moreover, in one image you can combine both horizontal and vertical stripes. If you choose the right set, then clothes with a vertical strip can visually stretch the silhouette and make you a little slimmer.

Fashion trends autumn - winter 2016 - 2017. Photo from the collection of Balmain.

Fashion trends autumn - winter 2016 - 2017. Photo from the collection of Alexis Mabille.

Trend Autumn - Winter 2016 - 2017 No. 4: wide trousers

Want to diversify your everyday wardrobe. Buy wide trousers with arrows. They will be very popular in the coming season. An excellent office option would be a suit with free-cut trousers, the “universal” size One size. Depending on the style chosen, wide trousers can be worn with a cropped jumper or a bright sweatshirt and stylish lace-up shoes.

Fashion trends autumn - winter 2016 - 2017. Photos from the collections of Christophe Lemaire, Max Mara and Trussardi.

Trend Autumn - Winter 2016 - 2017 No. 5: velvet

In each article about the trends of 2016 - 2017, you can find a note that will be fashionable women's clothing, stitched from a beautiful velvet fabric. Velvet suits made in a business-like or vice versa loose pajama style, such as a suit from the Costume National collection, look particularly stylish. When making fashionable sets, we remember that velvet goes well with leather and fur.

Fashion trends autumn - winter 2016 - 2017. Photo from the collection of Haider Ackermann.

Fashion trends autumn - winter 2016 - 2017. Photos from the collections of Costume National, Nicholas K and Ralph Lauren.

Trend Autumn - Winter 2016 - 2017 No. 6: hats

Let's stop the attention and on headdresses. Fashion couturiers offer us to wear this fall hats. They look very impressive and feminine, but probably not every girl in the wardrobe has sets to which this stylish headdress would fit. Nevertheless, let's see what kind of hats will be fashionable in the upcoming season. Perhaps you will like one of the images and you want to try it on yourself.

Fashion trends autumn - winter 2016 - 2017. Photos from the collections of Ralph Lauren and Trussardi.

Trend Autumn - Winter 2016 - 2017 No. 7: fur hats with earflaps

Also very popular and relevant this winter will be fur hats. This model of a headdress can be worn both with a fur coat, and with a coat. They go to almost all girls, regardless of the shape of the face.

Fashion trends autumn - winter 2016 - 2017. Photo from the collection of Nicole Miller.

Trend Autumn - Winter 2016 - 2017 No. 8: dresses with a slit

All girls love dresses. But which will be popular in the 2017th year? It's simple. Pay attention to the elongated models of dresses with a deep slit of flowing fabrics or fashionable velvet. Such models of dresses, of course, are best worn with high-heeled shoes. This is not an office option, but this dress is perfect for a New Year's corporate evening.

Fashion trends autumn - winter 2016 - 2017. Photos from the collections of David Koma and Ellery.

Fashion trends autumn - winter 2016 - 2017. Photo from the collection of Haider Ackermann.

Trend Autumn - Winter 2016 - 2017 No. 9: sweater or sweater free size

In the cold season, everyone wants to wrap up warmly and at the same time remain fashionable. A bright and stylish sweater can be a stylish and warm clothing. Only he should be free or even frankly large in size. Interesting, fashionable images look at the photo from the collection of the luxury brand Joseph.

Fashion trends autumn - winter 2016 - 2017. Photos from the collection of Joseph.

Trend Autumn - Winter 2016 - 2017 No. 10: geometric prints and applications

Well, and completes the list of fashion trends autumn - winter 2016 - 2017 women's clothing with interesting geometric prints and applications. They came into vogue in the last year, but remain relevant until now. Geometric print can transform clothes, it would seem, the simplest cut. It makes the image more original. To understand this, just look at the models from the collection of the world famous brand Emporio Armani.

Fashion trends autumn - winter 2016 - 2017. Photos from the collection of Emporio Armani.

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