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Cedar tincture on vodka: benefits for the body of healing potions


Cedar, growing in Siberia, gave the world a very valuable medicine, the nuts, which are considered a powerful source of vitality and vitality. As well as its parent, the fruits of cedar purify the soul and thoughts, restore mental balance and health.

This tool is not only for healing the body, but also for the soul. In medicine, they are used both raw and cooked. Especially popular is the spirit tincture on pine nuts, the benefits of which are proven by time and people.

The healing composition of cedar fruits

According to the content of beneficial microelements, pine nuts can be compared only with soybean, known for its rich chemical composition. These two products leave behind all plants and types of nuts. The composition of cedar fruits include: vitamins A, B, C, E, K, fats, proteins, starch, carbohydrates, calcium, potassium, iron, phosphorus, zinc.

Attention! Only 100 g of the product will be enough to satisfy the daily requirement of such nutrients as manganese, cobalt, copper, and iodine. In addition, there are rare amino acids in the nuts, giving youth.

What diseases are used against tincture?

The famous cedar tincture, the recipe for which is passed down from generation to generation, has long been used to grind sick areas for colds, joint pain, body aches, rheumatism. Inside it is used in order to prevent the deposition of salts, to cure kidney and liver diseases, to improve the work of the gastrointestinal tract. The tool is indispensable in the treatment of non-healing and purulent wounds, abscesses, ulcers, deafness, chronic hemorrhoids.

Tincture can in a short time put on the feet of a person with rheumatism or gout. Cancers are also subject to it, which is beyond the power of many pharmaceutical preparations.

Tincture on pine nuts can completely cure uterine myoma

It is shown tincture of pine nuts and uterine myoma. Science has documented more than one case where the drug gave excellent results. Taking the drug inside and healing through applications and douching not only reduced the size of the tumor, but also completely healed a serious illness (of course, in combination with the main course of treatment).

From urolithic diseases and disorders of mineral metabolism in the body

To do this, in a 0.5 liter jar, pour the raw material almost to the top and fill it with vodka so that it is 1-2 cm higher than the level of the shells. Close the jar with a tight lid and leave for 2 weeks in a dark, warm place, and then strain.

Drink take 1 teaspoon, diluted in a glass of cold water, 3 times a day for 20 minutes before sitting down at the table. The duration of treatment is 1 month with a 30-day break. The number of courses is 3-4.

With hemorrhoids

Omnipotent tincture of cedar nuts makes you forget about malignant hemorrhoids for a long time and sometimes forever. Fill the jar with medicinal raw materials (its volume is at your discretion) and fill it with alcohol, which should completely cover the shell. Capacity tightly close and leave to infuse for 8-10 days in a dark place.

Ready infusion take 35-40 drops 3 times a day until hemorrhoids leave you.


Attention! Use the remedy in a small volume (no more than 50 ml at a time), without diluting it, or drinking tea with water.

Tincture is forbidden to receive for severe liver ailments

Treatment with tincture of pine nuts is prohibited:

  • children under 12 years old
  • during pregnancy and lactation,
  • people suffering from severe liver disease,
  • patients predisposed to alcoholism,
  • allergy sufferers (for alcohol or pine nuts),
  • persons driving a car.

For people who are not on this list, the use of tincture on pine nuts is allowed only after consulting a doctor.

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The use of tincture of pine nuts is a great way to get rid of many diseases.

Pine nuts from Siberian forests are not only a very nutritious and tasty product. They contain a lot of vitamins and are rich in minerals, so they are used in the treatment of many ailments. Alcohol tincture on pine nuts is especially useful for the body - its useful properties are known for a long time and are effectively used by many.

The recipe of its preparation is available to everyone, it is insisted less than a month, and you can drink it not in one course, helping the body to fight various serious diseases. And it fits both young and old people, equally effectively acting on the affected organs and cells. It is also called the tincture of longevity, because it prolongs the years of life.

Useful qualities of spirit cedar tincture

  • effective in combating gastritis and even ulcers,
  • helps to remove salt deposits
  • returns mobility to joints
  • fights infections and colds well
  • reduces rheumatism,
  • tightens small wounds, cuts, heals the skin, fights eczema,
  • restores the function of hearing and vision with minor complications,
  • enhances male power and increases potency.

Preparation of cedar nuts for making tinctures on alcohol

For the correct recipe, only fresh, evenly-shaped nuts are taken, having a normal appearance without signs of rot and dirt. They are poured into a dish and poured water. Slipped husks, pieces of broken shells and empty shells need to be collected and thrown out. Then cedar nuts are scalded with boiling water, preferably 2 times, to remove a peculiar bitterness from them. Water is drained, the nuts are dried.

The composition of the recipe cedar tincture includes only two components - pine nuts and alcohol. Prepare the tincture on alcohol and from peeled nuts, and from the nuts in the shell. The healing properties in both cases are almost the same, it all depends on which of them you managed to get.

Recipe tincture on peeled pine nuts

50 grams of purified kernels are poured into a dark container, 500 milliliters of alcohol are poured there and tightly sealed. If desired, for a more pleasant taste, you can add a spoonful of fresh natural honey. The resulting mixture is removed for three weeks away in the closet, occasionally taking out and shaking. After this period, the tincture is ready.

Recipe for cedar tincture of inshell nuts

100 grams of pine nuts with shells should be poured into a container, necessarily dark or opaque, and pour 500 grams of alcohol. It is necessary to insist such an extract for 2 weeks in a warm place, after which you can begin treatment. These used nuts can be re-filled with alcohol 2 more times, so you should not hurry to throw them out.

Ways to use alcohol tinctures

For the treatment of diseases of the stomach, blood vessels, with pressure and edema, tincture should be taken orally. Usually they drink 20 drops (or half a teaspoon) daily, three times a day, dissolving it in water. The recommended duration of treatment is a month, then you need to take a break.

For external lubrication of joints, wounds, skin diseases, a cotton pad is moistened in cedar tincture and soaked with affected areas. Such procedures can be done to achieve visible improvements.

Watch the feed in the hives. Stocks should always be. Spread 200 g of honey on film and feed the bees. Repeat every 8-10 days. Read about spring work.

We are engaged in selection. We derive queens. Strong families that gave a good honey collection do not touch. There is nothing terrible, if they gain power only to the spruce bribe.

Take care of cleaning the bottoms. Health development of families will help you in good medical collection. In some hives it is easier to replace the pallets. Strong contaminations are washed with hot liquor.

Pine nuts are used as a tasty, healthy treat, and as a medicine for the preparation of tinctures, oils and alcohol tinctures from many diseases.

The highest quality and therapeutic cedar tincture of vodka is prepared not only from the shells, but also from the nucleoli, which contain many nutrients and trace elements.

The benefits of cedar tincture

Useful properties of tincture on pine nuts are time tested and help from various diseases. Even the air where cedars grow is curative, it purifies the lungs and the whole organism.

Siberian cedar is a powerful long-lived plant. Healing Tree It reaches a height of 40 m and has a trunk up to 2 m in diameter. Fruiting begins with 15-25 years, and lives at least 850 years.

Nuts contain a lot of protein, essential oils, especially stands out the alpha-amino acid tryptophan, which is included with the protein composition of all living things. It is useful for sleep disorders, fears, nervous tension, premenstrual syndrome, menopause, and alcohol dependence.

Tincture on pine nuts improves the immune system, cleanses the blood and lymph, increases the potency in men. It is used for hearing and vision disorders, has an antitumor effect, is used as a general tonic.

There are practically no contraindications to use, except pregnancy and lactation. In some sources it is not recommended to take it during menstruation.

The use of tincture of pine nuts

First of all, cedar tincture treatment increases immunity. Taking it in the autumn-winter period and in early spring will protect you from many catarrhal and viral diseases. It will also help you recover faster if you are already sick.

The use of cedar tincture on nuts and shells is especially effective for salt metabolism disorders, gout, rheumatism and arthritis, other diseases of the joints, salt deposits.

It is very effective to use the cedar tincture treatment for various gastrointestinal diseases (gastritis, ulcers, colitis), as well as liver, gallstone disease, kidney and bladder diseases.

The use of cedar tincture with hypertension, atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, neurosis, allergies helps.

You need to take 20 drops 3 times a day.

In gynecology, tincture of pine nuts heals uterine myoma and mastopathy. For this is usually used tincture on some shells: 2-3 tbsp. spoon shell pour 250 ml of vodka, insist 9 days and strain. Take 2 tsp. half an hour before meals 3 times a day.

Also helps the tincture of pine nuts on vodka to cope with skin diseases. However, it is used both internally and externally.

Attention! When you buy the main ingredient on the market, sellers ask you to take this product from pine nuts or to eat. Answer that the food, otherwise you will sell nuts last year or low quality.

How to prepare cedar tincture at home

There are several recipes tincture of pine nuts on vodka. We offer a step by step master class of shells and kernels.

  • 100 g of pine nuts or one glass in a split form
  • 500 g of vodka

    Preparation of cedar tincture:

    Rinse the pine nuts, spread on a clean cloth so that they dry.

    Split each nut with a hammer; rotten moldy and empty rancid kernels of nuts can come across. They are yellow with the foul smell of rancid oil.

    That such nuts need to chop a glass.

    Kernels and shells pour 500 ml of vodka in a jar.

    Insist in a dark place (in the closet) at room temperature for 2 weeks. Strain.

    Store the tincture in the fridge for a year.

    How to make a pine nut tincture according to the recipe of Altai Old Believers

    Rinse with 1.5 glasses of fresh shells and pour 0.5 liters of vodka. Insist 10 days in a dark, warm place. Take 0.5-1 tablespoon 3 times daily before meals for 1-2 months. You can courses in a month (2-5 courses per year).

    There is also a cedar tincture recipe for vodka made from whole nuts. Wash 2 glasses of unrefined nuts, pour 0.5 liters of vodka, leave for 2 weeks in a dark place, shaking occasionally. Take 1 tsp. 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals (except for menstruation). The course lasts 30-60 days, a year you can do 2-3 courses with a break of a month.

    This is done to raise the immunity after serious diseases, as well as a means of restorative action.

    You can drink cedar tincture for the prevention of colds, when you are cold or talked to the patient.

    Pine nuts, along with the shell, contain many vitamins, minerals, vegetable protein and fat.

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    Medicinal properties of tincture on pine nuts. Recipes

    One of the most significant of all the variety of nuts are pine nuts. Tincture on vodka, medicinal properties, which are known from time immemorial, was used in Russia as a panacea for a huge number of diseases.

    The usefulness of pine nuts lies in their chemical and qualitative composition. They contain more than three dozen essential for the human body, mineral substances, and the amount of vitamins - more than ten times more than other nuts.

    The composition of pine nuts

    Nut kernels are a unique food product. It contains protein up to 30% of the total mass, oddly enough, but even its chicken meat contains less. In addition, it is fairly balanced and similar to human protein, i.e. will be perfectly digested. In this pine nuts even a walnut is inferior. They contain a fairly diverse range of useful components:

    • Nitrogenous substances
    • Vitamins A (retinol), B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6 ​​(pyridoxine), B9 (folic acid), C (ascorbic acid), D (calciferol), E (tocopherol), K (phylloquinone), PP (nicotinic acid),
    • Fat, protein
    • Carbohydrates (glucose, fructose, sugar and sucrose, starch, fiber, dextrins, pentosanne),
    • Macronutrients (phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium),
    • Trace elements (aluminum, boron, iron, iodine, cobalt, silicon, manganese, copper, molybdenum, nickel, silver, lead, strontium, zinc).

    Also in the composition of these nuts you can find 19 out of 20 amino acids, which are very necessary for the smooth operation of our organs and the body as a whole. One hundred grams of these nuts is the daily need of the body for many vitamins, amino acids and essential minerals.

    Useful properties of tincture

    Tincture made of pine nuts on vodka enjoys considerable popularity among people, the use of which gives a good result in treating a very wide range of ailments. Such a remarkable effect is achieved due to the high concentration of useful substances. Due to this, a positive result of tincture is many times more than from raw nuts. Also, the tincture is also used for prophylaxis in order to maintain the human body.

    Kedrovka has such healing and useful properties as:

    • A beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract,
    • Helps fight colds,
    • Heals from many skin diseases
    • Restores the skin after burns, bruises, wounds and cuts,
    • Helps with rheumatism, gout, arthritis,
    • Removes puffiness
    • Restores and normalizes blood pressure
    • Improves vision and hearing,
    • Helps men with potency,
    • Relieves irritability, unreasonable anxiety, stress and depression.

    Nutcracker contributes to the resorption and removal of salts from the body, cleanses the lymphatic and circulatory system, has an antitumor effect, strengthens the immune system.

    Quite often used tincture in gynecology. There were cases when nutcracker gave a positive result in uterine myoma. The use of tinctures, douching and applications contributed to the reduction of uterine tumors. And having united with traditional therapy, they helped to recover from the illness forever. Kedrovka is also quite effective in mastopathy. Kedrovka has found its purpose in the treatment of quite a few diseases.

    Application of nutcracker

    When using a healing tincture, it is better to dilute it with water or add it to tea. In no case can not be mixed with drinks such as milk, coffee, soda.

    At the beginning of the application, the nutcracker takes only 5-8 drops three times a day. Tincture should be consumed before meals, but if there are problems with the gastrointestinal tract, then it is better after meals. Every day it is necessary to gradually increase the dose and bring it to 15-20 drops.

    Duration of application is 1-2 months, depending on the severity and stage of the disease. To consolidate the results of treatment after a few months, the course must be repeated. In a year you can spend 4 approaches taking medication, but no more.

    For outdoor use, nutcracker should be used in a non-diluted form. With the help of compression dressings, lotions from nutcracker, you can heal wounds, boils, hemorrhoids, rheumatism. They are applied to 15 minutes several times a day. With a cold, aches, salt deposits should be rubbed into a sore spot. A huge part of people in age suffer from pains in the joints and legs, some of them move with a stick. Rubbing the tincture in the legs and painful areas, will greatly facilitate life.

    To improve the condition of the skin, tincture is used instead of lotion, and to improve the structure of the hair, it must be rubbed into the scalp.

    При опухолях и онкологии кедровку пьют в течение 6 месяцев. Необходимо пить по одной столовой ложке утром, днем и вечером.

    Despite the remarkable healing properties, tincture should not be abused. Permissible dose per day is not more than 50 ml.

    Medicinal Tincture Recipes

    Nutcracker can be prepared on nuts or shells. A made tincture according to old recipes is considered the highest quality and effective. The tincture can be made from whole and chopped kernels of nuts, as well as from shell. Can insist on alcohol, vodka, wine and even moonshine. Also, in order to achieve a more positive effect, various healing herbs can be added to it.

    In order for the tincture on the pine nuts to bring a positive effect, it is necessary to choose the right components and, following the recipe, insist on the nutcracker. The suitability of nuts is most correctly determined by the color of the shells, they must be saturated brown. If the shells are of other shades, it means that they have lain for a long time and there are no longer any useful properties in them. Purified kernels have a delicate shade, and if they are stored for a long time, then the color will be dirty yellow. Only by acquiring high-quality material, you can proceed to the preparation of healing tinctures.

    There are a huge number of recipes for the nutrition. Consider the most famous and popular ones:

    1. Recipe tinctures on vodka or alcohol.

    Pine nut tincture on vodka, the use of which is indisputable, is prepared simply and quickly. To prepare this tincture is necessary only from fresh nuts. In order to leave all the excess garbage, nuts poured with plain water. Good and useful nuts will settle to the bottom, and the husks, shells and empty nuts will float to the surface. Then you need to hold them twice for five minutes in boiling water, so unnecessary resin will be removed, from which the tincture becomes bitter and harmful on the stomach.

    Only after careful processing of nuts, they should be poured with a bottle of vodka or alcohol. Then put in the fridge or cellar. After about two weeks, the mixture must be drained. For greater preservation of nutrients, it is better to pour into bottles of dark glass. Nuts should again be poured with vodka, only in this case it should be insisted for about a month. Take this tincture can be no more than 50 grams per day.

    2. Recipe tincture with honey.

    Nuts, peeled by the method of the previous recipe, dried. Then pour a liter of alcohol and put in a warm place for two weeks. Then you need to dissolve two large spoons of honey in hot water and cool. Filtered tincture should be added to the resulting syrup. Mix thoroughly, let stand for another week. Be sure to strain the resulting mixture through cheesecloth, then the tincture will turn out to be transparent, saturated with cognac hue.

    4. Recipe Danikov N.I.

    For the preparation of this recipe, pine nut shell is required. It should be well dried. In a bottle of dark color on the shoulders should be poured the shells and top up with vodka. Close the bottle tightly with a cork and leave it in a dark place for 1-2 weeks, shaking it occasionally. The concentration of such a nutcracker reaches 20%. It is necessary to use tincture on 40-50 drops before food, for one or two months.

    5. Recipe vigorous tincture.

    Observing uncomplicated rules, you get an excellent hearty nutcracker, the recipe for tincture on pine nuts is quite simple. For preparation, you need a glass of peeled nuts and a glass of washed shells. In a glass container to fill the nuts, the shells and pour a bottle of vodka or alcohol. The liquid should cover the mixture by 5-8 cm. Then put in the refrigerator or cellar. After the tincture is necessary to filter. Tincture should be consumed three times a day, 20 drops. It must be kept in dark glassware.

    6. Recipe tincture with currants and orange zest.

    To 50 grams of peeled nuts, add 1-2 fresh leaves of black currant, a teaspoon of orange zest and a tablespoon of sugar. Pour the mixture into a bottle of vodka or alcohol. Tightly plug and clean, for one and a half or two weeks in a dark place. Then the tincture needs to be filtered. Keep in a cool place. (Watch the video at the end of the article)

    7. Recipe tinctures on moonshine.

    Peeled and washed nuts should be given a little dry. To crushed nuts or garlic crusher nuts, add a half cup of sugar and two buds of cloves. Mix the mixture and pour over two liters of moonshine. After we place it in storage in a warm and dark place. Infusion tincture of this recipe should be two weeks. Then the tincture should be filtered.

    Pine nuts give their nutrients, and in return they take fusel oil from the moonshine. Therefore, this drink has no taste of moonshine, no smell. It turns out a pronounced and rich taste.

    Tincture on pine nuts: the benefits, use, treatment and popular recipe.

    As you know, you can find mighty cedars in Siberia, where their fruits are used not only as a delicacy, but also as an effective medicine for a variety of diseases. The kernels of such nuts contain a huge amount of various nutrients and elements. And they also have additional advantages - they are very gentle on the body, treat it, but do not cause harm, and are also well absorbed. Eat pine nuts can be in a very different form. On sale they can be found peeled from the shell or in its original form.

    Sometimes street vendors offer them right in the cones. Someone likes to eat them right way, without any additional ingredients, and someone adds to the salad, to meat, fish and other products, thereby improving the taste of the dish. By the way, this is one of the most useful and nutritious snacks, which should be noted by each person.

    If you use them as a medicine, it is best to prepare a special therapeutic tincture. When there is no desire to mess around and cook it yourself, you can, of course, purchase such a tincture already in finished form in the store. But the most useful will be homemade and homemade. In this case, the tincture is prepared not only from the nuts themselves, but also from their shells.

    • 1 Benefit
    • 2 Application cedar setting
    • 3 treatment

    This tool has long been used in Russia, as a cure for a variety of diseases. It came to us. It is especially effective to use tincture of pine nuts to combat the many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. For example, many doctors recommend using it for gastritis. It also helps to cope with skin diseases. In this case, the tincture is used both internally and externally.

    It is very important to note that the pine nuts themselves and any medicinal products in which they are included, greatly enhance and restore human immunity. Especially after long-term illness and medication, including antibiotics. In addition, they invigorate and tone up. It will be useful to take note of them when there is a shortage of vitamins, in particular during such difficult periods as in spring and autumn. If the human body is weakened by stress, feelings, infections, and any other negative factors, the tincture of cedar nuts will help him quickly and effectively recuperate.

    In their composition you can find a variety of vitamins. Including group B, as well as A, C, D, E and R. Not done without trace elements - this is magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and many others. There are very useful antioxidants, essential oils, amino acids, omega three fatty acids and many other substances that every person needs every day for the normal functioning of his body.

    In addition to all of the above, these small tasty nuts help to normalize pressure, relieve a person from pain in the joints and regulate the deposition of salts in the body.

    As you can see, the list of useful properties of pine nuts and tinctures from this product is very long. Even physicians often recommend this remedy to their patients as a medicine for rheumatism and a remedy for relieving edema. Helps tincture to get rid of eye problems.

    If you apply the discussed remedy regularly, this will allow you to clean the blood of harmful unnecessary impurities and thereby improve the condition of your skin and the whole organism.

    Cedar application

    As mentioned above, pine nuts for the treatment of various diseases are used in very different forms. Even raw, whole, they can replace for a person a whole complex of artificial vitamins. After all, many of the minerals and vitamins necessary for our body are contained in it in huge quantities. In addition, in such nuts, they retain their original properties for quite a long time and do not oxidize.

    Especially effective tincture of pine nuts. This is a great way for those who do not like the taste of the product itself, and who do not want to eat such nuts just for fun. Tincture is a concentrated medicine that is always very effective and effective. Especially in the treatment of infectious diseases, inflammation and in order to strengthen the whole body.

    Very good cedar tincture in the fight against gout and rheumatism. There are even cases where she contributed to the treatment of terrible cancer. For example, with myoma, this natural medicine has repeatedly allowed patients to achieve amazing results in treatment.

    The tincture can be taken orally or used as a douching and application. If you combine different methods at once, it will reduce the tumor of the uterus. And having added this treatment to traditional, it will be possible to forget about this serious illness forever. Tincture is prepared in several ways. If its basis is alcoholic beverages, then it can become not only a medicine, but also an excellent tasty and useful addition to a family holiday.

    True, she has some contraindications. Despite the impressive list of advantages and such a beneficial effect of the product under discussion on the human body, before using the tincture, you should carefully read the entire list of contraindications.

    The main one is, of course, the individual intolerance by the person of any components of this medicine. Or an allergic reaction to them. Also, the nuts themselves will not cause any harm even to babies, but if their base tincture is vodka or alcohol, then it cannot be used by expectant mothers, children, people who do not tolerate alcohol, as well as everyone who suffers from serious liver diseases. . All this must be taken into account.

    In the process of treatment, cedar tincture is used most often in diluted form. You can dilute it with tea or plain water. But milk, soda, coffee and other beverages are not recommended for this purpose. A day is enough to take one teaspoon of alcohol tincture to feel the healing effect. Although for each disease, this dose may vary - increase or decrease.

    For example, for problems with the gastrointestinal tract or liver disease, it is recommended to use twenty drops of this tincture in the morning, afternoon, and evening after meals. It is also worth adding that the majority of strong and effective medical preparations negatively affect the stomach and intestines of a person, but such effects are not observed from cedar tincture.

    Outwardly, this medicine is used for skin ulcers, first-degree burns, inflammation of the joints and mucous membranes, as well as for wounds on the skin that do not heal for a long time.

    Popular recipe cedar tincture - how to cook?

    It is prepared quite simply. There are a huge number of different recipes for such tinctures. Each housewife can cook it yourself at home.

    For example, you can take nuts and shells for cooking at once. Or go in an even simpler way and use unpurified nucleoli. You need 500 grams of nuts and a bottle of vodka. The product is poured into a glass jar, and the top is filled with vodka so that it completely covers the nuts. Future tincture is left for 15 days in a dark place at room temperature. After this period, you will need to check a couple of nuts. If the nucleoli are dissolved in them, then the healing drink is ready.

    If you want to make the tincture earlier, you can first carefully crush the nuts, with or without the shell. Infused such a drink for about a week. When it is fully prepared, it is necessary to pour the tincture into a beautiful comfortable dish, pre-strain it.

    You can make a very tasty and high-quality tincture of one of the shells of such nuts. To do this, she will need to fill a glass jar with a volume of 500 milliliters, then top it up with alcohol or vodka and leave in a dark, dry place for approximately 20 days. After the expiration of the specified period, the tincture must be thoroughly filtered through several layers of gauze and poured into a convenient storage container. It is desirable that it was made of dark glass. Healthy and tasty drink is completely ready for use.

    What is useful tincture on pine nuts?

    Want to improve your health? The gifts of nature will help in this. And one of the most useful and unique is pine nuts. Of these, prepare the tincture used in various diseases.

    The composition of pine nuts includes a lot of nutrients: vitamins E, K, groups B, A, tryptophan, lysine, methionine, protein, amino acids, sugars, copper, iron, manganese, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, cobalt and much more.

    Useful properties of cedar tincture:

    • Pine nuts are an excellent immunostimulant and fortifying agent, so it is useful to take it in the period of colds, with increased physical exertion, as well as after suffering serious illnesses.
    • Tincture cleans the blood vessels of cholesterol plaques and thereby prevents the development of such an insidious and dangerous disease as atherosclerosis. In addition, the tool helps to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, which helps reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases.
    • Pine nuts improve digestion, increase appetite and normalize the work of the gastrointestinal tract.
    • Tincture improves blood composition and normalizes blood circulation.
    • This tool can be used to cleanse the lymph.
    • Pine nuts have anti-inflammatory properties.
    • Tincture has a mild sedative effect, so it can be used for neurosis, depression, frequent stress or for insomnia.
    • The tool helps to improve hearing.
    • If you regularly take the tincture, you can maintain visual acuity and prevent some eye diseases.
    • The tool will help to normalize and accelerate metabolic processes, and this allows you to adjust the work of all body systems, as well as control body weight.
    • Tincture on pine nuts will help to normalize the female hormones and reduce the risk of gynecological diseases.
    • Nuts contain antioxidants that neutralize the destructive activity of free radicals. Thus, the tool slows down the aging process of tissues and prevents the development of cancer.
    • The tool speeds up the regeneration processes, so it can be used for wound healing
    • The use of tincture will help get rid of joint pain and restore their mobility.
    • The tool is very useful for men, as it reduces the risk of prostatitis and increases the potency.

    What nuts to use?

    To tincture turned out really useful, you need to use the right raw materials. The collection of nuts should be carried out during their ripening - in the beginning or middle of autumn (in September or October). The shell should be smooth and have a rich brown tint. The cores are dense, their normal shade is sandy or light brown.

    Tip: Collect in forests away from roads and plants to make pine nuts as healthy and environmentally friendly as possible.

    How to prepare a healthy tincture? Below are a few recipes.

    To make the tincture on the nuts, you will need:

    • two glasses of pine nuts with a shell,
    • 500 ml of vodka or moonshine.

    1. It is better to grind nuts a little with a hammer.
    2. Fill the raw material with vodka, placing in a glass container, and clean for three weeks in a cool and dark place.
    3. Strain the tincture and take.

    No less useful tincture can be made on cedar cones.

    • ten pine cones,
    • 500 ml of vodka (or alcohol diluted with one part of water).

    1. Cones need to shake a little to remove the earth and other contaminants. If they are very dirty, then you can wash them.
    2. Place the cones in a glass jar and fill with vodka. Do not forget to close the jar tightly.
    3. Clean the container in a place protected from direct sunlight and a rather cool place for ten to fourteen days.
    4. When the tincture acquires a bright and rich amber shade, you can consider it completely ready for use.

    Try to make a fragrant tincture of vodka and pine nuts with the addition of orange peel and cloves. Для приготовления потребуется:

    • стакан неочищенных кедровых орехов,
    • 50 граммов апельсиновой кожуры,
    • три горошины гвоздики,
    • 500 мл водки,
    • 1 столовая ложка сахара.

    1. Апельсиновую кожуру высушите и поместите вместе с орешками и гвоздикой в стеклянную ёмкость.
    2. Уберите банку в тёмное место на три недели.
    3. Добавьте сахар и дайте постоять настойке ещё 5-7 дней.
    4. Процедите средство через марлю и принимайте.

    Useful will tincture on alcohol with honey, the recipe of which is discussed below. List of ingredients:

    • kilogram of pine nuts,
    • liter of alcohol
    • liter of clean water
    • 2 cups of natural honey.

    1. First you need to crush the nuts with a hammer or rolling pin. Put them in a large jar, cover with warm, boiled water and clean for five days in a cool place.
    2. Next, add alcohol to the mixture, mix well and remove to infuse for a month.
    3. Add honey, leave the jar for a few more days.
    4. Strain the tincture and take.

    How to use?

    Cedar tincture is widely used in traditional medicine. And here are some ways to take this tool:

    • When blood diseases tincture is taken three times a day, a teaspoon.
    • For the treatment of diseases of the joints, it is recommended to take a tablespoon half an hour before meals three times a day.
    • For back pain or knee pain, you need to take tincture for three weeks. Start with two drops, dissolved in a tablespoon. Every day, increase the dose by 3 drops to reach 25. Then reduce the dose.
    • With a cold, you can drink a teaspoon before meals.
    • When coughing, use the tincture to grind back and chest.
    • For the treatment of diseases of the lungs take two tablespoons of sutra.
    • In case of skin diseases, you can make lotions by diluting the tincture with water (one or two parts of water is taken on the part of the product).

    Medical tincture on pine nuts will improve health, if properly prepare and take it.

    Features of cedar tincture on vodka, benefits and composition of nuts

    The main ingredient of the aromatic and healthy tincture is pine nut. It has a rich and saturated with useful substances and minerals composition, which includes:

    • micro and macronutrients,

    • Amino acids - most of them are irreplaceable or conditionally replaceable. Among them are scarce ones, whose value is very high - these are lysine, tryptophan, methionine,

    • B vitamins that normalize the metabolic processes occurring in the body,

    • vitamin D - necessary for the body to ensure the strength of bone tissue,

    • carotene - is responsible for the normal blood formation and vascular wall strength,

    • Vitamin E is involved in the transportation of nutrients in the body, helps to better absorb other vitamins, acts as a powerful antioxidant and reducing agent. This is an important detail for women's health,

    • high quality oil takes a share of 63-64% of the core,

    • easily digestible proteins occupy 17% of the mass of the nucleus. They are represented by arginine, lecine, alanine, glycine, proline, serine, tyrosine, valine, glutamic acid and other amino acids,

    • in small amounts titanium, silver, cobalt, sodium, aluminum are included in the composition,

    • carbohydrates are represented by substances such as sucrose, fructose, glucose, starch, dextrins, fiber, pentosans.

    Enough to eat 100 grams of raw nuts to replenish the daily rate for the body of useful minerals and vitamins.

    The nut shell, which includes a lot of fiber, tannins, sugar, amino acids and valuable trace elements, also has value. From the whole mass of the seed, the shell takes up a large part - 60%. From unsuitable for food shells can also be used to prepare elixirs useful for the body.

    Helps to overcome radiculitis shell powder (200 g), filled with vodka. Blend tightly and insist 1 month, then strain. Need to drink medicine on an empty stomach for 2 tbsp. l before eating.

    To create a means to strengthen the immune system you need to fill a jar with a capacity of 0.5 liters of nutshell and pour alcohol. After three weeks, the liquid must be drained and poured into a dark vessel. Before meals, you will need to take 1 tsp daily. composition.

    Cedar tincture on vodka: the benefits of treating internal problems

    For therapeutic and prophylactic purposes, the nut mixture is prepared with alcohol, not vodka. Alcohol and cores dissolve better and makes the medicine more effective. To create an infusion, you need to put 1 liter of alcohol in a glass container and add 2 glasses of dried nuts along with the shell to it. Before adding the nuts, it is recommended to hold 2 times for 5 minutes in boiling water to eliminate the bitterness present in the shell, which also appears in the finished product.

    After 2 weeks, the healing fluid will be ready. Before using it, it is necessary to strain it and add boiled water to it in a ratio of 1 to 3. For prophylactic purposes it is necessary to take 1 tsp daily. facilities. If desired, you can dilute the tincture with water and drink the tool or add the elixir to tea. Internal use solves a number of such problems:

    • provides prevention of atherosclerosis,

    • improves overall health, normalizes sleep,

    • has a cleansing effect on lymph and blood,

    • is responsible for the strength of vessel walls,

    • increases the body's defenses and strengthens the immune system,

    • enhances sharpness of view and enhances hearing

    • ensures the earliest possible recovery of the body in the postoperative period or after illness;

    • maintaining strength in moments of intense physical activity,

    • protection against the occurrence of diseases in the female,

    • prevention of cancer development,

    • normalization of high cholesterol in the blood,

    • ensuring male health.

    Cedar tincture on vodka: harm and benefits of topical use of the drug

    To prepare the agent for external use, you should slightly change the recipe. It will take a pound of pure pine nuts and 0.5 liters of vodka. The remedy should be infused within 14 days in a dark place. Then you need to drain the liquid, add the same amount of fresh vodka to the same nuts and insist the mixture at this time for three weeks. The liquid collected from two times should be mixed and stored in a dark place, preferably in a glass container. For external use infusion is suitable in such cases:

    • if there are diseases of orthopedic nature, including age transformations,

    • in the presence of diseases in the rheumatological part, which are in remission,

    • to rehabilitate and restore the integrity of the skin after injury, burns, open wounds,

    • to eliminate dermatological problems.

    As a means for compresses, cedar tincture should be diluted with purified water at least in a 1: 2 ratio in order to avoid burns on the skin. It is acceptable to apply a compress on the pre-cleansed skin, on which there are no wounds that bleed. In the solution you need to moisten a piece of bandage or cotton according to the size of the damage and put it, covered with oilcloth on the sore spot. You can impose such compresses with existing diseases of the throat and to warm up the joints, they will be highly effective.

    Cedar infusion can be used for grinding. Pre-liquid must be heated to room temperature. For rubbing, it is enough just to moisten clean hands in the product and apply it to the problem area with massaging movements until warmth appears on the skin. At the end of the rubbed place you need to wrap dry material.

    Side effects from the use of cedar tincture on vodka, harm to the liquid

    Along with a lot of positive aspects, cedar tincture has several contraindications that must be taken into account when using the medication:

    1. Perhaps the presence of individual intolerance to cedar fruits or allergies to their components, as well as alcohol intolerance.

    2. You should not use tincture or you need to limit its intake in the case of liver disease. The fact is that any nuts give this body a serious load, and during periods of exacerbation of diseases this is fraught with serious consequences.

    3. Because of the alcohol component contained in the composition, the tincture is not recommended for children, women during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    Cedar tincture can not be considered a panacea, but it copes more than effectively with the many diseases that it can do.

    Medicinal properties of cedar tincture

    The healing qualities of tincture on pine nuts are diverse. It is believed that such a tool is particularly effective in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT), for example, gastritis and ulcers. Also, this popular drink is recommended for attacks of rheumatism, colds.

    The list of medicinal properties of tincture includes the removal of excess salts from the body, the normalization of joint mobility, increased potency. In the cold season, this drink is useful for raising immunity and preventing vitamin deficiency. With minor complications, the remedy helps to improve eye condition and hearing.

    Many experts note that cedar tincture is effective for uterine myoma, cancer, and kidney and liver problems. In the case of uterine tumors, you can not only take the drink inside, but also make douching or application on its basis. According to doctors, tincture can be used in the treatment of gout and hemorrhoids.

    Interestingly, the cedar tincture can be used even in an external way. With this application, it accelerates the healing of ulcers, bruises, wounds, cuts and abscesses. Also, tincture helps to get rid of skin eczema.

    How to make a tincture on pine nuts: cooking recipes

    To cedar tincture on alcohol turned out really effective, you must correctly choose the nut kernels. For the recipe, only fresh and even specimens are suitable, which have not begun to rot and are not covered with dirt. It is these pine nuts poured into the container and poured water to make it easier to get rid of the husk and empty shells.

    Then the kernel should be scalded twice with hot water. This is done to remove a bitter note in the taste of nuts. Dried after this cedar can be safely used to create a healthy drink.

    Cedar tincture on alcohol, the recipe of which can be read a little lower, can be made with peeled nuts, and with a shell. In this case, the medicinal qualities of the product do not change.

    Alcoholic cedar tincture cooked with peeled nuts is lighter in color than in shell. You can also add to the infusion of cedar sap (cake).

    Also, if desired, additional ingredients can be added to the infusion, which will enhance the effectiveness of the drink in relation to various diseases.

    Medical cedar tincture: a recipe for oral administration

    Cedar tincture on alcohol, the recipe of which includes sugar and vanilla, turns out to be softer in taste and pleasant. In this case, 500 ml of alcohol should be diluted to 40-45 degrees. For this option, tinctures require 40 grams of unpeeled nuts, a tablespoon of granulated sugar, some vanilla on the tip of a knife, and 2-3 grams of orange peel.

    Sometimes a black currant leaf is added to this recipe for flavor and taste. However, it should be removed after 3 days of infusion. In total, the drink languishes in a dark place for 10 days, after which it is filtered and left for another 3-4 days.

    Medical cedar tincture on alcohol with oak bark recipe

    The pronounced taste and aroma of cedar spirit tincture gets when adding cloves and honey. On a two-liter jar of unshelled nuts, you need to take 8 liters of pure alcohol, 6-8 clove buds, 150-300 ml of mountain honey and 4 tablespoons of oak bark. Insist means for 1-2 months, not forgetting it then pass through the gauze.

    Cedar tincture on vodka recipe

    Very often the infusion is prepared on vodka or moonshine in the absence of alcohol, while the quality of this product does not decrease. It is also prepared simply: according to the classic recipe for 50 grams of pine nuts - 500 grams of vodka.

    Learn about the benefits for the body and how to take the tincture of pine nuts >>

    Alcohol tincture on pine nuts and how to take it

    When the cedar tincture on alcohol is already in the locker, using it in the right doses becomes a major problem for many. Indeed, it is important to use such a drink in the right quantity, counting the remedy for the whole course.

    Photo: pine nuts tincture

    For the prevention and treatment of internal organs

    If you plan to use cedar tincture more as a preventive measure, it suffices to restrict one teaspoon of drink per day. For external use, you will need a cotton pad, which is moistened in a tincture and applied to the affected area. Repeat this procedure to a visible improvement.

    In order to get rid of diseases of the stomach and liver, as well as problems with pressure or blood vessels, you should use 20 drops of tincture three times a day, preferably after a meal. In this case, half a teaspoon with a drink is better to pre-dissolve in tea or plain water. The course of treatment in this case lasts 4 weeks, after which a break is required.

    This method of treatment is also recommended for other internal diseases of the body - with gastritis and gastric ulcers and all organs of the gastrointestinal tract, with kidney and liver diseases. The course of treatment is no more than 4 weeks. After that, you should take a break in treatment for at least six months.

    Pine nut tincture for the treatment of female diseases

    Another problematic aspect, which inevitably creates cedar tincture on alcohol, is the use in gynecology. Treatment of diseases of the intimate zone requires special care, so the correct course is very important.

    Photo: cedar tincture at home

    It is believed that to get rid of uterine fibroids, it is necessary to use three times a day for a tablespoon of tincture. It is better to do this for half an hour before meals. The course lasts six months, after which a break for 2 months. Doctors do not recommend interrupting treatment before the due date.

    With uterine tumors, you can not only take the drink inside, but also make douching or application with tincture. According to the doctors, this is one of the effective treatments. Just need to first consult with your doctor!

    The right choice of raw materials

    To make the tool really useful, you need to choose the right nuts. The first thing you should pay attention to is the color of the shell. She should have a rich dark brown color. The shell of other shades indicates a stale product and a dried kernel that has lost all its benefits.

    Pine nuts need to be bought during the harvest - in early autumn (September — October). High-quality purified product should be a delicate, light brown color. Dirty yellow color indicates long-term storage. Dead cores change not only the color, but also the taste properties, which can make the tincture unbearably bitter.


    Pine nuts tincture on alcohol is prepared in two stages:

    1. Preparation of ingredients. As mentioned above, for the recipe you need to use only fresh cedar fruit. To start, fill them with cold water and clean them of debris, shells, and unusable nuts. After that, 3 times boil them for 2-3 minutes (pouring water each time). This action is necessary to remove the resin from them, which gives the agent bitterness and detrimental to the digestive organs.
    2. The cooking procedure. From the finished nuts, separate 1 cup and fill them with 0.5 liters of vodka or alcohol. Seal the container tightly so that the alcohol does not evaporate, and determine in a dark, cool room for 2 weeks. After the cedar tincture is infused, pour it into a dark glass bowl, and the remaining nuts in the old container again pour 500 ml of vodka and leave for 20 days.

    Attention! Take the finished drink in a dose of not more than 50 ml at a time.

    For cardiovascular, eye and urolithiasis, with weakened immunity, take 1 tsp, diluted in 50 ml of water, three times a day before sitting down at the table.

    For diseased joints and problems with hearing, 15-25 drops, diluted in 50 ml of water, twice a day.

    Recipe from Altai doctors

    There is another recipe for pine nuts. Tincture on vodka reached us from the Altai Old Believers. It will require 1.5 cups of raw materials. The washed fruits of cedar pour 0.5 liters of alcohol or vodka, but this time put the dishes in a warm place and the liquid insist not 14, but 10 days. Ready drink should be taken at 0.5-1. spoon three times a day before eating at the above diseases. Treatment usually lasts 30 or 60 days with a one month break. The number of courses per year is 2-5.

    2 cups of processed pine nuts pour 1 l of alcohol, bottle determine in a warm room for 14 days. Then melt through water bath 2 tbsp. spoon of honey (preferably floral) and dissolve it in water heated to 60 degrees. Cool the resulting syrup to room temperature and pour the tincture into it (without nuts). Mix ingredients thoroughly and leave to infuse for another 7 days. Filter the finished solution through a gauze cloth and drink 50 ml each before the meal for both therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.

    Attention! Honey tincture on cedar nuts should have a rich amber shade.

    Benefits of Pine Nut Shells

    Скорлупа ореха содержит большое количество редких дубильных веществ и поэтому характеризуется бактерицидными, противовоспалительными, вяжущими и кровоостанавливающими свойствами. Самый простой рецепт ее (2-3 ст. ложки на 1 стакан кипятка) избавляет от воспалений полости рта, исцеляет тяжелые кожные недуги: экзему, лишаи, ожоги, гнойные раны (посредством компрессов и обертываний).

    Классическая настойка на кедровых скорлупках рассасывает соли при болезнях суставов, препятствует их отложению, лечит хронический остеохондроз. A bath on the basis of decoctions of the shell help with rheumatism, gout and lumbago.

    The content of the article

    Cedar tincture of nuts based on alcohol, vodka or moonshine is an example. The difference between drinks is not very noticeable. Alcohol is characterized by high extraction of useful substances through the walnut shell. The strength of cedar tincture on vodka is lower, and the taste is more pleasant.

    Tincture based on cedar seeds with vodka looks and tastes like cognac. But do not abuse the useful drink, because the purpose of the cedar tincture is medicinal and prophylactic.

    Harm of cedar tincture

    Cedar tincture, like other homemade tincture, is harmful only if it is excessively ingested.

    The benefits and harms of cedar tinctures depend on compliance with the doctor’s prescriptions. It is not recommended to use cedar tincture for:

    • alcohol rejection or intolerance,
    • allergic reactions to tincture components,
    • contraindications to taking alcohol,
    • liver disease,
    • the use of drugs that are not compatible with alcoholic beverages,
    • pregnancy
    • breastfeeding (due to alcohol and tannins),
    • under the age of 18 (small doses are allowed under the supervision of parents).

    The use of cedar tincture

    Pine nut tincture is a solution for those who do not like the taste of cedar nuts, but who wish to benefit from the drink. Tincture taken with infectious diseases, against inflammation and to strengthen the body. This is due to the natural origin and natural composition.

    Medical cedar tincture is used inside and for douching or application. The healing properties of cedar tincture depend on the method of manufacture and the basis. Since the basis of the drink is vodka, moonshine or alcohol, the tincture is used as a medicine, and as an addition to the festive table.

    Cedar tincture on vodka has contraindications. These are individual intolerance to ingredients and allergy to ingredients.

    Tincture Recipes

    • Recipe with peeled nuts. 40 grams of nuts, fill with 0.5 liters of vodka or alcohol and place in a glass container. For 40 days, maintain the tincture in a dark place, with every three days, mix. After a time, strain the tincture. Take as recommended by your doctor.
    • Unpeeled Recipe. 500 grams of unpeeled pine nuts pour alcohol, and after 2 weeks check for the presence of kernels inside. The tincture is ready for use if there is no kernel when splitting a nut.
    • Mashed nuts recipe. Cedar nuts thoroughly mash, then pour vodka or alcohol 5 inches above the level of nuts. After a week, strain the tincture, pour into a glass dish and consume.

    Show your imagination in the manufacture - and you will become the keeper of your own recipe for making cedar tincture.

    How to make tincture?

    How to prepare a healthy tincture? Below are a few recipes.

    To make the tincture on the nuts, you will need:

    • two glasses of pine nuts with a shell,
    • 500 ml of vodka or moonshine.

    1. It is better to grind nuts a little with a hammer.
    2. Fill the raw material with vodka, placing in a glass container, and clean for three weeks in a cool and dark place.
    3. Strain the tincture and take.

    No less useful tincture can be made on cedar cones.

    • ten pine cones,
    • 500 ml of vodka (or alcohol diluted with one part of water).

    1. Cones need to shake a little to remove the earth and other contaminants. If they are very dirty, then you can wash them.
    2. Place the cones in a glass jar and fill with vodka. Do not forget to close the jar tightly.
    3. Clean the container in a place protected from direct sunlight and a rather cool place for ten to fourteen days.
    4. When the tincture acquires a bright and rich amber shade, you can consider it completely ready for use.

    Try to make a fragrant tincture of vodka and pine nuts with the addition of orange peel and cloves. For cooking you will need:

    • a glass of unpeeled pine nuts
    • 50 grams of orange peel,
    • three pea carnations,
    • 500 ml of vodka
    • 1 tablespoon of sugar.

    1. Dry the orange peel and place together with the nuts and cloves in a glass bowl.
    2. Clean the jar in a dark place for three weeks.
    3. Add sugar and let the tincture stand for another 5-7 days.
    4. Strain the medium through gauze and take.

    Useful will tincture on alcohol with honey, the recipe of which is discussed below. List of ingredients:

    • kilogram of pine nuts,
    • liter of alcohol
    • liter of clean water
    • 2 cups of natural honey.

    1. First you need to crush the nuts with a hammer or rolling pin. Put them in a large jar, cover with warm, boiled water and clean for five days in a cool place.
    2. Next, add alcohol to the mixture, mix well and remove to infuse for a month.
    3. Add honey, leave the jar for a few more days.
    4. Strain the tincture and take.

    When medicine turns into poison

    Alcohol is not a diet product. If you drink the medicine like water, you can get serious problems. Alcohol, as is known, destroys the cells of the liver and brain, creates an unreasonable load on the heart and kidneys. In order to accidentally become an alcoholic, you need to use the alcohol infusion, observing the dosage and frequency of use.

    The main component of the drug, nuts, is also a rather heavy product. Therefore, you should not get involved in tincture with liver problems or malfunctions of the digestive system.

    There are several conditions in which the use of the drug is undesirable or even prohibited:

    • Individual intolerance to the components, allergic to any nuts.

    Cedar tincture has a calming effect and normalizes sleep, and also helps fight excess weight, because it accelerates metabolic processes. Despite this, to lose weight with it will not work. And nuts, and alcohol are very high in calories. In addition, alcohol is addictive. Therefore, the property to normalize sleep and accelerate metabolic processes is better perceived as optional.

    • Herpes in the active stage.
    • Children's age (up to 18 years).
    • Alcohol intolerance.
    • During pregnancy and breastfeeding.

    It is worth considering that pine nuts, infused with vodka, do not always give the desired result. If within a few weeks no positive changes are observed, it is better to refuse to take the further course and consult a doctor.

    Classic Tincture Recipes

    Recipes alcohol tincture with pine nuts, there are many. Depending on the ratio in which the ingredients are taken and how long they infuse, both the properties of the finished tincture and its quality change.

    The classic recipe is very simple:

    • We take 1 kg of pine nuts, washed and dried. We sort out, throw away all the empty and spoiled nuts.
    • Then pour the kernel into the bottle and pour 1 liter of vodka. Close the lid and remove to a dark place for 2 weeks.
    • Ready infusion filter. For taste and additional benefits, you can add some honey, lemon juice or mint to the infusion.
    • This infusion is suitable even for a feast. But it is better to take it twice a day in a tablespoon, half an hour before meals. This will help to clean and strengthen the blood vessels, a positive effect on immunity.

    Recipe tinctures for the treatment of joints:

    • Take 300 g of washed and dried nuts, fall asleep in a glass jar. Pour 300 g of granulated sugar there and mix everything.
    • Fill 0.5 liters of moonshine, vodka or diluted alcohol. Close and remove to a dark place for 1 month.
    • Ready infusion filter and pour into a clean glass bottle. The remains of the raw material are again poured with vodka and insisted for another 1 month. Thus, with 300 g of nuts, we get 1 liter of infusion.
    • The tool take 1 teaspoon 3 times a day.

    Tincture to help cope with "female" problems:

    • Take 1.5 cups of nuts, washed and dried. After that, slightly press under the press to split pine nuts or cracked.
    • Fill them with 0.5 liters of vodka, insist in a dark place for at least 10 days. After that, filter and use only the liquid part.
    • Apply the composition of 1 tablespoon 3 times a day, just before meals. The duration of the course is 30-60 days, depending on the initial state. After that you should take a break for 1 month. To get a lasting result, the course is repeated from 2 to 5 times during the year.

    It is necessary to accept infusion with the medical purpose according to advice of the doctor. During the course it is important to undergo a regular, once every three months, examination in order to trace the dynamics of your health. If the infusion does not help or, worse, there is deterioration, you should consult with your doctor.

    Tincture of pine nut shell

    Cedar tincture on vodka is also good because it is not necessary to use whole nuts to make it, you can get away with the shell. It should be thoroughly washed and dried. After that, use one of the methods:

    • With dermatitis. Pour 3 tablespoons of crushed shell with a glass of vodka, cover with a lid and leave for 9 days in a dark place. Strain the resulting liquid and use it to wipe problem areas and for lotions. The tincture can also be taken orally, for example, in case of inflammation of the mucous membranes - 2 teaspoons three times a day, before meals.
    • When hemorrhoids or violation of the blood. We take a bottle of dark glass, fill it with a nutshell, leaving no more than 1 cm above. Fill the contents with vodka and insist 10 days. Strain the mixture. Liquid taken 1 teaspoon to 4 times a day, half an hour before meals.
    • With pathologies of the digestive tract. In a glass jar or a bottle, we pour a glass of pine nuts shell, pour 0.5 l of vodka there. Insist 2 weeks in a dark warm place. Every day, the container must be shaken vigorously. Tincture should be drunk a teaspoon in the morning and evening on an empty stomach. During the exacerbation of chronic conditions you need to take a break.

    There is one caveat - in the case of the shell, it is better to use not vodka, but alcohol, diluted to 40º. It dissolves the shells better, which makes the composition more saturated, and the healing effects are bright and persistent.

    Recipe for tincture of kernels of nuts for external use

    To prepare the tincture, it is better to clear the kernels from the shell yourself - such nucleoli will save more useful substances. At 0.5 kg of nucleoli we take 0.5 liters of vodka, mix and insist for 2 weeks in a dark place. Then pour the liquid into a separate glass container, and pour the nuts 0.5 liters of vodka again. Such a composition has been insisting for 3 weeks. Mass collected in two times can be stored in one container.

    This tincture is applied externally, as a basis for compresses and lotions. It will facilitate such states:

    • Orthopedic pathologies, including those caused by old age.
    • Rheumatism in remission.
    • A number of dermatological problems (by prior consultation with the doctor).
    • Violation of the integrity of the skin (wounds, abrasions, burns). The infusion will help speed the healing process.

    Alcohol tincture on pine nuts is not externally applied in its pure form. For 1 part of the infusion you need to take 2 parts of drinking water. In the opposite case, you can get a chemical burn. Lotions and compresses are superimposed on the sore spot, but should not be in contact with the skin. As a strip, gauze or bandage is usually used. Well help rubbing tincture on pine nuts, before the procedure, it should be heated to room temperature.

    With all the benefits of cedar tincture, it must be remembered that it will not replace specialized drugs and medical procedures. Self-treatment often leads to opposite results, therefore, it is necessary to consult with your doctor about cedar tincture and its use. For prevention, the infusion is taken in minimal doses, between courses, you need to take breaks.


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