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5 ways to save space in the kitchen


Small kitchen is the reality of most apartments in our latitudes. And not only in ours. In any case, as popular wisdom says, a modest size is a reason not for complexes, but for great fantasy. We suggest starting with these 11 simple but effective ideas on how to equip the kitchen space with maximum comfort and minimum loss of precious centimeters.

In the arrangement of a small kitchen the same rules apply as in the diet: the main thing is to remove all unnecessary. Or, at least, hide away. Take into arms the idea of ​​how to organize all the necessary things in the kitchen in the conditions of a strict saving of space and money.

No. 1 - Furniture for a small kitchen

For the sake of imaginary convenience, many residents of miniature apartments often abandon certain pieces of furniture. If we consider the nuances of the layout, you can install everything you need.

The kitchen has a rectangular elongated shape - place the furniture along the walls, if the kitchen is square - the optimal format of the furniture arrangement is the letter “G”.

The height of the ceilings in small apartments is small, so hanging cabinets and shelves under the ceiling will be the best solution.

Retractable systems will help to increase the working space of the kitchen. Modern furniture manufacturers implement in this format dining tables, work surfaces, cutting boards.

№2 - Use the balcony

If you do not have enough space in the kitchen, and it is equipped with a balcony - combine these two spaces. Such a massive redevelopment will add not only meters, but also let in more light into your home.

If the union is not possible, we suggest using the balcony as a storage space. But the main thing is not to overdo it, and not to turn it into a warehouse, a compact cabinet with drawers or hinged shelves will be an excellent place to store kitchen utensils, household preparations. And we use the space vacated in the kitchen to organize a dining area, for example.

If this way of unloading the kitchen is acceptable for you, we advise you to choose a balcony unit for a room equipped with a balcony or loggia that will provide the maximum level of tightness and sound insulation and protect against heat loss. Here we will not dwell on how to choose a suitable plastic balcony unit, we recommend useful recommendations to look at the link.

In order to avoid unpleasant consequences when installing double-glazed windows and doors, all work must be carried out in strict sequence. All stages of the installation of the balcony blocks can be clearly seen in the video below from the authorized partner of REHAU in Nizhny Novgorod of the company "Windows of Novgorod". Useful video for anyone planning repairs. Recommended for viewing!

№3 - Refrigerator - where to put

Many residents of small apartments are frightened by the fact that the refrigerator takes up a lot of space. Options for unloading space are possible:

  • during the repair, organize a special niche for the refrigerator, it can be located both in the kitchen and somewhere in the neighborhood,

  • buy two devices, a small refrigerator, which is up to 1.5 meters high, and a compact freezer, which can easily fit in any niche under a dining or work table,

  • You can hang open shelves or drawers above a large fridge separate from the kitchen.

№4 - Storage options for kitchen utensils

Hinged drawers and shelves for food and dishes will be an excellent option to save space.

For the location of small items, use rails.

The abundance of open shelves will fit perfectly into the style of country, but minimalist modern designs welcome closed pull-out sections.

№5 - Design Tricks

And a few more useful recommendations from experts:

  • think over the height of the kitchen set to the height of the window sill, this combination will allow you to use the window sill as a work surface,

  • give up the swing door in favor of the sliding door, and maybe you will like an empty doorway or arch,
  • instead of chairs, set a couch with storage boxes,

  • a kitchen decorated in bright colors will not add centimeters, but visually it will seem much more spacious.

Create a stylish and comfortable space in your small kitchen with the help of our advice, and soon you will forget about its small size.

Idea # 1: Move and Conquer

Kitchen cabinet or table on wheels at the same time offers an additional work surface and storage space for kitchen utensils. They can even be used as a kitchen island, especially in a small kitchen, or as a serving table — they can easily be moved to another room.

Idea number 9: embed and hide

Built-in adapter, which opens by pressing - for such ideas is the future. Every time you need to turn on the kitchen appliances, you only have to press the button and the adapter will be in front of you in a second. After use, it will also quickly disappear thanks to your pressing.

Idea # 10: Spice Magnetism

Do you like spices and can not pass them in the supermarket? In this case, you probably have a lot of them at home. But how to store them so that it is not only beautiful, but also convenient? You can purchase special flat jars, as well as magnetic tape on which they can be attached. In principle, there are tapes of different lengths on sale, so you can always find a suitable option for you.

Idea # 13: go around corners

Oddly enough, but often the corners are dead zones in the kitchen. But if you want to efficiently use the entire kitchen space (especially if you are the owner of a small kitchen), then you need to order special corner boxes. Here you can store anything: dishes, small kitchen appliances, cutlery and other necessary items in the kitchen.

Idea # 14: Maximum Depth

You don't have a dishwasher in your kitchen, so you always wash dishes by hand? Then pay attention to the sink with increased depth. It will help make the process of laundering a mountain of plates much more pleasant and convenient. Fill up the sink with a high mixer with a flexible hose and it will be even easier to wash the dishes.

Idea number 15: do not deny yourself the pleasures

The tablet, of course, is not the most important thing in the kitchen, but it is often quite useful - you can always look for the right recipe or cook for your favorite movie. Therefore, especially for those who appreciate the convenience of using a tablet in the kitchen, there is a special stand that can be adjusted to any angle of view.

9. Rotating shelf - the optimal solution for the corner kitchen

In the kitchen with a corner set just become indispensable shelf, which can be rotated in different directions and freely get all the necessary things. A small kitchen is not a problem if you competently use any free space. But if the whole apartment is small, we recommend to look 20 delightful ideas that will increase the space.

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Idea 1. The logic of the location of furniture

Recall how cooking is usually done. First we go to the fridge and get food. Some of them require washing and cleaning, which means that the tabletop and sink should follow the refrigerator. After the sink, it is logical to arrange the work surface for cutting and other processes for the preparation of products. At the end, semi-finished products go for heat treatment, that is, on the stove, in the oven or in other household appliances, which should logically stand at the end of the kitchen set.

Pay attention to the diagram below. All items of furniture and equipment are in accordance with the proposed above and, as we consider, a convenient layout plan.

Idea 2. The principle of the working triangle

Popular since the 40s of the last century, the theory of the working triangle says that a refrigerator, stove and sink should fit into an imaginary triangle, being its apexes. At the same time, the optimal distance between the vertices will be a distance of at least 1.2 meters, but not more than 2.7 meters. Such an alignment will reduce the physical load on the movement in the kitchen space and make comfortable access to the main kitchen areas - the storage area, the washing area and the cooking area.

Try to find an opportunity to implement the first and second ideas in your kitchen. To make it easier for you to navigate, based on the layout of the room, we offer several options for creating a working triangle zone.

Idea 4. More shelves per square meter

On the working surfaces there should always be enough free space for processing products, which means that we remove all unnecessary items from the tabletops to the maximum. Most often, all the utensils go into kitchen cabinets. Therefore, think and find additional space in the room for arranging cabinets or shelves. As practice shows, a lot of shelves in the kitchen does not happen.

Alternatively, use the space of the "apron" to create the shelves.

Idea 5. Open shelves are better than closed ones.

Open shelves allow you to quickly search for everything you need. Think about it, maybe you should not make the top tier of the kitchen set of closed facades. It is possible that it makes sense to give everything to the open shelves. At the same time and save money when ordering furniture.

Do not be afraid to move away from the templates and instead of standard cabinets or shelves made of wood install metal shelving systems.

Idea 6. Storage arrangement

Cabinets, shelves, racks ... If space permits, combine all these elements and entrust the storage of utensils and products to one room. Create in the kitchen space a small pantry. And you no longer need to pile up a system of cabinets and shelves above the working surface.

Anything that does not require constant use, transfer to the pantry. Not sure that there will always be order? Make the room closed.

Close the pantry can not only classic doors, but also using sliding doors.

If you like open spaces and have enough strength to keep order, then let your storage room be in open access.

Idea 7. Furniture-transformer

Hot topic for small premises. Variations in this case may be several. How do you like the option with a folding table?

Or maybe you will be interested in a variation with a system of a sliding table and a seat built into the kitchen set?

The additional work surface in the form of a roll-out table is also an interesting alternative for maintaining space in the kitchen.

Folding chairs that are easy to store here in the kitchen, hanging on a hook, will be good helpers in optimizing the space, as well as when washing the floor in the kitchen.

Idea 8. Large windowsill

If your small kitchen has a wide window sill, then why not use it instead of a table, thereby saving space and money.

Another way to exploit the width of the window sill is to arrange a small shelving with shelves under it. Now there is where to put a lot of necessary cans and jars.

Idea 9. Storage near places of use.

And now about the important idea that underlies all the others - keep all the necessary things at hand. So you avoid the need to rush around the kitchen in search of the desired item.

Agree, when pots and pans are stored near the stove, and there are bottles with vegetable oil and spices located there, it will be much more comfortable to cook.

Also with the rest of the equipment. Detergents and towels - near the sink, often used products - next to the work surface, tacks, ladles, shovels - again next to the stove. Fork spoons can be hidden in the dining table with a secret.

Idea 10. Drawers in the headset

In the process of optimizing the kitchen space in second place after the correct location of the furniture is the equipment of the kitchen. The main load on the storage of dishes still carries it. Want to maximize space optimization? Puzzled by the internal arrangement of headset cabinets retractable systems.

It will be more expensive than just having a shelf with one shelf, but the effect and pleasure of such a system will pay off with interest.

Idea 11. Dish storage options

We will once again speak out in favor of the drawers and share tips on storing the dishes. For plates convenient drawers with different ways of separating and attaching stacks of dishes. A couple of ideas below.

Pots, ladles, colanders can be stored in such sliding systems with wooden pallets:

Pans are conveniently stored in special sliding metal structures.

Forms for baking, if you have a lot of them, you can give the whole box.

Pans, boards and a pair of lightweight shapes can also be hidden in a vertical drawer.

Idea 12. Corner Storage Systems

If you have a corner kitchen, then all the space in the corner will be useful to provide special storage systems. Usually there it is convenient to store large dishes (pots, pans, etc.).

Corner systems can be a common carousel.

A more expensive type of corner storage systems is the retractable one, which facilitates access to your dishes as much as possible.

You can provide in the corner of the headset and other furniture device, for example, narrow boxes for storing working kitchen tools.

Idea 15. Urns and solutions with them.

Let's start with a retractable option. Why is it better than where the bin just stands behind the door? The answer is: the pull-out is easier to manage; you don’t have to bend over to the tabletop, as it rolls out right under your arm.

You can make it easier, but also effective. Purchase a urn with a special mount and lever. When you open the door, an urn appears from the cabinet, and the lever automatically opens its lid.

With the same success, you can use another version of the mounted urn, which is attached to the inside of the door.

Idea 16. Built-in breadbaskets

Breadbox, which we meet in our kitchens most often - this is a desktop box, which occupies a lot of usable space. So why not move the storage of bread in the cache embedded in the work surface?

You can make it easier and find a place for bread in the drawer of the kitchen unit.

Idea 17. Embedded tool storage systems

If we are talking about storing all kinds of openers, corkscrews or special knives, then this can be arranged with the help of a special folding panel, where each tool will find its place in its own “nest”.

A similar panel can be made for storing knives.

If your kitchen set is no longer subject to drastic changes, purchase a wall-mounted version of the magnetic holder for knives.

Blades, ladles, beaters can be placed on the rails or directly at hand in the drawer.

Idea 18. We use rails

Roof rails are a convenient system for storing the most frequently used items during cooking. Located in the zone of the kitchen "apron", allow you to place on them any items - from spices and bottles of oil to the shovels, towels and dishes.

Idea 19. Walls and their use.

“Houses and walls help.” Did you hear such an expression? Universal formula that works on the kitchen space. Place on the free wall or its part a perforated panel for tools and hang on it all the objects of kitchen life. A budget way to store household utensils is ready.

The second way to use the wall is to combine different elements of racking and railing systems. A pair of metal shelves, a pair of rails and one or two magnetic holders - and the necessary items found their place.

Idea 20. Ceiling to help you

It is about using the air space of the kitchen for the benefit of its owners. How? Using a hanging system for hanging pans and various kitchen appliances.

By the way, the top of the grille is a very convenient place to store items that you do not use often.

Idea 21. More shelves among the shelves

When you add an extra shelf to the space, you double the usable storage space! Add metal shelves with mounting or freestanding grates, and another portion of the necessary things will find their optimal place in the kitchen.

Idea 22. What is there behind the door?

Cabinet doors provide extra storage space. On their inner side you can place a lot of a variety of items, as you can see by reading this article to the end.

Idea 23. Secrets for the space under the sink

You are already familiar with the idea of ​​using the inside of the cabinet doors. Now open the doors under your sink and think about how this idea can be implemented here. Our tips further. Hooks for towels will easily find their place there, as well as a shelf for storing cleaning products.

Love to use sprayers and you have a lot of them. Hang them on a metal rod, as in the photo below.

Baskets and baskets of various formats will facilitate order under the sink.

Idea 24. Storage covers

As it happens in life, one idea creates another. Поэтому продолжаем использовать дверцы шкафчиков для хранения, только теперь для крышек от посуды. Обычные пластиковые крючки помогут с этим справиться очень легко.

Можно использовать и другие приемы, причем не только на дверцах шкафов, но и на любой части стены, как показано на фото.

Идея 25. Хранение специй

Отдельная тема «Как хранить специи». Вариаций множество. The first is an open way of storage on rails.

The second way is the familiar placement on the inside of the doors of the lockers.

For someone it will be convenient and the third option, when the spices are stored in special containers in the top cabinet or immediately below it, if necessary, moving out of the closed space into the open.

The use of magnetic holders is also no longer a novelty. Perhaps both horizontal storage and vertical.

And the last of the options we have proposed is drawers with a diverse internal structure of dividers and containers.