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Catalog of brands of French perfumes with names and photos


Many girls understand that there is nothing more luxurious and delightful than French perfumes, whose names are known all over the world. Their aromas are recognizable and loved by many. After all, real French perfumes, names that are well known, have persistent and high-quality fragrances.

Top French Perfume

The brands of French perfumes are quite diverse, but in reality there are not as many of them as they seem. Many girls want to get real French perfume, because they are a kind of indicator of style, level and status. In addition, the perfume can tell a lot about its owner, her character and mood. If we talk about quality products, unsurpassed aromas and original compositions, then only a few can be called the most popular French perfumes.

List of French perfumes:

The legendary fragrance Lancome Climat, so beloved by our mothers and grandmothers, was created in 1967. These vintage French perfumes got a new life in 2005.

Top notes: daffodil, bergamot, jasmine, violet, rose, peach and lily of the valley.

Heart notes: tuberose, rosemary, aldehydes

Notes: musk, amber, tonka bean, bamboo, sandalwood, civetta, vetiver.

French perfume Sikim

Sikkim - one of the most popular fragrances from Lancome was released in 1971. These French spirits of Soviet times are currently removed from the mass release.

Top notes: bergamot, cumin, gardenia, galbanum and aldehydes.

Heart notes: rose, jasmine, carnation and iris.

Notes: patchouli, coconut, amber, oak moss, leather, vetiver.

French perfume Turbulens

Revillon Turbulences perfume was released in 1981. The fragrance belongs to the floral aldehyde group. It is very sensual and is ideal for romantic evenings and special occasions.

Top notes: bergamot, mint, cumin, green notes.

Heart notes:Clove, pepper, tuberose, ylang-ylang, iris, lily of the valley, sage and rose.

Notes: musk, vanilla, amber, sandalwood, white cedar.

French perfume Zhe o Ze

The fragrance J'ai Ose from the perfume company Guy Laroche was published in 1978. This elegant fragrance gives women confidence and gives a feeling of luxury.

Top notes: peach, citrus, coriander, aldehydes.

Heart notes: patchouli, jasmine, sandalwood, rose, cedar, iris and vetiver.

Notes: Musk, amber, moss and benzoin.

French perfume Ellipse

The fragrance Ellipse by Jacques Fath was released in 1972. Perfume has gained incredible popularity and its creators have made another option for the evening. These spirits are for real women who know what success is and are confidently approaching it.

Top notes: tangerine peel, greens, bergamot and aldehydes.

Heart notes: nutmeg, vetiver, jasmine and rose.

Notes: pine, cedar, oak moss and musk.

French perfume Fragonard

This fragrance from the eponymous firm Fragonard is incredibly sensual, feminine and seductive.

Top notes:hyacinth and bergamot.

Heart notes: jasmine, honeysuckle and lily.

Notes:musk and amber.

French perfume Lambre

The collection of perfumes of this company is very diverse. Each fragrance is heard differently in different women, so the selection must be individual. Each new perfume is issued under the number, and one of the most popular perfumes is fragrance No. 11.

Top notes: plum, melon and peach.

Heart notes: vanilla, caramel and jasmine.

Notes: amber, musk, santal.

These are just some of the most famous brands of French perfumes, the list of which is quite long.

How to distinguish the French perfume from a fake

This fragrance can not be cheap, but if you paid a decent amount, it does not mean that in a bottle of natural French perfume. How not to be mistaken and to distinguish the original from a fake. We offer several ways:

  1. Require a certificate of quality and study it. If there is no certificate, we will be guided by the appearance of the package and the bottle.

  2. Outer packing must be made of thick cardboard with clear certification marks: on the back of the box there is an inscription “parfum”, and next to it there are large letters of the abbreviation FL.OZ, denoting the resistance of perfumes. The original French perfume will have an abbreviation of 1-1.7 FL.OZ, and a French eau de toilette will have 3-4 FL.OZ. In addition, the original products are always indicated: date of manufacture, composition, deadline for implementation and the country of manufacture. Real French spirits always have a composition of ingredients and an aroma pyramid: all three main notes. All inscriptions on the box should be clear, stickers on the box are not used. Packaging cellophane - thin and transparent, but very durable, should fit tightly cardboard, without air bubbles.
  3. Ask for a probe. All real French spirits have a sample vial and a perfume bottle identical. The only exception is the Salvador Dali perfume, they have a pencil-shaped probe. Pay special attention to the bottle itself: its glass should be smooth and transparent, without air balls. The original scent is never covered with a metal lid, as the perfume can deteriorate from contact with the metal surface.
  4. Real manufacturer tightly fixes the bottle in the box, and if you shook the box and heard even the slightest movement of a bubble, then it is fake.
  5. Real perfume at first they smell very sharply due to high concentration, and after about 30 minutes the aroma acquires a new shade, but does not lose its brightness. Test the fragrance on your wrist, and evaluate it after 30 minutes.

Catalog of the best French perfumes with photos

French perfume is all flower based. There are smells:

  • chypre,
  • Oriental,
  • exotic spices,
  • with wood component
  • citrus.

let's we’ll dwell on stamps French perfume.

Perfume Chanel

In 1921, perfumer Ernest Bo introduced Coco Chanel to choose from ten fragrances; she chose fragrance number 5 and gave him her name. - Perfume Chanel №5 - - the most famous fragrance classicFrench perfume.

The pyramid of Chanel No. 5 fragrance is revealed by the following perfume composition:

  • aldehydes, neroli and lemon, ylang-ylang and bergamot - top notes,
  • violet root, iris and rose, jasmine and lily of the valley - middle notes,
  • oak moss, sandalwood, patchouli and musk, viverra and vetiver, vanilla and amber - base notes.

French perfume Klima

French perfume house Lancome known for exquisite feminine fragrances. In 1967, the legendary perfume Lancome.

Aroma Pyramid Presented by:

  • opening notes - bergamot, jasmine and narcissus, rose and violet, lily of the valley, peach,
  • middle notes - aldehydes, rosemary and tuberose,
  • plume - sandalwood, tonka bean, civet and vetiver, bamboo, musk and amber.

French perfume Black Magic

Magie Noire - French perfume from the famous brand Lancome. The fragrance is an oriental floral and considered an evening perfume. Smell emphasize sensuality, sophistication and mystery. He drunk, seduces and reveals such notes:

  • upper - galbanum, hyacinth and rose, black currant and raspberry,
  • middle notes - lily of the valley and tuberose, jasmine and narcissus, iris root, ylang-ylang, cedar,
  • plume - sandalwood and patchouli, vetiver and oakmoss, civetta, musk and amber.

French perfume. Real French Perfume: Prices

The magic phrase "French perfume" today, as before, leads women into a wild delight. And if any lady presented them as a gift without a special reason, then believe that the heart will be conquered immediately. Why did the French spirits have and have such a magical effect on the representatives of the weaker sex? Everything is very simple.

Paris is a place where not only branded clothing is produced, but also perfumery. Here the aroma of "disturbing", "refined" and slightly adventurous luxury, which ideally harmonizes with both evening toilets and with "relaxed" clothes. Well, what a young lady would not want to feel like a Parisian woman, even with a bottle of elite perfume.

What fragrances are offered by perfumers in France

Of course, the French perfume is distinguishable by smell, so that you will not find the same.

Currently, women can choose the right fragrance from the widest range of incense: floral, spicy, citrus, woody, aldehyde, musky, oriental, and so on. Consider the most popular ones.

Of course, nowadays, perfume based on flower compositions, in which the essential oils of violet, rose, iris, jasmine, and lily of the valley prevail, is very popular. This is a popular French perfume. The names “Allure”, “Hugo Woman”, “Tresor”, “Kenzo” are well known to the consumer.

In the eastern compositions are dominated by notes of musk, vanilla, patchouli, sandalwood. This perfume sets up a romantic mood and disposes to liberation. Many ladies choose such French perfumes. The names “Opium”, “Obsession”, “Magie noire”, “Venezia” speak for themselves.

Spicy incenses are exclusive, thanks to which perfumers do not miss the opportunity to regularly present new compositions on the market. Cinnamon, clove, coriander, cardamom in combination with clove and lavender notes allow you to create truly unique perfumes.

Many ladies opt for L'Eau D'lssey Homme and Ysatis.


What other French perfumes are in high demand among women? Naturally, we are talking about citrus flavors. They cheer up and charge a positive for the whole day. The basis of citrus compositions are the essential components of lemon, grapefruit, orange. Often woody or herbal notes are added to the “citrus” bouquet. A huge number of women prefer “Dune pour homme”, “Cerruti 1881” and “One”.

Not only women, but also men buy perfume based on mass wood incense. The shades of scent of cedar, vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli just can not like it. “In Blue”, “One Man Show”, “Gucci Pour Homme”, “Iceberg Twice” - these names are known to every expert in the field of high-quality, elite men's fragrance.

It should be remembered that the fragrance of the perfume is revealed in three stages: first, the top note (light components) is felt, then the more persistent, and then the base notes.

French perfume classification

Experts identify four categories of perfumes made in France. What do they represent?

Luxury perfume

It is made exclusively from natural ingredients, and the concentration of essential oils in it is about 22%.

Perfumes of this category are made only in French enterprises: they contain mostly natural ingredients, and the cap is filled with thin bovine intestinal skin, which is soaked beforehand in a special solution and, after drying, becomes fragile.

Perfume of this category is produced in Bulgaria, the United Arab Emirates and the Netherlands using the patented French technology. The contents of such perfumes are synthetic analogues of natural ingredients. Visually, the packaging of perfumes of category “B” very much resembles a real copy, but it is somewhat simplified, and there is no stamping of the trademark at the bottom of the bottle.

The product belonging to this category has nothing to do with the original and is considered an absolute fake.

French perfumes are still popular all over the world.

Elite French perfume is famous for its high quality, and a huge number of stars of show business and cinema prefers to use it. For example, the famous Mylene Farmer loves the famous brand "Soso Chanel".

The price of the French perfume of this brand is about 6000 rubles per 50 ml. Madonna prefers the brand “Poison from Dior”, and Julia Roberts often uses “Joy”.

French perfume in the era of the USSR

Many ladies of the older generation remember the French spirits of Soviet times. Their range was sparse on the shelves of stores in the era of socialism, and they cost more than half the wages of the average person. And the Soviet man in the street was quite problematic to buy an elite French perfume for his wife, so each lady's bottle of perfume was perceived as something outlandish and unusual. If a woman received a French perfume for her birthday, she immediately turned into a "queen of the ball."

And, of course, the most desirable for the Soviet lady was the perfume “Climat”, which was brought to our country in the late 70s of the last century. They immediately became an integral attribute of luxury and pompousness. The price of one bottle reached 20 rubles, but the Soviet women of fashion often overpayed for scarce perfumes "Klima". The aroma of aldehydes, sandalwood and rosemary, which they exuded, seemed to the Soviet woman something magical and refined.

The second line in polarity was occupied by the perfume “Diorissimo”, the author of which was the well-known Christian Dior. He managed to create a truly fascinating fragrance, which was based on notes of lily of the valley. The cost of these spirits in Soviet times was also 20 rubles.

How to choose french perfume

Each woman should make a choice in favor of a perfume based on their own preferences and taste of her beloved.

You should also consider the age criterion. Young ladies can safely buy a delicate floral bouquet with woody notes.

Ladies over 35 years old will be best suited sweet incense or composition, which is based on vanilla.

Older women can recommend exotic floral arrangements.

When purchasing a specific brand of perfume, you must take into account not only the smell of your body, but also the specifics of the fragrance of deodorant and soap that you use.

How not to buy a fake

Women should be able to distinguish real French perfume from fake.

Their price can reach 10,000 rubles, so if you are offered to purchase an elite product at a too low price, then it is likely that you want to stick a fake.

First of all, pay attention to the packaging. The wrapping material on it must have a very fine structure and at the same time ensure tightness. Thick cellophane indicates that the product is fake.

The basis of high-quality perfume is a bottle made of clear glass. The presence of roughness or air bubbles in the glass is also a sign that the perfume is not real.

There should be no draft at the bottom of the tank.

The cork of the bottle should be only glass. Be aware that if this accessory is made of metal, the perfume may further exude an "unpredictable" fragrance.

Remember that these perfumes in their composition have high-quality alcohol, and when applying perfume, it first smells quite sharply. But after a quarter of an hour, the character of incense acquires a completely different shade, and after another 15 minutes only the “heart note” remains. This is another sign by which you can distinguish between real perfume and fake.

French perfume Sikim

These French perfumes are currently out of production. These perfumes have oriental fragrance. In Soviet times, buying them was very difficult. It was a dream: to buy such perfumes for the New Year or for the Birthday, or even better - to receive it as a gift from someone! Sikim spirits were distinguished by their chic scent; not one Frenchwoman was upset by their removal from production!

French perfume Turbulens

Love the evening gatherings - then this fragrance is for you, it is light, evening. Such perfumes are difficult to buy, even in an elite store, as the perfumes were removed from mass production. There are many fakes that can not be compared with the original, except that the bottle is fine and there are no longer any similarities. If you want to buy French perfume Turbulens - pay attention to the packaging, there should not be more than one Russian word. Real perfumes spoil quickly if they are not stored in proper conditions! Top notes of perfume smell of bergamot and mint, such a pleasant aroma, attracting the opposite sex.

French perfume Ellipse

Ellipse - the spirits of a proud girl, really, their owner immediately understands that she is a gorgeous woman! The luxury of these perfumes lies in the smell of nutmeg, pine, cedar. Were released back in 1972, they are impudent, the sharp aroma speaks for them more than what is written on the packaging itself. This is a vintage perfume. If you want to buy them - get ready to lay out a large amount.

French perfume Lambre

Each lady chooses perfumes from this collection of perfumes individually, but perfume number eleven is more popular. The girls are attracted by the pleasant smell of caramel and jasmine, the vanilla smell is felt.

Whatever perfume you have in your home, remember that you are an individuality, and expensive perfume is only an addition to you.

Perfume le de

Women's perfume Givenchy Le De floral-woody fragrance. This is an exquisite representative of women's elite French perfume.

Aroma composition Le De Givenchy is as follows:

  • opening notes: tarragon and coriander, mandarin and bergamot,
  • middle notes represented by jasmine, lilac, iris and ylang-ylang, rose and carnation, lily of the valley,
  • base notes: sandalwood and guaiac tree, moss, musk and amber.

French perfume from Christian Dior

Perfume Miss Dior created in 1947. For that time, they had a very unusual smell, which отличался необычной стойкостью и откровенной женственностью. Прамида аромата следующая:

  • верхние ноты представляют гардения, гальбанум, шалфей и альдегиды,
  • ноты сердца звучат жасмином и розой, нарциссом и ирисом, анютиными глазками и ландышами,
  • plume образуют пачули, лабданум, дубовый мох, серая амбра, сандал, ветивер и кожа.

The perfume Dolce Vita saw the world in 1995. This is the essence of happiness that Dior wanted to bestow on all women. He said: "I insist on the word happiness».