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How to choose a thermos


The results of the monitoring of the domestic market show that the products of the companies enjoy the greatest demand today:

  • Thermos (Germany),
  • LaPlaya (Germany),
  • Arctic (Russia),
  • Biostal (Russia).

All of the above companies create modern thermoses for high-tech production in Europe, China and Russia. Their “children” are ergonomic, have an aesthetic appearance and meet the requirements of environmental friendliness, comfortable operation and safety, however:

  • The European companies Thermos and LaPlaya specialize exclusively in the production of goods with isothermal properties. Their products are high quality but relatively expensive.
  • The Russian Arctic and Biostal, also produce only thermal vessels and accessories for it. The quality characteristics of their products are not inferior to European ones, but they will cost less.

According to customer reviews, we have compiled a rating of the best manufacturers of thermoses. Conclusions you can do yourself.

The best Russian thermoses

Leading Russian manufacturer of high-quality thermos, thermocup and insulated containers. Today, the Arctic is the most popular and sought-after domestic brand of the best stainless steel thermos. Production is conducted under strict quality control, and reliability and functionality is achieved through the use of the company's own innovative developments. Example, proprietary technology ARCTICA STORM, providing maximum vacuum. Thermos "Arctic" by type of performance and purpose are divided into series:

  • 101-110 - models with a narrow neck of various volumes (350/500/750/1000/1200/1600/2200 ml) for drinks,
  • 201-412 - a model range of thermoses, thermos barrels and thermos mugs with a wide and extra wide neck for food,
  • 501 - thermoses with pneumopump (volume 2000/2500/3000/3500 ml),
  • 702 - Cityserm thermoses with a drinking bowl. Intended primarily for the category of people who are in motion for a long time,
  • 901 - flasks in the form of flasks.

For the manufacture of thermoses "Arctic" is used the best stainless steel grade 18/8 (ANSI 304). Color models are covered with food paint that fully complies with European standards. Warranty - 1 year.

  • Keep the temperature for a long time
  • Quality materials
  • Design.
  • Build in China.

Another popular Russian brand, successfully competing in the market of stainless steel thermoses with both domestic and foreign brands. The Biostal thermo mugs have proven themselves well. But the range of high-quality products manufactured under this brand is not limited. Options for thermostats Biostal for their intended use:

  1. Universal for food and drinks.
  2. With a narrow neck for drinks.
  3. Food with a wide neck.

All models are divided into series:

  • Classic - the usual version of a household thermos, made in a discreet design. The body often has a silver color,
  • Hunting - a more extreme option for hiking conditions. Such thermoses are stronger, and some models are coated with a protective lacquer that prevents the skin from freezing to metal at low temperatures,
  • Sport - a series of compact models for convenient use during training or competition. Such thermoses have a lacquer coating, complemented by a second drinking cup, a plastic handle and a shoulder strap,
  • Auto - compact thermoses for coffee, tea or cold drinks. Their advantage is that they take up very little space and fit easily in the glove compartment,
  • Flёr - a collection of thermoses in the original design. Some models for greater convenience are supplied with a silicone insert.

The warranty for products Biostal from 1 to 3 years depending on the specific model.

How to choose a thermos for tea

Thermos - a special device that keeps the temperature for a long time. Most often they store liquid foods: boiling water, compotes, soups, broths, coffee or tea. How to choose a thermos for tea? This will be further discussed.

The thermos consists of a body and a special flask. There is a vacuum between the two elements. Make flasks of metal or glass.

  1. Glass bulb . Perfectly keeps the temperature of the liquid, but is highly brittle. In most cases, such models are used at home for brewing infusions and teas.
  2. Metal flask . Lose heat a little faster. The main advantage is considered strength. If you often travel or go hiking, a thermos based on a metal flask will be the best solution.

The body in most cases is made of metal or plastic. Here aesthetic preferences come to the fore.

About a third of the heat goes through the lid. Be sure to consider this when choosing.

  1. Thermoses based on glass flasks are equipped with a stopper-plug, which is made of cork. After a certain time, such a cork wears out and starts to leak.
  2. Metal products have plastic caps that are twisted. They have high tightness. Even when dropped, the plastic cover will not allow the fluid to leak.
  3. The best option for tea is considered a cap with a valve. To pour a drink, just press the key. As a result, hot tea does not lose temperature.

The volume of household thermoses for tea is 0.25-20 liters. When choosing a volume, follow your personal needs.

By purchasing a device, you can at any time enjoy fragrant tea, which will invigorate the body and energize. You should not save on the purchase, better choose the products of famous manufacturers.

Proper selection of thermos for drinks

High-quality thermos allows you to save a lot of space in your backpack, warm in winter and quench your thirst with a pleasant liquid in the middle of summer. We can say that the thermos is a faithful companion of a person who likes an active lifestyle.

How to choose a thermos for drinks? The question is about all the people who take the path of research, discovery and travel.

  1. Pay attention to models with a valve and a metal bulb. Such a device allows you to pour liquid without removing the cover. As a result, the drink does not warm or cool.
  2. In choosing there is no place for carelessness and negligence. Hiking thermos should have a strong body, which is not afraid of strong blows.
  3. After a visual inspection, look inside and sniff. The quality model has no specific smell. Otherwise, the campaign will have to enjoy a drink that has an unpleasant aroma.
  4. The case of a good thermos does not change the temperature after filling with hot liquid. This property proves thermal conductivity. If the temperature of the case has increased, then the product will not be able to maintain the temperature for a long time.
  5. Before going on a hike, be sure to test the purchased version. Pour in hot liquid and leave for a quarter of an hour. If, after a while, the hull becomes warm, there is a defect in the design.
  6. When the thermos passes the first test, refill with boiling water and leave for 24 hours. Manufacturers must indicate how reduced the temperature of the liquid per day. After a time, you can check if the characteristics are true.

Choose a product for drinks slowly. The quality of the device determines the comfort of travel.

Tips for choosing a thermos for food

Thermos - a wonderful thing, which is useful in the campaign, at work, on a long journey. Let's talk how to choose a thermos for food and pay attention to the varieties of food models.

Food thermos - an indispensable thing working person. Sure, it will turn out to be supported in the dining room, but the quality of food is not always at the level. As for cafes that offer set meals, not everyone likes this kind of food. A hike in a decent institution flies a pretty penny. If you buy a thermos for food, you will be able to bring to work the warmth, aroma and taste of homemade food.

  1. First of all, pay attention to the ability to keep warm. On modern products it is written for food that this period of time reaches 8 hours. At the time of preservation of heat affects the tightness and type of bulb
  2. Flasks are made of metal or glass. Both options keep warm well.
  3. Food thermoses, which are equipped with a compact vessel and a plastic insert, retain heat for 4 hours due to poor tightness.
  4. If you like hot soups, pay attention to the models, which are based on an all-metal flask. In some cases, they are completed with containers and sudok.
  5. Variants without containers are usually available in 0.5 liters. For an adult, such a product is not suitable. For a child just right.
  6. All-metal thermos with sumps has a bulb in which containers are placed one on another. The undoubted advantage is the long-term preservation of heat.

How to choose a good thermos for fishing

As practice shows, reinsurance in the question is not worth it. If you go fishing for pike or carp alone, there is no point in buying a large product. As a result, the question arises: how to choose a thermos for fishing, so that it matches the needs?

The choice comes down to the main characteristics - volume, material, width of the neck and tube. Consider in more detail each item.

  1. Volume . Capacity directly affects the ability to keep warm for a long time. My friends use a 1.5-liter thermos, because: they fish alone, the average fishing time does not exceed 6 hours, the product is compact and does not take up much space in a backpack. If the characteristics of your fishing are similar, listen to the advice. Otherwise, buy a bulk thermos.
  2. Bulb material . Flasks are made of metal or glass. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. In particular, the flask from glass is fragile, and the metal can be depressurized.
  3. Neck width . A great option for fishing is a 1.5-liter stainless steel thermos with a wide neck and double stopper. To collect hot tea a small stopper is taken out, and for washing it is a big one. The wide neck version is more convenient, but the contents cool down much faster and problems with tightness may occur over time.
  4. Key cap . Many people like such products - it is convenient and beautiful. However, the cork has a complex structure and can fail.
  5. Swirl caps . Differ in high reliability as they are supplied with the isolating laying.
  6. Corkwood . If the cork is made of quality material, it will last a long time. Otherwise it will become a headache.

I hope I managed to answer the question of how to choose a thermos for fishing. Do not forget about your needs and tastes. If they differ from the considered tips, make changes to the selection algorithm.

How to choose a stainless steel thermos

Travelers are people who leave home as soon as possible in search of discoveries and adventures. In a difficult matter helps them high-quality thermos.

Why do I need a thermos? It is useful at work, on a trip and forays into nature. Lovers of tourism should thank the Scottish physicist James Dewar. He developed a vacuum flask and a method for storing rarefied air. After some time, this idea found support among German developers who founded Thermos. Products of this brand is very relevant in our time.

The most popular models are stainless steel thermoses, which perfectly maintain the temperature of the liquid and are suitable for hiking conditions.

Let's talk about the technique of selecting models of stainless steel.

  1. While traveling on uneven terrain, there are falls and unforeseen situations. The product from a stainless flask will please with high durability and enviable durability.
  2. An important point in the selection is the case material. It is better to choose a metal shell. The reasons are the same. Metal in any case more reliable and stronger glass.

Stainless steel thermoses have a disadvantage - if you pour liquid with herbs with a specific smell into the flask, it will not be easy to get rid of the aroma.

Now you are looking at how to choose a stainless steel thermos. You made sure that such models have many advantages, which more than cover the only drawback.

Useful tips and general recommendations

Many are constantly on the road when you can not drink hot tea or just cold water. For this reason they buy a thermos. True, the purchase does not always meet the expectations of the owners.

The quality of the product sometimes does not meet the required level. And they are not to blame, because it is not known how to choose a good thermos. They bought the first available model, which in practice turned out to be far from ideal.

  1. To determine quality, open the thermos and inspect for defects. If there are dents, cracks, scratches or chips, it is not worth buying.
  2. Do not disregard the cap and cap. These elements must be distinguished by high tightness. It is through the tube that the greatest amount of heat is lost. The simple design of the elements contributes to the excellent preservation of the temperature of beverages.
  3. Open the lid and sniff it. High-quality thermos has no sharp odors. The specific smell indicates the use of cheap materials in production.
  4. A sealing ring is provided between the body and the neck of the bulb. The liquid will not spill or cool down if the ring is properly fitted.
  5. Inspect the flask. If it is not loose, you can buy a thermos. Otherwise, the flask will break at the slightest blow. Some flasks are equipped with rubber shock absorbers.
  6. On the surface of the case there should be a mark of the manufacturer, according to which the thermos conforms to European standards. Check and warranty.
  7. If the packaging does not contain the address of the manufacturer and does not indicate the country of manufacture, bypass such a thermos.
  8. When buying, keep in mind that models of the same design and volume, produced by different companies, are distinguished by reliability and temperature characteristics.
  9. High cost does not indicate high quality. It is better to choose a thermos affordable, as a broken expensive option will only bring discontent.
  10. Upon returning home from the store, check the quality of the vacuum. Fill the thermos with boiling water and leave for 15-20 minutes. If the case heats up, go back and change.

If you get a defective product, do not hesitate to return it.

The history of the invention began back in 1982. At that moment, James Dewar, a famous physicist from Scotland, perfected a glass box that he created to store cold and hot substances.

The Scot made a flask from a glass container, equipping it with double walls and a narrow neck. After that, remove the air between the walls and put a thin layer of silver. So managed to save liquid hydrogen.

For economic purposes, the invention has found application only at the beginning of the XX century. Serial production was organized by a German company called Thermos.

Now you know how to choose the thermos correctly. Summing up the conversation, I note that, despite the general similarity in the characteristics of different types of thermoses, they are all different. If some are durable, the latter retain heat well. There are models that combine these qualities. I hope that my article will help to purchase a universal thermos.

How to choose a thermos for food

The modern market offers dozens of models to choose from - all of them have certain advantages. What are the requirements to meet not just good - the best thermos for food, the purchase of which you will not regret?

Food thermos

  1. Choose a thermos for food with a wide neck. It depends on how convenient it will be to impose food in it. Most often, the diameter of the neck they have the same as the diameter of the thermos. Narrow-neck models are better suited for wearing tea, coffee and other beverages.
  2. Give preference to metal or glass flasks. Plastic is not only fragile, but also does not keep heat too well - the food in them will quickly cool. Metal and glass better cope with the task.
  3. Thermos soup should be equipped with a double lid. The first simply closes the neck, not allowing the contents to pour out or fall out. The second must have a thread. Because of this, if the soup is spilled, it does not stain the bag or things. In addition, the second lid can usually be used as a cup - very convenient.
  4. Pay attention to the external case. Most often models from plastic or metal meet. It is better to give preference to metal. Yes, they are heavier. But the user can be sure that the thermos will not crack due to an accidental impact. Even very careful owners of plastic thermos rarely serve more than a year. But the metal will certainly serve you as long as you do not get bored.
  5. Volume - this criterion is chosen for a specific person and situation. One buyer will like soup thermos 0.5 liters, while the other will prefer the model 3-5 times more spacious. Calculate a suitable volume based on your appetite, as well as the number of meals. При этом не забывайте – чем больше объем, тем дольше еда в термосе будет оставаться горячей.
  6. Обязательно внимательно изучите термос. Открутите крышку и понюхайте – если имеется хоть малейший неприятный запах, есть смысл отказаться от выбранной модели. Едва ли кому-то понравится тот факт, что его еда на протяжении многих недель будет иметь привкус пластика.

Отдельно стоит сказать про такую вещь, как термос для еды с подогревом. К сожалению, действительно качественные модели встречаются в этой нише довольно редко. Now, if you want to buy a thermos for beverages with heating function, then there will be no problems. On sale you can see such thermos, working both from the network and from the computer and even the cigarette lighter in the machines. If you need a wide thermos for food, then it is better to give preference to classic models.

As you can see, the rules are pretty simple. But if you memorize them, you will certainly be able to purchase such a wide thermos for food without any problems, which will last for many years and will not make you regret about the unsuccessfully invested money.

Thermos for food Arctic 403

Designed and manufactured by the best Russian manufacturer. Made entirely of stainless steel - both the body and the flask. Due to this, it is able to withstand serious loads without harm for itself - from ordinary pressure to shocks. Perfectly keeps heat - in 5-7 hours the food practically does not cool down. The volume is quite large - 1.5 liters.

Thermos for food Arctic

In addition, it is equipped with a set of three containers - you can put several dishes in them, and then put them in the thermos itself, where the first and second will stay hot. Suitable for real gourmets who are not used to be content with one dish for lunch.

Thermos Soup Stinger

Another very successful model, similar in a number of factors to that mentioned above. The total volume of the thermos - 1.5 liters. And it is also equipped with three plastic containers. They can be folded several dishes, then put in a thermos. This model keeps the heat just fine - after 5-6 hours you can enjoy a hot soup and fresh second course.

Thermos Soup Stinger

It's nice that the Stinger soup thermos is completed with a spoon and fork, as well as a small thermos for storing drinks - coffee or tea. With this set you just never get lost! He is able to serve for a long time even to a not too careful owner - the body is made of high-strength metal, and the flask is made of stainless steel, which is very problematic to damage.

Thermos Thermostat Aqua Work

If you are looking for exactly a thermos for food with heating, then pay attention to this model. Despite the Chinese manufacturer, it deserved mostly positive feedback from users.

It's nice that an empty thermos weighs only 610 grams - quite a bit, even a small city backpack or gym bag will not be delayed. It works from the cigarette lighter in the car, which makes it an excellent choice for people who spend a lot of time in the car, but at the same time do not want to give up tasty, proper nutrition.

Thermos Arctic 305-800

Another successful model from the domestic manufacturer. Will appeal to those who are looking for a wide thermos for food. His shape is unusual - more like a keg. Containers are also not, therefore, suitable for storing only one dish. But the capacity of 800 ml - enough for a company of two or three people with an excellent appetite.

Thermos Arctic 305-800

The neck is very wide - 8 cm. This allows you to transfer second courses in a thermos. However, if you need a thermos soup Arctic, then no one will interfere with pouring rich soup or fragrant soups into it.

Thick walls allow this model to keep warm up to 14 hours - one of the best performance to date. Durable stainless steel guarantees a long service life. The care becomes even simpler - you can easily wash the thermos in the dishwasher.

Operation and care of a thermos

In order for the acquired food thermos to serve for many years, you need to follow certain rules:

  1. Rinse thoroughly after each use - preferably immediately after a meal, rather than later, when food remains dry.
  2. In no case do not pour soda in a thermos with a steel flask - carbon dioxide can damage the metal.
  3. If you have not used the thermos for several months, then before putting food there, take warm water and leave it for several hours to get rid of residual odors.
  4. Do not pour the soup to the very edge - leave some space, because part of the cork should also fit in the flask. Otherwise, the plastic can not stand.
  5. Do not use whiteners, solvents and abrasives in the care - this will significantly increase the service life.

Now you know not only how to choose a suitable thermos, but also how to care for it so that it will last for many years.

Thermos which company is better

Among the manufacturers of thermoses, whose products are the most famous and purchased, are called:


2. American STANLEY and CONTIGO,

3. Russian ARCTIC and BIOSTAL,

4. Swedish PRIMUS.

One of the best thermoses for food with containers - Arctic 403


  • in the presence of three containers of different sizes,
  • durable as made of stainless steel
  • without containers can be used as an ordinary thermos,
  • retains heat very well.


  • plastic boxes quickly turn yellow,
  • no lids for lower containers
  • bulky.

The majority of the reviews about the model are positive - the thermos not only retains heat well, but is also convenient and practical to use.

Among the models with heating, the Chinese Aqua Work series stands out.

They can operate on 220 V mains or a car battery, like a CFXB C5 / C5A lunch box.


  • high-quality durable assembly
  • thoughtful design
  • convenient,
  • the presence of a department with cutlery in the lid and an additional container for salads.


Very comfortable and roomy model that allows you to warm up food in autotravel for 10-15 minutes. Feedback about it is only positive.

The feature of the thermos Arctic 305-800 is the presence of a very wide throat

Advantages of this model:

  • 8 cm wide throat - it is convenient to wash the container, put food into it,
  • keeps warm well enough: for 5–6 hours the food is almost hot,
  • lasting,
  • lacquered against scratches and greasy fingerprints on top,
  • Beautiful design,
  • Can be washed in the dishwasher.


  • not strong enough inside lid,
  • when washing in the dishwasher the varnish peels off quickly.

All consumers are satisfied with the model and do not express serious complaints.

Separate category - thermoses for rice. Their volume is quite large - 3–20 l. Models are used at catering establishments in the preparation of dishes of Japanese cuisine - sushi, rolls, a prerequisite of which is compliance with the temperature regime for rice - 65 ° C. Examples of such models are Starfood SF-8000 / Wood with a volume of 13 liters, Tiger JFM-390P with a volume of 3.9 liters, SW-8000 with 13 liters.

Biostal NB-350C-W

Thermos for drinks Biostal NB-350C-W has the following advantages:

  • durable - made of steel, lightweight
  • wear resistant
  • stylish design, bright color,
  • At room temperature, keeps heat for 12 hours.


  • not warm enough for a long time - it cools quickly at 0 ° C or below freezing.

Users speak of the model unequivocally - this is a good home option, but not for extreme conditions: on the way it will have to be wrapped in addition.

Glass thermos for children Tommee Tippee

Equipped with a tubule, it can be given to children from one and a half years old, in practice, babies are able to master the bowl from an earlier age.

Its advantages:

  • despite the lack of a handle, it is convenient for a child to hold a container in his hands,
  • made of high-quality plastic - the liquid left in the drinking pot does not sour,
  • does not require complex care.


  • keeps warm for a short time - about half an hour, although this is enough
  • too soft tube - the child chews it.

All customers respond to the model in the same way: the model is very high quality and useful.

Fissman Bioecolistic

For motorists, the Fissman Bioecolistic non-spill thermos can be useful.


  • strong body
  • drinking lid,
  • anti-slip coating on the bottom of the cup,
  • modern design.


Some users complain about the rapid exit of the mug out of order: after a certain time it stops heating. Although everyone agrees that this is a very convenient thing for the driver - you can drink coffee right behind the wheel without fear of getting dirty.

Thermos Biostal NY 1500-2

It has the following advantages:

  • roomy - 1.5 liters,
  • keeps warm
  • not beating.


  • after use it is necessary to ventilate - the lid absorbs the smell of food,
  • The handle in this model is an unnecessary detail: the thermos is rather narrow and is easily wrapped around the arm.

The model received 100% positive customer reviews, everyone is happy with its parameters.

Airpot thermos

Equipped with a pneumatic pump, through which water flows easily.


  • volumetric - 3.2 l,
  • retains heat for a long time
  • despite the presence of pneumonias, a thermos can be used for second courses - a wide throat makes it easy to lay products.


  • can not be washed in the dishwasher - the model is made of plastic, according to the manufacturer's environmentally friendly.

Thermos received only positive customer reviews.

Mallony A8519 - model with a mechanical pump: inexpensive, beautiful and practical

Its advantages:

  • low weight
  • nice appearance
  • capacity 1.8 l,
  • The optimum ratio of price and quality.


100% positive reviews indicate the practicality of a thermos.

Biostal NG-1200-1 - is in demand among buyers


  • keeps warm for a long time
  • the loading button system is convenient to use,
  • compact.


  • the handle is tight,
  • tighten the lid need to adapt.

In general, 70% of customers are satisfied with the model - it can be used for drinking and for main courses, while it is small. Some are dissatisfied with the short heat storage time and the insufficient ergonomics of the model.

Thermocup LaPlaya Carabiner - handy marching option

Its advantages:

  • sophisticated design
  • absolute tightness - liquid does not leak,
  • spaciousness
  • the presence of a carbine for suspension.


  • Unstable topcoat coloring - slazit over time.

In general, customers are satisfied with the model. According to reviews, over the years, it does not lose its functional properties.

What thermos to buy

Competition between manufacturers of thermal vessels stimulates them to produce quality products, so branded thermoses, which are not fake, are notable for reliability. The quality of the model can be checked with a dough - pour hot water into the flask and wait 15 minutes. If the outer walls are cold, then they are well insulated, such a thermos can be bought.

The best thermoses for hot drinks (tea, coffee)

To maintain the temperature of a large volume of food or liquid, nothing can replace a good and high-quality thermos. As a rule, it is made in the form of a vessel with a dense double lid and a narrow neck compared to the main part. It is design and more efficient insulation that are the hallmarks of thermoses. Whole series of products are subject to consideration in the rating, since it will be simply inappropriate to mark any one model of the total number.

3 Biostal NB

The right to open the rating goes to Biostal thermoses of the NB series - products of the Russian brand, in terms of quality and availability, successfully competing with the best domestic and foreign brands. Linear series includes models with capacity from 350 to 2000 milliliters in different color schemes. Thermoses have a narrow throat and are designed to store liquids in a hot or cold state for 24-30 hours. A small, but pleasant feature of thermoes "Biostal" is an additional plug with a metering button, supplied in the kit. The disadvantage, by the way, also lies in traffic jams. Some users report a loss in their tightness after several months of use.

  • thermal insulation at height
  • the price of models is lower than that of competitors
  • reliability and good quality
  • in the configuration has two plugs.

  • Sometimes there are problems with the tightness of the cork.

2 THERMOS Rocket Bottle

The legendary international manufacturer THERMOS, in the distant past, in fact, which gave the name to a special thermal vessel, is located on the second line of the rating. More precisely, it is occupied by the line of thermoses Rocket Bottle. In terms of the appearance of the model, they are not distinguished by their uniqueness and beauty, however, they perform their direct purpose perfectly. There are no claims to them: the swivel cap is sealed, two flasks are made of 18/8 stainless steel and, under the manufacturer’s warranty, retain the heat insulating effect for up to 15 years. The total time to maintain the temperature ranges from 36 to 48 hours depending on the size of the thermos. The only disadvantage of THERMOS Rocket Bottle is the price, which is overpaid not so much for the quality, but for the brand itself.

  • retains heat for a very long time
  • corporate quality, proven over the years,
  • the kit includes a folding handle and a special belt for carrying,
  • reliable rotary stopper.

1 Arctic 106

The honorable first place in the ranking and the title of “best” is given to the line of thermoses “Arctic” 106, developed by the leading domestic manufacturer of thermal vessels. Production is carried out on the exclusive technology created within the company. So, for example, ARCTICA STORM proprietary technology is used to ensure good tightness in production. As for the line 106, all models are designed exclusively for the storage of beverages, as evidenced by the characteristic constriction of the neck. Their walls are made of stainless steel grade 18/8. On sale are thermoses with a capacity of 500, 750, 900, 1200, 1600 and 2200 milliliters.

  • keep the temperature for 26-32 hours,
  • excellent tightness of the lid
  • stylish design and a large number of colors,
  • in production high-quality materials are used.

  • assembly of thermoses made in China.

The best thermoses for food

Thermoses for food are full-fledged lunch boxes, which differ from liquid thermoses, designed primarily for tea or coffee. As a rule, they are much wider and lower, and the neck is made without narrowing, so that you can easily get to the contents. However, their thermal insulation capacity is several times lower than in more compact models for liquids. The rest is similar thermos, made using the same technology.

3 Zojirushi SL-XD20-BA

Thermoses for food Zojirushi SL-XD20-BA occupy the honorable third place in its category. Objectively, the quality of this line of lunch boxes is almost the best among similar thermoses, but the price tag can scare off a potential buyer. Particular attention should be paid to the configuration. Due to the fact that the models are focused mainly on the Eastern market, the kit includes ... plastic Chinese sticks. This is a very interesting decision, but completely useless for a European consumer, and, importantly, it certainly affects the price. Inside the thermos there are three closed containers, and for carrying it is equipped with a comfortable strap.

  • Teflon coating flask, making it easy to wash,
  • good equipment,
  • retains heat and cold for 6 hours.

  • high price for models of all capacities.

2 Arctic 403

The line of thermos "Arctic" 403 could claim a higher place, but it has several minor but annoying flaws. The walls of the harsh lunch box are still made of high-quality stainless steel 18/8 and do not undermine it in terms of tightness. According to the characteristics of thermal insulation, there is also a complete order: a thermos keeps cold and heat for 6 hours, which is a standard result. The problem lies in the containers - they are made of white plastic, which over time "grows old" and acquires a yellow tint. In addition, two of the three containers do not have lids at all, so some difficulties may arise during transportation of the thermos. The last drawback lies in its bulkiness. The manufacturers decided to make the lunch box more capacious, while sacrificing adequate width indicators. What, in the end, they did.

  • great quality,
  • reliable sealing
  • contains three containers of different volume,
  • removing containers, can be used as a regular thermos,
  • low cost

  • containers turn yellow with time
  • two food containers do not have lids
  • big and bulky, uncomfortable during transportation.

1 Regent Inox Soup 93-TE-S-3

First and foremost, thanks to the cost and the quality that goes with it, the Regent Inox Soup 93-TE-S-3 thermos falls. This line is represented by two models for 1000 and 1500 milliliters, made in several color schemes. Depending on the volume inside the bulb of the thermostatic lunch box, two or three food containers can be placed. Each container is tightly closed with a lid, which is important when transferring a thermos. It does not have any extra lotions, since the plastic swivel cover is equipped with a convenient and wide carrying handle. Production of models produced in China and in Italy, but this does not affect the price.

  • optimal cost
  • containers with a tight lid,
  • comfortable carrying handle
  • good quality and durable models.

The best thermomugs

Thermal mugs were developed as an alternative to conventional zip-lock bottles, which are convenient to take with you on a long trip, on a regular bike ride or when traveling to work. Конечно же, потенциал термокружек нельзя сравнивать с простыми аналогами: они созданы специально для того, чтобы неспешно и в любое удобное время можно было выпить горячего кофе или чая, а в жаркое время года с лёгкостью отведать охлаждённого напитка. Время сохранения тепла и холода значительно меньше, нежели у термосов, однако с возложенными на них задачами термокружки справляются идеально.

На что стоит обратить внимание при выборе термоса

The whole selection process will be described from the fact that we will choose a thermos with you specifically for tea, on this type and will focus your attention. The whole process of choosing in the shops of your cities is how well you are savvy in the matter of purchasing goods, for which you actually came to the store.

For example, if you came to choose a thermos in the store and do not know anything about it, then be sure that the sellers will sell you exactly what they need according to the sales plan! You buy the next thing mass consumer goods. Knowledge in the choice of goods gives a small bonus to those who know how to choose a quality product from the variety proposed by the seller.

What kind of thermos is better to choose when buying

At this point, you need to decide what the thermos is for:

Here you decide for yourself, for a picnic it is best to choose a large volume of a thermos, with children you will need a large amount of water. For a bicycle, as a rule, thermoses go for “a few sips”. But for a hike, you need to take a thermos bottle consciously, the extra weight on long journeys is undesirable, but you shouldn’t save on the spot, because extreme hikes can end.

What is the best material for the thermos case?

From my personal experience in traveling, an example of which was my three-day trip to the mountains of Arshan, I concluded for myself that there is nothing better than a metal case. After reading a lot of reviews from all travelers about thermoses, most, like me, are inclined to metal, arguing that the plastic case gives off heat very quickly.

In the mountains, a plastic case with an unsuccessful fall on a thermos immediately cracks. The metal case retains heat much longer and, as a rule, is not afraid of corrosion (old-style thermoses were made of metal with impurities that could rust, now such metal can no longer be found in stores), but you need to look at the nameplate (technical sticker) purchase, of which alloy the thermos case is made.

I will give a little advice, be sure when choosing, look at the bottom of the thermos there is a small additional compartment, which gives a small distance from the ground to the flask in which there is hot tea, this gives more time for cooling.

What material should be the internal flask thermos

Internal flasks for a thermos are made of three materials:

  • Reflective glass
  • Metal surface
  • Plastic case

Here the answer is unequivocal - it is best to buy a thermos for tea, you definitely need a flask made of plate glass. Let many sellers and advisors claim that the inner body of the flask should be plastic, citing the fact that the glass is very fragile - they are deeply mistaken.

Very often in shops there are thermoses with metal flasks, immediately refuse such an option, we wash ourselves with constant washing and in some cases even rust. Such thermoses by weight are unlikely to suit tourists, and their demand is small.

Once again, choose a thermos for tea only with a glass flask. Firstly, glass holds heat almost three times longer, unlike plastic, and secondly and most importantly, think for yourself what chemical reactions occur with plastic and boiling water inside a thermos - whether you drink it.

I deviate a little from the topic when I traveled around Turkey, I was encouraged to learn a lot about drinks in Turkey from one very good person and part-time Turkish guide who came to Russia and was terrified that our Russian cafes serve hot tea in Plastic cups - this is a direct path to oncology, be sure to read this article about the attitude of Turkey to the dishes.

I did not believe him, coming home and checking many facts about the composition of the plastic from which the inner case of the thermos was made by many manufacturers, I realized that Marat (Turkish guide and doctor of historical sciences) was absolutely right.

When choosing a thermos with an inner glass bulb in the store, the only thing you need to check when buying, shake it, the flask should be as one unit with the outer case, without extraneous sounds.

How much better to choose a thermos?

The volume of the thermos depends on your needs, for family rest you will need the largest volume, for walking and a small thermos is enough, to be honest, I have three thermos and each of them has a different volume for all occasions. What is the best volume to buy a thermos for? Here I can not advise you, choose a volume that circumstances dictate to you.

When summarizing I want to say about the lid for a thermos, be sure to see that the lid had no backlash and was closed tightly. Also look at the label on which the manufacturer indicates the guaranteed time in hours and degrees to use your product. The temperature of the liquid, which the manufacturer guarantees for a certain period of cooling time should be no lower than +70, best of all +90 degrees.

I forgot to notice that the volume of the thermos also affects the cooling of the liquid, I do not know why, but the larger the volume of the thermos, the longer the liquid will remain warm, take note. By the way, I recommend to visit the very interesting online store Planet Sport, where you can buy not only a cheap thermos with a discount, but also other, necessary things at half price.

3 Bergner 5972 Bg

Opens the ranking of the most inexpensive, but practical thermocup Bergner 5972 Bg. It is not suitable for transportation in the bicycle fastener, however, it will be an ideal option for transportation in the car, because it is equipped with a special suction cup at the bottom and fits well into the cup holder. The time to keep a drink in a warm condition is only a few hours, but this will be enough to enjoy morning coffee on the way to work.

  • maintains the temperature of a warm drink just a few hours.

2 Contigo West Loop

Thermomug Contigo West Loop is a model of the highest quality and reliability, combining proven manufacturing techniques and new technologies. The main feature of this model, which distinguishes it from many others, is the patented AUTOSEAL system, which consists of a convenient button on the thermomug that reliably opens and closes the lid. This technology allows you to avoid spilling the drink on the upholstery in cars, documents, electronics and other things. Contigo sits comfortably in your hand, it is distinguished by its original design and comfortable design.

  • system implementationAUTOSEAL,
  • ergonomics
  • can be washed in a dishwasher,
  • tightness
  • the drink remains hot for up to 4 hours.

1 LaPlaya Strap 560061

In order to earn the title of "best", it is necessary to show outstanding results for a number of key characteristics. This rating does not remain equal to the LaPlaya Strap 560061 thermal mug. Made in a sporty style, it is ideal for use both in the process of intensive training and during an ordinary car ride. Hot drink remains so for six hours, and this is certainly an excellent indicator. The price of the model also leaves a pleasant impression. And the rest of it is not at all inferior to its competitors.

  • reliable hermetic valve
  • keeps the drink warm for 6 hours,
  • optimal cost.

Best jugs - thermos

Thermos jugs are the only type of thermal vessels not intended for the direct transportation of liquids. The main purpose of such pitchers is the long preservation of the contents at the required temperature and the possibility of its quick pouring into cups and cups. This can be useful as when resting in the fresh air, when access to heating equipment is difficult, or at home.

3 Biostal Office NKP

Opens this category of a rating a series of Biostal Office NKP, which models have the best indicator of the price. By the way, there are several variants of jugs here - the buyer can choose a capacity of 1000 or 1500 milliliters. The rest of the characteristics are average. It is necessary to allocate only an airtight valve cover and neck, inside which is built pneumopump. Some users pointed to the fragility of the plastic handle of jugs, which can be considered the only drawback.

  • plastic handle breaks occur.

2 THERMOS TGS Brasilia Carafe

You can not ignore the other bidder, combining excellent quality and attractive price for buyers - THERMOS TGS Brasilia Carafe. It is noteworthy that in this jug-thermos is not provided for pneumonias, which in itself is not a big problem. Where thermal insulation characteristics are more important - the model is able to keep warm and cold for 10 and 24 hours, respectively. The jug handle is plastic, but durable and copes well with high loads.

  • good tightness of the design and valve cover,
  • durable plastic handle
  • optimal price.

1 Arctic 601

The best jug-thermos category becomes the model of the Arctic 601 series, the volume of which is two liters. Despite the solid capacity, externally, the jug looks neat. The plastic handle has a double fastening, so do not worry about the damage. The lid-valve is unlocked by pressing the tight red lever, which ensures a tight fit and fixation of the lid on the jug. But its main advantage is the phenomenal time for maintaining the temperature of the liquid - 30 hours in the hot and cold states.

  • adequate price, fully justified by product quality,
  • tightness and reliability
  • perfect thermal insulation of the liquid
  • good design valve cap and handle.

The ability to retain heat is the main criterion when choosing

From any thermos waiting for one - effective work. Its effectiveness is manifested in the amount of the time period during which drinks or food remain hot or warm. Which thermos holds heat better is more efficient. And this is a key criterion when choosing the device in question. But so immediately, just by looking, it is simply impossible to determine this characteristic. After all, it also depends on other factors. Here you can consider them.

The choice of a specific thermos model depends on several criteria:

  1. Purpose and time of operation. If a thermos is used on vacation as a reservoir for storing food and beverages, its distinguishing feature is the ability to maintain temperature. Pay attention to the fact that the greater the estimated time of its use, the greater the volume it should be. And another thing: the greater the capacity of the vessel, the longer it will be able to keep food or drinks hot. That's what kind of thermos holds heat better - capacitive. But at the same time if the thermos is intended for food, then its volume should be exactly the same as your portion of food. Ask: "Why?" Everything is very simple! When the thermos is completely filled, there are air masses in its free cavity, which will lead to operational temperature loss, no matter how high it is. Only a fully filled thermos will work as efficiently as possible and will give warm food for several hours or even days. The temperature of food in a thermos and the intensity of its gradual decrease are also affected by the consistency of food. Thus, food in liquid form remains hot much longer than, for example, pasta.
  2. Type of tank. Thermos can be designed for drinks or food. There are also soup thermoses and thermos mugs. But It is worth noting that they differ only in appearance. The design of the beverage container provides a narrow neck, an average cylinder diameter and a cap, which can be made in the form of a stopper and is equipped, as a rule, with a valve. Thermos for food with a wide neck can be equipped with cutlery. But if there are none, do not be discouraged! They are fixed on the tank body and can simply interfere with carefree operation. In a structural basis of a liquid thermos glass or metal flask may lie. The glass bulb is not as practical as the metal, but its hygienic properties are unmatched. As for what kind of thermos holds heat better, the answer is unequivocal: a vessel with a narrow neck.
  3. Thermos material. The device can be plastic and metal. And the metal may also be different. It is only at first glance they are all brilliant and the same. But if you take in hand two different models, you can make sure that they are different in weight characteristics. It is difficult to say which thermos holds heat — plastic or metal — better, but one thing is certain: if a metal vessel weighs the same weight as a plastic vessel, then its superiority and efficiency is out of the question.

And you can experiment ...

The most rational when choosing a thermos to conduct a kind of experiment. To do this, pour hot liquid into the tank and observe whether the temperature of the outer case changes in 7-10 minutes. If the body is hot, the thermos does not hold heat or does it very weakly. There is no point in such an acquisition. And if the purchase has already taken place, then the goods can be safely attributed to the store and declare that you got a defective thermos.

And, of course, the manufacturer

Only high-quality thermoses serve faithfully. Quality is in direct proportion to the manufacturer. If you give preference to well-known world public brands and have already managed to recommend brands, then be sure that the quality, efficiency and practicality of you as a consumer are guaranteed. One of these is the thermos "Arctic".

Narrow-mouth "Arctic" 101-1000

This thermos "Arctic" is designed for tea and coffee.

Absolutely all models of this series are equipped with a traditional deep plug with a thermal insulator in order to avoid the temperature losses that occur when removing the plug. In addition, such a plug does not require any special efforts for loosening and twisting.

The individual parts of the tank are made of eco-friendly plastic, which contains no bisphenol-A. The sealing ring for the cover is also made of eco-silicone.

To eliminate the vacuum space of residual air masses, an absorbing element is placed between the wall surfaces, due to which the intensity of heat transfer is minimized.

The manufacturer claims 26-hour temperature.

This is a high-quality Russian thermos - user reviews only confirm this. But, according to buyers, initially an acceptable pricing policy is more attractive. After all, its value is at the level of 750 rubles.

"Arctic" for food

The model range "Arctic 301-500" - a thermos for food with a wide neck. Standard equipment thermos provides a plug with a button, through which it becomes possible to such a phenomenon as a vacuum pressure. Wide throat is also not just. It allows you to fill the vessel with a variety of liquid dishes and dishes with portions of impressive size. Leaves food warm for 12 hours. Price - about 800 rubles.

"Arctic" series 201-800

The title “The Best Universal Type Thermos” belongs to all models that belong to the 201-800 series. The best seller is this thermos. Customer reviews testify to its inherent ease of operation, versatility and efficiency. Intended for both food and drinks. Cork has two structural parts: internal and external. The first is used to extract fluids, the second is for food. The cover is made of high strength plastic. This is another pledge of "forever hot dish".

The belt is included in a factory complete set. The manufacturer declared the 28-hour temperature mode.

Thermoses Zojirushi

For lovers of Japanese products, the Zojirushi thermos is an ideal option. The manufacturer has a worldwide fame, as the first began to produce thermos flasks of metal. They are lightweight, durable and keep the temperature of the drinks inside them perfectly. As for the capacitive characteristics, the indicator of the volume of the thermos can be 0.36, 0.48, 0.5, 0.8, 1.0, 1.3, 1.5, 1.8, 2.0 liters. Most models of thermal vessels of this brand are made of stainless steel. Consider the most popular models.

SJ - TE Series

Represent a metal thermos. They are characterized by maximum compactness due to the absence of a folding handle. For carrying and convenient operation there is a convenient belt. This is an indispensable device for anglers, hunters and all those who like to spend time in nature.

The advantages include:

  • compactness
  • low weight
  • easy cleaning process of the flask (provided by the Teflon coating),
  • easy cleaning of the case,
  • one-click open,
  • One-piece plug valve, which makes it easy to disassemble,
  • the presence of anti-condensate cover,
  • the presence of the air channel cover,
  • plastic bezel cap neck.

All of the above advantages have been repeatedly confirmed by the users themselves, who, by the way, in most cases choose a 1-liter thermos. This volume is considered average. This is one of the reasons for the presence of relatively high demand.

Zojirushi SF-CC Series

The considered thermos model is considered to be the most voluminous in the product range with a metal bulb. Для удобства эксплуатации оснащены съемным ремнем и прорезиненной ручкой, которая подчеркивает монолитность резервуара, и специальными лапками, позволяющими использовать прибор в горизонтальном положении. Термосы серии SF-CC имеют самое широкое горло, которое в диаметре достигает 7 сантиметров. А еще комплектацией производителя предусмотрено наличие не только крышки-стакана, но и миски.

Zojirushi SM-KB

Относятся к термосам с минимальными емкостными характеристиками. The vacuum space is only 1 mm instead of the usual 2 mm. Wall surfaces are made of ultrafine stainless steel.

The diameter of the neck, as a rule, is 4 centimeters. The lid is endowed with automatic properties, that is, to open it you just need to press a button. This device can rightly be called a “scrub” because of the existing mechanism of the lid, which is constructed so that at first it opens slightly after pressing, allowing the escaping drops to escape, and then only opens completely. By the way, any model Zojirushi thermos is equipped with such a mechanism. Differs in simplicity in leaving.

Prefer only to a proven manufacturer - and then you will avoid sad disappointment!