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Beautiful envelopes (do it yourself)


It is easy to make crafts yourself; it is useful not only to donate money, but also a postcard with beautiful words, a CD with an important recording, a purchase certificate or a romantic letter. Thanks to step-by-step instructions, you can turn an ordinary A4 sheet into a neat package. Learn how to make an envelope from A4 paper, so as not to run in a hurry at the kiosks in search of the right design for the presentation.

Having picked up the necessary coloring of paper, it is possible to make a packing wrapper to the taste or to decorate with a ribbon, spangles, beads. Beautiful painting will bring your creation to a personal masterpiece, because handicraft and fantasy have always been appreciated. The final moment will be a beautiful signature, a person will be pleased to read a few words from a loved one.

How to make an envelope for money with your own hands

Money is a good gift, so you give the person to whom you give them the freedom to choose a present. How to make a simple A4 paper envelope:

  1. Choose a favorite color of A4 paper, take one sheet and cut it so that it is square (measure on the larger side the 210 mm mark, draw a line and cut off the rest).
  2. The resulting square roll diagonally twice: immediately in one direction, then straighten and in the other. After that, smooth the sheet again.
  3. Turn the sheet to yourself at 45 degrees. Wrap the bottom corner to the center of the sheet, then tuck the bottom edge so that it coincides with the central fold.
  4. Fold the left corner of the sheet so that the top of the resulting triangle protrudes slightly beyond the middle of the sheet. Do this action on the right side.
  5. Fold the top of the triangle to the right in the middle of the product, but do not need to bend the corner completely, leave it in an upright position.
  6. Smooth, straighten the product so that you get a diamond with a pocket at the top.
  7. Fold the cuff of an almost finished craftwork, tuck the upper corner of the triangle into the resulting pocket.

Original envelope for a disc from A4

Buy a regular plastic box for the disc is boring and not at all original. A photo with memorable moments for a person or a gentle touching video will be appropriate to present in a package made by yourself. How to make an original envelope from A4 paper? There are various techniques for creating such packaging. One of these is scrapbooking. The essence of the technique is the execution of the main product made of paper material, and the decorations are appliques, beads, laces, ribbons, tied in bows.

Do-it-yourself paper envelope, step-by-step scheme:

  1. Fold in front of a piece of A4 paper, put the disc in the middle of the bottom. It will serve as a guideline for the correct package size. "Boca" fold.
  2. Wrap the disc with future packaging up and turn it over.
  3. Wrap the upper part, the disc should fit inside the paper.
  4. To continue processing, remove the disc and glue the inner parts of the product. Leave the pocket for the disc, and fold the corners inward.
  5. To close the pocket, the resulting paper cover wrap inside the product.
  6. Decorate the packaging with beautiful thin lace, bright appliqué or ribbons as you like.

Beautiful color paper origami envelope

Such an interesting arrangement will suit you to confess feelings, write important words or support a person with your letter. How to fold an envelope from an A4 sheet using the origami technique:

  1. On the sheet, write what you want to convey to the person, fold the sheet in half across. Smooth the fold with your hand and unfold.
  2. First, bend the right corner at the top towards the marked middle, then do this action with the left.
  3. Wrap the right and then the left paper border so that the cut coincides with the edge of the folded triangle.
  4. Counter-clockwise rotate 90 degrees. Fold the upper right corner so that the corner at the bottom coincides with the lower border of the sheet, tucking it under the lower fold.
  5. Do the previous action for the upper left corner. Your product is ready to please the confessions of a loved one, because it is a pleasure to print such an article.

How to make an envelope from A4 sheet for writing

In the modern world there should be a place for a letter, because SMS messages and the Internet will not convey all the feelings, thoughts of a person, like words written by hand. To put the soul into the letter, to make a design for it independently is a romantic and touching task. The way to make an envelope from A4 paper:

  1. A4 sheet should be bent in half lengthwise, ironed by hand. Expand the product, put it vertically.
  2. Bend alternately the right and left upper corner, guiding to the middle of the product.
  3. Measure out on both sides of 3.8 cm, bend to the middle.
  4. Bend the bottom of the sheet so that it coincides with the point at which the triangles intersect at the top. Straighten.
  5. Place a letter in the scan between the folded edges of the sheet.
  6. Fold the lower and upper part, then tape the side and side parts with adhesive tape.
  7. You can apply a drawing, attach an applique of a heart, a gift or a postage stamp, a prepared template. It turns out and carefully cut the edges, if necessary, and then you can send. Such an option of packaging, pleasant words appreciate adult and child.

Beautiful envelope do it yourself

To make your envelope look beautiful and original, it can be made from several types of colored paper. The easiest way to decorate an envelope is to use different types of paper for the outside and inside.

For work you will need:

- 2 sheets of colored paper

- Old envelope as a template (optional)

- Double sided tape or glue

- Ruler and pencil

Let's get to work:

1) Cut out a sheet of colored paper blank for the outside of the envelope. To do this, you can use a ready-made template, or draw a template yourself using a ruler and a pencil. Envelope size choose at the discretion depending on what you are going to put into it.

2) Cut from another sheet of colored paper blank for the inside of the envelope.

3) The inner part should be the same size as the outer one, but it should be slightly smaller so that it can beeasy to stick inside.

4) Glue with scotch or glue internal part.

5) Fold the edges of the envelope inward and seal them, to prevent glue from getting inside.

Envelope templates

With this template you can make envelopes from colored cardboard:

Adding a ribbon, you get envelopes for different occasions: for greeting cards, money, invitations, etc.

Template long envelope:

Envelope template on A4 sheet:

You can decorate the envelopes colored lace or appliqués:

Can be used beads and threadsto close the envelope:

Envelopes are sometimes decorated with different paper details, made in various techniques: origami, quilling, scrapbooking, etc.

Envelopes for money with their own hands

What could be more commonplace gift in the form of moneyHowever, sometimes this is the only thing that comes to mind. To make your gift original, you can put it in do-it-yourself envelope. The envelope can be beautifully decorated and signed as a postcard.

Envelopes for money are usually made of cardboard and have an elongated shape so that the bill could fit in it completely. You can draw templates yourself or use ready-made templates:

Envelopes for money (templates):

We offer you some useful ideas on how to make and decorate envelopes for money that will becomegreat gifts along with their contents.

Gift envelope for money

Going to a birthday, wedding, christening or other event? Then you need a cover for money! This original gift made by yourself will surely please your loved ones.

Option 1:

This simple envelope for money can be made from colored paper of several colors and satin ribbons. It looks very festive, and its production will not take you much time.

For work you will need:

- 2 sheets of colored paper (one with a picture, the other monophonic)

- Ruler and pencil

- Satin ribbons of 2 colors 1 cm wide and 0.5 cm wide

- Matches or lighter

Let's get to work:

1) Cook paper and tapeso that they are combined with each other in color. The author of this workshop used to make the envelope ordinary wallpaper, trimming which remained after repair.

Before starting work, measure the desired envelope size, width and length. In this case, a rectangle of plain paper was used. size 20 to 40 centimeters. Fold the sheet of paper with its edges in the center, as shown in the photo:

2) Fold sides inside to the center.

3) Expand the sides and fold the corners in the form of a triangle.

4) Expand the envelope and glue a colored paper rectangle. measuring 20 by 23 centimeters in the center of a sheet of plain paper.

5) Fold superfluous inside the envelope.

6) Side angles in the form of triangles glue to the bottom of the envelope.

7) Satin Ribbon 1 cm wide glue in the center of the back and front of the envelope, leaving the ends to make bow.

8) Paste a narrow tape over the wide one. 0.5 centimeters wide, also leaving ends for a bow.

9) Process the ends of the tape by fireso that it does not crumble.

10) Tie the ribbons bow. Your original money envelope is ready.

Option 2:

Envelopes for money or for other surprises can be made not only from paper, but also from fabric. We invite you to learn how to make an original gift. envelope of feltin which you can put money or gift discount card.

For work you will need:

- Several small sheets of colored felt

- Thick woolen thread for knitting

- Ruler and pencil

Let's get to work:

1) Measure with a pencil and ruler width of the future envelope depending on what you put in it. If it is a discount card, attach it to the felt and measure on both sides 1 cm for the seam.

2) Cut off rectangular felt workpiece, then bend the bottom of it and pin it with pins. Insert the card inside to fit the cap size.

3) Cut all the top superfluous.

4) Thread the edges, making U-shaped stitches. Threads better to use a contrasting color.

5) Cut from green felt three small christmas trees or any other details.

6) Stick Christmas trees with the back of the envelope. Sew small buttons on the treetops.

7) On the outside of the front of the envelope at the bottom sew a button, and attach it to the edge of the cover stringsso that the envelope can be closed and tied on a bow.

Envelope for money scrapbooking

This envelope in the scrapbooking technique is easy to make at home using paper-cut parts.Scrapbooking - technique of processing albums for photographs, as well as various other products using paper applications, beads, etc.

For work you will need:

- White cardboard (23 by 23 centimeters)

- Colored paper (23 by 20 centimeters)

- Color paper of a different shade or pattern (8 by 14 centimeters)

- Plain thin white paper or thin lace

- Satin ribbon 35 centimeters long

- Details for jewelry (butterflies, rhinestones, beads, etc.)

- Ruler and pencil

- Matches or lighter

- Sewing machine and thread

Let's get to work:

1) Using a pre-made template, cut out white cardboard blank for future envelope.

2) Cut from colored paper two rectangular blanksthat will fit the top of the envelope. Blanks must be by a few millimeters smaller base so that they can be easily glued and that they do not go beyond the edges.

3) Cut out paper of a different color. two more blanks of the same widthbut shorter, this will be the middle of your envelope.

4) Glue these parts to the sides. lace frill. You can use paper lace or very thin lace ribbons.

5) Glue the details with lace to larger colored parts.

6) Glue all the parts to the outside of the envelope on the outer main cover and on the inner cover. Then go around the edge of the sewing machine. zigzag stitch. You can also stick a colored part on the reverse outer side of the envelope, and then process it on a sewing machine.

7) Before gluing the colored part to the back side, insert between the part and the base satin ribbon.

8) Tie the ribbon in front with a bow and glue from the outside over the ribbon thin white paper rectangle with an inscription.

9) The final touch: decoration additional details.

Envelope for a wedding with their own hands

The best gift for the wedding are money that can be put into beautiful handmade envelope.

For work you will need:

- A sheet of white thick A4 paper

- Color paper of a light shade

- A piece of thin translucent fabric

- Details for decorations (flowers made of fabric or paper, key pendant, beads, etc.)

- Ruler and pencil

- Sewing machine and thread

- Scissors (ordinary and curly)

Let's get to work:

1) If your colored paper is not very thick, stick it on. on a sheet of white paper A4 format and allow to dry well.

2) Using the proposed template or any other template, draw from the back of the sheet contours of the future envelope and make a pattern. Folds are indicated by a blue dotted line.

3) Cut the pattern. Can use curly scissors.

4) Fold all the edges of the pattern inside. Glue on the bottom cover lace stripesbending the edges inward. After that, glue the bottom cover to the sides with double sided tape.

5) cut out a rectangle of white thick paper 17 by 8.5 centimeters.

6) Cut off a piece of paper to get this triangular shape:

7) Wrap a piece of paper translucent fabric, fix it on the back side with tape and stitch it on the machine on the front side with a zigzag stitch.

8) Prepare all decorations: tie ribbons and cords with a bow, make a flower out of a transparent fabric, attach a cord to a key-like detail.

9) Stick the lace tape on top of the part, grabbing the lace, which will be wrapped around the envelope, so leave a suitable length for this. In the lower triangular edge of the details paste ornaments.

10) For reliability, walk on the line taped lace tape.

11) Glue the part to outer side of the cover envelope.

12) Wedding envelope for money ready! Inside it will look like this:

Money in the envelope: original ideas

With the envelope design you can place money differently inside. Here are a few ideas to help you make original envelopes. For example, you can use postcardin which paste a small envelope with money. On the card you can write wishes, and, looking inside, the recipient will find there cash gift.

Another option is to make an envelope also in the form of a postcard, and inside attach satin ribbons that will hold bills.

Envelope book. This original idea will appeal to those who would like to learn how to save money. You can make a few simple envelopes and sign them, specifying for what purpose the money stored in them, and the time when they can be spent.

Envelope for the disc with his own hands

CDs require careful handling, so it’s best to place them in special cases, boxes, envelopes, or store them in an album for disks. You can make simple envelopes for disks self out of paper.

For work you will need:

Let's get to work:

1) Place a disk at the bottom of the sheet.

2) Fold the sides of the sheet in straight linesusing the disk as a guide.

3) Bend the disc together with paper upby turning it over to the other side.

4) Wrap the top, closing the disc inside the envelope.

5) Remove the disc from the envelope and stick internal parts so that there is a pocket for the disk.

6) Fold down and inward cover corners.

7) Insert the cover inside pocket.

8) The easiest envelope for the disc is ready!

If you want to do disc congratulatory envelope, then you can use the previous tips on making envelopes, just make an envelope of such a size that fits a disk. Here is a few examples original gift envelopes for disks:

Different ways

There are many ways to pack a postcard, money or a letter so that outsiders could not look at them, and, perhaps, to talk about all the ways - a bad idea, the post will be too large and a rare bird will fly to its end. Therefore, we proceed as follows - I will tell you about the main ways to make an envelope for money with your own hands, and at the same time I will show works that inspire me. Using basic techniques and patterns, you can make an envelope for any occasion with your own hands.

By the way, about templates: I advise you to save your favorite templates, so you can be sure that they are always at hand with you. I started a regular folder on my desktop, where I put my favorite pictures in word-files. However, on the use of word, I will discuss further.

Simple option

Sometimes you have to do a regular mailing envelope for a letter or a postcard yourself - then you don’t have it in the nearest shop, the format is inappropriate. I usually use a sample for this - I take an existing envelope (for example, from a postcard), measure it with a ruler and make the same paper envelope. But you can go the other way, and learn how to make an envelope from A4 paper.

And so that you get an ordinary rectangular envelope, you need to mark on it a pattern, as in the diagram.

The two large parts are the walls of the envelope, it also has a long turn-down valve, and the sides that need to be glued. It is best to glue inside, so that there are no seams outside. Mark up your piece of paper, cut out the workpiece with sharp scissors, and then glue the sides.

And you can make this simple and cute option:

And from 4 circles it can turn out such envelope:

The video shows how to collect it:

How to decorate such an envelope from A4 paper:

  1. Use watercolor paper on which you can make beautiful splashes and stains.
  2. Make beautiful stickers - you can use ready-made, or you can download any picture from the network and print it.
  3. You can tie a satin ribbon.

A method of manufacturing without glue

It is easy to glue the envelope, but just to fold it out of paper is somewhat more difficult. Of course, the mail is unlikely to accept such an envelope, but for the accompanying card for the gift it fits perfectly - the greeting will look cute and touching.

How to make an envelope without glue: you need to look at the origami templates and choose the one that you like, make a pattern, cut the blank, fold and iron well. And you can fold the paper as in the video below: no scissors and no glue is needed, only A4 sheet.

At first glance, everything is easy, right? The second one is also easy, but I advise you to try to make the beautiful envelopes you like with your own hands, first of all from ordinary paper, and only then from paper for scrapbooking. Of course, you can immediately train on scrap paper, but it’s not a fact that the envelope will turn out neat the first time, and the bends made on thick scrap paper will be much more difficult to fix.

How to decorate an envelope, folded from paper without glue:

  • punch a few holes and tie a beautiful ribbon on the envelope,
  • use the shaped hole punch to decorate the edges and corners of the envelope,
  • make an application of contrast paper or special cutting.

I admit honestly, origami is a dark forest for me, but I made several such envelopes (although, of course, I prefer scrapbooking envelopes for money). So, what will it take to make an origami envelope for money?

  1. Square sheet of paper.
  2. Ruler for smooth folds.
  3. Needle for rolling (if you fold origami from thick paper).

By the way, you can make an origami paper envelope without glue, which is also very convenient at times, but such envelopes are not suitable for mail. However, they are very, very beautiful, and it seems to me that if you use such an envelope for birthday money, the birthday boy will feel all your care and attention.

Difficult options

I'll tell you a little about how to make scrap envelopes not by lesson, but simply using master classes for inspiration.

Scrapbooking is good because it allows you to make envelopes, postcards, albums and other amenities literally from nothing. Yes, now you can buy a variety of scrapbooking kits, but if you think about it, this technique came to us from the past, when women simply decorated their personal diaries and albums with laces, clippings, and stamping. All these techniques can be used now.

If you are involved in scrapbooking (or just like I periodically buy materials, unable to pass by), then you have certain stocks - lay them on the table and try to combine one with the other. For example, choose a couple of sheets of paper, pick out cuttings, decorative tape, ribbons.

If you do not have all this stuff - do not worry, and run to the store is not necessary. Because you probably have something. And from this something you can probably make a gift envelope. What can be useful:

  • trimming cardboard, beautiful colored paper,
  • felt and decorative fabrics,
  • unnecessary postcards and photographs,
  • prints with any patterns,
  • paper of different quality and purpose (even pieces of wallpaper will come down),
  • ribbons, bows, laces,
  • buttons (by the way, very trendy in scrapbooking trend),
  • miniature figures,
  • trimming lace and fine fabrics,
  • nail polishes, decorative glitters, and even unnecessary shadows (they are used to make pseudo-treasures).
I think you already understood that practically everything can be used to make an envelope!

I will give a step-by-step video lesson that I liked - here I have nothing to add, except that an envelope for a wedding with your own hands or an envelope for a gift card for this u will be very, very beautiful.

General templates and some more lessons and examples.

I think now you more or less understand how to make an envelope from paper with your own hands, and the rest of my examples how to make an envelope for money are just inspirational speeches and various life hacks on this subject, because you have caught the main point.

If you make an envelope from paper without glue, then support this idea in the design - for example, fold several origami figures with your own hands, and decorate with them an envelope for money with a birthday party - for example, you can fold a flower, a heart or a crane, which personifies the wish of happiness .

Do not want to sign the envelope manually? See how to make an envelope out of paper for money, using templates for the word. The envelope for the money template can be downloaded below. Choose your favorite templates.

There is another way - first print the wishes or address on the printer, and then watch the master class on how to make an envelope from a sheet of the desired format.

How to make paper elegant envelope origami? Take three or four sheets of paper for training, and try to make your own beautiful envelope for this master class.

Feel free to use Word for printing schemes - it's much easier than cutting. Also, the Word will help to make a beautiful inscription for congratulations (and we all write is not too smooth). If you use self-adhesive paper to print the word file, you don’t even have to decorate a regular paper envelope with anything - you can download the simplest template and decorate it with stickers.

If you need a lot of envelopes for a holiday (for example, for wedding invitations), then it is better to use folded envelopes - this category of products looks very presentable, they are made quickly, and if you do not use glue, then the likelihood of spoiling something is much less.

Do not forget that any master class must be watched and carried out in stages - first, review it completely, and then repeat what the master does - first print it out, then fold it, then glue it together. So you can get the same result that is shown in the photo.

Sweetheart heart

To make such an original envelope as a heart, we will need:

  • decor paper 30 by 30 cm,
  • cardboard or thick paper 30 by 30 cm,
  • decorative elements (ribbons, beads, flowers),
  • scissors.

At the beginning of work on the square cardboard it is necessary to mark the heart pattern and cut it. After this pattern circle around the decorative paper, which is designed for the envelope. From the top edge to retreat 1 centimeter. Then draw the necessary lines. Make a horizontal straight line at a distance of 12 cm from the top edge of the sheet. A second line to hold at a distance of 10 cm from the first. Next, draw two vertical lines through the points where the lower line and the contour line intersect.

Now it's time to cut the heart, fold it along the lines drawn. Getting to the design of the envelope. It can be tied with a beautiful ribbon or fastened with beads. On the heart you can write congratulations. An envelope for real romantics is ready!

Unusual option

And this simple, but very beautiful option is suitable for a gift for a birthday, wedding or christening. The envelope of colored paper and satin ribbons looks very festive.

  • two sheets of colored paper
  • glue,
  • ruler,
  • pencil,
  • satin ribbons 1 cm and 0.5 cm,
  • lighter,
  • sharp scissors.

First you need to prepare paper and ribbons so that they are combined with each other in color. Also suitable and regular wallpaper, trim which remained after the repair of your home.

First you need to measure the desired envelope size, its width and length - 20 to 40 centimeters. Then fold the sheet of paper with the edges inwards centered, as shown in the photo:

Next, fold the sides inward towards the center.

After expand the sides and fold the corners in the form of a triangle.

Expand the envelope and stick a rectangle of colored paper measuring 20 by 23 cm in the center of a sheet of plain paper.

After bending the excess inside the envelope.

Glue the side corners in the form of triangles with glue to the base of the envelope.

Glue the satin ribbon on the center of the back and front side of the envelope, leave the ends in order to make a bow of them.

Treat the ends of the ribbons with fire so that they do not fall apart.

Tie ribbons with a bow. An envelope for money is ready!

Video on the topic of the article

How to make an envelope out of paper?

The easiest envelope can be made from a square sheet of paper, folding the corners to the center. To do this you need a square sheet of paper of the desired size, a ruler and a pencil.

1) Tick very center of the sheet point, measuring the distance to it with a ruler.

2) Fold the left and right sides inward so that the corners touch center point.

3) Then fold the bottom side up so that it covers the center and it can be glued to two already turned corners.

4) Apply glue to the underside of the envelope, as shown in the photo. You can also use double sided tape.

5) Fold the top corner down. The envelope is ready! This envelope can be made in just a couple of minutes. It is based on the simple principle of addition of angles. Here are some more schemes for making envelopes from sheets of different shapes:

Envelope with a square

Envelopes for money with their own hands

What could be more commonplace gift in the form of moneyHowever, sometimes this is the only thing that comes to mind. To make your gift original, you can put it in do-it-yourself envelope. The envelope can be beautifully decorated and signed as a postcard.

Envelopes for money are usually made of cardboard and have an elongated shape so that the bill could fit in it completely. You can draw templates yourself or use ready-made templates: